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(Updated 1/5/2016)


Worked All Canary Islands

Sponsored by the "Grand Canaria DX Group" to any amateur or SWL who provides proof of contact or reception with the Canary Islands.  The award is offered in two classes: Basic and Extra, and in 5 categories for mode, for a possible ten awards.

Basic: contact or hear the seven major Canary Islands: El Hierro, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife.

Extra: contact the seven islands listed above plus an additional seven islands, islets or rocks, on which there is no permanent amateur radio population, and which appear in the official listing of the Spanish "DIE" award program (Diploma Islas Espanolas, . These are identified in the "S-###" reference section with either "GC" (Gran Canaria) or "TF" (Tenerife) as the province and "AF-004" as the IOTA number.

The award in either category can be requested for the following five modes: CW, SSB, FM, Digital (RTTY, SSTV, BPSK31) or mixed modes.   All bands and modes, no date restrictions.  Send a list including call sign, name of island, band and mode. Include scans or photocopies of the cards.  You may also send scans of the cards by e-mail directly to the Gran Canaria DX Group at .  Fee for each award is 5€, $US15 or 7 IRCs.  Apply to: W.A.C.I. Award Manager, PO Box 54, E-35080 Las Palmas de G.C., SPAIN.


(Chg 4/2011)

CANARY ISLANDS                          Diploma Municipalities of Las Palmas (WFPD)

The Spain EA DX Group and members of EA8RKL Orobal offer this award for contacting diploma, municipalities of Las Palmas. The rules for the award follow:
1) the award may be earned by all amateurs in possession of an official license, making contacts starting from Aprili 24, 2014 with and bands and modes with the exception of EchoLink and Repeaters.
2) Activating stations must operate from the particular municipality as portable, mobile, or fixed base stations.
3) The maximum number of municipalities activated is limited to two daily.
4) For the validity of the activity to be recognized, the operators must send a list of contacts within 15 days, portable and mobile stations should supply an image of the expedition in the municipality.
4) Applicants need to contact all 34 Municipalities (GOLD membership) in the province.
5) Activators shall be entitled to free diploma.
6) Applicants who submit false contact information will be disqualified..

The certificate must be requested by e-mail.  or traditional mail to: EA8RKL, Apartado Correos No. 111, 35400 - Arucas, Gran Canaria.


WIKIPEDIA List of the Municipalities may be found at: : 

Tks K1BV Research 11/25/15


--- Federachi Series ---

General Requirements: Federachi stands for "Federacion de Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile". GCR by any official Radio Club in your country is accepted. SWL OK.  Apply to: Award Manager de Federachi, CE2WFF Rodolfo Arias, Diplomas y Concursos de Federachi Casilla 9570, Correo 21 Santiago, Chile. 



(Rewritten 2/3/14)

 Diploma CE Award            (REWRITTEN)

Contact Chilean stations after 15 February 2004.

3 Levels:
CE 100 diploma for 100 different CE stations.
CE 200 diploma for 200 different CE stations.
CE 300 diploma for 300 different CE stations. 

All HF bands may be used .  Modes of SSB, CW, FM and AM OK.  No contacts on VHF/UHF.
Fee per award for CE stations is $US5 and all others $US10. 


Zone 12 Counties Award (Diploma Comunas Zona 12)

Contact Chilean stations in at least 100 different CE counties after 28 June 1987. Bands 3,5 Mhz, 7 Mhz, 14 Mhz, 21 Mhz and 28 Mhz. Contacts OK after 28 June 1987.

This is a large (over one Kilogram) plaque made of wood, pottery and metal. Sponsor suggests you send an additional 10% of the counties to adjust for non-qualifying contacts). The stations registered address will be used in determining the official county. Additional copper stickers are available as endorsements showing your progress up to the 330 counties mark.

Endorsements: A50 B50 -- for additional 50 counties each. 
                        A25 B25 -- for additional 25 counties each. 
                        A10 to E10 - for additional 10 counties each. 
                        A5 to F5 --- for additional 5 counties each.

