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Updated: 3/8/16

 DD-77 Diplome de Seine et Marne


Work Dept 77 stations after 1 January 1975. On HF (1.8-30 MHz), 30 contacts are needed. On VHF (above 30 MHz), 20 are needed. Send GCR list and fee of 5E to Thierry VALLET F4BDG, 2 Rue Alice Saprich, Chevry Cossigny 77173, France.

E-mail: 77ARSM (@) GMAIL.COM

Rewritten 9/2014

DD-79 Deux sèvres Diploma

The award of 79th Department may be claimed by any licensed amateur or S.W.L. who contacts (SWL) at least 5 stations in French departement of Deux-Sèvres #79. All bands and modes OK. Send GCR list and fee of 10€, 12 IRC or $US12 to Award manager Serge Chavier F6DKI, 28 rue du Glacis Saint-Hilaire, 79500 Melle, FRANCE.


Tks K1BV Research 7/2/12

DD-82 Diploma Tarn et Garonne.

Sponsored by the Association of Amateur Radio of Tarn et Garonne (Dept. 82) to promote contacts between stations from all continents with our department.

1 - All contacts must be made on the air.
2 - contacts via relay or repeater will not be considered.
3. Requirements:
A. For countries outside France, 3 stations of the Tarn et Garonne should be contacted or heard (SWL). The club radio station, and contacts through public demonstrations by the ARAETG will count for 2 contacts.
C. For French stations, 5 stations of the Tarn and Garonne should be contacted or heard (SWL).

The club radio station, and contacts through public demonstrations by the ARAETG account will account for 2 contacts.

Application: Send an e-mailto the award custodian which includes a list of QSOs (copy of the logbook) only certified, no cards needed. The applicant must also provide complete name, area code and the station address requesting the certificate.

Application fee: 5€ (check or money order payable to the ARAETG) or 7 IRC. The funds should be sent to: Diploma Manager, Boris Timistchenko F5MDF, 13 rue de Palhoulet, F-82400 Espalais, France. .


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

DD-83 Diplome du Department du Var

Contact 5 different stations in Dept 83 on or after 18 May 1972. 
    HF - 5 stations using Phone SSB, AM, CW or Mixed modes.
    VHF - 4 stations using Phone SSB, CW or mixed modes.
    UHF - 2 stations using phone SSB, CW or mixed modes. 
    UHF/SHF - 1 station using phone SSB, CW or mixed modes.
    1 QSO in the QTH locator JN32 xx, Îles de Porquerolles, Îles du Levant et Port Cros.
     1 QSO via Amateur Satellite using Phone, SSB, CW or Mixed Modes. 
GCR list and fee of 10€  to: COLOMBANI-GAILLEUR Maurice F6IIE, Les Asphodèles Bt E, Chemin Des Bonnes herbes, 83200 TOULON, FRANCE.


(Chg 3/2013)

DD-84 Diplome du Vaucluse

Contact stations in Dept 84 after 1 January 1991. Award may be earned on HF, VHF, HF/VHF or SWL basis. 

HF: 5 stations any modes.
VHF/UHF: 5 stations.
SHF: 3 stations. 
Mixed bands: On HF, 5 stations, and on VHF/UHF/SHF, 10 stations. 
SWL: 5 stations. 

GCR list and fee of 4.60€ or 6 IRCs to: F6BZQ KALANTZIS  Sotos,  41 Chemin de l'Ecole Saint-Antoine, F-84800  ISLE SUR LA SORGUE, FRANCE.


During the year 2012, the award is FREE OF CHARGE. 


(Chg 5/2012)

 DD-85 Diplome du department de la Vendee

Contact stations in Dept. 85 on or after 1 January 1991.
French stations need:  HF, VHF or UHF = 5 stations and on SHF  =3 stations.
All others need: HF = 3, VHF = 2, SHF = 1.
SWL OK. GCR list verified by 2 amateurs and fee of 7.50€ or 10 IRC to Jean Pierre Pouyadoux F6HPS, 3 Lotissement les Violettes, F-85320 Corpe, France. 


(Chg 3/2013)

DD-86 Diplome des Department Vienne

Contact 5 members in this Department after 1 Jan 1963 using all bands and modes except repeater contacts.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 10€, $US10  or 12 IRC to: Salle Jean-Marie F5MJA, 19 rue des Vignes, F-86540 Thure, France.

