Schmeltzer-Tiegel Diploma to 1100 Years Eichsfeld

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(Updated 1/7/2016)

Schmeltzer - Tiegel Diploma      

Contact stations from with any Q DOK and Z19 after 1 January 1989.  Saar (Q) stations need 100 points, other Germans need 60, all others 30.  Point values: Club station DL0LZ (mandatory contact for all) and DL0SD = 10, each Q06 station = 6 points, Q13, Q15 and Z19 = 3 each "steel cooking OM" (ironworker) working in the steel industry in the Saarland = 3 and other DOK Q stations = 3 points.  Each station can be worked only one time.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes.  GCR list and fee of 10€ to: S. Hoffmann  DL1VF, Marzellusstrasse, 66701 Beckingen, Germany. 

(Chg 1/2011)

Schnatter Diploma

In the German language, Schnatter can mean "gaggle", "chatter" and "gab". To earn this award, you must submit proof of having checked in on 50 different days and made at least 50 different contacts on a YL Round Table or Net. SWL OK. Contacts after 1 January 1993. Certified log extract and fee of 5€ to: Ingrid Weckmann DL4BO, Alte Reihe 28, D-27313 Dorverden, Germany.

(Chg 6/2008) 


Sponsored by the DARC e.V., Ortsverband Illertissen, T15 for contacts after 1 January 2009 with stations operating no further than 500 meters of castles or fortresses in Schwaben. SWL OK.  Each castle or fortress must give you a Schwäbische Burgen-Number (SWB) and this number must be shown on their QSL card. Each SWB number counts only once.

DL-Stations need 7 different SWB-Numbers from 5 different areas.
EU-Stations need 5 different SWB-Numbers from 3 different areas.
DX-Stations need 3 different SWB-Numbers from 2 different areas

All bands and modes except Echo-Link. Send a GCR list and fee for DL 5€, EU 7.50€ and DX US$12 to Manfred Siebenhaller, DB6SQ, Römerhalde 31, D-89287 Bellenberg, Germany.

List SWB Numbers:

Tks PA3CUZ 12/09

Schwebebahn Diploma      (Suspension Railway Award)

Issued by the DARC division Wuppertal (DOK R16) for contacts with stations in Wuppertal and surrounding territory  after January 1st 2004. SWL OK. Germans need 30 points, all others 20. Any member of the DOK R16 counts 2 points on HF (3 points on VHF/UHF). Stations from R16 with a DO or DN prefix count 6 points. Any club station from the DOKs R04, R07, R09, R13, R14, R15 and R24 count 6 points each (9 points on VHF/UHF) and the members of these DOKs count 2 points each. At least one club station from R16 must be contacted. These club stations are: DK0WP, DL0WP, DK0DJ, DF0EJ and DL0VO. All bands and modes, but no Packet radio or Echolink. Each station may be worked only once. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $10 to: Alexander Brummer, DO1WUP, Nibelungenstr. 40, D-42369 Wuppertal,  Germany.

(Chg 1/2012

Sea of Peace Pennant (SOP)    

An interesting award that may be earned each year: contacts must be made during the period 0000 UTC July 1 to 2400 UTC July 31 of each year. Year stickers available since 1992. SWL OK. Europeans need 15 points, 3 of which must be DL,  DX need 10/1. On VHF, 5 points are needed and a DL contact is NOT compulsory.  Point values: each station in DARC District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (all V-DOK's, Z87, Z89, "MCM", "MVP", "SOP") = 3 points, all contacts with DL stations and stations in the following countries or districts count 1 point each: ES LA LY OH1 OH2 OH5 OH6 OH8 OH9 OH0 (Aland) OH0M (Market) OJ0 OZ R1/MV1 RA1, RA2, SM1 SM2 SM3 SM5 SM6 SM7 SM0 SP1 SP2  YL. All bands and modes. A special endorsement is available if you earn the award in each of 5 or 10 years. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US13. Endorsements: 3€ or $US4  Apply to: Georg Tretow DL4SVA, Postfach 1114, D-23931 Grevesmuhlen, Germany.


(Chg 7/2007) 

Seenotkreuzer Diploma   

Contact stations of the port cities from the Seenotkreuzerflotte (Sea Rescue Service) on the Nord and Eastsee after 01-01-1986.  DLs need 7 port cities plus 13 DL stations, and with the last letter of their call sign spell out the word "Seenotkreuzer".  European stations need 4 port cities and the word Seenotkreuzer with DL stations.  DX stations and SWLs only need to form the word Seenotkreuzer with DL stations.  All bands and modes.  GCR list and fee of 10€ for DL (others 15€ to: Winfried Blome, DL3BJX, Johannesstr 27, D-27570 Bremerhaven, Germany. 

Port cities: Bremen (I-04), Bremerhaven (I-05), Borkum u. Norderney (I-10), Langeoog u. Wilhelmshaven (I-16), Cuxhaven (E-01), Helgoland (E-20), Nordstrand (M-04), Gromitz (M-10), Maasholm (M-15), Busum (M-17), Amrum LIst (M-19), Fehmarn (M-20), Laboe (M-25), Warnermunde (V-07), Sassnitz/Rugen (V-08), Greifswalder Oie (V-11).


(Chg 2/6/2014)

Das Seligenstadter Geleitdiplom        

Awarded by the Radioamateur Club of Seligenstadt (F-38), this award celebrates a 200 year old tradition of the path of horse drawn vendors who regularly traveled from Augsburg to Seligenstadt. SWL OK.  All contacts after the 1st of January 2007 are valid. Contact stations from the radioamateur clubs along the historical route of the escort, starting from Augsburg to Nürnberg over Seligenstadt to Frankfurt/Main.

DL-stations need 100 points with a minimum of five clubs on the list.
All others: 50 points, without any restrictions.

Point Values:
a. Contacts with members of the clubs on the list below = 2 points,
b. Club stations in these towns = 5 points,
c. YL-stations in these towns = 6 points
d. training stations (DN...) In these towns = 8 points
e. The club station of the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt/Main with the special DOK "MPK" =5 points, too.
f. Contacts with Seligenstadt (DOK: F38) amateurs are worth double the number of points.
g. Contacts with the club station of F38 with the special DOK "Geleit07" = 20 points.

Every station contact must be different. No limit in band and mode. Packet radio and echolink contacts may not be used. The request for the award with a confirmed list of existing QSL cards (GCR-list) and fee for DLs 5€ plus shipping, fee for all others is 10€ or $US13. Apply to Siegfried Hari, DK9FN, P.O.Box 1224, D-63488 Seligenstadt. Germany. .

Town DOK 		Town DOK
Aschaffenburg B04 	Augsburg T01
Augsburg, VFDB Z30 	Donauwörth T21
Feuchtwangen B22 	Frankfurt F05
Frankfurt, VFDB Z05 	Frankfurt-Nord F57
Frankfurt-West F49 	Fürth B01
Gersthofen T17 		Hanau F09
Miltenberg B24 		Mühlheim F59
Neustadt/Aisch B16 	Nördlingen T09
Nürnberg, VFDB Z15 	Nürnberg-Nord B25
Nürnberg-Süd B11 	Ochsenfurt B29
Offenbach F23 		Seligenstadt F38
Tauber-Franken A46 	Taubertal-Mitte P56
Würzburg B18 		Würzburg, VFDB Z52
Würzburg-Nord B17

(Chg 3/2013) 

--- Seligenstadt ARC Series ---

General Requirements: Contacts after June 1949, all bands 80-10 meters valid and no mode limit. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10  for each award to: Siegfried Hari DK9FN, P O. Box 1224, D-63488 Seligenstadt, Germany.


(Chg 2/6/14)

Worked Old Germany (WOG)

Many German operators are using QSL cards which show historic copperplate engravings of old German cities. These are counted for this award, issued in 2 levels:

Class 1 - 18 motif/designs (DX = 12)
Class 2 - 10 motif/designs  (DX = 6)

Worked European Large Cities (WELC)

QSO's with the following European Capitol cities are valid:

Cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Bern, Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Reykjavik, Sofia, Stockholm, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilinius, Riga, Tallinn, Zagreb etc.

