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(Updated 1/5/2016)

Domstaedte Diploma

This award is issued by the DARC Division Hochschwarzwald (DOK A21) for contacting stations in German cities in which cathedrals are located.  (dom = cathedral). SWL OK. Contacts after 1 Jan 1997 are valid. No band or mode restrictions. Germans need 100 points, other Europeans 50, all others 25 points. Each contact or SWL report from a station in DOK A21 counts 10 points. Each station in a city listed below counts 5 points. A city may only be counted once.

GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Alexander Schlegel (DC6GG), Weissensteinweg 5B, D-79837 St. Blasien, Germany.

(Chg 2/2007)

Valid cities: Aachen, Altenburg, Augsburg, Badowick, Bamberg, Bautzen, Berlin, Brandenburg, Braunschweig, Bremen, Erfurt, Frankfurt Am Main, Freiberg, Freising, Fulda, Furstenwalde, Griefswald, Gustrow, Halberstadt, Halle/Salle, Havelberg, Hildesheim, Koln, Limburg, Luebeck, Magdeburg, Mains, Meissen, Meldorf, Merseburg, Minden, Munster, Naumburg, Nordhausen, Paderborn, Passau, Quendlinburg, Ratzeburg, Regensburg, Schleswig, Schwerin, Soest, Speyer, St. Blasien, Stendal, Trier, Verden, Wesel, Wetzlar, Worms, Wurzen, Wuerzburg, Xanten, Zeitz, Zwickau.

(Chg 10/2002)

Dortmunder Dreiklang Diplom

Sponsored by the Ortsverband Dortmund-West (DOK O52), for contacts after 1 January 2008. SWL OK.   DL stations need 30 points with at least 5 member stations of DOK O52, EU stations need 20 with at least 3 O52 stations and all others 15 points and 1 O52 station.

Point Values:
1. Each contact with members of the DOK’s Dortmund (DOK O05), Dortmund-Süd (O41), Dortmunder Schulen (O45), Dortmund-West (O52) and Dortmunder Hochschulen (O54) = 1 point per band.  
2. Clubstations DL0DWE, DL0RAG, DL0BVB, DK0HBG, DR0R und DQ0A = 2 points.
3. HF contacts count double.
4. Special DOK S-DOK RAG count as DOK O52.

All bands and modes except Packet Radio and Echo Link. GCR list and fee for DL stations 7€ and all others 10€ or $US15 to: Brigitte Weiss-Dittko DJ5BWD, Amerbaumweg 44, D-44357 Dortmund, Germany. 

(Chg 4/2010) 

   --- DSW Series --- 

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Sammler Waterkant group, all of whom live near the seacoast or have been associated with a career at sea.  SWL OK.  Each station may be worked one time.  All bands and modes.  Member list, Paddle List, EU-POAR list, special applications (not required) may be found at: .  Apply to: Walter Bender, DL1LBS, Gotlandwinkel 7, D-24109 Kiel, Germany. 


(Chg 2/2011)

DSW Diploma

Contact members of this group in the following districts: E, I, M and V (including Z-DOK's in these districts).  Contacts after 21 July 1994.  Members may be worked on their net, first Sunday of each month.  16 UTC at 3677, and are valid for the award.  Cards not needed for net contacts, but note it on your application.  On HF or mixed HF/VHF, DL and Europeans need 20 members, 3 districts and 2 YLs.  DX need any 5 members.  On VHF, all need 10 members, 2 districts and 1 YL.  Fee is 5€ or $US5.

(Chg 3/2007)

DSW - Paddel (Paddle)   

You must first have earned and received the DSW award shown above, and those contacts are valid for the increased requirements.  On HF, or mixed HF/VHF - DL and Europeans need 30 members, 2 from each of the 4 districts and 4 YLs.  DX need any 8 members and 2 districts.  On VHF, 15 DSW members, 3 districts and 2 YLs are mandatory.  Fee: DL 10 €, Europeans 15 € or $US15, and all others 18 € or $US18.  

(Chg 3/2007)

DSW Knotenbrett Award

Available only to holders of the DSW Paddel only.  On HF, or mixed HF/VHF, DL and Europeans need 60 members, 4 from each of the 4 districts and 8 YLs plus 50 additional holders of the DSW Paddel for a total of 110 QSOs.  DX need 15 DSW members and 3 districts, one YL plus 10 DSW Paddel holders, for a total of 25 QSOs.  On VHF, 30 members, 3 districts with two contacts each 4 YLs and 30 DSW paddle holders, for a total of 60 QSOs.  Fee DL = 25 €, EU 27 € or $US27 and all others 30 € or $US30.  

(Chg 3/2007)


POAR stands for Ports on Amateur Radio and the aim is to contact harbors in the European Union.  QSOs after 1 Nov 1993 (date of the Maastricht Treaty) are valid, however, stations from countries who joined the European Union after this date are only valid starting at the date their country joined.  Each harbor may be counted once.  QTH must be marked on QSLs. Contact stations with QTH listed in the official EU-POAR list, which may be downloaded on .

I HF and VHF/UHF mixed - 75 ports, stickers each additional 75.
II HF only - 50 ports, stickers each additional 50.
III VHF/UHF only - 25 ports, stickers each additional 25.

Fee of 6 € or $US10.  Endorsement sticker: SASE or SAE + 1 IRC.   For those who have reached 300 in Class I, 200 in Class II or 100 in Class III may apply for a place on the POAR toplist.  To qualify, applicant must submit a GCR list to arrive at the manager before 1 July of each year.  

(Chg 8/2007)

Organspende Rettet Leben Award

Contact any 22 different stations using the last letter of their call to spell out the term: "ORGANSPENDE RETTET LEBEN".  Three missing letters may be replaced by QSOs with DSW members or holders of the DSW Paddel.  Contacts must be made after 1 Jan 1997.  Any profits received from this award will be given to the medical center of the city of Rostock, where children with kidney diseases are treated.  These donations will take place at official ceremonies.  Fee 8 € or $US10. 

(Chg 3/2007)

10th Anniversary of EU-POAR Award (Permanent Award)

This is an additional award sponsored by the DSW Group to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their EU-POAR award (listed above).  Although the award is for an anniversary, it has been made a permanent award.   Contacts after January 1st, 2006 are valid. SWL OK. Contact stations with QTH listed in the official EU-POAR list (which can be downloaded in: .Earn total of 22 points.  Contacts with "normal" land based stations count 1 point, portable or mobile stations count 2 points and maritime mobile stations are worth 3 points. Each station can be worked on several bands to get extra points. No band or mode restrictions (but no use of packet radio or Echolink). Send logbook extract + fee of 15€ or $20  The award comes in form of a 26cm statue representing a mooring post and each statue is handmade and its weight is about 1/2 kilogram.


(Chg 8/2007)

Diplom DSW-2000

A long term award for the promotion of the activities of the DSW on the occasion of the millenium. Not easy to achieve. Contacts after 1 Jan 1999. SWL OK. Earn 200 points. Each DSW member counts 10 points. Each holder of the DSW Knotenbrett, DSW Paddel, DSW Diploma (Basic), EU-POAR Award, Organspende Diplom (ask award number) = 5 points. As a result, a contact with just one member who has earned all of these awards will be worth 35 points. If you work this award only on VHF bands, the point values are worth triple value. The club stations DF0DSW, DK0DSW and DL0DSW each are worth 100 points (no additional points for other certificates.) If you receive a SWL card from a DSW SWL member or any other SWL who holds any of the above listed certificates., you may also claim points for these as well. All bands and modes. Fee 5€ or $US8.

Duisburger Hafen Diploma

Sponsored by DARC OV Duisburg (DOK L16) on the 275th anniversary of the Port of Duisburg. SWL OK. Contact Duisburg stations after 1 Jan 1996, all bands or modes. Each station may be only counted once for credit. DL's need 80 points, EU 60 and all others 40 You must work at least one clubstation from DOK L16. The following DOK's count: L01, L02, L09, L16, L20, L29 and Z40. Clubstations of DOK L16 (DB0DH, DL0D, DL0RD) = 10 points each. Clubstations of the other eligible DOK's count 5 points each, members of DOK L16 = 2 points and members of other DOK's = 1 point. Contacts on 70 Cm or above count double but a maximum of only 2 club stations in L16 are allowed.. GCR list and fee of 5€  $US5 or 5 IRCs to: Manfred Schwamborn DH2JX, Am langen Bongert 7, D-47259 Duisburg, Germany.  


