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Updated 1/30/2017 

Goethe Award

Award is issued by the DARC Division Ilmenau (DOK X30) in commemoration of the famous German writer Goethe The aim of the award is to contact regions or locations which were closely associated with the major events in his life. Earn 100 points after 1 Jan 1998. SWL OK. 3 classes: Shortwave, VHF/UHF and VHF/UHF including repeaters.

Each different station from the following DOK’s = 5 points: X03, X04, X09, X11, X18, X19, X21, X22, X24, X30, X34, F05, F49, F57, S30, S31, S37, Z05, Z83 and Z91. Club stations from these DOK’s = 10 points. Special event stations with special  DOKs, = 20 points. No mode or band restrictions. CW contacts count double. At least one of the following club stations must be contacted: DL0WEI (X03), DK0TUI (X30), DF0TUI (X34), DA0HQ/DF0HQ (X34) or DL0RUD (X24).

GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Wilfried Besig, DH5WB, Sperberring 17a, D-98693 IIlmenau-Oberpoerlitz, Germany. (also: Darc e.V. OV-X30, "Goethe Award", PSF 100261, D-98682 Ilmenau, Germany.


(CHG 1/2010)

Worked WSC OUI Goldschmidt Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club Ortsverband Steinhude (DOK H35) issues this award to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners for contacts after 1 January 2015.   This award commemorates the first radio contact between Germany (Eilvese Wireless call sign OUI) and the United States of America (Tuckerton Wireless call sign WGG (licensed later as WSC) made on 14 October 1913.

The award shows QSL cards of DL100OUI and W2WSC/100 and the two historical Goldschmidt stations as they appeared in 1913. One hundred years later, these amateur radio stations made contact in October 2013. They exchanged the identical telegrams of greeting sent at opening of Eilvese Wireless between Kaiser Wilhelm II and US President Wilson. The award displays a historical picture of radio pioneers at Eilvese Wireless in 1914. Dr. Rudolf Goldschmidt the inventor of these Goldschmidt High Frequency Telegraphy stations is pictured in the background. This award has been accredited by DARC.


Contact the following stations: 

a. Confirmed amateur radio contacts with club stations DA0OUI and W2WSC
b. Three confirmed amateur radio contacts with German amateur radio stations whose suffixes begin with either letter O, letter U or letter I - in order to complete the call sign "OUI". 
c. Three amateur radio contacts  with US amateur radio stations whose suffixes begin with either letter W, letter S or letter C - in order to complete the call sign "WSC"

Example: for DL the following three call signs        Example: for US, following three call signs
DL4OAS                                                             K1WU
DK2UI                                                               W2SUA
DG2IAU                                                             N9CIL

All modes and bands OK.

For the Diploma application, send log extract list of the required contacts.    
LOTW and eQSL are accepted exclusively if submitted electronically via email to the award custodian:
The award is free of charge, the diploma is exclusively electronically sent as a PDF document in the format 210 x 297 via e-mail.
Award manager is Ronald Reimann, DL6AM, German Amateur Radio Club - OV Steinhude, PO Box 2214, D-31515 Wunstorf / Steinhude, Germany.


Tks DH1PAL and N2OO

District Golf Award

Issued by DARC :Koln-Aachen" for contacting stations from different G-DOK's after 1 Jan 1993. SWL OK. Europeans need at least 40 different G-DOK's, others need 20. All bands and modes. Valid DOK's are G01 to G56, Z12, Z32, Z37 and special DOK's KA and HHC. GCR list and fee of 5€  or $US8 to: Franz-Josef Plum, DF2WF, Maria-Theresia-Allee 93, 52064 Aachen, Germany.

(Chg 4/2011) 

Gooserider (Gansereiter) Diploma

Issued by Wattenscheid (DOK O33) of DARC in memory of a 400 year old tradition of a local custom. (Riding a goose?). Contact DOK O33 members after 11 Nov 88. DL's need 11 points, EU need 9, all others 7. SWL OK. Each contact is worth 1 point on 2 meters and HF, 2 points for 70cm and contacts with club station DF0WAT= 3 points.  CW and BUS contacts count double value. GCR list and fee of 5 Euro to: Thomas Pfeiffer DK5DF, Holzstr. 156, D-44869 Wattenscheid, Germany.  


(Chg 11/2008)


Graf Anton Gunther Diploma        

Work stations from District Oldenburg DOK I-11.  DL's need 4 stations from DOK I-11 or Z-53 and at least 8 stations from different I DOK's.  EU need 3 and 6, DX need 2 and 4.  All bands and modes.  Contacts after 1-1-1995.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 5€ for DL's, all others 10€ or $US10.  Apply to: Michlael Schwarz DG2BCX, Neusudender Weg 39, D-26125 Oldenburg, Germany.

(Re-added 6/2004) 

Grenzen Los Diploma 

Starting on May 6 1996, the German region of Helmstedt introduced the event "Grenzen los". The event is the official contribution of the region of Helmstedt to the EXPO2000 in Hannover. DARC Nord-Elm (DOK H54) activates special event stations on this occasion. The award may be earned by contacting 3 special event stations. Any missing station may be replaced by the H54 clubstation DF0ELM. The following stations were active only in 1996: DA0ZGH, DA0GDT DA0GDH. The following stations are permanently active:  DF0GDH DK0ZGH and DL0GDT.   SWL OK. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Heinz Rudiger Greilich DF1AG, Ringstrasse 5, D-38379 Wolfsdorf, Germany.


(Chg 4/2008)

Otto von Guericke Award

Issued by the DARC division Magdeburg (DOK W10) in commemoration of Otto von Guericke. (Surely, you’ve heard of the Magdeburg hemisphere experiment in the mid 1600's which demonstrated the force of atmospheric pressure. Horses pulling in opposite directions of the hemisphere were unable to pull them apart once air had been removed.) It may be earned by working stations in cities where he once lived. The German cities are: Augsburg, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Helmstedt, Leipzig, Muenster, Nuernberg, Osnabrueck, Regensburg and Magdeburg. Contacts must be after Jan 1, 1999. SWL OK. Germans need 50 points, other Europeans 30, all others 15. DL0MGD (Magdeburg club station) = 10 points, other stations in Magdeburg (DOK W05 and W10) = 4 points, all of the other cities = 3 points. At least 3 different Magdeburg stations are mandatory. All bands and modes, though each station may be contacted only one time. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5 to: Armin Zimmerman DG6CA, Breiter Weg 249, D-39104 Magdeburg, Germany.


(Chg 1/2012)

H-16 Award

This award may be earned by working 15 stations from DOKs H16 N09 and Z78 on or after 1 January 1997. At least 10 contacts needed from H16.  The club station DL0HOL counts for 5 contacts. All bands and modes. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 5.00 Euro or $US8 to: Heinz-Bernd Meier DH3OAH, Danziger Str. 16, D-37619 Bodenwerden, Germany.


(Chg 11/2006)

The Haff Diploma

The German amateur radio club Ueckermünde, DOK V25, sponsors this award for contacts with members on or after 1 January 2005. All modes, except no use of packet or echo-link.

Table of Point Values:
Club station DL0UEM =10 points
Training station DN1UEM = 10 points
all other call signals from V25 = 5 points
Stations of the local federations V27 and V30 = 2 points
Any SP1-Stations = 2 points

Points Required



DL’s need

30 points

20 points

Other European Union stations



All Others:



GCR list and fee of 5E for DL, others  $US10 to: Peter Greif, DO2TC,. P.O. box 1208, D-17351 Torgelow, Germany.


(Chg 4/2010)

Halle Award

Issued by the DARC division Halle/Saale (DOK W19) of the DARC for contacting stations in the the city of Halle/Saale after January 1st, 2001. SWL OK.  There are two separate awards: one for HF and one for VHF/UHF. Stations from these DOKs are valid: W19, W24 and W35. On HF Germans need 15 stations including at least 5 stations from DOK W19. All others need 10 stations from these DOKs. On VHF/UHF Germans need 10 stations including at least 3 stations from DOK W19. All others need 3 stations. The club station DL0HAL counts as joker (substitute)  for any missing contact. No band or mode restrictions, but band and/or mode endorsements available upon request.  GCR list + 7€ or $7 to: Dietrich Arnold, DG1HXA, Rennbahnring 63, D-06124 Halle/Saale, Germany.

