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Updated 8/19/16 

WIA Awards Sytem - from e-mail of 11-29-14 written by VK3SX, WIA award manager.
This summarizes changes in the WIA Online Award System, making it available for DX users.

 Marc VK3OHM and Bob VK3SX are  pleased to announce that the WIA Online Award System is now available for DX users. Using this system, DX users can apply for the full range of WIA awards including:

- DXCC Multi-mode (Open, CW, Phone, Digital) 
 - DXCC Multi-band (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 band) 
 - Grid Square 
 - VHF/UHF Century Club 
 - Antarctic 
 - Worked All States VHF 
 - Worked All VK Call Areas HF 
 - Heard All VK Call Areas HF 
 - Worked All VK Call Areas VHF

To use the system you must:
1. Register at
2. Send a copy of your license to the Awards Manager for verification.
3. Pay AU$30 via PayPal which entitles you to use the system for 12 months.

The system allows you to upload your log in ADIF format, and display which awards you qualify for. You can apply for these awards online, and when granted you can print them out yourself. Award approval takes 1-2 weeks. Endorsements to DXCC awards are also handled online.

Paper, eQSL (AG) and Logbook of the World (LOTW) QSL are accepted.

Bob VK3SX (WIA Awards Manager) & Marc VK3OHM (Awards Technical Engineer)


---Wireless Institute of Australia Series---

General Rules (For all General Certificate Awards)

Applicants should state whether they are W.I.A. Members and, if so, list their membership number. Applications should be sent to the WIA Awards Manager, :  Chris Platt VK5CP, PO Box 2042, Bayswater, Victoria 3153, Australia. Contacts may be made from all calls in the same country, unless otherwise stated.

No contacts by Crossband, terrestrial repeaters, aircraft, internet (IRLP etc), or operations from sea-going vessels of any type. Permanently docked exhibition vessels or historic ships are considered land based. All contacts must have been made after 1st. January 1946, unless otherwise noted.

Applicants need to hold QSL cards for all QSO’s claimed. All applications for WIA sponsored awards must use their ON-LINE system.  Refer to the box above this for details.  
(OPINION: The required charge of $AU30 for non-members of WIA for a one year subscription to use their system seems to be wildly excessive.)

(Note: these are a slightly abbreviated version of the actual rules.  Suggest you visit their website to review complete version and download their forms which should be used to apply for the awards.  

Schedule of fees. General awards. (1st. September 2007)

A) WIA Members
 One certificate per membership year - no charge
 Two Award up-dates per membership year - no charge
 Each further General Award certificate per membership year - A$20
 Each further certificate other than a General Award certificate - A$25
 Each further Award up-date per membership year A$5
 Each replacement certificate - A$25

B) Foreign applicants
 Each General Award certificate - A$25 or US$25 or 13 IRC's
 Each certificate other than a General Award certificate - A$30 or US$30 or 16 IRC's
 Each award up-date - A$15 or US$15 or 8 IRC's.
 Each replacement certificate - A$35 or US$35 or 18 IRC's

(Chg 4/2012)

(Change 3/19/08)

WIA Antarctic Award

Contact 10 stations operating in Antarctica, including stations authorized by at least 6 different national licensing authorities, one of which must be a VK0. Contacts after 23 February 1988, the 75th anniversary of the first 2-way radio contact between Antarctica and the outside world. Antarctica is defined as the land mass, islands and permanent ice shelf below latitude 60 deg. South latitude.   This excludes Heard, Macdonald and Macquarie Islands, which are sub-Antarctic.  SWL OK. All bands ok, no crossband. 

(TKS VK3AJU)(90)


Submit evidence of having worked 100 countries. May be endorsed for various bands and modes. Acceptable countries are determined by WIA; in practice, their list is the same as that of ARRL, with WIA reserving the right to make variations. Contacts are valid from 1 Jan 1946 and contacts with Satellites from 1 March 1965. No "stickers" are available, but holders calls will be published in recognition of higher totals. Submit additional country GCR's in multiples of 25 up to 200, thence by 10 up to 325, and after that, by single additional countries. Records are maintained for current and deleted countries: i.e., 200/220 meaning 200 current and 220 including deleted ones. Starting dates for new countries same as ARRL with WIA reserving the right to make different decision. All claimed countries must be made from the same DXCC country.

(Chg 11/04)

Worked All VK Call Areas

Confirmed contacts as follows since Jan 1 1946:  Applicants must be members of an IARU affiliated society.    (No repeat contacts made after 14 Feb 1990 will count.  Special prefixes AX and VI also quality.)     

VK's need 73 QSO's as follows: 
     VK0 - 3 QSO's from at least 2 different areas. 
     VK1 - 3 QSO's from at least 2 different
     VK8 - 3 QSO's from at least 2 different bands. 
     VK9 - 4 QSO's from at least 3 different areas. (Special prefix VK9R qualifies)
     VK2,3,4,5,6,7 - 10 from each call area on at least 3 different bands. 
VK's don't have to possess the QSLs.

