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Updated as of 8/21/2016


 The Cyprus Award

Contact Cypriot stations for point as shown below. If all contacts are made on one band, 32 points are needed for the award. On 2 bands,  you need 24, on 3 bands you need 16 and on 4 bands, only 12 points are needed.

ZONE: 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28 144 432 Sat.
20 8 2 1 1 1 2 2 4 4 2 8 8
1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 16 8 4 4 2 4 4 8 8 - - 16
All other zones 8 4 2 1 1 2 2 4 4 16 32 8

Any mode is acceptable. Contacts since 1 Apr 1973. Special VHF endorsement. GCR list and 10 IRCs  or $3.50 (PAYPAL ACCEPTED) to Awards Manager,  Cyprus Amateur Radio Society, PO Box 25017,  1306 Nicosia, Cyprus.


(Chg 8/19/2016 tks K0DEQ).


 ZC4 Award

The ZC4 Award is available for amateurs and SWL’s in 3 classes:

Class 1 - contact 2 ZC4 stations (same call on different band OK.)
Class 2 - contact 5 ZC4 stations. (minimum of 2 different call signs.)
Class 3 - contact 10 ZC4 stations. (minimum of 3 different call signs.)

Band/mode endorsements available on request. Cards are not needed, just your signed declaration having worked/heard the ZC4 stations including their call sign, date, band and mode. Contacts after 1988. GCR list and fee of $US10 or Ł7 to: Stephen Bowden G4KIV,  The Pastures, Hunmanby Street, Muston, North Yorks, YO140ET,  United Kingdom
The sponsor accepts PAYPAL sent to 


(Tks K0DEQ for Chg 8/2016)


Czech Radio Club Program

General Requirements: Fee for all awards is $US8 or 5€. Endorsement fee is 1€ or $US2, and indicate number and issue date of basic award. Send cards unless GCR from national level Society has confirmed possession. List for the P75P must contain locations of listed stations. Apply to: Czech Radio Club, Awards Manager, PO Box 69, 113 27 Praha 1, Czech Republic.



(Chg 10/2009)

S6S - Worked Six Continents

Work and confirm contacts with at least one station located in each of the six continents since 1 Jan 1950. All CW, all phone, all RTTY, all SSTV. Endorsement stickers for basic certificate are available for 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.

P75P - Worked 75 Zones

Work and confirm contacts with at least one station located in 50 different ITU zones since 1 Jan 1960. Endorsements for 60 and 70 zones. SWL OK.

100 - CS - Worked 100 Czech Stations

Work and confirm contacts with at least 100 different OK/OL stations since 1 Jan 1993. Issued for mixed mode, all cw, all phone, all 160m, all VHF or SWL. Endorsements available for each addtional 100 up to 500.

(Chg 10/09)


Issued for contacts with different OK counties after January 1st, 1993. Basic award is for contacts with 70 counties used mixed modes and any bands. Endorsement stickers for only CW, Phone and VHF contacts. On VHF only 50 counties are needed. Special class for all 86 counties. Each county has a 3 letter abbreviation used as an exchange in the annual OK/OM DX Contest.

(Added 10/09)


Contact at least 8 of the 10 official regions of Praha (Prague) since January 1st, 1993 using any band or mode. Endorsement stickers for only CW, Phone and VHF/UHF contacts. On VHF/UHF only 5 regions are needed. Special class for all 10 regions. The regions are noted as APA (Praha 1) to APJ (Praha 10) as sent during the OK/OM Contest.

(Added 10/09)

Airports of the Czech Republic Award

Contact Czech stations located in cities which have an airfield after 1 Jan 1994. OK/OM stations need 50 cities, Europeans need 25, others 10. All bands, inclduing WARC and all modes OK. Endorsements for QRP (10W input, 5W output) and all SSB. SWL OK. GCR list should include location of the contacted station and be in alphabetical order. Fee is US5 for Europe or $US7 outside Europe to: Jaroslav Formanek OK1DCE, U Vodarny 398, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vlatou II, Czech Republic.