Class 1 = 25 cities (DX 18) 
Class 2= 20 (DX = 15) 
Class 3 = 15 (DX = 12)

(Chg 2/6/14)

Sendener Muensterland Award

Issued by the DARC division Senden (DOK N39) to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Contacts after January 1st 2006 are valid. SWL OK. 125 points are needed. The club station from N39 is mandatory and counts for 10 points on each band. The club stations from the neighbouring DOKs count 5 points. These are (DOKs between brackets): DL0HP (N10), DK0MU (N13), DL0DU (N28), DL0LN (N29), DL0TQ (N31), DK0ML (N32), DK0MS (N35), DL0XT (N44) and DK0NN (N46).

Each individual station from any of the above mentioned DOKs = 3 points, but YL operators = 5 points. No band or mode restrictions but no Packet or Echolink.

Send GCR list + fee of 5€ or $US5 to: Wolfgang Prauss (DG1YPW), Tellbusch 3, D-48163 Muenster, Germany.


Tks ON4CAS 2/2007

Award Sender Konigs Wusterhausen

Issued by DARC Konigs Wusterhausen DOK Y07 to all amateurs and SWLs for contacting locations of historical German radio broadcast stations as listed below on or after 1 Jan 1997. Germans need 8, other EU need 5 and all others need 3. Additionally, you need to construct the words "SENDER KOENIGS WUSTERHAUSEN" using the last letter of the call sign of different stations you work. The means that you will need another 25 stations. A QSO with club station DL0KWH may be used as a "joker" or wild card replacement for any missing station. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€  or $US7 to: Marianne Wolf DG1RWM, Friedrich-Engels-Str 102, D-15758 Zernsdorf, Germany.

Valid cities of historical radio broadcast : Berlin Bremen Dortmund Dresden Elberfeld(Wupperttal) Flensburg Freiburg (Breisgau) Frankfurt/Main Hamburg Hannover Herzber (Elster) Kaiserslautern Kassel Kiel Koblenz Koln Konigs Wusterhausen Langenberg (Rheinland) Leipzig Magdeburg  Muhlacker (Baden-Wurtemberg) Munchen Munster Nurnberg Osterloog (Ostfriesland) Saarbrucken Stuttgart Trier Zeesen (Brandenberg).



(Chg 10/02)

Sherlock Holmes Award

Sponsored by the German section of the International Police Association R.C. Contact IPA members after 1 March 1976. SWL OK. Awarded in 7 levels:

Sherlock Holmes 50 = 50 points.
Sherlock Holmes 100 = 100 points.
Sherlock Holmes 200 = 200 points.
SH Silver = 750 points + 10 IPA Countries.
SH Gold = 1250 points + 20 IPA Countries.
SH Silver Trophy (VHF) = 300 points and 3 IPA countries. 
SH Gold Trophy (VHF)  400 points and 5 IPA countries. 

Scoring: IPA members in your country = 2 points each; members in a DXCC country on your continent = 5 points; in a DXCC country not on your continent = 10 points. IPA RC clubstations count double. Members may be worked once per band for credit. No band or mode restriction.  Send GCR list and 5€ or $US7 for first 3 levels. The fee for the Gold or Silver trophy is 25€ or $US30.   Apply to: IPA Radio Club Award Manager, Horst Römer DL1GBP, Th.-Fontane-Str. 25, D-17489 Greifswald, Germany


(Chg 6/2008)

Siebengebirgs Diploma

Contact stations in DOK's G03, G08, G09, G15, G25, G27, G33, G38 G48,  (also ex-DOK's G52, G53, G54 and Z37) after 1 January 1975. SWL OK. Point value for contacts on 160 to 15 meters = 1. 12 meters to UHF = 2. For CW, multiply these by 2. 
Requirements: 160-15 meters - DL's need 100 points, others 70. 
12 meters or higher - , DL's 50, all others 30. 

Special club stations may be contacted for the following point values:

DK0SG, DL0STA and DF0FA = 10 points.
Other special clubstations = 5 points. 

GCR list and 5€ to: Awards Manager, Alexander v. Konigstadter DD1KN, Broichhasener Str. 54, D-53773 Hennef, Germany. 


(Chg 10/2005)

Silberstrassen Diplom (Silver Street Award)

 This award is issued by the DARC division Olbernhau, DOK S49. Only contactsafter Jan 1, 2000 are valid. SWL OK. No band or mode restrictions. Contact staions with the following DOKs:  S01,05,06,07,09, 13,20,27,45,48,49,55,60,64,65,70. Germans need 50 points, including at least 8 of these DOKs. Other Europeans need 25 points, including at least 5 DOKs Others need need 10 points, including at least 3 DOKs. Stations from the above mentioned DOKs count 1 point, except for XYLs (=3 points) and clubstations (=5 points). Each station may be worked only once per band. Send GCR list + fee of 5€ for DL, 6€ for EU and 10€ all others.  DARC_OV Olbernhau S49, PSF 1124, D_09521 Olbernhau, Germany. Remark: rules in German and a picture of the award can be found at: 

(Chg 1/2012)

SOS Children's Village Award

Earn 50 points for making contacts with countries on the SOS-CV-A country list. Each country on HF = 1 point, on VHF/UHF = 2, each QSO with DOK S54 = 10. On HF, at least 30 countries are required and a maximum of 2 in DOK S54. On VHF/UHF at least 5 countries and a maximum of 4 in DOK S54. Contacts after 1 January 1989. At least one OE is required. Endorsement for CW, VHF/UHF and SWL. GCR list and fee of  $US6 or 5 Euro to: Daniel Schirmer DL5SE, Am Teich 15, D-25917 Stadum, Germany. 



 (Chg 1/2012)

Southern Westfalen Castle Diploma 

Issued by the German DARC division Herne (DOK O38) for contacts with stations located 500 meter or less from a castle located in Southern Westfalen (in German: Westfalen-Süd). Contacts valid after January 1st, 2008. Each valid castle has a reference which starts with WSB; the reference number should be clearly marked on the received QSL. Each reference counts 1 point.   

Award Requirements:
Germans need 10 points, 
Other Europeans 7 points 
All others 5 points.

No band or mode restrictions, except Packet Radio and Echolink. SWL OK.  Send GCR list + fee of 5€ (Germans) or 10€ (all others) to: Wilhelm Eidmann DD3QK, Melanchthonstr. 9, D-44649 Heerne, Germany. 

A list with valid castle & references with the WSB numbers may be downloaded from the website at .It is also available by mail with your self addressed return envelope and .55€ in postage. 


(Chg 3/2014) 

Spaceflight 2000

This award is issued by the DARC division V22. SWL OK. Contacts should be made after January 1 1998. You need to collect 20 points. Each QSO with a manned spaceflight station counts 12 points, any satellite QSO counts 5 points and stations from the DOK’s V22 and V26 count 3 points, except for the club station DL0NBG which counts 5 points. No band or mode restrictions. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Guenther Wegener DL1NUB,Briggower Strasse 5A, D-17091 Tarnow, Germany. 

(Chg 10/02)

Spandau Diploma 

Contact (or SWL) club station DL0SP in one of the following categories on or after 1 Jan 2000:
     1. in 6 different contests - any and all contests count.
     2. on 6 different ham bands - all bands OK, even WARC.
     3. in 6 different modes - all modes permitted.
     4. via 6 different satellites - all active satellites, ISS QSOs count as well.
     5. in 6 different months - every month counts.
     6. and 6 different stations - from DOK D06 (OV Spandau)
No restrictions on Mobile, relay, portable or echo-link contacts.  All  contacts must be made on or after 1 Jan 2000. 
Send log extract and fee for DL: 6.45€, EU: 8€, and all others 11€.  Apply to: Thomas Margraf, Adornostrasse 20, D-14612 Falkensee, Germany. 

Tks PA3CUZ 8/11

Spree-Neisse-Kreis Award

DARC OV Guben, DOK Y-26 offers this award to amateurs and SWL's for contacts after 1 Jan 1996  with stations in "Spree-Neisse-Kreis". All contacts and SWL  reports with DOK's Y24, Y26, Y27, Y30 and Y33 count for the award. Earn 20 points. One contact or SWL card from Y26 is mandatory. Each station may only be worked one time. Point values:

Clubstation DK0GUB = 5 points.
Each clubstation of the other DOK's = 3 points.
Each sttion from DOK Y26 = 2 points.
Each station from any of the other listed DOK's = 1.

GCR list and 5€ or $US7 or 7 IRCs to: Gunter Peuker DO1GPP, Am Malxebogen 6, D-03185 Peitz, Germany. 

