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(Updated 1/5/2016) 

 -- Associazione Radiotecnica Italiana (ARI) Series ---

(IK2RLS reports that the ARI is currently in the process of converting all of their awards into a web based application process.  As of 9/2007, only the Italian Islands Award has been converted: .  


General Requirements: GCR may be used by foreign applicants if signed by an elected official of a national amateur-radio-affiliated society or club. SWL OK. The ARI awards manager reserves the right to demand one or more claimed contacts, if deemed necessary. Fee for all awards is 5€, $7US or 10 IRCs, except that the Marconi Award is free, only postage is required. Apply to: Mauro Pregliasco I1JQJ, Awards Manager, ARI, Via Scarlatti 31, I-20124 Milan, Italy.


(Chg 5/2012)

Diplome of ARI Sezioni (ARI Sections)

For administrative purposes, the ARI is divided into "Sections". The goal of this award is to contact the highest number of ASC and ASC Ordinary or Special SASC by QSO / SWL with amateur radio stations belonging to members of the ARI or ARI groups operating from Italian territory except as noted in the rules. Contacts for this award on or after 1 January 2013.

ASC Ordinary: the initials ASC means ARI Section Code. ASC Ordinary is an acronym made up of one letter and two numbers that identifies the sections of 'ARI on the Italian territory.

Special or SASC ASC: ASC Special or SASC is an alphanumeric code in which the first letter draws regional allocation of ASC Ordinary and must differ from the letter-number scheme-number of its ordinary ASC. The SASC is attributed dall'Award Manager ARI National Sections, or Groups holding name IQ and enrolled in a ARI, which apply for them to celebrate special and time limited events.

TSA may also be given to stations operating with special callsign (prefixes II, IO, IP and IR) as a Special Event Stations (but not in contests), Italian stations with call signs ordinary temporarily operating outside the borders or Italy for institutional reasons, military or scientific purposes (eg from scientific stations, from polar stations, from peacekeeping missions in other countries). This excludes business or vacation purposes. Requests for assignments of SASC must be made on the forms provided in Annex 1 or Annex 2.

Validity of QSO / HRD: these rules apply to all contacts / listening with stations operated by ARI members, operating from Italian territory or outside it if they have special ASC as the previous paragraph. They are also applicable if made with special callsigns assigned to Contests (in this case, only ordinary ASC) or Special Event Stations (prefixes II, IO, IP and IR - ASC ordinary or SASC) and only if you can identify the Section membership Amateur Radio Call of where the special call was allocated, or that the station is going through a Special ASC (SASC). The stations with prefix IY (Marconiane stations) can only count as ASC Special.

All bands and modes allocated to amateur radio service are valid. Repeater or Internet (VOIP) QSOs do not count. The contacts / listening must have been confirmed by QSL paper. Use of e-QSL and systems as LoTW are not allowed.

The basic award is issued for 100 (ASC-100) confirmations. Endorsements are provided for every additional 50 ASC beyond the first 100 (ASC-150, ASC-200, ASC-250). After 250 ASC, endorsement increments are 10 ASC. Above 300 ASC endorsements may be of a single ASC. Endorsements may be requested from the manager only after of three months have passed since the last endorsement.

The basic award and endorsements require the use of a simple form (see Appendix 3) with the list of ASC in alphabetical order and for each of these data for QSO / HRD (Call, Date, Time, Band and mode). Cards do not have to be submitted, but they must be in your possession and may be required for checks at any time. Lists prepared by software are also acceptable, provided they contain all required data. Direct requests to: National Award Manager

The section code may be detrmined by use of a special search engine that will be implemented on the site of the ARI . Enter the name of the ASC and provide year of contact. By year considering the calendar year regardless of the changes that can occur during that year. For example, if a member moves from Section X Section Y in October 2013, will continue to use the code of Section X up to 31/12/2013 and will begin to use the code of Section Y from 01/01/2014.