Cities: Beroun, Bechyne, Benesov u Prahy, Blatna, Brno, Breclav, Broumov, Casvlav, Cesky Budejovice, Ceska Lipa, Dvur Karlove nad Laben, Fryland nad Ostravici, Hodkovice nad Mahelku, Horice, Horovice, Hradec Karlove, Hranice, Haleslov, Chocen, Cheb, Chrudim, Chomutov, Chotebor, Jaromen, Jindrichu Hradec, Jicin, Jihlava, Klatovy, Kladno, Krnov, Komeriz, Krizanov, Kujov, Kolin, Liberec, Marianske Lazne, Mlade Boleslav, Mnichovo Hardiste, Moravska Trelova, Most, Mikulevice, Milovice, Mimon, Names nad Oslavou, Nove Mesto nad Metuji, Ostrava, Olomouc, Opava, Otrokovice, Dacov, Panensky Tynec, Pardulice, Plasy, Plzen, Policke, Podhorany, Praha, Prachatice, Prostejov, Prerov, Pribyslav, Pribran, Rakovnik, Rona u Loun, Roudnice nad Labem, Sazena, Sobeslav, Stankov, Skutec, Karlovy Vary, Slany, Strokonice, Sumperk, Tabor, Touzim, Uherske Hradiste, Vlasim, Vodochody, Vrchlaki, Vysake Mysto, Vyskov, Zrablavice, Zlin, Zambek, Zatek. 

(Chg 10/2005)

Bruntal Series

General Requirements:  GCR list and fee of $US5, 5€ or  5 IRC to: Lukesova Vera OK2WKF, Rude armady 43 Rylmarov 795 01,  Czech Republic.  

     Diplom Bruntal
Work 2 different (OKs need 3) stations located in Bruntal.  The same station may be contacted on a different band or mode.

     HBR District Award
OKs work 5, EU 3 and all others 2 stations from the district of Bruntal (HBR).  The same station may be contacted on a different band or mode. 

     Diplom Praded
Work 10 stations located in the district of Bruntal (HBR), Jesenik (HJE) or Sumperk (HSU).  Praded is the highest peak of the Jeseniky mountains which are located in these 3 districts. 
(New 10/2005 Tks PA3CUZ) 

Stations from Bruntal:  OK2CEU  JDH  MEU  MHO  OOO  PJD  SDH  SPT  THO  TIH  TMD  TMN  TNI  URF  XMG  .


(Chg 1/2016)

Worked CCT Members W-CCT-M

Work CCT members only in CW after 23 June 2005. 
Class 1: OK/OM stations 20 members and all others 15. 
Class 2: OK/OM stations 15 members and all others 10. 
Class 3: OK/OM stations 10 members en all others 5. 

Contest contacts with members count for this award. GCR list and fee for OK stations is 70Kc, OM US$ 3 or 3IRC’s and for all others US$ 5 or 5 IRC’s to: Ing. Josef Sroll, Sokolovska 2731, 53002 Pardubice, Czech Republic.


Memberlist on

Tks PA3CUZ 6/2006


Issued by Airport Stankov radio club OK1KQJ. Rules: QSO after 1.6.1995, 50 QSO points required. Each QSO with station in Domazlice county (okres DDO) counts 1 point on HF, 2 points on VHF (contacts using repeater excluded), club station gives 5 points. Contact with the same station on one of digital modes (RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR, PSK31) counts as another station. At least 2 contacts with club stations are required.

Points are doubled when the contact is made during 2nd weekend of August (festival Chodske slavnosti).   GCR list and fee of 50 Kc or € 5 to: Milan Rusky, OK1MR, Sadová 530, 34562 Holysov, Czech Republic.