(Chg 11/2007)

Spreewald Award (Rewrite 1/2015

The Spreewald is a German national park recognized by UNESCO. This award is issued by DARC division Spreewald (DOK Y28) for contacting  stations in the Spreewald region starting 10 March 1990. One QSO with club station DL0LSW is required for all applicants.

a. Germans need 6 QSO’s with Y28 members plus 5 QSO’s with different locations in the Spree area* plus DL0LSW, for a total of 12 QSO’s.
b. Other Europeans need 3 QSOs with Y28 members and 2 with others in Spree, plus DL0LSW for a total of 6 QSOs.
c. All others need 1 Y28 member and 2 QSOs with others in Spree area plus DL0LSW for a total of 4 QSOs.
d. Special stations of the OV Y28 (including DA0LSW, DR400PG, DL0CAL, DK0KAT and the training calls of DN2FBC and DN3ZF) can uniquely as a wildcard be used for a missing contact.
e. Current membership of OV Y28 can be seen on their internet home page.

All bands and modes OK. Each station may be worked only one time. SWL OK. . Send a GCR list and fee of 5 Euro or $US7 to: Konrad Lange DL4LRM, Am Muehlberg 40, D-15926 Luckau, Germany.

*Spree area includes: Ebersbach, Schirgiswalde, Obergurig, Bautzen, Uhyst, Spremberg, Cottbus, Dissen, Fehrow, Schmogrow, Striesow, Werben, Burg, Vetschau, Luebbenau, Luebben, Schlepzig, Alt Schadow, Beeskow, Fuerstenwalde, Spreeau, Neuzittau, Berlin.

Tks UT7AW 1/12/15

SSTV-AD Slow Scan Television Activity Diploma           

This award is issued to encourage the development of SSTV on the amateur bands. Issued in four levels:

Basic Award - 25 points 
Sticker 50 - 50 points 
Sticker 75 - 75 points 
SSTV Trophy - 100 points

Each HF QSO on SSTV = 1 point; VHF = 2 points. . Stations can be worked only once on one HF band and once on one VHF band. .
QSLs must show two-way SSTV and be dated January 1, 1980 or later. SWL OK. To qualify for the SSTV trophy, the Basic Award and the
50 and 75 stickers must be earned first. GCR list and fee of 5€,  endorsement fee of 2€, trophy is 30€.  Apply to: Martin Henz DL5NAH, Rochenweg 1, D-70378 Stuttgart, Germany. 


(Rewrite 10/2007)

Sylt Diploma

Work stations operating from the Island of Sylt, which is located in the North Sea after 1 July 1978. DL's need 10 points, Europeans 5 and all others 3 points. Club station DL0SY = 2, all other stations operating there = 1. The same station (except for DL0SY) may be contacted again on another day, but on a different band. All bands and modes, but no repeater or satellite. Sylt is a very popular summer vacation island,  so portable stations' QSLs should be submitted, although residents' cards are ok for GCR. Schedules are available; write to sponsor. Cards or GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US10 to: Peter Trunschel DJ8DJ, Bundiswung 20, D-25980 Westerland/Sylt, Germany. 

(Chg 6/2004)

Three Tower Award

Issued by DARC OV-Hagen (DOK O-08) to all amateurs and SWL's. Earn points by contacting DOK O-08, O-19 and Z-38 stations.
Each of these will count 2 points on each band, 4 points on CW. Clubstations DL0HA (O-08), DF0FR (O-08), DL0HAG (O-08), DK0CJ (Z-38) and DL0WD (O-19) = 5 points on each band. German stations must earn 50 points, other EU 30 and all others 15 points. All bands and modes. Contacts must be after 1-1-79. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10 to: Wolfgang Conrad DJ5UH, Karl-Ernst-Osthaus-Str. 70, D-58093 Hagen, Germany. 

(Chg 10/2007)

Thuringen Castle Award

The DARC division Gera (DOK X20) issues this award for contacting castles located in the German Thuringen area on or after 1 Jan 2003. SWL OK. Only stations signing /P from a 500 meter radius around a referenced castle are valid. Each castle has a reference number (THB Ref). These references should be clearly marked on the QSL cards.
    Germans need 10 THB references, other Europeans 7 and stations outside Europe need 5 different THB references. Silver sticker for 50 THB references and a golden sticker for 75 THB references.  To earn the Trophy, you will need 100 THB references. Send GCR list , 5€ for DL's, $US10 for all others  to  Peter Trunschel DJ8DJ, Bundiswung 2j0, D-25980 Westerland/Sylt, Germany.

THB Reference List: 

(Chg 5/1/2016)

Thuringen Diploma

Contact amateurs in the newly formed Federal State of Thuringen (DOK X-) and Z83, Z88, Z90 plus special DOK THR after 1 Jan 1991. All bands and modes. Each station may be only worked one time. Endorsements for one mode or band. Class 3 requires 25 different DOK X-, Class 2 = 35, Class 1 = 40. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Marco Witter DG0OHN, Sonneberger Str. 107, D-98744 Oberweissbach, Germany

 (CHG 10/2002)

Thueringer Mountain Diploma

The German amateur radio club of the district of Thuringia sponsors the Thueringer mountain diploma, which can be requested by radio amateurs SWLs. The award promotes amateur radio activities on the summits of Thueringer mountains by direct (no repeater) frequencies.  The award is awarded for both activators and those who contact these stations. Valid mountains are listed in the SOTA regulation/list. Contacts made on or after 1 Jan 2005 are valid.  Each worked mountain counts only once. There are separate categories for Aktivierer and hunter (also SWL). The diploma is available in the following classes:

Class 3: 25 mountains
Class 2: 50 mountains
Class 1: 100 mountains
Trophy: 250 mountains
Masters: 500 mountains

Class 2 and 3 awards are mailed. Higher classes may be presented in a special ceremony by the sponsor.  GCR list including mountain reference name and number plus fee of 5E should be sent to: * Joachim Schaarschmidt, DJ9AY, Neustrelitzer STR. 7, 99091, Erfurt, Germany.


Tks OH3GZ 7/2005

Till Eulenspiegel Diploma

Sponsored by the DARC Ortsverband Helmstedt DOK H30 on the 700th anniversary of Till Eulenspiegel.  SWL OK.  Contact different stations from the Elm Region on after 1 Jan 2001.  The valid cities are: Schoppenstedt, Schoningen, Helmstedt and Koningslutter.  Earn 700 points.  Each station Elm Region = 70 points, CW QSOs = 100 points. Club station DL0KP may be worked once and counts for 200 points and is a mandatory contact. All bands and modes except packet radio. Each station may be worked only one time.   GCR list and fee of 6 Euro or $US10 to: Dieter Vieth (DJ7GD) Elzweg 42, D-38350 Helmstedt, Germany.


(Chg 1/2011)


Sponsored by the German Amateur Radio Club eV, Ortsverband Titisee, DOKA34, for contacts after 1 January 2008 with members of DOK A34 and Club stations from the district of Baden (A DOK). SWL OK.  Earn 20 points.

Each contact with A34 and the club stations there = 1 point and on in CW = 5 points. The A34 club station DK0TI = 5 points.  All bands and modes, except that Packet Radio and Echolink may not be used.  Fee of the diploma is 10€. Germans may send funds electronically to DARC OV Titisee, Konto 19596800, BLZ 68090000, Volksbank Freiburg.  Send GCR list and fee to Alfred Spitzer, DF9JD, Am Reichberg 10, D-79843 Löffingen, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/2010

---Toepfer Series ---

General Requirements: SWL OK. GCR accepted. Apply to: Rudi Haus DK6WD, Altstr.24, D-54662 Speicher, Germany.

(TKS UB5-073-2154)(91)

Toepfer Award

Earn 30 points by contacting DOK K31 stations after 1 November 1975. Each station (or SWL) = 5 points per band. Stations from K01 to K51 count 1 point per band, but you must have a minimum of 3 from K31 to earn the award.. Fee is 5€ or $US5.

(Chg 11/02)

Topefer Plaque

You must have earned the Toepfer Award and a total of 60 points by the schedule listed above. The 30 points from the basic award may be counted. One contact with DK0SE or DB0IP is mandatory. Fee is 10€ or $US10.