(CHG 6/2006)


The German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) e.V., district of Württemberg P, publishes this diploma, on the occasion of the new special DOKs for personal calls since 1st of September, 2004. This award can be applied by radio amateurs and accordingly by SWLs.

DL stations need 15, other European stations need 10 and DX stations need 5 confirmed QSOs with different personal special DOKs. The personal special DOKs are DVA to DVI and DVK to DVZ. (The last letter shows the district letter in Germany, f.e. DVP like Württemberg P). QSOs in the DARC-Xmas-contest count also as activities from the districts using these special DOKs.  All bands and modes are accepted with the exception of echo link and packet radio. The award application is sent with a confirmed list of existing QSL cards (GCR list) Fee for award:  DL's 5€  +1.45 postage = 6.45€, Europeans 5€ + 2.50 postage = 7.50€, and all others 5€ + 4€ = 9€ or $ the following address: Michael Burgmaier, DH8BM (DIG 4976), Heudorfer Str. 9, D-88521 Ertingen. Germany.

An endorsement will be awarded  for working all 25 personal special DOKs. Please send GCR-list with SASE or SAE and 1 IRC or 2 US-$ to the award manager. 


(Chg 8/2007)

Eckernförde 700 Years- 1302-2002

This award is a "permanent" award issued in 2002, but with updates in 2014. The German Amateur Radio Club eV, Ortsverband Eckernförde, DOK M01, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the founding of the city, offers an award available in three classes to radio amateurs and SWL's for contacts from 1 January 2003 or later.

Points Required for the award:
Class 1 - 100 points
Class 2 - 70 points
Class 3 - 40 points

Scoring: Each contact with stations from the local chapter Eckernförde, DOK M01, and the club stations DL0EO, DL0JN and DL0HMK = 10 points each, but the contact with the club stations is not mandatory. You may include any contact with other stations from the DARC district Schleswig-Holstein (M-DOK) and resident in the district ZDOKs (currently Z10, Z69, Z71 and Z72) plus the indefinite special DOKs DVM, YLM, SH and SHF which =2 points each.

Same station may be worked on different bands and modes for award credit. All bands and all modes - except Packet Radio - can be used. The diploma can be applied for in two ways:

1. Proposed GCR list (one of two licensed radio amateurs or a DIG-member or a club official (OVV, DV) confirmed list of QSL cards). They should be sent with the fee of 5.00 € to the following address: Jürgen Heitmann, DK5LQ, Miihlenweg 4, D-24214 Lindau / Revensdorf

2, Application on the DCL (German version of ARRL’s LOTW) . It is advisable to use only within the DCL confirmed data.. The PDF version is free, the diploma fee of 5,00 € for the paper version must be stating the call sign and DCL application no. be transferred to the following account:
Account holder: DARC e.V., OV Eckernförde M01
Account number: 989885607
Bank code: 50010060
IBAN: DE41 5001 0060 0989 8856 07

Source: Tks DIG Bulletin 1839 of 23 Oct 14.

EFA - DL Diploma                   Rewrite 2/5/14

The Railways associated radio amateur (EFA) members in the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) are offering this award to licensed radio amateurs and SWLs. To qualify, you must have worked/heard German Railway Radio Amateurs and/or their Club Satiations at any time since 1st January 1991. Reception reports from SWLs who are members of EFA will have the same value as QSL cards from transmitting amateurs.

Point-count Shortwave:

Level of the Award: German Applicants Stations outside Germany Required Club Stations
Basic diploma 75 20 1
Stage 2 100 35 2
Stage 3 130 45 3
Stage 4 160 55 4
Stage 5 200 65 5

Point-count VHF:

Level of the Award German Applicants Stations outside Germany
Basic diploma 25 10
Stage 2 30 15
Stage 3 35 20
Stage 4 40 25
Stage 5 50 30

Only for VHF: If the award is claimed during the annual F.I.R.A.C-contest, on Saturday the 3rd June then the award can be claimed with a log extract sent to the Award manager. (The evaluations and scrutiny on the Contest-manager is unaffected by this.)

Points value: Every contact or listener report is worth one point, contact with club stations count as two points. Each call-sign counts once per band and mode. There are no limitations as to modes used. If only one mode mode is used when working this can be noted on the award if so desired.

Application: Award applications are to be sent together with a GCR(General Certification Rule) –List (i.e. logbook extract with certified statement that the applicant has the said QSL-cards) to the award manager of the EFA:  Hans Piehler, DL 8 ARJ, August-Bebel-Straße 5, D-07639 Bad Klosterlausnitz, Germany.

E-mail address:

Fee: The fee for the basic award is €8,00 or $10,00. Every endorsement sticker costs €2,00 or $3,00. 

Electronic banking details:     
payee: Eisenbahnfunkamateure
IBAN: DE31 5009 0500 0000 952101

Hint: Regular shortwave nets are run by the Railway Radio Amateurs on Wednesdays at 17:00 middle European time on 3.645 +/- QRM. Further information is to be found on the home page at


Ehrenburg Award

Sponsored by OV Forchheim DOK B26. Contact stations in DOK's B05, B08, B26, B27, B31, B33, B38, B40 and Z51 after 1 January 1991. Earn 25 points: club calls DL0FO and DB0QV = 5 points, each from B26 = 2, other listed DOK's = 1. It is necessary to contact one club station and six from B26. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Dieter Puchlinger DG2NBM, Angerestr. 10a, D-91301 Forchheim, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2007)

Eifeler Seen Diplom

Contact 20 stations from at least 10 Eifeler Ortsverbanden within one calendar year.(Jan till Dec.) You must work at least one from each of the G and the K District. Also must you give a statement that in the same year, you walked around at least five lakes within the Eifel/Ville area. GCR list may be submitted until 15 Jan of the following year, and fee of 4 euro to: Werner Theis, Luxemburger Strasse 59, D_53881 Euskirchen, Germany.

Valid DOK's: G01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 22, 23, 26, 30, 31, 33, 36, 41, 42, 45, 46, 50, 51, 55, K01, 05, 10, 20, 31, 32, 34, 36, 45, 47, 48 and 51.

Eifel/Ville lakes.

a. South and Vulkan Eifel: Gemünder Maar, Gillenfelder Maar(Pulvermaar), Holzmaar, Immerather Maar, Jungfernweiher, Laacher See, Meerfelder Maar, Schalkenmehrener Maar, Ulmener Maar, Weinfelder Maar (Totenmaar), Windsborn (Mosenberg Maar).

b. North Eifel: Dreilägerbach_Stausee, Freilinger See, Füssenicher See, Kronenburger See, Madbach_Stausee, Olef_Stausee, Perlenbach_Stausee, Rur_Stausee ( Ober_und Untersee), Steinbach_Stausee, Urft_Stausee, Wehebach_Stausee, Zülpicher Wassersportsee.

c. Ville/Kottenforst: Grosser Bleintreusee, Heider Bergsee, Liblaer See, Lucretiasee/Silbersee, Otto_Maigler See.

Tks PA3CUZ 11/02

Eitorfer Basalt Diplom

Sponsored by the Ortsverband Eitorf, G54 for contacts after 1 January 2004, SWL OK.  Earn 150 points with at least 50 points from G54 stations. Each contact with stations from DOK G54 = 10 points. Club stations DF0HC and DL0EIT 20 points. Stations from the district Köln-Aachen (all G DOK’s) and VFDB-DOKs Z12, Z32, Z37 count 2 points. Each contact with a G DOK (G11, G24 etc) counts just one time for 5 points. All bands and modes except Packet Radio. Each station may be worked only one time. GCR list and fee for DL stations 5€, all others € 10 or $US10 to: Christian Bünger DL6KAC, Im Schiefengarten 3, D-53639 Königswinter, Germany


Tks PA3CUZ 4/2006

 Elm Lappwald Diplom

Sponsored by the DARC-Ortsverband Helmstedt DOK H30 for contacts after 1 Jan 1985. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Work 5 stations from DOK H 30 and 10 stations from other H-DOK's. One contact with Club station DL0KP is mandatory. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Dieter Vieth (DJ7GD), Elzweg 42, D-38350 Helmstedt, Germany. 


(Chg 1/2011)

City Essen Award

Contact stations in Essen DOK's; L05, L10, L11 and Z45 since 1 Jan 1972. 15 points needed. QSOs on HF and SHF bands = 3 oints.  RTTY, FAX, SSTV, ATV, APR, AMTOR, PACTOR = 3 points.  Contacts on 2m and 70cm distance longer than 50Km from Essen = 2 points, under 50Km = 1 point.  Repeater QSOs = 1 point.   Locator of Essen is JO31MK. GCR list and 5€,  $US6 or 10 IRCs to: Dietrich Lehmann DJ2IO, Am Krausen Baumchen 72, D-45136 Essen, Germany. 