The basic award is for mixed (all bands / all modes) contacts. After obtaining the Diploma Basic level, you may request endorsements for single band / all modes and single mode / all bands. The endorsements are available: (1) VOICE (SSB / AM / FM), (2) CW, (3) DIGITAL (which includes all digital modes) and (4) SATELLITE (which also includes the EME), while the endorsements of bands to be 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m and 2m.

Costs: all diplomas are free and will be sent by e-mail to the applicant only in digital format.

List of the 292 active sections up to 9/2012 with the codes in place, the ASC codes and names IQ may be found at: 
The table looks like this:

(1)     (2)         (3)           (4)
6701    A01        L'AQUILA      IQ6VP
6703    A02        AVEZZANO
6601    A03        CHIETI        IQ6TH
6602    A04        LANCIANO      IQ6LN
6403    A05        NERETO        IQ6NE
6501    A06        PESCARA       IQ6PE
6402    A07        ROSETO DEGLI ABRUZZI   IQ6RS
6401    A08        TERAMO        IQ6TM
6603    A09        VASTO - SAN SALVO
(1) Old Sezione Code
(2) ASC Ordinary Code
(3) Name of the Sezione town/city
(4) ASC IQ callsign for some special events.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/27/13

Italian Islands Award

Contact Italian islands after 1 Jan 1970. SWL OK. Italians need 50 islands from 10 groups, EU need 30 from 6 groups, all others need 15 from 3 groups. Honor Roll level - a special plaque for 100 islands and 15 groups. All Italian Islands Trophy (AIIT) - a special plaque for 300 islands. The award may be earned on HF or VHF, but not by a combination of both. GCR list. Award cost is 8€, (cost for ARI members in EU is 5€).  Honor Roll and Trophy is 35€, (cost for ARI members in EU is 25€) AAIT 35€, (ARI members in EU is 25€).

Award applications to: Award Manager ARI, Via Scarlatti 31, I-20124 Milano, Italy.

Online list of Italian islands is found at: 

(Chg 9/2007)

Certificato Del Mediterraneo (CDM)

Provide proof of having contacted at least 25 countries surrounding the Mediterranean since 1 January 1993. Endorsements for Phone, CW, Mixed and RTTY. Cards must be sent unless certification is made by an IARU Society Award Manager. Endorsements for all CW, Phone, RTTY and Mixed modes. Send log extract with QSO data in alphabetical order. Apply to CDM Award Manager ARI, Via Scarlatti 31, I-20124 Milano, Italy.

Balearic Isl.
Cueta Mel
Cyprus - English Bases 
Mt. Athos

(Chg 8/2004)

Guglielmo Marconi Award (GMA)

Italians: Contact the 10 Italian call-areas, 50 provinces and 5 calls beginning with IX, IN, IN, IT and IS plus 5 special IY callsigns.
All others: Contact 10 Italian call areas plus 3 special Marconian stations using the prefix of IY.  Contacts on or after 1 May 1995. 

(Chg 6/2003)


Worked All Italy CW

Contact Italian regions after 1 January 1995 as follows (all cw):

   Italians Europeans Others
I1 6 4 2
IX1 3 2 1
I2 6 4 2
IN3 6 4 2
IV3 6 4 2
I4 6 4 2
I5 6 4 2
I6 6 4 2
I7 6 4 2
I8 6 4 2
IT9 6 4 2
I0 6 4 2
IS0 6 4 2
Special Calls
IU 5 3 1
IQ 5 3 1
IR 5 3 1
IO 5 3 1
II 5 3 1
IY4FGM 1 1 1
IY2ARI 1 1 1

(Chg 10/2001)

Worked All Italian Provinces (WAIP)

As noted above, IK2RLS reports that all of the ARI awards are being converted to WWW processing.  If you are working on this very popular award and have questions or are about to apply, he asks that you contact him at one of these addresses: or at .