DX Applicants require 22 contacts as follows:  
     VK0, VK1 - 1 contact from each call area.
     VK2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 - 3 contacts from each call area.
     VK8, VK9 - 1 contact from each call area. (Special prefix VK9R qualifies)

(Chg 6/2005)

WIA Grid Square Award

Contact "Maidenhead" grid square locators as indicated below on or after 1 January 1990.  Grid square fields are designated by combination of 2 letters (AA-RR), the squares by 2 numbers (00-99), and 2 sub-square letters (aa-xx).  For example, QF56od is the proper designation for Sydney, Australia.  The application must also quote the location or field where the contact was made, i.e., home base station, portable or mobile, meaning from on location only. Only contacts made on and after 1 January 1990 qualify for this award and must be from land based stations. Minimum requirements are:

All HF bands (including WARC): 100 contacts
50 MHz: 50 contacts 
144 MHz: 30 contacts
432 MHz: 25 contacts 
1296 MHz: 10 contacts
13cm and above 5 contacts
2300-2450 Mhz, SHF and EHF 248-250 Ghz 5 different locators. 

3BDXCC and 5BDXCC General Rules:

"Deleted" entities are not accepted for this award, should a entity be deleted from the DXCC list after your approved application has been accepted, credit for that entity will be maintained to Honour the Certificate only, it will be deleted from the award Multiband total tally. Approved entities are those that are accepted for ARRL DXCC Awards, contacts are valid from 1st. January 1946, with the WIA reserving the right to make different decisions in regard to additions and deletions. Direct two way un-assisted contacts with Satellites (Sat) are included as from 1st. of March 1965. WIA members that have achieved DXCC from an overseas entity may also apply for this award. We follow the ARRL Rules for DXCC approved entities including direct communication updates with all current ARRL DXCC validations of operators and dxpeditions.

1. "Single" or "Multi-Modes". i.e. Phone (AM, SSB, FM). CW, Digital, SSTV and Open denoting combined Phone, CW, Digital, SSTV and Sat = Satellite (Band mode i.e. FM, Digital).
2. Approved Modes
: Phone = (AM, SSB, FM). CW. Open = (combined all modes). Sat=Satellite (FM, Digital)
3. Digital
= RTTY (Baudot, ASCII, Amtor, Packet, Packtor, PSK, MFSK, MT, AFSK, Narrow Band FSK. etc) SSTV, ATV, FAX. EME.
4. Approved bands
: V.H.F. & H.F. 2m, 6m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 17m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 75-80m, 160m.

Schedule of fees. 3 & 5 Band DXCC awards
Free to all Wireless Institute of Australia members. (one Certificate only)
$14 Aus to Australian non-members.
$12 US or 10 current valid IRCs for all overseas applicants.

Schedule of fees. 9 & 11 Band DXCC awards "Special issue only"
Free to all Wireless Institute of Australia members. (one Certificate only)
$30 Aus to Australian non-members.
$28 US or 20 current valid IRCs for all overseas applicants.

New 10/2005 Tks VK6LC

3 Band DXCC Award Rules

(The word entity means countries and special areas combined. )These awards are available to all Radio Amateurs who submit evidence of having worked 100 approved current entities with no "Deleted" entities, on each band. The 3 Band selection is of your own choice totaling 300 entities. WIA progress tally awards (self adhesive labels) are issued at increments of 50 entities. (350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950,1000)

3 band DXCC approved entity total = 335 x 3 = 1005.  Dated February 2002.  (Check National Website for updates.)
"Honour Roll" is set at minus -305 less than the current maximum DXCC entities (=700)
"DXCC Excellence" is set at minus -105 less than the current maximum DXCC entities (=900). 


5 Band DXCC Award Rules

These awards are available to all Radio Amateurs who submit evidence of having worked 100 approved current entities with no "Deleted" entities, on each band. The 5 Band selection is of your own choice totaling 500 entities.  WIA progress tally awards (self adhesive labels) are issued at increments of 50 entities. 550, 600, 650, 700, 750, 800, 850, 900, 950, 1000, 1050, 1100, 1150, 1200.

WIA "Honour Roll" Achievement self adhesive label) is issued at the qualifying period. (Purchased separately).
WIA "DXCC Excellence" award (self adhesive label) is issued at the qualifying period. (Purchased separately).

5 Band "Classic" Award is any choice of all approved "traditional bands" 10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 75-80m.
"Honour Roll" i set at minus -875 less than the maximum current DXCC entities (800).
"DXCC Excellence" is set at minus -675 less than the maximum current DXCC entities. (1000)

5 band "Premier" Award is any choice of all approved 11 bands.
"Honour Roll" is set at minus -775 less than the maximum current DXCC entities (900).
"DXCC Excellence" is set at minus -575 less than the maximum current DXCC entities. (1100). 