 (Chg 11/02)

Tower Award of Ravensburg

Issued by the Ravensburg Division of DARC (DOK P09). One of the main tourist attractions of the city is a huge meal-back (?) With
240 steps. Therefore, it is necessary to collect 240 points to earn the award. Issued in two classes: shortwave and VHF/UHF. Stations
from DOK’s P09 and Z49 are valid for this award. Each station counts 10 (20) points for Germans, 15 (25) for other Europeans and
20 (30) for stations outside Europe. [The value in brackets is for contacts with clubstations DK0RX, DK0XR, DK0VD and DK0WG.] CW QSO's and QSOs on 3530-3600, 7000-7100, 21090-21150, 28000-29700, 144-146 and 430-440 MHz (no repeater) count 5 points more. Contacts from 1 June 1978. All modes and bands. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 4€ or $US4 to: Fred Krumreich DL5GF, Am Annenberg 3, D-88273 Fronreute, Germany. 

(Chg 3/2003)

Diploma of the German Toy Road     Rewritten 7/7/15 

Contact areas in Germany which have had a connection with the manufacture of children’s toys and similar items over the years. The design of the award shows the location of cities known for toy manufacturering clustered on a road in the central District of Thuringen.
Bands / modes: With appropriate verification, the applicant can apply for both endorsements for all one type of mode or band. All modes except Packet Radio and Echolink are approved. All QSOs after 01.01.2002.

DARC DOK's for award credit:
X: 04, 09, 10, 11, 17, 18, ??24, 29, 30, 34, 35, 38, 48
B: 01, 05, 08, 11, 19, 25, 26, 28, 37
Z: 15, 51, 83, 90

This list includes special S-DOK's that have been activated by the local associations, eg 10ABK, 15ABK, 50SON, 20ABK, 25ABK and 100ABK.
A QSO with the club station DL0ABK can be used to substitute for one missing DOK as Joker.

Requirements for the award:
HF: 15 DOK's
VHF / UHF: 12 DOK's

Diploma Fees:
DL and European stations = 8€.
US and non-EU stations = 10€ or $US15
PDF version via email = 2€ or $US3

Send GCR list and appropriate fee to: Herbert Banz DL5ASK, Ernst angle 13, D-96465 Neustadt b. Coburg, Germany.

E-mail address: dl5ask (at)

Tks DL5XL on Radio Amateur Awards/ FACEBOOK Page. 7/5/15

Der Trompeter von Sackingen

Contact DARC-Sackingen (DOK A17) members after 1 January 1976. Europeans need 5, all others 3. SWL OK. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 8€ to: Karl Diessner DF1GK, Johanniterstrasse 5, D-79618 Rheinfelden, Germany.

(Tks 11/02)

Uberlinger Amateur Radio Award

Contact stations with DOK A31 since 1 Sept 1978. DL's need 30 points, EU's need 20, all others 10. Point values: FM contacts = 2 points,
 AM/SSB = 3 points, CW = 4 and other modes (RTTY/PR/AMTOR) = 8 each. Club station DF0UE in all modes counts for 10 points. Contacts made before 1 January = 1 point each. If contact was made after 1 Jan 1983, you may double the points if you contact at least one of the stations on a second band. GCR list and fee of 10€, or $US10 to: Konrad Baurer DL5GBD, Im Bildstock 9, D-88699 Frickingen, Germany.


 (Chg 2/7/2014)

Uetersen Award

Work 10 members of the Uetersen Division of DARC (DOK M21) after 1 Jan 1970. Points per QSO: 2meters = 1, 70cm = 2, HF = 2, club stations = 3. One contact with club stations DK0RU or DL0OU is mandatory. Each station may only be worked one time.  All bands and modes. . SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 5€ or 5 IRCs to: Hartmut Stonner DK4LS, Markstrasse 11, D-25436, Uetersen, Germany.


(Chg 5/1/2016)


Contact members of the DARC divisions Schwarzwald A14 and Furtwangen A18 after 1 August 2002. SWL OK. Needed on HF: DL stations 50 points, EU 30 and all others 20. UKW/VHF 100 points. A clubstation from A14 and A18 is obligatory. Members A14 and A18 = 1 point and you may be worked one call on differend days with a maximum of 5 days. Clubstations A14 and A18 = 5 points and each club station counts only one time. Special DOK A14 and A18 = 5 points. QRV in round table net DB0WX each Friday 18.00 UTC on 145,7875 MHz = 2 points. All bands and modes except digital modes. GCR list and fee of € 5 to: Kurt Steppe, DC3IG, St. Georgener Str. 47, D-78048 VS- Villingen, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 7/2003

Ulm Cathedral Certificate

Ulm is proud of possessing the highest church spire in the world, 161 meters tall. The DARC Ulm DOK P14" awards this certificate. It can be applied for by all licensed radio hams and SWL’s that have made contact with radio stations in Ulm after 1st January 2004. Only contact with the following DOK’s are valid: P14, P39, and Z-68. Each contact counts one point for each station for each band worked. The same station may be contacted via different bands for which also one point per band is awarded.

Stations in DOK P and T must earn 300 points.
Other DLs need 200 points. 
For stations outside of Germany, earn 100 points.

10 points are awarded for the club-station of the local association. At least one club station is required. The clubs are: DA0ULM, DB0CUI, DC0SGU, DF0UL, DK0UU, DK7T, DL0AEG, DL0FHU, DL0UL, DL0ULM (all from P 14), DL0ULW (P 39) and DL0BTX (Z 68). Training stations DN1ULM, DN1FHU and DN4SGN count 20 points each. SWL – QSL – cards from the above local associations count the same as contacts.

You may apply the following multipliers based on modes or power used:

FM X 1
CW and SSB X2
PSK31, RTTY and other data modes 3X
QRP (up to 14 watts) 2X (14 watts for the DOK 14, not the usual definition of QRP)

All modes except Packet Radio can be used. Applications for a certificate together with a list of the verified QSL-cards (GCR-list) and a fee of 5$ should be sent to: Stefan Siebenhaller, DC2SF, Römerhalde 31, D-89287 Bellenberg, Germany.


(Chg 10/2007)

University Cities Award       

Sponsored by the Ortsverband Ruhr - Universitat - Bochum, DOK O35 for contacts with stations in University cities after 1 Jan 1983.  SWL OK.  Earn 50 points in at least 10 University cities and for HF in each of the 6 continents.  One University club station is mandatory.  Point values: Stations in University cities = 2 points, University club station = 5, station in O35 = 2, and University club station DK0UB = 10.  GCR list and fee of 5€ for DL's and 10€ for all others to: Hans-Werner Klein DL5DAA,  Im Ostholz 173, D-44879 Bochum, Germany.


(Chg 6/2004)

Vegesacker Junge Diplome

This award started in 1998 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the DARC OV Vegasack, DOK I14. SWK OK. Earn 100 points by contact stations from the four OV’s of Bremen, DOK’s I04, I14, I53 and Z02. Point value: HF: OM = 10 points, YL 20 points and Clubstation 10 points. VHF is 10, 15 and 10. UHF 10.20 and 10 points. Clubstations from DOK I14, DF0RY and DO0BVS = 30 points each and one with at least 2 stations from DOK I14 are mandatory. Contacts after 1 January 1998. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of € 5 to: Erika Mosch DO1BEM Garlstedter Weg 1, D-28790 Schwanewede, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 12/2007

GERMANY — VFDB Series ---              

General Requirements: The VFDB is the association of hams who are professionally related to the German Post and Telecommunications services. Send GCR list and fee of 5€ (1€ for endorsement stickers) except as shown in individual award rules. Apply to  Hans Brunner, Langobardenstrasse 23, D-86836 Untermeitingen, Germany. Ha


(Chg 1/30/12)

     VFDB Award

Contact member stations in Z-DOK's on or after 1 Jan 1994. SWL OK. Each call may be contacted once. All bands. Available in HF or VHF.
     1. On HF, DL's need 25 VFDB clubstations plus 75 members. Other EU need 10 clubstations and 40 members. All others 5 club stations and 20 members.
     2. On VHF, DL's lneed 10 clubstations and 40 members, other EU 5 clubstations and 20 members.

3 different endorsement stickers are offered - called "North", "East-West" and "South" respectively. They require contacts after 1 Jan 1995 and may be earned HF or VHF. On HF, DL's need 20 VFDB members from 20 different Z-DOK's in the area of the appropriate stickers (North, E-W or South), other Eu need 10/10, outside of EU 5/5. On VHF, DL's need 10/10, others 5/5. For a missing DOK, you may use QSO with Sonder DOK's ITU (only in 1995), VHV96, JRZ20, VHV98, VHV2000, VFDB50, and VHV2002. Their QSL will state if they may be used as a substitute.

