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(Updates 4/25/2017)

Special Notes. Many PY awards require contacting combinations of stations in their respective Brazilian states. The following list may help you associate call prefixes and the states they comprise:


PP1 Espirito Santo (ES) PS8 Piaui (PI)
PY1 Rio de Janerio (RJ) PY0F Fernando de Noronha
PP2 Goias (GO) PT2 Brasilia (DF)
PY2 Sao Paulo (SP) PY0T Trinidade Island
PP5 Santa Catarina (SC) PT7 Ceara (CE)
PY3 Rio Grande Sul (RS) PY0S St. Peter & Paul Island
PP6 Sergipe (SE) PT8 Acre (AC)
PY4 Minas Gerias (MG) PP7 Alagoas (AL)
PT9 Mato Grosso Sul (MS) PY5 Parana (PR)
PP8 Amazonas (AM) PQ8 Amapa (AP)
PY6 Bahia (BA) PQ2 Tocantins (TO)
PV8 Roraima (RR) PY7 Pernambuco (PE)
PR7 Paraiba (PB) PW8 Rondonia (RO)
PY8 Para (PA) PR8 Maranhao (MN)
PY9 Mato Grosso (MT) PS7 Rio Grande Norte (RN)


LABRE  (Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emissao) Series

General requirements for LABRE series: All contacts must be made from the same country, or within a radius of 125 miles. Contacts must be with land stations, and ships, anchored or not and aircraft are not allowed. No date requirements. Three types of certificates are awarded: Mixed phone/cw, phone and all CW. GCR is acceptable

Each award costs $US10 or the equivalent in IRCs plus a blank QSL of the applicant.. Submissions should be sent to: LABRE – Award Manager, Caixa Postal 4, 70351-970, Brasilia, DF - Brasil. 

Effective 1 Jan 87 onwards, WAO, WAB and WAS also available for SSTV, RTTY, VHF and satellite with band endorsements. DBDX is available for RTTY, SSTV and band endorsements. (CHG 96)


(Chg 2/2015)

Worked All America (WAA)

Confirm contacts with 45 countries in the American Geographic Area. One must be PY.


6Y Jamaica
8P Barbados
8R Guyana
9Y Trinidad/Tobago
C6 Bahamas
CE Easter Is.
CE Chile
CE Juan Fern.
CE San Felix
CM/CO Cuba
CP Bolivia
CX Uruguay
FG Guadeloupe
FM Martinique
FO8X Clipperton
FP St.Pierre
FS St.Martin
FY Fr.Guiana
HC Ecuador
HC8 Galapagos

HH Haiti
HI Dom.Rep
HK Colombia
HK0 Bajo Neuvo
HK0 San Andres
HK0 Malpelos
HP Panama
HR Honduras
J3 Grenada
J6 St.Lucia
J7 Dominica
J8 St.Vincent
KC4 Navassa
KG4 Guantanamo
KL7 Alaska
KP4 Porto Rico
KP4D Desecheo
KS4 Serrana (HK0)
KV4 Virgin Is.

LU Argentina
OA Peru
OX Greenland
PJ Neth.Antilles
PJ St.Maarten
PY Brazil
PY0 St.Peter
PY0 Trinidade
PY0 Noronha
PY0 Abrolhos
PZ Surinam
TG Guatemala
TI Costa Rica
TI9 Cocos
V2 Antigua
V3 Belize
V4 St.Kitts
VE Canada
VP2E Anguilla 
VP2M Montserrat

VP2V Br.Virgin
VP5 Turks/Caicos
VP8/LU Antarctica
VP8/LU Georgia
VP8/LU So.Shet.
VP8 Falklands
VP8/LU So.Sand.
VP8/LU So.Orkney
VP9 Bermuda
XE Mexico
XF4 Revilla Gigedo
YN Nicaragua
YS Salvador
YV Venezuela
YV0 Aves Isl.
ZF1 Cayman Isl.
ZP Paraguay


Worked All Brazil (WAB)

Contact Brazilian stations in all 26 states and the Capital City - Brasilia (PT2). 
(CHG 92)

Worked All Oceans (WAO)

Confirm contacts in all 9 Brasilian Geographic Regions: 
(1)PY1 or PP1, 
(2)PY2, PP2, PQ2 or PT2), 
(3) PY3, 
(4) PY4, 
(5) PY5 or PP5, 
(6) PY6 or PP6, 
(7) PY7, PP7, PR7, PS7, or PT7, 
(8) PY8, PP8, PQ8, PR8, PS8, PT8, PU8, PV8, PW8, 
(9) PY9, PT9 
Oceanic Islands  PY0 
plus 21 countries bordering the Atlantic Ocean. 