9 Band DXCC Award Rules. "Special issue only"

These awards are available to all Radio Amateurs who submit evidence of having worked 100 approved current entities with no "Deleted" entities, on each band. The 9 Band selection is of your own choice totaling 900 entities. WIA progress tally awards (self adhesive labels) are issued at increments of 100 entities. 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600.

11 Band DXCC Award Rules. "Special issue only"

These awards are available to all Radio Amateurs who submit evidence of having worked 100 approved current entities with no "Deleted" entities, on each band. The 11 Band selection is of your own choice totalling 1100 entities.WIA progress tally awards (self adhesive labels) are issued at increments of 100 entities. 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400, 2500, 2600.


VK and ZL contact 10 YL members of the Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association. Contacts must include 5 VK call areas; others contact 5 in 4 call areas. Contacts on or after June 30, 1975. No repeater qso's or net contacts. SWL OK. Endorsements for each additional 10 members; DX 5. GCR list and fee of A$5 for basic award; fee for endorsements is $1 Australian. ALARA Awards Custodian Marilyn Syme VK3DMS, Unit 14, 142 Marian Road, Glynde S.A. 5070 Australia.


(Chg 11/2014)

Australian World Fauna Flora (VKFF)

The Australian program (VKFF) of 'World Wide Flora & Fauna in amateur radio' (WWFF) commenced in March, 2013. The VKFF National Awards were initiated at this time.  The awards are available to all amateurs and SWLs who contact/hear stations operating from National Parks and Nature Preserves in Australia. The website noted below includes lists of eligible parks as well as a comprehensive series of maps.

Australian WWFF Activator & Hunter Awards
The Awards are available to 'Activators', 'Hunters' & SWL's.
1. 'Activators' are those amateurs who operate portable from within designated Australian parks.
2. 'Hunters' are those amateurs who make contact with 'Activators' who are operating portable from within designated Australian parks.
3. 'SWL's' are those listeners who log the activities of 'Activators'.

All Awards will be mailed to the applicant upon payment of the required fee (see below). The Awards are printed out on high quality A4 size gloss photo paper.

Activators refer to rules URL shown below.

'Hunters' and SWL's
1. Bronze Award…………work 10 different VKFF Ref. numbers or SWL reports
2. Silver Award……………work different 20 VKFF Ref. numbers or SWL reports
3. Gold Award…………….work 30 different VKFF Ref. numbers or SWL reports
4. Platinum 40 different VKFF Ref. numbers or SWL reports
5. Diamond 50 different VKFF Ref. numbers or SWL reports.

When submitting your log, please send it in either ADIF format or a CSV template file can be located in the Files section of the WWFF Yahoo group. Either format will be accepted.

Cost of VKFF Awards:
a. printed and mailed to applicant
1) Australians$5.00 AU.
2.)_ Overseas amateurs: $9.00 AU or 3 current and stamped IRC;s
b. sent as a PDF document by recipient: FREE.

Award Custodian: VKFF co-ordinator, Paul SIMMONDS (VK5PAS), Post Office Box 169, Mount Barker, South Australia. 5251, Australia.

A full version of the rules for this program may be downloaded as a PDF document at the URL #1 shown below.


Tks VK3ANL 11/11/14

Bayside Boaties Award

Work members of the Bayside District ARS. 5 points required.  1 point for each club member worked and 2 points for club station VK4BAR.  GCR list and fee of $AU5 to:   Award Manager VK4BAR, Bayside District ARS, PO Box 411, Capalaba 4157, Australia.

(Tks PA3CUZ)(7/2001) 

Blue Mountains Radio Club Award

May be earned in two ways: (1) Make 5 contacts with club station VK2HZ, only one contact per band being valid on each calendar day. (2) Contact 4 club members and one contact with club station VK2HZ. SWL OK. GCR list and $A1.00  postage or 4 IRCs to: The Award Manager, PO Box 54, Springwood, NSW 2777, Australia. 

(Chg 3/04))


Work 3 members of the club using any Mode on any Band, GCR list and $US2 to Manager DX, PO Box 90, Petrie, QLD-4502, Australia. No QSL Cards required. Club Members: VK4s: ABM, AMB, ATS, CI, DC, EMM, EZ, FA, IU, PJ, OA, TT, UB, VCC, XA, XJ, and XY.


(Chg 1/2012)

Central Coast Award

Contact the Central Coast area of New South Wales, which includes the Shire of Wyong and the city of Gosford, the postcodes of 2250-51 and 2254-2263. Overseas stations need 2 or one of the club stations VK2AFY or VK2EH; VK's need 4 plus one of the club stations; Central Coast stations need 10 plus one club station. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Award is free. GCR list to The Secretary, Central Coast ARC, PO Box 238, Gosford NSW 2250, Australia.