Z-DOK's Guide:

North Z01 Z02 Z07 Z08 Z10 Z20 Z24 Z27 Z28 Z31 Z35 Z36 Z43 Z47 Z50 Z53 Z56 Z65 Z69 Z70 Z71 Z72 Z73 Z78 Z79 Z84 Z85 Z86 Z87 Z89 Z94. VFDB: DHS DAN98 98PBW 50LO 50HM.

East/West Z03 Z04 Z05 Z11 Z12 Z14 Z19 Z21 Z22 Z23 Z25 Z32 Z33 Z34 Z37 Z38 Z39 Z40 Z41 Z45 Z54 Z59 Z60 Z62 Z63 Z74 Z77 Z80 Z81 Z82 Z83 Z88 Z90 Z91 Z92 Z93. VFDB: BK95 40KS 20CPU 40FT 30FHDT CPU DO2000 1150Z.

South Z06 Z09 Z13 Z15 Z16 Z17 Z18 Z26 Z29 Z30 Z42 Z44 Z46 Z48 Z49 Z51 Z52 Z55 Z57 Z58 Z61 Z64 Z66 Z67 Z68 Z75 Z76. VFDB: 25GP 25GP 99FAH 30AFGN. (Chg 03)

     VFDB Areas Award

On HF, you must contact a club station from each of the 13 VFDB areas. Each call may be contacted only once. On VHF, you must contact three of the 13 VFDB areas. For any missing club station, a VFDB Sonderstation may be used: Dx0DBP, DF0FTP, DL0FTP and DL0YLZ. . SWL OK. Contacts after 1-1-98. Endorsements available. 

(Chg 11/2008)

There are 14 stickers.  One for each area. Areas and points required for each sticker:

Area DOK's In The Area Points Needed
Baden Z06, 09, 19, 26, 29, 48 10
Bayern Z13, 15, 16, 30, 42, 44, 51, 52, 57, 61, 64, 67, 76 20
Berlin/Brandenburg Z20, 86, 94 10
Hamburg Z07, 28, 50, 70, 72, 73, 87, 89 20
Hessen Z05, 21, 25, 33, 54, 62, 74, 77 20
Niedersachsen Z01, 02, 08, 31, 35, 36, 43, 47, 53, 65, 78, 84 20
Nordrhein Z04, 11, 12, 32, 37, 39, 40, 45, 59, 63, 81 20
Sachsen Z91 7
Sachsen-Anhalt Z85 7
Schleswig-Holstein Z10, 69, 71, 79 10
Thuringen Z83, 88, 90 10
Westfalen Z03, 14, 34, 38, 41, 60, 80, 92, 93 20
Wurttenberg Z17, 18, 46, 48, 49, 55, 58, 66, 68 20
  VFDB-clubstations VFDB-members SWL-QSL's with Z-DOK
On HF 4 points 1 point 1 point
On VHF 7 points 3 points 1 point

(Chg 2/2013)

     VFDB Activity Award

This VFDB award may be requested by amateurs starting on 1 May 2001. SWL OK. It is a yearly award, and all QSOs must have been made within 12 months. All bands and modes. Endorsement for single mode upon request. VFDB stations with Sonder DOKs do not count for this award. On HF, you need 13 areas and 50 Z DOKs. On VHF, 4 areas and 20 Z DOKs. 

(Chg 2/2013)

     VFDB Kachel Award (Relisted 08)

Contcts after 1 January 1994.  SWL OK.  Requirements:

Areas Award with at least 12 stickers
VFDB Award
VFDB Areas Award
QSL cards from different Z-DOKs: 70 35
Participation in VFDB contests or VFDB activities: Two contests or two activities in the last 3 years. One contest in the last 3 years.
Participation in the Z-net: Check into at least 5 Z-nets in the past 12 months. None.
VFDB Areas Award
VFDB Award
VFDB Areas Award
QSL cards from different Z-DOKs: 20 10
Participation in VFDB contests or VFDB activities: One contest or two activities in the last 3 years. -

All bands and modes except use of Packet Radio.  Award fee is 13€ (18€ in a decorative frame).  

     VFDB - Telecommunication and Post Award

Contact Z DOK stations on or after 1 Jan 2003. Using any letter of a station's call sign suffix to build the words "TELEFON" and "BRIEF". (On VHF/UHF, either of these two words is needed.) One station with a "Z" in the suffix may be used one time as a "Joker" to substitute for a missing letter. Each call may only be used one time. SWL OK. All bands and modes. An official award application is available at the website: . (Chg 04) 

      VFDB PLZ-Diplom (Postleitzahlen) Postcodes

Work German postal code areas after 1-7-1993. SWL OK. German postal zip codes consist of five numbers (e.g. 99091). The first two digits stand for the region and are geographically arranged (the first number designates the district zone, the second the guidance region). The last three numbers mark the post office place, street and/or P.O. Boxes. There a total of 95 guidance regions (05, 11, 43 and 62 are not used). For example, DF5SF's card shows a postal code of 72766. This counts for "72".

On HF, you need 50 and on VHF 25 different postal codes from regions 01-99. Endorsements for 55, 65, 75, 85 and 95 worked postal code regions. The postal code must be printed on the QSL card. All bands and modes except packet radio. For the holders of the VFDB Kachel Award, this award is free. (Tks PA3CUZ)(New 7/2004)

Vineta Award

The Island Hoppers club offers the Vineta Award to all licensed amateurs and SWLs.   Requirements: confirmed QSOs (or SWL reports) with stations on Usedom Island and/or its neighboring islands of Goermitz and Karsibor. The award is issued for CW- or
for FONE (SSB, FM, mixed) QSOs. All bands may be used.  Contacts via repeater will not count. 

DL and SP need 6 different call signs of Usedom and its neighbor islands, but at least 2 of them must be from Usedom (SP)  or
Goermitz or Karsibor. 

All others and for CW-ONLY applicants need 4 different call signs of Usedom, Goermitz or Karsibor.

GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5 to award manager Peter Seifert, DL2MX, Box 1124, Hohen Neuendorf, D-16535, Germany. 

Internet: at  (the homepage of the "Island Hoppers Club" - IHC). 

Tks DL5XL 8/02

Diplom Weltkulturerbe "Volklinger Hutte"

In 1995, the old Iron Works were designated by UNESCO as a world culture inheritance. DARC group Q-05 sponsors this award commemorating the many years this facility was used to make steel for industrial Germany.

Earn a total of 60 points:
A. Club stations DLØVN and DLØVS = 10 points.
B. All other stations from Q05 = 5 points
C. Contacts with Saar District stations (all Q-DOK's and Z19) = 3 points.
D. CW QSOs and 70 cm or higher in frequency count double.

Each station may be worked only once per band. Contacts after 1 January 1996. Send a GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US8. QSOs on or after 1 Jan 1996. Apply to: Bernhard Becker DD8VF, PO Box 101,231, D-66302 Voelklingen, Germany.


(Chg 9/2007)

Vulkaneifel Trophy

This wooden trophy can be achieved by working stations located in the Vulkaneifel region after January 1, 2001. SWL OK. Germans need 30 points, other EU 20 points, stations outside EU need 10 points. Following DOKs are located in the Vulkaneifel area: K01, K20, K31, K34, K36, K45, K47, K48 and K51. 

Point Values:
Each individual station from these DOKs, except from K34, counts 1 point
Club stations from these DOKs count 2 points. 
Members from K34 count 3 points
Club stations 5 points (= DL0DAU, DF0DA, DL0WV, DL0FFF, DK0MWR, DK0SOTA, DL0NBR, DL0VEK and DR50BUND). 

Germans need to work at least 1 K34 club station. Each station may be contacted on several bands/modes to gain extra points. Each station may only be worked one time.  All bands and modes, except Packet Radio. Send GCR list fee of 20€ for German stations, 25E for other Europeans.  Other stations should check with manager for the price. Apply to: Volker Schnitzius, DL1WH, Prumer Strasse 28, D_54550 Daun, Germany.


(Chg 2/2012)

Waldeck-Frankenberg Award

Based on the framework of a new territorial regulation at the county level, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district was established on 01.01.1974 from the hitherto independent Waldeck and Frankenberg districts. With an area of approx. 1.850 km², the administrative district Waldeck-Frankenberg is the largest of the 21 counties in Hesse.