List of resident stations of Domazlice county:  
Club stations: OK1KDO, OK1KNF, OK1KQJ, OK1KYY, OL3A, OL8R, OL3Y, OL5GES
Private calls: OK1ASV, AY, CM, DC, DLE, DVB, DX, FFV, FFW, FGN, FJD, FWD, FXB, IAB, IBB, IBP, IES, IPK, IVP, JAO, MR, MY, QS, UBR, UDI, UGK, UGV, VBS, VDU, VKX, VKU, VX, VWV, XAJ, XNM, XRM, OK4CW,OK6AY,OK6DJ, OK7KU and others (see OK callbook for details). Contacts with other HAM's temporarily visiting Domazlice county are valid as well.

Verified 1/2016 Tks DH1PAL 

Czech Castles Award

Contact Czech Castles on or after 1 January 2008 as listed in the sponsors list of valid castles in the program. Awards are possible for contacts from home QTH and for castle activators.
Contacts from home QTH
: Basic award requires 10 castles, endorsement stickers for 30, 70, 100, 130 (Bronze), 160 (Silver) and 200 castles (Gold).
Contacts for activators
: Basic award for activating 10 castles, (regardless of points) endorsement stickers for 30, 70, 100, 130 (Bronze), 160 (Silver) and 200 points (Gold)
     (Points for activators: each QSO made on SSB = 2 points, each QSO made on CW = 3 points.)

Award is available for all CW, all SSB or Mixed modes. Send list of contacts which include call sign, mode, date, time, official number of the castle and fee of 5€ or $US6; fee for endorsements is 2€ or $US3. Apply to: Suchy Jiri OK2SJI, Baarova 762, 565 01 Chocey, Czech Republic.

(Includes list of valid castles for the award.)

Verified 1/2016 Tks DH1PAL

The Three Emperors Battle Award            No longer offered per DH1PAL 1/2016

The award is issued to all amateurs on the occasion of the 200th anniversary (Dec. 2nd 1805) of the "Battle of the Three Emperors" near Austerlitz. Earn a total of 200 points working stations or areas noted below using all bands and modes, but only one time, since July 1st 2005.

Point Values:
1) QSO with OL200BA, OL3EB, OL5AUS or OL5NAP = 50 points, OL40SW = 40 points.
2) 2 QSOs are required with the district of Brno-venkov = GBV, Vyškov = GVY or special stns: OL5AFN, OL0 – 9BA (Battle at Austerlitz) or using the suffix AB (Austerlitz Battle) , AU (Austerlitz), CP (The Caim of Peace), TP (The Tumulus of peace) = 10 points.
3) Each QSO with the neighboring district: Blansko = GBL, Brno-město = GBM , Břeclav = GBR, Hodonín = GHO, Kroměříž = GKR, Prostějov = GPR, Třebíč = GTR , Znojmo = GZN and Ždár nad Sázavou = GZS = 5points.
4.) EU and DX (outside of OK/OM) fr QSO with OK/OL stnts = 2points.
5) VHF, UHF bands multiply by 2, QSOs via repeaters are not valid.

Send GCR list showing call sign, date, UTC, Band and mode) with fee of OK/OM 50Kc(/70Sk), EU / DX 7 IRC, and 5€ or $US7 to: Jaromír Klaška OK2SW, Pratecká 186, 664 51 Kobylnice, CZECH REPUBLIC, EUROPE.


Tks W9GL 2/2010

Foundation   Eastern Bohemia Carcinology Award

Contact any stations on or after 1 January 2008 and using the first letter of their suffixes, spell the term: Foundation Eastern Bohemia Carcinology Czech Republic. All bands and modes may be used. The Award is issued for mixed mode, all CW or all PHONE, all VHF, all DIGI, all QRP and SWL.