Contact Italian provinces since 1 January 1993. Italians need 75 provinces (all fixed stations), all others 60. Same station may be worked in different provinces. Honor Roll for those who have worked all 103 provinces, and for those who have worked 500 provinces on all HF bands 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters. . Endorsements for Phone, CW, Mixed and Digital modes.Same station may be worked in multiple provinces.  The application must be sent on the form WAIP1, together with list of the claimed QSOs using WAIP2, both forms are available on as Excel or OpenOffice.  The digital application must be sent to as attachments to the e-mail.) For paper applications the forms must be printed and manually completed; paper forms are available from the award manager, and it is requested that you provide postal costs of 2E, $US3 or 3 IRC. Add extra for postage and shipping, especially if you wish return by Registered Mail. List of stations, contact data, province claimed in alphabetical order. WAIP manager reserves the right to ask for any listed QSL. Apply to WAIP Award, ARI Award Manager, Via Scarlatti 31, I-20124 Milano, Italy.

(Chg 5/12)

List of Italian Provinces - As of 8/2009, there are 110 valid provinces for the award.
AG Agrigento IT9 CR Cremona I2 MO Modena I4 RN Rimini I4
AL Alessandria I1 CS Cosenza I8 MS Massa Carrara I5 RO Rovigo I3
AN Ancona I6 CT Catania IT9 MT Matera I7 SA Salerno I8
AO Aosta IX1 CZ Catanzaro I8 NA Napoli I8 SI Siena I5
AP Ascoli Piceno I6 EN Enna IT9 NO Novara I1 SO Sondrio I2
AQ L'Aquila I6 FC Forli-Cesena I4 NU Nuoro IS0 SP La Spezia I1
AR Arezzo I5 FG Foggia I7 OG Ogliastra IS0 (Added 7/01) SR Siracusa IT9
AT Asti I1 FI Firenze I5 OR Oristano IS0 SS Sassari IS0
AV Avellino I8 FM Fermo (added 6/04) OT Olbia-Templo (Added 7/01) SV Savona I1
BA Bari I7 FR Frosinone I0 PA Palermo IT9 TA Taranto I7
BG Bergamo I2 GE Genova I1 PC Piacenza I4 TE Teramo I6
BI Biella I1 FE Ferrara I4 PD Padova I3 TN Trento IN3
BL Belluno I3 GO Gorizia IV3 PE Pescara I6 TO Torini I1
BN Benevento I8 GR Grosseto I5 PG Perugia I0 TP Trapani IT9
BO Bologna I4 IM Imperia I1 PI Pisa I5 TR Terni I0
BR Brindisi I7 IS Isernia I8 PN Pordenone IV3 TS Trieste IV3
BS Brescia I2 KR Crotone I8 PO Prato I5 TV Treviso I3 
BT Barletta-Andria'Trani BT 6/04 LC Lecco I2 PR Parma I4 UD Udine IV3 
BZ Bolzano IN3 LE Lecce I7 PT Pistoia I5 VA Varese I2 
CA Calgian IS0 LI Leghorn/ Livorno I5  PV Pavia I2  VB Verbano-Cusio-Ossola I1 
CB Campobasso I8  LO Lodi I2 PU Pesaro e Urbino I6  VC Vercelli I1 
CE Caserta I8 LT Latina I0  PZ Potenza I8  VE Venezia I3
CH Chieti I6   LU Lucca I RA Ravenna I4 VI Vicenza I3
CI Carbonia-Inglesias MB Monza e Brianza  (Added 6/04) RC Reggio Calabria I8  VR Verona I3
CL Caltanissetta IT9 MC Macaerata I6  RE Reggio Emilia I4 VS Medio Campidano (7/01)
CN Cuneo I1  ME Messina IT9 RG Ragusa IT9 VT Viterbo I0
CO Como I2 MI Milano I2 RI Rieti I0 VV Vibo Valentia I8
Yellow = Previous Update
Green = Recently added provinces.
MN Mantova I2 RM Roma I0

(Table revised 5/2012)


The Diploma is a part of the ARI series, and is awarded to all DXers who can demonstrate that they have worked the necessary numbers of "band-countries" as required by the rules. The minimum for qualifying for the award is 1000 countries, using all HF bands between 10 and 160 meters, and includes WARC band contacts. Endorsements are available every additional 100 countries confirmed up to 2000 countries.