For this diploma, only radio connections with stations of the DOKs of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district (F01, F21 to 31.12.2016, F47 and F52) are valid. All radio connections after 01.01.2012 are valid for the award. Each station = 5 points, club stations = 10, special stations / S-DOK 15 points and training stations 20 points. In 2014, 2024, 2034,..., Contact values are doubled.

a. DL stations require 50 points.
b. All others require 25 points

A current list of club stations in the Waldeck-Frankenberg are: DF0FKB, DK0B, DK0DS, DK0EB, DK0IN, DL0AH, DL0CRS, DL0CWW, DL0BW, DN4KB, DN1MSK.

Valid stations can be contacted on different bands or modes. This includes all contacts except echolink. A maximum of 40 points may be claimed from your own OV. The provisions shall apply equally to SWLs. 
The diploma application will be sent with a confirmed list of existing QSL cards (GCR list) and the fee of 5.00€ or $US8 (or as a PDF you print ou, 2€ or 3 USD) to the following address: Jens Reichhart, An der Schule 5, 34471 Volkmarsen , Germany.

Tks Rewrite info from DH1PAL 12/2016


DARC, section Ottobeuren DOK T10 issues this award for contacts with amateur radio stations from the district of Swabia (DOK T) after January 1st 2005 on all amateur radio bands. All modes except EchoLink and Packet-Radio may be used. SWL OK.

German Stations need 30 points of which 15 must be made through contacts from DOK T10 plus 15 points collected through contacts from at least four other DOKs of Swabia (District T).

Stations from outside Germany need 20 Points of which 10 must be made through contacts from DOK T10 plus 10 points collected through contacts from at least two other Swabian DOKs (District T).

Table of Point Values:
Club-Station DF0OB and DF0T (DOK T10) = 6 points
All other Club-Stations of District Swabia (DOK T) = 4 points
Members of DOK T10 = 3 points
All other Stations of District Swabia T = 2 points

GCR list and fee of 10E (stations from outside Germany may also send $US10 or 10 IRC) to Bernhard Wittek, DL4CW, Bachstr. 18, D-87778 Stetten, Germany.

Valid Swabian DOKs: T01 T05 T07 T08 T09 T10 T11 T13 T14 T15 T16 T18 T19 T20 T21


(Chg 9/2007)

Waterkant Trophy Award Program     (old name DL0HEW Award Program) 

General Requirements: The DL0HEW clubstation (DOK E31) issues a series of awards and plaques to amateurs and SWLs. No band, mode or date restrictions.  Application plus fee of 8€ or $US10 for each award to: Peter Lehrke DK4HP, Rotdornallee 37A, D-22175 Hamburg, Germany.


(Chg 6/2004)


Table of nets, Districts or countries: Diploma or Plaque Award requirement and timetable of nets:
  1. Waterkant Trophy Available for anyone who has earned 10 of the following listed awards or plaques.  It is an "original wooden rudder".
Waterkant Table Net
Hoch and Plattdeutsch
2. Waterkant Plaque
3. Steueman Plaque
4. Plattdeutsch Plaque
Each Sunday, local time 10:30 on 3.680 MHz.
2. Work 5 members of the net.
3. Work 10 members of the net.
4. Work 15 members of the net.
EVU Table Net

5. Georg-Simon-Ohm Diplom
Each first Wednesday of the month, local time 18:00 on 3.700 MHz.
5. Work 5 members of the net.
Different Table nets of DIG, DSG, QCWA, etc. 6. Freundschafts Plaque Nets: different times and frequencies.
6. Work 5 members of any German net
Waterkant Districts: E, I, M, V and Z DOK's of these districts: 7. Kapitans  Plaque 
8. Fleetkieker Plaque
9. Hans-Albers Plaque


7. Work 5 stations of these districts.
8. Work 10 stations of these districts.
9. Work 15 stations of these districts.


District E Hamburg and Z DOK's of this district: 10. Hamburg Plaque
11. Hummel-Hummel Plaque
12. Heinrich-Hertz Plaque
10. Work 5 stations of this district.
11. Work 10 stations of this district.
12. Work 15 stations of this district.
District I Nordsee and Z Doks of this district: 13. Piraten Plaque
14. Wattenlauper Plaque
13. Work 5 stations of this district.
14. Work 10 stations of this district.
District M Schleswig-Holstein and Z DOK's of this district: 15. Wikinger Plaque
16. Lighthouse Plaque
15. Work 5 stations of this district.
16. Work 10 stations of this district.
District V Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Z DOK's of this district: 17. Seefahrt Plaque
18. Stoertebecker Plaque
17. Work 5 stations of this district.
18. Work 10 stations of this district.
Different stations from Spain: 19. Christopher Columbus Plaque 19. Work 5 stations from Spain.
Different Districts of Germany: 20. Deutschland Plaque 20. Work 10 districts of Germany.
Different European Countries: 21. Europa Plaque 21. Work 10 countries.
All Continents: 22. Alle Kontinente Plaque 22. Work each of the 6 continents.

(Chg 11/2008)

Blinkfüer Award Series        (part of the Diplomsammler Waterkant DSW series)

General Requirements: SWL OK. Contacts on or after 1 January 2003. Packet contacts are not valid. Send log extract along with listed fee to: Walter Bender DL1LBS, Gotlandwinkel 7, D-24109 Kiel, Germany. 

(Chg 2/2013) 

            Blinkfüer Award
Spell the term "Diplom Sammler Waterkant" using the first letter of the operators names of 22 contacts with stations having their QTH in the waterkant area (DARC districts E, I, M and V). Mobiles and portables in these areas OK.  Each station may only be worked once.  All contacts must be made on ONE band of your choice.  Any one missing contact may be made up by working 5 stations on lighthouses or towns with a port or a shipyard.  Fee for award is 5€.

            Lütt Blinkfüer
Make contacts with holders of the DSW-paddle in either of two categories:

Category 1 Category 2
     work 90 holder of the DSW paddle on all bands or,      work 50 different holders of the DSW paddle on all bands or,
     work 70 holders of the DSW paddle on HF or,      work 40 different holders of the DSW paddle on VHF or higher.
     work 50 holders of the DSW paddle on VHF or higher (in this category, the award may be worked repeatedly - on every band and/or mode.)
(every station may be worked once per band and counts 1 point on every band)  

All holders of the DSW paddle counts for this award, whether they are members of DSW or not.  You may substitute up to 10 missing contacts in any category by working German lighthouse stations.  Fee for award is 12€.   The award is a 25cm ceramic lighthouse replica with DSW logo. 

            Groot Blinkfüer
Make contacts with DSW members in either of two categories:

Category 1 Category 2
     work 90 members of DSW using all bands      work 50 different members of DSW
     work 70 members of DSW on HF or on VHF or higher (in this category, the award may be worked repeatedly - on every band and/or mode.)
(every station may be worked once per band and counts 1 point on every band)  

You may substitute up to 10 missing contacts in any category by working German lighthouse stations.  Fee for award is 22€. The award is a mahogany plaque 18 X 25 cm.

Tks ON4CAS and OH3GZ 6/2003

Doctor Watson Trophy

This trophy is offered by the German division of the IPA - International Police Association Radio Club. SWL OK. You need to earn 50 points by achieving several national and international IPA awards after 1 January 1987. Every award counts 5 points, a trophy 10. All bands and modes. 

(Chg 3/2003)

Eligible IPA Awards:

Award Points Issued by:   Award  Points Issued by:
SHA 50 5 IPARC-DL   Brian Midgley G4MNW Award 5 IPARC-G
SHA 100 5 IPARC-DL   Edgar Hoover Award 5 IPARC-USA
SH-Trophy Silver  10 IPARC-DL   One by One Award 5 IPARC-W
SH-Trophy Gold 10 IPARC-DL   Lt. Columbo Award 5 IPARC-W
Barcelona IPARC 5 IPARC-EA   Golden Badge Award 5 IPARC-W
Windmill Diplom 5 IPARC-PA   Le Diplome IPA Francaise 5 IPARC-F
A.R. F.O. P.I. Award 5 IPARC-I   Hercules Poirot Award 5 IPARC-ON
Shamrock Award 5 IPARC-EI   Matterhorn Award 5 IPARC-HB9
Austral State Award 5 IPARC-VK   Flamingo Award 5 IPARZ-ZS
Robert Peel Award 5 IPARC-G   HA-IPARC-Award 5 IPARC-HA
All Surrey Award 5 IPARC-G   Dutch Police Region Award 5 IPARC-PA
Dipl. Polizia Italiana 5 IPARC-I Law, Duty, Honour 5 IPARC-RA
Award Detectiv 5 IPARC-RA Croatian Police Award 5 IPARC-9A

(Chg 8/2011)

Award list and fee of 35€ or $US40 to: Horst Romer DL1GBP, Th.-Fontane-Str. 25, D-17489 Greifswald, Germany. .


