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(Updates 2/2/2017)

Radio Amateurs of Canada Series

General Requirements: GCR accepted. Sponsor may request random cards for a check SWL OK. The RAC website provides applications in PDF format which should be used when you apply.  (Also available by mail.)

QSLs: Not required unless specifically called for, but should be in your possession. Instead, a list of the contacts showing date, time, mode and definite location of the station worked. This list should be certified by either one radio club official or two other licensed amateurs.

Fee for each paper award is $5 CDN for Canadians and $US5 for all others. Plaque fee for the 5 Band Canadaward US$50 (with backboard) for stations outside Canada and CDN$50 (with backboard) for Canadian Amateurs. With no backboard US$20 and CDN$20 respectively. (Subject to change).  Awards custodian:  John Scott, VE1JS, 324 Church Hill Road, Sandy Cove, NS  B0V 1E0, 

E-mail: :  
Application form available on web-site for all of the awards.

Provinces of Canada

VO1-VO2 Newfoundland Labrador 
VE1 - Nova Scotia
VE1-VE9 - New Brunswick
VY2/VE1 - Prince Edward Island
VE2/VA2 - Quebec
VE3/VA3 - Ontario 
VE4 - Manitoba
VE5 - Saskatchewan
VE6 - Alberta
VE7/VA7 - British Columbia

Territories of Canada

VE8 - Northwest Territories
VY0 - Nunavut Territory
VY1 - Yukon Territory

Chg 2/2/17  

Canadaward - Confirm contact in each of the Canadian provinces and territories on or after 1 July 1977. All QSO's must be on one band only. Separate awards are available for each band or mode. (13 cards are required for each band/mode) 

(Chg 8/25/14)

5 Band Canadaward - A certificate is available to any amateur who confirms two-way QSOs with Canadian amateur stations located in each of of 5 separate bands.  A total of 65 cards; and 13 cards  per band.   NOTE.  VO2 - Labrador is a part of the province of Newfoundland and counts for Newfoundland. Some Canadian stations may be using different prefixes. Applicants should note that the award is based on the Province or Territory of residence of the QSL card, not the prefix.
A special engraved plaque available for stations who confirm contacts with the 13 provinces and territories on 5 amateur bands. Fee is $US50 for stations outside of Canada and $C50 (with backboard) for Canadian amateurs. With no backboard, the costs are $US20 and $C20.

(Chg 3/2005)

Canadian Provincial Capitals Award

Work and confirm each of the 10 Provincial Capital Cities in Canada on or after 31 March 1949. : Edmonton (Alberta), Victoria (British Columbia), Fredericton (New Brunswick), St. John's (Newfoundland), Halifax (Nova Scotia), Winnipeg (Manitoba), Toronto (Ontario), Quebec City (Quebec), Charlottetown (PEI), and Regina (Saskatchewan). 

(Chg 3/2005)

Seaway Award

Work 10 different stations along the route of the St. Lawrence Seaway since July 1950. Of the 10 contacts, one must be in each of the following areas: Thunder Bay, Greater Toronto, Greater Montreal, and Greater Quebec City. The remaining 6 may be from any municipality located along the route.

Trans-Canada Award

Requirements: Five (5) contacts with each of the 10 VE call areas (VE8 and VY1 and VY0 count as 1 area) plus Five (5) contacts with VO1/VO2, any combination. Of the 5 VE8/VY1 contacts required, One (1) must be in the Yukon Territory (VY1) and One (1) must be located on the off-shore islands of the North West Territories (VE8). A grand total of 55 contacts are required.  
Date: any contact since 1945. 
All bands and modes OK. 

(Chg 2/2017)

 Worked All RAC Award

Make 2-way contact with an "official" RAC station using the suffix "RAC" in at least 10 of the 18 prefixes on or after 1 July 1998. These are official stations of the Radio Association of Canada.  In Provinces or Territories having two RAC calls. ie: VA4 and VE4, VA1 and VE1, etc. only ONE of the two prefixes count in the total of the TEN required.

The 18 prefixes are: VA1, VA2, VA3, VA4, VA5, VA6, VE1, VE4, VE5, VE6, VE7, VE8, VE9, VO1, VO2, VY0, VY1, VY2. 
Note: Cards for the RAC official stations (all prefixes) should be sent to the call book address: Radio Amateurs of Canada, 217 - 720 Belfast Rd. Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5. They should NOT be sent directly to the operator.