Only ARRL DXCC countries are valid, excluding deleted ones. To apply, you should send a list of the total number of countries in each band confirmed without listing the individual countries. Beginning with 3 March 2009, confirmed QSOs in the database LoTW QSO confirmed in online logs are considered valid for the award. For others, you must declare that the cards are in your possession. The Award Manager can ask for proof if necessary.

The printed Diploma costs 10€, $US13 or 13 IRC. If you are willing to accept a PDF file of the award image, the certificate is free of charge.
Endorsement stickers of additional numbers of band countries between 1100 and 2000 points may be requested after the initial award is issued.
The award is managed by IK2QPO c / o ARI, Via Scarlatti 31-20124 Milan, Italy.

In addition to the top list award, you may also participate in three additional classifications that are updated and published every month to the following address:

A. The TOPBAND list reports the total number of countries confirmed on different HF bands, WARC included, so mixed as in the Diploma Favourites.

B. The TOPMODE list reports the total number of countries confirmed in using the modes of SSB, CW and RTTY (including all digital modes).

C. The third classification, GENERAL TOPLIST, shows the total combined number of the previous two lists.

You can participate in any or all of the lists.


(Added 2/3/13)

Abbeys Award of Friulane

1. Section ARI of. San Daniele del Friuli, in collaboration with the ARI Busto Arsizio, has developed the Abbeys Award Friuli (DAF) which will be issued to OM and SWL in order to raise awareness of the religious monuments (the Abbeys) existing in the region, emphasizing their historical and architectural heritage. Contacts on or after 1 July 2014. No QSOs prior to that date are valid.

2. REQUIREMENTS: To obtain the Diploma, the applicant must demonstrate proof of contact/SWL with the following number of references:
a) Italian Stations: 5 different Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
b) Foreign stations: 3 different Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
(Valid Abbey References of Friulane are prefixed FL).

3. Contacts/SWL can be carried out on all ham bands, from 2 to 160 meters and in all modes.
There are two versions of the Award: Hunter and Expeditioner. (Rules for the Expeditioner are not included in this listing.)

4. The validity They QSO / HRD that refer to activations already validated as per the list on our website and on the website already accredited by the DAI Office.

5. DAF The Diploma is issued to each OM or SWL who present to the Manager IV3RVN , sending the form downloaded from the website along with the files generated by the program BBLogger with which the applicant certifies that have respected the rules of its own country and provides a detailed list of the links in order of reference, containing the following information: name of the Abbey, name, date, frequency or band and mode. The sending of QSL is not necessary. The diploma is free and is sent to applicants as a PDF file. Those who wish hard copy must make a specific request to the Award Manager who will inform the data for payment. The cost is 10 € for printed copy.

6. A list of the Abbeys of Friuli on our web site is available at DAI .

Chairman: Fabrizio Lizzi IV3EPC
Award Manager: Pierluigi Gerussi IV3RVN

Tks K1BV Research 7/29/14

Adriatic Sea Land Award

Contact prefixes of stations situated along the Adriatic Sea after 1 Jan 1996.  Three classes available: 
    A - contacts on 2 bands for each prefix, 
    B - contacts with all the prefixes on all the HF bands, 
    C - contact with 10 of the prefixes on all bands. 
    (D - Also permitted 432 FM/SSB and 144 SSB/FM) (these are considered as endorsements to the HF awards). 
No use of repeaters. GCR list and fee of 10€ to Sezione ARI di Canosa di Puglia, c/o Scaringella Cataldo IK7CSA, Via L. Cadoma 19, I-70053 Canosa di Puglia, BA, Italy.

Valid prefixes are: I7/IK7, I8/IK8, I6/IK6, I4/IK4, I3/IK3, IV3, YU3, YU2, YU4, ZA, SV, IL7

(Chg 6/2010)

Worked All African Continent Award

The award is a dark colored plate (15 x 20cm) showing the African continent. Receive confirmations from at least 40 African DXCC countries since 1 Jan 1980. (30 countries needed on 6m). Endorsement sticker for 50 countries on each single band.  Fee for the basic plaque is 30€ or equivalent. Fee for this endorsement is $US10 or 7€.   

