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Updated 4/25/2016

Maritime Diploma

Sponsored by the Kurzwellenclub Schwalmtal e. V. for contacting Maritime stations. Not available for SWLs. All bands and modes accepted. Class 3 requires 30 maritime stations worldwide; Class 2 requires 50 and Class 1 needs 100. The awards are multicolored with a Nautical motif. GCR list and fee of $US2 or 2€ to Holger Pflug, Schumacherstrasse 5, D-41334 Nettetal, Germany.

Tks H. Pflug 10/2002

Maritime Radio Telegram Award

Available to licensed radio amateurs, shortwave listeners and former radio officers of the merchant marine and navy. The award recalls the era of wireless telegraphy and its usage in the maritime mobile service. Museum ships and other institutions of maritime radio may also earn the award. Using your QSLs, form the call signs of coastal radio stations (3 letters) from amateur callsign data from at least three different countries where coast stations have existed in the past. The call signs you use must include at least one station from each of the six continents: North America, Europe, Asia, C&S America, Africa, and Australia  Connections to your own country do not count. Only data from Morse Code contacts count.    All contacts must have been made on or after 24th September 1900. (Date of the first radio contact Cuxhaven - Helgoland).  Contacts with Prof. Braun Day DL0PFB, Lizard GB2LD, Poldhu GB2GM and Villa Griffone IY4FGM count as 'Joker' or wildcard contact and replace one complete coast station call, but only once.

A list of call signs may be found in and the pages "Coast Station / list selected " of Both websites contain clickable maps where you can hear recordings of these old coastal radio stations. Former Radio Officers and operators of maritime radio in the merchant marine or navy may receive the award just by sending a copy of their radio certificate.

GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10, to: Prof. Braun Day, c/o Juergen Gerpott, Rebhuhnweg 21, D- 22880 Wedel, Germany


Tks PA3CUZ 2/14/09 

Mecklenburg - Vorpommern Diploma

The district Mecklenburg-Vorpommern of DARC issues this award for contacts with stations in its district since 27 Oct 1990. All stations in V-DOK's as well as "MCM", "YLV", "DVV", "MVP", "SOP" and as well with Z-DOK's Z87 and Z89 are valid. Endorsements for one mode or band OK. All bands and modes including satellite OK. 

Level of Award DL and European stations (no VHF) DX stations on HF
DL & EU on FM
MVP Basic Award 25 points 10 points
MVP Diploma Level 1 50 points 20 points
MVP Diploma Level 2 75 points 25 points
MVP Diploma Level 3 
(Paper award or plaque is available
100 points 30 points

Each QSO with a V or Z DOK = 1 point.
Stations with special short term S DOK's = 2 points. No band or mode restrictions.  

MVP Basic award 5€ 7E 10€
MVP Diploma Sticker/Endorsement per stage: 2€ 2€ 3€
MVP Diploma PLAQUE 10€ 12€ 15€
Awards sent electronically (PDF file) 


Georg Tretow DL4SVA, Postfach 1114, D-23931 Grevesmühlen, Germany. 


(Chg 1/2011)

 Dat Blooge Band Von Meckelborg-Vörpommern

The Ortsverband Plau am See, DOK V 18, sponsors this award for contacts after 1 January 2007. SWL OK. The city of Plau am See is located situated on the 184 Kilometer long Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße. Contact members of the Ortsverbänden who are located along the Wasserstraße. The are DOKs V14, V 16, V18, V26, V28, V29 and Z 87, also /P stations on while camping along the river or lake (but only if their QSL clearly shows QTH indication). Earn a total of 184 points.

Point value:
QSOs with Station    CW Phone Digital/ATV
Licence klasse A      5     3     10
Licence klasse E/SWL  10    5     15
Clubstations V-18     20    10    20
Schoolstations V-18   50    20    30

Contacts with /M stations along the Müritz-Elde-Wasserstraße count double points. One of the club or school stations DK0WRN, DL0PAS,DL0SAK, DN1PAS, DN1WRN of V 18 is a required contact. Each call counts once per band and mode, except that club or school stations will count after each operator change. All bands and modes except Echo Link and Packet Radio contacts. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to Wolfgang Sucher, DO4WSL, Im tiefen Tal 19, D-19386 Lübz, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

Medardus Award

Issued by the DARC division Lüdenscheid (DOK O14) for contacts with stations in the city of Lüdenscheid and surroundings after January 1 2004. SWL OK.  Stations from the following DOKs are valid: O14, O01, O09, O18, O31 and O42.  The club station DL0LC (DOK O14) counts 3 points, other stations from O14 are worth 2 points. Stations from other above mentioned O DOKs count 1 point.


German stations

10 points, including a QSO with + 8 German stations using the last suffix letter to spell out the word MEDARDUS.One QSO with DL0LC is mandatory.

Other European stations

7 points, including a QSO with + 8 German stations using the last suffix letter to spell out the word MEDARDUS. One QSO with DL0LC is mandatory. 

Stations outside Europe

8 German stations using the last suffix letter to spell out the word MEDARDUS

No bands or mode restrictions, but no use of packet radio.  Send GCR list and fee of 10 Euro to; Wolfram Kämper (DO1YWK), Am Wittberge 16, D-58515 Lüdenscheid, Germany. 


(Chg 3/2008)

Action Medeor Award

The German Relief Organization "Action Medeor" has supplied medical materials for more than 20 years to 123 countries of the 3rd world, helping them to help themselves. Excess funds derived from this award are given to this organization. 

Class 1 - VHF: use the first letter of the town of your QSO partner and form the words ACTION MEDEOR.  As Joker (substitute) for a missing letter, you may use any contact with DOK R05.  

Class 2 - HF - use the first letter of the country of your QSO partner and form the words ACTION MEDEOR.  One missing letter may be substituted by a call sign as follows:  Australia  Canada  Turkey  Italy  ON3MX (Joker) Netherlands and so forth. 

Class 3 - Satellite - Same as HF but QSOs only via radio-amateur-satellite.  

Contacts after 1 Jan 1988.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US12 to: Hans Zanders DL5EG, Tonisvorster Str. 35, D-47929 Grefrath-Oedt, Germany. 

(Chg 4/2008) 

Merziger Wolfs Diplom

Issued by DARC Division Merzig (DOK Q04).  Germans need 40 points, other EU 30, all others 20. A QSO with clubstation DL0RE is mandatory and counts 10. All stations f rom DOK Q04 = 5 points each. Special event stations from Q04 count 10 each. Club stations located in Saarland (all "Q" DOKs) are worth 3 points each; individual stations from Saarland = 1 point. You may earn 5 bonus points by spelling out the name "WFREUND" using the last letter of stations located in Saarland. Contacts must on or after Jan 1, 2000. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Endorsements upon request. GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US8 to: Rembert Konter DH8VR, Am Bausgarten 2, D-66663 Merzig, Germany.


(Chg 3/2008)

MH 50 + 50 Award

Sponsored by the Mullheim/Ruhr DARC group for earning 50 points in each of 3 categories as follows:

1. Contact DOK L15 stations - each counts 5 points and club station DL0RU and DB0MHR = 10. 
2. Contact different continents on the 10 meter band. Each continent = 10 points. 
3. Contact DXCC countries on the VHF bands.  Each DXCC country = 5 points (your own country also counts).  

A beautiful multi-colored certificate of excellent technical quality. SWL OK. All modes and bands, including mobile and portables, but none allowed by repeater. Contacts after 1 January 1977. GCR list and fee of 7€ to: Bernd Figura DO8EF, Duisburgerstr. 139, D-45479 Mülheim Ruhr, Germany


(Chg 11/2008)

Town Hall of Michelstadt Award
Diplom Rathaus Michelstadt (F35)

Contact stations in DOK F-35 after 1 January 1980. SWL OK. 10 points required. 

All F-35 QSO's on HF and VHF = 3. 
For DL stations, the point value for their contacts = 2
For stations from District Hessen, only 1 point each. 
Contacts with DK0DK count double.  

GCR list and fee of 4€ or $US4  to Award Manager, Erich Schafer DK7WG, Eberbacher Weg 106, D-64743 Beerfelden, Germany.