For the basic award, send alphabetical list, plus QSLs and for CE members Clubes Federados US$ 10, other CE $US 20 and all others $US 30. Each endorsement (15 in total) will be issued after verified submission of alphabetical list plus QSLs and a fee of $US 6. 

Zone list

Island Award

Contact Chilean Islands and earn 70 points (CE stations need 120) from the following schedule:

A. Chilean islands that count for DXCC countries such as CE0A Easter Island, CE0Z Juan Fernandez Archipelago or CE0X San Felix = 10 points.

B. Chilean Islands which count for IOTA = 5 points (different island in an archipelago with same IOTA reference count as different islands. Chiloe Island, Quinchao Island, is in the same archipelago SA_018, but different ICE reference)

C. Other islands = 3 point

Send a list of QSOs plus the QSLs. The fee for the award is 4 IRC or U$2 plus extra for return the QSLs. All contacts must be made with a licensed amateur radio operator/station since 01 January 1980 and all amateur bands from 6 to 160 meters will count. All modes OK. The WARC bands of 12, 17 may also be used. Contacts with land mobile stations on islands are permitted; however, contacts with maritime mobile stations near islands do NOT count. Contacts with ships in a harbor are valid ONLY if one or more essential parts of a station such as the transceiver, antenna, or power supply are shown to have been on shore on the island for the QSO. Endorsements available for each additional 20, 25, 30 and 50 points. Special Plaque for any station who makes 70 points on the same band on the same mode or confirm QSOs with 60% of island shown in this list. Apply to: Award Manager, Marco A. Quijada, P.O.Box 1234, Temuco, Chile.

Tks CE6TBN 2/02


(Chg 10/2005)

Isl of CE Reference Name of Island Reference Number

Reference # Name IOTA reference Reference # Name IOTA reference
ICE001 Isle de Pasco CE0Y SA-001 ICE704 Isla Ascencion SA-043
ICE002 Isle Sales y Games CE0Y SA-083 ICE705 Isla Huincha SA-064
ICE003 Isle San Ambrosio CE0X SA-013 ICE706 Isla San Pedro SA-053
ICE004 Isla Robinson Crusoe CE0Z SA-005 ICE707 Isla Tranqui SA-018
ICE005 Isla Alenjandro Selkirk CE0Z SA-005 ICE708 Isla Puluqui SA-018
ICE006 Isla San Felix CE0X SA-013 ICE709 Isla Quenac SA-018
ICE101 Isla Santa Maria SA-069 ICE710 Isla Talcan SA-018
ICE102 Isla Pan de Azucar SA-085 ICE711 Isla Caguache SA-018
ICE103 Isla Channaral SA-085 ICE712 Isla Guaiteca SA-043 
ICE104 Isla Grande SA-085 ICE801 Isla Wollaston SA-031
ICE201 Isla Damas SA-086 ICE802 Isla Wellington SA-032
ICE202 Isla Choros  SA-086 ICE803 Isla Tierra del Fuego SA-008
ICE203 Isla Gaviota SA-086 ICE804 Isla Riesco SA-091
ICE501 Isla Quiriquina SA-070 ICE901 Isla Navarino SA-050
ICE502 Isla Santa Maria SA-070 ICE902 Isla Nueva SA-050
ICE601 Isla Mocha SA-061 ICE903 Isla Picton SA-050
ICE701 Isla Grande de Chiloe SA-018 ICE904 Isla Lenox SA-050
ICE702 Isla Quinchao SA-018 ICE905 Islas Rey Jorge (King George) AN-010
ICE703 Isla Lemuy SA-018

Galvano Damas Chilenas Diploma (NEW 2014)

Contact 20 CE YL stations on or after 1 November 2003. YL stations need 19 QSOs, SWL stations 15 and YL SWL stations 14 CE YL’s.  Fee for CE members of the Clubes Federados is $US10, other CE stations, $US15, SWL $US10 and all others US$ 20. 