Any missing letter may be replaced by one of these "Joker" stations:  OK1TAM, OK1XFI, OK1WJH, OK1ZHV, OK1XFC, OK1NZJ, OK3VO, OK1SMU, OK1TPD, OK1FMS, OK1MJS, OK1MJT, OK1DXO, OK1ZTO, OK1NVJ, OK3MP, OK1IVZ, OK1BOB, OK1SCJ, OK4LP, OK1OHK AND OK1RHK.

Send a GCR list and fee of 100Kc or 5€ to: Radioklub OK1OHK, Award Manager Vojtech Horak OK1ZHV, DDM, Rautenkrancova 1241, 500 03 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.


Verified 1/2016 by DH1PAL

Karlovy Vary – Carlsbad Award             No longer issued per DH1PAL 1/28/16

The award is issued by Carlsbad City Council in cooperation with radio club OK1KVK.   The award is available for radio amateurs worldwide for radio contacts with stations being operated from territory of spa town Carlsbad on or after 1 July 1998. A contact with club station OK1KVK (contest call OL7C) is mandatory. In addition,  contacts with 20 radio amateurs operating from territory of spa town Carlsbad or members of radio club OK1KVK is necessary. On HF bands contacts with 4 stations is sufficient. A mixture of VHF and HF contacts with 20 different operators is sufficient as well. It is not necessary to have QSL cards. GCR list and fee of 50 Kč, 60 Sk, 7 IRC or 2€ to award manager: Petr Pohanka, OK1FKV, Jahodova 285, Karlovy Vary 7 – Doubi, 360 07 Karlovy Vary. Czech Republic.


Tks PA3CUZ 6/2005

Neptun Diplom

Issued by radio club OK2KOE. Contact stations from the cities: Bruntál, Budišov nad Budišovkou, Dvorce, Moravský Beroun and Rýmařov a Vítkov after 01-01-1960. SWL OK. OK/OM stations need a station from each city and all others need 3 cities. QSO with clubstation OK2KOE can be use for a missing city. GCR list and fee of 50Kc, € 2 or US$ 3 to: Vilibald Kopriva, OK2PBR, Partyzanska 320, 793 68 Dvorce, Czech Republic.


Valid stations:

Bruntál: OK2JDH, CEU, MEU, MHO, PJD (till 1994), SPT, TIM, TNI, URF
Budišov nad Budišovkou: OK2BOP, BXB, KDB
Moravský Beroun: OK2BIT, BLS, KWS, NO, PFK, TF, UJR, WFK, XCI
Rýmařov a Vítkov: OK2BIK, BSQ, IGL, IJF, ILA, KUI, PIC

Tks PA3CUZ 6/2006

 -- OKDXC Series -- (Czech Amaateur Radio DX Club Series)

General Requirements: Contacts after 1 Jan 1993. Applications that require WW Locator must be in alphabetical list with a summary showing all basic data of contacts. No contacts with /MM or /AM stations. The first 3 listed awards are only for HF bands and may use bands 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 12 10 meters and modes of  CW. FONE, MIXED, DIGITAL  and SSTV. The last 3 awards are for VHF contacts. SWL OK using same rules. . Do not send QSL cards. GCR list and fee of $US8 or 10 IRCs to: Radek Zouhar OK2ON, Malenovice 808, 763 02 Zlin, Czech Republic

 (Chgs 2/3/2016)

6X6 = 36

Make 36 contacts with stations located in 36 world wide locator fields. Each continent (EU, AS, AF, NA, SA, OC) requires 6 locators fields. Any mode and HF band is allowed. For example fields such as: JN, KN, PM, etc.

100 DX WWL

Make 100 contacts with 100 different 100 WWL fields. Any mode and HF band is allowed. For example fields such as JN, KN, PM.

WWL Squares

Contact 500 different WWL squares. Each of the 6 continents must have at least the following number of contacts: EU-150, AS-100, AF-50, NA-150, SA-50, OC-50. Any mode and HF band is allowed. Sample squares such as: JN89, KN54, PM34, etc.