Tks ON4CAS 3/02

Worked District Hamburg (WDH)

Contact stations in any "E" DOK and Z07 Z27 Z28 Z50 Z56 Z70 Z72 and Z73.  SWL OK.  German stations need 40 contacts with at least 20 E/Z DOKs on 2 bands.  European stations need 30 from 15 E/Z DOKs.  All others need 20 from 10 E/Z DOKs on 2 bands.  On VHF, 30 stations from 15 E/Z DOKs on 2 bands.  QSOs after 1 Jan 1966.  GCR list and 5€ or $US5 to: WDH Manager, Hans-Martin Strycker DL9HCO, Alte Landstrasse 57a, D-22962 Siek, Germany. 


(Chg 8/2011)

Hamburg Alstertal Diploma

Started on the occasion of their 25th anniversary of DARC Hamburg-Alsteral (DOK E-13), the award is issued for contacts with stations in Hamburg after 1 Jan 1994. SWL OK. Earn 13 points by contacting stations in DOK E-13. Each station counts 1 point and may be worked only once. Clubstations DL0AT DL0DD DL0MFH DF0BD DF0NDR DK0NDR DF0RWE = 3 and one of these stations is mandatory. In addition to these 13 points, you need 25 different Hamburg DOK's.  (These are E-01 and Z07 Z27 Z28 Z50 Z56 Z70 Z72 Z73)  Each DOK may only be contacted once. All bands and modes. On request, the award may be endorsed for single band/mode. GCR list and fee of 7€ for DL, 8€ or $US10 for EU, and $US13 or 10€ all others.  Apply to: Ehrhart Siedowski DF3XZ, Hermann-Löns-Weg 17, D-22335 Hamburg, Germany


(Chg 10/02)

Hanse Award

Sponsored by the DARC Chapter in Soest (O17) in commemoration of the significance of this city in the HANSEATIC League of the Middle Ages. Work 30 stations from HANSA cities from the following list from which 15 must be outside of DL in at least 5 countries, subject to a maximum of 5 stations from any one city. On VHF, 30 stations with 8 outside of DL and a maximum of 5 stations from any one city.  Stations outside of DL and the Districts A, B, C, F, K, P, Q, S, T, U, W, X and Y may use half of the needed stations.  SWL OK. Contacts after 1 January 1983. GCR list and fee of 6€ to: H. Werner Dulleck DJ7MD, Huerweg 8, D-59494 Soest 24, Germany.

(Chg 6/2004)

Cities of the Hanseatic League:

CT - (Portugal) - Lisbon

DL - (Germany) - Ahlen, Alfeld, Allendorf (Sundern), Altena, Arnsberg, Aschersleben, Attendorn, Bad Iburg, Balve, Beckum, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bocholt, Bochum-Wattenscheid, Bockenem, Borken, Brakel, Brandenburg, Braunschweig, Breckerfeld, Bremen, Brilon, Buxtehude, Coesfeld, Demmin, Dorsten, Dortmund, Drolshagen, Duderstadt, Dulmen, Dusseldorf, Duisburg, Einbeck, Emmerich, Erfurt, Essen, Frankfurt/Oder, Furstenau, Gardelegen, Geseke, Gottingen, Goslar, Griefswald, Gronau, Hagen, Halberstadt, Halle, Haltern, Hamburg, Hamm, Hameln, Hannover, Hattingen/Ruhr, Havelburg, Helmstedt, Herford, Hildesheim, Iserlohn, Kalkar, Kamen, Kiel, Koln, Kyritz, Langenscheid, Lemgo, Lippstadt, Lubeck, Ludenscheid, Luneburg, Lunen, Magdeburg, Marienmunster/Krs Hoxter, Melle, Merseburg, Meschede, Minden, Muhlhausen/Thuringen, Munster, Naumburg, Neuenrade, Neustadt/Hessen, Neub, Nieheim, Nordhausen, Northeim, Osnabruck, Osterburg, Osterode, Paderborn, Perleberg, Plettenberg, Quackenbruck, Quedlinburg, Ratingen, Recklinghausen, Rheda-Weidenbruck, Rheine, Rostock, Ruthen, Salzwedel, Schmallenberg, Schwerte, Seehausen, Soest, Solingen, St. Augustin/Seig, Stade, Stendal, Straslund, Sundern, Tangernunde, Telgte, Uelzen, Unna, Uslar, Vreden, Warburg, Warendorf, Warstein, Werben, Werl, Werne, Wesel, Wetter, Willebadessen, Wismar.

ES (Estonia) - Tallin (Reval), Tartu (Dorpat), Pamu (Permau), Vijandi (Fellin).

F - (France) - Bordeaux, Bourgneuf, Dieppe, Harfleur, Honfleur, La Rochelle, Nantes.

G - (England) - Boston, Grimsby, Hull, Ipswich, London, Lynn, Newcastle, Rochester, Yarmouth, York.

LA - (Norway) - Bergen, Oslo, Tonsberg

LY - Lithuania - Kaunas.

ON - (Belgium) - Antwerpen, Brussels, Dinant.

OZ - (Denmark) - Copenhagen

PA - (Netherlands) - Arnheim, Bolsward, Deventer, Doetinchen,  Dordrecht, Elburg, Groningen, Harderwijk, Hasselt, Hattem, Hindeloopen, Kampen, Nijmegen, Oldenzaal, Omnen, Roermund, Staveren, Tiel, Utrecht, Venlo, Workem, Zaltbommel, Zupten, Zwolle.

SM (Sweden) - Kalmar, Nykoping, Stockholm, Wisby.

SP - (Poland) - Bialgard, Braniewo, Chelmnow, Darlowo, Elblag, Gdansk, Goleniow, Gryfice, Kamien, Kolobrzeg, Koszalin, Krakow, Slawno, Slupsk, Stargard, Szezecin, Torun, Wolin, Warsaw.

UA - (Russia) - Nowgorod, Pskow. 

UA2 - Kaliningrad 

UC - Polozk

YL - Cesis (Wenden), Koknese (Kokenhusen), Kuldija (Goldingen), Latvija, Limbazi (Lemsal), Riga, Ventspils (Windau), Valmiera.

Has und Igel Diplom

Sponsored by the Ortsverband Buxtehude DOK E19 for contacts after 1 January 2004. SWL OK. DL stations need 30 points and all others 20 points. 

1. Each club station ( DL0BUX, DL0SMD, DN4BUX and DO0BUX) is worth 3 points with E-Link, 6  points on HF and 9 points on VHF/UHF. One of these club stations is mandatory for DL applicants. 
2. DOK E19 stations are worth  2 points with E-link, 4 points on HF and 6 on VHF/UHF. 
3. Stations from the DOK’s E01 to E39 = 1 point with E-link, 2 points on HF and 4 on VHF/UHF. 

 All bands and modes except Packet Radio. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Rainer Pfannkuche DL4HCR, Bertramstrasse 49, D-21614 Buxtehude, Germany. 

Internet; ttp://

(Chg 9/2007)

Helgoland Island Diploma

Issued by DARC Division Helgoland (DOK E20) for contacting stations on the island after January 1, 2000. Helgoland is IOTA EU-127 and and nearby Helgoland Dune island JO34WE.  SWL OK. Germans need 10 points; other Europeans 8 and all others 5 points. Each station located on Helgoland and the upstream Dune (LOC JO34WE) counts (stations signing portable while spending their holiday count as well) one point per band. Club stations count 2 points per band. All bands and modes, except packet radio and Echolink. No call sign may be used more than once on the same band.  Single band or mode endorsements available upon request. Stickers for earning 20, 30, 40 etc points available. At least one club station is required. GCR list and fee of 5 Euro plus postage of €1.45 for DL and for all others €10 to: Peter Kordsmeyer DF6QC, PO Box 733, D-27498, Helgoland, Germany. 


(Chg 08/2011)

Georg Friedrich Haendel Award  

The DARC division W19 issues this award to commemorate the work of this famous composer who lived in Weissenfels, Hamburg, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and London at different times of his life. SWL OK. Contacts after Jan 1, 2001 are valid.

HF - DL stations need 15 contacts with the cities listed above and at least 3 contacts with members from Ortsverbande Halle (W19, W24, W35) All others need 10 and 3.

