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(Updated 6/22/2015)

Worked French FIRAC

The French FIRAC group "Groupe des Radio-Amateurs Cheminots S.N.C.F." (GRAC) issues this award to radio amateurs and SWL for contacts with members of tthe group on or after January 1st,1972.

QSOs with different GRAC member stations :
a. French stations : 9 QSOs
b. Other European stations : 6 QSOs
c. Stations from other continents : 3 QSOs
1 QSO with the club stations F6RAC or F5KTR = 3 of the required QSOs
1 QSO with other GRAC club stations = 2 of the required QSOs.

VHF, 3 QSOs with different GRAC member stations.
a. QSO with GRAC club station = 2 QSOs

Send a Log-extract and fee 4 EUR or 5 IRCs to the award manager :  Note: Waiting for a new award manager.

Important : For DX stations, only IRCs are accepted because of cheques credit charges introduced by the bank.
This award is free for SWL
. They must send the list of heard stations with date, QRG, time, and the mention "I certify I own QSL card of these stations".


Tks SP9JPA 1/25/15

Diplome Des Nations Francophones (DNF)

Contact countries of the world where French is the principal language. SWL OK. Contacts since 1 January 1960. Any mode. Endorsements for one band, one mode or mixed. Two levels are available: 
DNF1 - 30 Francophone Nations, or 4 on VHF/UHF bands.
DNF2 - 45 Francophone Nations in 6 continents. (Continents are AS, AF, EUR, OC, NA, SA and ANT.) or 5 on VHF/UHF. 
A contact with the station 4U1ITU (Geneva) is valid if the station is operated by an amateur of  one of the countries listed below. 
GCR list showing nations and continent plus fee of 10€ for French stations, all others fee is 15€ or 18 IRCs to: Monsieur Patrick Verveche F5RBB, Les Gouttes, F-19800 Gimel les Cascades, France. 


(Chg 4/2007)

C3 Andorra  CN Morocco FS St. Martin  D6 Comoros F France FG Guadeloupe
FH Mayotte FJ St. Barth FK New Caledonia FK Loyalty/Chesterf. FM Martinique FO Tahiti
FO Rapa FO Toubai FO Gambier, Touamouto FO Marquieses FO Clipperton FP St. Pierre
FR/E Europa FR/G Glorieuses FR/J Juan de Nova FR Reunion FR/T Tromelin FT8W Crozet
FT8X Kerguelen FT8Y Adelie FT8Z St. Paul, Amst FW Wallis FY Guyane, French J2 Djibouti
LX Luxembourg OD Lebanon ON Belgium TJ Cameroons TK Corsica TL Central Af. Rep.
TN Congo TR Gabon TT Chad TU Ivory Coast TY Benin TZ Mali
VE2 Quebec, Canada XT Burkino-Faso XU Cambodia XW Laos YJ Vanuatu 3A Monaco
3B8 Mauritius 3V Tunisia 5R Madagascar 5T Mauritania 5U Niger 5V Togo
6W Senegal 7X Algeria 9Q Zaire 9U Burundi 9X Rwanda 8P Barbados



Available to all amateurs and SWLs who contact stations located in different territories of French National, Regional Parks, Nature Reserves or Protected Landscapes on or after 1 July 2008. All valid bands and modes may be used, however, contacts made by repeaters do not count.

Available in three levels as follows:
Level III
- 5 parks, reserves or protected landscapes
Level II
- 10 parks, reserves or protected landscapes
Level I - 15
parks, reserves or protected landscapes
50 / 100 / 200 / 300.

Contacts qualify only if they are made to the stations situated in the official list of parks or reserves. Each park or reserve has its identification number, e.g. FFF -001, which must appear on the QSL card.

Separate rules apply for Activators. See website for details.

Application for the award is based on the received QSL cards or for extraction from WFF internet operating journals. If it would be necessary, the award’s coordinator has the right to request contact confirming QSL card. The paper version of the Award costs – 10 € or 12 $. The basic award is FREE is you accept digital image that you may print yourself (format .JPG or .PDF). The special award plaques cost 50€ or $US70. Application and payment to Award manager : Marc VERGNES, 37 Rue des Ménigouttes, 36 300 LE BLANC – FRANCE,


Tks PA3CUZ 6/14/11

French Regional Nature Parks

The award was developed to promote French Regional Nature Parks by the Club Amateur Radio Blancoish. SWL OK. Available in 4 levels:

Bronze Award - Contact 10 Regional Nature Parks
Silver Award - Contact 20 Regional Nature Parks
Gold Award - Contact 30 Regional Nature Parks.
Platinum Award - Contact 44 Regional Nature Parks

Portable stations count if their precise location is shown on their QSL. Mobiles do not count. No use of relays or repeaters.

Send cards and fee of  $US12, 12 Euros to Radio Club Activite Blancois, BP 54, F-36300 LeBlanc, France.


(Chg 11/2005)

French Towns Award (Diplome des Villes Francaises DVF)

Contact French station which are located in the main town/city of their respective department. To be valid, the station must have its QTH in the town of the list below; fringe towns do not count. One /p portable or /m mobile may be used. SWL OK. SWL cards from these towns count full credit. No band or mode restrictions. 

The 5 classes are: 
Class III Confirmations of 10 different towns, 
Class II = 30, 
Class I = 50, 
Class Excellence = 70, 
Class Honor = 90. 

Contacts since 1 January 1968. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $10US or 10 IRCs to: Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA, 8 rue de Verdun, F-77270 Villeparisis, France. 


(Chg 12/2012)

The valid towns are as follows. ( The numbers outlined in blue are the department number and the name of the town is outlined in yellow. 