50 WWL 6M

Make contacts on the 50MHz band with 50 different WWL squares located on your own continent. Any mode OK. Sample squares such as: JN89, KN66, PM70, etc.

144 WWL 2M

Make contacts on the 144MHz band with 144 different WWL squares located in your own continent. No use of repeaters. Any mode OK. Sample squares such as JN89, KN66, PM60, etc.

Satellite WWL

Contact 50 WWL squares via radioamateur satellite. Any mode or satellite is OK. Sample squares such as: JN89, KN66, PM90, etc.

-- OKDXF Series --

General Requirements:  GCR list and fee of 8 IRC, $US8, 8€ or 60kc for OK stations.  Apply to: Awards Manager, PO Box 73, 293 06 Kosmonosy, Czech Republic. 

Member list at: 

       OKDXF CW Award

To  encourage CW radio operations OKDXF issues award under following conditions:
1. Award is issued for 1000 CW contacts made during one year ( outside contests ) effective 1 January 2003.
2. Award is issued for postage only. This means 2 IRC for EU stations,
3 IRC outside EU.
3. Each participant who earns the award for three years in a row, will earn a  mahogony plaque specially inscribed with their own call sign. In this case postage is paid by OKDXF.
4. The list of the 1000 CW contacts must be confirmed by two other licensed hams, for example as: 
    I confirm, that _________ made during year 200_ at least 1000 CW contacts outside contests.
    Signature: _________ Call: _______ Date: ______

 OKDX Foundation Award

Available to all stations who earn 150 points according to the following table:

Each QSO with OK5DX - each band = 5
Each QSO with a member of the OKDX Foundations = 2
Each QSO with a DXCC country during a OKDXF expedition = 15
Each QSO with more than 200 DXCC countries = 5
Each QSO with more than 250 DXCC countries = 10
Each QSO with more than 300 DXCC countries = 15

Contacts since 14 Jan 1994. List of OKDXF expeditions: ZA/OK5DX, ZA9A, 3V8BB, IH9/OK5DX, FO0/OK5DS, FO0/OK1VD, FO0/OK1KT, FO0/OK1TN, ZK1KTT, ZK1TNN, 5W0SZ, 5W0VD, 5W0VV, AH8K,, KH8/KF4MIW, 3D2KT, 3D2TN, 3D2CB, 3D2WC, 3D2WC/R, 3D2CB/R. E4/OK5DX, LA/OK5DX, OZ/OK5DX, SM/OK5DX, OH/OK5DX, KP2/OK5DX, KP2/OK1TN. 

(Chg 11/2005)   

OK DX Foundation  Nine Band Trophy

This big wooden plaque is issued to any station who:
1. Contacts and have confirmed at least 100 different valid countries on each of 9 shortwave radio amateur bands from 160 to 10m (classic and WARC). 
2. Contacts are valid on the 30m band after 1.1.1981 and on the  17 and 12 m band after 1.1.1987.
3. Contacts from rest of the bands after the 15.2.1945
4. Mode could be either MIX or CW  
5. An endorsement plaque will be issued for each additional 9x50 countries, i.e. 9x150,  9x2009x250  9x300 countries. 
6. Send a list of qsls in your possession, with GCR list by other two radio amateurs and affirmation of fulfilling all rules award manager of OKDXF
and Elbe DX Gang reserve the right to check some Qsls on request. 
8. The cost and freight of basic plaque will be 30€ or $US40, fee for the endorsement plaque will be 10€or $US15
9. Applications must be send in paper form to the award manager Jaroslav Nemec OK1FAU, Dukelska 430, Milovice,  Czech Republic. 


Tks OK1TN 10/15/06


Contact natural areas of the Czech Republic on or after 1 January 2009. SWL OK. 
The award is available in four levels for contacting different numbers of qualifying nature resources as listed in their website. The areas include: National Parks, PLA, Biosphere Reserves, National Nature Reserves, National Landmarks and Nature Reserves.

