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Milliwatts per Kilometer Award

Sponsored by the CW Operators QRP Club. The goal of the award is to popularize working the farthest distance with the least output power. OK CW and SSB modes. Contacts must be on or after 1 Jan 1999 over distances equal or greater than:


Power no more than

Distance at least

KM per MW at least

Mw per Km no more than


























F 5W 10000Km 2 0.5

Applicants should specify full details of output power (key down for CW, and PEP for SSB), latitude and longitude, grid squares, GPS location or map reference (preferably two or more) and photocopies of the cards sent and received.  Fee for Australians is $A5 or 5 IRCs (or 5 $1 Australian postage stamps) for VKs. Fee for DX is $A10 or $US6 or 6 IRCs. Apply to: CW Operators QRP Club, Awards and Contests Manager, Ian Godsil VK3JS, 121 Railway Parade, Seaford, Victoria 3198, AUSTRALIA.

E-mail: ianvk3js (at) gmail.com
Internet: http://www.users.on.net/~zietz/qrp/club.htm 

(Chg 3/2005)

Bander Award

Sponsored by the VK QRP Club and CW Operators Club. Make QSOs on all 3 bands 80, 40 and 20 meters and earn at least 5 points on each band. This equates to a minimum total of 9 contacts or a maximum total of 15 contacts. Available to all Amateur Radio Operators for contacts on or after 1 September 2011.

Point Values:
Station Not a Club Member = 1 point.
Station is a member of the VK QRP or CW Operators Club = 2 points.

All contacts are to be made using CW only. Applicant must use QRP power (not to exceed a maximum transmitted power of five watts), and the receiving station may use any legal power level.

Send photocopies of QSL cards both sent and received. Data on the cards must include: Date of contact, Mode, Band & Frequency, RST (both given and received), Power, Claimants station callsign, name VK QRP Club member number (if applicable) and location, Other Station callsign, name VK QRP Club membership number (if applicable) and location, and Time of the contact in UTC.  Include your postal address for forwarding of Awards. All awards will be free for claims made up to and including 31st December, 2012.

Apply to: VK QRP Club, CW Operators' QRP Club Inc., Tri Bander Award Manager, Garry Cottle VK2YA #121, 96 Luttrell Street, Richmond NSW 2753 AUSTRALIA.

You may also apply via email to: tribanderaward@vkqrpclub.org 
Internet: http://vkqrpclub.org/tri_bander_award_rules.php

Tks K1BV Research 11/17/11

Canadian QRP

Contact all 13 provinces and territories of Canada on 2-way QRP after 25 January 1972. QRP is defined as using not more than 5 watts CW or 10 watts PEP SSB. Endorsements available for CW, SSB, Digital, 2-way QRP, QRPp and Single Day. GCR list and fee of $US3, $C5 or 5 IRCs to: Jeff Heatherington VA3JFF, 139 Elizabeth St. W, Welland, Ontario, Canada L3C 4M3, Canada. 

E-mail: va3jff@rac.ca 
WWW:  http:www3.sympatico.ca/wjhetherington/cqa.htm 

(Chg 6/2008)

- 9A QRP Club Series

General Requirements: One time member fee of DM15, $US13 or 10. Members restrict themselves to output power of 5 watts on CW and 10 watts PEP SSB. GCR list and fee of DM5 or $US4 for each award. Special application form for 1 IRC from sponsor. Contacts after 10 April 1994. Apply to: Denis Vincek 9A3Z, K. Tuskana 8, HR-49218 Pregrada, Croatia. (Applications for membgership to: 9A QRP Club, Franjevacka 5, 42220 Novi Marof, Croatia).

(Chg 10/2005)

W-QRP DXCC Award - Available to any licensed amateur for working 20 different DXCC countries. Separate awards for each added 20 countries.

W 2-Way QRP DXCC Award - Same as above, but both stations must be using QRP.

W 9A - QRP Members Award - Issued to any radio amateur who has contacted and confirmed 10 different members. Separate awards each added 10 members.

W QRP 6 Continents Award - Issued to any radio amateur for having confirmations from all 6 continents using QRP power.