VHF - DLs need 10 and 3.  All others 3 and 1.     

The clubstation DL0HAL may be used for any missing contact. Send GCR LIST + 7 € OR $US7 to: Dietrich Arnold, DG1HXA, Rennbahnring 63, D_06124 Halle_Salle, Germany.


(Chg 3/03)

750 Jahre Stadt Hermsdorf / Thüringen

This award started in 2006 to commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the city Hermsdorf. SWL OK. Earn 20 points by contacting stations from the DARC district Thüringen ( at least 5 stations from DOK X46 and 5 other stations from district Thüringen). Each valid contact = 1 point. The club stations DL0HDF or DN1HDF = 10 points and is mandatory for all classes. 
Class 1: On HF counts each station per band once. 
Class 2: ON VHF and UHF count only direct contacts. 
Class 3: On VHF and UHF counts direct and repeater contacts. 

Contacts after 1 January 2006. All bands and mode except packet radio and echo link contacts. GCR list and fee of € 5 to: Bernd Füllborn, DL3AQJ, Erich-Weinert-Strasse 30, D-07629 Hermsdorf, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007 

Herrenberg-Schoenbuch Award

Schoenbuch is a nature park near the city of Herrenberg, DOK P-18. Contact this DOK and surrounding DOK's since 1 Jan 1995. SWL OK. All bands and modes.  

DL's need 20 points, 
other EU 15, 
all others 10. 

Point values:
QSOs with stations in DOK  P-18 = 3 each, 
QSOs with clubstation DL0HCG = 5, 
QSOs with stations from DOK's P08, P12, P26, P42, P48 = 2, 
QSOs with stations from DOK's P07, P11, P54, Z17 and Z55 = 1 each. 
If a station is a YL, add one point. QSO's on 430 Mhz and above, add 2 points each. 

Send a GCR list and fee of 5€ , $US10 or 6 IRCs to: Rudolf Krauss, DK7SS, Neue Str. 10, 71126 Gäufelden, Germany. 


 (Chg 1/2014, Tks to F-16527)

Hesse Award

The DARC district Hessen (F) has revised the rules of the HESSE diploma effective 1 January 2015 to all licensed radio amateurs and SWL's. Contact stations in the district of Hesse (DOK - F) and the permanent special DOK’s "DVF", "HRS", "YLF", "EMERGENCY", "HT. .. "(+ year, z. B." HT15 ") as well as current special short term DOKs. These are published on the website of District F,

The diploma is issued in three classes:

Hessen Diploma

German Stations

Other stations outside Germany

Bronze Class

50 points

min 25 different DOKs

25 points

min 12 different DOKs

Silver Class

80 points

min 40 different DOKs

40 points

min 20 different DOKs

Gold Class

100 points

min 60 different DOKs

50 points

min 30 different DOKs

All modes on all bands are allowed including repeater mode, but no EchoLink operation.

Point Values:
a. Each station with F-DOK =1 point.
b. Club stations of the district in Hesse, with special DOK = 2 points
c. the special DOKs listed in published list (z. B. DVF, HRS, YLF, and HT AN EMERGENCY ...) = 5 points.
d. Each station may only be counted one time.
e. SWL OK on basis of same rules.

The diploma can be applied in paper form with mail delivery. It is colored printed on 300g / m² thick photographic paper or you may apply for the Diploma as a digital file sent to you by email.
Applications for the HESSE diploma may be made in writing or by email using GCR-list.
Award manager: Carsten Schuch Hardt, DL8SC, Diploma Representative District F, Gaußstr. 55 D-63071 Offenbach, Germany. E-mail applications go to: .

The application must contain the following data:
QSO data with date, time, band, transmission type and the call of the station from Hessen listed together with the DOK. Also include the calculation of the total number of points and number of DOKs.

The bank details for the transfer of the diploma fee will be sent to you after examination of the application by email. Provide your e-mail address.

Diploma fee:
a. Printed and Mailed Diploma: Postage within DL: 8 Euro / outside DL: 10 €
b. Online file sent to your e-mail address 3€

Tks DH1PAL 11/17/14

All Hessen Award (AHA)

Contact stations in DOK area Hessen (Any "F" DOK plus Z05, Z21, Z25, Z33, special DOK's AFZ, HES or JX) and clubstation DL0HJ. DL's need 40 different on HF bands and 30 on VHF. EU need 30 on HF, 10 on VHF. All others need 15 different. Contacts after 1 January 1973. All bands and modes. Endorsement for one mode. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 5.5€ or $US8 to: Arno Klaft DG8FBD, Brunnenstr. 12, D-63633 Birstein, Germany. 


(Chg 3/2013)

Hessen Day Plaque

The DARC district Hessen sponsors this award (wooden plaque) on an annual basis on the occasion of "Hessen Day" an annual event taking place each year in late June. Only contacts of the current year are valid. SWL OK.  Contact stations from the District of Hessen which includes DOK’s F-01 to F-76 as well as VFDB Z05, Z21, Z25, Z33, Z54, and Z62. Earn the number of points equal to the number of the year: In 2012, 2012 points are needed, in 2013, then 2013 points are needed, etc.

Point valuation:

The last number of the DOK times 10 determines the number of points for that contact. (I.e. F15 = 50 points, F19 = 90 points.) When the last letter of the DOK is 0, then you may count the entire value: F20 = 20 points. Club stations count double. Special DOKs activated from within Hessen count 100 points, while the very special DOK HT12 = 200 points.

In the month of June, and during the 3rd  Weekend in May, contact values may are doubled (multiplied by 2).
Europeans outside of Germany may multiply these values by 2.  
All other stations multiply these values by 3.

Club act ions of the local federations count doubled score.  A special DOK such as HT15 = 200 points.

Examples of how to calculate these points:
DG8FAY F27      7 x 10 = 70 points
DJ8MV F04        4 x 10 = 40 points
DF2ZL F28         8 x 10 = 80 points
DK9ZQ F36       6 x 10 = 60 points
DL0TS F27         7 x 10 x 2 = 140 points (club station)
DF0GVT F20      20 x 2 = 40 points (club station)
DL1ABC F30       1 x 30 = 30 points
DL0HES HES       1 x 100 = 100 points (S-DOK)
DL0XYZ HT15 1 x 200 = 200 points (HT-S-DOK)

Each Hessen station may be contacted one time per band. All bands and modes except packet and Echo Link may be used.  The award may be worked each year. For those earning the award for the 5th year in a row, the fee is waived. You should apply for the award by 31 January of the following year with a log excerpt. The following data must be sent: Call signal, date, UTC, mode of operation, RST, DOK with multipliers and point totals. 

The award fee is 25€E  for DL, 30€ for Europeans and 35€ for all others to: Carsten Schuchhardt, DL8SC, Gaußstr. 55, D=63071 Offenbach, Germany.

E-mail: DL8SC(at)  

(Chg 1/2015)
Tks OH3GZ and DH1PAL

Hiddenhausen Award

Earn 48 points by working German stations after 8 August 1988 as follows: DOK N48 = 6 points, other DOK's with number 48 (i.e., G48, B48, etc.) = 4 points, any German with an 8 in their call = 2 and contact with DF0GH (mandatory for German applicants) = 10 points. For other European and DX stations, these point values count double, and DF0GH is not a required QSO. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10 to: Rita Kramer DE8YRK, Herrendienstweg 94, D-32120 Hiddenhausen, Germany. 

(Chg 6/2004)

Worked High Speed Club (WHSC)

A "strictly cw" award aimed at increasing activity on all bands with an emphasis on the 80 and 40 meter bands, the award is earned by confirming contacts with 100 HSC members in 10 countries on at least 3 different bands. Basic award holders may earn the following endorsements:

3.5 Mhz - 200 HSC members in 10 countries all on 3.5 Mhz only.
7 Mhz
- 250 HSC members in 10 countries all on 7 Mhz only.
3.5 + 7 Mhz
- 300 HSC members in 15 countries on 3.5 and 7 Mhz only.
All Band
- 500 HSC members in 20 countries on at least 5 different bands.

