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(Updated through 1/7/2016) 


IRAA (Icelandic Radio Amateurs Association) Series

General Requirements: Available to amateurs and SWL's. The TF stations contacted must be Icelandic resident amateurs operating from Icelandic territory. GCR is accepted. Contacts must be made from the same call area in your country, but where no call are exists, from the same country. No band or time limitation unless specified in rules for the award. Fee for all of the awards is $US5, 5€ or 8 IRCs. PAYPAL is accepted, contact awards manager for details. Apply to: Brynjolfur Jonsson TF5B,Engimyri 8, IS-600  Akureyri, Iceland.  A GCR list, verified by two licensed radio amateurs or local club officials must be submitted.  The list must show: Stations worked, date, year, time, band, report and mode.  The IRA Awards manager reserves the right to ask for the original QSLs. First award issued to a DXCC entity will be endorsed as such. 


(Chg 6/20/2013) 

The Iceland Award

Contact or hear Icelandic stations during any one calendar year. May be earned each year. All bands and modes. TF's need 4 Icelandic stations, all others need 2. No /TF's may be used. Application must have reached the awards manager by the end  of the following year that the contacts were made. (Applications for 2013 must have reached the award manager before the end of the year 2014.   You do not have to possess the cards. The first award issued to a DXCC entity each year will be endorsed as such, and single band/mode achievement will be endorsed upon request. 
(Contacts with stations from other nations operating with a portable designator are not valid for the award.)

IRA Zone 40 Award

Contact the DXCC countries located in CQ Zone 40: Iceland (TF), Greenland (OX), Jan Mayen (JX), Svalbard (JW) and Franz Josef Land (UA1). (Note: contacts with /TF, /OX, etc. are not valid for this award.) SWL OK. All bands OK, but all contacts must have been made in the same mode to earn the award. Single band endorsed on request. 

DX need one confirmed QSO with each country (5 QSO's).
EU same as above except 3 TF QSO's. (7 QSO's).
TF same as above except 5 TF QSO's (9 QSO's).

(Chg 6/2013)

Icelandic Radio Amateurs Award (IRAA)

The award is available to licensed radio amateurs and SWLs outside TF.  Contacts with stations that are /TF or TF/ are not valid for this award.  No time limit to time QSOs were made. Certified photcopies of the QSL cards must be submitted together with a list of the complete log entries for the contacts. Do not send the cards.  All contacts must have been made from the same call area, or where no call area exists, from the same country. 

Earn required points by contacting Icelandic stations on different bands and modes.

ITU Zones                                     Points needed
5, 9, 18-20, 27-29                         98 points.
1-4, 6-8, 21-26, 30, 31, 36, 37     48 points.
10-13, 32-35, 38-40, 46-48         28 points.
14-16, 41-45, 49-75.                     18 points.

Point Values

1.8 10 8 8 6 8
3.5 8 6 6 4
7.0 6 5 5 3
10 5 4 0 0
14 3 2 2 1
18 4 3 3 2
21 5 4 4 3
24 6 5 5 4
28 7 6 6 5
50 8 7 7 6
>144 48

No time limit. QSL cards or photocopies must be submitted along with GCR listing. Fee for award is 8 IRCs or $US5. Mixed mode contacts and cross band contacts are not valid except for contacts by amateur satellite. Each station may be contacted only once per band per mode. Contacts with stations from other nations operating portable in Iceland are not valid for this award. 

(Chg 6/2013)

Worked All Nordic Countries Award

Contact Nordic countries from the following list.

Class A - one confirmed QSO with each of the 11 countries.
Class B - one confirmed QSO with 8 of the countries and 2 in CQ Zone 40.
Class C - one confirmed QSO with 5 of the countries and 1 in CQ Zone 40.

Countries: JW - Svalbard    OJ0 - Market Reef    TF - Iceland    JX - Jan Mayen    OX - Greenland    LA - Norway    OY - Faroe Isl.    OH - Finland    OZ - Denmark    OH0 - Aland Isl.    SM- Sweden

(Note: contacts with /TF, /OH0, etc. not valid for this award, except that /OJ0 DOES count. One confirmed contact with Iceland is mandatory in all classes.  SWL OK. No time or band limits, but all QSO's must be on the same mode. Single  band endorsement on request. First award to a DXCC country will be endorsed as such. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 8 IRCs.)

(Chg 6/2013)

The IRA JOTA Award

Awarded for contacting or hearing Icelandic JOTA Amateur Radio stations and is issued in cooperation with Icelandic Radio Scouts. No time, band or mode limit on QSO ´s.

Requirements: Contact or hear at least two JOTA Icelandic Amateur Radio stations. Contacts with stations which are /TF or TF/ are not valid for this Award. GCR list is accepted. The first award issued to a DXCC country will be endorsed as such and single band or mode achievement will be endorsed upon request. Fee for "IRA JOTA AWARD" is 8 IRC's or 5.00 US dollars.