(CHG 1/13/14)

DBDX Award

Confirm contacts with a minimum of 20 different countries from the ARRL official DXCC list. One must be PY. Endorsement stickers allowed for each additional 10. All contacts must have been made on 160, 80 and 40 meters only.

BP Award

The B-P (Baden-Powell) Award is available to stations engaged in the World Scout or Girl Guiding Movements, as follows. Contact 10 stations worldwide  whose QSL card certifies by any acknowledged scouting symbol that the station is involved with radio scouting are valid. For every additional 10 stations is an endorsement sticker is available. Honor Roll: by submitting 100 contacts with radio scouting stations, among which at least 20 are required to be a Boy Scouts or Girl Guides association’s station or the official station of a large scouting event. Contacts are eligible in the bands of 160 through 2 meters in any mode. Cross-mode and cross-band contacts are void for this award. SWL OK.

Cards are not required. Send a GCR list with endorsement from a radio scout or guiding entity or from two “A” class radio amateurs to whom the QSL cards are presented. In case none of these is possible, send the station’s license and the QSL photocopy attached to the log. For contacts before July 31, 2000, enclose to the log sheet, photocopy of the QSO certifying QSL card. Award cost $US6 or 4 IRC’s and the endorsement or Honor Roll US$ 1 or 1 IRC. Send GCR list to: Guelfo Jorge Poltronieri, PR7JP, Caixa Postal 4, 58010–970 João Pessoa, PB Brazil. 


Tks PA3CUZ 2/2006

--- Brazilian Islanders DXexpeditioners Series ( PS7AB) ---       The awards  below have been discontinued as of March 20, 2017 per PS7AB.   Thanks Rony for sponsoring them for many years. 

General Requirements:  The four awards and their endorsements in this series are FREE of charge with applications and the award being sent and received by e-mail only.  The certificates are free of charge sent to you in PDF format which must be printed on your equipment. Sponsored by the Brazilian Islanders Expeditionaires Association c/o PS7AB. 

All bands and modes OK.
Cards are not needed.
Send applications/lists to PS7AB. 
GCR application lists for most of the awards are available on the website shown below.  Text is Portuguese and English and can be a big assistance to make a good application. (Once filled in, you can attach to your e-mail.)
The postal address of PS7AB is: Ronaldo B. Reis PS7AB, Cx. Postal 525, Natal-RN, 59020-970, BRASIL. 


Brazilian Islands Award (DIB)

Contact stations operating from Brazilian Islands on or after 27 October 1992.   SWL OK.  The list of contacts should include usual contact data plus the Island number or name.  The basic award is for 5 islands, and endorsements are available for each 5 additional islands. List of valid islands found on their web site. 

(Rewrite 4//2016)


Brazilian Lighthouses Award (DFB)

Contact stations operating from Brazilian Lighthouses since 27 Oct 1992.  All bands and  modes. SWL OK.  GCR list must contain usual data plus lighthouse number or name. The basic award is issued for 5 lighthouses, endorsements for each 5 additional lighthouses. List of lighthouses found on their website. 

Chg 4/26/16 

Historical Fortifications Award (DFH)

Contact stations operating in Brazilian historical fortifications since 1 Dec 1999. All bands and modes. SWL OK. The GCR list must include the Fortifications number and proper name. Basic award is issued for 5 fortifications and endorsements for each 5 additional fortifications.  List should include the Fortification number or name. 

Chg 4/26/16

All Portugese Language Countries Award (PLCA)

Contact 10 countries which customarily use the Portugese language. SWL OK. All bands and modes. No time limitations. The basic award is for 10 countries and an endorsement is for all 14 countries. 