W-QRP Zones Award - Issued to any licensed amateur who has contacted and confirmed amateurs from 10, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 CQ Zones.

W - CW QRP Station Award - Available to members only who have contacted and confirmed 250 different stations in CW. Higher level awards every added 50 stations.

W - QRP - CW WPX Award - Available to members who have contacted and confirmed 50 different prefixes on CW. Endorsements each added 50 prefixes.

W - 2 Way - QRP CW WPX - as above, but both stations have to be using QRP.


Awarded to any licensed QRP station or SWL for confirmed contacts with 20 (10 for non-EU) members of the OK QRP club after 1 Jan 1984. Endorsement stickers for each 10 members (5 for non-EU). Issued for CW, SSB or mixed modes. A QSO with OK5SLP counts for two member contacts. All bands. Both stations must use QRP (CW maximum of 5W output or 10W input, SSB maximum output 10W or input 20W.) GCR list must include power used input/output which was used on both sides of the contact plus fee of 5 IRCs or 1 IRC for endorsement sticker plus SASE to award manager: Liboslav Prochzka, Restoky 135, 53833 Trojovice, Czech Republic.  

Internet: http://okqrp.fud.cz/awards.html 

(Chg 3/2008)

        ---G-QRP Club Series---

General Requirements: QRP is defined as not more than 5W RF output CW or 10W PEP SSB. Applicant must hold all cards claimed. GCR list is acceptable. Enclose a signed statement with application that when making ontacts, your power did not exceed QRP as defined above. Fees: UK applicants send three first class stamps; overseas applicants enclose 3 IRCs. The entire contact must be made using QRP. Apply to: G-QRP Club, c/o Mr. Gus Taylor, 37 Pickerill Road, Greasby, Merseyside, England L49 3ND.
(Chg 10/05)

Internet: http://www.interalia.plus/q_awards.htm 

CW Novice Award

Available to any amateur who during the first 12 months of holding a license contacts 50 different stations while using CW. For the Class A award, QRP must be used and the necessary statement included. For the Class B award, any licensed power may be used. Available to All Amateurs.

The following 5 awards are available to G QRP members only (why not join if seriously interested in QRP?)

Worked G-QRP Club Award

Both stations must be QRP. Basic award for working 20 members; endorsements for each further 20 members.

QRP Countries

Applicant must be QRP, other stations at any power level, Basic for working 25 DXCC countries; endorsements for each further 25 countries.
(Chg 10/05)

Two-Way QRP

Both stations must be QRP. Basic for working 10 DXCC countries; endorsements for each further 10 countries. Class A award for two way QRP contacts, Class B for working stations with other power levels. 
(Chg 10/05)

QRP Master

Awarded to any member who holds awards for contacts with 60 members, 75 DXCC countries and 20 countries with two-way QRP.

(Chg 11/2005)

Ham Finland OH/QRP Award

The OH/QRP award is a certificate offered by Ham Finland ry. Make contacts with Finnish QRP stations. Stations must be OH stations with /QRP extension. Extension may also be /P if operator announces power to be at QRP levels. QRP powers are considered maximum of 5W CW and 10W PEP SSB. The Award applicant does not have to be QRP station.

The award is available in three classes:
a. Bronze 15 x QSO with OH/QRP -stations
b. Silver 30 x QSO with OH/QRP -stations
c. Gold 72 x QSO with OH/QRP -stations

Contacts after 1.1.2000 are valid for this award. QSL cards are not required. No band restrictions. The signed application should include a log of the contacts. A station may be included only once in the application. Example: station OH5X/QRP and OH5X/P are one and the same sation. SWL OK.

Special endorsements available if applies to all contacts:
a. Two way QRP contact
b. Operating mode (CW, SSB, digimodes)
c. QRPp (own power less than 1W)
d. Contacts made during one day (within 24hrs)

The award is free, however a voluntary payment may be included in the application. Apply to: Ham Finland ry, Heikki Eskola, Kammekantie 2, 45120 Kouvola, Finland.