Weinstrasse Diploma    

This award is being issued by DARC K13 for contacts with stations located in DOK's K13 and Z22, as well as with stations located on the Weinstrasse. 44 cities from Bockenheim to Schweigen comprise the "wine street". Contacts after 1 Jan 1994. Each station in these DOKs or in the cities = 1 point each; club stations DL0NV DL0NW DF0NW DK0SAL DB0CG DB0EMN DF0CPU and DL0RP = 4 points.  Contacts on 430 MHz count double.  All modes and bands.   SWL OK. German stations need 20 points, Europeans 15 and all others 10. At least 5 stations from DOK's Z22 or K13, as well as one club station is mandatory. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Windfried Wolf DL4IV, Zeppelinstr 4, D-67459, Boehl-Iggelheim, Germany.  .

 (Rewrite  11/02)

Diplom Weisser Stock (White Stick Award)

Contact blind members of the Interessengemeinschaft Blinder Funkamateure Deutschlands erV, (IBFD) and their club stations since 1 January 1973. Europeans need 11, all others 5. Only one contact with the same station allowed. SWL OK. All bands and modes. SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US10  to: Cathrin Jaekel DK8LP, Saal 47, D-25575 Beringstedt, Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)

Members: DF1DL 1DD 1DM 1KV 1LW 1MD 1QB 2DK 2QE 2ST 2DD 2DE 2DF 3EB 3GL 3KL 3PD 3EN 4DU 4DV 4FG 4HG 4JJ 4MU 5NY 5YH 6KD 6MH 6NB 6SB 7BW 7DV 7LU 7PT 7XK 8AB 8AC 8AP 8BI 8MH 8NM 8QD 8SO 8YP 9AS 9QK 9YN.





Weisser Stock - Silver

Commemorating 20 years of existence, and for activating the amateur bands, the Association of Blind Radio Amateurs in Germany (Ib FD) issue this award for contacts after 1 January 1990. Each member = 1 point, DF0IBF and DL0IBF = 10 points. See basic award for member list. DL's need 55 points, EU 44 and DX 33. All bands and modes.  SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 7€ or $US10 to Cathrin Jaekel DK8LP, Saal 47, D-25575 Beringstedt, Germany.


(CHG 8/2003)

River Weser Award

Contact stations located alongside the Danube River after 1 January 1970. SWL OK. All bands and modes. DL stations need 25 points, EU 20 and DX 10 points. Stations of the DOK’s H12, H14, H16, H17, H57, I03, I04, I05, I14, I15, I17, I22, I29,I39, I44, I53, I56, N09, N12, N24, N52, Z02, Z43 count 1 point, with a maximum of 3 stations per DOK. GCR list and fee of 5€ to Helmut Knickmeyer DL4OD, Basbergstraße 21, D-31787 Hameln, Germany.

Tks PA3CUZ 5/2008

Wendland Award

Contact DOK H-28 and District H stations after 1 January 1990. All bands and modes. SWL OK. Each QSL of H-28 members has a special sticker attached to their card - 15 different ones, which comprise a map of their region. These are used as proof of contact when you apply for the award.

Stations in DL district H need 12 stickers, other DL stations need 9.
EU stations need 5 and all others need 3. 

You may apply with fewer than these stickers, as many as 2 fewer than the rules call for.  But you must work other District H (any DOK H-) stations as follows:  District H stations will need 10, other DLs 5, EU 2 and DX 1.  Therefore, a DX station needs only 3 H-28 stickers or 1 sticker and 2 other H DOK's.  Stations who submit all 15 stickers receive the award free of charge!  GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5 to: Dieter Scheike DL8HL, Birkenring 31, D-21394 Tepse, Germany.


 (Rewrite 3/2003 per info from PA3CUZ)

100 Years of Car Manufactory in  Westsachsen  

This award is issued by the DARC division Zwickau (DOK S60) for contacts after January 1, 2004. Contact stations in the German Westsachsen area. Stations from the following DOKs are valid: S46, S57, S60 and S65. Using any letter of the station's suffix spell out the sentence "100 Jahre Automobilbau Westsachsen" Any of the club stations DL0ZWI, DL0RCW, DF0GC, DK0ZN and DK0JRS should be worked and count for the "100" in the sentence. If you work club stations, please note that they all count as jokers for any missing letters. A station may be worked on several bands. No band or mode restrictions, but no packet radio contacts are permitted. SWL OK. Send GCR list + fee of $7 or 5€ to: Andreas Herzig DM5JBN, Bergring 5, D-08058 Zwickau, Germany. 

(Chg 10/2007)
(Although award refers to a 100th anniversary, I am told that it is of a permanent nature.)

Winterberg 20

Issued by the DARC division Winterberg (DOK O44). Collect 1980 (=foundation year of the club) points starting Jan 29, 2000. All stations from the following DOKs count 50 points each : any O and N DOKs, Z03, Z14, Z34, Z38, Z41, Z60, Z80, Z92 and Z93. YL stations count double. Clubstations DF0WB and DL0DWS (one of these is mandatory) count 200 points, while all O44 members count 100 points. Each station may be worked only once. No band or mode restrictions. Packet contacts do not count. Stations outside Germany may multiply the point value by 2. GCR list and fee of 5€ or 5$ to : Michaela Butz (DB5DM), Hellenstrase 28, D-59955 Winterberg, Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)

 Wurttemburg Diploma

The Sindelfingen section of DARC sponsors this award to amateurs and SWL's for contacts in the following DOK's: P01 to P61, Z17 Z18 Z29  Z46 Z48 Z55 Z58 Z66 and Z68. Special DOKs DW and IBO with date.   Contacts after 31 Dec 1983. 

Category Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Different DOKs needed
DL stations 125 100 75 25
European stations 100 75 50 20
All Others 75 50 25 15
P and Z DOK's in Wurttemberg 3 3 4 4
Club stations and Special DOK's 4 4 5 5
DL0SIN and Jokers (just one may be used) 6 6 6 6

Send a GCR list. Fee for DL and all countries in the € zone is 5€, fee for all others is $US10, to Rudolf Genserowski DL1SAK, Steigerwaldstr. 17, D-71083 Herrenberg, Germany.  


(Chg 10/2007)

Württemberger Burgen Diplom

Issued by the DARC e.V., Distrikt Württemberg for contacts with stations located 500 meter or less from a castle located in the state Württemberg. Contacts after 1 January 2008. SWL OK.  Each valid castle has a reference number which starts with WBB; the reference number should be clearly marked on the received QSL. Each reference counts 1 point.

DL stations need 20 WBB numbers in 5 different districts.
European stations need 10 WBB numbers in 3 different districts.
DX stations need 5 WBB numbers in 2 different districts.

Each WBB number counts only one time. All bands and modes except Echo Link. GCR list and fee for DL € 5, EU € 7,50, DX US$ 12 to: Stefan Siebenhaller, DC2SF, Römerhalde 31, D-89287 Bellenberg, Germany.

List WBB Numbers

Tks PA3CUZ 11/08

WXRD Diploma of International 80M Weather Net

Contact members of this net and earn 15 points on or after 1 January 1976. SWL OK. All modes and bands. Point values: HQ stations DJ2MV, OE2JIL,  DH6KAO and clubstation DL0WXR  = 3 points, QSO with  OE2MJM, DJ1SW, DL1RDL, DK9GW and DK1SU = 3 points.  Other HQ stations = 2 points and members of the weather net = 1 point.  Net meets daily Monday through Friday 0515-0550Z on 3683. VHF/SHF contact values are doubled. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US10  to: Award Manager Walter Vitz DJ4RL, Lerchenweg 12, D-41189 Moenchengladbach, Germany. 