(Chg 3/2013)

Minden-Muhlenkreis Diploma

Contact DOK N12 and neighboring clubs after 1 January 1989. DL's need 40 points, other Europeans 24 and DX 16. Contacts with OV Minden (N12) = 4 points for HF, 5 points for VHF and 6 for UHF/SHF. One QSO with club station DL0MI is required and counts 8 points. Contacts using ATV, FAX, SSTV and RTTY count double. All bands and modes. You can also contact neighboring clubs N22 and N52 which are worth 2 points on HF, 3 VHF and 4 UHF/SHF. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10 to: Awards Manager, OVV Minden, N12, Muhlenkreis-Diplom, Postfach 2281, D-32379 Minden, Germany. 

(Chg 6/2004)

Military Radio History Award 

The Interest Group Military Radio Round Table (IG MRR) of the DARC Division Schoenau (DOK S65) is issuing this award to both HAMs and SWLs. Germans need 20 points, other Europeans 15 and stations outside Europe 10 points. Only contacts after January 1st 2004 are valid. Any actual visit at a German Museum of Military Communications Technology counts 4 points. Only one visit may be counted and proof in form of the entry card must be submitted. A list of valid museums can be found at the IG MRR webpage IG-MRR clubstations count 2 points while regular members count 1 point. Each station may only be worked one time. No band or mode restrictions, except for Packet Radio and Echolink. At least one IG-MRR clubstation is mandatory. A membership list is available at the website. Apply by sending a GCR list + fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Gerd Balg, DL7UMG, Trillerstrasse 22, D-08066 Zwickau, Germany.  


Tks  ON4CAS 4/10

Mittweida Award

The city of Mittweida is located in Saxony and has a famous college. The DARC division Mittweida (DOK S44) is issuing this award for contacting club members and HAMs who are studying or have studied at the college of Mittweida. The college celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2007. For that reason contacts after January 1st 2007 only are valid. There are a few exceptions to this date however: contacts with the clubstation of the college and non German students are valid from as early as 1924.     Each station may be worked on several bands to get extra points. 100 points are need.

QSO Points calculation:
1. Former special event stations DM8MST, DT3EN, DM8HIS and the special DOKs 75MIT, 80MIT, HTWM140 = 20 points each.
2. Clubstation (see list of calls below) of the college = 10 points each.
3.Non German HAMs who are studying/studied at the college = 5 points.
4. Member stations of DOK S44 = 5 points each.
5. QSOs with "Mittweidaern" = 3 points each. (a list of "Mittweidaern" stations is available at )

Callsigns of the club station through the years: K4 (1924), K-K4 (1925), K4AET (1926), EK4AET (1927), D4AET (1929), D2DA (1935), DM3KEN (1954), DM3*EN (1960), Y32*N (1980) and DK0MIT (after 1992). the * can be any letter from A-Z.  Anyone who applies for the award and includes at least one QSL from the club station which is older than 50 years will receive the award at no charge.

Send GCR list and fee of 5€ to Clubstation DK0MIT, Postfach 1121, D-09641 Mittweida, Germany.  


Tks ON4CAS 5-4-07

Moorhen Chicken Chase Award

The inventors of the "Moorhen Chicken Chase" computer game originated in Wattenscheid, Germany. The DARC division Wattenscheid (DOK O33) is issuing this award for contacting the Ruhrgebiet area plus stations in Scotland and Ireland, the places where the real "Moorhen Chicken" lives (the animal is called "red grouse" in Scotland; the scientific name being "lagopus lagopus scoticus"). Contacts after January 1st, 2001 are valid. SWL OK. All contacts should be made during a period of 12 months (first QSO determines starting date).  Germans with L, N and O and Z DOKs and Z-DOKs Z03, Z14, Z34, Z38, Z40, Z41, Z45, Z60, Z63, Z80 and Z93 as well as the DXCC entities GM, GI & EI are valid for this award. You need at least 750 points. QSOs in FM are valid 5 points, other modes 10 points. DX QSOs and those on 430 MHz are worth 25 points, while 100 points may be counted once for a contact with the DOK O33. No band restrictions. All modes, except packet radio, may be used. Send your log extract and fee for DL's of 7€ and for all others + 8.5 Euro to: Thomas Pfeiffer, DK5DF, Holzstr. 156, D-44869 Wattenscheid, Germany.


(Chg 6/2004)

Morse Memory Merit Award (MMMA)

At occasion of 25 years "Friends of S.F.B. Morse Club (FMC)" and the DARC Ortsverband Erwitte, DOK O 37 in memory of Samuel Finley Breeze Morse. Only CW contacts after 1 January 1996. To earn this award are needed: 25 QSL cards for CW QSO's with FMC members + 10 QSL cards for CW QSO's from at least 30 minutes ( Start + end time QSO must stay on QSL-card) + participation at least 10 x in ZAP QSO's after the FMC round table net. Award is free but you must send sufficient postage or funds for return card. Send the 35 QSL cards and a explanation that all the QSO's are make with a key or bug, to: Lutz Schröer, DL3BZZ, Am Niederfeld 6, D-35066 Frankenberg, Germany.

Their website includes a current member list. 

(Chg 3/2008)

Mosel Wine Award

Contact stations in the Mosel/Saar/Ruwer wine growing areas of Germany after 1 January 1985. SWL OK. 3 Classes as follows:

Class 3 - Kabinett - EU = 10 points, DX = 5 points.
Class 2 - Spatlese - EU = 20 points, DX = 10 points.
Class 1 - Auslese - EU = 30 points, DX = 15 points.

Point values: 1 point each for QSO's in DOK's K05, K10, K25, K28, K32, K47, K48, Q04, Z11 and Z23. 2 points each for DOK K45. 3 points each for club stations DF0COC, DK0MOS, DK0BV, DL0POL, DB0RN. Each station may be worked only one time.  All bands and modes. Note!!! - every 50th applicant will receive a presentation carton (3 bottles) of Mosel wine, the quality corresponding to the award class. Great idea! GCR list and 5€ to: Rita Gietzen DL3PF, Dohrer Weg 1, D-56814 Faid, Germany.

 (Chg 11/2008)

Worked All Mox Nix Award

Sponsored by the German-American Nox-Nix Radio Club Barbarossacity Kaiserslautern and available to all amateurs and SWL's for contacting or hearing stations in the area Kaiserslautern (DOK K-16). Each station = 1 point, club station DL0KS = 2. DL's need 10 points, other Europeans 5, all others 3. All bands and modes. Each station may be worked one time. GCR list and fee of 5€ or 10 IRCs to: Ludwig Andes DK7UC, Kaiserstr 12 a, D-67661 Kaiserslautern, Germany.

(Chg 11/02)

Muncher Oktoberfest Diploma (MOD)

Contact stations in the Munich area during the period of the Octoberfest (August 1 to October 31) each year. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Stations in DOK's C01, C06, C09, C11 C12 C13 C18 C19, C26, C30, C32, C34, Z13 and Z67  = 1 point. Club stations  from these DOK's = 2 points. MOD station DF0MOF = 4 points and is mandatory. All bands and modes except Echolink and Packet Radio. CW QSO's and QSOs up to 1240MHz  count double. Germans need 25 points, all others 15 points.  Stations may be contacted once GCR list and fee of 5€ , outside EU $US10 to: Edgar Kirschner DG1MFX, Sachranger Str. 14, D-81549 Munchen, Germany. 


(Chg 4/2010)

Nationalpark Niedersachsisches Wattenmeer

Sponsored by the DARC Ortsverband Unterweser DOK I56.  On HF, contact 40 stations from at least 5 different countries and spell the term "NATIONALPARK NIEDERSAECHSISCHES WATTENMEER" using the last letter of their suffix. QSOs on or after 1 Jan 2001. SWL OK.   On VHF, spell this same phrase with 40 contacts, using at least 15 stations from I-DOK's, H-DOKs or M-DOKs.  A QSO with DL0UTW, DL0DAM and DO0AAA may be used as a "Joker" for one missing letter.  DO0AAA on VHF counts for three missing letters.  All bands and modes OK.  GCR list and fee of 8 Euro or $US10 to: Jack Skulimma DO1BJS, Dorfstr Ost 9, D-27624 Kohlen, Germany.


(Chg 11/2008) 

Worked 10 Nature Park Northern Eifel

Contact stations in DOKs G01, G22, G26 or Z32 since 1 Jan 1967.  3 DOKs must have been worked.  There are 3 classes: Standard reuires 10 stations, Silver requires 20 and Gold 30 stations. All bands and modes.  SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of $US10 or 8€ to: Margret Schreiner DC5KE, Schnorrenberg 93, D-53940 Hellenthal/Eifel, Germany. 