Award Level

European Hunters

DX Hunters


















QSOs with the areas will be valid only after the official date they are listed. All bands and modes are OK. QSOs via satellite, EME, MS, etc. are recognized as valid for the award. Contest QSOs are also valid for the award. However, QSOs made via terrestrial repeater (FM, packet radio) are not valid for the award.  Endorsements for the award for using a single mode or band will be made on your request.

The award is available in electronic form (PDF) and is FREE of charge. If a printed version is requested, the fee is 6E or $US8 for EU amateurs and #US10 for all others. Payment may be made by bank transfer Radioclug Kunovice 2500228561/2010, specific symbol 44, IBAN CZ0420100000002500228561, BIC code / SWIFT FIIOBCZPPXXX.

Send either e-mail  with log extract (for the pdf award) or traditional mail in all other cases to: Alena Malá OK2APY, Vranovská 83, Brno (GBM), CZ 61400, Czech Republic.


Tks K1BV Research 11/20/13

OKO Award                   No longer offered per DH1PAL 1/28/16

Contact stations from the Olomouc county on bands 80 – 10 meters  after 02-01-1995. 
EU Stations need 12 QSO’s ( 1 QSO with the club station OK2OKO and 11 from Olomouc county) 
DX stations need 3 QSO’s ( 1 QSO with OK2OKO and 2 from Olomouc county). 
Endorsement (gold stamp) for 21 QSO’s (OK2OKO and 20 Olomouc county). 
Send a GCR list and fee of € 3, US$ 4 or 5 IRC’s (golden stamp 2 IRC’s or equivalent) to: Miloš Bregin, OK2BJR, c.p. 73, CZ-78346 Těšetice, Czech Republic.

 Tks PA3CUZ 6/2006

    --Telegraphy Friends Club Series--

General Requirements: All contacts must be on 2-way CW. SWL OK. All OK/OL/OM may be used from 1-1-75 to 12-31-92. Only Czech Republic stations after 1-1-93. All bands, except as noted. WARC bands OK. Contacts with foreign licensees (OK8) and CEPT license holders (OK/DL6AAP/P etc) are OK. GCR OK.  Fee for one award is $US5, but for TFC members, it is $US3. When applying for 2 awards at the same time, the fee is $US5 or $US3 for TFC members. Apply to: Jaroslav Formanek OK1DCE, U vodarny 398, 278 01 Kralupy nad Vlatou II, Czech Republic.

(Chg 10/2005)

OK-CW Award

Class 1 - work 25 OK stations on one band and the SAME 25 stations on a second band. Total of 50 QSO's.
Class 2 - work 50 OK stations on first - same 50 on 2nd 100.
Class 3 - work 75 OK stations on first - same 75 on 2nd 150.


Class 1 - work at least 100 OK stations. Stickers for 200, 300, 400 etc.  You can use all prefixes in the series: OK1-OK0, OL1-OL0, OM1-OM0.
Class 2 - as above, but on 160 meters only.
Class 3 - as above, but QRP only - below 10 watts input or 5 watts output - power must be clearly marked on QSL.

(Chg 10/05)


Work at least 30 VRK member stations since 01.01.1994. 16 of them must have suffixes whose one character may be used to compose the name of the VETERAN RADIO KLUB. However, the station OK5VRK may be used three times for that purpose, although that stations counts only once for the 30 contacts. OK5VRK is not mandatory. Endorsements for 60, 100, 150, or 200 stations. Any band or mode, except for repeaters or contest contacts (except for those organized by VRK). Log extract required. Fee: 3€, endorsement: 1€.   Award Manager: OK2BEH, Zdeněk ŽIVOTSKÝ, Na Honech 1826,  666 01 TIŠNOV, Czech Republic.