Eligible stations: 
  IH  OP  VX  
  GQ  HF  MT  NH  ZZ  
  LI  OK  VU  XR  
  BN  GU  JZ  QW  ZJ  


(Chg 4/2007)

DD-88 Diplome du Department des Vosges

Contact stations in Dept 88. Europeans need 5, all others 3. SWL's need 5 reports, but should send cards received together with SASE for return.  All bands and modes.  You may also earn the award for one contact on VHF/UHF if the contact is at a distance of at least 500 Km.  GCR list (except SWL's) and fee of 12€ or 16 IRCs for European stations and 23 IRC for all others to:  Philippe LICINI F4DYJ, 12 Les Meix, 88360 RUPT / Moselle, France


(Chg 1/2010)

DD-90 Diplome du Territoire de Belfort

Contact 5 different stations in Department 90. No use of repeaters. GCR list and fee of 10€, $US12 or 12 IRCs to: Michel Beaubouchez F5PLC, 27 Rue la Chalonvillars, F-90350 Evette-Salbert, France.

(Chg 12/2007)

DD-91 Diplome du 91 Essonne

The Diplome du 91 Essonne may be earned by contacting 5 stations of Essonne. SWL OK, but you should identify both sides of the QSO heard. All bands and modes OK. Send a log extract and fee of 20 IRC or 8 euros (Euro checks only) to Michel Lepec F1DTM, Batiment A 9 Residence La Prairie, 91290 Arpajon, FRANCE.


Tks K1BV Research 7/2/12

DD-92 Hauts de Seine Department Award

Contact stations in Dept. 92 on all bands or modes.  French stations need 10 contacts, stations from Metropolitaln France 6 and all others 4.   SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 10E.  Apply to: Joel Legendre F4GCQ, Diplome Department 92, 8 Villa Fleury, F-92140 Clamart, France. 


(Chg 6/2012)

DD-93            Department of Seine-Saint Denis Diploma

The diploma of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, is available for contacting the required number of stations within the Department. The stations contacted in the department 93 (or portable operating in DD-93) must be resident in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Contacts by repeaters or via Echolink do not count for the award. . All transmissions are allowed using the modes of SSB, CW, FM and DIGITAL. The contacts with our department will preferably take place from your fixed station. Mobile activations / or / laptop will be accepted, provided that they are clearly specified in the application. Contacts made during contests are valid. QSOs must be made on or after 1 January 1951 for all amateur bands allowed in Region 1, and 1 January 1982 for those made in the WARC bands.

This diploma is open to any French or foreign stations having an officially licensed operator of the amateur radio service and any listening station (SWL) under the same conditions.

Requirements: Establish contact with at least 10 amateur radio operators of Seine-Saint-Denis, or 8 radio amateurs in department 93 plus one radio club station of the Department.

Five classes are available:
1) REF93 HF (1.8 to 30 MHz), Telephony.
2) REF93 HF (1.8 to 30 MHz) Telegraphy.
3) REF93 VHF (from 144 MHz) phones.
4) REF93 VHF (from 144 MHz) Telegraphy.
5) Special endorsement for REF93 if made by one specific band or mode).

Use the form provided on their website. It should be dated and signed certifying compliance with the Regulations with a detailed list of QSOs listing: Name, Code, Date, Band, Report, QTR and mode, to the Manager Diploma REF93.

QSL cards are not necessary. The completed form with the contacts listed is sufficient. It should be marked as "certified" and dated and signed by two radio amateurs around you.

The award fee should be made payable to the Ed-REF93 exclusively. The fee is 10 euros which includes shipping, and sent to the Diploma Manager REF93 at the following address: (F1AGW) Jean-Louis SIEBERT 1 Avenue des Demoiselles - F93360 Neuilly Plaisance, France.


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

DD-94 Diplome du Val de Marne

Contact 10 stations in Dept 94 (one of which must be a club) after 1 January 1968. SWL OK. No mode or band limitations. GCR list and fee of 7.70€ or 10 IRCs to: Marcel Pouchoux F9MD, 39 Villa du Belvedere, 94800 Villejuif, France.