(Rewrite 11/02 per info from PA3CUZ)

Neanderthal Diploma

Contact stations in the following DOK's since 1 Jan 1975: R03, R04, R07, R08, R09, R12, R15, R24 R25 and R29. Stations with a DOK Z with their QTH in Kreis Mettmann also count for the award. Each QSO counts one point on any band with a maximum of 5 bands. SWL OK.  CW, RTTY, Pactor, Amtor, PSK etc qso's count for 5 points. Club stations DK0ID DL0II, DL0XX, DK0NH, DL0CPM (to May 2010) and DL0PKL count 10 points each, and you must have worked at least one of these.  No use of repeaters, except if via satellite. 

Requirements HF VHF
Stations in DOK R 100 50
Other DL Stations 75 50
All Others 50 25

GCR list and 5€ to: Diethelm Burberg DJ2YE,  Breite Strasse 3, D-40822 Mettmann, Germany. 


(Chg 8/2011)

Neckar Diploma

The German local federation Hohenasperg, DOK P61, sponsors this diploma for contacts on or after 1 January 2005, with amateurs and SWLs in any of the 25 local federations in or close to the Neckar. The valid DOK’s include: P02, P05, P06, P08, P10, P11, P12, P31, P35, P36, P40, P47, P48, P51, P60, P61, Z17, Z18, Z48, Z55, A06, A10, A14, A19 and F50.

     Stations from the district P need 75 points
     Other DL stations need 50 points
     Other European Union stations 30 points
     DX stations need 20 points.

Each station counts two points, Club stations of the 25 local federations count 5 points. Contacts with stations of the local federation P61 count double and at least one of these is mandatory. German stations will need to make contacts with at least 10 different DOKs. All modes of operation except packet and echo-link may be used, as well as all bands. Send GCR list and a fee of 5€ for German stations or 8€ or $US8 for all others to: Klaus-Dieter Graef DK1AX, Eduard-Krauss-Str., D-71634 Ludwigsburg, Germany. 


(Chg 4/2012)

Neustadt Diploma

Sponsored by Neustad and Rubenberge (DOK H61) for contacts with Neustadt or other German cities which have Neustadt in their names. Contacts after 1 January 1992. Europeans need 100 points, others 50. Point values are:

a. Neustadt DOK's A34 B10 B16 H61 K13 S15 U24 W24 and Z22 = 10.
b. clubstations in any of the above DOK's = 20.
c. contacts with stations in other cities with Neustadt in their name = 5.

Each station may be contacted once. One H61 is mandatory, while a maximum of 3 stations from a "Neustadt" named city are allowed. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ or 8 IRCs to: Bernd Alsleben DL4OAI, Postfach 1211, D-31535 Neustadt 1, Germany.

(TKS ONL-4003)(CHG 95)

District Niedersachsen Diploma

Contact stations in Lower Saxony after 1 January 1973. SWL OK. These are stations who use the DOK prefix H. Germans need 65 points, Europeans 50 and all others 25.

HF Award Values: (3.5-21 Mhz). Each QSO from District H (as well as Z DOKs in the district) counts one point per band. Club station DL0DN counts 2 points. Germans may only use the 80 and 40 meter bands - others may use any 2 HF bands. Special DOK's used by clubstations of the district may be used as "JOKER" contacts to complete requirements.

VHF Award Values: (28Mhz and up). Each DOK of District H as well as Z-DOK's in the district = 1 point per band. DL0DN = 2 points. Special DOK's used by clubstations may be used as "Joker" contacts.  Only 3 stations per DOK may be used regardless of the band used.  Stations from Niedersachsen need 75 oints from at least 33 DOKs, other DL stations 50/22 and all others 25 points from 11 DOKs.  

For SWL's, the QSL cards of the stations heard must be in your possession. GCR list and fee of 7€  or  $US10 to: Matthias Deutscher DL5OB, Postfach 100412, D-30942 Ronnenberg, Germany. 

(Chg 8/2003)

District Niedersachsen-YL Diploma

DARC Niedersachsen offers this award to amateurs and SWL's for proof of contact with YL/XYL's in the H District (or Z DOKs in this district) after 1 January 1980. On HF, you need 15 points, VHF requirement is 25 points. Each such YL/XYL = 1 point, clubstation DF0YL = 5 points. Note: each card must clearly indicate H district. GCR list and fee of 7€ or  $US10 to: Matthias Deutscher DL5OB, Postfach 100412, D-30942 Ronnenberg, Germany. 

(Chg 8/2003)

Norderstedt Diploma

Contact stations in E-DOK's as follows: (1) contact DL0NO, (2) 5 stations in DOK E-12, (3) 10 stations in other E DOK's, all after 1 Jan 1970. SWL OK. All bands and modes acceptable. GCR list and fee of € 5 to: Angelika Busch, DH3HAD, Wacholderweg 18, D-22889 Tangstedt, Germany.


Relisted Tks PA3CUZ 12/2007

Nordfriesland Diplom

Issued by the DARC Division Husum (DOK M04) for contacting stations in the area of Nordfriesland after 1 Jan 1995. SWL OK. Stations from the following DOK’s count: M04, M19, M29, club stations DL0HU, DL0SY, DK0EH, DL0NIB. Each station counts 1 point, clubstations count 2 points. All bands and modes. Points needed:

Germans: 10 points from at least 3 DOK’s (one club station is mandatory) + 13 additional stations using the last suffix of their call to spell out: "NORDFRIESLAND".
Other Europeans: 7 points from at least 2 DOK’s.
DX: 5 points from at least 2 DOK’s.

Note that DL0HU counts as a "Joker" for any missing DOK. GCR list and fee of 6€ or $US9 plus $2.50 for postage and an address label to: Hans-Peter Hansen DL1LAP, Feld 7, D-25885 Wester-Ohrstedt, Germany. 


(Chg 2/2013)

District Northsea Diploma

Contact stations in the DOK's that comprise DARC District Northsea: I01 to I58, Z02 Z31 Z36 Z43 Z53 Z65 or special DOK's DNT FZH JR ND and YL after 1 January 1983. SWL OK. Each QSO = 1 point.

Class I: DL's need 100 points/30 DOK's, Europeans need 50/15, DX stations need 25/10, VHF/UHF need 50/25.
Class II: DL's need 50 points/20 DOK's, Europeans need 25/10, DX stations need 10/5, VHF/UHF need 25/15.

GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US12  to:  Hubertus Golz, DJ1HN, Doerpstroot 16, D-21709 Bossel, Germany.

(Chg 1/2006)

North Westfalen Castle Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club of Herten (DOK N20) issues this diploma which is available to amateurs and SWL's who contact stations operating within a radius of 500 meters from castles located in Northern Westphalia (District N) on or after 1 January 2010. Every castle in Westphalia-North is listed with a Castle / Reference Number (WNB). This number should be provided by the /P stations in QSO and clearly marked on the QSL card. Each different castle may only be contacted one time, regardless of the band used to be used.

DL stations: 7 different numbers WNB
Other European stations: 5 different numbers WNB
DX stations: 3 different numbers WNB

All bands OK and all modes with the exception of Packet Radio and Echo Link. Endorsements for band and mode are available. The award application is a confirmed list of QSL cards (GCR list) and the fee of 5 € (DL-stations) or 10 € or 13 U.S. $ (EU / DX stations) to be sent to Heinz-Peter Sausen DH1PS, Uhland Strasse 9, 45699 Herten, Germany.

Award Rules: 
List of Castles:

(Chg 2/6/2014)

Norwo Award

Contact stations in German DOK's I-01 to I-58 after 1 January 1980. All bands and modes. SWL OK. Each contact = 1 point, but SSB contacts on VHF or any CW, ATV, RTTY, AMTOR or PACTOR = 2 each. You may apply for one mode only. Make contacts with at least 10 different I-DOK's and 2 with DOK I-29 earning a total of 29 points. GCR list and fee of 6€  $US10 to: Mario Henzel (DJ2OR), Theodor-Storm-Strasse 13, D-26954 Nordenham, Germany .