Internet: http://www.oh5x.com/award.htm

Tks K1BV Research 11/11


Earn a minimum of 50 points by contacting at least 25 Italian QRP stations. If both stations use QRP, each QSO = 2 points, if only you use QRP, the contact is worth 1 point. All bands may be used, even WARC. Each station may only be contacted one time. GCR list and fee of 7, $US7 or 7 IRCs to: Marcello Surace IK7HIN, via Dante 239, I-70122 Bari, Italy.

E-mail: marcello.surace@tiscali.it 
List of I-QRP members: http://www.arimontebelluna.it/i_qrp/contest.htm

(Chg 5/2013)

Worked - Benelux QRP Club Members

Issued by the Benelux QRP Club for contacting (or for SWLs, for hearing 10 different members on or after 1 January 1983.

At least one of the contacts must be with a second BENELUX country or European country. The BENELUX countries are Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, so if most of the contacts are from the Netherlands, you must work one from Belgium, Luxembourg or one from another European country such as Germany or England.

All the contacts must be "two-way" QRP mode. The Maximum power output is 5 watts RF CW, 10 watts PEP on SSB and FM also 10 watts. All bands or modes. The QSL cards must obviously be in possession, though for applying, all you need to do is to cCreate a log extract with the following information: Frequency or Band, Date and Time, Call, Fashion, name and QTH (or locator), BQC No. of stations worked and send it to the manager of the award. You may also use Excel or ADIF format and send an e-mail to PA0ATG@veron.nl. The e-mail will provide a return of a PDF file of the award at no charge.

If you wish a printed version of the award, send the list and fee of 3.00 or $ 3.00. No IRCs to Award Manager: A.T.G. Willeboordse, PA0ATG, Wilgenlaan 86, 4871 AE Etten-Leur, Netherlands.

BQC-members can be found in the weekly BQC-QSO net.
CW Sunday 11:00 local time on 3560 kHz,
SSB Saturday 10:30 local time on 3795 kHz,
or during special QRP Conte Sten and the international QRP frequencies.

Internet: http://www.beneluxqrpclub.nl

Tks PA3CUZ 10/1/13


QRP is defined as the use of not more than 5 watts output CW or 10 watts PEP SSB. Applicant must hold all QSLs for contacts claimed.  GCR OK.  Applicant must enclose signed statement with their application that when making the contacts, their power was QRP as defined above.  Contacts must have been made on or after 1 Jan 2007.For each application or endorsement, the fee is 5 IRCs.  Apply to: Clube Portugues de QRP, PO Box 41, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal. 

Contact Portuguese QRP stations, who have sent their call sign followed by /QRP.  The call sign extension may also be /P if the operator has announced their power to be at QRP levels.  Applicant DOES NOT have to be a QRP station. 

Bronze Level - 5 QSOs with CT/QRP stations..
Silver Level -- 15 QSOs.
Gold Level -- 20 QSOs. 

All bands. All contacts must have been with different stations. May be endorsed for (1) All 2-way QRP Contact, (2) All one mode: CW, SSB, digital modes, (3) QRPp (your own power less than 1 Watt, (4) all contacts made during one day. NO CHARGE for this award. 

Contact different members of the CT QRP Club.  Applicant does not have to have been using QRP. Basic award available for working 10 members, and may be endorsed for each additional 5 members. SWL OK.   Award fee is 5 IRCs. 

Make contacts with stations of stations of 25 different countries who are using QRP during the contact.  (May be endorsed if both stations were using QRP power).  All bands. Award fee is 5 IRCs. 

Available to any amateur who, during the first 12 months of holding a license, contacts 50 different stations while using the CW mode.  Send log extract and fee of 3 first class stamps (or 5 IRC).  Class A is issued two way QRP contacts, and Class B is issued for working stations at any other power levels.   SWL OK.   

Internet: http://ctqrpclub.bravehose.com/Awards.htm 

"The World of QRP" Trophy

Available to all amateurs confirming contact with QRP stations in DXCC countries. SWL OK.

For earning the Trophy you must earn 100 points. Scoring: each DXCC country on each HF Band = 1 point. The same country may be contacted on different bands. All modes. No date limitations. "The World of QRP" Trophy have two class: "GOLD" - participant used QRP only and "SILVER" - participant used QRO and also SWL. QRP means contact was made using less than 5 watts output CW and DIGITAL or less than 10 watts PEP SSB.

