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(Updated 1/7/2016)

Estonia Award

Contact ES stations since 1 Jan 1990.  SWL OK. Each station may be contacted one time.   QSL cards from ES-stations serve as the proof of the validity of the contacts. Stations outside of their own home call area like ES1QS and ES1QD/0 or ES2RJ and ES2RJ/8 count as different ES-stations. No use of contacts by relay and/or automatic stations allowed. \

Point values:
a. Every QSO with an ES station counts for 1 one point.  
b. QSOs with the EARU HQ stations such as ES9A to ES9Z and ES##HQ as well as special event stations using two numbers in the prefix such as ES60, ES75, ES80 etc count for two points. 

1A - European stations applying for the HF Award should earn at least 20 points on 10-160 bands including contacts with at least 5 different ES call areas. Special stickers for working 50 and 100 different ES stations.

1B - Europeans applying for the "VHF awards" should earn 10 points on 2m band with their location in at least 5 different WW QTH locator squares of Estonia. "UHF Award" should work at least 5 points on the 70cm band. "SHF Award" should work at least 3 points on the 23cm band or higher. "6M Award" should work at least 10 points  on 6m band with their location in at least 5 different WW QTH locator squares of Estonia.  For satellite award, earn 5 points using any satellite. 

1C - Stations outside of Europe applying for the "VHF Awards", "VHF-UHF-SHF Awards" should work at least 2 points on 2m, 70cm or 23cm bands. "6M Award" should work at least 5 points on the 6M band. For satellite award, earn 3 points using contacts by any satellite. 

2B - Stations outside of Europe applying for the HF award should work at least 10 points on the 160-10 meter bands  - special stickers for working 50 and 100 ES stations.

Cost for each award with one sticker endorsement is $US5 or 5. Each additional sticker is $US2 or 2. While applying for different VHF awards, you may apply only for one award ($US5) and then for corresponding additional stickers that will be separately numbered. GCR list and appropriate fee to: ERAU Award Manager, PO Box 125, Tallinn  10502, Estonia.



(Chg 2/2014)

Estonian Flora and Fauna Awards (ESFF)

Contact stations operating from within Estonian National Parks  and Protected Areas.

Class I - Work at least 7 different parks or protected areas. 
Class II - Work at least 5 different parks or protected areas. 
Class III - Work at least 3 different parks or protected areas.

Each class is a separate award.  Send log extract including all the usual contact data.  Fee for the awards are 5E each.  It is possible to send funds to Valery Kuznetsov (ES4RX) Swedbank's account number 1104957249 or through PAYPAL to .  Make sure that you provide your home address and send data via e-mail to ES4RX ( ).

List of Parks and Protected areas: 

Tks K1BV Research 1/21/13

Sakala Award

Sponsored by the ARC Viliandi City for contacting ES7 stations after 1 Jan 1970 . ES stations need 10. Europeans need 5, all others 3. All modes and bands. GCR list and fee of 25 EEK or $US3 to:  Viljandi Raadioklubi postiaadress : P/K 73 , Viljandi, 71001, Estonia. 



(Chg 2/2012)

Summer Capital Award

Sponsored by the Parnu ARC of Erau to all licensed amateurs. Confirm contacts with ES8-stations totaling 10 points during the period June 1 to August 31, every summer since a beginning date of 1999. One of the contacts must be made with the ES8SC station (Summer Capital special call). Each contact with an ES8-station = 1 point, contacts with ES8SC and ES8ZP (club station) = 2 points. Stations like ES8XX and ES8XX/8 count as different ES8-stations. All bands and modes, but contacts via satellites and repeaters are not allowed. Send application and log plus $US5 (25EEK for ERAU members) to: Summer Capital Award Manager, PO Box 95, Parnu 80092, Estonia.

Internet: http://www.ppnet/ee/sc_award/ 

(Chg 10/01)