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 A.G.R.A. Series

General Requirements: Contacts after 17 August 1960. SWL OK.  Minimum report of 33 or 339. GCR list and 10 IRCs fee for each award to be sent with SASE to: A.G.R.A. Diplom Mngr., BP 1826, Libreville, GABON.

(Chg 6/04)


Confirmed QSO's with eight different TR stations, any mode any band.


Confirmed QSO's with twelve different TR stations, any mode on at least 3 HF bands.

DDG Special

One confirmed QSO on each of 5 different HF bands.  A contact on the 40 and 80 meter band is required. 

(Chg 6/04)

GEORGIA      Georgia Award

Contact Georgian stations on any bands or modes since 1 Jan 1994. 

Requirements for CW, SSB, digital or mixed modes:
Eu/Asia need 5 contacts Other Continents need 2 contacts.

Requirements for other digital modes:
Eu/Asia need 2 contacts. Other Continents need 1 contact.

If contacts are made on 10 or 6 meters, only 1 QSO needed. Also, if contacts made in May, the month of Georgian Independance, only 1 QSO needed. If you work a special event station or expedition in Georgia, only 1 QSO needed.    Repeat QSOs are permitted if on different bands or modes. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of $US6 (no charge for handicapped/invalids) to Shalve Beridze, PO Box 49, GE-0102 Tbilisi, Georgia .


(Chg 3/2009)5o

The sponsor suggests that funds can be safely be transferred using the CONTACT system:
PHONE: (+995 32) 986233
After payment through "CONTACT" is necessary to send the resulting code
Last Name, First Name, and your call sign on the e-mail
If the award is earned by contacts in the month of May, a compact disc of the national dances and songs will be sent along with the paper award. The National Independence Day of Georgia is May 26.

GEORGIA                   --- IVERIA RADIO CLUB Series ---

General requirements: Contacts on or after 1 January 2000.  Cost of awards is $US6 or 10 IRC.  GCR accepted.  SWL OK. Apply to: Radio Club Iveria, Avtandil Djikla, 38/34, UL. Kaloubani St., Tbilisi GE-0102,  Georgia.   (or: Box 49, GE-0102 Tbilisi, Georgia).


                       Diploma Iveria
Contact Georgian stations using any band or mode.  Europeans need 5, Asians 3 and All Others 1.

                       Diploma Tbilisi
Contact Georgian stations using any band or mode. Europeans need 3, Asians 2 and All Others 1. 

Tks RA1AE 2/09, confirmed by 4L1BR

GEORGIA                          Transcaucasia Award

Contact amateurs of Caucasus countries on or after 1 Jan 1994: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan. All bands and modes. Amateurs from Europe and Asia must have 2 QSOs with each of these countries. All others need one from each. Contacts made on the Independence Day of any of these countries, only one QSO with that country is needed. Contacts with the same station but made on different bands or modes will count for the award.

Send GCR list and and fee of $US6 to: Nersesyan Alexander 4L1FP, H17, Airport, 0158, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Tks RA1AE 2/09