(Chg 6/2013)

The Iceland Digital Award

Contact Icelandic amateur radio stations using digital modes of communication. Contact at least two Icelandic stations using Digital Modes.  

(New 6/23/13)


Golden Key Award

Issued by the Old Timers Guild of Bangalore for working members on 2-way CW only earning a total of 100 points. 

Point values:
1. All VU2/VU3/AT2/AT0 or any special prefix stations anywhere in India other than Bangalore City = 1 point per QSO.
2. Any station from Bangalore = 2 points per QSO.
3. The following members = 3 points each: VU2RQ, VU2DX, VU2TH, VU2VK, VU2WP, VU2LX, VU2TI, VU2TS, VU2GX (SK), VU2ZAP, VU2LBW, VU2UR. 

GCR list and fee of 10 IRCs to: T.S. Ganesh VU2TS, Watapi, B.R. Hills, Chamarajanagar District 571313, Karnataka, India.


Chg 4/2010


Worked Republic of India Award

Issued by the Amateur Radio Society of India for contacting stations in India, the Laccadive Islands and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands on HF bands 160 through 10 meters on or after 26 January 1950. Contacts with the same Indian station on different bands count for points, but contacts with different modes on the same band will not count. QSOs must take place between two fixed stations. Contacts with portable, MM or aeronautical mobile stations do not count.

Earn a minimum of 100 points using the following table:

Band VU2/3 VU4/7 Special Prefixes
160M 3 5 4
80/40M 2 4 3
20/15/10M 1 3 2

Special Prefixes are anything other than VU2, VU3, VU4 and VU7.  
For example:  AT0, AT1, AT2, AT3, AT4, AT5, AT6, AT7, AT8,  AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4, AU5, AU6, AU7, AU8, AU9, AU0, etc. . 

Contacts on WARC band are not eligible. Send GCR list with fee of 5 IRCs to:  PRASAD RAJAGOPAL VU2PTT, P.O.BOX 7523, BANGALORE 560075, India


(Chg 4/2010)



SAARC stands for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. Member countries are: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The group was formed on on December 8, 1985 and provides a platform for the peoples of South Asia to work together in a spirit of friendship, trust and understanding. The radio amateur award offered by the group requires you must have confirmed two-way contacts with the countries of SAARC on or after 8 December 1985 as follows:

Bangladesh :1 Bhutan: 1 India: 5 Maldives: 2 Nepal: 2 Pakistan : 2 and Sri Lanka : 2 QSOs for a total of 15 QSOs.

Send GCR list, signed by two amateurs or by the Awards Manager of the National society, to the Awards Manager VU2UR, B.L.Manohar ,MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara, Bangalore 560060, India. The Multi Color Award is available in "pdf" format only and will be sent to your E-mail address so you may print using your equipment. Endorsements for any one Band or mode is available. If you have confirmed double the number of QSOs required from each of the above countries, the award will be endorsed "EXCELLENCE".

Fee for the award is 5€, $US7 or 7 IRCs. The fee of € or $ MUST be sent through a Demand Draft on any Indian Bank, favouring " B.L.MANOHAR", at BANGALORE, India. OR through an International Money Order in favour of B.L.MANOHAR, at the above address OR IRCs, (latest series available), are to be sent by "registered mail" ONLY, as postal losses are a problem.


Tks VU2UR 10/09

VU2UR Series —

General Requirements: SWL OK. No date limit. All bands and modes including WARC bands OK.  Please read the requirements of each award. Check from your VU log, and you may be qualifying for more than ONE award. I request all of you to send your VU log to me first I will check your log and would notify you about the number of awards you can claim. \par You can send ONE GCR list, claiming more than one award, after my checking your VU log.  Due to postal security problems, fees in € or US$ must be sent as Demand Draft from a Bank payable to "B.L.Manohar, at. Bangalore" or IRCs sent by Registered Mail only.  Endorsements are available for Mode and band.   The awards are "A4" size (210x297 mm), in multi-colour. The awards are issued in the ELECTRONIC FORM and sent to your E-mail Id, ready to be downloaded at your end, in "pdf" format. Send application and fee to: B.L.Manohar VU2UR; MIG-6, 80 Feet Road, Kengeri Upanagara; BANGALORE 560 060, India.

Claiming multiple awards:  If you are claiming more than three awards, the question of your sending the award fee, gets easier. For those claiming less than three awards, IRC mode may be convenient.\par The fee for 3 awards is 3 Euros; for 4 awards- 4 Euros; for 5 awards- 5 Euros. For 6 or 7 Awards, also 5 Euros only . 

Please do not send any Green Stamps or Euros in snail mail, which are always stolen in transit.