4W - Timor Leste C9 Mozambique
CT Portugal CT3 Madeira Islands
CU Azores Islands D2 Angola
D4 Cape Verde J5 Guinea Bissau
PY Brazil PY0F Fernando de Noronha
PY0S St. Peter & Paul Rocks PY0T Trinidade & Martin Vaz
S9 Sao Tome & Principe XX9 Macao

Brazilian's Amateur Radio Award  (DRB)

Available to all stations located outside of Brazil.  Basic award is for contacting at least 5 different Brazilian prefixes and 10 Call signs. SWL OK.  Endorsements are available for each subsequent level of 5 additional prefixes and 10 call signs.  

A list of all valid prefixes for the award is: PP, PQ, PR, PS, PT, PU, PV, PW, PX, PY, ZV, ZW, ZX, ZY, and  ZZ. The combinations letter/numeral which form the first part of the amateur call will be considered  the call sign.

Brazilian County Award (BCA)

Available to ALL stations (in or out of Brazil) for making contact with stations in different Brazilian counties.  The Basic Award requires 20 different counties, and endorsements are available for each 10 additional counties.  No endorsements by band, only Phone, CW and Digital endorsements.  The QTH printed on QSL cards will determine county name.  

Worked All Brazilian National Parks Award

The DIPLOMA NATIONAL PARKS OF BRAZIL - WABNP, is sponsored by the TERESINA DX GROUP and was developed to publicize the National Parks of Brazil, as well as the conservation of the environment by Brazilian environmental agencies.  Available to all amateur operators and SWLs making contacts with National Parks in Brazil, with beginning on 06/10/2011 on all amateur bands and all modes: Stations operating from such parks will receive credit for the Park.

The award will be issued for contacting at least 20 such Parks. Endorsements for each additional 20 parks.  
Park QSOs will be valid if the following conditions are met:
1 the operator has submitted to the Commission WABNP a sample printed QSL, stating the name and code of the National Park (after the end of the operation).
2 the Park is correctly listed in the Official List of National Parks. The format for this listing is:
IP 01 - NATIONAL PARK in the Serra da Capivara State of Piauí.
3 The List of parks can be changed with the addition of new parks as published by the sponsor.
4 The operation, provides evidence that the contacts were held on the premises of the park, on the ground under the same jurisdiction.

Send copies of QSL cards (front and back) via mail to Nelson de Almeida Costa-Filho PS8NF: PO Box 110, Teresina - Piauí - BRAZIL CEP 64001-970 or electronically via e-mail to
. The Diploma is available in two versions: Completely free when sent via the Internet formatted as a pdf. File or by mail at a cost of U.S. $ 10.00 or 3 IRC's.


(A complete listing of Brazilian National Parks is found on this site)

K1BV Research 9/11

Brazilian YL Award (BRYLA)                         REWRITE 5/2012 

The BRYLA Award will be issued to radio amateurs in two levels

1- Basic Level: Proof of 5 different Brazilian YLs Contacted  (example: PS7AQF, PS7YL, PU5ICE, PT2TF, PP5ASN)

2- EXCELLENCE level: A special seal, obliterated in 1977 during the "Radio Amateur  Day" and a special seal  obliterated in 2011 of "Priest Landell de Moura" and Green and Yellow ribbons to be glued on the Basic Award, will be issued to whom confirms QSOs with 10 DX YLs of, at least 3  different Continents besides the 5 PY YLs already listed. (For example: CX, LU, CE,PY,ZP (South America) DL,F,EA (Europe) K,W , VE (North America)

Contacts can be made in any mode or any HF bands and in accordance with international regulations  of Amateur Radio.
Requests of BRYLA should be made by LOG (sample) authenticated by a recognized amateur radio organization or certified by two radio amateurs after confering paper QSL or electronic log (sample eQSL and LOTW), containing: NR - Call - D M Y - UTC - Country - Continent - Mhz - Mode - RST .


When applying, please send a QSL  for BRYLA's records and fee of 5 IRC's or the equivalent in $US  for return postage addressed  to:  BRYLA – Brazilian YL Award,  A/C de PS7DX – Ed,  Av. São Miguel dos Caribes 31,  Neópolis II,  59086-500 Natal-RN,  BRASIL 

NOTE: If you wish, your BRYLA award will be sent to you, only via e-mail, in JPEG format, Totally Free, so, no need you send me IRC or $US


Permanent Award of the Lighthouses of Ceará

Sponsored by the GPDX-CE Portuguese Group DX of Ceará and requires working stations operating from the Lighthouse of the Stateof Ceara.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes OK. Contacts on or after 1 August 2008.  