(Chg 11/2007) 

EURD            Rewrite

Awarded for RTTY (including AMTOR, etc.) contacts with different European countries and their prefixes. SWL OK. All bands may be used. European countries per the official WAE list. Each European prefix counts for 1 prefix point per band. Four classes:

EURD                     20 WAE-Countries and 100 prefixes
Sticker EURD II       30 WAE-Countries and 150 prefixes
Sticker EURD I        40 WAE-Countries and 200 prefixes
EURD Trophy           50 WAE-Countries and 250 prefixes

For the basic EURD, QSLs from at least 20 different countries on any bands and a minimum of 100 prefix points are needed.   All QSLs must indicate RTTY.  RTTY includes AMTOR, PACTOR, CLOVER, G-TOR, PACKET, PSK-31 and HELL.  Contacts after 1 Jan 1965.  Contacts during the European DX Contest WAE, RTTY part, and the DARC Corona Digital 10m Contest and the DARC HELL contest may be used for EURD endorsements, as long as the log of the station you worked has been submitted.  Requests must be made within one year after the contest involved.  

Fee for the certificate is 5€ or $US7, endorsement sticker 1.5€ or $US2 and fee for the trophy is 30€ or $US30.  GCR list to: DARC EURD Manager Martin Henz DL5NAH, Rochenweg 1, D-70378 Stuttgart, Germany.  


WAE Country list as of 1 June 2002:  C3  CT  CU  DL  EA  EA6  EI  ER  ES  EU  F  G  GD  GI  GJ  GM  GM/s  GU  GW  HA  HB  HB0  HV  I  IS  IT  JW  JW/b  JX  LA  LX  LY  LZ  OE  OH  OH0  OJ0  OK  OM  ON  OY  OZ  PA  R1F  R1M  RA  RA2  S5  SM  SP  SV  SV/A  SV5  SV9  T7  T9  TA1  TF  TK  UR  YL  YO  YU  Z3  ZA  ZB  1A0  3A  4U1I  VU1V  9A  9H.  

(CHG 8/2007)

Europa Welle Saar Diplom

Issued by the DARC Ortsverband Sudsaar (Q11) for contacts after 1 January 2003. SWL OK. Earn 60 points and a contact with a club station of Q11 is obligatory. Each contact with a stations of Q11 = 5 points. Club stations DL0EW and DF0SS = 10 points. Other club stations of District Saar Distriktes Saar (all Q-DOK's and Z19) = 5 points. All others Saar district stations = 1 point. All bands and modes except digital. CW contacts and contacts on 70 cm and higher count double. Each station counts only once. GCR list and fee of € 5 or US$7 to: Thomas Neufeld DL4YBC, Brueckenstrasse 25, D-66115 Saarbruecken, Germany. 



Chg 1/2011

European CW Association Award

Issued for confirmed contacts on CW with at least 100 members of the EUCW clubs after 27 April 1991 on at least 3 different amateur bands with a minimum of 20 stations per band. SWL OK. The EUCW clubs are:

Activity Group CW DL  AGCW-DL  Germany
Benelux QRP Club BQC Netherlands
Belgian Telegraphy Club BTC Belgium
Club Francophone Telegraphiste CFT Belgium
Croatian Telegraphy Club CSC Croatia
CT CW Club CTCW Portugal
EA-CW Club EACW Spain
EA-QRP Club EA-QRP-C Spain
Belgian Telegraphy Extremely High Speed EHSC Belgium
First Class CW Operators Club FOC England
G-QRP Club G-QRP England
Greek Telegraphy Club GTC Greece
Hungarian CW Group HACWG Hungary
Hispania CW Club HCC Spain
Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club HSC Germany
Helvetia Telegraphy Group HTC Switzerland
Italian Naval "Old Rhthmers" Club INORC Italy
Italian QRP Club I-QRP Italy
Italian Telegraphy Club ITC Italy
Asso. Radioamatoriale Sardinia QRP Club IS QRP Italy
LZ CW Club - Contest Group LZCWC Bulgaria
Macedonian Telegraphic Group MCWG Macedonia
OE-CW Group OE-CW-G Austria
OH Telegraphy Club OHTC Finland
OK QRP Club OK-QRP Czech Republic
Radio Telegraphy Club RTC Germany
Russian Amateur Radio RU-QRP Club RU-QRP Russia
Scandanavian CW Activity Group SCAG Nordic countries
Radio Telegraphy Super High Speed Club SHSC Belgium
Polish Telegraphy Club SPCWC Poland
International Morse Telegraphy Club UCWC Ukraine
Union Francaise des Telegraphistes UFT France
CIS High Speed CW Club U-QRQ-C CIS countries
Radio Telegraphy Very High Speed Club VHSC Netherlands
YL CW Group YL-CW-G Germany
Groupe Monegasque de Telegraphie 3A-CWG Monaco
9A CW Group 9A-CWG Croatia

List of clubs from: 

 The stations worked must include at least 3 members of 6 different EUCW clubs. 3 Classes of the award will be available: (1) Standard, using any authorized power, (2) QRP, not over 5W use by the applicant, (3) SWL. GCR list including EUCW club and member number plus fee of 6€,  $US8 or 12 IRCs to: Werner Jochem DK7VW, , Wendelsborn 34, D-66606 St. Wendel, Germany. 


(Chg 2/2008)

European Flag Award

Contact "EUROPE" towns in W.Germany after 1 January 1987. The title of EUROPE TOWN is given to towns having special activities regarding the Community of Europe and it is considered an honor for a town to obtain this title. DL's need 250 points, other Europeans need 150, rest of world 100. One station in DOK T13 is mandatory.  Point Scoring: Each QSO with T13 = 20, each QSO with a club station in T13 = 50 (DL0LI, DF0WA, DR0W, each QSO with any other stations in a EUROPE town = 10, each QSO with any club station in a EUROPE town = 20.  SWL OK. Multicolored and beautifully designed award on heavy coated stock. GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US12 to: Siegfried Weber DL4MAR, Anheggerstr. 4A, D-88131 Lindau, Germany. 

(Chg 11/2008)

Listing of town cities valid for the European Flag Award:    Albstadt, Alsfeld, Altensteig, Alzey, Ansbach, Aumühle/Hamburg, Backnang, Ad Godesberg, Bad Homburg, Bad Kissingen, Bad Münstreifel, Bad Neustadt a.d.S, Badenweiler, Bamberg, Bensheim, Bergisch-Gladbach, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Biebesheim, Bergisch-Gladbach, Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Biebensheim, Biedenkopf a.d.L, Bietigheim-Biss, Bingen, Bitburg, Bocholt, Böblingen, Bonn-Beuel, Braunfels, Braunschweig, Breisach, Brühl, Castrop-Rauxel, Celle, Coesfeld, Darmstadt, Dietsenbach, Donauwörth, Dorsten, Dortmund, Dreieich, Edingen-Neckarh., Eggenfelden, Einbeck. Eltvlille/Rhein, Emmerich, Erbach, Esslingen, Ettlingen, Fellbach, Frankeneck, Frankenthal, Frankfurt/Main, Frechen, Freiburg, Freigericht, Fürstenhagen, Fulda, Geesthacht, Gerlingen, Germersheim, Gernsbach, Glinde, Goslar, Gottmaidingen, Gronau, Groß-Gerau, Groß-Umstadt, Grünberg, Hanau, Hann-Münden, Heilbronn, Hemmoor, Herrenberg, Heubach, Heyersum, Hildesheim, Hockenheim, Hünfeld, Immenstadt, Ingelheim, Kaiserslauten, Kandel, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Kiel, Kirchheim u.T, Konstanz, Korbach, Korntal-Münchingen, Kornwestheim, Lahr, Lampertsheim, Landau, Landshut, Langen, Leimen, Leinfelden-Echterd., Lindau, Linden(Holstein), Lörrach, Lorch, Ludwigsburg, Ludwigshafen, Lünen, Mainz, Mannheim, Marburg, Märkischer Kreis, Menden, Michelstadt, Mindelheim, Minden, Misburg, Möhringen, Monheim, Mühlheim/Ruhr, Münster, Murrhardt, Neckarsulm, Neukölln/Berlin, Neustadt(Holstein), Neustadt(Winstrasse), Nördlingen, Norderstedf, Nordhorn, Northeim, Nürtingen, Odenwaldkreis, Offenburg, Osnabrück, Osterode an Harz, Passau, Preetz, Rastatt, Ravensburg, Regensburg, Rendsburg, Reutlingen, Rheinfelden, Rothenburg o.d.T., Rüsselsheim, Schmitshausen, Schongau, Schramberg, Schweinfurt, Schwerte, Siegburg, Solingen, Sontra, Sottrum, Spaichingen, Speyer, Sulzfeld, Traunreuth, Trier, Trossingen, Uelzen, Verden/Aller, Viernheim, Villingen/Schwenningen, Waiblingen, Waldshut, Wehingen, Weiden, Weilburg, Wingarten, Werne, Wertheim, Wetzlar, Wiesbaden, Winnenden, Wolfenbüttel, Worms, Würzburg, Zweibrücken

