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 Changed 10/2009

The Last Frontier Award

To celebrate Alaska's Last Frontier theme, GORC will issue the Alaska "The Last Frontier Award." Contact five different stations operating in The State of Alaska. (A special seal will be issued for this award by making 50 contacts to any Alaskan stations.) Each award will be numbered and will show any endorsement such as QRP, RTTY, PSK31, SSB etc. Send log extract and fee of $US5 made payable to Edward R. Breneiser to Alaska - The Last Frontier, GORC, Attn: Worked Alaska Award 775 Moonflower Ave. Reading, PA 19606-3447

PAYPAL Accepted. And if you use PAYPAL, you may enclose your log extract with the fund payment. Any mode can be used including CW, FM, AM, PSK31, RTTY, other digital modes, SSB, EcoLink QRP, but no repeater contacts may be used for this award.


K1BV Research 12/11 


  Work All Gang At Sitka

Contact 3 members of SARC. GCR list. No charge. Any band or mode. Marge Dangel KL7BYA, 1324 Cannon Island Dr., Sitka, Alaska 98835

(Chg 1/2004)



Andorra 5 Bands Award

Work Andorra stations since 1 January 1989.  Contact different Andorra stations on each of the 5 bands 3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28 MHz and may be All-CW, All-SSB or Mixed. All stations with the C3 prefix count, except those with the C30 prefix.  Award is free of charge. Send the 5 QSLs to: URA, PO Box 1.150, Andorra La Vella, Andorra. 

(Rewrite 11/2004)


(Chg 10/2009) 

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