The basic award is available for contacting at least 5 different lighthouses of Ceará State, and a special award of merit for all 12 lighthouses.  Contact sponsor for costs of the special merit award, as all of the lighthouses have not yet been activated. 

Fee for the basic award to South American stations is 5 IRC, $US5 or 5E.  For all others the basic award fee is 8 IRC, $US8 or 8E.  Endorsements cost 2 IRC or $US2. Send the GCR list with the appropriate fee to Carlos Moreira Rua Pamela Loren PT7ZT, 59 Mangabeira, 61600-000 Eusebio CE, Brazil. 

List of Valid Lighthouses:
CE-01 Jericoacoara
CE-02 Itapajé
CE-03 Pontal Das Almas
CE-04 Mundaú
CE-05 Mucuripe
CE-06 Aracati
CE-07 Pontal dos Cajuais
CE-08 Pecem
CE-09 Paracurú
CE-10 Camocim
CE-11 Morro Branco
CE-12 Tip of Mucuripe


Tks PT7ZT 7/12 


General Requirements: Contacts after 1 January 1985, but only using the CW mode. SWL OK. Contacts made and confirmed for the Manchester Mineira contest are valid for these awards. No need for GCR, just send the list of contacts and fee of $US7 or 5 IRCs to: CWJF, PO Box 410, Centro, Juiz de Fora MG 36001-970  - Brazil/


CWJF Award

Contact 5 different CWJF members on any band.

City of Juiz de Fora Award

Form the phrase JUIZ DE FORA - A MANCHESTER MINEIRA by using any letter of the suffixes of South American stations using CW.  3 different members of the CWJF group must be included. The Juiz de Fora stations can be used as "wild cards" for any letter needed to form the phrase.

(Tks K1BV Research 12/2010)

Father Roberto Landell de Moura Award

Contact any 5 of the below listed stations. Try the PY-YL net Wed 14.248 19:00-21:00Z. No fee listed, but return postage suggested. GCR list to: Alda Niemeyer PP5ASN, PO Box 675, CEP 89100, Blumenau - SC, Brazil.



(Chg 9/05)

Joinville City Award
The Diploma "Cidade de Joinville" (DCJ) (Joinville City Award) is an international award, published by the Administration of Joinville City and Clube de Radioamadores de Joinville - CRAJE, to increase activity on all amateur bands and publicize the city.
Applications for the award, can be submitted by all Brasilian and foreign amateurs, that make the required number of different stations from Joinville, as following:
     Brazilian Amateurs: 08 (eight) stations;
     South Americans Amateurs: 06 (six) stations;
    Amateurs of all other continents: 04 (four) stations.
For all levels of the award, one contact  with PP5CIT, the CRAJE's station is required.
No restrictions for bands and modes.
Only QSO since 1 January 1980.

All request must be including a list (LOG) from the contacts (callsign, date, QRT, mode, QRG and RST); a QSL card of the applicant and 10 IRC's.

Request for the application must be addressed to: CRAJE - Clube de Radioamadores de Joinville,  P.O.Box 582,   89.201-970 - Joinville - SC - Brazil.

Tks PS7AB 3/12/2014

BRAZIL             — LABRE - SP Series —

General Requirements: Issued by the Brazilian Liga of Radioamadorismo LABRE - SP. SWL OK. All bands, phone, CW or mixed mode. GCR list, your QSL card and fee of  $US10, 10€ or 5 IRCs for each award to: Award Manager, LABRE-SP, Rua Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira, 345A, Sao Paulo - SP, 03071-080, Brazil.


Diploma CESP - Certificado do Estado de Sao Paulo

Contact different stations in cities of the state of Sao Paulo after 1 Jan 1965 as follows:
     SP, Rio de Janerio, ES, MG, GO, DF, SC, RS, TM, MS and PR need 40 different cities.
     Other Brazilian states need 20 cities.
     All others, including DX stations need 10 cities.