1 Bourg en Bresse 32 Vic Fezensac 64 Pau
2 Soissons 33 Bordeaux 65 Tarbes
3 Montluçon 34 Montpellier 66 Perpignan
4 Manosque 35 Rennes 67 Strasbourg
5 Gap 36 Chateauroux 68 Mulhouse
6 Nice 37 Tours 69 Lyon
7 Bourg-St Andéole 38 Grenoble 70 Lure
8 Charleville Mezières 39 Lons le Saulnier 71 Chalon sur Saone
9 Foix 40 Mont de Marsan 72 Le Mans
10 Troyes 41 Blois 73 Chamberry
11 Carcassonne 42 Saint Etienne 74 Annecy
12 Millau 43 Le Puy 75 Paris
13 Marseille 44 Nantes 76 Le Havre
14 Caen 45 Orléans 77 Coulommiers
15 Aurillac 46 Cahors 78 Versailles
16 Angoulème 47 Agen 79 Niort
17 La Rochelle 48 Mende 80 Amiens
18 Bourges 49 Angers 81 Castres
19 Brive la Gaillarde 50 Equeurdreville 82 Montauban
2A Ajaccio 51 Reims 83 Toulon
2B Bastia 52 Chaumont 84 Avignon
21 Dijon 53 Laval 85 La Roche sur Yon
22 Saint Brieuc 54 Nancy 86 Poitiers
23 Gueret 55 Verdun 87 Limoges
24 Périgueux 56 Vannes 88 Epinal
25 Besançon 57 Metz 89 Auxerre
26 Montelimar 58 Nevers 90 Belfort
27 Evreux 59 Villeneuve d'Ascq 91 Yerres
28 Chartres 60 Compiègne 92 Antony
29 Brest 61 Alençon 93 Aulnay sous bois
30 Nimes 62 Arras 94 Maisons Alfort
31 Toulouse 63 Clermont Ferrand 95 Argenteuil
971 Point à Pitre 972 Fort de France 973 Cayenne
974 St Denis / Réunion        

Diploma of the Departments of the FRRPACA

The FRRPACA (Regional Federation of Radio Hams Provence Alps and Cote d’Azur) offers this award for earning awards/diplomas from departments 04, 05, 06, 13, 83 and 84. Contacts after 1 Jan 1997. Provide a list of the awards which include the date of each award and its serial number, plus who signed the awards. GCR list and fee of 11.50€ or 15 IRCs to: Diploma Manager, FRRPACA, Michel MOUTTE (F5PVX), 2692 chemin de Marenc et des Costes, 83740 La Cadière d'Azur, France.


(Chg 5/2012)

Genista Award

Earn 10 points by contacting stations in the 5 Departments which comprise Languedoc-Roussillon, with a minimum of one in each Dept after 5 January 1972. The Depts are: 11 - Aude, 30 - Gard, 34 - Herault, 48 - Lozere and 66 - Pyrenees-Orientales. Values: contact with each required departments = 1 point, club stations in any of these = 2 points, contact with the Genista club = 3 points when you contact FF6KNN, and special event Genista calls including HW6KNN, HW1KNN, TO6KNN, TO1KNN, FF6KNN/J, TV1GEN, TV6GEN, TV75RS, TV7GEN, F89/FF6KNN, TM6GEN, TM5FS, TM2FS, TM93JM, TM4OO, TM4OD, TM0RAD, TM0UN, TM1JO, FBC6KNN, TM8CUP and TM4MAN = 5 points each. Five awards are available: Yellow = HF, Green = VHF, Blue = UHF, Red = earned HF, VHF and UHF, White = SWL. GCR list and fee of 7€  or $US9 to: Genista F6KNN, 39 rue Francis Poulenc, F-34970 Lattes, France. 


(Chg 4/2007)

Diplome des Castles of l’ Indre

Available for amateurs and SWLs for making contact with 15 different castles located in Dept 36 de l’Indre. GCR list and fee of 10 Euros, 10 IRCs or $US10 to: Didier Bleron F5AOV, Les Fertas, F-36800 Nuret Le Ferron, France.

(Chg 6/2015)

Diplome Des Isles Francaises D’Outremer (Overseas Islands)    DIFO 

Sponsored by the Lyon DX Gang to encourage contact with French overseas islands. SWL OK. Available in 3 divisions: Mixed, Phone, CW. All bands. Basic award is earned for contacting 10 different French overseas islands. Endorsements for each additional 5 islands. Contacts must be made from the same country. You must possess the cards. Photocopies of the cards must be submitted with your application. If you activate an island, you may also count it. Submit copies, list of contacts and fee for Basic award of 12€, $US12 (add 2€ or $US2 for return postage. Endorsements 4€ or $US4 each. (Add 1€ or $US1 for return postage).

Plaque: the top honor roll level earns a free plaque for QSO’s with 50 islands, but you must have requested the endorsements for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45.

The sponsor considers valid any island surrounded by salt water outside Europe and belonging to France. To be valid, an island must have an official name and a French Territory prefix. List of islands from sponsor for SASE/IRC. Apply to Joel Suc F5JJW, La Grange, F-69440 Taluyers, France.


 (Chg 8/2003)

IPA  Dipl "22"        

22 is the slang term among hooligans for "Watch it - here come the cops!". Very appropriate for contacting these members of the French division of International Police Radio Association.   You will need 20 IPA stations as follows: 10 IPA members anywhere in the world, 5 French IPA members and 5 IPA club stations.  ON VHF/UHF, contact 10 IPA stations of any country.  SWL OK.  Contacts must be made after 1 November 1997.  GCR list and fee of 8€, $US10 or 10 IRCs to Claude Grabier F5LTU, 12 Lotissement de la Seoune, F-47270 Lafox, France. 