E-mail: vu2ur2009(at)

Tks GW4BKG 3/12/10 and VU2UR 7/10 


Name of Award

Award Level


1. Annilamici Award

Basic Award

7 IRC or bank draft for $US7 or 5E.


Other than basic award without applying for basic award

10 IRC , $US10 or 5E.


2. VU Flora Fauna

Basic Award

3E, $US5 or 7 IRC.

3.Himalaya-Hind Railway

Basic Award

2E, $3US or 5 IRC.


First Class Award

3E, $US5 or 6 IRC.

4. VU 10 Million Pin and 5. World Heritage

Basic Award

2E, $US3 or 5 IRC.


First Class and Excellence

3E, $US5 or 6 IRC.

6. Andaman Islands Award All 2 IRC's. 
7 Andaman and Nicobar Isl. Award All 2 IRC's. 
8. Worked LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS Award  All 2 IRC's.
10. Worked Coastal Islands of India ( WCII Award ) All 2 IRC's 
11. Worked VU Contesters Award (WVU C Award) All 2 IRC's. 

12. Worked SILICON CITY Award (WS-C Award)

All 2 IRC's. 

Proof of Contact required:  

Annilamici Award

Scanned copies of QSLs are to be E-mailed, to The Awards Manager, for scrutiny to "vu2ur(at) ",or "manohar_arasu (at)".

All Others:

GCR list or certification by Awards manager of your National Society.



India possesses hundreds of islands along its coast and in the deep sea as well. Indian Islands in the deep sea have been activated many times since Indian Independence. All these Islands have IOTA listings. In addition, India has sponsored 24 Indian Antarctic Expeditions. The name of this award is derived from the first two letters of the alphabet of ANdaman, NIcobar, LAkshadweep, MInicoy and Coastal Islands, and it contains the two alphabets of Antarctica also. Contact these islands on or after 15th August 1947. All contacts must be with different stations.



1. Any Confirmed QSO with Indian Islands, before 15th August 1972, counts as follows:
    Andaman (AS-001), 15 points
     Nicobar (AS-033), 20 points
     Lakshadweep (AS-011) 15 points
     Minicoy (AS-106) Islands 20 points.

2. For confirmed QSOs with a Coastal Island group (only one expedition QSO is counted per island), on any date, counts at 15 points each:
     St. Mary Island- AS-096 (2 expeditions) Karnataka State Gr.        Arnala Is - AS-169 (1 Expedition) Maharashtra State gr.
     Sagar Island - AS-153 (4 expeditions) West Bengal State Gr.         Pamban Is - AS-173 (1 Expedition) Tamil Nadu State Gr.
     Sacrifice Rock - AS-161 (1 Expedition) Kerala State Gr.                Nachugunta Is - AS-199 (1 Expedition) Andhra Pradesh State South Gr.
     Elephanta Is - AS-169 (3 Expeditions) Maharashtra State gr.          Grandi Is - AS-177 (1 Expedition) Goa State Gr.
3. For any confirmed QSO with Multinational expeditions like VU4AN/VU2...,VU4AN/VU3...,VU4MY,VU4RG,VU7SJ, etc.,. QSLs with operator's call like VU4../VU3...; and VU7.../VU3... is ONLY accepted for the following: 
VU4AN,VU4RG, VU4MY, VU7SJ etc., count 03 points each
VU7MY, VU7NRO count 04 points each
VU7LD count 05 points each

4. For any confirmed contact with a LOCAL ham resident of the Island/ or Official posted in Andaman & Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Minicoy and Coastal Islands, with valid address printed on the QSL, is 15 points Examples VU2,4 and 7 for suffixes GV,DIA,FBZ/FB,JPS. (VK9NS operations from VU2JPS is not considered)

5. For any confirmed QSO with a Resident Mainland Indian with VU2.../VU4, VU2.../VU7, call in the Andaman, Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Minicoy Islands, is worth 15 points.,

6. Any QSO with expeditions of VU2ANI,VU2NRM,VU2KV,VU7WCY/RM,VU7US,VU2GDG, etc.. from any of the Islands count for 20 points.

7. Any QSO with the Indian Antarctic Expedition Station counts for 20 points.
IOTA AN-010,016; WAP-IND-01-Dakshin Gangothri; IND-02-Indian Bay Camp;IND-03-Maithri.
Only ONE Antarctic QSL is required for SECOND Class Award. TWO QSL scores can be considered for FIRST and EXCELLENCE Class awards, provided the QSO is NOT with the same Indian Antarctic call sign.
( VU2IF, AT0A, VU2AXA, VU3PMG, AT3A, AT3D,VU2JBK, VU2MSW, VU2RAY, VU3HKQ, VU3DEN, VU3NHQ, VU3BPZ etc were QRV from Indian Antarctic Bases, at different periods.)