(Added 2/3/14) 

Diploma Faros Chilenos (NEW 2014)

Sponsored by the Chilean Federation of Amateur Radio Club de Chile (Federachi) for contacts with stations operating in the vicinity or on the premises of Chilean Lighthouses after 1January 2004.
20 Lighthouses of Chili are needed for the basic award and there are endorsements for each group of 10 additional lighthouses. 
Fee for CE members of the Clubes Federados $US5 and all others $US10.


List of Chilean Lighthouses: 

BAHÍA FÉLIX CHI 003  52°57'S 74°04'W
BAHIA GREGG CHI 033  51°50'S 73°51'W
BAHIA PORVENIR (Strait of Magellan) CHI 034  53°19'S 70°28'W
BANCO BELEN CHI 035  36°42'S 73°05'W
CABEZO MUELLE PRAT (Strait of Magellan) CHI 078  53°10'S 70°54'W
CABO CARRANZA CHI 005  35°35'S 72°37'W
CABO DE HORNOS (Cape Horn) CHI 006  55°59'S 67°16'W
CABO ESPÍRITU SANTO CHI 007  52°40'S 68°36'W
CABO POSESION (Strait of Magellan) CHI 036  52°18'S 68°28'W
CABO QUEDAL CHI 008  40°59'S 73°56'W
CABO RAPER CHI 009  46°50'S 75.637W
CABO SAN ISIDRO CHI 010  53°48'S 71°12'W
CALETA ARDLEY CHI 004  62°11'S 58°55'W
CALETA COLOSO CHI 037  23°45'S 70°28'W
CERRO CONO (Strait of Magellan) CHI 038  52°40'S 70°23'W
COFRADÍA NÁUTICA CHI 079  33°22'S 71°42'W
CONDELL / PUNTA GRUESA CHI 069  20°22'S 70°11'W
ISLA AUCHILU CHI 039  45°20'S 74°34'W
ISLA BARLOVENTO CHI 040  54°56'S 67°20'W
ISLA BONDUCA CHI 041  50°56'S 74°17'W
ISLA BURNT CHI 083  54°44'S 71°16'W
ISLA CHANARAL CHI 042  29°02'S 71°35'W
ISLA CHAULINEC CHI 084  42°39'S 73°15'W
ISLA CUTLER CHI 085  52°15'S 73°39'W
ISLA GODDARD CHI 019  55°04'S 70°09'W
ISLA GUAFO CHI 021  43°34'S 74°49'W
ISLA INOCENTES CHI 086  50°33'S 74°50'W
ISLA M. RODRIGUEZ CHI 023  52°45'S 73°48'W
ISLA MAGDALENA (Strait of Magellan) CHI 031  52°55'S 70°35'W
ISLA MASON CHI 043  49°39'S 74°21'W
ISLA MEDIO CHI 044  50°06'S 74°48'W
ISLA MOCHA CHI 024  38°22'S 73°55'W
ISLA QUEÑA CHI 087  51°49'S 73°42'W
ISLA QUEULLIN CHI 045  41°53'S 72°57'E
ISLA QUIRIQUINA CHI 025  36°37'S 73°02'W
ISLA RUPERT (Strait of Magellan) CHI 047  53°39'S 72°12'W
ISLA SAN PEDRO CHI 026  47°45'S 74°53'W
ISLA SANTA MARÍA CHI 027 3 7°00'S 73°32'W
ISLA STATFORD CHI 048  50°12'S 74°48'W
ISLA TABON CHI 049  41°55'S 73°10'W
ISLA VIVIAN (Strait of Magellan) CHI 050  53°09'S 71°50'W
ISLAS CLAVEL (Strait of Magellan) CHI 051  54°25'S 72°00'W
ISLOTE BLANCO CHI 052  22°06'S 70°13'W
ISLOTE CAYO BLANCO CHI 053  44°47'S 73°32'W
ISLOTE COHORN CHI 011  53°33'S 72°20'W
ISLOTE DIRECCION CHI 054  48°42'S 74°26'W
ISLOTE FAIRWAY (Strait of Magellan) CHI 055  52°44'S 73°47'W
ISLOTE LOCOS CHI 056  43°59'S 73°27'W
ISLOTE POLLO CHI 088  52°23'S 73°41'W
LA CONCORDIA CHI 057  18°21'S 70°22'W
MORRO NIEBLA II CHI 060  39°52'S 73°24'W
PENINSULA ALACRAN CHI 061  18°29'S 70°20'W
PENÍNSULA BRECKNOCK (Strait of Magellan) CHI 093  54°38'S 71°45'W