Contacts after 1 Jan 1979. Contest qso's do not count. Members may be counted once for the Basic Award and only once for each sticker. Sticker for 3.5 and 7 MHz and "All Bands" require at least 25 HSC members per band.  HSC numbers must be exchanged and confirmed for a valid contact. The official DXCC list must be used for countries. Two way QSO's in CW on VHF or UHF count double. Clubstations DL0HSC, DK0HSC and DA0HSC count 2 points on HF and 3 points on VHF/UHF. GCR list must include HSC member number. Points for HSC club stations are noted on their cards.  Fee: 5€ or $US5  for the award and DL stations SASE for endorsements, all others 1€ or $US1.  Apply to: Werner Hennig DF5DD, Am Cappeler Freistuhl 33, D-59556 Lippstadt, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2006)

Hochsauerland Diploma

Work stations in the Hochsauerland Area after 1 Jan 1981. At least 2 club stations must be included. All bands and modes are ok. SWL OK. Each QSO counts 2 points per band.  Club stations and CW QSOs count double. DL's need 40 points, other Europeans = 30 and all others = 15. Districts, DOK's and club stations applicable are:


GCR list and  5 Euro to: Albert Puettman DF5DY, Hauptstr. 34, D-59872 Meschede-Freienohl, Germany.


(Chg 8/2004)


The term Hussiten refers to the Czech reformer and theologian January Hus (about 1370). His criticisms of the Catholic Church at the time inspired later theologians John Wyclif and Martin Luther. The Hussitens were strong in certain areas of Germany which are made a part of this award. This award is sponsored by the OV Berlin (Y-14) to commemorate their 50th anniversary of the club. SWL OK. The diploma may be earned by either HF or VHF contacts. Contacts on or after 1 January 1990. Special endorsement if all contacts are made on one band.

Earn the following number of points:

               HF VHF SWL
Basis diploma   50 30 30
Sticker Bronze  70 50 50
Sticker Silver  90 70 70
Sticker Gold   100 100 100

Point values:
a. Contact with stations from DOK Y14 = 2 points.
b. Contact with club stations (DL0AZE, DK0BER, DF0BER, DL0BAS, DM3B, DR3R)operating from Y14 = 3 points.
c. Contact with DM 50 BER = 5 points
d. Contact with places in those the Hussiten were. For each location you contact = 2 points.
e. Contact with places in those Hussiten festivals are held. For each place 3 points.
f. If you have already earned the 775 Jahre Stadt Bernau-Diplom = 10 points.

Each valid station may be worked one time. Send GCR list and fee of 5€, $US7 or 7 IRC (fee for endorsements is a SASE) to: Burkhard Gorlt DG2BTE, Wielandstr. 40, D-16321 Bernau / Berlin, Germany.

Cities where the Hussiten were located:
Bernau bei Berlin, Bärnau/Oberpfalz, Frankfurt/Oder, Müllrose, Lebus, Müncheberg, Buckow, Biesenthal, Alt-Landsberg, Fürstenwalde, Strausberg, Hiltersried Zistersdorf, Deggendorf, Pilsen, Tabor, Prag, Sudemer, Pisek, Sedlcany, Semimovo Usti, Slany, Cesky Brod, Deutsch Brod, Veitsberg, Kuttenberg (Kutna Hora), Höritz, Aussig, Teplitz. Dux, Bilin, Brüx, Mies, Taus, Lipani, Tachau, Danzig, Triebsch (Triebusin).

Places where Hussiten festivals are held:
Bernau bei Berlin, Bärnau/Oberpfalz, Tachow, Tabor, Hilterried, Neunburg vorm Wald, Furth im Wald, Naumburg a.d. Saale, Triebsch (Triebusin).


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007

I-18 Diploma

Contact member stations of Ortsverband Delmenhorst after 1 July 1979. 18 points are required. Each I18 = 3 points, club station DK0FC = 6 points. SWL OK. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ + 1.45€ postage to: Andreas Plate DF7BN, Neue Strasse 27, D-27752 Delmenhorst, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2012)

IFF Diploma

Earn 10 points with contacts of 10 members of Amateur Radio Interest Group "Long Distance - IFF" after 1 Jan 1988. Point values: All IFF members = 1. On 70 and 23 cm = 2 points. All bands and modes. QSOs with DL0BRU and DL1IFF count as Joker or "wild card" stations and count 3 points each on VHF and 5 points on HF/UHF. These stations may be found at 17.00 UTC each Saturday on 3680 KHz. Member list for SASE to the sponsor. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of €10 to: Peter Loew, DL6ZBE, Frankenstr.27, D-61191 Rosbach v.d.H. Germany 


(Chg 9/2008)

Igarag Diploma            

This award is issued by the DARC Divsion Walsom (DOK L29) for contacting members of the IGARAG club (IGARAG = Interessengemeinschaft funkender Bergleute - translated as: Interested Group of Coal-Mining Hams.)  Contacts after 1 Jan 1996.  SWL OK.  Germans need 100 points, all others need 50 points.  All IGARAG members (including SWLs) count 2 points on each band; members of the L29 DOK are valid for 1 point and the clubstations listed below count for 5 to 12 points.

DL0GA 12 DL0BED 12
DR0R 5 DQ0A 5

All bands and modes.  GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US7 to: Rudi Blia DJ9UY, Rudolfstr. 34, D-47178 Walsum, Germany.


(Relisted 2/08)

International Mobile Award

Issued by DARC District North Rhine for contacts after 1 January 1963. You need 100 different mobile stations which include car-mobile, aero-mobile and maritime-mobile stations. All bands and modes OK. Both fixed and mobiles may apply. GCR list and fee of 5€ for DLs and 7.50€ or $US8 to: Eberhard Warnecke DJ8OT, PO Box 10 12 44, D-42572 Velbert, Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)

International Traveler Award

Issued by DARC Club Velbert DOK R15 to all licensed amateurs and SWL's for contacts/reception after 1 Jan 1963. 100 points must be earned in either of 2 categories:

1. For mobiles, portables, expeditions and stations with CEPT (European Reciprocal) for contacts with fixed stations.

2. For fixed stations and SWL's for contacts with portable stations, except mobile, aeromobile or maritime mobile stations.

Each contact in your own country = 1 point, each contact with another country on your continent = 2 points and each contact with another country on a different continent = 5 points. All modes and bands. A big award! 33 x 54 CM in 4 colors on heavy marble paper. GCR list and fee of 10€ for DL, all others 15€ or $US15  to: Eberhard Warnecke DJ8OT, PO Box 10 12 44, D-42572 Velbert, Germany. 

(Chg 10/02) 

Iron and Steel Award

Contact stations in DOK Q03. Europeans need 10 points, all others need 5. All stations in DOK Q03 = 1 point; DL0NK, DL0NK/A and DL0NK/P = 3 points. All bands and modes accepted. No date requirements. GCR list and 10€  to Rainer Berg DJ2DY, Kastanienweg 1, D-66540 Neunkirchen 7, Germany.

(Chg 10/02) 

JAIG Diploma

The Japan Amateur Interest Group is organized by JA's living in Germany.

Class I - contact 5 DL's and 5 JA's each of which has a different prefix (DL2, JG1, etc.) at least one of which is a JAIG member from either country.

Class II - Form the text DL JA FREUNDSCHAFT by using the call letters of the suffixes of confirmed QSO's. At least one JAIG member is mandatory. Each QSO with a JAIG member may be used as a substitute/joker for a missing letter in this text. SWL OK. All modes and bands. Contacts since 1 January 1985. Look for their net every Sunday at 0800 UTC on 21360. Member list available online from Internet site below. GCR list and fee of 10€, $US10 or 8 IRCs to: Hans Graf DF2MC, Jacques Offenbach Str. 33, D-83395 Freilassing, Germany. 


(Chg 1/2010)

JA's may apply to: Yasuhisa Nakajima JA9IFF, Setogaya 138-19-704, Hodogaya, Yokohama 240, Japan. JA fee = ¥600 or equal in postage.

JVA Diploma

This award is sponsored by the JVA group, comprised of amateurs who work in the field of justice and law enforcement. Earn 7 points by contacting member stations on or after 1 January 1994. SWL OK.