1. BASIC: For confirmed QSOs with any THREE groups; that is for example:
(1) Andaman or Nicobar Is;
(2)Lackshadweep or Minicoy Is,
(3)ONE of the Coastal Is Groups,
Points required for the "Basic Award" is a minimum of "50" points. Minimum 3 QSL cards needed.

2. SECOND: For confirmed QSOs with ANY THREE of
(1) Andaman or Nicobar or Lakshadweep or Minicoy Is Groups,
(2) any TWO of the Coastal Island groups,
(3) one Indian Antarctic QSO, activated till date of application,
Points required for the "Second Class Award" is a minimum of 90 points.
Minimum of 6 QSLs needed.

3. FIRST: If you have confirmed QSOs with:
(1) each of Andaman, Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Minicoy Is Groups,
(2) THREE of the Coastal Island groups, and
(3) two Indian Antarctic QSOs, activated till the date of your application,
Points required for the "First Class Award is over 120 points.
Minimum of 9 QSL cards needed.

4. EXCELLENCE: If you have confirmed QSOs with
(1) EACH of Andaman, Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Minicoy Is Groups,
(2) FOUR of the Coastal Island groups,and
(3) TWO Indian Antarctic QSOs, activated till the date of your application,
Points required for the EXCELLENCE award. is a minimum of 150 points.
Minimum of 10 QSL cards are needed.

Lower levels of the award may be upgraded from one class to another, by a new certificate and endorsement only. No stickers are available. In case you qualify for FIRST class Award, there is no need to get the Basic and Second Class Awards.


In the past several years, activations of Coastal Island Groups like AS-169, AS-173 and AS-199 were accomplished and the following operations have taken place from non-Coastal Island Groups:

VU4AN (Andaman Is) had 30 DX ops with VU calls and 39 VUs were also there from 17 April to 25 April 2006
VU7LD (Lakshadweep Is) had 20 plus VU operators in December 2007 operating from Kavaratti Is.
VU7MY (Minicoy) had 5 VU operators from 15th to 30th January 2007 from Minicoy Is
VU7RG (Lakshadweep Is) had DX operators working from Agatti, Bangaram, Kadamat Is; 15th to 25th January 2007,
VU4RG (Andaman) with German operators from 24 Oct to 03 Nov 2008
VU4MY (Andaman) with VU YLs VU2YAM and VU2BL from 24 Oct to 03 Nov 2008
VU7SJ (Lakshadweep- Agatti Is) with German and VU Ops from 24 Oct to 03 Nov 2008
VU7NRO (Lakshadweep- Kadamatt Is) with OM VU2UWZ and XYL VU2NIS team 24 Oct to 03 Nov 2008


Requirements: Work different Andaman Island stations as follows. For BASIC award- 4 different Andaman QSOs. For FIRST Class Award, 8 different Andaman QSOs and For EXCELLENCE Class Award, 12 different Andaman QSOs. Fee ONLY 2 IRCs . Submit GCR list.



Requirements: Work different stations from Andaman and Nicobar Islands as follows: For Basic Award, you need 4 different Andaman and 1 Nicobar QSO. For First Class Award, you need 8 different Andaman and 1 Nicobar QSOs and for Excellence Class, you need 12 different Andaman and 2 Nicobar QSOs. Fee ONLY 2 IRCs . Submit GCR list.

Worked Coastal Islands of India ( WCII Award )

Requirements: Work minimum of 4 different QSOs covering at least 3 coastal Islands. More than one QSO from the same island, but with a different call sign is OK Fee ONLY 1 IRC . Submit GCR list.

Himalaya-Hind Sagar Railway Award

The Indian Railways comprise one of the largest railway networks in the world. The longest train route in India is between Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari , run, once a week, by Train Nos. 6317/6318, the "Himsagar" Express covering a distance of 3,738 km. The train passes through 11 Indian states.

The train passes through the following Railway Stations, in its North-South run, and those in Bold letters indicate the presence of active amateur radio operators.

Jammu Tawi, Jalandhar Cantonment, Phagwara, Phillaur, Ludhiana, Dhuri, Jakhal, Narwana, Jind, Rohtak, Bahadurgarh, New Delhi, Hazrat Nizamuddin, Faridabad, Agra Cantonment, Dhaulpur , Gwalior, Jhansi, Bhopal, Itarsi, Nagpur, Warangal, Vijayawada, Tenali, Gudur, Renigunta, Tirupati, Chittoor, Katpadi, Jolarpettai, Salem , Erode, Tiruppur, Coimbatore, Palakkad, Thrissur, Aluva, Ernakulam Town, Kottayam, Kollam, Trivandrum Central, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari.

The above stations are located in the following 11Indian States: Jammu & Kashmir; Punjab; Haryana; Delhi; Uttar Pradesh; Rajasthan; Madhya Pradesh; Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh; Tamil Nadu; and Kerala.