(Chg 3/2003) 

Diplome des Villes Jumelees

Contact two stations from CLERMONT-FERRAND plus one from REGENSBURG, Germany and SALFORD, England. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 7.62€, 10 IRCs or $US10 to Yves Ardaillon F5TRW REF63 - BP 248, F-63007 CLERMONT FD Cedex 1, France. 


(Change 9/2013)


Sponsored by the Radio Club Vineuil (F6KJX).

1. French stations need confirmations from 15 of the castles (DFCF) of the Loir et Cher (Dept 41).
(On VHF, 4 are needed.)
2. All others need 10 castles of Loir et Cher (DFCF)  on HF. 

Send GCR list and fee of 10 euros to the manager: Mr. Michel Courcelles F5MFL, 100 Rue du Petit, Chambord Cidex 52541 350 VINEUIL, FRANCE. 

(The Loir Cher département is located in north-central France is named after the rivers Loir and Cher.)


Radio Club Longlaville Award             Rewrite 6/12

Contact members of the Radio Club Longlaville F6KWP to earn a minimum of 5 pointrs.

Number of points per QSO HF or VHF bands Regardless of bands:
a. QSO with club station F6KWP any modes = 2 points.
b. QSO with a member of the RC ATV = 1 point.
c. QSO with a member of the RC in CW or SSTV = 1 point.
d. QSO with a member of RC modes = 1 point
e. QSO’s using repeaters are OK.
f. QSO using packet radio are not accepted.
g.QSOs must be made with different stations.
h. Each member may be contacted once per band in a given mode.

The application may send photocopies of QSLs or a list of contacts certified by two licensed radio amateurs. For SWLs, only qsls (or photocopies) will be accepted.
Award fee for France and French Overseas stations is 10 Euros check made payable to ARAS 54n BP 8-54810 LONGLAVILLE. For all others, the fee is 15 IRCs. Send application to: Award Manager of the ARAS 54n, F5SKG, Mr Jean Paul Manzi 19 rue Ambroise Croizat, F-54590-HUSSIGNY GODBRANGE, France. Application may also be sent to Radio Club F6KWP, BP 8, 54810 LONGLAVILLE, France.


Tks PA3CUZ 6/12

City of Lons-Le-Saunier Telegraphy Award

Provide proof of 3 QSO’s with 3 different stations on the following 9 HF bands: 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10. Three QSOs on nine bands matches the Department number: 39, Jura being departement No. 39 in the list of French departments. The 3 amateurs must be located in the Jura department and one of them must reside in or operate from the city of Lons-le-Saunier. A contact with special call-sign station TM5CW activated from the Jura by a TLG member, or a contact with someone operating from Offenburg can be used as a joker instead of a contact with Lons-le-Saunier. GCR list and fee of $US10, 10€ or 10 IRCs to Dominique Meige F5SJB, 360 Rue Gustave Courbet, F-39130 Hautecour, France.

Special Award: any amateur who can present proof of 9 confirmed CW contacts with 9 different Jura (39) stations and a contact with TM5CW and a contact with Offenburg will receive a special award from the city of Lons-le-Saunier.


(Chg 4/2007)

Maginot Line of Alsace Diploma (DLMA)

This award was created to recognize the historical importance held by the Maginot Line in contemporary France. To earn the award, it is necessary to have contacted at least three stations which have operated from the forts and shelters of the Maginot line located in the Alsace area. Contacts must have been made by one of the following clubs: F5KAV, F5KBB, F6KDL, F6KNJ, F6KPM, F6KQV, F8KFI. All bands and modes. Send QSL cards or a GCR list of required contacts plus fee of 8€. Any mail relating to the DLMA as any request for information is to be addressed to the diploma manager. The diploma and QSL manager: REHM Philippe F6BEC, 50 Rue Firth, F-67700 MONSWILLER, France.


Tks F10095 10/05

Diplome de la Ville de Marseille

Contact 10 different stations, any band or mode, which are located in Marseilles. SWL OK. If you use SHF or ATV, then only one contact is needed. GCR list and fee of 6€  to: Serge Meissonier F1EGC, 7 Place des Bastidons, Les Aubargues, F-13118 Entressen, France. 


(Verified 5/2012)

Diploma Castles Mayenne

Contact (SWL OK) at least 20 different castles located in the Department of Mayenne.  Send log extract and fee of 10E to: Claude Masson F6AEW, 130 Avenue Marechal Leclerc, F-63940 St. Berthevin, France or ARAM53, 4 Boulevard Frederic Chaplet, F-53000 Laval, France.

French Castle Listing: 
(Stations operating from/in vicinity of castles will send the official number, which for Mayenne will start with "53" and followed by a 3 digit serial number., 53-113.  Show this number in your application for each castle.)

K1BV Research 3/13/13

MILITARY Amateur Radio Clubs AWARD

Available for any French or foreign amateur radio operator who holds a regular licence for contacting 5 French Military radio clubs. (SWL OK). No beginning date.  The French Military amateur radio clubs – Army, Navy, Air Forces - may be located either in Metropolitan France (including TK- Corsica) , in French overseas Departments , Collectivities or Territories, or in foreign countries where the Radio Club is permitted under International agreements or treaties with France. In those cases where a French unit stays under the NATO or UNO authority, the QSO’s with its ARC, using a regular licence of the country in which they serve , will also count for this award.

* Four classes possible : MIXED MODE, CW, SSB and DIGITAL. 
* QSO’s made using repeaters cannot be used to claim the award.
* QSO’s with a Military ARC using a special callsign are valid for the award.
* All bands, including WARC bands.
* The proofs of QSO’s or SWL reports (QSL cards ) must be included with your applicaton. They will be returned with the Award.

Send list of contacts and the cards plus fee of 2 IRCs to: LAIGU Freddy F5IRO, 28° RT - 2° Cie Quartier De Bange F-63505 Issoire Cedex, France.