European Model Town Award

Sponsored by the Radio Club Alsfeld, this may be earned by contacting stations in the Europoean Model-towns of: ALSFELD, BERLIN, ROTHENBURG O.T., TRIER or XANTEN. SWL OK. DL's need 20 points, other Europeans 15 and all others 10. One contact with ALSFELD DOK F55 is required. HF QSO's = 2 points, VHF up to 100 Km = 2, VHF 100-300 Km = 4, VHF over 300 Km = 6. UHF and SHF contacts will double point value. Contacts since 1 January 1980. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US6 to: Werner Rinke DK1WER, Torweg 27, D-36329 Romrod, Germany. 

(Chg 9/2007) 

European Padre Award  (Correct name is Conveniat-Diplom) 

Offered by "Conveniat-Runde", a group of more than 150 amateurs who are officially involved with church matters. Europeans need 7 members on HF, all others 3. On VHF bands 3 points.  SWL OK.GCR list and 10€ or 15 IRCs to: Gerhard Richter DB3AE, Jakob-Bohme-Strasse 27, D-38226 Salzgitter, Germany.

Fees received for the award are provided to missionaries to help with cost of radio equipment. 


(Chg 4/2002)

FCF Diploma

Contact members of the religious interest groups "Freundeskreis Christlicher Funkamateure" (FCF) and World Association of Christian Radio Amateurs and Listeners (WACRAL) after 1 January 1986. You must earn 15 points:  Members of FCF = 1 point. Members of WACRAL = 2 points each and club station DL0FCF = 5 points. .  One contact per member. SWL OK. FCF membership list for SASE/IRC to DL0FCF. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10 to: DL0FCF, Wehrstrasse 7, D-78727 Oberndorf/Neckar, Germany.

Memberlist at: 

(Chg 8/2007)

Fehn Diploma

Issued at the occasion of the "German Fehnroute" in Ostfriesland. SWL OK. Contact 10 of the following list of DOK's: I01 I02 I05 I06 I07 I11 I16  I22 I29 I30 I33 I44 I49 I51 I54 I55 I57 I58 and Z31. Only one station may be contacted from each DOK. QSO's after 1 January 1992. Clubstation DK0OF is mandatory. Issued in 4 classes: Shortwave (mixed mode/bands), VHF 2 meter (mixed modes), UHF 70 cm (mixed modes) and VHF 2m and UHF 70cm mixed. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Roland Gubitz DL5NAV, Buschstucke 17, D-26849 Filsum, Germany.  


(Chg 8/2007)

Fledermaus Diploma (Bat Diploma)

The award was issued to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the the German Amateur Radio Club e. V., Ortsverband Bad Segeberg, DOK M 14. The bat diploma is provided in the form of a fabric Bat. QSOs needed on or after starting date of 1.1.2002. SWL OK under the same rules.

Requirements: Earn at least 60 points by making radio contacts as follows.

Point Values: 
A. 10 points for contact with club station of the OV M14, DF0SE.
B. 5 points for QSO with Chairman of the District M (DOK DVM)
C. 5 points with members of OV M14 (DOK M14).
D. 3 points All other club stations of amateurs located in the district M.
E. 1 point for all other stations from the DARC district of Schleswig-Holstein (DOK M ..), including VHF stations using the Z-DOK.

All bands and modes except Packet Radio can be used. Each award application call sign must be listed only once. You are required to make at least one QSO with a station with the DOK M 14. During the first weeks of August each year-end, all point values are double.
The award application should be sent in the form of a GCR-list to or to the following address: Angelika Zahari, DH1LAZ, Farnstieg 5A, D-24610 Trappenkamp, Germany.

The fee for the diploma with fabric-bat is:
A. 20.00 EURO for shipping within Germany
B. 23.00 Euro for all other countries

The traditional printed diploma is available for:
A. 5,50 Euro for Germany or
B. 7.50 EURO will be requested for all other countries.

The fee includes the diploma and the shipping cost, and is to be transferred to Account: 168 35 78, BLZ: 230 612 20, Raiffeisenbank Wahlstedt, account holder: DARC OV Bad Segeberg.
For transfers from abroad, the IBAN number and the sort code instead of the BIC number must be specified instead of the account number: IBAN: DE 32230612200001683578 BIC: GENODEF1LZN

Tks ON4CAS 10/12/15

Flensburg Award

Issued by DARC Division Flensburg (DOK M03) on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. SWL OK. Contact stations after 1 Jan 1997 using any letter of their suffix to spell the words: "FLENSBURG DIPLOM". Stations from the following DOK’s may be used: any M-DOK, Z10, Z69, Z71, Z79, E03, E06, E08, E09, E10, E11, E12, E15, E20, E23, E25, E30, E35 and E38. The contacts should include at least 3 stations from M03 or Z79, any of the following clubstations DA0FL, DK0FL, DL0MFS, DL0FAF, DL0FGF and DL0FN, and 2 club stations from the region of Schleswig-Holstein (i.e. M-DOK’s). SWL and EU stations need only 10 stations from Schleswig-Holstein region. Each station may be worked one time. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of $US7 or 5 Euro to: Volker Willert DH1LAO, Bergstrasse 26, D-25926 Ladelund, Germany.

E-mail: DH1LAO@GMX.DE 

(Chg 9/2012)

Note: 10% of the award fee goes to the official DgzRS, the German organization of rescue at sea.

Flying Hams Award        (Rewrite 3/03 per info from PA3CUZ)

The Fleiger Funk Runde (FFR) is an aviators amateur group. SWL OK.  Special application needed - available from sponsor for SAE and 2 IRCs. 
Contacts for awards 1 to 4 after 6 June 1987
Contacts for award 5 after 1 Aug 1995
Contacts for award 6 after 1 Aug 2001.
The sonder and club stations are: DA0FFR, DA0GAW, DF0FFR, DK0FFR and DL0FFR.

Award Fee Euro Dollar
Flieger Funk Diplom and Gustav-Weisskopf 5 5.50
Flieger Funk Diplom Class A 7.50 8
QSL Motif Award 5 6
All wings and stickers - for each: 1 1


Award Managers

Paul Coffers DL7VOO, Hoernle Str. 30, D-12555 Berlin, Germany
Lothar Dorfmann DL1RMW, Reuscher Str. 9, D-14772 Brandenburg/Havel, Germany 
Dorothea u. Klaus Stoessel DL2NBR/DK2EE, Gartenstr. 22, D-91443 Scheinfeld, Germany


FFR - Class C (Basic Award)

Contact FFR members - each is worth one point. Each station may be worked one time. No band or mode restrictions. 

Red Wing - 25 Points (VHF 13)     
Silver Wing - 75 points (VHF 37)
Blue Wing - 50 points  (VHF 25)    
Golden Wing - 100 points. (VHF 50)

Manager: DL7VOO

FFR Award - Class B

Contact FFR members, club station DL0FFR, DF0FFR or DA0FFR plus QSLs from /AM (aero mobiles). 101 points are needed as indicated in the following groups:

a. 33 with FFR members on any HF or VHF/UHF band. One QSO each for award class B. 
b. 55 with FFR members on 2 or more bands.  One QSO each in this group.  
c. 3 points by contact with club stations on 3 different bands.
d. 10 points with any /AM stations, pilots or Mitflieger (quests). QSLs from same stations once per band and once per day are valid.

(Chg 4/2003) 
Manager: DL7VOO

FFR - Class A (3 levels)

a. owners of airplanes, helicopters etc., must have worked 111 /AM QSO's (while they were flying).
b. aviators (guests of owners) - work 55 /AM QSO's. 
c. all others (also /P, /M, /a. Work 30 aeronautical mobile stations. 