1. Basic Award: 10 contacts, as stated above, on any band, any mode. 10 cards are required.
2. An endorsement is available to amateurs who supply proof of 2 way contact with "ALL" 14 official RAC stations as listed. NOTE: When 2 calls are listed for a province or territory either station will count but NOT both. The charge for the endorsement is $1.00 US.
3. Single Band: 10 contacts, as stated above, on a single band, and the following modes, CW, SSB, RTTY, MIXED, SSTV, SATELLITE, OTHER. 10 cards are required. Certificates are available for each band/mode.
4. 5 Band Plaque: A special engraved plaque is available to any Amateur who confirms two-way QSO's, as stated above, on 5 bands or more using rule for single band, mode. A total of 50 cards will be required. Cost of plaque, without backboard $20 US, $20 CDN for Canadians. With backboard $50 US, $50 CDN for Canadians.

Abegweit Award

"Abegweit" is the Indian name for Prince Edward Island and means "Cradle on the Waves". VE1,VE9, VY2, VO1 and VO2 must contact all 3 Prince Edward Island counties (Prince, Queens and Kings) after 1 January 1960. The rest of Canada and the USA need to QSO any 3 different PEI stations. DX need to QSO any 2 PEI stations. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRCs to Abegweit Award, c/o Summerside Amateur Radio Club Inc., 99 Harvard Street, Summerside, PEI, C1N 1P8, Canada. 


(Chg 7/2011)

Worked Atlantic Provinces Award

Contact Canadian counties in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador.  Station in NS, NB and PEI need contacts with 8 NS, 8 NB and 2 PEI counties plus 5 VO1 or VO2 stations.

Other Canadian outside of NS, NB and PEI and USA stations need contacts with 4 NS, 4 NB and 1 PEI county plus 3 VO1 or VO2 stations.  

All others need 2 NS, 2 NB and 1 PEI counties plus 2 VO1 or VO2 stations.

GCR list and fee of $C2 or 5 IRC to: Moncton Area Amateur Radio Club Inc., PO Box 73, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada  E1C 8R9


(Tks KW0U 7/2001)

BARC Award

Awarded by the Bruce ARC for contacting 5 different club members on any HF band on or after 1 Jan 1992. Stations outside of North America need only work 3. GCR list and fee of $C5 to: David J. Little VE3DJL, c/o Kincardine T&T Airport, RR2, Kincardine, Ontario, Canada N2Z 2X4.


 (97 CHG)

Calgary Chinook Award

Sponsored by the Calgary Communications Club and available to amateurs contacting members of the club. North Americans need 10 members; stations in Alberta need 10 from outside VE6 and all others must contact 5 members of the club. QSOís with VE6RH = 2 points. Contacts after 21 Jan 1998. All bands and modes including satellite. No use of repeaters. 2-meter contacts just across the border are not accepable.  Contacts with members who do not reside in Calgary are acceptable, however. GCR list and $C5 for VEís and $US5 for others to Awards Manager, Russ Wilson VE6VK, 1235 Richland Road N.E., Calgary, AB, Canada T2E 5M5.



(Chg 6/2009)

 -- Canadian Awards Program Series

General Requirements: Fee is shown for each award. Proof of contacts

should be in the form of photocopies of the cards. For the Youth Awards and 10 meter Award, the ages of the operators must be clearly shown. Apply to: Canadian Amateur Awards Program, c/o Neil Sutherland VE8CQ, #4-4009-48th Street, Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 1N4. 
(Chg 2/2007)

10 Meter CW Award - Available for all world wide operators of CW. You must contact all areas in Canada (13) and all the lower 48 states using the CW mode. Total QSO's needed = 61. This award is free, but signature of local club president and one other member is required with application. You must have all cards in your possession.

6 Meter Award - Available to all operators. Contact all major capital cities in the USA and Canada.. Fee is $US2. You must have cards in your possession. SWL OK.

Satellite Award - Available to all operators. Contact 100 amateurs outside of your home country using any Satellite mode. Fee is $US2. No SWL. 9 of the contacts must spell the word SATELLITE by using the last letter of their callsign.

144 Mhz SSB Award - Available to all operators. Contact 25 operators outside of your city using 2m SSB. Fee is $US2. 2 signatures of verification are needed.