(Chg 11/04)

Century Club of Xtreme Difficulty Award

Here is an award for the Globe trotting Dxpeditioner. For those who have helped so many to achieve DXCC, there is now the opportunity to achieve the ultimate accolade, membership of the most prestigious and exclusive club in Amateur Radio - CCXD – The Century Club of eXtreme Difficulty.

CCXD is DXCC in reverse. To achieve DXCC you need to work 100 countries from your home country. To achieve CCXD you need to work your home country from 100 DX countries.

Rules of the CCXD Award
1) There are no time limits on the QSOs.
2) QSOs can be on any authorized band.
3) QSOs must be CW or Phone. Other modes are not acceptable.
4) The QSOs must have been made personally by the claimant. QSOs made by other members of the DXpedition are not acceptable. QSOs made by remote operation of any station are not acceptable.
5) The "home" country may be any country of which the claimant has been resident.
6) QSOs from countries that were DXCC countries at the time of the QSO will be accepted, even though that country may have been deleted at a subsequent date.
7) The Awards Committee reserves the right to determine if any operation is legitimate. However it can generally be assumed that if any operation has been accepted by the ARRL for DXCC purposes, then that same operation will also be valid for CCXD.
8) The Awards Committee will require documentary proof of the 100 QSOs, in the form of original QSL cards from operators in the home country, plus a copy of a QSL card (not necessarily for the same QSO) from each country of operation.
9) Applications and supporting documentation should be sent to:- The Awards Manager, P.O. Box 1285, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia 4510. Include sufficient postage for the return of supporting documentation; otherwise there is no fee for each application.
10) All operation must have been conducted in a manner compatible with the highest standards of Amateur Radio, in honesty, integrity and comradeship. A signed statement to this effect should accompany each application.


Tks DH1PAL 7/29/13

Endeavour Award

Issued to encourage contacts with Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society members residing in Australia. SWL OK. Each contact per band counts 1 point per member. Contacts with VK1RAN, VK2RAN, VK3RAN, VK4RAN and VK6RAN counts 2 points. Australians need 15 points, Oceania need 10 and rest of world need 5 points. VK members contacted by stations outside Oceania on 3.5 MHz count double. Endorsements: Mixed Mode, All CW, All SSB, All Novice, All 3.5 Mhz, All 28 Mhz, All VHF, 100 Members, Five-By-Five (5 contacts on each of 5 HF bands). Special sticker at 100 points. GCR list which includes the RNARS number and A$5.00 or 7 IRCs to Award Custodian, Eric Leach VK5AFN, 37 Hallett Ave., Tranmere, South Australia 5073, Australia..


 (Chg 3/2006)

Frankston and Mornington Peninsular ARC Series

General Requirements: Fee for each award is $A5 or equivalent. GCR is accepted. Contacts only after 1 January 1980. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Sponsor reserves right to spot check for each award. GCR list to FAMPARC Awards Manager, PO Box 65, Patterson Lakes VIC 3197, Australia. 


(Chg 11/2005)

Coastal Towns 100 Award

Contact coastal towns or cities in Australia as follows: 5 each from the VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7 call areas with at least 3 each from VK6 and one from VK8. One of these contacts must be a FAMPARC member. There is no distinction between towns or capital cities as long as the town/city is on the VK coast or a river estuary, it qualifies for the award.

(TKS VK3AJU)(90)

Port Phillip Bay Award

VK's or VK SWL's need 50 contacts with stations around the perimeter of Port Philip Bay. All others need 20. Stations may be worked once per band. One FAMPARC member must be among those contacted. Eligible townships: Albert-Park Altona Aspendale Beaumaris Black-Rock Blairgowrie Bonbeach Brighton Carrum Chelsea Clifton-Springs Corio Dromana Drumcondra Edithvale Elwood Frankston Geelong Hampton Indented-Head McCrae Mt.-Eliza Mt.-Martha Melbourne Mentone Middle-Park Mordialloc Mornington North-Shore Parkdale Portarlington Port-Melbourne Portsea Pt-Cook Pt-Lonsdale Queenscliff Rosebud Rosebud-West Rye St.-Kilda St-Leonards Safety-Beach Sandringham Seaford Seaholme Sorrento South-Melbourne Tootgarook Werrigee-South Williamstown

 (TKS VK3AJU)(90)

Garden City Award

Contact stations who belong to the Darling Downs RC on or after 1 Oct 1979. VK, ZL, P29 and SWL stations need 8 points; all others need 4 points.

     Each member  heard  = 1 point.
     Each member worked  = 2 points.
     Each contact worked with club station VK4WID  = 3 points.