QSLs of the same stations on different bands and/or on different days are valid. No fee, but send return postage for the QSLs. (No cards needed)
Manager: DL7VOO

QMA Diplom (QSL Motive Award)

Submit at least 50 QSLs after 1 July 1987 with a motif of aviation topics in at least 5 of the 13 groups as listed.  Special stickers for 100/8, 250/10 or 500/13 such QSLs.  All motifs must be on the picture side of the QSL card and represent a major part of the design.  Eligible motifs/subjects are:

1. History of Aviation 7. Helicopters
2. Motorized Flight to 1945 (cartoons OK) 8. Balloons
3. Motorized Flight after 1945 9. Airships
4. Glider flight 10. Astronautic (by astronauts)
5. Para-gliding or ultra light airplanes 11. Airports - monuments
6. Parachute Jumping 12. Air-photos
  13 Aviation - signs and emblem

Manager: DL7VOO
(CHG 7/2001)

Otto Lilienthal Award (OLA)

In memory of the 100th anniversary of the death of the German aircraft pioneer Otto Lillienthal.  Contacts after 1 August 1995.  German stations need to earn 100 points (VHF 50), and all others, 20 points by QSOs from the following places:

1. QSOs with places associated with Lilienthal or where a monument was erected.  Each such place contact = 10 points:
    Eisleben, Berlin-Tegel, Potsdam, Berlin-Lichterfelde, Anklam, Roth near Nuernburg, Berlin-Steglitz, Derwitz, Rhinow, Berlin-Lankwitz,     Krielow, Stoelln, Waltersdorf near Berlin.

2. QSOs with places in Germany where an airport, airfield, aircraft plant (past and present), air museum or other aeronautical mechanisms are located.  Each such place = 2 points.  
    Augsberg, Berlin-Johannisthal, Brandenburg, Dessau, Essen, Frankfurt-Main, Freiburg/Breigsau, Friedrichshafen, Gotha, Halbertstadt, Halle/Saale, Hamburg-Finkenwerder, Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel, Hennigsdorf, Kiel, Leipzig, Lindau/Bodensee, Ludwigshafen, Moegelin, Muehlhausen/Elsass, Muenchen, Nuernburg, Schwerin, Sindelfinger, Speyer, Staaken, Wilhemshaven, Wismar, Zessen near Koenigs-Wuster Hausen. 

3. Each QSO with a FFR club station = 10 points per band.  DA0FFR,  DF0FFR,  DK0FFR, DL0FFR).

4. Each QSO with a FFR member = 1 point per band.

DL's must earn at least one point from each of the 4 categories listed above.  All others must earn points from at least 2 of the categories to qualify.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes. 

Manager: DL1RMW

Gustav-Weisskopf Diploma

In memory of the 100th anniversary on 14 August 2001 powered flight of Gustav Albin Weisskopf.  Award is earned by making contacts with FFR members from Germany and the USA.  A clubstation of the FFR is mandatory.

    On HF or mixed HF/VHF, form the first name GUSTAV using one letter from each W-call.  Form the last name WEISSKOPF using one letter from each DL-call, with at least one station from Franken (B).

    On VHF/UHF, form the first and last name using DL-calls.  A club station of the FFR may be used as a substitute (Joker) for any one missing letter or for the district Franken (B). 

Manager: DL2NBR

Diplom "Auf Fontanes Spuren"     Rewrite 11/2007 

Honoring the poet Theodor Fontane (1998), radio club e.V. Barnim (Y42) sponsors this award.

Contacts after 1 January1998. SWL OK. All bands and modes. There are 9 classes.  Points can be acquired in different categories.  Contact with a member of the Y42 as well as with a member Neuruppin Y10 (place of birth of Fontanes) and at least one of the club stations DK0BAR, DL0BER or DL0NP is mandatory.  There are 186 different cities.  These  include the 14 local parts in Berlin, 157 cities in the District Brandenberg and 15 cities in the Polish Wojewodschaften Szczecin (SP1) and Gorzow (SP3).  Each city counts one time with 5 points.  A contact with the club stations DK0BAR, DL0BER and DL0NP count one time for 30 points each.  A member of OV Y42 and Y10 count one time for 10 points. 

Points needed for the 9 Classes:

Class                 DL     EUROPA     DX
F Basic award         250     150       75
O Sticker 1           300     200      100
N Sticker 2           400     250      125
T Sticker 3           500     300      150
A Sticker 4           600     350      175
N Sticker 5           700     400      200
E Sticker 6           800     450      225
Trophy                900     500      300
Supertrophy           1000    600      350

GCR list and fee of 5€, $US5 or 5 IRC.  Endorsement stickers are 1€, $US1 or 1 IRC.  Apply to: Bernd Richter DL7UCW, Am Glambecksee, Seestr. 17a, Berlinchem, Germany. 


Rewrite 11/2007


186 listed cities for each 5 points:

District City
Barnim (20) Altenhof, Bernau, Biesenthal, Blumberg, Chorin, Hohenfinow, Hohensaaten, Joachimsthal, Lichterfelde, Löhme, Oderberg, Prenden, Schönow, Seefeld, Tiefensee, Tornow, Trampe, Werbellin, Werneuchen, Zepernick
Berlin (14) Blankenfelde, Buch, Charlottenburg, Falkenberg, Friedrichsfelde, Friedrichshagen, Malchow, Pfaueninsel, Rahnsdorf, Rosenthal, Schmöckwitz, Spandau, Tegel, Weissensee.
Dahme-Spreewald (10)  Blossin, Dolgenbrodt, Gussow, Kablow, Kiekebusch, Königs Wusterhausen, Lübben, Mittenwalde, Teupitz-Schwerin, Waltersdorf.
Frankfurt/O. (1)  Frankfurt/O.
Havelland (7)  Brieselang, Etzin, Falkenrehde, Falkensee, Ketzin, Nauen, Paretz.
Märkisch-Odenland (40)  Altfriedland, Altranft, Bad Freienwalde, Batzlow, Blumenthal, Bollersdorf, Buckow, Cöthen, Dannenberg, Falkenberg, Friedersdorf, Garzin, Gielsdorf, Gorgast, Gusow, Heckelberg, Hohenjesar, Ihlow, Jahnsfelde, Kienitz, Kunersdorf, Lebus, Letschin, Leuenberg, Lietzen, Möglin, Müncheberg, Neuhardenberg, Prädikow, Pritzhagen, Prötzel, Quappendorf, Reitwein, Ringenwalde, Schiffmühle, Schulzendorf, Sonnenburg, Strausberg, Wilkendorf, Wriezen.
Oberhavel (8) Bötzow, Dagow, Gransee, Kremmen, Menz, Neuglobsow, Oranienburg, Zernikow. 
Oberspreewald-Lausitz (3)  Lehde, Leipe, Lübbenau.
Oder-Spree (11)  Bad Saarow-Pieskow, Beeskow, Friedland, Fürstenwalde, Kienbaum, Kossenblatt, Rauen, Steinhöfel, Storkow, Tempelberg, Wendisch Rietz.
Ostprignitz-Ruppin (30) Alt Ruppin, Braunsberg, Brunn, Dreetz, Fehrbellin, Ganzer, Garz, Gottberg, Gwenikow, Karwe, Köpernitz, Kränzlin, Lindow, Linum, Molchow, Neuruppin, Neustadt/Dosse, Protzen, Radensleben, Rheinsberg, Rohrlack, Sieversdorf, Tramnitz, Treskow, Trieplatz, Viechel, Walchow, Wusterhausen, Wustrau, Zermützel.
Spree-Neiße (1)  Burg.
Potsdam (3)  Bornstedt, Potsdam, Sacrow.
Potsdam-Mittelmark (13)  Caputh, Fahrland, Geltow, Glindow, Groß Glienicke, Kleinmachnow, Lehnin, Marquardt, Petzow, Saarmund, Uetz-Paaren, Werder, Wust.
Teltow-Fläming (8)  Blankensee, Großbeeren, Großbeuthen, Gröben, Löwenbruch, Saalow, Siethen, Trebbin.
 Uckermark (2) Angermünde, Schwedt.
Wojew. Gorzow (9)  Chwarzszczany, Dabroszyn, Gorzyca, Kostrzyn, Krzesnica, Owczary, Sarbinowo, Slubice, Radow.
Wojew. Szczecin (6) Czelin, Gozdowice, Krajnik Gorny, Radun, Stary Kostrzynek, Stara Rudnica.