430 Mhz SSB Award - Available to all operators. Contact 50 operators outside of your city using 430 SSB. Fee is $US2. 2 signatures of verification are needed.

160 Meter CW Award - Available to all operators. Make CW contacts on 160 in North America: 2 from each US state and one from each Canadian province and territory. 113 contacts needed. 2 signatures of verification are needed.

Canadian Islands Award

General Requirements: Apply to Maple Leaf Radio Society, 5 McLaren Avenue, Listowel, Ontario, Canada N4W 3K1. No date restrictions. No repeater QSO's or /MM near islands. QSLs must be in your possession.  Contacts on or after 15 November 1945. SWL OK.  

Rules, huge list of islands and pictures of awards may be found at: 

(Chg 3/2005)

CISA - Certificate Award

Sponsored by the Maple Leaf Radio Society for confirmed contacts with different Canadian Islands. Class V (Basic) = 5 islands, Class IV = 10 islands, Class III = 15 islands, Class II (Excellence) = 20 islands. Class I  = 25 or more islands. GCR list and $C4 or $US4 for VE/US or $5 for DX. Endorsement fee is $3 for VE/US and $4 for DX for the 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 island levels. 

(Chg 5/2012)

---Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (CLARA) Series---

CANADA ---Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (CLARA) Series---

General Requirements: GCR accepted. Contacts after 1 January 1945. All bands and modes except 2 meters and VHF packet. Cards must be in your possession, but need not be submitted. Custodian reserves right to request any card. Basic certificates are obtained for working and confirming contacts listed for each category. Endorsements available for each certificate in increments of 10 contacts. The DXCC-YL and WAZ-YL plaques are brushed bronze and black on a walnut finished back, about 8X10 inches. Fee for basic certificate $US5/$C5. Endorsements $US/C3, Engraved plaque $US/C60. Apply to:   Kathy Steels, VE3GYL, 444 Jellicoe Crescent, London, Ontario, N6K 2M5, CANADA.

CLARA National Net: Tuesday 1700Z on 14120, except July/August. 


(Chg 2/2009)

CLARA Certificate

Canadian and US stations work 10 members in 5 Canadian call areas (limit of 4 VE3/VA3). DX stations work 5 members in 3 Canadian call areas (limit 2 VE3/VA3). (CHG 00)

CLARA Family Certificate

Work a member plus any licensed family members scoring 1 point for each contact made. Family members need not reside in Canada nor same address. A total of 10 points needed for award. Log must show family relationships. ( CHG 00)

CLARA 10 DX YL Certificate

Work 10 YL's in 10 different countries. Use an approved DX country list. When 100 DXYL contacts have been confirmed for 10 DX certificate, you may apply for either the special paper certificate or the Engraved Plaque.

(CHG 00)

YL-DXCC certificate or engraved plaque

As above, but work YL's in 100 different countries. Use approved DX country list. See plaque fee above..

WAZ-YL Certificate or engraved plaque

Work YLís in 10 different CQ zones. Endorsement each additional 10. Plaque available when all 40 CQ zones are confirmed.

Canadian Lighthouse Awards

General requirements:  Awards are available to all amateurs and SWLs for working lighthouse stations as specified below.  A station may be counted if it is located within visual sight of the lighthouse.  It does NOT have to be physically located on the property of the lighthouse.  To count as a Canadian lighthouse, stations may also be aboard vessels anchored in the vicinity of the lighthouse or lightship.  All bands and modes OK.  See their website for official lists of valid Canadian lighthouses.  Submit a copy of your log with call and location (name) of the lighthouse/lightship along with the date and time of QSO and the official ARLHS number of the light.  Fee for both awards is $US5.  Apply to: Pierre L'Homme VE2LHP, 484 rue de la Garonne, St-Nicolas, QC, Canada G7A 1N8.


     Worked All Canadian Provinces Lighthouse Award
Work lighthouse stations in at least 5 of the 8 Canadian provinces which have lighthouses.  An endorsement is awarded for working stations in all 8 provinces.  

     Province of Quebec Lighthouse Award
Work any five Province of Quebec lighthouses. 

Tks VE2LHP 6/2004

Fiddlehead Award

Sponsored by the Fredericton ARC of New Brunswick for contacting  located in the  Province of New Brunswick, Canada on or after starting date of 31 December 1999. (The award name refers to the fiddlehead fern, which is an edible variety of fern and are considered a gastronomic delicacy.) 