(Verified 3/2012)

DD95 Diplome du Val D'Oise

Contact stations in Dept 95. No time limitations. SWL OK.  Stations in Dept 95 need 10, other French stations need 6, all others need 4. GCR and fee of10 Euro to: 

F6DEO Marcel CHAILLOU, 49 rue Pasteur, F-95390 SAINT PRIX, France.


(Chg 3/2017)

Edouard Branly Award

Edouard Branly (1844-1940) was a physicist and physician whose studies led to the development of the "coherer" as a device for detecting radio signals. Marconi used the coherer in his early 1900 wireless station and openly credited Branly for the invention. Sponsored by the Amiens division of REF. Contact 5 stations in the City of Amiens or Department 80. On VHF only 2 contacts needed. A maximum of 3 contacts with the same station are acceptable, but must be on different bands. A contact with F5KOF counts double. All bands and modes.  No repeater contacts.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 5€ or 5 IRC to Paul Bellette F1RR, 29 Rue d’Antibes, F-80090 Amiens, France.

(Chg 10/02)

Diploma of Brittany

Contact stations in departments 22, 29, 35, 44 and 56. 
French stations need 5 QSOs in  the Brittany departments.
Other Europeans need 3 QSOs in the Brittany departments.
All other countries need 2 QSOs in the Brittany departments.
All bands and modes OK. No use of repeaters. GCR list plus copy of your QSL and fee of 5€, $US5 or 10 IRC to: Claude Le Goaster F6IAP, 49 rue de Moncontour, F-22950 Tregueux, France.

(Chg 11/2005)

Dunkirk City Award

Contact 3 different stations in Dunkirk. GCR list and 5€ to: Bernard Lesage F8DML, 72 rue Félix Coquelle, F-59240 Dunkerque, France. 

(Chg 4/2007)

DXPA Dxpeditions Award            Removed 9/08 per info from PA3CUZ. No replies to inquiries.  
Info from club secretary F8BJI confirms award is still being issued. Updated 2/09 

This award is sponsored by the Clipperton DX Club and its aim is to encourage and reward contacts with DXpeditions. Contacts since 1 January 1985.

Rule 1 - Definition of DXpedition. An expedition is a temporary activity duly authorized to operate in a place where amateur activity is either nil or limited. The list of countries which follows may be modified at any time by the Board of Directors of this group, based on changes in the DXCC list or on the activity of residents becoming too important. Contacts for this award will only be for expeditions, but will include those temporarily using a resident's callsign. The club may reject an operation if not duly authorized or if it does not meet standards of courtesy and the ham spirit.

Rule 2 - The DXPA is available in 3 modes (mixed, Phone, CW), for QSO made or heard with 50 expeditions. The number of expeditions credited is limited to 2 for the same DXCC Country. All five continents must be represented. The honor DXPA will be awarded to the station able to justify 35 QSOs with expeditions per band, on at last 5 of the HF bands.

The QSO's will need to be confirmed by photocopies of both sides of the QSL cards, which have to be submitted along with the application, using the official recap form. The cost of the DXPA is €8, $US10 or 10 IRCs.,  

An application form is available from the Secretary of the Clipperton DX Club. Apply to: Jean-Paul Sallien F8BJI, 11 rue Fernand Baudin, F-94470 Boissy Saint Leger, France. Apply to to: Jean-Pierre Tendron F5XL, Arawak, 316 allee des Pins, F-83690 Tourtour, France.  

List of countries currently valid for the award: 

(CHG 2/09)

European World Wide Award

The award was created by the Radio Club of the Council of Europe available to all licensed amateurs and SWL's who fulfill the following conditions:

1. HF
    A. Mixed (CW/Phone/RTTY) - 200 confirmed contacts with 200 different countries of the EWWA list.
    B. CW - using all CW.
    C. SSB - using  all CW.
    D. RTTY - using all RTTY.
    E. PSK - using all PSK.
    F. Monoband - 200 confirmed contacts with 200 different countries on the following bands:  20, 17, 15, 12 or 10 meters.
    100 confirmed contacts with 100 different countries on the following bands: 160, 80, 40, 30 meters (mixed, SSB, CW,  RTTY or PSK).
    G. 5 Bands EWWA - 100 contacts on each band: 80, 40, 20, 15,  10 meters, made in mixed mode, SSB, CW, RTTY or PSK).
    H. 9 Bands EWWA - As above for the 5 bands, but on the following: 160, 80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 10 meters.
    I. EWWA YL - 50 contacts with 50 YLs from 50 different countries of the EWWA list.
    J. TOP LIST HF EWWA - make a total of 285 confirmed countries in mixed modes (Mixed, CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK).  Special plaque device. One of the basic diplomas (200, Monoband, 5 band or 9 band) is necessary to earn designation of TOP LIST.