Fraenkische-Schweiz Diploma

Sponsored by DARC Fraenkische-Schweiz DOK B38 for contacting the following DOK's after 1 January 1987. SWL OK.

B05 Bamberg B06 Bayreuth B07 Kulmbach B08 Erlangen B12 Hersbruck
B25 Nuernberg-Nord B26 Forchheim B28 Lichtenfels B31 Uttenreuth B32 Pegnitz
B33 Eckental B34 Lauf B38 Fraenk. Schweiz Z42 BFDB Bayreuth Z51 Bamberg

Stations may be worked once per band for credit. One contact with DOK B38 is required. DL stations in B and U need 20 QSO's; other DL's need 15, Europeans need 10 and rest of world need 3. GCR list and fee of 7.50€ to: Hannelore Lang DL6NV, Schlehdornweg 16, W-91344 Waischenfeld, Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)

Franken Diploma       Rewrite

Issued by DARC e.V., Distrikt Franken.  SWL OK.  Contacts after 1 Jan 1998.  Contact stations from DOKs B1-B43, Z15, Z42, Z51, Z61 and special DOK's used only in the District Franken such as:  DC, DVB, YLB, etc.   All bands and modes except packet radio and echo link.  .  SWL cards count the same as radio contacts. Stations may be worked only once.


QSOs needed Different DOKs needed
DL 60 30
Other EU 40 20
All others 20 10

GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Dorothea Stoessel, DL2NBR, Gartenstrasse 22, D-91443 Scheinfeld , Germany


(Chg 9/2012)

Frankenlied Diploma

Contact stations in the Franconia area of Germany DOK's B-All, Z15, Z42, Z51, Z52 and Z61. One B39 contact is mandatory. SWL OK. From these contacts, you must use any letter in their suffix to spell the phrase: "INS LAND DER FRANKEN FAHREN". All bands and modes. Contacts after 1 January 1987. This is a multicolored certificate with coats of arms and a musical motif. GCR list and fee for DL 5€ or $US7, EU 7 or $US10 and all others 8€ or $US11 plus a Self Addressed Label to award manager: Ferdinand Muller DL8NBJ, Waldweg 24, D-96369 Weissenbrunn, Germany. 


(Chg 2/2013)

Frankenwald Award

Issued by DARC Division Helmbrechts (DOK B39) for contacting stations in the Frankenwald area after Jan 1, 2000. SWL OK. No band or mode restrictions. Stations from the following DOKs are valid: B19 B21 B23 B39 X23 X43. Germans need 40 points, all others 20 points. Each individual station counts 2 points. The following club-stations are valid for 5 points each: DL0CG DL0KC DB0GS DL0ON DK0NA DL0LBS DL0REN DF0HF DK0HEL DL0HEL DL0AR. Each station may be used one time, Club stations DF0HF, DK0HEL, DL0AR and DL0HEL can be used for a missing DOK . GCR list and fee for DL: 5€ or $US7, EU 7€ or $US10, and all others 8€ or $US11 to: Award Manager DARC Division B39 Ferdnand Muller DL8NBJ, Waldweg 24, D-96369 Weissenbrunn Germany.  


(Chg 2/2013)

Frischlings Trophy

Offered by Hunsrueck Radio Club DOK K28, for contacts per the following requirements and made on or after 1 Jan 2002. SWL OK. Trophy requirements:

DL stations 100 points
European Union stations 80 points
DX stations 50 points

Points schedule: 

a. any contact with a DN training station of the OV K28 20 points
b. any school station of the OV K28 (DF0JJ, DL0PSO) 15 points
any stage of  training in DL (DN-Call) 12 points
d. any training station in DL 12 points of the club station DK0HUNand DN0EMH =  10 points
e. any station from K28, those their license after that 01,01,2000 9 points
f. any school station in DL 8 points
g. any station from K28, who have earned their license after 01-01-1995 = 7 points 
h. any station from K28, who have earned their license after 01-01-1980 = 5 points 
i. any station from K28, who have earned their license before that 01-01-1980 = 3 points

The applicant may multiply its QSO points by the factor 1.5, if their own licensed date is on or after 01-01-2000 and by 1.25 if their own licensed date is on or after 1-1-95.

A contact with club - training or training station of the OV K28 is mandatory! All bands and modes except packet radio. Each station may be worked only one time. The trophy may be endorsed for any band or mode.

GCR list and date of your licensing and fee of 20€ to: Werner Lichter DL2LI, Am Sonnenhang 7, 55494 Mörschbach, Germany. The Trophy is large a fir-green, marmorisierte timber panel, 20 x 25 cm, with a piece wild pig skin mounted onto the plate. In the top a metallized fotoplatte is installed with the opinion of a wild pig nut/mother with their Frischling.  The honor was recognized in May 2002 on the DARC meeting of the members.

K28 stations. 
9 points: License after that 1.1.2000: DB8PP, DG1PL, DG5PK, DH1KUS, DH8GH, DJ5FF, DL4PAC, DM7AS, DM7JL, DM7TL, DO1DJJ, DO1FBA, DO2JK, DO2PMB, DO3JET, DO5FBK, DO5MR, DO5PAP, DO6PE, DO6SW, DO9MGM, DO8PE, DO8PT, DO9PJ

7 points: License after that 1.1.1995: DH4PH, DH8PK, DH9PH, DJ9RP, DB2WM.

5 points: License after that 1.1.1980 DB3PD, DB4PQ, DC1PEA, DC1WW, DC4PAB, DC4PAY, DD7PH, DF4PE, DG1PF, DG3PQ, DG8PS, DH0PAP, DH1PAT, DH1PAY, DH1PP, DH3PA, DH4PAD, DJ3WW, DJ6WC, DL2YCA, DL3PK, DL3PP, DL5PW, DL6PK, DL8WO

3 points: License before that 1.1.1980: DB6PW, DC8ZF, DD8PO, DF1WL, DF3PR, DF4PL, DF7PQ, DH0KAI, DJ1YH, DJ5VQ, DJ9CM, DJ9GO, DK4PG, DK5WQ, DK6WX, DK7PM, DL2KZ, DL2LI, DL3SR, DL5PY, DL9FCO


(Chg 12/2011)

Frobel Award Series    Rewritten 10/02

Sponsored by DARC Oberweisbach DOK X-38 honoring the memory of Friedrich Frobel, the founder of  "Kindergarden".  SWL OK.  All bands and modes.  GCR list to: Marco Witter DG0OHN, Sonneberger Strasse 107, D-98744 Oberweissbach, Germany.

(Chg 6/2004)


Frobel Award

Class 1 = HF and Class 2 = VHF/UHF.  Contact members of DOKs X24, X32, X36 and X38 after 1 Jan 1992 = 5 points each.  Clubstations DL0OBW, DK0FAF, DB0FAF, DC0AFF, DK0RFF and DC0LFF = 10 points. (DB0FAF and DC0AFF not active after 8/03)   Thuringen stations need one of these club stations; other DLs need 2.  Fee of 5€ + 1.44€ postage for German stations and 10€ or $US10 for others.

(Chg 06)

  Class 1 HF Class 2 UKW (VHF)
Thuringen stations 40 points 80 points
Other DL's 40 points 40 points
Europeans 40 points 30 points
All others 25 points 15 points 

Froebel-Pokal Award

Work members of German DOKs X24, X32, X34, X36 X38 and any amateurs or SWLs who possess the Froebel Award since 1 Jan 1992.  You must have earned the Frobel Award (see above) before applying.

Spell the phrase "KOMMT LASST UNS UNSERN KINDERN LEBEN" with one letter of the suffix of each worked/heard station.  Each station may be used one time.  Clubstations DF0CK, DL0OBW, DL0RUD, DL0SLZ and School stations may be used as a "Joker".  Only two missing letters for each word.  Fee of 20€  for German stations or $US25 or 25€  for all others.


Froebel's Spielgaben

Contact members of this group.  No date restrictions.  Each station may be used one time. Fee of 25€ for DL's and $US30 or 30€ for all others. 



1 Schwingender Ball 25
2 Kugel, Walze, Wurfel 50
3 8 Teilwurfel im grossen Wurfel 75
4 8 Ziegelsteine im grossen Wurfel 100
5 21 Wurfel und deren Teilungsformen in 6 grosse und 12 kleine Dacher 150
6 18 Ziegelsteine und deren Teilungsformen in 12 Halbquader und 6 Saulen 200

(Chg 8/2007)

Der Frobelstein

Issued on the 215th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich Froebel.  Contact members of this group on or after 27 Jan 1997. 