For the Basic Award, you need to have QSOs with VUs from at least 6 of the 11 STATES listed above.
To get the First Class Award, you need to have QSOs with VUs from at least 6 (six) different Railway stations through which the train passes, as given in the above list.

All contacts on or after 01 January 2000.


Requirements Work minimum of 3 different Lakshadweep (Laccadive) Stations Fee ONLY 2 IRC . Submit GCR list.


Requirements : Work minimum of 3 different Lakshadweep (Laccadive) Stations and 1 Minicoy Station. Fee ONLY 2 IRC . Submit GCR list.

Worked SILICON CITY Award (WS-C Award)

The city of BENGALURU\ ( aka BANGALORE ) the capital city of the State of Karnataka (KA) is known as the ELECTRONIC CITY, GARDEN CITY, SILICON CITY or IT CITY of India. The city has over 1500 amateur licence holders QRV in VHF/UHF/Satellite / CW/SSB/and Digital modes. The very active stations from this city were/are: VU2PTT, LBW, ZAP,WAP, RMS, BGS, GX (SK), IR(SK), MKP (SK), UR, LX, GUR, VNK, LYX, LCI, JHM, FI, POP, GSM, 2IIH, 3GFF, 3ITI and others..... Requirement: Work any 2 different stations from this city. No QSLs required. No date limit. All bands all modes OK. Endorsement for single mode, single band can be given. ONLY 1 IRC. Submit GCR list.

Worked VU Contesters Award (WVU C Award)

There is a new generation of VU amateur radio contesters. They are contesting in CW, SSB, and Digital modes in various International Amateur Radio Contests. Some of them are: VU2TS, VU2PAI, VU2PTT, VU2MTT, VU3DMP,VU2SWS, VU2NKS, VU2NXM, VU3DJQ, VU2LBW, VU2CDP,VU2BGS, VU2UR, VU2LYX, VU2RMS, VU2JOS, VU2NIS,VU2HFR, and others......Requirement: Work any 3 different stations from the above list, in any one or more Contests, (giving the name of the contest). Non-contest QSOs, are also valid. No QSLs required. No date limit. All bands all modes OK. Endorsement for single mode, single band can be given. Fee ONLY 1 IRC . Submit GCR list.


Contact National Parks, Game sanctuaries, Game reserves, etc of India. A list of valid sites may be found on, though if a valid site is not listed there is newly activated, you may submit the contact details along with a copy of the QSL card for acceptance for this award.  Operations of Indian Antarctic research stations may be used for the award.

The award is available for having QSOs with at least three different VUFF locations activated. A different call activated from the same VUFF, counts as a separate reserve or park. Thus, if you have worked AT8WFF and VU2UR/FF from VUFF-005, that qualifies you for two, and one more QSO with a different VUFF is required for claiming the Award. The Award has no date of QSO limitation.

VU 10 Million PIN Award.

"PIN" is the Indian abbreviation for Postal Index Number, similar to the ZIP code of USA. It contains 6 digits. The PIN was implemented 15 August 1972. The PIN code is the post office numbering system used for identifying every post office in the country. India has the largest number of post offices of any country in the world. The first two digits of the 6 digit PIN Code for various Indian states are listed below:

11 Delhi           50 to 53 Andhra Pradesh
12 and 13 Haryana     56 to 59 Karnataka
14 to 16 Punjab    60 to 64 Tamil Nadu
17 Himachal Pradesh  67 to 69 Kerala
18 to 19 Jammu & Kashmir 70 to 74 West Bengal
20 to 28 Uttar Pradesh    75 to 77 Orissa
30 to 34 Rajasthan 78 Assam
36 to 39 Gujarat     79 North Eastern
40 to 44 Maharashtra  80 to 85 Bihar & Jharkhand
45 to 49 Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh

PIN Code 110001 is for New Delhi; 400001 for Mumbai; 600001 for Chennai; 700001 for Kolkata; 500001 for Secunderabad, etc.,.  From the Indian QSLs you have received, compute the total of the PIN code number (from each of the QSL cards), to achieve the minimum of 10 million total required. Duplicate QSOs with the same station DOES NOT count.

The award is available in three levels:
1. Basic Award = confirmed QSOs with at least 6 Indian States.
2. First Class Award = confirmed QSOs with at least 9 States.
3. Excellence Class Award = confirmed QSOs with at least 12 States .

World Heritage India-Amateur Radio Award

The requirement for the Basic Award is that you must have confirmed QSOs with minimum of 5 of the Indian states which contain World Heritage Sites. For First Class Award, the requirement is 7 states, and if you have worked more than 10 states, you get the Excellence Award. All contacts on or after 1 January 2006.

Indian World Heritage sites are located in the following 14 states of India: Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Orissa, Tamil nadu, Assam, Rajasthan, Goa, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, West Bengal, Union Capital Territory, Himachal Pradesh, and Bihar.