Each member of the JVA group of interests counts one point. Club stations DB0IJ, DB0JVA, DD0JVA, DF0JVA, DL0JVA, DO0JVA and LX9CPL count 2 points each. Each station may be worked only one time for the award. All bands and modes. Send a GCR list and fee of 7E to: Wolfgang Klausing DO8BW, Bruchmühlener Str.60, D-49328 Melle, Germany.

Surplus amounts from the diploma fees are donated to the white ring registered association non-profit association to the support from crime victims and the preventing of criminal offences, Mainz, Germany.

Group Members Valid for the award:


Homepage of the IGJVA: http:/// 

Award features a barred jail window!

(Chg 9/2007)

Kaiser Augustus Diploma

Originally issued as a short term award to commemorate the 2000th Anniversary of the founding of the City of Augsburg, DARC Augsburg has made this a permanent certificate. Contact DOK's T01 and Z30 after 1 January 1984. SWL OK. To earn the award, DL's need 30 points, (on UKW/VHF 50 points),  Europeans need 20 and all others 10. Each T01 or Z30 = 1 point on FM, 2 points on SSB and 4 on CW or other modes. Contact with club stations DL0AU, DF0SI, and DL0MM = 5 points each. This is a multicolored award on heavy marbled paper. GCR list and fee of 5€  to: Pius Klass DL1MDY, Salomon-Idler-Str. 33b, D-86159 Augsburg, Germany.


(Chg 11/2008)

 --- Kempen DARC Ortsverband Series ---

General Requirements: Contacts after 1 Jan 1960. GCR list and 8€ for DL stations, 12€ for European stations and 14€ for all others.    Do not send postage stamps or IRCs.  SWL OK. Send to Harry Meijer,  Award Manager DARC OV 
Volker Wassermann DJ8VW, Kendelweg 9, D-47608 Geldern, Germany


(Chg 12/19/2015 Tks DK2MT)

Atlantic Ocean Award

Awarded for confirmed contacts in countries around the Atlantic Ocean:

Class 1 = 30 countries on 2 bands (60 QSO's)
Class 2 = 30 countries on 1 band
Class 3 = 20 countries on 2 bands (40 QSO's).
Class 4 = 20 countries on 1 band.

Baltic Sea Award

Given for confirmed contacts around the Baltic Sea in 2 classes:

Class 1 = All countries on 2 bands (18 QSO's)
Class 2 = Min 8 countries on 1 band (8 QSO's)

Valid countries: ES,  LY,  OH,  OZ,  RA,  SM,  SP,  YL,  DL.

(Chg 02/04)

Cross Award

Given for confirmed countries touched by the 51st degree N. Latitude and 6th degree of East Longitude. Valid countries:


6E = LA PA ON LX F HB 7X 5N 5U 

Class 1 10 and 8 countries on 2 bands (36 QSO's)
Class 2 10 and 8 countries on 1 band (18 QSO's)
Class 3   8 and 6 countries on 2 bands (28 QSO's)
Class 4   8 and 6 countries on 1 band (14 QSO's)

(Chg 02/04) 

Ham Radio Border Meeting Award

Available in 2 classes: 

Class 2 - from the last letters of the suffixes of 21 different stations, spell out HAM RADIO BORDER MEETING. Only 5 of the stations may be from your country, the others must be from at least 4 other countries.

Class 1: As above, but from 46 different stations, spell out: HAM RADIO BORDER MEETING AMATEURFUNK BRUCKE ZUR WELT. Only 10 from your country, others from at least 8 other different countries. Contacts since 1 January 1966, any mode may be used.

(Chg 6/2008)

Northern Sea Award

Given for confirmed contacts in 2 classes: 

    Class 1 - All countries on 2 bands (12 QSO's) 
    Class 2 - All countries on 1 band (6 QSO's). 

Valid countries: DL G LA ON OZ and PA.

Rhine River Award

Contact countries along the Rhine River: DL HB9 HB0 F OE and PA.

Class 1 - All countries on 2 bands (12 QSO's)
Class 2 - All countries on 1 band (6 QSO's)
Class 3 - 4 countries on 2 bands (8 QSO's)
Class 4 - 4 countries on 1 band (4 QSO's).

25 X 4 Award

Confirm contact with 25 different countries of the ARRL DXCC list on 4 different bands.  (100 QSOs).

World Championship Award

Contact towns where the world championship of football (USA = soccer) have been held.

Class 1 - 10 towns on two bands (20 QSOs).
Class 2 - 10 towns on one band (10 QSOs).

Towns: Montevideo (CX), Rome (I), Paris (F), Rio (PY), Berne (HB), Stockholm (SM), Santiago (CE), London (G), Mexico City (XE), Munich (DL), Madrid (EA), Buenos Aires (LU), etc. 

(Tks W8IQ 10/07)

Countries Chain Award

Build a chain of 20 countries (at least 4 countries in the following manner): where the last letter of the first country is the first letter of the next one, and so on.  
I.E., GermanY,  YemeN, NicaraguA. etc. 

Class 1 - 20 countries on 2 bands (40 QSOs).
Class 2 - 20 countries on 1 band (20 QSOs).

(Chg 6/2008)

Olympic Games Award

Contact cities which have hosted the Olympic Games, either the Summer or Winter Games..

Class 1 - 25 towns on 1 band (25 QSOs).
Class 2 - 15 towns on 1 band (15 QSOs).

Host Towns: Athen (SV), Paris (F), St. Louis (W), London (G), Stockholm (SM), Antwerp (ON), Charmonix (F), Amsterdam (PA), St. Moritz (HB9), Los Angeles (W), Lake Placid (W), Berlin (DL), Garmisch-Partenkirchen (DL), Helsinki (OH), Oslo (LA), Melbourne (VK), Cortina Tampezzo (I), Rome (I), Squaw Valley (W), Tokyo (JA), Innsbruck (OE), Mexico City (XE), Grenoble (F), Munich (DL), Sapporo (JA), Montreal (VE), Moscow (UA), Seoul (HL). 

(Tks W8IQ 10/07)

The Kids Diplom

For more than 5 years the section Chemnitz-South of the German radio amateurs organization DARC has supported the contact to the SOS Childrens Village in Zwickau (SAXONIA) and supports this charity with donations and numerous activities. They offer this certificate, the Childrens Village Award now known as the "KIDS-Diplom". (KIDS means Kinder dorf in Sachsen/Childrens village in Saxonia). They also activate the special event station (DM20KIDS) that gives you 10 points for the certificate.

To earn this certificate it is necessary to earn a total of 50 points (see list below) by contacting those countries throughout the world, since January 2014, stations in different countries of the world where the children’s program is active.

Point values for each contact are:
1 point for each QSO with countries sponsoring such programs contacted on HF.
2 points QSO with counties sponsoring such programs on VHF/.UHF.
10 points for One QSO with station located in DOK S54 (maximum of 1 (QSO)
1 point Mandatory QSO with any OE (Austrian) station - representing the country of origin of the SOS childrens village. (A list of Members of the club are found on the internet page listed below.)

Cost of the certificate is $8.00 USD, and all funds to be a 100% donation for the SOS Childrens Village/
Send GCR list and fee to: award manager Manager DM6WAN - Steffen Hamperl, Reichenhainer Mühlberg 96b, D-09125 Chemnitz, GERMANY.

List of calls of countries with SOS -childrens villages
3B8, 3C, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 3X, 4K, 4L, 4S, 4X, 5B, 5H, 5N, 5R, 5U, 5V, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 6Y, 7O, 7P, 7Q,
7X, 9A, 9G, 9J, 9L, 9N, 9Q, 9U, 9X, A2, AP, BV, BY, C5, C9, CE, CN, CP, CT, CX, D2, D4, DL, DU,
E4, EA, EK, EL, ES, ET, EU, EX, F, FO, G, HA, HB9, HC, HH, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, I, J5, JA, JT,
JY, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OK, ON, OZ, PA, PY, PZ, S2, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, T5,
T9/E7, TA, TF, TG, TI, TJ, TL, TT, TU, TY, TZ, UA, UK, UN, UR, V5, VE, VK, VU, W, XE, XT, XU,
XW, YB, YK, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, ZA, ZP, ZS
(Total: 133 countries , 1/2013

E-mail: dm6wan(at)

Rewrite 1/30/17

Kieler-Sprotten Award

Kiel is the capitol of Schleswig-Holstein and Sprotten (sprats) are little fishes, a specialty of this sea-port. Germans need 50 points, all others 30. Each QSO with DOK M25 per band = 5 points; club stations DL0FR, DL0HDK, DL0PD, and DL0IOO = 10 points per band; one of these stations is mandatory. Contacts after 1 January 1982. Each station may be worked on any band for credit. All modes OK. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US7 to: Hans Hackfurth DG5LAH, Reinickendorfer Str.21, D-24111 Kiel, Germany. 