Tks F5IRO 1-2-10


Contact 10 different stations who work in the French mining industry after January 1st 1997. SWL OK. Stickers for each 5 more stations. There are two classes: HF or VHF/UHF. Not available for  mixed. Each MA – F stations count only once. MA stations are stations, on mining industry areas are or special stations. The location or the special station must be registered in the list mining industry and amateur radio (mining and ham radio list). This is by the assignment of a number (e.g. MA-F001 for the mine Theodore). E-QSL OK. All bands and modes except repeater, packet radio and echo link. GCR list and fee of € 10 to: Rene Haugg, F5TFI, 20 Av Clemenceau, F-68270 Wittenheim, France.


List with all MA stations:

Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007

Islands of Morbihan Award

Available to all amateurs and SWL's for hearing or working different islands in department of Morbihan (56XXX). Contact or hear 5 different islands on the DIM list. Endorsements for 10, 15, 20 and one by one after 20 islands are verified. Copies of QSL cards are required. Contacts must be with land stations; no use of repeaters. List of contacts and fee of 4€ or $US5.  Endorsement fee is 1€ or $US1. Apply to: Stephane Morice F-10255, 19 Parkat Miz, F-56400 Plougoumelen, France. 

Internet (Island list): 

(Chg 4/2008)


Sponsored by F5OGC to promote the discovery of the cultural heritage of the Department of the Sarthe. The award is available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs.  Any mill shown in the official list of the mills produced by the D.M.S is valid for this award.  The award may use contacts on all bands and modes. A mill contacted on one or more bands or modes will still count for one required mill.

DMS Basic Award: 10 mills
DMS Excellence: 17 mills
DMS Honor: 25 mills

You may request the award be sent to you as a digital file. In this case there is no charge. Awards which are requested by mail must include fee of 10 euros. 
Application: Send certified extract from your logbook. No QSL is required. The log extract must indicate the D.M.F mills reference number and include other log information including dates and times in GMT.
Applications from SWLs should mention the call sign of the station that called the activator at the time you heard them. 
Apply to: Jacky Anjard F5OGC, 4 rue des pinsons, F-72450 Montfort Le Gesnois, France.

List mills

Tks PA3CUZ 2/2013

     -- Association of the Radio Amateurs of Paris Series --

General Requirements: All bands and modes OK. No date limitations. SWL OK. Contacts with mobile stations or via relay, a repeater, or a transponder are not valid. A contact with the station "joker" F6KVP or F6KVP/P or any other station operating for the Association des Radioamateurs de Paris (ARP) counts once per band. Send your applicationss according to the rule shown under each of the awards using e-mail or postal mail, making sure that you send the appropriate fee after having received the confirmation of the diploma manager.

Cost of each award delivered by e-mail is 5€ and 10€ by regular mail (paper). Endorsements are available for fee of 1€. Apply to: Diplômes de l'ARP, Jean Pierre Dutheil, 138 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, F-75012 Paris, France. 

(Chg 2/09)


Internet based application found at: : 


The city of Paris has 130 zones. These zones are outlined in the following ARP awards:
     DLP - 10 qth locators
     DAP - 20 districts (arrondissements
     DOP - 80 quartiers of Paris.

The city of Paris has the Maidenhead QTH Locator JN18. Each ARP area is composed of three parts.
     1. The two last characters of the QTH locator.
     2. The number of the district (arrondissements).  
     3. The number of the quartiers in that district (arrondissements).

For example EU-11-42. EU is in Maidenhead grid JN18EU. 11 the Popincourt is in the 11th district and 42 Saint-Ambroise comes from the 42e the quartier. 

The basic award needs 10 zones. The blue Challenge award requires 20 zones. Challenge bronze awarded for 40 zones, Challenge Silver for 80 zones and Challenge #1 for all 130 zones. Endorsements are available for each 10 zones more between the challenge levels. ( 20-30 etc.)

130 Zones of Paris 


Contact amateurs located in the 20 arrondissementen (districts) of Paris.
     3rd Class ( Bronze) = 10 Districts
     2nd Class (Silver) = 15 Districts
     1st Class (Gold) = 20 Districts
     Class Star = 20 districts plus one contact with F6KVP

Jokerstation F6KVP may be substituted for a missing district in the category bronze, silver and gold.

List of the Arrondissements (districts):

1e du Louvre, 			2e de la Bourse, 		3e : du Temple, 	4e de l'Hôtel de Ville,
5e du Panthéon, 		6e du Luxembourg, 		7e du Palais Bourbon, 	8e de l'Elysée,
9e de l'Opéra, 	1		10e de l'Entrepôt, 		11e de Popincourt, 	12e de Reuilly,
13e des Gobelins, 		14e de l'Observatoire, 		15e de Vaugirard, 	16e de Passy,
17e de Batignolles-Monceaux, 	18e de la Butte Montmartre, 	19e des Buttes Chaumonts 20e de Ménilmontant.

Le Bois de Boulogne is attached to the 16e arrondissement and Le Bois de Vincennes to the 12e arrondissement.


The same rules as for the DAP shown above, but all contacts on one band.
(New 2/09 - PA3CUZ)


The same as above but now on 5 different bands, 80/40/20/15/10. A minimum of five different districts is required on each of the 5 bands except F6KVP. The Joker station F6KVP can be used for a missing district in the category bronze, silver and gold.

3rd Class ( Bronze) = 40 Districts
2nd Class (Silver) = 70 Districts
1st Class (Gold) = 90 Districts
Class Star = 100 districts plus one contact with F6KVP
(Chg 2/09) 


          9 Band Diplome Des Arrondissements de Paris   (9BDAP) 

The same as above (5Bands) but now on 9 different bands, 160/80/40/30/20/17/15/12/10. A minimum of five different districts is required on each of the 9 bands except F6KVP. Jokerstation F6KVP can be use for a missing district in the category bronze, silver and gold.