Borobudur Award (BA)

Issued for confirmed contacts with stations in the Central Part of Java (2nd call area) as follows: DX stations need 25 contacts; Indonesian stations need 50 stations, including all license class (YB/YE, YC/YF, YD/YG). Modes or bands may be mixed. SWL OK. Contacts after 7 Sept 1968. GCR list and fee of $8US or 16 IRCs to: Award Manager, Mr. Timmy Dhanuwidjaja YB2BGZ, PO Box 1087, Semarang 50001, Indonesia


(Chg 7/2011)


Danau Toba Award

Contact stations in North Sumatra 6th call area. Indonesians need 20 different including 3 club stations; all others need 10 and one club station. GCR list and fee of $US8 to: Drs. H. Husni Thamrin, Komp.Taman Setia Budi INdah, Blok G No. 27 Medan - 20132, Indonesia. 


 (Chg 7/2011)

Club stations: YB6ZAB  ZIC  ZAD   ZIF  ZIJ  ZIL  ZIV  ZIT  ZAO  ZES  ZZ.. 



The first large-scale Asian–African or Afro–Asian Conference—also known as the Bandung Conference — was a meeting of Asian and African states, most of which were newly independent, which took place on April 18–24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. The twenty-five countries that participated at the Bandung Conference represented nearly one-quarter of the Earth's land surface and a total population of 1.5 billion people. The conference was organised by Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and India and was coordinated by Ruslan Abdulgani, secretary general of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.                    (Tks WIKIPEDIA)

This is a permanent award which recognizes the 60th anniversary of the first Asian-African Conference which was held in 1955. The award can be claimed by any worldwide Amateur Radio Station with a valid, active license. Participants should contact Amateur Radio Station froms from the 28 countries that participated  in the Asian-African Conference in 1955. The award will be available for contacts with at least 15 of the 28 countries, one of which must include a QSO with an Indonesian Amateur Radio Station.

The List of participating countries of Asia Africa Conference 1955:

3. CHINA    B
4. EGYPT    SU
6. GHANA    9G
7. INDIA    VU
9. IRAN    EP
10. IRAQ    YI
11. JAPAN    JA
12. JORDAN    JY
13. LAOS    XW

16. LIBYA    5A
18. NEPAL    9N
22. SRI LANKA    4S
23. SUDAN    ST
24. SYRIA    YK
26. TURKEY    TA
28. YEMEN    7O

Any participants who make QSOs with stations from more than 15 of the listed countries are eligible for a special endorsement sticker on the award.

The award Fee of USD$10 for each award should be made through PAYPAL (account on behalf ASIAN AFRICAN CONFERENCE AWARD.

Applications should be made to:
     Or PO.Box 1090 Bandung 40010 Indonesia

The log sheet must be completed with an extract from your log showing all QSO data of the participating radio amateur member, as mentioned in the valid amateur radio license.

The award may be specially endorsed to show any one band or mode was used to make all of the contacts needed for the award. Participants may claim more than one award. In this case, an individual log sheet must be submitted for each claimed category. If multiple awards are requested, each QSO may be used to claim only one category (NO DUPLICATE !)

Since some countries have more than one prefix in the call sign, all valid prefixes are applicable for claiming the AAC Award (Example: Indonesia : YB/YE, YC/YF, YD/YG, YH).
The bands used for claiming this award include 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 meters. Digital modes will be carried out using RTTY, PSK, or JT-65.
An EXCEL log sheet form is provided. Applications can also be self-made. The information should include data of the station, operator, and completed QSOs.


Tks Budi YF1AR 4/23/15


 WTEA (Worked the Equator Award)                

Issued for confirmed contacts with stations along the earth's Equator in the following countries: C2 HC HC8 HK KH1/KB6 PR-PY PY0/St. Peter S9/Sao Tome T30 T31 T32 TN TR YB5 YB7 YB8 5X 6O 8O 8Q  9Q   9O. SWL OK. Three categories of the award are as follows:

Class I - confirmed contact/SWL with 15 above countries.
Class II - confirmed contact/SWL with 12 above countries.
Class III - confirmed contact/SWL with 8 above countries.

For all classes, YB5, YB7 and YB8 are mandatory. GCR list and fee of $US8 or 16 IRCs to: Gjellani Joostman Sutama ( Jel ) YB1GJS, Griya Depok Asri C-8, No.7, Depok 16411 Jawa Barat, Indonesia


(Chg 10/2011) 


Worked All Indonesia Award (WAIA)      

Issued for contact with stations in each of the Indonesia call areas (1 to 0) as follows:

- DX stations other than those in CQ Zone 28 need two stations in each area. (total of 20 QSL cards).
- DX stations in Zone 28 need three stations in each call area. (30 QSLs)
- Indonesian amateurs need five stations in each call area. (50 QSLs) Additionally, they need contact with 3 station classes, YB/YE, YC/YF, YD/YG in the same call area is compulsory.

