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(Updated through 8/2016)

The Holyland Award

Contact at least 100 areas from 13 regions in Israel since 1 January 1992. The country is divided into a series of grids resulting in squares of 10 x 10 Km. In addition, the country is divided into 23 administrative regions. The areas that count for the award are a combination of the grid designations followed by the region abbreviation: E-14TA (Grid E-14 and Tel Aviv). Endorsements for each additional 12 areas plus 1 extra region.

Special record book and maps plus reference material are available from Malik Webman 4X4JU, PO Box 8181, 49651 Petah Tiqua, Israel.

There are three categories for the award depending upon your location:

A = stations operating in the Holy Land.
B = IARU Region I
C = IARU Regions II and III

Basic Award:

Category A -work 150 "areas" in 18 regions. (SWL hear 200 in 18 regions.)
Category B -work 100 "areas" in 13 regions. (SWL hear 150 "areas" in 13 regions.)
Category C -work 50 "areas" in 13 regions. (SWL hear 100 "areas" in 13 regions.)

Endorsement Stickers:

Category A - 18 "areas" worked/heard + 1 addl region per sticker for the first 5 stickers.
Category B - 12 "areas" worked/heard + 1 addl region per sticker.
Category C - 6 "areas" worked/heard + 1 addl region per sticker.

An annual contest is held in Mid-April of each year. Mobile and portables will activate 7060, 14265, 21320 and 28655 +/- QRM, and should assist in your contacting rare areas. GCR only.

The plaque is a gold anodized aluminum sheet 44 x 32 cm - two colors showing panorama of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.

Fee Schedule:

1. Record Book 10 or $US13
2. Set of Holyland maps (Including postage 10 or $US12
3. Basic Holyland Award 25  or $US30
4. Wood plate for the award 20  or $US25
5. Endorsement Stickers (per sticker) 1  or $US1
6. Postage (packing and air-mailing the award) 10  or $US12
7. Postage (other mailing) 2  or $US2

 Apply to Israel ARC, PO Box 17600, Tel Aviv 61176, Israel.


(CHG 1/2011)

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Israel Award

Work Israeli stations to qualify for the necessary 25 points. Each 4X above 10 Mhz = 1 point, below 10 Mhz = 2 points.  On VHF/UHF for stations outside 4X = 10 points.  Each station may be worked only once on each band. Contacts must be after 1 Jan 1982. No restrictions on bands or modes. SWL OK. GCR list plus $US3 or 7 IRCs to: Israel-Award-Manager, Mark Stern PO Box 73, Rishon Le-Zion 751001, Israel.


(Chg 8/2016) 

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Kiryat-Ono Award

Contact at least 4 stations located in Kiryat-Ono after 1 March 1990. HF only, all modes OK. All bands and modes. Certificate is personally signed by the mayor of this city. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 7 IRCs to: Joseph Obstfeld 4X6KJ, PO Box 873, Kiryat-Ono 55000, Israel.

(TKS 4X6KJ)(CHG 95)

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Rishon Le-Zion Award (The Wine City)

Work 5 (Israel 7)  Rishon Le-Zion stations after 1 Jan 1990. SWL OK. Special event stations operating in the city count for two contacts. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 7 IRCs to Mark Stern 4Z4KX,  PO Box 73, Rishon Le-Zion 751001, Israel.

(CHG 8/2016)

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Israel National WWFF Program 4XFF

Contact stations operating from Nature Preserves or Parks of Israel. The Awards are available to 'Activators' and 'Hunters'. 'Activators' are those amateurs who operate portable from within designated nature preserves or Parks in Israel. 'Hunters' are those amateurs who make contact or log contact (SWL's) with 'Activators'. Rules for activators are shown on the web site listed below. The web site includes a list of the 40 eligible areas within Israel. All bands and modes OK.

The award is available in 4 levels:
a. Green Hunter - contact a minimum of 4 Nature Preserves or Parks in Israel.
b. Silver Hunter - 11.
c. Gold Hunter - 22.
d. ALL 4X - 40.

All of the 4 awards are free of charge supplied in digital format to be printed by the applicant. Certificate requests should be sent by e-mail to along with a log extract (which may be downloaded at the program website). mailto:4xff@iarc.orgUse the link: to get a list of all of the FF contacts showing your call sign. Cut and paste the 4X contacts into your request to the custodian.

Internet for logsearch:

Tks Eyran 4X4-2238

4 X 4 = 16 Award

Contact 16 different Israeli stations on 4 different bands after 1 Jan 1948. No mode or band restrictions except as stated. SWL OK GCR list and $US5 or 7 IRCs to: Mark Stern 4Z4KX, Israel Award Manager, PO Box 73, Rishon Le-Zion 751001, Israel.


(Chg 8/2016)

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Tks K0DEQ Chgs 8/2016