3rd Class ( Bronze) = 90 Districts
2nd Class (Silver) = 130 Districts
1st Class (Gold) = 170 Districts
Class Star = 180 districts plus one contact with F6KVP
(Chg 2/09)

Internet rules: Http:// 

          Diploma of the Locators of Paris (DLP)              (Rewrite)

Contact stations of the 10 locator grids which cover the City of Paris. Joker station F6KVP may be used for a missing locator in the category bronze, silver and gold.  The specific grids are: JN18…CU CV DT DU DV ET EU EV FT FU

Award Categories:
3rd Class (Bronze) = 6 locators
2nd Class (Silver) = 8 locators
1st Class (Gold) = all 10 locators
Class Star = 10 locators plus club station F6KVP.

A map of Paris interfaced with Google Earth which provides grid locator identification for specific address data is located at:

          Diplôme des Quartiers de Paris DQP

Contact the 80 quartiers of Paris. Joker station F6KVP may be used for a missing quartier in the category bronze, silver and gold.

     3rd Class ( Bronze) = 40 quartiers
     2nd Class (Silver) = 60 quartiers
     1st Class (Gold) = 80 quartiers
     Class Star = 80 quartiers plus one contact with F6KVP

List of the 80 quartiers of Paris (number, name, arrondissement)

1. Quartier Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois (1), 
2. Quartier des Halles (1), 
3. Quartier du Palais Royal (1), 
4. Quartier de la Place Vendôme (1), 
5. Quartier Gaillon (2), 
6. Quartier Vivienne (2), 
7. Quartier du Mail (2), 
8. Quartier de Bonne-Nouvelle (2), 
9. Quartier des Arts-et-Métiers (3), 
10. Quartier des Enfants-Rouges (3), 
11. Quartier des Archives (3), 
12. Quartier Sainte-Avoye (3), 
13. Quartier Saint-Merri (4), 
14. Quartier Saint-Gervais (4), 
15. Quartier de l'Arsenal (4), 
16. Quartier Notre-Dame (4), 
17. Quartier Saint-Victor (5), 
18. Quartier du Jardin des Plantes (5), 
19. Quartier du Val de Grâce (5), 
20. Quartier de la Sorbonne (5), 
21. Quartier de la Monnaie (6), 
22. Quartier de l'Odéon (6), 
23. Quartier Notre-Dame-des-Champs (6), 
24. Quartier Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6), 
25. Quartier Saint-Thomas d'Aquin (7), 
26. Quartier des Invalides (7), 
27. Quartier de l'école militaire (7), 
28. Quartier du Gros Caillou (7), 
29. Quartier des Champs-élysés (8), 
30. Quartier du Faubourg du Roule (8), 
31. Quartier de la Madeleine (8), 
32. Quartier de l'Europe (8), 
33. Quartier Saint-Georges (9), 
34. Quartier de la Chaussée d'Antin (9), 
35. Quartier du Faubourg Montmartre (9), 
36. Quartier de Rochechouart (9), 
37. Quartier Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (10), 
38. Quartier de la Porte Saint-Denis (10), 
39. Quartier de la Porte Saint-Martin (10), 
40. Quartier de l'Hôpital Saint-Louis (10), 
41 Quartier de la Folie Méricourt (11), 
42. Quartier Saint-Ambroise (11), 
43. Quartier de la Roquette (11), 
44. Quartier Sainte-Marguerite (11), 
45. Quartier du Bel Air (12), 
46. Quartier de Picpus (12), 
47. Quartier de Bercy (12), 
48. Quartier des Quinze-Vingts (12), 
49. Quartier de la Salpétrière (13), 
50. Quartier de la Gare (13), 
51. Quartier de la Maison-Blanche (13), 
52. Quartier de Croulebarbe (13), 
53. Quartier du Montparnasse (14), 
54. Quartier de Montsouris (14), 
55. Quartier du Petit-Montrouge (14), 
56. Quartier de Plaisance (14), 
57. Quartier Saint-Lambert (15), 
58. Quartier Necker (15), 
59. Quartier de Grenelle (15), 
60. Quartier de Javel (15), 

61. Quartier d'Auteuil (16), 
62. Quartier de la Muette (16), 
63. Quartier de la Porte-Dauphine (16), 
64. Quartier de Chaillot (16), 
65. Quartier des Ternes (17), 
66. Quartier de la Plaine de Monceaux (17), 
67. Quartier des Batignolles (17), 
68. Quartier des épinettes (17), 
69. Quartier des Grandes-Carrières (18), 
70. Quartier de Clignancourt (18), 
71. Quartier de la Goutte-d'Or (18), 
72. Quartier de La Chapelle (18), 
73.Quartier de La Villette (19), 
74.Quartier du Pont de Flandre (19), 
75. Quartier d'Amérique (19), 
76. Quartier du Combat (19), 
77. Quartier de Belleville (20), 
78. Quartier Saint-Fargeau (20), 
79. Quartier du Père-Lachaise (20), 
80. Quartier de Charonne (20). 

Bois de Boulogne valt onder de wijken 61, 62, 63 en Bois de Vincennes onder 45, 46.

          Diplôme des Iles de Paris DIP             (NEW)

Contact 2 stations on islands in the Seine, Bois de Boulogne and Vincennes Rivers.  DIP #1 is issued for all the islands of Paris.
(Chg 2/09)

List of islands at: 

        Diplome du Grand Paris DGP (New)
Contact amateur stations of the former department of Seine.  This consists of 80 municipalities and 20 arrondissements of Paris, all constituting the "Grand Paris" shared the 1st January 1968. 
The DGP is issued for 30 municipalities and 10 districts of Paris.  