(Chg 1/2016)


Same conditions as the HF award of the same name, except that 20 contacts must be made on VHF since 01.01.1996. Any mode, including repeaters. Endorsements for 50, 100, and 150 members. Fee:  50 Kč , 5€ or $US5; endorsement: 10 Kč 1€ or $US1.  Award Manager: OK2BEH, Zdeněk ŽIVOTSKÝ, Na Honech 1826, , 666 01 TIŠNOV, Czech Republic.

(Chg 6/2006)

W-DIG-OK Award

Work Czech members of the German Diploma Interest Group (DIG). Contacts with OK3 stations are valid for QSO's before 31 December 1992. After January 1, 1993, only OK1 and OK2. 

Class        HF EU     VHF/HF outside EU
  1            40             20
  2            20             10
  3            10              5

. Endorsement available for all CW. GCR list and fee of 10 IRCs, 5€ or $US7. to Erhard Marecek OK1MQY, Za Chlumem 729, 41801 Bilina, Czech Republic. 

Member list: 

(CHG 1/2011)

West Bohemia Award       

Issued by the OK1OFM club for contacting/hearing stations in the western part of Bohemia. All contacts with OK1 stations since 1 Nov 1991 are valid. No band or mode restrictions. Issued in 3 classes: Class 1 = 10 counties, Class 2 = 8 counties, Class 3 = 5 counties.

Counties which are valid: Karlovy Vary (DKV), Cheb (DCH), Domazlice (DDO), Klatovy (DKL), Plzen-jih (DPJ), Plzen-mesto (DPM), Plzen-sever (DPS), Rokycany (DRO), Sokolov (DSO) and Tachov (DTA).

GCR list and fee of $US5 or 8 IRCs to: OK1OFM Radio Club, Pacel Pok OK1DRQ, Sokolovska 59, 323 12 Plzlen, Czech Republic.


(Chg 11/2005)

Wien – Brno 160 Award                 No longer issued per DH1PAL 1/28/16

The award may be earned in two ways: 

1: Contact 5 places with railway stations on the railway from Brno to Wien and one contact with a OK/OM or OE FIRAC member.

2: Contact 5 OK/OM or OE FIRAC members and one railway station. All band and modes except repeater contacts. GCR list and fee of 50 Czk or € 2 to: Jiří Staňka, OK2PKY, Dobrovského 13, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic.

Railway stations: WIEN, Treisengasse, Handelskai, Strandbäder, Floridsdorf, Leopoldau, Süssenbrun, Deutsch Wagram, Helmahof, Strasshof, Silberwald, Gänserndorf, Wendorf-Dörfles, Tallesbrunn, Angern, Stillfried, Dürnkrut, Jedenspeigen, Sierndorf a.d.March, Drösing, Hohenau, Rabensburg, Bernhardsthal, Břeclav, Ladná, Podivín, Rakvice, Zaječí, Šakvice, Hustopeče, Popice, Pouzdřany, Vranovice, Žabčice, Hrušovany u Brna, Vojkovice n. Svratkou, Rajhrad, Popovice u Rajhradu, Modřice, BRNO.


 Tks PA3CUZ 6/2006


This award is issued to commemorate the 60th anniversary of  Radioklub Zlin. It is a permanent award.  Contact (SWL OK)  at least 60  stations using the CW mode on or after 8 October 1991 as follows: 

a.. 2 QSO with stations OK2OZL, OK2PO, OK2BNC  or OL40BNC or any 1 QSO with any station beginning with the prefix OL60. 
b.. 14 QSO with OK/OL stations.
c.. 6 QSO with each of neighboring countries: DL, SP, OM, OE. (Total of 24 QSOs).
d.. 20 QSO with any other  EU stations

GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7  (OK, OM 70Kc or 100 Sk) to:  Petr Ohnút, Nad vývozem 5127, Zlín 76005, Czech Republic.


(Award is a handsome multicolor image of a panoramic view of the city framed by mountains in the distance.)

(Chg 1/2011)