Modes or bands may be mixed. SWL OK. Contacts after 7 Sept 1968. GCR list and $8US or 16 IRCs to:  Gjellani Joostman Sutama ( Jel ) YB1GJS, Griya Depok Asri C-8, No.7, Depok 16411 Jawa Barat, Indonesia


(Chg 10/2011)


Jakarta Award

Issued for contact with stations in Jakarta (0 call area), the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. DX stations need 20, including at least one Jakarta club station. Indonesian stations need 50 including at least five Jakarta club stations. Modes and bands may be mixed. Contacts after 7 Sept 1968. SWL OK. GCR list and $8US or 16 IRCs to  Gjellani Joostman Sutama ( Jel ) YB1GJS, Griya Depok Asri C-8, No.7, Depok 16411 Jawa Barat, Indonesia

Club stations in the 0 call area include: YB0ZAA-ZAF ZBB  ZBC  ZCA  ACB  ZCD  ZCE  ZDA  ZDB  ZDC  ZDD  ZDE  ZDG  ZEA  ZEB  ZEC  ZEE  ZZ.


(Chg 10/2011) 


Nusantara Award

The Nusantara Award will be issued to licensed amateurs and SWLs for making 2 way contacts on HF bands (160m – 10m) including WARC bands with a minimum of 10 different islands of Indonesia on or after August 17, 1945. Repeater, satellite, eQSO, Echolink or other relay methods are NOT permitted. The 10 islands must include a minimum of 5 out of 6 main islands of Jawa / Java, Sumatera / Sumatra, Kalimantan / Borneo, Sulawesi / Celebes, Irian / Papua, and Bali.

Note:  The web site contains a 1.4 MB PDF document of the 13,200 different islands comprising Indonesia.  

Endorsement stickers will be issued in increments of 10 for additional islands worked. All islands claimed for the award must appear on a map and have a name. Each QSL card must have the printed name of the island from which the operation took place. For major or large islands, the name of a town or city on the island, or grid locator maybe sufficient. Please contact award manager when in doubt. Not all islands in this program may have an IOTA Reference Number. Small islands, individual coastal islands, islands in a bay, in a lake, in a river and in an estuary or any which cannot be classified in IOTA Program might be still accepted for this award. Groups of islands with the same IOTA reference count for separate islands for this award, e.g. Bangka and Belitung are two separate islands for this award (OC-144)

Your claim must be accompanied by certified list (GCR) showing the call signs of stations worked, dates, times, bands, modes and island name. Alternatively a list of stations worked with a copy of the QSL cards can be used as well. Applicants using e-mail, may attach the list and scans of the QSL cards. All QSL cards must be in possession and must be produced upon request for inspection.

For DX station, the award fee is 8 IRCs, $US6 , or 5 Euros for basic award. The Endorsement fee is 1 IRC, $US1, or 1 Euro regardless of the level claimed. The fee covers the award and postage.

There is no fee for handicapped operators or for SWLs. Payment can be made by Paypal (preferred) or cash/IRC (at your own risk), Send the application and fee to Award Manager :

Please click on the following link for a copy of the application form.

DX Stations should apply to:
Stephan Busono W2FB, 3 Margaret Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873 USA
E-mail / Paypal : sbusono(at)

Indonesian and DX should apply to:
Adhi Widodo YB3MM, PO Box 6, Pandaan 67156 Indonesia.
E-mail / Paypal: yb3mm(ad)


Tks W2FB and W2VU 8/19/12


 Pahlawan Award

Contact stations in East Java (YB3/YC3) on or after 9 July 1968. All bands and modes. SWL OK. Only land stations may be contacted.

DX need 20 different including 10 in Surabaya.
YB's need 50 including 20 in Surabaya.

GCR list and fee of $US8 or 16 IRCs to: Yan Bambang Susanto YB3CEV, PO Box 1187, Surabaya 60011, Indonesia.


(Chg 7/13/11)


CASHOTA - Ireland Award

Work castles and "stately homes" of Ireland (EI or GI) on or after 1 January 2009. The castles/stately homes valid for the award will be found on a list at the sponsor’s website noted below. Each will carry a three part reference number: - Two letters for Country of Origin: - three figures for the sequence number: 001, 002, 003 and finally, a designation, C for Castle or SH for Stately Home. The award will be issued for contacting at least 25 such locations. A separate award will be given to stations who activate the locations. (10 contacts for HF and 5 for VHF/UHF).

The award is available either in CW, phone or digi modes on all HF bands (from 10 to 160m) or in VHF - UHF bands (6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm). Any contacts made by repeaters, satellites, IRLP, ECHOLINK or mobile phone will not be accepted. Send a log extract containing the following information: reference number, call sign, date/time, RST, frequency and mode. Sponsor may request QSL card at their discretion. SWL OK. Send list and fee of 10E to  Steve Wright (EI5DD) 14, Churchfields, Lower Salthill, Galway, Republic of Ireland.