The special medals: - 125 points = 3rd degree - 150 points = 2nd degree - 175 points = 1st degree


If contact made on only these bands:

Multiply contact value by:

20M, 17M, 15M or 10M


40M, 30M






Basic trophy may be earned on one band, but the medals may be earned on all bands. Special endorsement offered for Trophy using a single mode: CW, SSB or digital. The QSL-cards received must show the other stations output power or display printed call-sign/QRP. Sponsor requests you use the application form found on their website. All QSL's from QRP-stations must be received and in your possession. Application List in alphabetic order starting with the lowest band for that country: For example:

A2-Botswana CALL, DATE, 80 m CALL, DATE, 40 m CALL, DATE, 15 m QSL cards are not required for the base trophy, but the award manager may request any at their discretion. Additional cards are needed for other levels and must be sent by registered mail. You must have operated from only one country. Fee: "The World of QRP" Trophy - $35 USA. Medal 3rd degree (with oak base desk for medals) - $15. Medal 'nd and 1st degree) - $10 USA.Cost includes post & packing the Trophy. IRCs are accepted at the rate of 2 IRC = $ 1. "Western Union" or "MoneyGram" money transfer must be used only (NOT CASH!) for Award Manager name/address. Check with the sponsor about Money Transfer Code Number (MTCN) by E-mail at once.

Award Manager: Alexei V. Rusakov, P.O. Box 5, Volgograd, 400007, RUSSIA E-mail: ua4arl@dxsoft.com

Internet: http://www.ruqrp.narod.ru/woq_e.htm 

Tks OH3GZ 8/2004

Award Whisperers

Sponsored by the S5 QRP Club and available to all radio amateur stations which make contacts using QRP power with at least 10 members of the S5 QRP Club. Output power of both sides of the contact may not exceed 5 watts. All bands and modes. Member list at Internet site. Send list of contact data to: S5 QRP Club, Ul Heroja Sarja 22, 3000 Celje, Slovenia. No fee stated, but suggest at least providing SASE / return postage.

E-mail: s51o@siol.com.
Internet: http://www.s5qrp.com/  

(K1BV research on internet 12/05)

Club Awards                 Rewrite 9/2009 

General Requirements: All bands and modes may be used.  Send GCR list and fee of 1E, 2 IRC for Ukranians, 4 IRC for all others.  Award Manager: Tretyakov Vladimir Alekseevich UR7IRL, PO Box 249, Konstantinovka-10, Donetskaya oblast, 85110, Ukraine

Internet: http://www.urqrp.org/s_qrpw_d1.html 

QRP World Award

Work stations and earn a total of 100 points for QSOs with QRP amateur stations of the world.   Each QSO = 5 points, 1 QSO with a member of the UR-QRP Club = 15 points.  For QSOs on 160 meter band, points are doubled.

Worked UR-QRP Club 

Sponsored by the Ukranian QRP Club. Make QSOs with 5 members of the UR-QRP club on or after 1 August 1998.

Class I - 2-way QRP QSOs (both work QRP)
Class II - applicant uses any power, other uses QRP.
Class III - for SWL heard QRP stations.


(Rewrite 10/2011)


General Requirements: Awards are free of charge, but sponsor suggest a contribution of some $ or IRC to cover postage expenses. GCR list to Leighton Smart GW0LBI, 33 Nant Gwyn, Trelewis, Mid Glamorgan, Wales, UK CF46 6DB.

(TKS ONL-4003)(95)

Worked All Wales QRP Award - work all 8 Welsh counties while using 5 watts or less output power.

Worked All Wales Milliwatt Award - work all 8 Welsh counties while using less than 1 watt output power.

    --Colorado QRP Club Series --

Requirements: No use of repeaters. Contacts must be made using QRP, under 5W. GCR list and fee of $US3 to Colorado QRP Club Inc., PO Box 371883, Denver, CO. 80237-1883.