Only one contact per band per member in each 24 hour period allowed. GCR list and fee of AUS$ 9.00 for VK, ZL and P29. All others AUS$ 18.00 to Awards Manager, Darling Downs RC, PO Box 3257 Village Fair, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350, Australia.


Ipswich & District Radio Club Award

Contact 6 members as well as the club call VK4WIP.  GCR list and fee of $AU5 to: Secretary, Ipswich & District Radio Club Inc., PO Box 250, Ipswich, Q. 4305, Australia.


(Tks PA3CUZ)(11/04)

Lockyer Valley Amateur Radio Club (LVARC)

Make 3 confirmed QSOs with Lockyer Valley Council located operators or contact any 1 member of the club.  Send GCR list and award fee of $A5. (Laminated for $A1 extra if you wish.)  The club previously was named the Shire of Laidley, and they have continued the certificate in that name. The award is a multicolored sunset effect with symbols of the animals and produce of this area. Send your application to: Lockyer Valley Amateur Radio CLub Inc,
P.O. Box 343, Laidley QLD 4341, Australia


(Chg Tks VK3ANL 11/12/14)

HMCS Protector Award

Contact members of the South Australian Group of the RNARS after 1 July 1989 as follows:

VK/ZL - one QSO with VK5RAN and any 2 other VK5 Group RNARS members, plus 1 QSO with a RNARS member in each of 3 other VK states for a total of 6 contacts.

DX - one QSO with VK5RAN, one other VK5 RNARS member and one RNARS member from another VK area - total 3 QSOs.

Note that the RNARS membership number is required on all contacts. All bands and modes, endorsements upon request. GCR list and fee of $A5 or 7 IRCs to: Award Custodian, Jack Peatfield VK5AF, 1, Filmer Av., Glengowrie, South Australia 5044, Australia. 

(Chg 3/2005)

Worked All Queensland Award  (WAQ)

The award is issued by The Queensland Advisory Committee for the Wireless Institute of Australia. Available to any licensed amateur.

Level 1 - requires working 50 of the listed Shires or City council areas on or after 15 March 2008.
Level 2 - requires 65.
Level 3 - requires all 73.

The certificate will be issued for the first level earned, and endorsements thereafter. Stations operating in any of the Queensland Shires or City council areas will be able to claim the shires and towns they have made contacts from as worked areas. Modes limited to Phone, CW and Mixed. All bands may be used. Cross band contacts are not accepted

Send a log extract including call signs, date, time, band and mode of the contacts. Both written and electronic logs will be accepted. Fee for VK amateurs is $A5.00. For stations applying from outside the VK area send sufficient IRC’s for return postage to your address for a large envelope.  A blank log also as a PDF document is available from sponsor. Request it by e-mail. Apply to: John Spooner VK4AJS, 26 Kerr St. Nth. Rockhampton QLD 4701, Australia.


Tks VK4FW 4/11/08 

Redcliffe City Award

VK,  ZL and SWL need 10 points. Club station VK4RC = 4 points, and all members = 1 point each.  All others also need 10 points, but each member contacted = 2 points and club station VK4RC = 4 points.  All bands and modes. SWL OK.    GCR list and fee of $A10 or 10 IRCs to:  Awards Manager, Redcliffe & Districts RC, PO Box 20, Woody Point, QLD 4019, Australia.

(PDF application available on their website.)

(Rewrite 7/2009)

Rockhampton Award

Contact stations in Rockhampton City, Queensland, Australia. Australians need 5,  all others need 3. All bands and modes. No cross band contacts or those using the Rockhampton 2-meter repeater allowed.  Endorsements available for single band or mode achievement. Same station may be contacted after an interval of 24 hours. No cards, just send GCR list and fee of $US5 to: Award Manager VK4WIR, Radar Club Inc.,  GPO Box 496, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia 4700.

Rewrite 6/05 PA3CUZ

      — Amateur Radio VICTORIA Series ---

General Requirements: Send log extract including contact data plus name of park or municipality and fee of $AUD5 or equivalent or 2 IRCs to: Awards Manager, Amateur Radio Victoria, 40g Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, Victoria 3147, Australia.

Internet: (List)


                               The Keith Roget Memorial National Parks Award

The aim of this award is to encourage portable operation in Victoria's 45 National Parks. Earn the award by making contact with and/or from National Parks dating at least from the early 1970's. In fact, this award may be among the oldest existing such awards based on contacting operations from national parks.  
Contacts via Repeaters, IRLP or Echolink are not permitted.

Point Values:
1. Each contact with/from a National Park = 1 point. Only one contact per National Park.
2. SWLs earn 1 point for logging a valid contact between 2 radio amateurs (see 1 above).

1 VK3s need 15 points.
2. Other VK’s need 10 points.
3. DX need 5 points.

Special Endorsements for:
1. 25 points - making contact with and/or from 25 Parks
2. 45 points - making contact with and/or from all 40 Parks.
3. CW Only Endorsement
4. Single band or mode.  Discuss with award manager before attempting this.