(Chg 6/2004)


Ortsverbände Lensahn M18 and Grömitz M10 to sponsors this award on the occasion of the annual monastery celebration in Cismar/Ostholstein. SWL OK. Earn 15 points by contacting members of DOK M18 and M10. Each contact count 2 points. Clubstations DL0MJ, DK0VM, DC0OVG, DF0OVG and DL0OVG count 5 points and one of these is mandatory. A station may only be worked once. All bands and modes. GCR list and € 10 to: Otto Behrens, DD0LO,Stadtfurth 9, D-23743 Grömitz, Germany.

Tks PA3CUZ 9/2007

Kloumpen Award

This award comes in the form of a wooden "lump" with your call inscribed on a small metal nameplate. All applicants need to earn 43 points for contacts after 1 January 1990 with values as follows:

a. QSO with DF0NG is mandatory and is worth 10 points.
b. Club stations DL0MFL and DF0JR = 5 each.
c. All QSO's with DOK I43 = 3.
d. Other DL's whose DOK ends in 43 (A43, M43, etc.) = 1.

You must work a minimum of 5 DOK's and are limited to a maximum of 8 contacts with any one DOK. A "Joker" for any missing DOK is a contact with any clubstation from DARC section "Youth and Training" with special DOK designator of "JR". Each call counts once only. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 13€ or 18 IRCs to: Stephan Bittner DD7BW, Tulpenweg 16, D-49828 Veldhausen, Germany. 

(Chg 9/2007)

Knochenhauer Amtshaus Diploma

Contact stations in Hildesheim (DOK's H15 and Z35), Alfeld (H01) and Marienburg (H39) after 1 January 1990. Contacts on 40M, 70Cm and 23Cm count double. Each QSO on Phone = 1, RTTY = 2, CW = 3, SSTV or ATV = 5. Stations in DOK's H01, H15, H39, Z35 need 50 points plus one letter from the suffix of the stations they use must spell the term "KNOCHENHAUER AMTSHAUS". Other DL's need 30 points and similar letters must spell "HILDESHEIM". DL's may substitute the following stations as "jokers" for missing letters: DL0HI, DL0OA,  DL0GHI, DK0MB or DK0BZ. Europeans need 30 points, rest of the world 15 points - no name spelling requirement. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Reinhold Huckel DL6OBK, Friedrich-Lekve-Str. 17, D-31135 Hildesheim, Germany.

(Chg 9/2007)

Koblenzer Schängel Diplom

Issued by the German DARC Divison Mittelrgein (DOK K32) for contacting stations from the DOKs K05, K32, K43 and Z11. Contacts after January 1st 2007 are valid. SWL OK.

Schängel" is the nickname for a local individual born in the city of Koblenz. The word is derived from the diminutive for the French name Jean and originated during French occupation of Koblenz 200 years ago.

A few years ago, I took a Rhine River Cruise which stopped in Koblenz, where the Mosel and Rhine converge. Our guide pointed out this 1940 statue:

With this fountain, a monument has not only been given to the Koblenz Schängel but also to the citizens of Koblenz. The bronze figure spits water several meters beyond the edge of the fountain out at irregular intervals – so take care! 

a. Germans need 40 points
b. other Europeans 30
c. stations outside Europe need 20 points.

Point Values:
a. Stations with a DN prefix count 10 points,
b. club stations DL0LR (K05), DK0MR (K32), DK0VR (K43) and DL0KO ( Z11) count 5 points c. other stations in these DOK’s count 3 points each.

At least two stations from all 3 DOKs should be contacted. No band or mode restrictions, but no use of packet radio or Echolink is permitted. Single band/mode endorsement upon request.  Send GCR list + fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Bernd Hartfuß, DC2PH, Mainzer Strasse 136, D-56068 Koblenz, Germany.


(Chg 2/2013) 

Krebshilfe Diplom

Proceeds from this award go to support the German Cancer Foundation "Krebshilfe".  Spell the word "KREBSHILFE", using only the last call letter from each of ten confirmed QSOs of DL stations.  Each QSL may be used once.  Contacts since 1 January 1983.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 10€ or equivalent to: Gerhard Weiss DL7FAI, Hauptstrasse 10-B, D-65843 Sulzbach (Taunas), Germany.


(Chg 3/2013) 

Kreis Borken Award

Contacts are required from at least 3 of the 6 DOK's in the Borken area after 1 January 1978. SWL OK. DOK's are N17, N23, N40, N41, N53 and N54. Available in 3 classes: 1 - HF 80, 20 , 15 and 10 meters, 2 - HF 40 Meters, and 3 - VHF 2m and 70cm.  Germans need 50 points, other Europeans 30, all others 20. N41 QSO's count 3 points, N17, N23, N40 N53, N54 = 2 points. Club stations from N41 = DL0JT  DK0ATV  DL0BSA  DL0HNO = 10 points and club stations from N17, N23, N40, N53, N54 = 5 points.  Two club stations from N41 are mandatory.  Each station may be contacted one time. GCR list and fee of 5€, $US8 or 10 IRCs to: Friedhelm Moehring DL2YDT, Ochtruper Strasse 143, D-48599 Gronau, Germany. 


(Chg 6/2008)


Honoring Landgrave Philip the Magnanimous (born 13/11/1504, died 31.03. 1567). He introduced in 1526 in Hesse, the Reformation in 1529 and initiated the famous Marburg Colloquy between Luther, Zwingli, and Melanchthon. In 1527 he founded the first Protestant the University of Marburg, which still bears his name. 

Contact stations as listed below and earn a total of 50 points on or after 1 Jan 2010 of the District of Hesse. 

a. Stations from Hesse = 5 points
b. stations in DOK = F15 15 points
c. club stations and YL - stations = 10 points
d. club stations with S-DOK F15 = 25 points, 
e. 2 contacts with the OV Marburg (F15) are required. 
f. Contacts during the month of November each year count double. 
g. Each call can only be contacted once per band and mode. 

All bands and modes of operation, FM, SSB and CW except packet radio or echo link will be counted. Send a GCR list fee of 10, 00 € or $US15.00  to the account Volksbank Mittelhessen, BLZ: 513 900 00, Kto: 17 32 37 09 and sent to the following address: Uwe Ostler DL5ZBA, Goldbergstrasse 23, D-35091 Colbe, Germany.


(Chg 3/2013)

Lauterbacher Strolche Diploma

Sponsored by the Lauterbach section of DARC in DOK F25. Contact stations in DOK's F06, F25, F55 and Z62 after 1 June 1978. SWL OK. DL's need 30 points, other Europeans 20 and all others 10. Contacts on or after 1 June 1978. 

Point values: 

Frequency Points
HF 160, 80, 40 (EU) 1
HF 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 (EU) 3
HF 160, 80, 40 (DX) 5
HF 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 (DX) 3
VHF to 100 km distance 2
VHF 100-300 km distance 4
VHF 300km or longer distance 6
UHF or SHF Double the value of VHF above.
Each QSO higher than 24 GHz 30
Club Stations Double above values.
Echolink 1
ATV-contacts Triple above values

Certificate is multicolored on heavy yellow stock picturing local song and traditional motif. GCR list and 10€ to Lothar Beinrott DH4FJ, Eselsworth 3, D-36341 Lauterbach, Germany.  


(Chg 2/6/2014)

Leine Award

Issued by DARC division Worbis (DOK X14) to celebrate the recognition that Leinefelde was recognized as a city 30 years ago. Contacts after 1 Jan 1999 OK. SWL OK. Work stations located in cities along the river Leine. At least 8 cities are needed, among them must be Leinefelde, Goettingen, Hannover and Alfeld. Germans need 30 points, other Europeans 20 and all others 10. Any special event station from DOK X14 = 10 points, DF0WBS = 5, stations from DOK X14 = 3.Other club stations along the river Leine = 2 points, and other stations along the river = 1 point. Each station may be used only one time. All bands and modes except packet radio. GCR list and fee of 5 Euro or $US7 to: Hans Streich DL6ATI, Hertzstr. 7, D-37327 Leinefelde, Germany.