Part 1 - spell the phrase: "KINDERGARTEN SOLL SEIN NAME SEIN" using one letter of the first names of members.  Hyphenated/double names, only one of the name may be used.  Club stations may be used as a substitute (JOKER) for missing letters.  Only 5 substitute letters may be used.
Part 2 - Contact members of the group earning 215 points with values as shown below:

Members 10 points
Schlusselstations (school clubs/stations) 15 points
DK0FAF, DB0FAF, DC0LFF, DC0AFF, DK0RFF.  30 points.
Members and school clubs/stations in following cities: Oberweilsbach, Rudolstadt, Stadtilm/Thur., Hirschberg/Saale, Jena, Bamberg, Gros-Miltzow/MVP, Frankfurt a. Main, Berlin, Gottingen, Griesheim/Thur., Keilhau/Thur., Dresden, Bad Blanken-burg, Bad Liebenstein, Schweina/Thur. und Meiningen. 25 points
QSOs with stations from Schweiz: Yverdon/Lausanne, Willisau/Bern, Burgdorf/Luzern, Luzern 35 points

The city/town named above must show on the QSL card.  Each station/SWL may be used only one time.  Fee is 20€ for German stations, or $US25 or 25€ for all others. 

(Chg 11/2007)


F17 Award

Contact DOK F17 stations after 1 January 1978.  Each F17 station may be worked just one time. All bands and modes OK.  SWL OK. DLs need 10 points, Europeans need 6 and all others 4. One of these listed club stations may be used as a Joker (substitute) for up to 2 missing contacts:  DF0FFH, DB0FAW, DL0FH, DL0LUK, DK0VU and DF0TAU.   GCR list including name of station contacted and fee of 5€  or $US7 to: F-17 Award Manager, Ralf Schiffner, Postfach 1134, D-63669 Altenstadt, Germany.

E-mail: dk8fa@darc,de 

(Changed 3/2013)

Gehrden Diploma

Work 7 stations after 20 June 1990, the first letter of their prefixes spelling the word GEHRDEN. The "D" prefixed station must be a member of DARC Gehrden DOK H63. A valid application might include: G4WLB, EA1/DJ0MY, HA5IQ, RV6AF, DL8OBC (H63), EP2DS, N1GAB. On VHF, 7 points are needed, each member = 1 point and club stations = 3. One club station needed for the VHF award. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 3€,  $US4 or 4 IRCs (overseas applicants are requested to include a little extra for airmail postage) to: Matthias Deutscher DL5OB, Birkenweg 10, D-30952, Ronnenberg, Germany. 

(Chg 10/2005)

Club stations:  DF0RG  DK0KWS  DL0RSG  DN2OOO. 

(Chg 8/2004)

 ---DARC Group GEMUEND (G22) Series

General Requirements: Members of "The Woodchoppers Club" are all members of the DARC Group at Gemuend (G22), all former members of the group as well as holders of "The Big Mallet", awarded once a year for an extraordinary German radio merit. Contacts since 1 January 1973. SWL OK. GCR list plus specified fee to: Karl-Dieter Heinen DF2KD, Postfach 221, D-53922 Kall, Germany. 

Apply on their internet site:  

(Chg 10/2005)

Holzhammer Award

Contact/hear 7 (DX = 3) members of DARC Group at Gemuend G22 (Woodchoppers Club). Fee: 6€ or $US10. List available from K1BV for SASE.

Original Mallet Award

Available only to those who earn the Holzhammer Award. Contact 14 (DX = 7) members of this group. Fee = 12€ or $US20. Same member list as above.

Worked All Woodchoppers

Work a specified number of stations who have achieved the 2nd level (Original Mallet) award of this series. There are over 1400 of these, and a list is available from K1BV for a SASE. The levels are:

Class 1 = 70 (DX 35)
Class 2 = 140 (DX 70)
Class 3 = 210 (DX 105)
Class 4 = 280  (DX 140)
Class 5 = 350  (DX 175)
Class 6 = 420   (DX 210)
Class 7 = 490  (DX 245)

Fee is 10€ or $US14.

(Chg 9/2007)

Woodchoppers Trophy

The highest level of this series - contact 777 different holders of "Original Mallet" and "Big Mallet". 

Fee is 11€ or $US14. 

(Chg 9/2007)

Teufelsknoeten Trophy

Holders of both the "Original Mallet" and the "Woodchoppers Trophy" may apply for this trophy when they are able to prove contacts with 1111 holders of the Original Mallet. The first trophies were awarded during the 1996 DIG meeting in Gemuend and they are homemade artwork by DL4HBT, consisting of 10 wooden pieces which form an entity. The trophy may be dismantled and may be put together again as some kind of puzzle; however, this is a "Rubics Cube" device of some cleverness. No fee applies, but applicants are asked to contribute to mailing costs. Up to date list of Original Mallet holders available from DH1PAL, Luxemburger Strasse 59, D-53881 Euskirchen, Germany.

GCR list of the 1111 contacts and serial numbers of your Original Mallet and Woodchoppers Trophy to: Karl-Dieter Heinen DF2KD, Postfach 221, D-53922 Kall, Germany.

(Chg 10/2001)

Worked German Chapter QCWA 106                   (Rewrite 9/2007 per info from PA3CUZ).

Contact German members of QCWA Chapter 106. SWL OK. DLs need 30 points, all others15 points. 

Point values are as follows: 
Each 2-way QSO with a Chapter 106 member = 1point
Each QSO with DL1YA up to 18 Oct 1983 = 5 points. 
Contacts with former and active Chairmen = 5 points: DL3ME (1983), DL8AJ (1984-1992), DL6KQ (1993-1995), DL9AR (1995-1998), DC9XU (from 1999 onwards).
Contacts with former and active members of the board = 3 points: DL1LD, DJ2NH, DL9YP, DL9RW, DJ2NL, DJ8VC, DL1JOE, DL1ZC, DL7JK, DK4HP, DL3LBP and DL1SAK.
Contacts with QCWA club stations = 5 points. 
Each member may be counted one time, even if under different call signs. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US10  to: Alfons Niehoff DJ8VC, Ernst Hase Weg 6, D-48282 Emsdetten, Germany.

Internet: (list of members available at website) 

(Chg 9/2007)

Worked German Colonies Award

The "First Dxpeditioners Club" has issued this award as an incentive to recall the history of the former German colonies and to establish amateur radio contacts to foster understanding and friendship with these countries. Many persons may not be aware that Germany administered a number of colonies in the Pacific, South America and Africa ending in 1918. The award is available in two grades for amateur radio operators and SWLs for contacts in all modes (and mixed) after October 3rd, 1990, the day of the German reunification.

Gold Grade: for contacts with all areas (1-14)
Silver Grade: for contacts with all areas (1-13)plus a "joker" for Kiautschou/Tsingtao

Old Name of Colony Current Name of Country/Area Radio Prefix
1 Togo Togo 5V
2 Cameroon Cameroon TJ
3 German South West Africa Namibia V5
4 German East-Africa Burundi 9U
5 ----- Ruanda 9X
6 ----- Tanzania 5H
7Melanesia (Emporer William Land, Bismark Archipeligo with the Northern Solomon Islands Buka and Bouganville Papua New Guinea P2
8 German Micronesia (Jap, Ponape, Kusaie, Truk Federated States of Micronesia V6
9 ----- Palau T8
10 ----- Commonwealth of Northern Marianas KH0
11 ----- Marshall Islands V7
12----- Nauru C2
13 Western Samoa Western Samoa 5W
14 Kiautschau and Tsingtao China BY4I 

The following areas may serve as "jokers" to substitute any above:

Old Name of Colony/Area Current name of Country/Area Radio Prefix
Friedrichsburg, Gold Coast Ghana 9G
Virgin Islands (leased to Brandenburg by Denmark 1658-1693) Virgin Islands KP2
Jacobsfort (after Jacob of Kurland, cousin  and brother-in-law to the Great Elector of Brandenburg, founder of Bathurst, today Banjul. Gambia C5
Arguin (1685-1721 colony of Brandenburg Mauretania 5T
Santa Fe de Bogota (founded in 1538 by Nikolaus Federman from Ulm.) Columbia HK3
Province of Santa Martha (Maracaibo) Venezuela YV1

Please send your application together with a GCR-list or photo copies of the required QSL-cards and a fee of 5€, US$ 10, or 7 (valid) IRCs to the following address: Baldur Drobnica, DJ6SI, Zedernweg 6, D-50127 Bergheim, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007

German Fortresses and Castles Award

Sponsored by DARC Cochem, DOK K45, this award is made available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs for confirmed contacts after January 1, 2005. Work stations in Germany which are operated from the premises of a castle, castle ruin, fortress or mansion in their QTH, which is currently preserved as a historic monument. Contacts with these stations count only once for each application for the award. All modes except packet radio. Endorsements available for a single band or mode upon request.