Merit Plaques:
1. activated all National Parks.
2. Worked all National Parks.
3. Grand Slam - worked from, and to, all National Parks - activate all 45 and work other stations in the 45 parks.

Applications: Copy of log showing all claimed contacts sent to award manager must include call sign, date, time, operator name, National Park name, Frequency, and Mode. Apply to: Awards Manager, Amateur Radio Victoria, 40g Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, Victoria 3147, Australia.

Award Fees:
Basic award costs AU$5 to cover postage and costs.
Plaques - contact sponsor for costs. The website shop provides easy credit card payments via PAYPAL.
The awards manager retains the right to check validity, and may give credit for predecessor to the KRMNPA.

1. for detailed road maps for each park, visit 
2. Parks Victoria has detailed information on each National Park. 


(Tks VK3ANL for updates 11/2014)


Victorian Local Government Award

This award is sponsored by Amateur Radio Victoria to encourage on the air activity based on communicating with the 79 local government areas in the State of Victoria, Australia.

1. A radio amateur must be identifiable within a municipality, usually by their announcement during a QSO.
2. Contacts on or after 10 July 2008 are valid for this award
3. Repeater, IRLP or Echolink contacts are not valid for this award.

4. Requirements:
VK3 stations need 40 different municipalities.
Other VK stations need 30 different municipalities.
DX stations need 20 different municipalities.
An endorsement is available for those who achieve all 79 municipalities. Requests for mode, QSP or other endorsements should be referred to the Awards Manager.

Send a log extract or copy of the log showing all claimed contacts, station worked call signs, date, time, band, mode and list each municipality by its name or number on the award list. The cost of the award is AUD$5, $US5 or 2 IRCs to cover postage and costs.   Apply to: Awards Manager, Amateur Radio Victoria, 40g Victory Boulevard, Ashburton, Victoria 3147, Australia.


Tks K1BV Research 9/2013

Worked All VK Shires Award (WAVKS)

Sponsored by the Oceania Amateur Radio Dx Group ( for working VK shires, or local government areas on or after 31 Dec 2008. There are about 563 of these entities which are variously called Borough, City, District, Municipality, Region, Rural City, Shire, Town, Area and Councils.  The basic requirements of the award require contacting at least 50 listed local government councils.  Endorsements for each additional 50 shires. Any amateur operating in any VK shire shall be permitted to count it as a worked shire for themselves providing they have logged other operators.    Contacts may be made using SSB, CW and RTTY on all HF only bands. Cross band or repeater contacts are not permitted. Send a log extract detailing the stations/shires worked. Electronic logs as well as paper logs are accepted. 

Applications must be accompanied with payment for the postage of the certificate. For VK amateurs that fee is $5aud and for all others, the fee is $10AUD or 5 IRCs.
Send the log extract and fee to: VK Shires Awards Manager, PO. Box 612, Childers, 4660 Australia.

Email :
There is also a yahoo forum at

Tks Ham Awards - Yahoo Groups 5/09

Solitary Islands Award

Sponsored by the Coffs Harbor & District ARC to commemorate the declaration of the Solitary Islands Marine Reserve. These islands provide a haven for an abundance of tropical and temperate marine life, including corals and whales all within 30 minutes of Coffs Harbor on the Eastern Mid-Coast of Australia. Contact club members: For VK/ZL, QSO with net controllers = 5 points, members 2. Scoring for DX applicants: net controllers = 10 points, members 5. Earn 25 points. SWL OK. Same stations may be contacted on same band with 24 hour interval - or on any or all of the bands. GCR list and fee of $A5 or 5 IRCs to: The Secretary, Chadarc, PO Box 655, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia 2450. 

(Chg 6/2005)

Southern Cross Award

Contact or hear members of the Eastern and Mountain Districts Radio Club of Melbourne. SWL OK. VK's need 15 members plus one of the club stations VK3ER, VK3BNW, VK3COD or any special call run by the club. All others need 5 and one club station.  Contacts made on the club repeater VK3REC may be used, but not contacts made in the club nets. Each club member may be worked one time.  GCR list and fee of $US3 or 3 IRCs to Awards Manager EMDRC, PO Box 87, Mitcham 3132, Victoria, Australia.


(Chg 10/2009)

HMAS Sydney Award

Hear or work club station VK2RAN or VK2CCV and members of the N.S.W. Chapter of Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society. Earn 6 points - one contact with VK2RAN or VK2CCV  required and is good for 2 points, plus 4 other contacts with VK2 members. GCR list and fee of $A5.00 or 7 IRCs to John Brooks, Unit 186, Carrington Ret. Villare, 90 Werombi, Grasmere, NSW 2570, Australia. 