For the "DGP of Honor", you will need contacts in 65 municipalities and 15 districts. 

The DGP#1 is issued for all 20 districts and 80 municipalities. 

Each year during January, a "Contest of Greater Paris" is held.  The cost for this award on paper is 12€.  A list of the municipalities and districts of the "Grand Paris" is found on their website: 

(New 2/2009)

        Journee Mondiale des Radioamateurs JMR    (New)
The JMR invites you to attend the anniversary of the founding of the IARU in Paris  on 18 Apr 1925.  This award may be earned every year by contacting one station in the city of Paris on 18 April. from 0000Z to 2400z.   Contacts with mobiles or repeaters do not count.  No charge if award is delivered electronically, otherwise, a paper certificate will cost 12€. 

      Diplome des Monuments de Paris DMP     (New)
The DMP may be earned after contacting stations operating within 50 meters of a listed monument.  A new certificate is issued for each additional 3 monuments.  The DMP#1 is issued at the 30 monuments level.  Cost of award by e-mail is 5€ and additional awards 1€.  For the 30 monument level, the fee is 10€. 
List of monuments:

       Diplome d'lle de France (DIF)     (New)
Contact stations from the 8 departments of the Ile de France.  These are: 75 Ville de Paris, 77 Seine et Marne, 78 Yvelines, 91 Essonne, 92 Hauts-de Seine, 93 Seine-Saint-Denis, 94 Val de Marne, 95 Val d'OIse. Awarded in 3 classes:
Class 1: 1 QSO/SWL with Dept 77, 78, 91, 92, 93, 94, and 95 plus 3 districts of Paris. (10)
Class 2: 5 QSO/SWL with the departments listed above plus 10 arrondissements of Paris. (45).
Class 3: 10 QSO/SWL with the departments listed above plus 20 arrondissements of Paris. (90). 
DIF#1 is issued for QSO/SWL with all 20 districts of the department of the City of Paris plus 70 stations in the other 7 departments of Ile de France. 
(For all the above categories,  you must work at least one station within the Ville de Paris (75) and the departments of Ile de France.  "Joker" station F6KVP may be used to substitute one missing arrondissement of Paris.

Tks PA3CUZ 1/31/08 and 2/12/09 for the additional 5 awards added. 

    Diplome De La Ville De Paris (DVP)
Contact special stations operated by the ARP Club which are located in Paris and form the word "PARIS" from any of the letters used in their suffix.  The complete list of valid stations and the dates which will qualify for the award are found on their website.  QSOs must be on or after 1 January 2008.
(Tks PA3CUZ)(09)

Diplome Picardie 16         Rewrite 4/2008 

Contact stations in the REF region 16 Picardie (Depts 02, 60 and 80) after 1 Jan 1995.  HF: Contact 16 stations including at least 4 from Dept 02 Aisne, 4 in Dept 60 Oise and 4 in Dept 80 Somme. VHF: Contact 6 stations of the 3 departments.  UHF: Contact one station in each of these 3 departments.  All bands and modes.  GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Francoise Desaintjean F1SQH, 62B, Route national, F-80800 Lamotte Warfuse, France. 


(Chg 4/2008)

Diplome des Prefixes Francais D.PX.F

Contact French prefixes on all HF bands and by SSB, CW, Mixed or RTTY modes. Available in 4 classes:

Class 3 - confirm 10 different prefixes.
Class 2 - confirm 14 different prefixes.
Class 1 - confirm 19 different prefixes.
Class EXTRA - confirm 21 prefixes, TP and 5 different prefixes on 5 bands (25 contacts).

The 19 valid prefixes are: F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F8 F9 FG FH FJ FK FM FO FP FR FS FT FW FY TK.

Joker: the TP prefix may be used to replace one missing prefix for the class 1,2 and 3 level. No time restrictions. Single mode or band endorsement as requested.  SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 10 Euro, 10 IRC or $US10 to: Pierre Fournier F-10095, 3 Bis Av. De Porchefontaine, F-78000 Versailles, France.

(Chg 4/2007)

Val de Sambre Fortresses Award

  This award is issued by the Fagnes Radio Club for working different fortresses in the French Val du Sambre area. SWL OK. On HF, one needs at least 5 fortresses and the mill of Salmagne (DFVS 5908). , on VHF 3 are needed + DFVS 5908.. Honor Roll for 8 fortresses. All fortresses receive a reference starting with the letters DFVS followed by a number. No matter what class you apply for, a contact with reference DFVS5911 is mandatory.   Send log extract + fee of 10€ to: Jean-Francois Fourieau (F8BMN), 50 Rue du Fort, F-59330 Hautmont, France.


(Chg 4/2008)


Sponsored by F5OGC to promote the discovery of the cultural heritage of the Department of the Sarthe. 
Available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs. 

Any castle shown in the official list of castles produced by the DFCF is valid for this award. 
The award may use contacts on all bands and modes. A castle contacted on one or more bands or modes will still count for one required castle. 

DCS Basic Award: 20 castles
DCS Excellence: 35 castles
DCS Honor: 50 castles

You may request the award be sent to you as a digital file. In this case there is no charge. Awards which are requested by mail must include fee of 10 euros. 

Application: Send certified extract from your logbook. No QSL is required. The log extract must indicate the DFCF castles reference number and include other log information including dates and times in GMT.
Applications from SWLs should mention the call sign of the station that called the activator at the time you heard them. 

Apply to: Jacky ANJARD F5OGC, 4 rue des pinsons, F-72450 MONTFORT LE GESNOIS, FRANCE

The official list of castles recognized by the DFCF may be found at: 

K1BV Research 1/2012

Diplome des Castles (Chateaux) de Seine Et Marne

French HF stations need at least 10 different castle locations, all others 5. VHF - 4 are needed. The valid castles are identified with DFCF 77XXX numbers. The web site includes a complete list of valid castles. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA, 8 rue de Verdun, F-77270 Villeparisis, France.


