The CQ Field Award

1. The CQ DX Field Award is issued in four  categories—Mixed, CW, SSB, and Digital—for confirmed two-way contacts with 50 or more Grid Fields, based on the Maidenhead grid system.

There are 324 Grid Fields, 10-degree latitude by 20-degree longitude rectangles lettered AA through RR, covering the entire world. Applications should be submitted on the official CQ DX Field Award application (form 2504). Reasonable facsimiles or computer printouts are also acceptable.

2. All contacts must be two-way in the mode(s) for which the application is made. Cross-mode or one-way contacts are not valid. QSLs must be listed in alphabetical order by grid field (AA-RR). All contacts must have been made on or after January 1, 1980.

3. QSL cards must be verified by one of the authorized check points for the CQ DX Awards, or must be included with the application. Return postage must be included. Electronic verifications from sources approved by CQ are acceptable. See the CQ website for acceptable online sources.

4. Grid Field endorsement stickers are issued for increments of 50 additional fields, between 50 and 150, then in increments of 25 fields between 150 and 300, with a final endorsement for confirming all 324 grid fields. A fee of $1.00 per sticker (where stickers are issued) is charged. An SASE must be enclosed with all endorsement applications. Stations outside the United States must include an SAE with two IRCs for airmail return.

5. Special endorsements to the basic award, as follows, are available for a fee of $1.00 each:
(a) 28 MHz endorsement—for 50 or more grid fields confirmed on the 10- meter band.
(b) 3.5/7 MHz endorsement—for 50 or more grid fields confirmed using any combination of the 40 and 80 meter bands.
(c) 1.8 MHz endorsement–for 25 or more grid fields confirmed using the 160-meter band.











d) 50 MHz endorsement—for 25 or more grid fields confirmed using the 6- meter band.
(e) QRPp endorsement—for 25 or more grid fields confirmed using 5 watts output or less.
(f) Mobile endorsement—for 25 or more grid fields confirmed with the applicant operating mobile.
(g) Slow Scan TV endorsement—for 25 or more grid fields confirmed using two-way SSTV.
(h) OSCAR endorsement—for 25 or more grid fields confirmed via amateur satellite.

6. Any altered or forged confirmations will result in permanent disqualification of the applicant.

7. Fair play and good sportsmanship in operating are required for all amateurs working toward CQ DX Awards. Continued use of poor ethics will result in disqualification of the applicant.

8. A fee of $6.00 is required for CQ subscribers applying for a CQ DX Field Award certificate. The latest CQ mailing label must be attached for the subscriber discount. For non-subscribers the certificate fee is $12.00. IRCs are acceptable in lieu of check or cash.

9. All contacts must be with land based or shipboard amateur stations working within authorized amateur bands. Contacts with aircraft are not acceptable.

10. Credit for fields activated by virtue of a DXpedition is dependent on the approval of said DXpedition for traditional CQ DX Award/ARRL DXCC credit. QSLs from mobile or shipboard stations must show grid locator or approximate latitude and longitude (sufficient to determine grid field) at time of contact. Only one grid field may be claimed for each contact. Stations located at exactly 90 degrees south latitude represent grid field AA; 90 degrees north latitude represents grid field RR.
























































1. For QSLs from fixed stations that do not indicate a grid field, grid locator or station location information sufficient to determine grid field, determination of the grid field will be based on the licensed location of the station as shown in online callsign databases. In these cases, the field may be added, in pencil only, on the address side of the card, or on the electronic confirmation printout. If locator information is not available online or from the station contacted, the contact may not be used for credit toward this award. It is the responsibility of the applicant to collect this information, subject to verification by the card checker and/or CQ DX Awards Manager.

12. In the event of any disputes or disagreements, decisions of the CQ DX Awards Manager shall be final.

CQ DX Grid Field Honor Roll

13. The CQ DX Grid Field Honor Roll is maintained for each of the four CQ DX Field Awards. At least 175 confirmed grid fields are required for a station to appear on the CQ DX Grid Field Honor Roll.

14. To remain listed on CQ DX Honor Roll, an operator must update his or her totals at least once per year. Updates indicating “no change” are acceptable. If confirmation of total is requested, an SASE must be included.

15. An audit sheet is available from the CQ DX Awards Manager. The audit sheet shows grid fields credited to a station. Cost is $3.00 plus an SASE for each mode.

16. Grid field totals may be adjusted as additional input regarding specific operations is received. Acceptance may be revoked or modified with Honor Roll totals adjusted accordingly. Decisions of the CQ DX Award Manager are final.

17. All checks must be made payable to Keith Gilbertson. Applications should be sent to Keith Gilbertson K0KG, 21688 Sandy Beach Ln., Rochert, MN. 56578-9604.  Do not send applications to CQ.

Internet Resource page to assist in Grid Award applications: 
(Provides cross references, country lists, grids within countries, countries lying entirely within one grid, etc.  This is a MUST tool for this award.)