(Chg 3/2005)

Tasmanian Devil Award

Contact Tasmanian stations (VK7) on or after 1 Jan 1978.  VKs need 50 contacts, Oceania/Antarctica need 30, NA and Asia 20, Europe and SA 10 and Africa 7.  (On VHF/UHF, 20 VK7s are needed with at least one contact in each of the Southern, Northern and North West Branch districts.  Satellite contacts with cross band to HF OK if permitted by your license.  Repeaters may be used. Endorsements available for proof of contact with 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 contacts.  Send copy of log with your certification and fee of $A3 for VKs, or $A5 for others, or equivalent in IRCs.  Apply to:  Awards Manager, WIA Tasmanian Division, GPO Box 371D, Hobart 7001, Australia.


(Chg 8/2006)

Tassie Trout Award

Contact members of the Central Highlands Amateur Club of Tasmania after 25 May 1989. Requirements are stated in "Kilograms" of Trout (members). Basic Award = 14Kg., Gold = 25Kg. and Platinum = 50Kg. Weight values are as follows: Club Station VK7CHT = 3 Kg., President VK7KZ, VK7PC, VK3YR, VK2CE = 2 Kg., Treasurer VK7KDO = 2 Kg., Award Manager VK3KMB = 2Kg, club members operating portable = 2 Kg,. All other club members = 1 Kg. Modes only Phone or CW. GCR list and fee of $AU5 or equivalent to: Award Manager, Central Highlands ARC, 28 Hamilton St., West Hobart 7000, Tasmania, Australia.


(Chg 9/2008)

Tour Of Australia by Amateur Radio (TOABAR) Award 

The object of this award is to tour around Australia by amateur radio, making progressive contacts as you go. Valid contacts for the award are those made on or after 1 November 2006. All bands and all modes. Specific band and mode endorsements are available. SWL OK.

Contact amateur radio stations located in 19 cities and towns around Australia. The FIRST and FINAL contacts are deemed to the Redcliffe checkpoint regardless of the participant's QTH and this contact must be a member of the Redcliffe and District Radio Club. Contacted stations in the following CITIES and TOWNS in the listed order: REDCLIFFE; BRISBANE; GOLD COAST; LISMORE; SYDNEY; CANBERRA; MELBOURNE; HOBART; ADELAIDE; PERTH; DARWIN; MOUNT ISA; CAIRNS; TOWNSVILLE; MACKAY; ROCKHAMPTON; BUNDABERG; MARYBOROUGH, SUNSHINE COAST & REDCLIFFE. (Note: For Sydney and the other major cities, all amateur stations in the greater metropolitan area of the city, are included as the major city). To make things easier please use one of the many suburbs that is provided in the links on the log sheet (below). Most of the suburbs should be there.

The rally may be run in either direction, i.e. Redcliffe south towards Sydney or Redcliffe north towards Townsville but the progress must be in order from the cities and towns listed above.

Send GCR list showing date, time, frequency, call sign and location of stations worked.

A proforma application with log sheet can be downloaded by clicking on their website for PDF or Excel format. The application and log sheet for this award can be downloaded above. Fill out the log, fill out the application form, get it signed by two licensed amateurs, enclose either $A 10.00 or 10 IRC, and send to: THE AWARDS MANAGER, REDCLIFFE and Districts Amateur RADIO CLUB, PO BOX 20, WOODY POINT QLD 4019, AUSTRALIA.

Email to 

New 2009 

VK1 Award

Contact VK1 stations on or after 1 January 1978. Requirements:  
HF within VK, excluding VK9 and VK0:
     Basic award = 20 points, Bronze = 50, Silver = 75, Gold = 100.
HF outside VK, including VK9 and VK0:
     Basic award = 10 points, Silver = 25, Gold = 50.  All bands OK
VHF and higher requirements are same as HF outside Australia for all areas.
SWL OK but your application must include the station worked by the VK1. Each station may be worked one time. No use of repeaters.   GCR list and 5 IRC or $AU3  for basic award and each upgrade $AU1 or 2 IRCs to Awards Manager, WIA (VK1 Division), GPO Box 600, Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia.


(Chg 9/2008) Verified 3/2011

The VK5 National & Conservation Parks Award

This is a new Award initiated with the sponsorship of the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS).  The Award promotes portable activity from South Australia's 21 National Parks and 262 Conservation Parks.  The Award is open to:- Activators, Hunters and SWL's.. Certificates are issued for working a certain number of stations at Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum level (as above).