A "Plaque of Excellence" is available for contacting 70 African countries (using only SSB, CW, RTTY) for a fee of 50€ or equivalent value.  Stations in NA, AS, SA and Oceania should send 55€ or equivalent. 

Send a GCR list and photocopies of both sides of your QSLs. You must include statement that all QSO's were worked from your own QTH and that you followed all applicable rules of your country. Apply to: Guiseppe Acquaviva IK7NXM, PO Box 57, Canosa di Puglia - BT -, I-70053 Italy.

E-mail: or 

(Chg 11/2009)

Alpine Flowers Award

Europeans need 7 confirmed qso's (1 QSO with Dolomites RC member plus 6 Alpine countries) as shown below; 
DX stations need 6 Alpine countries 
VHF/UHF stations need 4 different Alpine countries:

(1) Italy I1,2,3 IK1,2,3 IN3  IV3 IX1 IW1,2,3 (4) France
(2) Switzerland or Liechtenstein  (5) Germany DOK A, C, T or U
(3) Austria OE2, OE3, OE6 to 9. (6) Slovenia 

Stations via Satellite: one confirmed QSO with each of the 6 Alpine countries without reservations. 
SWL OK. Contacts after 1 Jan 1966. GCR list and $US5, 5€ to: Dolomites Radio Club, Galileio Galileio Strasse 3, 39031 BRUNECK (BZ) – ITALY.
(OR directly to the manager: Josef Feichter, IN3ZWF Beikircher-Allee, 4 I-39032 Mühlen in Taufers Südtirol (BZ) – ITALY.)

(Chg 10/2010)

Antarctica  Award (AA)

Sponsored by the Mediterraneo DX Club for contacting amateur radio stations operating from the various human settlements (Bases) in Antarctica, defined as the area south of 60E South latitude, including islands and ice shelves, to which the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty apply.

The AA Directory uses ARI_Diamond DX Club''s WABA Directory 2003, which is also the official source of information for the RSGB IOTA Programme on Antarctic Base stations. Changes shall be made, such as new reference numbers/bases depending on future activity.

For AA purposes the Antarctic territory has been divided up into six sectors, plus one central sector As follows:

Sector Latitude Longitude
1 60E 00S to 79E 59S  00E00E to 59E 59E
2 60E 00S to 79E 59S 60E 00E to 119E 59E
3 60E 00S to 79E 59S  120E 00E to 179E 59E
4 60E 00S to 79E 59S 180E 00W to 120E 01W
5 60E 00S to 79E 59S 120E 00W to 60E 01W
6 60E 00S to 79E 59S 60E 00W to 00E 01W
7 80E 00S to90E 00S 00E 00E to 00E 01W

The Bases have been grouped according to their ""nationality"". The current AA Directory lists Bases established and operated by the following countries: Argentina (LU), Australia (VK), Belgium (ON), Brazil (PY), Bulgaria (LZ), Chile (CE), China (BY), Ecuador (HC), Germany (DL), Finland (OH), France (F), India (VU), Italy (I), Japan (JA), Korea (HL), New Zealand (ZL), Norway (LA), Peru (OA), Poland (SP), Russia (UA), South Africa (ZS), Spain (EA), Sweden (SM), Ukraine (UR), United Kingdom (G), United States of America (K).

The AA Directory also provides for the following special cases:

a. German Democratic Republic (Y_) prior to 3 October 1990.
b. USSR (U_) prior to 24 December 1991
c. Multi_National Bases (MN_) bases operated by two or more countries, non-governmental organizations, or private expeditions.


The Antarctica Award is available to either licenced amateurs and SWLs. All contacts must have taken place since 1 January 1961.Contacts may be made on any amateur radio HF band from 10 to 160 metres (single band endorsements will not be issued).Contacts may be made on CW, SSB and RTTY (single mode endorsements will not be issued).

· Basic Award is issued for confirmed contacts with 5 different Bases located in at least 3 different sectors.

