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(Chgs up to 10/2009)



Easter Island Award

Work 5 different CE0 stations on Easter Island, one of which must be the club station CE0ZIP.  All bands and modes are accepted. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRCs to: Radio Club Isla de Pascua, PO Box 13630 Santiago de Chile, Chile.

(Chg 11/2005)


Worked HC Award (WHC)

Submit proof of contacting 5 of the 8 HC call areas since 1950. Special certificate is awarded for contacting all 8 HC call areas. No charge. GCR list or photocopies of the cards to: Guayaquil Radio Club, PO Box 09-01-5757, Guayaquil, Ecuador, S.A. 

(Chg 9/2007)



General Requirements: Sponsored by DX-TA-SEA Club (WW8DX). Available for amateurs/SWL’s. Contacts must be after 20 Nov 1945. Contacts may be made under different personal callsigns, but all must be made from same country. Endorsements by band, mode or QRP (<5w). GCR list and fee of $US5 (or equivalent foreign currency accepted at current rates) or 10 IRC’s. Endorsements are SAE and $US2 or 4 IRC’s. All of the awards are free to Ecuadorean stations and  Ecuadorean SWL’s. Apply to Dr. Rick Dorsch NE8Z/HC1MD, PO Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139-0616.


(Chg 10/2009)

Equatorial Line Diploma

Confirm contacts with the 20 different Ecuadorean HC and HD prefix areas HC1-0 and HD1-0, including HC8/HD8 Galapagos Islands and HC9/HD9 and HC0/HD0 Special Event and Contest stations.

Class D - Brass - Contacts with 1-5 prefixes.
Class C - Bronze - Contacts with 6-10 prefixes.
Class B - Silver - Contacts with 11-15 prefixes.
Class A - Gold - Contacts with 16-20 prefixes.

A special trophy awarded free of charge to those holding the Class A Gold Diploma and confirming all 20 prefixes.

HC8/HD8 Galapagos DX Diploma

Confirm contacts with a minimum of 3 different HC8/HD8 stations in the Galapagos islands. A special endorsement for confirmation with 8 different Galapagos stations, one of which must be a HD8 call sign.

(Chg 3/2004)



The Egyptian Award

Earn 10 points by contacts with Egyptian stations using the following points table:
1. Any QSO with an Egyptian station on a single band = 1 point.
2. Any QSO with an Egyptian IOTA, JOTA, on a single band =3 points.

Send copies of the QSL cards and fee of $US5 by registered mail to: GREISS SOBHI P.O. Box 18 Agouza - GIZA 12654 - EGYPT.

Internet: Or

Chg 11/07 tks to SU1SK