PENÍNSULA SERRANO CHI 095  20°12'S 70°10'W
PUERTO EDEN CHI 032  48°58'S 74°32'W
PUNTA ACHURRA CHI 062  26°18'S 70°41'W
PUNTA ANGAMOS CHI 096  23°02'S 70°31'W
PUNTA ÁNGELES CHI 001  33°01'S 71°37'W
PUNTA ARENAS (Strait of Magellan) CHI 063  53°07'S 70°54'W
PUNTA BAXA (Strait of Magellan) CHI 064  52°36'S 69°36'W
PUNTA CALDERA CHI 065  27°03'S 70°52'W
PUNTA CHULAO CHI 066  42°19'W 72°50'W
PUNTA CONCON CHI 012  32°55'S 71°33'W
PUNTA CORK (Isla Brinkley) CHI 067  52°00'S 73°40'W
PUNTA CORONA CHI 013  41°43'S 73°53'W
PUNTA CURAUMILLAS CHI 014  33°06'S 71°44'W
PUNTA DELGADA (Strait of Magellan) CHI 015  52°30'S 69°34'W
PUNTA DUNGENESS (Strait of Magellan) CHI 016  52°25'S 68°26'W
PUNTA DUPRAT CHI 068  33°02'S 71°37'W
UNTA GALERA CHI 018  40°00'S 73°48'W
PUNTA GRUESA/ CONDELL CHI 069  20°22'S 70°11'W
PUNTA GUALPEN CHI 070  36°45'S 73°11'W
PUNTA LUTRIN CHI 071  37°06'S 73°10'W
PUNTA MOSTACILLA CHI 072  29°27'S 71°20'W
PUNTA PORPOISE CHI 074  50°44'S 74°31'W
PUNTA TETAS CHI 075  23°31'N 70°38'W
PUNTA TOPOCALMA CHI 076  34°09'S 72°01'W
PUNTA TORTUGA CHI 077  29°56'S 71°21'W
PUNTA TOTORALILLO CHI 028  30°05'S 71°22'W
PUNTA TUCAPEL CHI 029  37°40'S 73°40'W
PUNTA TUMBES CHI 099  36°37'S 73°07'W

(Added 2/3/14) 


--- Radio Club of Chile Series ---

General Requirements: GCR list, but must be certified by recognized club or national radio organization/IARU member society. Fee is shown with each award. .Apply to: Awards Manager, Radio Club of Chile, Casilla 13630, Santiago de Chile, Chile.


(Chgs per CE3PG 3/2005)

Worked All CE (WACE)

Contact CE stations in each of the 10 call areas. Fee for CE = $US5, all others $US10.

Republic of Chile Award

Contact any 16 Chilean stations from any call areas so as to form the phrase: REPUBLICA DE CHILE with the last letter of their call sign. 

Worked All CE Provinces (WACEP)

Contact one station in each of the 50 provinces of Chile since 1 Jan 1974 using any HF bands.  Endorsements available for single band or mode.  GCR list and fee of 8 IRCs.

(New 3/2005)

Worked All CE Administrative Regions (WACER)

Contact one station in each of the 13 administrative regions of Chile since 1 Jan 1974 using any HF bands.  Endorsements available for single band or mode. GCR list and fee 8 IRCs.