North American stations must contact 10 New Brunswick stations, 
Non-North American stations will be required to contact 5 New Brunswick stations.
All contacts must be made on HF bands using any legal mode.

Submit a written log summary containing at a minimum Call Sign, Time, Date, Band and Mode. 
Your application should be verified by two other licensed amateurs. 

Fees for the award:
a. Canadian applicants $5.00 in Canadian Funds.
b. US applicants $US5 in US funds.
c. All Non-North American (DX) applicants $US10.00.
d. All funds should be sent in the form of a Money Order made payable to Fred LeBlanc.
e. NOTE: A printable certificate in PDF format may be requested as an attachment, to an e-mail addressed to the applicant at no cost.

Apply to: Fred LeBlanc VE9UN, 17 DeWitt Acres, Fredericton, NB E3A 6S3.  


(Rewritten 12/10/16)

The Greater Saint John Award

Sponsored by the Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club Inc. of Saint John, N.B for working stations within 15 miles of downtown Saint John. Post offices in this region include: Saint John, Lancaster, South Bay, Ketepec, Grand Bay, Westfield, East Riverside, Rothesay, Gondola Point, Quispamsis, Ben Lomond, Musquash, etc.

SWL OK. No date or band limitations. Endorsement for single band or mode or mixed endorsement (AOMB/M) at time of original award application for no extra charge. Later band/mode endorsements for $1.00 or 2 IRC's.


Applicant Location

Class A

Class B

Class C

VE1, VE9, VY1




North America




Rest of World




GCR list and fee of $C3.00 or 10 IRCs. Endorsements for $C1.00 or 2 IRCs. Apply to: Awards Custodian, Loyalist City Amateur Radio Club Inc., P.O. Box 6552, Saint John, N.B. E2L 4R9, Canada.


Internet Research K1BV 4/2007
Verified 8/2011

Land of the Living Skies Award                                REWRITTEN 10/31/16 THANKS K0DEQ

This award is open to any licensed amateur radio operator in the world. Recipients of the award will receive an attractive, suitable for framing certificate in return for a complete log of contacts. No QSL cards are necessary, however proof may be requested at sponsor's discretion. .

Award rules:
Only contacts made after Jan 1, 2000 will be accepted.

1. Requirements:
     a. VE5's must make 30 contacts in the province of Saskatchewan, any band, any mode.
     b Other Canadian stations must contact 25 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.
     c. USA stations must contact 20 VE5 stations, any band, any mode
     d. DX stations must contact 10 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.
2. Repeater contacts (linked or otherwise), IRLP, IPARN, and packet network contacts are all accepted. Unless otherwise requested along with a SASE all certificates will be emailed out.
3. There is no charge for this award.
4. Log Submissions: SARL, Inc., 263-325 4Th Avenue SW, Moose Jaw, SK S6H5V2, Canada. Recipients can send logs by email in excel or doc format. Please mark ATTN: LLS Award in the subject line. Further questions can also be sent to
5. The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League, Inc., reserves the right to reject any log from any amateur if it is deemed necessary by the SARL Awards Committee.

Tks K0DEQ 10/31/16

Maple Leaf Award

Work and confirm different prefixes from Canada. 

7 Classes: 

Class IV = 10 Class III = 15
Class II = 25 Class I = 30
Shield, Scroll and Plaques no longer available due to rising postal and plaque costs.  5/30/12
Award Fee VE Fee US Fee DX
Certificate $5 / 10 IRCs $US5 / 10 IRCs $US5 / 10 IRCs

Contacts after 15 Feb 1965. 

 Sponsor: Maple Leaf Radio Society, Gary Hammond VE3XN, 5 McLaren Avenue, Listowel, Ontario, Canada N4W 3K1. (The Plaques are excellently finished and a handsome addition to the shack.) 


(Chg 3/2006)  

Eligible prefixes: (each 1 through 0):  CF CG CH CI CJ CK CY CZ VA VB VC VD VE VF VG VO VX VY XJ XK XL XM XN XO.

1967 prefixes used during the Canadian Centennial Year and since reassigned were: 3B1 and 3B2 plus 3C1 through 3C0. They are valid for this award.