(Chg 1/2007)

Oberau Diplom

Work 6 of the 7 stations in Oberau. The stations are: DF3MC, DG4MEE, DG7MGN, DH1GY, DK4OHA, DL2TOS and DO3CD. Award is free but sponsor requests you send € 2 for postage costs. Send a log extract to Christian Döscher, DO3CD. Schmiedeweg 23; D-82496 Oberau, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 9/2007 


The DARC-Ortsverband Rheda-Wiedenbrück, DOK N 47, offers this Diploma for contacts after 1 January 2010, SWL OK. Form the words RHEDA WIEDENBRUECK with the suffix letters from stations of the N District. From each station’s call only one letter may be used. Of the 17 letters (stations) at least 7 letters from stations of the DOK 47 are required.  A contact with the club station DK0RE or contest station DP4D may be used once as a Joker (substitute) for a missing letter.  All bands and modes except none via Packet Radio and Echolink.  Send a GCR list and fee of 5€ to Wilfried Schwabe DG6YDJ, Lippestrasse 2, D-33378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/2010

Oberschwaben Award

This award is issued by the DARC division P57 for contacting station in the Oberschwaben area after Jan 1, 2001. SWL OK. 

1. Work at least one station from each of the following DOKS: A48, P03, P09, P14, P21, P39, P43, P46, P49 and P57.  
2. Spell the word "OBERSCHWABEN" by using any suffix letter from any stations in the above listed DOKs.  
3. The club stations DL0RIE and DL0ERT of the local group P57 count for any two missing letters.  Any special DOK activated from the Oberschwaben area may be used as a substitute for any missing DOK.

All club stations of the local groups with a special DOK count as a joker for any DOK (point 1). 
Joker stations (only with special DOK !!) - (Standings: January 2007):
DL0HR "HR", :HRxx".
DLØRIE: "1ØERT" or "75ØRIE";
DL0LPH: "25P49"
DKØFN: "IBOØx" or "3ØHAM"; DLØIBO with "IBOØx" (xx=Jahreszahl),"2ØIBO" or "HVØ4";
DLØJRW: "JR" (April 2004 - August 2005);
DR2007ANT: "ANT07", "DW". 

Send GCR list + fee of 6.45 € for DL, EU 8.40€ or $11US and DX 11€ or $US15  to: Michael Burgmaier, DH8BM, Heudorferstrasse 9, D-88521 Ertingen, Germany.


Chg 2/2011

Ochsenweg Diploma

Issued by DARC DOK M28 and available to both amateurs and SWL's for QSO's in the following list of DOK's after 1 January 1993: E03 E10 E12 E15 M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M06 M08 M09 M11 M12 M13 M16 M17 M21 M22 M23 M25 M27 M28 M29 M31 M32 Z10 Z56 Z69 Z71 Z72 Z79. Special DOKs which are valid include: SH, ITU and YLM.  Up to two missing DOKs may be replaced by a station using the special DOK DIG or DSW. A total of 75 points are needed. Contact values: Phone = 3, CW = 4, other modes = 2. Club stations = 6 point and M28 stations are worth 1 extra point in each mode. At least 8 different DOK's must be contacted. All bands and modes, however, if the award is being applied for Shortwave, 3 Danish (OZ) stations must be contacted in addition to the other requirements. GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US7 to Marianne Dethlefs DJ3LA, Knuell 4, D-24863 Boerm, Germany.

 (Chg 6/2006)

Odenwald Wine Island Award

Sponsored by DARC District Gross Umstadt (DOK F56) to promote CW QSO's with members after 1 September 1981. Contact stations in Gross Umstadt: DL's need 5, all others 3 on cw only. GCR list and fee of 10€  to: Karl Ohl DJ1FK, Hauptstrasse 9-11, D-64823 Gross-Umstadt/Riechen, Germany.


(Chg 10/02) 


Make contacts in the following DOK's: I-12 I-27 I-28 I-34 I-37 I-52 and Z36 after 1 Jan 1995. You may use up to 3 Joker stations for 2 missing DOK's and 1 missing club station. Joker stations are any stations in the following listed "Partnership" towns of Osnabruck:

Angers, France    Derby, England  Greifswald, Germany
Haarlem, Netherlands Twer, Russia   Evansville, USA
Gmund, Austria     Vila Real, Portugal    Isahaya, Japan.

For VHF and UHF - the distance referred to is the distance to or around Osnabruck, locator JO 42 AG. 


DL - stations on HF, VHF (up to 300km), UHF (up to 150Km) need 18 contacts including  4 different DOK's and at least 3 clubstations.
EU - stations on HF, VHF (stations up to 500 Km), UHF (up to 300 Km), need 12 contacts including 4 different DOK's and at least 2 clubs.
DX - stations on HF, VHF (stations over 500Km), UHF (more than 300Km), need 9 contacts including 3 different DOK's and 1 clubstation.

All bands and modes, endorsements for single band or mode. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Dennis Wegmann DB1BDW, An der Burgerweide 11, D-49324 Melle, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2012)

Ost-Hessen Award (OHD)

Contact stations in East Hessian DOK's since 1 Jan 1984. Valid DOK's are: F06, F10, F12, F25, F28, F32, F33, F34, F36, F41, F55, F67, F69, F70, Z25, Z62 AND Special DOK's AFZ and JK. 
(CHG 3/2013)

You must earn 32 points for this award, scoring values as below:

Each CW QSO 4 2
All other modes 2 1
Work DK0HR on CW 12 6
Work DK0HR on other modes 6 3

Award may be earned single or mixed bands. Each call may only be worked once. FM qso's do not count. GCR list and 4€  or $US8 to: Rolf Mohr DL5FBB, Lambertstrasse 15, D-36251 Bad Hersfeld, Germany. 


(Chg 3/2013)


Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix was a German painter and printmaker. Born 1891 in Untermhaus, now a part of the city of Gera and died in Singen, in 1969. The DARC e.V., Ortsverband Gera (DOK: X20) sponsors this award for contacts made after 1 January 2008. SWL OK.

Contact Point Values:
1. Each contact with stations of OV Gera DOK X20 and Z88 = 5 points.
2. Club stations of the city of Gera = 10 points.
3. Stations from cities where Otto Dix lived and worked each count 5 points if the place is printed on the QSL-card. (See list below).
4. If you visit a Otto-Dix- museum or exhibition and can show the ticket, this is = 10 points.
5. Contact with one of the club stations DL0DIX, DK0GER, DK0KTL, DB0GA, DM5G is mandatory!

DL stations must earn 100 Points, European 75 points and all others 50 points.  Each contact or museum visit counts only once. All bands and modes except Packet Radio and Echo Link. Endorsement stickers available for each additional 25 points.  GCR list and fee of € 5 to Peter Eichler, DJ2AX, Birkenweg 13, D-07639 Tautenhain, Germany.

Cities where Otto Dix lived and Worked: Gera, Dresden, Pößneck, Bautzen; Berlin, Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Singen, Hemmenhofen, Kassel, Köln, Vaduz (Dix-Stiftung HB0), Bevaix (Archiv - F), Bethenville (F), Auberive (F), Reims (F), Anges (F), Knoecke (PA), Gorodniki (UA), Langemarck (ON), Pila (SP), Hamburg, Venedig (I) und New York (W)

Valid Museums are: Otto-Dix-Haus Gera, Otto-Dix-Haus Hemmenhofen, Nationalgalerie Berlin, Städtische Kunstsammlung Albstadt, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Neue Meister Dresden, Kupferstichkabinett Dresden, Städtische Sammlung Freital, Sammlung Gunzenhauser Chemnitz, Kunstsammlung Orangerie Gera, MOMA New York; Special exhibitions with the name Otto DIX in the topic.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/08

O-16 Award      (Siegerland Diplom)

DARC Ortsverband Siegerland (DOK O-16) offers this award to all amateurs or SWL's earning 16 points by working this DOK. Stations from DOK O-16 need 32 points. Contacts in O-16 count 4 points each for EU/DX and 2 points for DL's,and any QSO via FM = 1 point. Club stations DL1SN, DK0GC each count for one point extra. Contacts since 1 January 1958, each call may only be counted once. GCR list and 5€ or $US6 to Klaus Domian DJ3TI, Im Langenseifen 61, D-57072 Siegen, Germany. 

(Chg 11/2008)

Padre Roberto Landell de Moura Awards

General Requirements: SWL OK. GCR accepted. Apply to: Heinz Marhoff DK8DY, Egerstrasse 53, D-44225,  Dortmund, Germany. List of key stations for IRC to Manager.

Padre Roberto Landell de Moura Award.

Work at least 5 key stations of the order "PRL' after 1 Oct 1983. Fee is 5€  or $US6.