Internet: http://www.rogerwendell.com/qrpaward.html 

(Chg 2/11)

Colorado QRP Counties Award

Contact Colorado counties using only QRP (<5W output) on or after 1 Jan 1995. All bands and modes. Basic certificate is awarded for 5 counties and a series of special seals for completing 5 groups of additional countries. (List on request to award sponsor). No repeaters. County lines OK for not more than 2 counties. Endorsements for single mode and 100% QRP to QRP.

CQC Communicator Award

Work 50 past or present members of the Colorado QRP Club on or after 1 Dec 1996. Include CQC member number. Any band or mode. Endorsements for each 50 beyond the basic 50, 2X QRP, single band or mode, or mixed modes.

             -- Eastern PA QRP Club Series (Appalachian Trail Award) --

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Eastern PA QRP Club to promote hiking on the Appalachian Trail with your QRP rigs. The Appalachian Trail runs through: CT GA ME MD MA NH NJ NY NC PA TN VT VA WV. Only contacts made after January 1, 2000 are eligible for the AT Awards. Contacts do not have to be made from same operating location. All licensed operators are eligible. Contacts should be made on HF/WARC bands in the CW, SSB, Digital and Mixed modes. Fee for each certificate is $US2. Check with sponsor for charge on Plaque. Contacts that are made on the Appalachian Trail while on the state borders will be allowed. One QSO with a station on a border will count as two states. Please make a notation of this in your logs. Contacts that are made on the Appalachian Trail do not have to be directly on the trail. You can set up your station within 100 yards of the trail or at any shelter for the Appalachian Trail System. Contacts made during contests are not allowed. Apply to: EASTERN PA QRP CLUB, N3EPA, 1155 Robeson St 2nd Flr, Reading, PA 19604-2151

Website: http://www.n3epa.org/Pages/AT/AT.htm
E-mail: n3epa@fast.net

Basic Award - Make a two-way contact with one station from each of the 14 states.

Deluxe Award (plaque) - make a two-way contact from any portable station on the Appalachian Trail from each of the 14 states. (Contacts you make while on the trail do not count). Cards must be submitted with enough detail to confirm their location/mode of operation.

Trail Award - make a two-way contact from any station from each of the 14 states while you are operating from the trail. The other station may be anywhere within their state borders.

Trail to Trail Award (Plaque) - Make a two-way contact with any station on the Trail from each of the 14 states while you are operating from the Trail. (Both stations must be on the trail.)

Trail WAS Award - Make a two-way contact with any stations from each of the 50 states while you are operating from the Trail. Contacts may be made by you from any part of the trail.

Tks W3HF 1/02

         North American QRP Club Series

General Requirements: The North American QRP CW Club will award the following certificates to all licensed radio amateurs who qualify: Only simple wire antennas (a single element antenna like a dipole, G5RV, random wire, inverted V, inverted L, mobile whip, or vertical) may be used, no loops, beams, yagis, or any other multi-element or gain type antenna. CW mode only may be used, no RTTY, PSK-31, or other digital modes and certainly no SSB, AM or FM activity. Contacts must have been made on or after 1 Jan 2004 unless otherwise noted in the rules. All of the above awards are also available to SWL's. The SWL must use a simple wire receiving antenna. The stations heard must be running CW and QRP. All other rules are the same.

Submit verification of all qualifying contacts. QSL cards are not necessary, however, copies of log book entries (paper or electronic) must be sent for verification. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL LOG BOOK! Include a description of all antennas used in making the qualifying contacts. Cost for each certificate is $US3 or 3 IRCs. Apply to: John Griswold - KK1X, 34 Cambridge St., Ayer, MA 01432, USA

Email: pix_email_kk1x (1K)

Internet: http://naqcc.info/awards.html 

Worked All States Basic Award 

Work each of the 50 states using QRP and simple wire antennas.

   Worked All States 2-X QRP

Same as above but the station worked must also be running QRP.

  Worked All States QRPp

Work all 50 states while running QRPp power, that is less than one (1) watt and simple wire antennas. 


Work a station from each of the six inhabited continents (AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA) using QRP and simple wire antennas. Same three categories as above.


Work 100 different DX entities using QRP and simple wire antennas. Same three categories as above. (QRPp awards issued for 25, 50 and 75 DX entities). 