(Chg 2/6/2014)

List of cities along the river Leine:

Alfeld, Angerstein, Arenshausen, Apenhoy, Brase, Banteln, Beulshausen, Beuren, Billerbach, Bodenrode, Bordenau, Bothmer, Bovenden, Brase, Brüggen, Burgstemmen, Dehnsen, Dinstorf, Drüber, Edesheim, Eimsen, Empede, Elvese, Elze, Erzhausen, Föhrste, Freden, Friedland, Garbsen, Garlebsen, Gilten, Godenau, Göttingen, Grasdorf, Greene, Grindau, Gronau, Großschneen, Hannover, Heiligenstadt, Helstorf, Hillersee, Höckelheim, Hohnstedt, Hollenstedt, Ippensen, Jeinsen, Kirchgandern, Kleinschneen, Koldingen, Kreiensen, Laatzen, Leinefelde, Limmer, Luthe, Luttmersen, Mandelsloh, Mariensee, Meimershausen, Neustadt am Rübenberge, Niedergandern, Niedernjesa, Niederstöcken, Norddrebber, Nordstemmen, Northeim, Nörten- Hardenberg, Obernjesa, Parensen, Poggenhagen, Reckershausen, Rengelrode, Rethen, Rittierode, Röllingshausen, Rosdorf, Ruthe, Salzderhelden, Seelze, Schliekum, Schönau, Schulenburg, Schwarmstedt, Stockhausen, Stöckendrebber, Sudheim, Sülbeck, Suttorf, Uder, Vesbeck, Vogelbeck, Volksen, Warmeloh, Westhausen, Wettensen, Wingerode, Wispenstein, Wulfelade

(Chg 11/2007)

Lessing Award

For confirmed contacts with stations in Kamenz and other cities where the famous dramatist and literary critic of the late 1700's lived and worked. You need 50 points earned as follows:

Clubstation DL0GEL = 10 points and is mandatory
Members or SWLs in DOK S22 = 5 each. Three are mandatory. (On VHF = 2)
Stations in the following cities = 3 each.
Berlin, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Leipzig, Meissen, Wolfenbuettel and Wroclaw.

Contacts after 1 Jan 1994.  Contacts in CW count double. Each station may be contacted once per band/mode. All bands and modes. SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Manfred Grimm DL8DXL, Furtweg 1, D-01936 Laussnitz, Germany.


(Chg 9/2012) 

Leuchtfeuer (Lighthouse / Beacon) Diploma

The local chapter DARC Emden, I06, of the North District offers the Lighthouse / Beacon Diploma. All contacts on or after 1 January 2011 with light ships and lighthouses. Earn a total of 30 points for the basic award. All contacts must be from the same DXCC country. All bands and modes OK. Lighthouses and light vessels listed worldwide in the ILLW official list will count for this award.

Point Values:
a. Contacts with light ships =3 points.
b. Contacts with lighthouse = 1 point.
c. The following club stations of the issuing local branch include, but are not mandatory:
1) DR100MF = 10 points
2. DF0MF, fire Frisian German Bight = 6 points.
2) DL0EM/Lighthouse = 3 points.

Send GCR list or the actual cards together with award fee of 7.00 € or 10.00 U.S. dollars to the General Manager: Helmut Fruhauf DJ6ZJ. 

Internet: for DR100MF.

New 3/2011


The Limes Germanicus (Latin for Germanic frontier) was a line of frontier fortifications that bounded the ancient Roman provinces of Germania Inferior, Germania Superior and Raetia, dividing the Roman Empire and the unsubdued Germanic tribes from the years 83 to about 260 AD. At its height, the limes stretched from the North Sea outlet of the Rhine to near Regensburg on the Danube. Those two major rivers afforded natural protection from mass incursions into imperial territory, with the exception of a gap stretching roughly from Mogontiacum (Mainz) on the Rhine to Castra Regina (Regensburg) on the Danube.

The DARC Ortsverband F11 sponsors the Limes diploma. Available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs. The award is issued for contacting stations which are located along the boundary as described in the box above. Contacts on or after 1 Jan 2010. All bands and modes except packet radio are allowed.

QSO's with stations in the following DOKs count for the award:
A 19, 20, 30, 45
B 2, 4, 20, 24, 41
F 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 22, 27, 31, 35, 38, 40, 43, 45, 46, 53, 61, 64, 65, 71, 74, 75
K 1, 5, 7, 8, 20, 30, 32, 43, 53, 56
P 20, 22, 23, 28, 41, 56
T 9, 21
U 5, 13, 24
Z 16, 33

Point Requirements
DL stations: 50 points, at least 8 DOK (from 7 districts)
EU stations: 25 points, at least 5 DOC (from 3 districts)
DX stations: 10 points, at least 3 DOK (from 2 districts)

Each station may be contacted only once per band.    Each station is worth one point, each YL station 3 points, each club station. = 5 points. Stations from the local chapter F11 count double.
At least one contact to an F11-station is required. Special DOKs may be used as wild cards. Participants operating from F11 may include this as confirmation of the GCR list.


In addition to the diploma, a Gladius (Roman sword of wood, about 50 cm long with a personal engraving) will be awarded if you earn the following higher scores:
DL stations: 100 points, at least 13 DOK (from 7 districts)
EU stations: 50 points, at least 8 DOK (from 5 districts)
DX stations: 20 points, at least 5 DOK (from 3 districts)
The fee for Gladius is € 20 which includes mailing costs.

To apply, send GCR list and fee of €7.50 for a printed diploma by mail or €2.50 as a pdf by email. German stations may use the DCL (Deutsches Contest Logbook) and may pay for the award. Apply to: Award manager: DL9WO, Klaus Woyczehowski, Lorsbachstr. 6, D-61440 Oberursel, Germany.

Endorsements for band or mode are available upon request. Easier and faster it is for DARC members by DCL (Deutsches Contest Logbook). The delivery of the diploma on receipt of payment of the diploma fee to the account of the OV Bad Homburg F 11: TaunusSparkasse, BLZ 512 500 00, Account No. 148 853 23


Tks K1BV Research 3/28/2013

Heinrich der Loewe Diplom     (Henry the Lion Award)

Issued by DARC Division Braunschweig-Schunteral (DOK H66). Contact stations from the following cities/DOKs on or after Jan 1, 2001.

Muenchen C11 C12 C13 C18 Z13 Z67
Luebeck E03 Z56 
Ratzeburg E39
Quedlinburg W20 
Erfurt X09 X14 X18 Z83
Schwerin V14 Z87 
Ravensburg P09 Z49
Minden N12 
Goslar H09 H64
Braunschweig H03 H46 H58 H59 H66 Z01
Salzgitter H21 H60 H33

SWL OK. Germans need 15 contacts, including 6 different DOKs and at least 2 stations from H66 or H33. All others need 10 contacts, including at least 3 different DOKs. Clubstations count for 2 contacts and DL0BSV (H66) and DL0RL (H33) each count for 3 contacts. All bands and modes except packet radio. Each station may be worked once. Endorsements upon request. GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US8 to: Hans-Joachim Ebeling DB3HJE, Hildebrandstr. 7, D-38112 Braunschweig, Germany.  


(Chg 6/2004)

Louise - Trophy

The German amateur radio club Elbe Elster, DOK Y-43, publishes this honor for radio communications after the 1.January 2006 to all amateurs and SWLs. The Trophy requires you to contact stations in the local federations Senftenberg (DOK Y25), Dark Forest (DOK Y38) and Elbe Elster (DOK Y 43).

DL stations need altogether 8, other European Union stations altogether 6 and DX-stations altogether 4 stations from this area. Contacts with club stations DL0LIB, DL0MUE, DN1EE, DM5D and DP5E each count double. All bands and modes, except any contacts by packet or echo-link may not be used. Each valid station may be contacted one time. GCR list and fee of 10 € or $US15 to: Hans Jürgen Döring, DK8RE Hospitalstr. 21 D-04931 Mühlberg/Elbe, Germany

The LOUISE Trophy was created to remind all of the traditions of the lignite (soft coal) mining and briquette production in this area of Germany. The trophy consists of a 465 gram original brown coal briquette, with your call sign and trophy number engraved on a metal plate attached to the top. In addition they will include a document with the picture of the machine used to make the briquette from "Louise", the oldest briquette factory in Europe .