Padre Roberto Landell de Moura 100

Earn 100 points by contacting key stations of the order "PRL' since 1 Oct 1983. On Hf, each contact = 1 point per band, key station club stations = 5 points once, contact with DK0PRL = 10 points and on VHF count double. May be earned HF, VHF or mixed. Fee is 5€ $US6. 

Internet: (contains list of "key stations")

(Chg 11/2009) 

Philipp-Reis-Diploma (PRD)

Contact members of DOK F04. 8 points are needed from different F04 stations. Each DOK F04 station counts 1 point except club stations (DL0OG, DG0OG, DK0CEU)= 2. Contacts after 1 Jan 1976. SWL OK. GCR list and 5.5€  $8US or fee to: Arno Klaft DG8FBD, Brunnenstr. 12, D-63633 Birstein. Germany. 


(Chg 3/2013)

Pinneberg Award                 Revision of 12/14

The DARC local branch Pinneberg, DOK E15, publishes this diploma which may be requested by any licensed radio amateur for contacts made after 1 January 1978 with amateur and club stations within the regional association of Pinneberg. SWL OK.

Valid Contacts include the following DOK’s:
E10 Welcome Point
E15 Pinneberg
M21 Uetersen
M27 Elmshorn
E12 Norderstedt
E20 Helgoland
M22 Barmstedt
Z72 VFDB Elmshorn

Requirement: Earn at least 100 Points for DL stations and at least 70 points for all others) At least five different DOKs must have been included.

Point Values:

1. Phone and CW QSOs on HF/KW = 1 point to the FM bands 2 points per station. Each callsign counts once per band. The club stations = 5 points.

All bands and modes OK.  One contact with a club station of the OV Pinneberg E15 DK0PI is mandatory.
One missing DOK may be replaced by another club station or a training call sign of the issuing OVŽs.

Send the award application with GCR list and fee 7 € (or € 2.50 as a pdf file for self-printing) to the following address:Jan-Henrik Schulz DG8HJ, Drosselstr. 62, 25474 Ellerbek, Germany
The diploma fee may be sent via a bank account of the OV Pinneberg: DARC OV e.V. Pinneberg, Account number: 989646601
BLZ: 50010060, Bank: Postbank
IBAN: DE84 5001 0060 0989 6466 01 - BIC PBNKDEFF be transferred with the tag "diploma and Call-sign.


Revised 12/2014

Tks DIG Bulletin 1846 12/16/14

Pirna - Diploma

The German-Amateur Radio Club eV Ortsverband Liebstadt, DOK SØ3, sponsors the PIRNA diploma which may be earned by all amateurs and SWL’s. Contact stations in Pirna, Germany as well as nearby areas including the clubs of DOK’s SØ3, S1Ø, S15 and S26 on or after 1 January 1992.

Points needed for the award:
a. DL stations need 75 points, it is necessary to work at least one station from the DOK SØ3.
b. European stations need 50 points
c. DX stations need 25 points

Point Values:
a. SSB and FM contacts = 5 points each.
b. Contact with the club stations DLØLIE, DLØSTO, DLØUPC DLØPIR = 10 points each.
c. On CW, all contact values are doubled.

All bands and modes are allowed, only connections in packet radio and echo link are not allowed. The award application with GCR list and fee of 5 € or $ 7 is sent to the following address: Bernd Scholze, DF3MA, Borna 8, D-01819 Bahretal, Germany. Funds may be transferred by bank transfer. Contact sponsor for details. PayPal for EU and DX (Request info by e-mail at the Award Manager) is possible.


K1BV Research 1/11/12

Worked District "R" Diploma        

Sponsored by DARC-OV Heilgenhaus DOK R-03 for contacting R-DOK's after 1 January 1968. SWL OK. DL's need 30 QSO's on 80 meters and 30 on 40 meters, with a maximum of 2 QSO's with the same DOK. Europeans need 15 R-DOK's on 80 and 40 meters. All others need 15 R-DOK contacts. On VHF, DL's need 30 QSOs with a maximum of 2 QSOs with the same DOK.  EU 15 and DX 1 QSO.   Packet Radio and Echo Link contacts are not valid. GCR list and fee of 5€ for DL, and 10€ for all others to: Ralf Jeratsch DL8RJ, Ehemannshof 8, D-42579 Heiligenhaus, Germany.  


(Chg 2/2013)

Worked Radio Telegraphy Club Members

General Requirements: SWL OK.  Contacts only by CW mode, of course!  GCR list accepted.  Fee for each award is 5€ or $US5; endorsements cost 1€ or $US1.  Apply to: Juergen Graf DL5CM, Postfach 1104, D-06281 Lutherstadt, Germany.


    W-RTC-M Award

Work RTC members after 10 Mar 91.  Each member = 1 point per band. RTC club station DL0RTC and DK0RTC = 2 points per band. (No contest contacts). Basic award requires 25 points - endorsements for 50, 75, 100 etc. 

(Chg 3/4/09) 

     Telegraphy Award (CWD)

In Germany, each car license plate starts with the abbreviation of the city (i.e., B for Berlin, AC for Aachen, etc.).  The award is based on this abbreviation system.  The location of a station worked determines the abbreviation; a station in Hamburg counts for HH.  You need 150 points for the basic award and stickers are available for 250, 350 and 400 points.  On shortwave, each abbreviation counts 1 point, on VHF/UHF, 3 points.  The RTC club stations DL0RTC and DK0RTC count 10 points each.  The following endorsement stickers are also available: 160M, QRP (max 5w out).  Contacts after 1 Dec 1997.  GCR list in alphabetical order of the abbreviations.  List of valid abbreviations from K1BV for SASE or by manager for 3€ and self-addressed envelope. 

Telegraphy Activity Award (CWAA)

Make CW contacts in a one calendar year period (1-1-XX to 12-31-XX).  Each contact on HF = 1 point, VHF/UHF = 3 points.  Clubstations DL0RTC and DK0RTC = 10 points.  Contest QSOs are not valid.  For Class 1, earn 1460 points, Class 2 earn 1095 points, Class 3 earn 760 points Class 4 earn 365 points. .  Contacts after 1 Jan 1998.  

(Chg 9/2007)

Radschlager Diploma    REWRITE    

Contact stations in DOKs R01, R22, R23, R26, and Z04 after 1 May 1977.  SWL OK.  Stations in District R and Dusseldorf need 20 points with at least one QSO in each DOK.  HF: Germans need 15 points, other Europeans 10 and rest of world 5.  VHF: DL 10 and EU 5 points.  Each QSO count 1 point.  Club station DK0WD counts 2 points and CW QSOs count double.  The "Radschlager" in Dusseldorf were boys who performed gymnastics for tourists.  GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Susanne Donat, Geranienweg 26, D-40468 Dusseldorf, Germany.

(Rewrite per info from PA3CUZ 10/02) 

Red Ink Award

Work hams who are teachers by profession. SWL OK. Earn 50 points after 1 Jan 1975.  One school station is mandatory.  Each 25 additional points = endorsement sticker.  Point values: For DL, each contact = 1 point and schoolstations = 2.  Europeans 2/4, all others 4/8.  On VHF, each DL contact = 2 points, and school stations = 4 points.  Europeans 4/8 and All Others 8/16.  Stations may be contacted only one time.  GCR list and fee of 5€ for Europeans.  All others, fee is $US8.  Endorsements 1.53€ stamps or $US2.   Wolfgang Beer DL4HBB, Postfach 1127, D-21707 Himmelpforten, Germany.


(Chg 6/2004)

Red Wine Award

Contact a total of 16 stations in DOK's prefixed A, B, F, K, P, Q, S, W, and X after 1 January 1978. Not more than 4 from each district. SWL OK. These broadly define areas where red wine is produced. The 16 must spell the following phrase using any one of the letters of their suffix: AHR ROTWEIN DIPLOM. One QSL from K01 is mandatory. No band or mode restrictions. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5  to: Hubertus Kreickmann DK4PT, Mittelstrasse 70, D-53424 Remagen-Kripp, Germany.