  1,000-Miles-per-Watt Award

Work any licensed radio amateur station while operating QRP and simple wire antennas and achieving a distance of 1,000 or more miles per watt. Links to distance calculators may be found at http://home.alltel.net/johnshan/links_ss_misc.html 

An award endorsement will be issued for single band WAS, WAC, and/or DXCC. 

2-WAY QRP Award

Work 2-way QRP QSOs with other stations on or after 1 July 2005.  Award may be worked in levels of 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000 points.  Any antenna may be used.  Rag-chew, DX and contest QSOs are acceptable as long as you are certain the other station is using QRP.   
Point values:
NAQCC members = 2 points.
Non members = 1 point.
QSOs with DX NAQCC member = 4 points
QSOs with DX non-member = 3 points. 

DX for North American operators (The U.S., Canada or Mexico) is considered as any contact outside the North American Continent, including the Caribbean. For European, South or Central American or Asian operators, DX shall be considered as any QSO involving a distance of 3,000 miles (4,828 Kilometers) or more.

30-30 Award

This is presented as an alternative to the QSO-A-Day Award for those who can't get on the air each and every day for a full month.  Beginning of 1 January 2006, make 30 QSOs on 30 meters during a calendar month making as few as 1 day up to as many as 31 days to get the QSOs.   Category A = a single month.  Category B = Three Months (30-20 Magnum).  You must use QRP, stations you contact may be using any power level.   Rag Chew and DX QSOs are OK.  However, just sitting on a net and making QSOs is not permissable.  You may count a maximum of two net based QSOs each month.  You may earn as many as 12 single month awards per year or as many as 30-30 Magnum awards per year.  See fees in General Requirements above. 

Alphabet Prefix Award

This is a simpler version of the popular CQ Magazine WPX Award.  Work as many different letter and number combinations taken from the first two characters of a station's call sign.  Contacts on and after 1 January 1990. May be comprised of WORLD (including USA) and USA only.  You must be running QRP and your antenna must be a simple wire antenna by NAQCC standards. See their website for examples of valid prefix combinations. Since only the first two characters are used, the total possible number of combinations is estimated at 1196 world wide and 120 for the USA. See fees in General Requirements above. 

QSO - A - Day Award

This is an annual award, designed to encourage hams to spend more time on the CW bands.  Time frame: 1 January 0000Z through 31 December 3400Z of the current year. The goal is to make at least ONE QSO per day. You must make the contacts using QRP, the other station has no limitation on power.  Award fee - see above. 

1. FULL YEAR - Make at least one QSO on each of the 365 days during the calendar year.
2. PARTIAL YEAR - Make at least one QSO on each day of the following number of calendar months in the calendar:
    2A = 11 months.
    2B = 10 months.
    2C = 9 months.
    2D = 8 months.
    2E = 7 months.
    2F = 6 months.
    2G = 5 months.
    2H = 4 months.
    2I = 3 months.
    2J = 2 months.
3A. 1 MONTH - make at least 2 QSOs on each day of one calendar month in the current year. 
4A. 30 DAYS - make at least 2 QSOs on each day of a consecutive 30 day period during the year.  The 30 days can span months. 

NAQCC Basic Worked Members Award

Work current members of the NAQCC either before or after they joined the NAQCC beginning on 1 January 2005. You must have been a member at the time of the QSO.   Earn 200 points; all QSOs = 1 point, but only one QSO per member. Endorsements at each 100 points beyond the basic 200.  Send a list of all members worked and total points in order of call sign or NAQCC number.  A minimum of call sign and number must be included.  When applying for endorsement, ALL QSOs must be listed, not just the ones giving the latest 100 points. 

NAQCC Advanced Worked Members Award

Work as many members as possible getting to know them a little better along the way on or after 1 January 2005. You must have been a member at time of QSO.  It is not necessary to exchange numbers during the QSO.  QSO with current member before they became a member = 1 point.  QSO with a member consisting of only RST-QTH-NAME-RIG-WX = 1 point.  QSO with a member in a contest = 2 points.  QSOs where you go beyond the ususl RST-QTH-NAME-RIG-WX and actually find out something about the person you are communicating with = 4 points.  Basically anything not rig or weather related.  (other hobbies, kids, professions, family). Endorsements each additional 100 points.  