(Chg 4/10)

Diplome de Six Bourgeois

Issued by the REF division of Calais. To qualify, you need to contact different stations in the city of Calais and/or its surrounding territory (out to 20Km.). On VHF, 6 QSO’s are needed, on HF, contact 3. No repeater contacts. SWL OK. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 6€ for European stations, all others 8€ or $US8.  Send to Pierre Azoulay F6FLB, 520 Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny, F-62100 Calais, France.

(Chg 3/2003)

TV-FV Award

Contact special French prefixes which are used for special events such as commemorations, contests, and expeditions. Some of the eligible prefixes include: TV FV HW HX HY TH TM TO TQ TW TX. French stations need cards from 6 different stations, all others only need 3. Handprinted endorsements for Phone, RTTY, CW, single band upon request. SWL OK. Fee is $US10, 10€ or 10 IRCs. GCR list to TV-FV Manager, Pierre Fournier F-10095, 3 Bis, Avenue de Porche Fontaine F-78000 Versailles, France.

(Chg 11/2005)

UFT Series        

General Requirements: The UFT stands for "French Union of the Telegraphist".  All bands may be used, but contacts must all be made using CW. SWL OK.  Endorsements for the UFT Diploma are free, but you should provide two letter post stamps or $US2.  GCR list including the UFT number of the stations contacted  to: Union Française des Télégraphistes – F5HEW Irigoyen Bernard, 18 Rue Castel, F-83000 Toulon, France.


    Diploma of the UFT

Work 100 different members of the UFT after 15 May 1985.  Endorsements for each 100 additional. Award fee is 8€, $US10 or 10 IRCs.

    Century UFT

Contact members of UFT (Union Francaise des Telegraphistes) after 12 August 1985. F and EU stations need 100, all others need 50. The same station may be contacted on different bands after a 24-hour wait.  Fee for Basic award is 3€ or 5 IRCs. A separate award will be issued for 100 additional members (DX 50) on request under the same conditions. 

(Chg 10/2005)

--- l’Union Nationale des Radioamateurs et Radioclubs Series — (URE)

The URC was founded in 1968 by F9AA who, unhappy with the decisions taken by the bureau of the REF, the French IARU member, wanted to create an alternative association to balance its power, especially vis à vis administration of French amateur radio operators.

While not systematic opponents to the French REF, they were forced to take alternative courses and warn about the potential consequences of REF policies.. Since its creation, the URC has put the emphasis on technical skill.

General Requirements: Awards are available to amateurs, radioclubs and SWLs. Send GCR list with fee of 10E or 8 IRC. Apply to: URC, BP 40148, F-42012 Saint Etienne Cedex 2, France.


Departments of France

Contact different departments of France on or after April 1968. The award may be earned by Amateur, Radio Clubs, and SWLs. All HF bands and all modes are allowed.

.This award is available in four classes:
Class 1: 15 departments
Class 2: 35 departments
Class 3: 55 departments
Excellence: 99 departments

A list of French Departments may be found at:

Regions of France Award

Contact/SWL French regions on or after April 1968. Any bands and modes may be used.

This award is available in four classes:
Class 1: 10 regions
Class 2: 15 regions
Class 3: 22 regions
Excellence: 27 regions

A list of the regions of France may be found at:


Diplome YL Award

Contact/SWL YL operators . The award is available in 3 classes using any bands and modes.

Class 1 - 15 French YL’s.
Class 2 - 15 French YL’s plus 10 YL of Foreign Countries.
Class Excellence - 20 French YL’s plus 15 Yls of Foreign Countries.

Tks URE 2/15/12 



The award is issued in 3 classes:

Class 1 - Spell out the name "Union of Amateur Radioclubs" using the first letter or last letter of the call sign of stations contacted. 
For example UR5VF   CT1LN      I1DEV.........etc.

The list of stations should represent at least 3 countries in each of the 6 continents.

Class 2 - Spell out the same name as above but only by using the last letter of the suffix of the stations contacted. 
For example ON1DU      LA3GN ............etc.     The list of stations should include all six continents.

Class 3 - Same as Class 1, except it must include at least 5 stations confirming a SWL report.

(The group also includes two awards aimed at SWLs, but which may be also earned by licensed stations.)


Issued in 3 classes for providing proof of receiving SWL cards as follows:

1- 15 French SWL cards.
2 - 15 SWL cards plus 10 French foreign SWL cards.
3 - EXCELLENCE - 20 SWL cards plus 15 French SWL cards plus 1 YL SWL card. (A total of 36 cards).

Diploma of URC des SWL

Available in 3 categories:

A. SWL’s: must have received cards from 25 different countries plus 10 French Departments. (Total of 35 cards needed.)
B. Radioclubs: must have received at least 50 QSLs including cards from 20 different countries.
C. Amateurs: must have received at least 30 QSLs including cards from 10 different French Departments.

Tks URE 2/16/12 


2005 marks the hundredth anniversary of the death of Jules Verne, popular French author and founding father of science fiction.  The award is issued to celebrate this commemoration and to promote activity on ham bands.  This award is available to all radio amateurs and short wave listeners who will contact / hear, within a period of 80 days  the 10 countries crossed by Phileas Fogg and Passepartout , the heroes of novel written by Jules Verne.

Valid contacts in any mode or band are to be made in any 80 day period and only after 25 March 2005 with the following countries: 
England, France, Italy, Egypt, India, Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Japan and the USA.