(New 3/2005)

Zone 12 Award

This is a handcrafted copper plate. Contact any 12 different CQ zones, making sure that one of them is Zone 12 in Chile. GCR list and fee of $US15 for CE and $US20 for all others. 

Enrique Sazie Herrera Award

In memory of Enrique Sazie H. XQ3XX, a Chilean radio pioneer who founded the Radio Club of Chile in 1922. Contact 19 different stations to form the phrase "ENRIQUE SAZIE HERRERA" with any letter of the suffix, one of which must be CE3AA, the official radio club of Chile.  Fee for CE is $US5, all others $US10. 


Pablo Neruda Award

Sponsored by the Radio Club of Chile.  This award honors Chilean poet and 1971 Nobel prize recipient Pablo Neruda (Neftali Reyes Basoalto). Contact stations as listed on HF using any band and mode, in countries and CE zones where Neruda lived and worked:

1. CE4, where the poet was born in 1904.
2. CE6, where he lived from 1906 to 1920
3. CE3, where he lived as an student from 1920 to 1926, and died in 1973
4. CE2, where his Isla Negra house is located.
5. XZ Birmania (Myanmar), Chilean consul, 1927
6. 4S Sri Lanka, consul in 1928
7. BD China, consul in 1929
8. YB Indonesia, consul in 1930
9. 9V Singapore, consul in 1931
10. LU Argentina, consul in Buenos Aires, 1933
11. EA Spain, Chilean consul in Barcelona from 1934 to 1936
12. F France, special consul for spanish inmigration to Chile 1937-1939, Ambassador in 1971
13. XE Mexico, chilean consul in Mexico city, 1940
14. I Italy, lived in Capri during his political exile, 1952
15. G England, Dr. Honoris Causa at Oxford University, 1965.
16. SM Sweden, where he received the Nobel prize in 1971.

Class 1: All the CE contacts (4) plus 8 more contacts from the list.
Class 2: All the CE contacts (4) plus 10 more contacts.
Class 3: All 16 contacts.

One missing contact may be replaced with CE3AA (Radio Club de Chile), a wildcard. Send GCR and 10 IRCs or US$15.- to: Galdino Besomi, CE3PG, POBox 13630, Santiago 8330996, CHILE.


Tks CE3PG 11/07


Railway Museum Diploma (Museo Ferroviario)

This Diploma Peremanente is organized by the Chilean Pacific Circle Dx CE3PCG and Radio Club Carabineros CE3ETE. This Diploma aims to recall the days of historic Railroads and their equipment kept on display with the Railroad Museum of Santiago. The award is available for all radio clubs , radio amateurs and SWLs that meet the following requirements:

1. Basic award: contact stations who operate from at least 30 locomotives, during part of museum displays. These antique engines are listed on the website and are activated on special occasions.
2. An engraved Plate is offered for contacting a total of 50 locomotives.
3. Both awards are given at no charge, and the on -line status of locomotives contacted by each participant will be checked by the sponsor before issuing the award/plaque.
4. Each Activation will be confirmed with a special QSL card will be issued for each locomotive. It can be requested from CE3ETE RADIO CLUB CARABINEROS DE CHILE P.O. BOX 50314, , CORREO CENTRAL SANTIAGO, CHILE. 
5. The award shall be issued for contacts on or after April 6, 2013. All bands and modes OK.