· Updates: Participants are encouraged to increase their scores at any time. However, the deadline for mailing an update in order to have up_to_date scores included in the next year''s AA listing is:

30 November. The AA listing is published on the Mediterraneo DX Club''s web site (

· Endorsements AA endorsement stickers are available as additional credits are granted. Stickers are provided upon request for confirmed contacts with 10, 15, 20. etc. different Bases.

· Honour Roll . It is issued upon request for confirmed contacts with 25 different Bases located in at least 6 different sectors.

· Certificate of Excellence Issued upon request for confirmed contacts with 50 different Bases in at least 6 different sectors.


Non-Members of MDXC

Members of MDXC

Basic Award





Updates or Endorsement Stickers





Honour Roll or Certificate of Excellence





Applicants should use the official application which is located on the MDXC wehsite. You should use the AA Directory, since the following data is needed: Sector Reference, # of the Base, Callsign, Date of QSO, UTC, Band and Mode. Send the Application Form together with the QSL cards [1], appropriate fees and return postage to the Award Manager. Gianni Marruccella, IZ8CGS, P. O. Box 5, I-80029,  S. Antimo (Na), Italy.


(Chg 9/2008) 

Worldwide Antarctic Program/Worked All Directory Award

Provide proof of having contacted at least 10 different Bases, belonging to at least 3 different nations all of which are listed in the W.A.P Directory, for Antarctic, Pen & Sub Antarctic localities and Austral Territories. All bands and modes may be used. Contacts from 15 November 1945 are valid. A base includes a true operating location, supply installations and logistical facilities, including laboratories, huts, camps, stations, refuges, Naval Detachments, etc. Read the detailed description of valid nationality, ownership, etc on the WAP website noted below. Their WAP Directory may be downloaded and is a comprehensive and interesting document of Antarctic exploration.

Send GCR list of contacts showing the usual QSO data plus WAP reference number,

and fee of 10E or $US13 to: Award Manager (Massimo Balsamo IK1GPG), Sezione ARI Mondovi, POBox 4, I-12084 Mondovi (Cuneo), Italy. (No charge for endorsement stickers.)

An Honor Roll level award is available for those providing proof of contacting at least 50 different bases, from 20 different nations. Fee for Honor Roll Plaque is 25E or $US35.

A TOP Honor Roll level award is available for those earning the Basic and Honor Roll levels and show confirmation of at least 100 different bases in at least 25 countries. No fee listed, if you qualify, contact sponsor.


(New 7/09)

A.R. Fo.P.I. Award                     

The A.R. Fo. P.I. award has been created as a permanent award available to all amateurs for contacting A.R. Fo. P.I. member stations.  Each contact with an A.R.Fo.P.I. station in the same call area = 1 point.  Contacts with calls in various areas = 2 points.  Italians need 20 points, and all others 10. Cards are not needed.  The club holds a small contest each year during the second full week in October.  These contacts are OK for the award.  Send GCR list and fee of 6€ to Franco Strong IK0QNZ, P.O. Box 19173 C.A.Ps., I-00173 Cinecitta's, East Rome, Italy. 


Rewrite 9/08 per PA3CUZ. 

Arezzo Award

Contact stations in Arezzo City or Province on or after 1 Jan 1980. SWL OK. Minimum reports 336 and 32. All bands and modes. Same station may be contacted once per band. Italians need 8 contacts, other EU 6, all others 4. Send cards or photocopies together with fee of 10€ or $US10  to: Sezione ARI, PO Box 40, I-52100 Arezzo, Italy.

(Chg 10/02) 

--- A.R.M.I  Series ---

General Requirements: Cards are not needed, but sponsor reserves the right to request any cards at their discretion. Modes used may be: SSB, CW, Digital or Mixed. All HF bands including WARC. All stations contacted must be different.  Send application/QSO data plus a copy of your personal QSL, and fee of 10 €. ($US15) to: Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani (A.R.M.I.), Alberto Mattei (IT9MRM), Via Enrico Millo, 20, I-96011 Augusta (SR). Italy.

Reference lists 

     Italian Navy Ships Award

Available to all amateurs and SWLs for contacting at least 10 ARMI member stations and 1 contact with a special callsign used by ARMI on board an Italian Navy vessel. Contacts are valid beginning from 1 Jan 2005.