 --- Norcan CW Awards Program

General Requirements: Fee for each award is shown with its listing. Each of the awards must be earned by CW contacts only. Evidence of contact must be in the form of photocopies of QSL cards. Apply to: Norcan CW Awards Custodian, Neil Sutherland VE8CQ, #4-4009-48th Street, Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 1N4.

(Chg 2/2007)

Arctic Circle Award - Contact a minimum of 2 amateurs in each call area of a country which includes territory in the Arctic Circle. Contacts must live on or above the Arctic Circle. .

Dominion of Canada - Spell out DOMINION OF CANADA by the last two letters of each call sign. All contacts must be Canadian. Cards must be in your possession.

Worked 50 Canadian Cities Award - Work a minimum of two cities in each province and one in each Canadian territory. No SWL. Fee is 5 IRCs.

Northern CW Award - Contact 2 amateur operators in Nunavut and 2 in the Northwest Territories, 6 in alaska. Cards must be in your possession.

Western Arctic ARA Award - contact 5 members of this association. Cards must be in your possession.


 --- Norcan SSB Awards Program

General Requirements - as above, except all contacts must be made on SSB mode.

(TKS VE8CQ)(97)

SSB Diamond Award - Contact 90 stations outside of your own call area using SSB mode only. No satellite contacts. No SWL. Fee is 5 IRCs. Send photocopies of cards.

SSB Executive Diamond Award - Contact 400 North American operators on the 40, 80 or 160 meter bands. Fee is 5 IRCs. No SWL.

SSB Double Diamond Award - Contact over 300 world wide operators on 10-80 meters. 25% of contacts must be made on nets of a worldwide nature. Contacts on QSL must state which net was used. Fee is $US5 or 25 IRCs. No SWL.

Master Crown SSB Award - Contact over 600 world wide operators on 20, 30, 40 and 80 meters only. No repeater or satellite contacts. No SWL. Fee is 20 IRCs.

 --- Nortown Amateur Radio Club Series ---

General requirements: GCR list by President or VP of a legitimate amateur organization is acceptable or photocopies may be sent. Under no circumstances should actual cards be sent. Fee is $5. All contacts must have been made from a radius of 200 km of one point and after 1 Jan 1939.. Sponsor: Nortown Amateur Radio Club PO Box 91104, RPO Bayview Village, North York, Ontario M2K 2Y6, Canada. 


(Chg 2/2/2017)

Worked All VE Award (WAVE)

Confirm contacts to verify QSO with 2 different stations on different bands in each of the following 8 sections: Prince Edward Island OR New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon or Northwest Territories.

Worked All Canada (WACAN)

Confirm contacts to verify QSO with 2 stations on different bands in each of the following 12 sections:
Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon OR NWT, Labrador, Newfoundland.
VO contacts must be made after 31 March 1949. Proof of contacts submitted for WACAN will be automatically applied towards the WAVE award. (If WAVE award is desired, please indicate.)

Rules for WACAN Award (for holders of WAVE Award)

Produce confirmation to verify qso with 2 stations on different bands in the remaining 4 sections: Labrador VO2, Newfoundland VO1 and the two remaining VE1 provinces not submitted for WAVE award. Fee as above.

(Chg 6/2006) 

Worked All Nova Scotia Counties

Contact the 18 Nova Scotia counties on or after 11 Sept 1993. Basic award is for mixed modes, HF bands only. Stations making a "clean sweep" in the NSARA contest each March will also qualify for the award without submitting QSL cards. Endorsements for single mode. No charge for the award. Actual cards must be submitted; your certificate and cards will be returned postpaid by NSARA. Only base station to base station contacts. Portable operations accepted, but not mobile operation. Send the 18 cards plus official application form to: Awards Chairman, 279 Pumping Station Rd., Brookdale, NS, B4H 3Y3, Canada. 


Nova Scotia counties: Annapolis Antigonish Cape Breton Colchester Cumberland Digby Guysworth Halifax Hants Inverness Kings Lunenberg Pictou Queens Richmond Shelburne Victoria Yarmouth

(Chg 10/2006)

Worked Ontario Ports Award

Work VE3 stations in the "Ports" of the Province of Ontario after 1 January 1990. All bands and modes. Contacts may be with fixed, portable or mobiles. North Americans need 5 different "port" stations plus 5 Ontario Province stations (VE3/VA3). All others must contact 2 different "port" stations plus 3 Ontario province stations. SWL OK. Repeater contacts ARE accepted. Log copy and fee of $US2 or 2 IRCs to: Robert Morden VE6RI, Box 192, Grimshaw, Alberta, Canada.  T0H 1W0. 