(Chg 10/02)

Regensburg Z Award

Contact DOK Z16 and other Z-DOK's since 1 January 1983. SWL OK. Earn the award in two ways: make one contact with Z16 and at least 2 other Z-DOK's or earn 12 points by working Z16 and at least one other Z-DOK. Point value: On HF Z16 = 2, other Z = 1. Europeans may double these values, and rest of world multiply values by four. 144MHz and 432Mhz are doubled values, and on 1240Mhz, multiply values by 4. Club station contacts count an additional 2 bonus points. XYL/YL's count 1 additional bonus point. Stations may only be contacted once. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Johann Held DL8RC, Alois-Riedl-Str. 6a, D-93152 Nittendorf Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)

Via Regia Award

The name of the award is the name of the oldest and longest roadway between eastern and western Europe. It has existed for more than 2,000 years and connects 8 European countries over it’s 4,500 km length. . To promote amateur radio activities along this historic street, the DARC Ortsverband Schöneck (F75), sponsors the Via Regia award to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for proven contacts after 1 January 2010.

The award requires earning a minimum of 100 points.

HF Point values:
1. On shortwave contacts with all eight countries (Spain (EA), France (F), Belgium (ON), Germany (DL), Poland (SP), Ukraine (UR), Belarus (EU), Lithuania (LY)) are required .
2. Each contact with a station in these countries counts 5 points.
3. A contact with a station in the regional association Schöneck (F75) or Nidderau (F31) is worth 10 points, a contact with a club station of the two chapters is worth 20 points.

VHF Point Values,
1. contacts with stations from the states of Hesse (DOK F), Sachsen (DOK S), Saxony-Anhalt (DOK W) and Thuringia (DOK X) are required. These provinces are located along the "high road", an ancient trade route from Frankfurt to Leipzig which was part of the Via Regia. Each contact counts 5 points.
2. A contact with a station in the regional association Schöneck (F75) or Nidderau (F31) is worth 10 points, a contact with a club station of the two chapters is worth 20 points.
3. A contact with a station from F75 or F31 is mandatory.

Send GCR list by regular post or e-mail to . There is no band or mode restrictions. Each station can be counted only once per band. Relay or EchoLink contacts are allowed.

The diploma is free of charge and will be sent as a PDF file. If a printed version is desired, the cost is 5€ (Bank Wire Transfer Information Please inquire via email). Mailing address of the custodian is: Jurgen Keller DL4YCD, Am Neuberg 8, D-61137 Schoneck, GERMANY.

E-mail: Jürgen Keller, DL4YCD,

Tks K1BV Research 3/2013

Rendsburg Award

Issued by DARC Rendsburg DOK M12 for contacts with their area after 1 January 1989. SWL OK. You must earn 144 points with values as follows:

a. a contact with club station DL0FJ or DL0NOK (after 01-03-1994) = 44 points. If you contact both, the value for the second is that of a normal M12.
b. Rendsburg M12 and neighboring DOK's: M05 M06 M08 M16 M25 M28 M30 M31 M33 M35 Z10 Z69 or Z71 count as follows:

    M12 - HF QSO's = 12, VHF = 6, Satellite = 12
    Others as listed - HF = 6, VHF = 3, Satellite = 6.

    Stations outside Germany may double these value points.

c. a contact with one of the club stations as well as 4 in M12 and QSO's in at least 4 other listed DOK's is necessary to qualify.

Each station except the mandatory club contact may be worked on 2 bands for credit. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US 5 to: Burkhard Mueske DL4LV, Kronwerker Moor 147, D-24768 Rendsburg, Germany.


(Chg 3/2008)

Rennsteig Award

The Rennsteig is a challenging and famous footpath in the Thüringen area. Issued by the DARC division Neuhaus am Renweg (DOK X35) for contacts with stations located along the Rennsteig. Only contacts after January 1st, 2002 count. SWL OK.

For the basic award on HF: DL stations need 50 points, EU need 30 and all others 20. 
VHF: Thuringen (X) stations need 50 points, DL's need 35, and other EU 20.

Stations from the following DOKs are valid : X11, X21, X23, X24, X26, X29, X30, X31, X32, X33, X34, X35, X36, X37, X38, X43 and B21.

Points value :
Individual stations = 2 points, 
    Clubstations = 5 points, 
    Stations from DOK X35 count double; at least one X35 contact is mandatory.
DK0NEU (X35 clubstation) counts 10 points.


Each station may be counted only once. All contacts should be made on HF or VHF, not mixed. Packet radio QSOs are not valid. No other band or mode restrictions. Additional stickers can be achieved as following :

Sticker DL Stns EU Stns DX Stns District X stations DL Stns EU Stns
Bronze 75 50 30 75 50 30
Silver 100 75 40 100 75 40
Gold 125 100 50 125 100 50


GCR list + $US7 or 7€  (endorsements are $US2 or 2€) to : Andreas Lattermann DH8WKA, Hammerweg 1, D-98739 Lichte, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2008)

Rennsteig Trophy

All those who have earned the Basic Rennsteig Award (no stickers needed) may apply for the Rennsteig Trophy if he/she achieves the following total points on HF or VHF: 

Germans need 150 points.            
Europeans need 120 points.          
All others need 75 points.
District X need 150 points
DL's need 125 points
EU need 75 points.

See the Rennsteig Award table for points values and list of valid DOKs and clubstations.  As an additional requirement, the following sentence has to be spelled by using at least 2 letters from any station’s suffixes : 

(translation : the Rennsteig footpath of the Forest of Thuringen).

You may use one letter from the suffix of your own call sign as a "Joker" for a missing letter.  GCR list + fee of $US20 or 20€ + serial number of Rennsteig basic award already earned to :  Andreas Lattermann DH8WKA, Hammerweg 1, D-98739 Lichte, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2007)

Rheinland-Pfalz Diploma

Contact stations in the Rheinland-Pfalz district after 1 January 1970. These are any K-DOK and Z11 Z22 Z23 Z74 Z77 Z82 and special DOK RP and 60LRP.  SWL OK. Each such station counts for one point and may be worked once per band. Any mode.

HF: (DL's may only use the 80 and 40 meter bands) DL's need 40 points and 20 or more DOK's. Europeans need 30 points and 15 or more DOK's, all others need 20 points and 10 or more DOK's.

VHF: Stations in Rheinland-Pfalz need 50 points and 20 or more DOK's. All others need 30 points and 15 or more DOK's.

GCR list and fee of 5€   or 10 IRCs to:  Thorsten Meirich DJ7ZZ, Westerwaldstrasse 4, D-56412 Grossholbach, Germany 

(Chg 4/25/2016)

Rhineland-Pfalz Trophy

This is an annual award (it may be earned every year) starting in 2007 and is given for contacting stations in the Rhineland Pfalz district. SWL OK. The following stations count for the award:
     1. District Special stations DA0RP, DF0RLP, DK0RLP, DL0K and DM0K.
     2. All K-DOKs of K 01 to K 56
     3. VFDB DOKs Z 11, Z 22, Z 74, Z 77 and Z 82.

Stations in Rhineland-Pfalz District K need:
Contacts with two district special stations, 20 different club act ions or special stations in the district K and at least 40 different K-DOKs.
All others need:
Contacts with at least 1 district special station, at least 10 different club stations or special stations in the district K and at least 20 different K-DOKs 

Contacts in the 4 RLP contests count double on HF and triple value on VHF/UHF. The Trophy may be endorsed for all : HF - VHF - UHF - VHF/UHF with FONE - CW - MIXED. Send a log excerpt and fee of 20€ for DL stations 25€ for PA, ON, F, LX and HB9 stations and 30€ for all others by 30 May of the following year for which the Trophy is earned. Apply to:  Thorsten Meirich DJ7ZZ, Westerwaldstrasse 4, D-56412 Grossholbach, Germany


(Chg 4/25/16)

Rheinland-Pfalz Castles and Fortresses Award

Issued by the DARC Cochem (DOK K45). Only stations with the following DOKs are valid: K01 till K55, Z11, Z22, Z74, Z77 and 82. A fortress or castle should be located in the city or village of the station contacted. SWL OK. Contacts should be made after January 1st 2004.  Europeans need 20 points from a minimum of 8 different DOKs.  All others need at least 10 points from a minimum of 4 different DOKs. 

Point values:
QTH in which a fortress is located = 10 points
QTH in which a castle is located = 8 points
QTH in which a stronghold is located = 5 points
QTH in which ruins are located = 2 points

Cities or villages with "burg"" or "schloss"" in their name = 1 point (examples: Burghausen, Schlosshausen, Niederburg, Neuerburg). Each valid QTH for this award has received a reference number such as:

DL-001 Festung Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein 
DL-501 Reichsburg Cochem 
DL-500 Burg Eltz 
DL-536 Marksburg in Braubach 
DL-562 Burg Trifels

A complete list of all valid locations including their points value can be found on the Internet at
Only one such monument is valid per QTH on the application form.  Each station counts only once per band and mode.  All bands and modes are valid, except for Packet Radio. 