(Chg 2/2008)


                    -- -QRP ARC Series ---

General Requirements: QRP is defined by the club as 5 watts output CW and 10 watts pep output SSB. The following awards are available to any amateur operator. Application forms on the club's website: http://www.qrparci.org/arciawds.html  . The fee for all awards or endorsement certificates for W/K amateurs is $US4 or for non-W/K $US5 or 10 IRCs. Make checks or money orders (preferred) payable to Thom Durfee. Cash is acceptable, but sent at your risk. For the 1000 mile per watt award, if you would like an award certificate sent to the ham at the other end of the QSO (the one with the good ears who made your QSO possible) please enclose an additional $4 or $5. e-QSLs are now accepted. QRP ARCI member numbers are now published online. Hence, the member number need not be shown on the QSL for QRP25 awards. You must include the member number of each contact with your application. Endorsements for band and mode, etc. QSOs for the awards involving multiple contacts (WAS, DXCC, WAC QRP25) must be made from within a 25 mile radius. Apply to: QRP ARCI Awards Chairman, QRP ARCI AWARDS MANAGER, JULIO A JIMENEZ,3341 EASTGATE STREET, EASTOVER, NC 28312, USA.

E-mail: awards@qrparci.org 

(Chg 11/2013)

1000 Miles Per Watt (KMPW)

This award is issued to any Amateur transmitting from, or receiving the transmission of, a QRP station such that the Great Circle Bearing distance between the two stations, divided by the QRP stations power output equals or exceeds 1000 Miles per Watt. Contacts made via amateur satellite are ineligible for this award.

Additional certificates can be earned for contacts on different modes and bands.See NOTES below about applying. Need to find your distance?
If you have only city names, a good calculator program may be found at: http://www.indo.com/distance/
If you have lat/lon or grid square, here is the distance calculator to use:

QRP All Continents

This award is issued to any radio amateur for confirming QSOs with stations in all six continents while running QRP. A satellite endorsement is available.

5 Band QRP All Continents

Station must work stations on each of the 6 continents, on each of any 5 HF Amateur Radio Bands.
The 30, 17 and 12 meter bands are eligible bands for this award.
Endorsements for all CW, SSB, AM, RTTY, PSK31 etc. are available.
Power endorsements are available also.

QRP All States

This award is issued to any Amateur for confirming QSOs with stations in 20 or more of the 50 states of the USA while running QRP. A satellite endorsement is available.
Endorsement certificates are issued at 30, 40 and 50 states confirmed.  A satellite endorsement is available

5 Band QRP All States

Station must work and confirm stations in each of the 50 states on each of any 5 HF Amateur Radio Bands.
The 30, 17 and 12 meter bands are eligible bands for this award.
Endorsements for all CW, SSB, AM, RTTY, PSK31 etc. are available.
Power endorsements are available also.

Grid Square-QRP

Stations must work and confirm a minimum of 100 Grid Squares. A satellite endorsement is available.
Endorsements in 100 grid square increments.
Simple Grid Squares apply such as EN72.
Grid square designations such as EN72dv count only for EN72 and not as a separate grid square.

Worked All ARCI

Work 50 club members of QRP ARCI to qualify for Basic Award.

Work 100 members = Bronze Level
Work 200 members = Silver Level
Work 400 members = Gold Level
Work 800 members = Platinum Level
Work 1600 members = Diamond Level

A satellite endorsement is available

County Hunter

Stations must work a minimum of 500 counties of the United States. The current total is 3079. Endorsements for 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 and All Counties. A satellite endorsement is available.
CQ magazine County Hunting rules apply.
SSB and CW nets are running on regular schedules and welcome QRP operators.
The SSB net meets daily on 14.336Khz...CW nets run generally on weekends
but SSB mobile stations often QSY to CW after their run on SSB.
County lists and maps are available form County Hunter Dot Com

Elmer Award

This award was created so that you can honor someone who has taken the time to help you achieve your goals in the hobby
There are 5 levels of the Elmer Award -


only one nominator


up to 3 nominators


up to 10 nominators


up to 10 nominators


up to 25 nominators

This application must be sent to the awards manager by the person making the nomination and must be signed by the nominator.
For the Silver, Gold and Supergold levels all nominators must sign the application form.