The award pictures an old fashioned lighthouse at Port Dover, Ontario. 

(Confirmed 10/2007)

Look for these Port towns: (each has the word "Port" in front of the town)

Albert Alma Beach  Blake Bolster Britain  Bruce Burwell Carling  Carmen Colbourne  Credit Cunnington  Dalhousie  Darlington  Dover  Elgin  Elmsley  Franks  Grandby  Glasgow  Hope Lambton  Loring  Maitland  McNicoll  Milford  Perry  Robinson  Rowan  Royal  Ryerse Sandfield  Severn  Stanley  Stanton  Sydney Talbot  Union View Weller

Registry of Senior Wireless Operators

This certificate recognizes those wireless operators who have been on the air for more than twenty five years and are licensed to operate transmitters with power in excess of 100 watts.

Send a photocopy of your original license over-written BOLDLY with the words "Photocopy - not valid for use. For file purpose only." [If original license unavailable, they will accept reasonable proof such as a QSL card of a two-way contact with date clearly shown.].

Send photocopy of your present license, marked as above OR if you are listed in QRZ, simply advise that you are listed and provide your present call letters. 

Print your call and name exactly as you wish it to appear on the certificate. Send $6.50C or $US5 or 6 IRCís to: WO25+ Registry, 91 Hillsborough Cr., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2E 1J5.

(Chg 10/05)

Stampede City Award

Earn 10 points by contacting stations in the City of Calgary, Alberta after 1 January 1962. Members of the Calgary ARA who live outside of the city but are active in the organization also count. Calgary stations count 1 point each.   All bands and modes. Only stations who live outside of Calgary may apply, though Calgary stations may earn the award by operating outside of the province.   Contacts with club stations VE6AO and VE6NQ count 2 points.   SWL OK.   Log data only and fee of $US3 to: CARA, PO Box 592, Station "M", Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2J2. 

Sponsor e-mail - Pete J. Larsen       


(CHG 10/2009)

Trans-Canada Award

Contact cities along Canada's #1 highway as listed below. 42 of the 77 are needed to earn the award. Not available for SWL's. Special endorsement for all contacts on one band. Available for HF bands only. GCR list and fee of $US2 to: Trans Canada Highway Award, #4-4009-48th Street, Yellowknife, NT, Canada X1A 1N4. 

(Chg 7/07)

British Columbia - 9 needed:Victoria, Duncan, Naniamo, Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Abbottsford, New Westminster, Chilliwack, Hope, Boston Bar, Cache Creek, Kamloops, Chase, Salmon Arm, Golden, Revelstoke.

Alberta - 5 needed: Lake Louise, Banff, Canmore, Calgary (3 contacts), Brooks, Medicine Hat, Strathmore, Bassano.

Saskatchewan - 4 needed: Maple Creek, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Regina (2 contacts).

Manitoba- 3 needed: Brandon, Portage la Prairie, Winnipeg (2 contacts).

Ontario - 5 needed: Kenora, Dryden, Thunder Bay, Nipigon, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, North Bay, Parry Sound, Orillia, Peterborough, Pembroke, Ottawa, Cochrane, Wawa.

Quebec - 4 needed: Montreal (2 contacts), Laval, St.-Hyacinthe, Drummondville, River du Loupe.

New Brunswick - 3 needed: Edmunston, Hartland, Woodstock, Fredericton, Sussex, Moncton, Sackville.

Pr. Edward Island - 1 needed: Charlottetown, Borden.

Nova Scotia - 4 needed: Amherst, Truro, Pictou, New Glasgow, Antigonish, Port Hawksbury, Baddeck, North Sydney.

Newfoundland - 4 needed: Port Aux Basques, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Deer Lake, Windsor, Gander, Grand Falls, St.John.