Send GCR list + fee of 7€ or 7$ (5€ for Germans) to: Rita Gietzen, DL3PF, Dohrer Weg 1, D-56814 Faid, Germany.


(Chg 9/2007)

Rhein-Ruhr DX Association Award (RRDXA)    Rewrite

Contact club members after 1 Jan 1967. SWL OK Each  qso with a member = 1 point. Contest QSOs = 3 points.  Only CQWWDX, WAEDC, CQWPX, Russian DX Contest, IARU and DARC contest counts.  Class I requires 100 points, Class II = 75 and Class III = 50. All bands and modes are valid, except for Packet Radio. GCR list and fee of 5€ for EU and all others $US6 to: Petra Pilgrim DF5ZV, Danziger Strasse 10, D-35274 Kirchhain, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2007)

Romantic Road Award

The diploma Romantic Road award may be earned by all amateurs and SWL's by contacting amateurs in cities along the "Romantic Road". For DL and Europe, 50 points must be earned. For all others and on VHF, 25 points are needed. HF and VHF are separate awards. Phone QSO's = 1 point, CW = 2, other modes = 3 each.

Contacts with stations in DOK T09 count double. The cities along the Romantic Road are Würzburg, Tauberbischofsheim, Bad Mergentheim, Rotenburg o.T., Feuchtwangen, Dinkelsbühl, Nördlingen, Harburg, Donauwörth, Augsburg, Landsberg, Schongau and Fussen. The following DOK's count: A23 A46 B02 B17 B18 B22 C20 C21 C36 P25 T01 T06 T09 T11 T17 T21 Z30 and Z52. GCR list and fee of 5€ to:  Martin Rudler DG3MR, Sudetenstrasse 12, 86738 Deiningen, Germany.  


(Chg 8/2013)

Romantic Road Award    (Romanesque Road Award)

A different award than the rules published above.

Issued by DARC Sachsen-Anhalt for contacting stations in the below listed DOK’s after 1 Jan 1997. SWL OK. All bands and modes OK. Germans need 15 DOK’s, EU 10 DOK’s, all others 5 DOK’s.

Valid DOK’s: W01 to W17, W19, W20, W21, W23, W24, W25, W26, W31, W32, W33, W35, W36, W37, W38 and Z85. Special DOK’s in Sachsen-Anhalt are also valid when activated. GCR list and fee of 5€  or $US7 to: Rudolf Ermirich DK4WR, Gehrdener Strasse 19, D-38875 Elbingerode, Germany.


(Chg 4/2012)


Issued by the DARC Ortsverband Remscheid R13. to honor the memory at the 150th anniversary of the birth of William Conrad Röntgen. SWL OK. Stations with the DOK R13 and all other stations in the city of Remscheider count 1 point. Club station DL0XR count 5 points, and a contact is mandatory. All bands and modes. Each station may be contacted one time.

Stations in DARC district North Rhine need 20 points, other DLs and European stations need 13 points. All others need 8 points. GCR list and and fee of 5€  or $US7 to: Evmarie Poetsch DO1EP, Baisieper Str., 91, D-42859 Remscheid, Germany.

(Chg 6/2004)

Rosen Diploma

Awarded for contacts in the Zweibrucken locality (DOK K12) after 1 Jan 1960. German stations need 5 points, each DOK K12 contact worth 1 point. QSO with DL0ZB mandatory. Europeans need 5 points and rest of world 3, no required contact with DL0ZB. GCR list and 9€ to: Hans-Ingo Pallmann DL6IP, Wernher-von-Braun-Str., D-66482 Zweibrucken, Germany. 

(Chg 11/2009)

Rottler Schloss Diploma

Earn 40 points by contacting stations in DOK A09 after 1 January 1990.  For DLs, ach A09 QSO = 2 points per band.  Club stations DF0GSL, DK0YY and DL0TC = 5 points per band contacted.  Special event station DL0LE and school station DN1GQ = 10 points per band.  The multiplier for EU is two and DX is three.  GCR list, self-addressed label and fee of 7€ or $US7 to: Rainer Scheer DF7GK, Karl-Berner-Str., 18, D-79400 Kandern, Germany.

(Rewrite 11/02 per info from PA3CUZ)

Ruegenbruecken Diplom

Issued by the DARC division Ruegen (DOK V08) for contacts with stations on the island of Ruegen (IOTA EU-057) and the neighbouring division Stralsund (DOK V03). SWL OK. Contacts after January 1st 2006.

Germans need 15 points, other Europeans 10 points and stations outside Europe need 5 points.

Each member station of DOK V08 = 2 points, stations from V03 = 1 point. Both DOKs have to be worked. Any mobile station active on the Ruegen Bridge (the bridge connecting the island of Ruegen with the mainland) may be used as either a contact with V08 or V03. No band or mode restrictions but no Packet or Echolink. Send GCR list + fee of 5€ to: Peter Marquardt (DL4PM), Dorfstrasse 13, D- 18586 Ostseebad Baabe, Germany.

Tks ON4CAS 2/2007


Ruegenbruecken Trophy

Before applying for the trophy you should first earn the above mentioned Ruegenbruecken Award. Include the award number with your application. Germans need 30 points, other Europeans 20 points and stations outside Europe need 10 points. Each station with DOK V08 counts 2 points, stations from V03 count 1 point. One QSO with DL0RUG or DK3R = 10 points (i.e. if you work them both, only one contact may be counted as 10 points).

No band or mode restrictions but no Packet or Echolink. Send GCR list + fee of 30€ to: Peter Marquardt (DL4PM), Dorfstrasse 13, D- 18586 Ostseebad Baabe, Germany.

The trophy consists of a 205 x 255 mm wooden plaque (weight: 520 gram).

Tks ON4CAS 2/2007

Industrial Culture of the Ruhr Area  (Route Industriekultur Ruhrgebiet)

Issued by the DARC Districkt Marl (DOK N19) to promote contacts with stations located in the industrial Ruhr area. SWL OK. Contacts after January 1st 2005 are valid. Contact at least 30 stations representing at least 15 locations from the list of valid cities and towns. 

These locations are: Bergkamen, Bochum, Bottrop, Castrop-Rauxel, Dortmund, Duisburg, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Hagen, Hamm, Hattingen, Herne, Herten, Kamp-Lintfort, Luenen, Marl, Moers, Muelheim, Oberhausen, Recklinghausen, Unna, Waltrop and Witten. 

A SWL QSL from any of these locations also counts for the award. At least 3 club stations should be contacted. Each station may be contacted one time. No band or mode restrictions (but no Echolink or packet radio). Send GCR list + fee of 6.45 for DL, and all others 10€ or $10 to: Brigitte Weis-Dittko DJ5BWD, Ammerbaumweg 44, D-44357 Dortmund, Germany. 

also: net:

(Chg 2/2013)

Saar District Award
Saargau Award

Contact Saar-District stations (DOK Q) after 1 January 1980. SWL OK. Saar DL stations need 50 points (at least 3 DOK Q04 are needed), other DL's 30 points, rest of world 16. DLORE (club station of DOK Q04, and a mandatory contact) = 10 points, other Saar club or special event stations = 3, each DOK Q04 = 3, and any other Saar station or Z19 station = 1. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US15 to: Renni Hardt DK6VV, Hausbacherstrasse 132, D-66663 Merzig/Saar, Germany.

(Chg 4/2008)

Saar Hexenring Diploma

Issued by the DARC division Saar Ingbert (DOK Q02). Work Q02 members after 6-15-98. Saarland stations need 50, Paelzer 40, other DL 30, EU 20 and DX 10 points. YLs from Q02 = 5 points, HTA (Hexenring Technical Assistants) = 4 points while all other Q02 members count 3 points.Owners of the award = 2 points. Stations DL0HEX, DL0IT, DN1HEX, DN1HEW and DN1THW = 10 points each.  (A QSO with DL0HEX or DL0IT is mandatory).  CW contacts count double. Each member may be worked on multiple bands / modes combinations for extra points. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Ully Luck DL8ULY, Burgstr. 26, D-73207 Plochingen, Germany. 

