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AZERBAIJAN                           HAZI AHAD OGLU ASLANOV Award

General Hazi Ahad oglu Aslanov (22.1.1910 - 24.1.1945) was born in Lenkoran city located in the Azerbaijan republic. During WWII, he was a major general of a tank division and twice decorated as a Hero of Soviet Union. Alsanov's tank men participated in the liberation of numerous cities.  In January 1945 he was badly wounded and died in action. He was awarded with the Lenin's order, three orders of Red Colours, Suvaorov's Order (II Degree), Alexander Nevskiy's Order, the order of the Great patriotic War (I Degree).  

The award is issued for two way radio and SWL contacts starting the 9th of May, 1983. Earn 100 points from the table below to earn the award:

a. each QSO wtih the special event call signs 4K1V, 4K1AZI = 50 points;
b. QSO with the radio club station named after Hazi Aslanov 4K7Z = 40 points;
c. each QSO with members of the radio club 4K7Z = 10 points;
d. each QSO with any other radio amateur stations from Azerbaijan = 5 points.

All modes and bands (including WARC, VHF/UHF) two way & SWL contacts are valid for the diploma. Duplicate call signs are not allowed. QSOs via the repeaters are not valid.  At least one contact/SWL with the radio club named after Hazi Aslanov is mandatory. (4K7Z, 4K1V, 4K1AZI, 4J1S). Ex. calls UK6DAE, UK6DAZ, UD7DWZ, 4K7DWZ, UK6CAA, UD2NWZ, UD3KWZ, UK6DAZ/A, UK6DAZ/P, RD1DWZ, EO6D, EU6D, EV7DN, UD7DWZ/P, UD7DWZ/UA4, UD70DWZ, UD850DWZ, UD500DWZ, 4K500DWZ, 4K49V, 4K50V, 4K51V, 4K51DWZ, 4K70DWZ, 4K52V, 4K80ADR)

Send log extract countersigned by the local amateur radio club or two independent licensed radio amateurs. The request should be sent to Vladimir Ulyanov, P.O. Box 10, Moscow 121615 Russia. The fees are collected only to cover postal service expenses. For Azerbaijan HAMs - free; For Russian HAMs - 2 IRC; For other countries HAMs - 3 IRC;

Club Members: 4J3M, 4J7FM, 4J7WMF, 4J9M, 4J9NM, 4K5D, 4K6DAZ, 4K6DI, 4K6GF, 4K6LIS, 4K6MER, 4K6OF, A65BJ, F6FYD, PD0RQX, UA3FDX, UN/4J9M.


Tks UA3FDX 12/09


Azores Counties Award

Contact stations in different islands/counties of the Azores on or after 28 March 1995. 3 classes: Bronze = 15 counties, Silver = 17, Gold, all 19. All bands and modes. Apply with cards or copies of the cards.

1. URA members = 3
2. non-members in Azores, Madiera or Portugal = 6
3. non-members in Europe = 8
4. non-members anywhere else = 10
Apply to:  URA Diploma dos Concelhos dos Acores, PO Box 140, 9701-902 Angra do Heroismo, Azores, Portugal. 


 (Changes 6/2005)


CU1 Island of Santa Maria, Vila do Porto
CU2 Island of Sao Miguel
, Ponta Delgada,  Ribeira Grande, Vila Fraca do Campo, Lagoa, Nordeste, Povoacao.
CU3 Terceira Island
, Angra do Heroismo, Praia da Vitoria
CU4 Graciosa Island,
Santa Cruz da Graciosa
CU5 San Jorge Island ,
Sao velas, Calheta
CU6 Island of Pico
, Madalena, Lajes, Sao Roque.
CU7 Island of Faial
, Horta
CU8 Island of Flores
, Santa Cruz, Lages
CU9 Island of Corvo,
Vila Nova do Corvo.

(Chg 4/2003)

Azores Fauna Flora Award (AFFA)

Contact stations in the Azores Islands, (fixed, /m, /p or /mm( which are located within the perimeters of specially designated protected areas, including:
     a. nature reserves (NR)
     b. Natural Monuments (MN)
     c. Protected Areas for the Management of Habitats and Species (APGHE),
     d. Protected Landscape Areas (APP) or
     e. Protected Areas for Resource Management (DEL),
     f. RAMSAR Sites. 
all of which are classified according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and adopted by the Regional Government of the Azores. A complete list of the nature reserves, etc. are available on their internet site.

All contacts on HF or VHF are valid, regardless of band or mode with the exceptions of and use of repeaters, echolink or D-star;
Activating stations may operate from one reference per day, regardless of the number of QSOs made. Contacts on or after after January 1, 2013. SWL OK.

The Azores Flora Fauna Award may be earned by contacting stations operating from the following number of Nature Preserves, etc.
a. Category IV - 5 references

b. Category III - 10 references
c. Category II - 15 references
d. Category I - 20 references
Honor Roll Trophy - 50 references

With the exception of the Honor Roll Trophy, all diplomas are free they are sent by e-mail for printing by the applicant. If the applicant wants the award by traditional mail, the cost is 10 each. The for the Honor Roll Trophy is 35 (which includes shipping).

If the logs are in possession of the manager of the award, the applicant should only ask for the diploma, by letter or email. If the logs of activation are unknown to the manager of the award, the applicant must submit the application accompanied by GCR list. (Check in advance by e-mail. Applications shall be made to the Award Manager: CU3AA, P.O.Box: 108, 9702 Angra do Heroismo, Azores Islands - Portugal.


Tks CU3AA 6/11/13