Chg 2/2012 


Cork Radio Club DX Award

EI/GI stations must contact 4 members, EU 3 and DX only 2 of the Cork ARC or EI stations in the county Cork on any band or mode.  SWL OK.  Available for VHF contacts via the Cork repeater (EI5CRC) if the station is anywhere outside of Cork County.  Endorsements for band or mode on request.  GCR list and fee of £2 for EI and G stations, 3€, $US4 or 6 IRCs to: Mr Dick Bermminham EI6HH 17 Melbourn. Bishopstown Cork. Ireland.  The award may be endorsed for 2 x CW, all CW etc.


Chg 4/2008


Worked EI Counties Award

Work or hear (SWL OK) at least 20 of the following counties after 1 Jan 1982:

Carlow Kilkenny Offaly
Cavan Laois Roscommon
Clare Leitrim Sligo
Cork Limerick Tipperary
Donegal Longford Waterford
Dublin Louth Westmeath
Galway Mayo Wexford
Kerry Meath Wicklow
Kildare Monaghan

Look for the rarer Irish counties to be activated each St. Patrick's Day (17 March) by the IRTS. Endorseable for all 26 counties. For applicants in EI only,: all contacts must be made from the home station.  Contacts made via repeaters or while operating mobile, portable or from an alternative address may not be used for the award.  Hams with an Irish ancestry can join IRTS as honorary members. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of €5,  £5, $US10  or 10 IRCs to: IRTS Award Manager, Box 462, Dublin 9, Ireland.

(Chg 4/2008)


Worked All Ireland Awards Program                   

General Requirements: Sponsored by Galway VHF Group on behalf of the Irish Radio Transmitters Society. SWL OK. Contacts since 1 May 1995. All bands and modes. No use of repeaters. Application forms are required and may be obtained from the sponsor.  Award fee of 6.50€, £5.00 or $US10 including postage.  Endorsements 4€, £3.00 or $US6.    GCR list with official form - fee not mentioned - to: WAI Awards Manager, Tom Rea EI2GP, Bridge St., Headford, County Galway, Ireland.

WAI books are needed and are available from David Moore EI4BZ, Doneen, Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland.. The cost for a WAI book is 10€ .


(Chg 2/2012)

WAI Award - requires working Irish stations in grid squares similar to the WAB award in England. A detailed explanation is found in the rules/record book. The 4 levels have grid requirements as follows:

Award Level Grid Squares needed for EI/GI: Grid Squares needed for Overseas Ops: Counties Islands
Basic 175 150 15 (at least 3 in GI) 1
Bronze 250 200 22  (at least 3 in GI) 3
Silver 420 350 32 6
Gold 600 500 32 9
Thousand 1000 1000 32 15
Ultimate 1400 1400 32 25

Islands Awards - EI’s need to work 12 Irish islands, and all others need 7. Additional stickers for every added 10 up to 52. for EI and 47 for overseas. (An island is defined as an offshore piece of land not connected to the mainland by bridge or causeway).

Activity Award - For mobile stations who give out 100 areas and stickers for each subsequent 100 areas, or another certificate suitably engraved.

Bookholders Award - for working 100 bookholders - stickers for each subsequent 100 book holders to a maximum 500.
(Anyone seeking WAI books can contact Steve Wright at and he will re-direct to the appropriate person.)


— The Irish Flora and Fauna Series (IFFA) ---

The Irish Flora and Fauna (IFFA) series was established 1st July, 2010. The awards are issued for producing evidence of having the required number of contacts (SWL OK) with EIFF DX-peditions from various Irish National Nature Reserves and National Parks. Any award in this series may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, club station, or SWL eligible under the EIFF General Rules. «IFFA 10», «IFFA 20» and «IFFA 30» awards may be claimed for contacts with EIFF DX-peditions from 10, 20 and 30 different Irish National Nature Reserves and National Parks respectively (see EIFF list for currently accredited Reserves and Parks). Contacts are valid from 1st January, 2010.

Applications should be made in writing and list all QSOs made with EIFF DX-peditions including date and time of the QSO, band and mode used, call sign of the station worked, EIFF reference number and signal reports exchanged. Each application should be signed by the applicant. Every QSO in the application should be confirmed by the WFF eLogs system.  ( )The award applicant should re-submit his application when claiming for higher classes of awards. QSL-cards or your logs are not required.

The IFFA awards are free, although the applicant should cover postage costs by enclosing 3 IRCs or 3 US dollars with the application. IFFA awards are sent to applicant’s home address indicated in the application. 

E-mail: All applications for the IFFA awards should be made in writing and sent to the EIFF coordinator's address that can be obtained by sending an e-mail to .

(Change 11/18/13)