Earn the following number of points from the required number of different club member stations:

DX-Stations need 20 points from 5 different German DOKs minimum
EU-Stations need 40 points from 20 different German DOKs minimum,
DL-Stations need 60 points from 40 different German DOKs minimum.

Each type of castle or fortress counts as follows:

Fortresses    10 points
Mansions      8 points
Castles          5 points
Castle ruins  2 points

Applicants for the award should record the postal code, location details and the name of the monument in separate columns. For a given location only one monument can be used per application. (For cases where a particular city or town has more than one monument.)

GCR list and fee of 5.00 Euro for German stations or 7.00 Euro (or $US7) for
European and DX stations. Address the application to: Rita Gietzen, DL3PF, (DIG 3888), Dohrer Weg 1, D-56814 FAID, GERMANY.


Tks PA3CUZ 6/2006

German Islands Award

The Oranienburg branch ( DOK Y 02 ) of the DARC issues this award to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for contacting stations active on German islands, both in the sea and in bays near the coast on or after 1 January 1994. Work a specific number of islands and earn points per the table below. Use the official list of islands. Each call sign on an island may be used one time. . The number of islands and minimum point score required for the basic award is:

DL -stations at least 6 islands, and minimum of 8 points (call signs) EU -stations at least 4 islands, and minimum of 6 points DX -stations at least 2 islands, and minimum of 4 points.

Islands / points required for higher classes:


3rd class

2nd class

1st class


12 / 16

18 / 24

24 / 32


8 / 12

12 / 18

16 / 24


4 / 8

6 / 12

8 / 16

At least one island must be in the North- and one in the Baltic Sea for the basic award. For higher classes you may not exceed a ratio of one to three (three to one) of the number of the islands in either of both seas. The name of the island must be clearly identifiable on each QSL-card. All bands and modes. The application for the award must be accompanied by the certified GCR-list of QSL-cards and the fee (for DL-stations 5€, for all others 7,50€ or $US7.50) must be sent to the award manager: Dietmar Piepenhagen, DL2YY, An der Nordbahn 23, D-16556 Borgsdorf, Germany.

The application for higher classes of the award also must be accompanied with the complete GCR-list. The fee for one sticker (incl. postage) is for DL-stations 1,50€, for all others 2€ or $US2. IRCs and cheques are not accepted. The award is free of charge for all stations who make the required QSOs from one or more German islands. Each (licensed) member of an expedition on a german island can apply for counting this island for their own award.

German Islands listing available at:

Tks LA7RW for rewrite info 4/2003

German Lighthouse Award

DARC e.V. Ortsverband Köönigs Wusterhausen (DOK Y07 ) issues this award to licensed amateur radio operators and SWLs for German Lighthouse contacts after the 1st of January 2001.

All contacts must be made from the same country . A change of location (QTH ) is approved (/am, /p, /mm, /m ) . All bands and modes. Contact with different lighthouses according to the official list German Lighthouses. Each lighthouse counts one point. Regular QSL cards with lighthouse pictures or photos can be used two times as a so called "Joker" instead of a lighthouse_contact. Each Joker counts one point . The QTH of the lighthouse station must be clearly identified on the QSL card ( name of the lighthouse or lighthouse name and/or number according to the LH_list ).

DX stations need 4 points , a EU stations need 6 points and a DLs needs 7 points. The lighthouses must be confirmed by QSL card. These cards can be requested by the Award Manager. Lighthouse QSL cards with a LH picture or photo used as a "Joker" can be requested by the Award Manger, and must be described in the application an can be optional attached to the application ( will be returned with the award ).

Endorsements:  (note - the Joker is not valid for endorsement stickers.)
    DL stations - for each additional 7 points.
    EU stations - for each additional 6 points.
    DX stations - for each additional 4 ponts
Fee for the each endorsement is 2€ or $US2. 

Stations activating a LH must be operating from the lighthouse building itself, from an adjacent building belonging to the LH , the dock of the LH or within a maximum distance of 500 metres distant on land to the Lighthouse. Lighthouse stations can receive the award for working at least 100 different stations. Endorsement for single mode on request. GCR list and fee of  US $8. or EURO ( €€ ) 7. to Detlev Hoepner DL1RTW, Am Krebssee 11, D-15711 Konigs Wusterhausen, Germany.

List of German Lighthouses.


Chg 2/2007

German Mining Industry Award (Deutsches Bergbau Diplom)

Issued by the DARC Division Sundern (DOK O02) for contacts with amateurs who work in the mining industry after January 1st 2006. SWL OK. Earn 100 points.  A contact with a MA station (see below) counts 10 points.  A contact with a station with an IGARAG number counts 2 points A QSL with a mining industry theme counts 1 point.  Each application should at least 3 contacts include be with a MA station. 

MA stations are located on a mining activity ground listed on the official MA list (actual list downloadable from

Additionally, 3 extensions of this award are available for contacts made on or after 1 January 2010:

1. Bronze - for at least 30 confirmed MA-numbers.
2. Silver - for at least 60 confirmed MA-numbers.
3. Gold - for at least 90 confirmed MA-numbers.
(Each MA-number may appear one time in the award application.  An SWL card with a MA-number may be used in the application.)

Each station may only be worked one time.  Send GCR list and fee of 6.45€ for DL stations, all others $US10 or 10€  to: Brigitte Weis Dittko, Ammerbaumweg 44, D-44357 Dortmund, Germany.


Chg 10/2012

German North Sea Islands Award

Contact stations operating from different German North Sea islands after 1 Jan 19..1996. Points needed: DL's need 50, other EU 30 and all others 20. Each DL on a German North Sea island = 5 points, contact with Norderney Isaland (mandatory) = 10, Club stations on North Sea islands = 10, special station DA0IMD = 15 points. SWL OK. Contacts on 40M and 70Cm count double. Each station may be worked only one time per band. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 10€  or $US10 to: Karl-Heinz Harms DJ9IN, Deichstr. 7, D-26548 Norderney, Germany.


(Chg 10/02)

German Shipping Museum Award

This award is available for working stations in District Nordsee (I) where the Shipping Museum is located. SWL OK. Use the last call sign letter of stations from the I District to form the words: Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum. Only contacts after January 1st, 2002 are valid.  Any club station in District I, or a local Z-DOK may be used as a joker for any missing letter(s).  No band or mode restrictions. 
Send GCR list + €10 to: Winfried Blome DL3BJX, Postfach 100 105, D-27501, Bremerhaven, Germany. 

Rewritten  8/2011

German Squares Award

Work or hear different German grid squares after 3 October 1990 on HF or VHF. Sponsored by Funkamateur Magazine.

Basic Award (all band): Germans need 30 different squares, Europeans 25, DX 20. All bands and modes. On VHF, all applicants need 20 different squares.

DX stations for 25 or 30 squares.
Europeans for 30 squares.
All for 35, 38 or all 40 squares.

Endorsements for one band, one mode or contacts in one year only. Special application form available from sponsor. List and fee of 5€ , $US8 or 10 IRCs for basic award or 1€ , $US1 or 1 IRC for each endorsement to: Falk Weinhold DK7YY, PO Box 70 03 43, D-10323 Berlin, Germany.

Grid Squares in Germany: 

JO20 30 40 50 60 70
JO21 31 41 51 61 71 JO32 42 52 62 72
JO33 43 53 63 73 JO34 44 54 64 74
JO45 JN37 47 57 67
JN38 48 58 68 JN39 49 59 69 

(Chg 10/02)

Gluck-Auf Award

Awarded in honor of the coal miners of this area, it can be earned by contacting stations of the Alsdorf G02. Contacts after 01-01-1981. SWL OK. On HF, 14 points, VHF 20. Each member of G02 = 1 point per band, club stations DL0XA and DL0EBV as well as members still active as miners = 2 points. QSO's via Satellites = 5 points. Contacts on HF count double. GCR list and fee of 6 € for DL, 10€ EU and DX 12€ to: Robert Foerster, DL2KDW, Hainbuchenweg 18, 52249 Eschweiler, Germany.