There are 5 levels for National Parks:-
Bronze (5 unique/different National Parks)
Silver (7 unique/different National Parks)
Gold (10 unique/different National Parks)
Platinum (15 unique/different National Parks)
Diamond (21 unique/different National Parks)

There are 5 levels for Conservation Parks:-
Bronze (25 unique/different Conservation Parks)
Silver (50 unique/different Conservation Parks)
Gold (100 unique/different Conservation Parks)
Platinum (150 unique/different Conservation Parks)
Diamond (262 unique/different Conservation Parks)

Application forms can be found either on the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society website, or the VK5 Yahoo Users Group. Alternatively you can send an extract of your log. This can be computer generated, an ADIF file, handwritten, or excel spreadsheet.

Applications for this Award should be forwarded to:- The Awards Manager, Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Inc, P.O. Box 401, Blackwood, S.A. 5051, Australia.

Applications should include the following data:-
Callsign of station worked/heard
Name of operator worked
Your power output
Name of National Park / Conservation Park.

QSL cards are not required.

For all Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond certificates:
AUSTRALIAN operators/SWL’s AUD $5.00 or 2 valid International Reply Coupons (IRC’s).
OVERSEAS operators/SWL’s. AUD $10.00 or 3 valid International Reply Coupons (IRC’s).

A 30 page document has been made available by the sponsor which contains a great deal of additional information including detailed maps and lists of every eligible location for the award. It is shown on the URL listed below as: revised_sept_2013.docx


Tks VK3ANL 11/11/14


The award is sponsored by the Redcliffe and District Amateur Radio Club. Contact each of the "VK9" DXCC entities using any or all bands and all modes. Band and mode endorsements are available on request. SWL OK, though their applications must show the call signs of both stations heard.

The VK9 DXCC entities are as follows:
1. Mellish Reef
2. Lord Howe Island
3. Norfolk Island
4. Christmas Island
5. Willis Island
6. Cocos Keeling Island

Send GCR list and fee of 5 AUD, 2 IRC’s or $US5 to James Fleming VK4TJF, 1 Hepburn Street, Stafford Heights, 4053 QLD, Australia. 


(Chg 7/11/11)


Sponsored by; The Northern Corridor Radio Group for working at least 50 Shires in the state of Western Australia. The award will be for contacts made with stations in the various Shires on or after 1 August 2006. There are presently 144 Shires in the State of Western Australia. Base and portable stations are valid.

Standard Award - 50 Shires Confirmed.  
Honour Award    - 100 Shires Confirmed
Excellence Award - All 144 Shires Confirmed

This is a mixed modes award, CW, SSB and Digital.   There are two categories for the award, HF and VHF. HF is 160 - 30 meters all modes and VHF is 6 Meters  upwards all modes . The full list of Shires will be available on the NCRG website ( ).   

The verification will be by submission of official log sheets to VK6XH (Award Manager) complete with appropriate return postage etc and confirmation by the NCRG Committee.  GCR by two licensed amateurs.  Official Log sheets will be available on the NCRG website as a Word document for downloading, and your log can be handwritten or typed in.  QSL confirmation is not required but is to be desired! The first amateur to achieve contacts with all WA Shires in each of the two categories will be awarded a Plaque sponsored by VK6XH to be held permanently, subsequent achievers will be awarded the appropriate certificates.  

Award fee is $US5.  Apply to: Northern Corridor Radio Group Inc., PO Box 244, North Beach, WA-6920, Australia.


(Chg 4/08)

The WOMBAT Award

After a long hibernation, the Wombat Award has been re-designed and re-instated by the Shepparton And District Amateur Radio Club (S.A.D.A.R.C). and is now available.
Requirement: Earn a minimum of 15 points by contacting S.A.D.A.R.C. club members.

Point values:
a. Contacts with club members on VK3RGV Repeaters: 1 point
b. HF/VHF/UHF Simplex : 2 points
c. VK3SOL (Club Station): 3 points
d. Club members & the Club station can be worked a second or more times but with not less than 7 days between contacts.

The S.A.D.A.R.C. Club Net is on Wednesday evenings, 3.620 Khz LSB at 7:00pm (local time) and 8:00pm on VK3RGV, 146.650 Mhz FM. 
A log sheet of stations worked and points claimed must accompany applications along with remittance, QSL Cards not required. The cost for a certificate within Aust is $5.00 AU inc. post, and for overseas stations the cost is $5.00 US inc. post or 3 Current IRC's. Endorsements for modes, etc. are available.
Post applications to Wombat Award S.A.D.A.R.C. P.O. Box 692 Shepparton VIC 3632.


Tks K1BV Research 6/17/14

Zone 29 Award                 Removed 8/19/16 per info from N7DR.  Cannot find any evidence on WWW anymore.

Work 25 stations in Zone 29. This includes the VK6 and VK8 call areas. Contacts after Jan 1, 1952. No crossband contacts. All bands/modes.  Special endorsements available for any band or mode. SWL OK.   Minimum RS/T is 33/8. GCR list and 5 IRCs or $2 Australian to: The Secretary WIA, W.A. Division, Box 10 West Perth 6872, Australia. 


(Change 10/2009)