Send your application accompanied by a certified list of contacts with 5€,$US5 or 5 IRCs to : MAILLARD Dominique F6HIA, 1726 Chemin du Plan, 30650 ROCHEFORT DU GARD, France.

(Sponsor reserves the right to ask for any of the QSL cards). 

Tks F5NQL 3/2005

World Lighthouse Award

Award was created by F5SKJ and F5OGG for working lighthouses around the world after 1 July 1997. SWL OK. An official lighthouse list is available from the sponsor. This list carries reference numbers starting at LH001. The award may be earned for mixed, phone or CW. 

Separate award categories exist for activators of light houses, and for working lighthouses. 

Award categories sponsored are:

    WLH50  50 lighthouses of the world. in CW mode. Requires proof of contact with 50 Lighthouses around the world that have been validated by WLH.   
    WLH 150 of the world.
    WLH 250 of the world
    WLH 350 of the world
    WLH 450 of the world
    WLH 550 of the world
    WLH 650 of the world
    WLH 750 of the world
    WLH 850 of the world
    WLH 950 of the world
    WLH Africa
    WLH North America
    WLH Central America and West Indies
    WLH South America
    WLH Antarctica and Arctic
    WLH Asia
    WLH Europe
    WLH Oceania
    - The Plaque of Excellence and Special Trophies ( presently under study). 

    WLH for 6 meters / VHF and UHF: requires proof of contacting 20 lighthouses valid for WLH on 6 meters, VHF or UHF. 

  Endorsements are available in the same mode as your WLH award.  Endorsements of 1 or more new lighthouses may be added to your existing award. 

WLH Lighthouse Activator

    WLH Bronze Medal - for activating 3 different lighthouses and submit WLH validation cards to a checkpoint for approval.

    WLH Silver Medal - for activating 6 different lighthouses and to have the Bronze medal.  

    WLH Gold Medal - for activating 9 different lighthouses and to have the Bronze and Silver medal.

    WLH Trophy for Best Activator of the Year - each expedition member who has received the 3 above medals will automatically participate for this Trophy.  WLH HQ will ask for assistance of checkpoints for nomination.  The Trophy will be awarded during the WLH Convention. 

    Special WLH Meritorious Award - selected by WLH HQ.  Based on significant contributions to the betterment of the WLH award.

    Cup for the Best DXCC Country for WLH Participation. WLH HQ will recognize best DXCC country participation.  Based on the number of WLH expeditions by operators from the same country.  

Contacts with /MM stations near lighthouses do not count.  No use of relays or satellites or packet radio. All contacts for the award must have been made from the same geographical region/DX country.  Honor roll level for contacting 70% of all lighthouses activated since 1 Jul 1997.  SWL OK.  

Special application form, found at their website is needed. QSL cards are required along with return postage and award fee. 

Fee of $US11, 10€  (endorsement stickers 3.5€ or $US4) should be sent to: WLH Award, 18 Allee Roch-Bihen, F-44510 Le Pouliguen, France. 

(It is highly recommended that you review the somewhat comprehensive rules and instructions found at this website for the award specifics.  List of approved lighthouses is found here as well.) 

(Chg 4/2009)

Worked Zones SWL Award

Hear amateurs or get amateurs get SWL cards in different CQ-WAZ zones, 40 in all. 3 classes for licensed amateurs:

Class 1 - receive QSLs from SWL's in all 40 Zones.
Class 2 - receive QSLs from SWL's in 20 Zones.
Class 3 - receive QSLs from SWL's in 10 Zones.

3 classes for SWL's:

Class 1 - receive QSL confirmations from hams in all 40 Zones.
Class 2 - receive QSL confirmations from hams in 30 Zones.
Class 3 - receive QSL confirmations from hams in 20 Zones.

No time limit. All bands or modes acceptable. Endorsements for mode or band. GCR list and  $10US, 10 Euro or 10 IRCs to Pierre Fournier F-10095 , 3 Bis, Avenue de Porche Fontaine, F-78000 Versailles, France.


(Chg 4/2007)

Worked 45th Parallel (W-45-P)

Work French departments and countries located along the 45th parallel of latitude around the world. SWL OK. All bands and modes. 

Basic class requires 5 departments and 10 countries. 
The Honor Class 2 requires 10 departments and 15 countries. 

Send GCR list and fee of 10€, $US10 or 10 IRC to: Mm. Evelyne Terrail F5RPB, Quartier St. Jean, F-26340 Saillans, France.


Countries are: F, I, 9A, T9, YU, YO, UT, UA6, BY, UN, UJ/EY JT, JA, VE, W.

Departments are: 05, 07, 15, 19, 24, 26, 33, 38, 43, 46.

(Chg 7/2009)

Diplôme 10 Millions

Contact French stations in towns with different French Zip/Postal codes. For example, the value of the code in the sponsor's address shown below is 77270. The number produced by adding all of the contacts must equal at least 10,000,000 for the basic award. A trophy is offered for accumulating a total of 50,000,000. Each postal code may be used only one time. The number of zip codes is limited to 25 by the French department. Postal codes from French SWLs may also be used. Postal codes of French Overseas Departments, such as FG, FM, FR, etc may also be used. SWL OK. 

Contacts with DFCF (French Castles Award) stations gives a 10% bonus of the castle reference. For example, F6XXX/P, operating from DFCF castle 45-050 has a home postal code of 45000. This means 45000 +10% from DFCF 45-050 (= 4505) = new value of 49505 may be used. 

All bands and modes. No time limitations. GCR list and fee of 10€, 10 IRCs or $US10 and for the trophy, the fee is 35€ to : Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA, 8 rue de Verdun, F-77270 Villeparisis, France. Sponsor has created EXCEL spreadsheet program to manage this award. This may be downloaded from his website as a good tool to keep track of your contacts.


(Chg 8/2012)