Internet list of HQ stations and members:  

(Chg 3/2008)

X-RAY Award

This award is issued by DARC Division Würzburg Nord DOK B-17 on the occasion of the 100th discovery of Xrays by William Conrad Röntgen in Würzburg. SWL OK. Contacts from 1 Jan 1995 and later. At least 100 points must be achieved by contacting stations in the following DOK's: B17, B18 and Z52. Each station may be contacted once. Each contact = 3 points (VHF = 5 points), a CW contact 5 points (VHF 10 points) and a club station counts as 10 points (VHF also 10 points). GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 or 7 IRCs to: Hannelore Stainhäuser DK3XJ, Pfr.-Robbert-Kümmert-Str. 4, D-97249 Eisingen, Germany. 

DOK Clubstation in DOK
Sonder-DOK XRAY (1995) DA0WCR, DL0ZN DL0WZ


 (Chg 6/2004)

YL  OM Award 

This award is issued for contacting 33 German (X)YLs AND 33 German OMs. Contacts after Jan 1, 2001 are valid. From these 66 stations you should use their DOK letter to spell out the words "YL OM RUNDE", e.g. DK9JR with DOK L14 counts as letter "L". Stations with special DOK YL may be used for a missing letter up to two times.   SWL OK. No band or mode restrictions. Send GCR list + 8 Euro or $US8 to: Ingrid Weckmann, DL4BO, Alte Reihe 28, D-27313 Doerverden, Germany.


(Chg 4/2008) 

Zollern Alb Award

Offered by the DARC district Balinger. Contact stations in DOK's P30, P34, P44 and P52 and P59 after 1 January 1979. Europeans need 6 and others need 3 on HF. On VHF, District P need 10 and all others need 5. A contact with a club station from one of these DOK's is mandatory on VHF and counts double..  SWL OK. All bands and modes acceptable. GCR list and 7.50€, $10US or 10 IRCs to: Oliver Michael Sczersputowski DG2SFE, Trautenauer Weg 18, D-72406 Bisingen, Germany. 


(Chg 11/2008)

60 Jahre Amateurfunk in Deutschland (DL 60)

This award was started in 1987 to commemorate 60 year anniversary of Ham Radio in Germany. SWL OK. Contact DARC-/VFDB Special stations and DARC-/VFDB Club stations after 1 January 1987. Earn 60 points. Each Special Station count once for 5 points and the clubstations count per band and for each contact 1 point. GCR List and fee of €5 or $US 7 to: Hans-Peter Günther, DL9XW, Postfach 1406, D-48504 Nordhorn, Germany.


DARC-/VFDB-Clubstations start with the Prefix: DB0, DF0, DK0, DL0 and DP0.

Tks PA3CUZ 7/03

75 Years DARC Club Bonn

Issued by the DARC Division Bonn (DOK G03) on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the club. SWL OK. Contacts after January 1, 2002 only. German stations need 500 points, Europeans stations need 400 points, stations outside Europe need 300 points

Points can be collected as follow:
a. Each station with DOK G03 = 10 points; at least 10 of these members must be worked. Any station with the special DOK "75BN" in the year 2002 = 25 points each.
b. DL0OV and DL0KA clubstation = 20 points each.
c. Other German stations = 5 points each.
d. Each European DXCC entity = 5 points, at least 20 entities should be worked.
e. Each DXCC entiry outside Europe = 10 points, at least 10 entities should be worked.
f. CW contacts count double.

No band restrictions. All modes except packet radio are allowed. Send GCR list and fee of € 6 to: Hans - G. Hanke, DL 3 KC, Auf dem Steinbüchel 15, D-53340 Meckenheim, Germany.

Tks PA3CUZ 9/2007

38 Diploma

Sponsored by DOK E-38, to all amateurs and SWL's by earning 11 points for contacting members of this club after 3 Dec 1993. Each QSO with a member of E38 counts 2 points. All club-stations of E38 = 5, (DA0TT, DF0TX and DL0FTG). QSO's with stations of all DOK's whose number is 38 (A38, F38, etc) = 1 point. (Maximum of 3) A QSO with a member of E38 or club station DL0FTG or DA0TT is mandatory. Each eligible DOK may be contacted up to three times. GCR list and fee of 5€  $US7 or 5 IRCs to: Holger Binder, DL5XAT, Rennbahnstrasse 39, D-50737 Köln, Germany.

(Chg 6/2004)

125 Jahre Freiwillige Feuerwehr Der Stadt Bernau Bei Berlin

The award commemorates the 125th anniversary of the founding of the voluntary fire-brigade of Bernau near Berlin and is sponsored the OV Bernau (Y14). Contacts on or after 1 August 2008. SWL OK.

HF: Basic award 40 points, Bronze endorsement 50, silver 60 and gold 80 points.
VHF and SWL: Basic award 30 points, Bronze endorsement 40, silver 50 and gold 60 points.

Point values
1, Each Y14 station = 2 points (list of members on WWW site below).
2. Each Club station of Y14 = 3 points. (DK0BER,DF0BER,DL0BAS,DM3B,DR3R).
3. Special station DM50BER = 3 points. (No qsl needed for apply)
4. Contacts with members of the IG-FiH = 3 points and if show a "FL" after the member number point value is then 5 points.
5 Contacts with members of the IG-FiH are mandatory.

Each valid contact may only be counted one time. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to Burkhard Gorlt, DG2BTE, Wielandstr. 40, D-16321 Bernau, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 10/08

700 Jahre Stadt Eckernförde

Issued by the DARC Ortsverband Eckernförde, DOK M01 to commemorate the 700th anniversary of the City Eckernforde. SWL OK. Contact stations after 1 January 2003. There are 3 Classes. Class 1. 100 points. Class 2. 70 points. Class 3. 40 points. Point value: Each stations of M01 and clubstation DL0EO count 10 points. Other stations of district Schleswig-Holstein (M-DOK's and Z10, Z69, Z71, Z72) and Special DOK's count 2 points. All bands and modes except packet radio. GCR list and fee of € 5 to: Jürgen Heitmann, DK5LQ, Mühlenweg 4, D-24214 Lindau, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ and ON4CAS 7/2003

 775 Jahre Stadt Bernau bei Berlin Diplom

Sponsored by the OV Berlin (Y-14) to commemorate the 775th anniversary of the city of Bernau / Berlin, Germany. SWL OK. The diploma may be earned by either HF or VHF contacts. Contacts after 1 January 2008. Special endorsement if contacts are made on one band.

Earn the following number of points:
                  HF VHF SWL
Basic award       40 20 20
Sticker bronze    50 30 30
Sticker silver    60 40 40
Sticker gold      80 60 60

Point values:
1. Contacts with stations located in Y14 = 2 points. List:
2. Connections with club stations operating from Y14 = 3 points.
3. Connections with DM 50 BER (01.05. - 31.12.2007) = 5 points
4. Connections with each Partner City = 5 points:
a. Champigny Sur Marne (France, suburb of Paris)
b. Skwierzyna (Poland, 60 km east of the city of Küstrin)
c. Meckenheim (North-Rhine/Westphalia )
5. If you have already earned the Hussiten diploma =10 points.

Each valid station may be worked one time. Send GCR list and fee of € 5, $US7 or 7 IRC to: Burkhard Gorlt DG2BTE, Wielandstr. 40, D-16321 Bernau / Berlin, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/08

950 Years City of Warburg Award

A permanent award commemorating the 950th year of the founding of Warburg. DARC Warburg (DOK N56) sponsors the award for contacts after 1 June 1986. SWL OK. 950 points are needed.  All bands and modes. Point values: stations in DARC Warburg N56 = 50, club station DL0WAR = 150.  DOK's F01, N05, N54 and N56 = 25. GCR list and fee of 6€ to Bernd Moller DL9YBD, August-Macke-Str. 10, D-34414 Warburg, Germany. 


(Rewrite 11/02 per PA3CUZ)

1100 Years Eichsfeld Award

Issued by DARC division Obereichsfeld to celebrate the 1100th anniversary of the existence of the city. SWL OK. Contacts after 1 Jan 1997. All station from DOK’s H41, X12 and X14 are valid. DL stations need 11 points, EU 6 and all others 3. Each station counts 1 point, except for club station DF0WBS which counts 5. All 3 DOK’s must be worked.  Each station may only be worked one time. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7  to: Hans-Jurgen Streich DL6ATI, Gauss Strasse 12, D-37327 Leinefelde, Germany.


(Chg 11/2008)