The LABRE-SP clubstation PY2AA can be used once for a missing city.

Diploma AZ Sao Paulo

Confirm contacts with 26 stations located in the state of Sao Paulo (PY2) which comprise all the letters of the alphabet. For example: PY2AA, PY2SB, .......PY2ZX. Contacts after 1 August 1977. Endorsements for all CW only. LABRE-SP club station PY2AA may be used one time for any missing letter.

Diploma Milhoes de Paulistas

Contact different stations from the state of Sao Paulo and collect the first 5 digits of the zip code (01059-970 = 1,059) and accumulate a total of 1,000,000 points. Endorsements for each additional million. Contacts after 1 July 1987. Endorsements for CW only.

Diploma Incentivador do Radioamadorismo

Contact 20 different Brazilian Class C licensed stations, including 5 from the state of Sao Paulo. DX stations need 10 and 2 from Sao Paulo. Contacts after 1 July 1987.

Diploma Baden Powell de Radioescotismo

Basic award requires contact with 10 different Scout Radio Stations.  Endorsements available if all contacts are made in a single mode.  Contacts on or after 1 January 2001.  The card received must have the world-wide symbol of Scouting Radio.  Cards must be sent with your application. 

(Tks PA3CUZ)(11/2005)

       – NATAL Digital Group Series –

General Requirements: This series of awards is sponsored by the Natal Digital Group (NDG) for making contacts as required using only DIGITAL modes of operation. All of these awards are FREE of charge. You will apply via e-mail using the UltimateEPC file and receive an electronic file which can be printed in your shack.

You are required to download a special program from their Internet site called UltimateEPC. It selects and converts data from your electronic log ADIF file into the proper format based on the award you have chosen. The digital data on your file must have been created 8 April 2002 or later. The assumption is made that since you are applying for DIGITAL awards, that you possess one of the 29 popular logging programs which can create such an ADIF log and that you use Windows XP or Vista as an operating system.

Internet: (The site is written in the Portuguese language, and GOOGLE translations are excellent for this purpose.)

WAB Award - 10

Contact 10 Brazilian states using digital modes.

Acre 		Alagoas 		Amapá 		Amazonas 		Bahia
Ceará 		Distrito Federal 	Goiás 		Espírito Santo 		Maranhão
Mato Grosso 	Mato Grosso do Sul 	Minas 		Gerais Pará 		Paraiba
Paraná 		Pernambuco 		Piauí 		Rio de Janeiro 		Rio Grande do Norte 
Rio Grande do Sul  Rondônia 		Rorâima 	São Paulo 		Santa Catarina
Sergipe 	Tocantins

WAB Award - 20

Contact 20 Brazilian states using digital modes.

WAB Award - All

Contact ALL 27  Brazilian states using digital modes.

WAB + PY0 Award

Contact ALL Brazilian states and PY0F, PY0T, and PY0S using digital modes.

WARB Award

Contact all Brazilian regions using digital modes.

W10SA Award

Contact 10 DXCC entities (countries) in South America using digital modes.

8R Guyana 	9Y Trinidad & Tobago 	CE Chile 	CP Bolivia
CX Uruguay 	FY French Guiana 	HC Ecuador 	HK Colombia
LU Argentina 	OA Peru 		P4 Aruba 	PY Brazil
PJ2 Neth Antilles PZ Surinam 		VP8 Falkland Is YV Venezuela
ZP Paraguay

WASA Award

Contact ALL the entities (countries) of South America using digital modes.

Tks PS7DX 8/09

Paraíba State Award
 Contact / SWL with 6 stations located in the Capital city of Paraiba state (Joao Pessoa City) and 4 stations in different cities located in Paraiba State, Brazil. All bands and modes OK.  Contacts on or after 1 January 2000.
Award may be endorsed for: 1. MIX - Multi-modes, Monoband  -  2. MIX, Multibande, CW  -  3. MIX, Multiband, phone  -  4. CW, Monoband  -  5. Phone, Monoband  -  6. VHF, Simplex
Send GCR list and fee of $US5 to: Guelfo Jorge Poltronieri PR7JP, PO Box 004, 58010-970, Joao Pessoa/PB, Brazil. 

(Tks PS7AB 3/12/14)

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