Vintage Operators Award

Established to recognize those who collect, restore and operate vintage military communications equipment. Basic award available for 5 contacts with each type of equipment. Only one contact per equipment type per day is allowed. The following information must be exchanged using the equipment: callsign, operators name, equipment type, equipment serial number and signal report. The equipment must be used without major modifications with an exception for power supplies, antenna and extremely rare or valuable components. Distance covered must be representative of those encountered in the normal operation use of the equipment (e.g. 1Km per watt for radios, 0.5km for line and visual equipment. Contacts must be made after 15 August 1995. It is not necessary for both ends of the exchange to be made with vintage equipment. Separate endorsements may be given for the receiver and transmitter of a particular set. Full details to be sent to either of:

D. Lawrence VA3ORP, 1309 Sunbury Rd., RR2, Inverary, ON , Canada K0H 1X0.

C. Basaillion VE3CBK, 1324 Old Carp Rd., RR1, Kanata, ON, Canada K2K 1X7. (Tks VE3EIM)(99)

Worked All VO Award (WAVO)

Contact 20 different VO's operating fixed, portable or mobile in the province. One of these must be using a VO2 Labrador prefix. VO1 or VO2 stations need 60 and two must be using a VO2 prefix. Contacts since 1 June 1946 and must be made from same call area.. No endorsements are available. GCR list and postage to: Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs, c/o Paul Piercey, PO Box 23099, St. John's, NL A1B 4J9, Canada. 


(Chg 5/2013)

Worked All Winnipeg Award

Sponsored by the Winnipeg ARC for making contacts with VE4 stations located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The award is presented on parchment stock with drawings on the border of the many buildings that represent attractions in the city along with the Provincial Emblems. Contacts since 1 Jan 1956. All bands and modes. No repeaters. Endorsement for single band and mode. Stations outside Manitoba, but in North America need 15, stations within Manitoba need 25, all others need 10. GCR list and $2 Canadian or 6 IRCs to: Worked All Winnipeg Award Custodian, c/o Dick Maguire VE4HK, 598 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2M 3L5 


(Chg 4/2011)
Verified 8/2011

    WV2B Awards Series

General Requirements:  With your list of contacts, submit a signed statement as follows: I certify upon my honor that the contacts listed have been made in the manner represented, and that I have obeyed the awards rules and all Amateur Radio rules as set forth by my licensing authority while making these contacts. Signature- Date-.  Confirmations are not required for this award.  Awards may be endorsed to reflect your operating accomplishments. For example: CW, SSB, Single Band, Mobile, etc. Contacts may be made from any station location, during any span of time, and using any call signs issued to you by a licensing authority. SWLs may apply on a heard basis.  

Both awards are in the form of an engraved plaque.  Cost of the plaque is $US70 and Canada $75 overseas airmail. Payment may be also be made by PayPal to , or Western Union. Send application, contact list, certification statement, and payment to: Duane Traver {WV2B, VA1ZZ}, P.O. Box 59, Marathon, NY 13803-0059, USA.

E-Mail -

                    Maritime Counties Award

The Maritime Counties Award is issued for making Amateur Radio contacts with the 36 counties of the Canadian Maritime Provinces {New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island}. See the WWW page for complete list of the counties required. Contacts may be with any licensed Amateur stations, whether fixed, portable or mobile.

 Submit a computer generated or other list, showing the contacts you claim as follows: County, Call worked, Band, Mode. On-line call sign databases may not be reliable in determining county of operation, since they reflect the mailing address on file with Industry Canada.


(Chg 5/25/12) 

                       Great White North Award

The Great White North Award is presented for making Amateur Radio contacts in the following categories:

1.A contact with each of the 13 provinces/territories of Canada.
2. Contacts with 20 different Canadian callsign prefixes.
3. Contacts with 10 different Canadian Islands.
4. Contacts with 5 different Canadian Lightouses.

Contacts may be with any licensed Amateur stations, whether fixed, portable or mobile. Submit a computer or other list, showing the contacts you are claiming with the following data: {Province,prefix,island, or lighthouse} , Call worked, Band, Mode.

 Contacts may be made from any station location, during any span of time, and using any call signs issued to you by a licensing authority. SWLs may apply on a heard basis.


Zone 2 Award

Confirm contact with three prefixes (VE2, VO2 and VE8) in the northeast area of North America. VE2 stations is Quebec count if north of the 50th parallel, and the portion of the Northwest Territories (VE8) east of 102 degrees and north of 50 degrees (all VO2 stations are in Zone 2). A contact with Nunavut in VY0 since 1999 if east of 102 degrees to replace VE8. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 8 IRCs to: Gilles Soucy VE2GSO, Box 46, Fermont, Quebec, Canada G0G 1JO.

(Chg 10/05)