Internet: Http://

Tks OH3GZ 1/07

King Ludwig II Award

Issued by the DARC division DOK T11 on the occasion of its 40th anniversary. The aim is to contact station located in the area where the famous King Ludwig II lived. (Well known for his magnificent palaces...). Contacts after 1 Jan 1997. SWL OK. Germans need 50 points, other Europeans 30, and all others 20. The following DOKs may be used:  C03 C09 C11 C12 C13 C16 C17 C18 C34 Z13 Z57 Z67 and T11. Each station from one of these DOK's = 1 point.  Every DOK (section) 5 points. Club stations from these DOK’s count 5 points, Club station DL0PSW = 10 points.  Each station may be used just one time. All bands and modes except for Packet-Radio, Pactor and AMTOR. GCR list and fee of 5€ for DL, all others 7.50€ or $US7. to: Ferdinand Freiberg DL1MFG, Heimen 70, D-87659 Hopferau, Germany. 

(Chg 8/2011)


City Mannheim Award

Contact stations in Mannheim DOK A10 since 1 January 1977. SWL OK. All modes and bands. 12 points must be earned. Contacts 40 meters or higher = 3 points; 80 meter contacts = 2. Club stations DL0CM, DL0EE, DF0LTA and DF0PL count double credit. GCR list and fee of 5€ or  $US8 to: Guenter Fischer DF1IAM, Oberes Ringgaeschen 5, D-68259 Mannheim, Germany.

(Chg 11/02)

Marienburg Diploma    

Contact members of DOK H-39 and stations from Hannover, Braunschweig or Lueneburg since 1 Jan 1977.  DL and EU stations need 15 points.  4 of these must be from DOK H-39 and one contact with club station DK0MB or DK0OM is required.  DX and VHF stations need 10 points.   Each DOK H39, club stations and school stations DK0AIS, DL0SZP and DL0GHI = 3 points.  Any other stations from Hannover, Braunschweig or Lueneburg = 1 point.  Each station may only be contacted one time.  All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 6€ or equivalent to: Karin Piepenbrink DL3OAR, Max-Eyth-Str. 20, D-30982 Pattensen, Germany.

(Chg 6/2004)

 ---Marinefunker-Runde Awards Series---

General requirements: Official application available from sponsor for SAE and 1 IRC.  Member list available from Marie-Luise Meiss DF7PM, Postbox 01 99, D-21779 Cadenberge, Germany.  Fee for member list is 3€ within Europe and 5€ others.  SWL OK. Confirmed SWL-contacts count as a QSO. All HF bands and modes permitted. Fee listed under each award. Germans may pay by bank transfer: MF-Award Account, Volksbank Stade-Cuxhaven eG, Account No.: 230 909 201, Routing Code (BLZ): 241 910 15, BIC: GENODEF1SDE, IBAN: DE97 2419 1014 0230 9092 01. Note: IRCs are not accepted.  GCR rule applies. Apply to: Wilfried Graper DJ6TK, Blucher Str. 31, D-24944 Flensburg, Germany


(Chg 10/2009)

MF-Plaques (HF Bands)

Work MF members after 1 January 1982. Each member may be worked twice - CW and SSB. Each contact counts 2 points for CW, 1 point for SSB, and if same member is worked on both modes, it counts for 3 points. QSO with DL0MF is required and counts 10 for CW and 5 for SSB (Both = 15 points.) Contact with other MF clubstations (DK0MG DK0DW DL0MFH DL0DAU and DL0MFW) count 3 on SSB and 6 on CW, both 9 points. MF members outside Europe count 6 on CW and 3 on SSB, both 9 points. Endorsement for All SSB contacts. (Chg 01)

MF-Plaque Bronze --- 50 points required

MF-Plaque Silver --- 100 points required

MF-Plaque Gold ----- 150 points required

Fee for DL stations is 25€ for each plaque, including additional engraving such as "ALL CW".  For all others, the fee is 34€.

(Chg 6/2004)

MF-Trophy Big Ship's Bell (Brass Nautical Bell) [HF bands only]

Earn 250 points per the rules above for HF-Plaques. 20% CW contacts. Fee is 37€. Endorsements for 300, 400 500 or more points.  First endorsement plus wooden plate costs 22€ - each following sticker 5€.

(Chg 3/2003)

MF-Super Trophy Ship's Brass Clock

[HF bands only]

Earn 250 points per the above rules for HF-Plaques, except ALL the contacts must be CW. Fee is 50€ plus shipping.  Endorsements for 300, 400 500 or more points.  First endorsement plus wooden plate costs 22€ - each following sticker 5€ .

UHF/VHF MF-Jubilee Award

Work MF members and MF clubstations on UHF or VHF bands after 1 January 1987. Each contact = 1 point. Each member may be worked one time. Points already credited for the Bronze Plaque are good for the Silver and Gold as well.  But contacts used in former applications may not be used for a new Jubilee award. 

(a) MF-Plaque Bronze requires 10 points; (b) MF-Plaque Silver needs 25 points; (c) MF-Gold Plaque needs 50 points.

Fee is 22€ .

MD-DX-Award (Cap San Diego)

The MV "Cap San Diego", now lying in the port of Hamburg as a museum ship, once traveled extensively between Germany and various South American ports. Requirements:

DL's - 1 QSO with DL0MFH, 3 with MF members outside Europe, 1 each in PA, ON, CX, LU and PY.
Other EU - 1 QSO with DL0MFH, 3 with DL MF members, one each in PA, ON, CX, LU and PY.
Others - 1 QSO with DL0MFH, any 3 MF members, one each in PA, ON, CX, LU and PY.

Contacts must have been made on or after 1 January 1987, using CW, SSB, FM, either single or mixed mode.  All bands including WARC. 

(Note: One EA8 may substitute for one of the  South American QSO's). Fee: 10€.

(Chg 8/2004)

25 Years Marinefunker-Runde Jubilee Award

The award commemorates the 25th anniversary of MF-Runde and 100 years Navy Communications and Signal School at Flensburg. The diploma can be applied by any licensed radio amateur, SWL or radio amateur club station. Contacts after 1 Jan 2002. All bands and modes of CW and/or SSB. SWL OK.

Earn a total of 225 points according to the following table of values:

a. Club stations = 100 points. Contact MF club stations. Each may be worked one time regardless of mode. A QSO with DL0MF or DL0MFS is mandatory. Value on CW/SSB = 15 points. No substitutes (Jokers) allowed for these. All other MF club stations on CW/SSB = 10 points. They may be replaced by a Joker station. 

b. Special naval club stations. Club stations DL0MEL and DL0MCM and all temporary ships radio stations of the international submarine, museum ship and light house / lightship special events (i.e. club stations without a MF number), may be counted as Joker stations for missing MF club stations. CW/SSB 10 points. Each of these special naval club stations count only once regardless of the operation mode.

c. MF members = 100 points: Contacts with MF members and with stations of other foreign naval amateur radio societies. At least 100 points must be obtained by contacts with members of MF Runde e.V.

d. Additionally you must earn 25 points by making at least 6 contacts with members of different foreign sister naval amateur radio societies. CW qsos = 4 points and SSB 2 points. Each of these member stations counts only once regardless of the operation mode. But other memberships (in different naval amateur radio societies) count for the same call sign if the QSOs are done at other days. This means: additional different memberships of the member station at the same day do not count.

Contacts with MF member DX stations and with member DX stations of other naval amateur radio societies (means stations outside Europe) count with double points. These include: ANARS, BMARS, FNARS, INORC, MARAC, MF, MFCA, RNARS, YO-MARC.

MF award application form required and should be certified by two licensed stations. Cards are not wanted. Send the application to the Diploma Manager listed above in the "General Rquirements" section.  The list shall be sorted in order to Naval-Clubs and membership numbers. Fees: For DL and EU stations: 10€ plus 1.50€ for shipping, For DX stations: 10€ plus 2.50€ for shipping.

(Chgs 11/2008)