(Chg 6/2004)



Other Q02 members:  DB2BA 3VU DC2VL 2VM  8VF 9VN DF1VO 2VW 5VO 7CB DD3VA  DG4FMA 9VL DH4YM 5VN 5VW  6VM DK4XB 4XM 5VY 7UD  DL3LH  4VAJ 4VAM  4VL 4VR 5IW 8BE 8CQ 8DK 8DM 8DV 8FR 8GF 8HA 9DAW.DM1PC  1PD.  


(Chg 8/2001)

SAIL 2000 Seestadt Bremerhaven

Sponsored by the Ortsverband Unterweser, DOK I56 to commemorate the SAIL 2000 special event. SWL OK. Earn 50 points by contacting stations from DOK’s which are located alongside the sail parade route of the SAIL 2000. These are: Bremerhaven (DOK I05), Wesermünde (DOK I22), Nordenham (DOK I29), Unterweser (DOK I56), VFDB Bremerhaven (DOK Z43). Each contact counts 2 points. Club stations of the valid DOK’s = 4 points. For DL stations count the points double (x2), EU and DX triple (x3). Each station counts only once. Contacts on VHF count double. All bands and modes except Packet Radio. Send a GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US10 to: J. Skulimma, DO1BJS, Dorfstr. Ost 9, D-27624 Köhlen, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/2008

Salze Diploma    

Contact N08, N30 and Y35 stations on or after 1 Jan 1982.  DLs need 15 points, all others 10.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes.  Each station from N30 and Y35 = 2 points, contacts with N08 = 1 point and contacts with club stations DL0WO, DB0JVA, DL0KX or DB0LUC = 4 points.  SSB stations count double.  GCR list and fee of 6€ or $US6 to: David Beyer DO1YDB, POB 2011, D-32092 Bad Salzuflen, Germany.

(Rewritten 11/02 PA3CUZ)

Saubrenner Certificate

Issued by local chapter Wittlich (DOK K48) of DARC for contacts after 1 January 1989 in the following DOK's: K03, K10, K26, K28, K31,  K34, K45, K48 K51, K52, Z23.  QSO values: Club stations DK0THW DF0WIL and DA2CU = 10, K48 = 5, other listed DOK's = 2. Contacts may be made on multiple bands for credit. No band or mode limitations. Each station may be worked only one time. SWL OK. DL station need 50 points from at least 5 affiliated DOK's, Europeans need 30/4, rest of world need 20/3. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Dieter Hoffman DK8VD, Bergweg 14, D-54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Germany.


(Chg 4/2003)

Saxony Award

The German Amateur Radio Society DARC, District Saxony, offers this award to promote the union of radio amateurs in Saxony. Available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for contacts after January 1, 1992. Work stations located in Saxony DARC-DOKs, Saxony VFDB-DOK Z91 and Saxony Special-DOKs (SAX, LMM, TDSxx, LGSxx, 2000AWAC).

HF Requirements:
DL stations need 40 different Saxony-DOKs,
EU stations need 20 different Saxony-DOKs,
DX stations need 10 different Saxony-DOKs

VHF/UHF requirements:
DL stations need 40 different Saxony-DOKs,
EU stations need 20 different Saxony-DOKs,
DX stations need 1 Saxony-DOK.

Two endorsement stickers are available: ALL CW and one for each 10 additional Saxony-DOKs. Send GCR list and fee of 5E, $8 or 8 IRCs for the basic award and 1E or 1 IRC for endorsement stickers. Apply to: Manfred Grimm DL8DXL, Furtweg 1, D-01936 Laussnitz, Germany.


(Chg 1/2012)

Castles of Saxony-Anhalt Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club, local chapter Ballenstedt (DOK W33) is issuing the castles-diploma in Saxony-Anhalt, available to all amateurs and SWLs. Contact stations operating from or close to fortresses or castles in Saxony-Anhalt on or after 1 January 2010. Valid contacts must be with stations which operate on the premises or are portable (/p) within a radius of 500m of the castle. The castles have a unique number and should be clearly marked on the QSL card of the activating station.

A list of the valid castles is available from the award sponsor by mail or from websites of or . Each castle number counts once regardless of the band and mode. Contacts through Echolink and packet radio do not count for the diploma.

Award Requirements:
DL-stations need 7 different SAB numbers.
European stations need 5 different SAB numbers
DX stations need 3 different SAB numbers

Send with a GCR list and fee of 5 € for DL-stations, 10 € for EU stations or $US13 for DX stations to: Detlef Karau DL4NTC, Tie 16, D-06449 Aschersleben, Germany. You may request that the award be sent as a digital file (PDF) via e-mail for a reduced price of 3€.

European applicants may choose to use electronic funds transfer as follows:
Transfer fees for the diploma may also account details of the local branch Ballenstedt be used.
Account holders DARC Ortsverband Ballenstedt W33
Account number 351 334
BLZ 80063508
Bank Ostharz Volksbank eG
For transfers to the accounts specified please specify the call sign and the degree to transfer as text.


Tks DH5MM 12/20/10


The German-Amateur Radio Club, local DOK S26, sponsors this award which may be earned by all amateurs and SWLs for contacts with stations operating within 1000 meters of German castles in the Province of Saxony on or after 1 January 2013. .

Each castle has been assigned a "Saxon castles Number" (SAX-No). This SAX No. must be clearly marked on the QSL card. All bands and modes OK. Each castle with a SAX-number counts one point for the award. Each castle may only be worked one time for the award.

The award will be issued in three classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Point Requirements:
                                 Bronze             Silver             Gold
DL stations                   8                    15                 30
Other EU stations         4                     8                   15
DX stations                  3                     6                   12

SAX-numbers list: The current list of castles with the identification numbers and SAX Descriptions of the sites can be found at .

Send GCR list of the confirmed list of QSLs received. Activators: see separate rules. Send application to: Steffen Braun, DJ5AM, Crostauer Weg, 34, D-01324 Dresden, Germany.


There is no fee for the award for activator stations for all their points earned through such activations. There is also no charge made for awards, for which the applicant receives the award through e-mail. This is a high resolution file in JPG format, about 3.5 MB. Also free of charge is the diploma for DX. For all other applicants, the diploma fee 7€ .Source: DARC/DF3UX

E-mail: .

Tks DARC/DF3UX 2/25/13

Schaumburg Award

Contact stations in the following DOK's after 1 January 1977: Buckeburg H04, Deister H29, Stadthagen H25, Steinhuder Meer H35, Rinteln H57 and Neustadt H61. SWL OK. HF contacts = 1 point; 40 meters and VHF = 2. The club station DL0GD counts once for 3 points. Each station may be worked at least on two different bands. All bands and modes.  Stations in the listed DOK's need 24 points, other DLs need 16 points, Europeans need 8 points and all others need 4. GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US7 to: Hans-Ulrich Kunze DF4AO, Nordring 34, D-31675 Buckeburg, Germany.  

(Rewrite 10/2005)

Schinderhannes Diploma

Contact DARC and local club members in the following DOK's after 1 January 1988: K03, K04, K07, K15, K19, K26, K28, K49, K55, Z74 and Z77. At least 5 different DOK's must be worked, and one compulsory QSO with the local club Kirn (DOK K19) is needed. Each station can be worked only once. Each club QSO counts 10 points, members count 5 points. Any band or mode. DL0KJ may be used to substitute for one missing DOK. On HF, DL's need 100 points, other Europeans 75 and all others 50. On VHF, DL's need 75, other Europeans 50 and all others 25. GCR list and 7€ or 10 IRCs to: Renate Argendorf (DO1RAA), Dorfstrasse 1A, D-56769 Mannebach , Germany .

(Chg 10/2007)

Schleswig-Holstein Diploma

Contact Schleswig-Holstein stations - any DOK beginning with M after 1 January 1984. All bands and modes OK. Repeater and Satellite OK also.

On HF, DL's need 25 different M DOK's, 
other EU need 20 
and all others need 10. 

(On VHF, stations from the locaters JO45AX to JO55XX JO43AA to  JO53XA need 25 DOKs. 
Stations from JO18AX to  JO88XX  JO10AA to  JO80XA need 15 DOKs 
and all others 8 DOKs. ) 

Special DOK's by other clubs may be used as a substitute. Any missing DOK may be replaced by one contact with clubstation DL0SH, or 3 different M DOK club stations. There are currently 35 M-DOK's and 6 Z-DOK's available. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 5€  for DL's or 10€  or $US10 for others to: Robert Gantner DL8VU, Martensrader Weg 26, D-24238 Wittenberger-Passau, Germany.


(Chg 9/2012)