Award Rules:

Tks PA3CUZ 2/4/2014



REPROCHILE is a permanent award available to any licensed amateur. The objective of this award is to promote Chilean activity in HF bands.  All HF bands may be used 160 to 10 meters. No VHF or UHF contacts may be used.  The award may be earned using any combination of single/multi band or mode. All modes. Contacts are valid from November 16th 2004.  To help with the record keeping, you might want to download the EXCEL spreadsheet on their website:

Award categories:

     “A” BRONZE CATEGORY: Contact All Regions and their Capitals´ (26 contacts)     
     “B” SILVER CATEGORY: Contact All Provinces (51 contacts) 
     “C” GOLD CATEGORY: Contact All Regions and their capitals, all Provinces and Province capitals. (128 contacts)


     a) You must contact TWELVE REGIONS plus METROPOLITANA REGION.
     b)  You must contact all REGION CAPITALS.
     c) You must contact ALL PROVINCES of each region plus Metropolitana Region.   
     d. You must contact all Province Capitals.

Contacts made a total of 128, each one must be presented with its Qsl card. One CAVANCHA HAM CLUB official station is required for the award. This contact should be used to replace any other contact needed from the First Region.

Contacts made with a single station may be applied for different categories of the award at the same time. They will be valid ONLY if contacts are made on different dates. If you make only one contact with this station, you must choose in what category you want this contact to use. e.g. If you contact with CE1XXX from Arica, you must indicate on the Application Log on what category you want to validate this contact as Region, Arica province, Capital province of Arica, etc. If you contact with the same station, CE1XXX, on different dates and you received one QSL for each contact, then you can show that station in the different categories.

Contacts made with the same station on multi band or single band on the same date WILL NOT be counted, except for a expedition, previously reported by Ham Dx bulletin and confirmed residence. This is the only case in which Multi band contacts will be valid. EXPEDITION LOGS: All expedition log must be sent separated by band and it should have at least 25 contacts with different stations on the most worked band and a minimum of 5 contacts with different stations on each of the other bands.

Any CE Ham that want to activate a Region, Region Capital, Province or Province Capital, must sent a copy of the log with the contacts made during the activation, proving their residence with any of these ways: Photographs of the place showing the activation group and a easy recognized part of the place, any bill from the place with the date of the activation, Carabineros´ certificate or any other certificate. This requisite is very important to validate any application of any other station that applied to this award.

The applications by contact category must be made in the following order:

CLASS   A        ---       CLASS   B       ---       CLASS   C

If you want you can apply for two classes (A,B) or separately, but in any case you must get CLASS A first. Cards are also required together with the listing. These will be sent back with the certificate. The fees for this certificate are US $ 5.00 for any international station. QSLs cards must contain the minimum data required for any contact: CALL, DATE, UTC, BAND, RST, MODE (indicating on the qsl what Region, Capital or Province this station belongs)

Apply to: RADIO CLUB CAVANCHA, (Atención Comisión de Concursos y DX),  Casilla  #  700,  IQUIQUE -  CHILE.

E-mail:     or 


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2005


 --- Radio Club Talca Series ---

General requirements: Contacts after 14 June 1961. GCR acceptable. SWL OK. Fee for each award is 5 IRCs. Club members may be identified by a circular emblem surrounding a "dish" antenna and "Talca DX Group Member" at the bottom. Apply to Luis Loyola CE4BQO, Radio Club Talca, PO Box 666, Talca, Chile.


(Chg 11/2005)

Talca DX Award

CE's need: 30 different CE stations as follows: 15 in Talca City (CE4), one qso with club station CE4TA, and the other 14 CE's must include a minimum of 6 CE call areas. All others need: 20 different CE stations as follows: 10 in Talca Province (CE4), one qso with CE4TA, 5 members of the Talca DX Group, and the remaining 4 stations should be in different CE call areas.

XQ4AD Award

This award was created to serve as a memorial to Don Adalberto Brito Ruiz XQ4AD, a Chilean radio pioneer and founder of this club. (He was an active DX awards hunter as well.) Contact 18 CE stations in a minimum of 6 CE call areas, one of which must be a CE4. The last letter of each stations suffix must contain the necessary letters to spell out: ADALBERTO BRITO RUIZ. No band or mode restrictions. Special endorsements for: (1) all one band, (2) all cw, (3) all 10 CE call areas are represented, (4) all 10 CE areas including CE0A, CE0X, and CE0Z and (5) all YL CE's.