This award is issued to any Amateur for confirmed QSOs with 100 ARRL countries while running QRP.

A satellite endorsement is available.

5 Band QRP DX

Stations must work and confirm 100 countries, on each of any 5 HF Amateur Radio Bands.
The 30, 17 and 12 meter bands are eligible bands for this award.
Endorsements for all CW, SSB, AM, RTTY, PSK31 etc. are available.
Power endorsements are available also

---   QRP Milliwatt Series ---

General Requirements:

1. Net or List situations: all qualifying contacts must be initiated, maintained and completed by the QRP station. The DX station must locate, recognize the call and communicate directly with the QRP station without assistance of NCS or list control station, other than the former telling the DX station that a QRP station is next on the list.

2. Applicants must describe the method used to measure r.f. output power, and the measurements made. In the event of an un-modified stock commercial transceiver is used, and that unit is known to be unable to exceed the specified power output, then the use of the unit will serve as de-facto proof of the power.

3. A signed affidavit attesting to the veracity of the applicants claim that all contacts were completed within the given power limit is needed with applications.

4. Fee is $24US to offset the cost of the 28-inch trophy, which constitutes the award plus postage. Foriegn stations send equivalent currency.

5. Cards are required and should be sent by certified mail. A listing of the 100 contacts alphabetized by prefix should accompany the cards.

6. Applicants in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia may be sent to the US or to the Official Milliwatt DX Awards Program DX Representative, A.D. Taylor G8PG, 37 Pickerill Rd., Greasby, Merseyside, L49 3ND, England. Submit only the cards and list to Mr. Taylor and once he has returned them, the list may be submitted along with the other application material to: Ade Weiss K8EEG/W0RSP, 83 Suburban Estates, Vermillion, SD 57069 USA.


DXCC Milliwatt Trophy

Submit proof as outlined above of two-way contacts with stations in 100 ARRL DXCC list countries while not exceeding one (1) watt r.f. output from your transmitter. (88)

DXCC QRPp Trophy

As above, but r.f. output power may not exceed five (5) watts. (88)

DXCC 200 QRPp, DXCC 200 Milliwatt

As above for both Milliwatt and QRPp, but require 200 such countries. The list of contacts qualifying an applicant for the 100 country level award is kept on record and the applicant for lthe 200 level need only submit a list and QSL verifications for the additional countries. An applicant may submit their initial application at the 200 level. A handsome, suitably engraved plaque constitutes the 200 country award. (88)

Low Power Award

This award was developed in order to encourage more low power amateur radio operations.

1. Make one QSO using power of less than one watt. The output power during the period of qualifying communications, was accurately measured to be less than one watt (QRPp).
2. The distance between the applicant's transmitting antenna and the receiving station was over 63.3 miles (100 kilometers).
3. No artificial means of active relay was used to complete the communications (i.e., repeaters, satellite transponders, digi-peaters, land-lines, etc.).
4. Send a signed statement to the custodian affirming that the transmitter power was less than one watt, the distance was greater than 100 kilometers, and no artificial means of active relay was utilized. Provide a photocopy of the station log, or photocopy of the confirmation QSL card (Electronic QSL cards are not acceptable), clearly showing the date, time, mode, and frequency on which the qualifying communication took place. If desired, provide information concerning any endosements (such as longer distances, even lower power levels, WAC, WAS, WAZ, solar power, etc.) that you may want listed on your certificate.
5. Mail fee of $4.00 ($5.00 for foreign), to cover postage, paper, and printing along with the application materials shown above to: Roger J. Wendell - WBJNR, QRPp Certificate Manager, P.O. Box 17174, Golden, CO 80402-6019 USA.
6. A link to a handy online distance calculator by N9SSA is available on his website to help you with the distances.

Internet: http://rogerwendell.com/qrpaward.html

Tks K1BV 11/16/11