2. VHF
    A. 144 MHz - 30 confirmed countries using FM, SSB CW or Mixed. 
    B. 50 MHz - 50 confirmed countries using SSB, CW, RTTY or Mixed.

3. Satellite
    A. 100 confirmed countries.

A GCR list is accepted.  Contacts must have been made on or after 1 Jan 1980.  All contacts must be land stations.  Contacts with portable stations are OK, but portable stations may not earn the award.  Fees for the award are 10€, 14 IRC's or $US15; fee for Top List Award is 25€, 32 IRC's  or $US34. Software for managing contacts towards the award is available at the website below.  Apply to: Francis Kremer F6FQK, 31 rue Louis Pasteur, F-67490 Dettwiller, France.


Countries List: 

(Chg 3/2012)

Trophy F2KZ

Work resident radio amateurs of the Department of Pas de Calais. (There are about 260). SWL OK. Contacts on or after January 1, 2012 using all bands and modes.
The basic award requires 20 points, with one gold star endorsement for every additional points with a maximum of 5 stars (270 points or more).

Point Values:
5 points for a contact with a member of the Board of ARA62.
4 points for a direct QSO or via repeater F1ZFM with a member of ARA62.
3 points for contact via a relay other than F1ZFM with a member of ARA62.
2 points for a direct contact or via a F1ZFM with the OM resident of ARA62.
1 point for a contact via a relay other than F1ZFM with the OM resident of ARA62.

Sending log extract with all QSO information certified as correct and signed by the operator or SWL. Award fee is 10€ + shipping and € 1 per star endorsement.
Send application and fee to: RADIO CLUB CSRAL, 14 RUE DES MARTYRS, LILLERS 62190, France


Tks PA3CUZ 2/5/14

-- F5PRR Awards Series --

General Requirements: SWL OK. These two awards are also available to promote the use of electronic QSLing or the QSL e-mail. Contacts after 1 Jan 1997. The diploma will be sent by e-mail to all applicants who have an Internet address. If sent electronically, there is no charge at all for the award, as well as any endorsements. If you not have the possibility of receiving it on a computer, than the fee is € 5 for the DFCV and € 8 for the DIFH. Endorsements for both are free with your SASE and/or IRC. Send the QSL cards by E-mail, disk, CD or a photo-copy to the manager. Apply to Jean Michel Cornale, F5PRR,1 Avenue Faye Garaud, 83000 Toulon, France. 


(Chg 3/009)

                  Diplôme des Forts et Châteaux du Var (DFCV)

This diploma celebrates the cultural inheritance of the department of the Var. The references of the DFCF award (French Forts and Castles) may be used for the DFCV.

HF: Basic award 30 forts or castles. DFCV Excellence 60 forts or castles and a contact with Fort de Brégançon DFCF 83004 are obligatorily.
VHF: Basic award 10 forts and castles and there are endorsements for each additional 4 forts or castles. Contact 18 forts or castles for the DFCV Honor Class.

                  Diplôme des Forts des Iles d’Hyères (DFIH)

The Iles d’Hyères (or Iles d’Or) is a group of three islands. The three Mediterranean islands are Ile de Porquerolles, Ile de Port Cros and Ile du Levant et Ile de Bagaud. These islands cover an area of 26 km². The Ile de Bagaud is a nature reserve (as well as rat infested) which makes access prohibited. In this case one can activate the fort as from the sea but not more than a maximum of 500 meters from the fort.

HF: DFIH basic award 6 forts. DIFH Excellence 12 forts. DIHF Honor 18 forts from the three islands.
VHF: DIHF basic award 4 forts. DIHF Honor 18 forts from the three islands.

(Chg 4/2008)