Galvano CE4JZS Award

A memorial award to Roberto Icaza Sepulvedaveda (Q.E.P.D.) CE4JZS.  Contact 50 different DXCC countries after 4 August 1994.  Endorsements each added 20 countries.

CE4EJH Aurelio Baeza Munoz Award

A memorial award to CE4EJH.  Contact 33 CE stations in a minimum of 7 call areas; one must be the club station CE4TA and using any of the cards from the 32 other stations, spell the name AURELIO BAEZA MUNOZ with the last letter of their call signs.  All bands and modes.  Contacts after 28 August 1998.  

(Chg 11/2005)


Zone 12 Counties Award

Contact Chilean stations in at least 100 different CE counties after 28 June 1987. All HF bands OK. This is a large (over one Kilogram) plaque made of wood, pottery and metal. Sponsor suggests you send an additional 10% for non-qualifying contacts). The stations registered address will be used in determining the official county. Additional copper stickers are available as endorsements showing your progress up to the 330 counties mark.

Endorsements: A50 B50 -- for additional 50 counties each. A25 B25 -- for additional 25 counties each. A10 to E10 - for additional 10 counties each. A5 to F5 --- for additional 5 counties each.

For the basic award, send alphabetical list, plus QSLs and $US15 or 30 IRCs. Each endorsement (15 in total) will be issued after verified submission of alphabetical list plus QSLs and a fee of $US3 or 6 IRCs. Apply to Depto. DX y Concursos FEDERACHI, PO Box 1234, Temuco, Chile. 

Zone List: 

CHINA, Peoples Republic of 
Chinese Radio Sports Association

Available to all licensed amateurs for making one contact with Chinese amateurs in each of the 0 to 9 call areas using any band. No time limitations. GCR list and fee of 20 RMB, $US3 or 4 IRC to: Chinese Radio Sports Association,  P.O. Box 6106, Beijing 100061, P.R. CHINA . 


( Chg 2/25/13)

China, Peoples Republic of                            
Worked All Chinese Provinces

(Very brief information was included in the rules for the new annual Work All Chinese Provinces contest, and among all the rules, mention was made that the award would also be available for normal contacts not associated with the contest. I will try to get better data from the sponsoring club.)

This award is sponsored by the Mulan DX Club. Amateurs who contact all 34 Chinese provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions and special administration regions outside of a contest, are eligible for a WAPC contact award by showing copies of QSL cards received. The WAP contact award fee is 88 yuan RMB.

List of Chinese provinces, municipal cities, autonomous regions, and special administration regions(source: China National Standards series GB/T 2260-2007).

AH Anhui Sheng *1
BJ Beijing Shi *2
CQ Chongqing Shi
FJ Fujian Sheng
GD Guangdong Sheng
GS Gansu Sheng
GX Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu *3
GZ Guizhou Sheng
HA Henan Sheng
HB Hubei Sheng
HE Hebei Sheng

HI Hainan Sheng
HK Hongkong Tebiexingzhengqu *4
HL Heilongjiang Sheng
HN Hunan Sheng
JL Jilin Sheng
JS Jiangsu Sheng
JX Jiangxi Sheng
LN Liaoning Sheng
MO Macau Tebiexingzhengqu
NM Nei Mongol Zizhiqu

NX Ningxia Huizu Zizhiqu
QH Qinghai Sheng
SC Sichuan Sheng
SD Shandong Sheng
SH Shanghai Shi
SN Shaanxi Sheng
SX Shanxi Sheng
TJ Tianjin Shi
TW Taiwan Sheng
XJ Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu
XZ Xizang Zizhiqu(Tibet)
YN Yunnan Sheng
ZJ Zhejiang Sheng

2:Municipal city;
3:Autonomous region;
4:special administration region.
5. China considers Taiwan its 23rd province
BS7 is in HI, BQ9 is in TW.

Internet: .

Tks 425 DX News #1197, 2014