     Italian Navy Submarines Award

The Italian Navy Submarine Award is available to all amateurs and SWLs for contacting at least 10 different ARMI member stations and 1 contact with a special call sign used by ARMI on board an Italian Navy Submarine. (see reference lists)

Tks PA3CUZ 10/09

A.R.M.I Award (International Sailor Award)          

Available to all stations for contacting hams who are members of different Amateur Naval Groups since 1-1-2000 on all HF and WARC bands.  This includes contacts with amateur stations located on Museum Ships, Lighthouses, Lightships,  Light vessels, Maritime Mobiles and Naval Radio Clubs which use a special call.  All calls must be different, though stations who are members of several ham naval clubs can count for as many clubs as they belong.  SWL OK.  

There are 5 categories:

1. MARINER = 100 QSO points
2. SERGENT250 QSO points;
3. TENENT = 500 QSO points;
4. CAPTAIN = 750 QSO points;
5. ADMIRAL =1000 QSO points;

Point Values:
1. Naval Club members = 1 point.
2. Museum ships = 2 points.
3. Lighthouse/Lightship/Light vessels = 2 points.
4. Maritime Mobiles = 5 points.
5. Naval Club using Special calls = 10 points. 

Every station can be worked (listened) only one time (except if the contact is on a different date, and falls into a different category) 

For example:

IT9MRM (ARMI 001) DATA 12/4/02 TIME 1230Z 14MHZ [point 1]  (Worked as an ARMI member)
IT9MRM (INORC 363) DATA 15/4/04 TIME 1500Z 14MHZ [point 1] (Worked as an INORC member on a different date)
IT9MRM (MF 943) DATA 20/7/03 TIME 1000Z 14MHZ [point 1] (Worked as a Marine Funk (German) member on a different date)
IF9/IT9MRM/P (Lighthouse) DATA 02/12/03 TIME 1330Z 14MHZ [point 2](Worked from a lighthouse on a different date)

 Use the application form available on their WWW site.   The basic award may be endorsed for higher levels: 250, 500, 750 and 1000 for fee of 5€.  

Rewrite 9/2008 


The award is issued for contacts made during the Antarctic Activity Week held during the last week of February of each year. The sponsor is ARI, CR Lazio, Section of Casino and is available to all amateurs and SWLs for contacts made on or after 1 January 2006. Contact at least 5 of these special prefixed commemorative stations, as listed in the official directory as "Antarctic Event Stations", from countries who have stations or facilities in the Antarctic. Note that the valid stations for the award are NOT located in the Antarctic, but are from the home countries of supported bases, generally using a special prefix. A complete and official listing of eligible stations may be found on the special internet site: . (Stations of Argentina’s Armada’s Auxiliar Service, which manages supply shipments to the Antarctic are also valid for the award.) All bands and modes. Endorsements are available in groups of each additional 5 Event Stations. Fee for endorsement is €5 or $5.

Send a GCR list showing usual contact information plus WAP reference number and fee of € 10 or $15 to Nuccio Meoli I0YKN, Via Conte Bassavilla 1 - I-03030 Rocca d' Arce (FR), Italy.

Note: award is a beautiful multicolored collage of the special call signs used by these countries. .


Tks I0YKN 1/23/06

Diploma Ville Venete Della Riviera del Brenta

Contact member stations of ARI Mestre and the Venice province (VE) after 1 Jan 1995. SWL OK. Available in HF or VHF. The award is issued in 3 classes:

Class A HF: 1.8 - 28 Mhz - modes CW, SSB, mixed and RTTY: Italians need 30 QSO/HRD (on QRP, only 20). Europeans need 20, on QRP, only 15. All others need 10, on QRP, only 7. Each member may be worked only once. Clubstation IQ3ME count for 3 QSO's.

Class B. VHF and above: - modes CW, SSB, Mixed and EME. On 50-144 Mhz, 30 points must be earned, on 432-1296- 2300 Mhz, 10 points are needed, on 5-7-10 Ghz and up, 5 points needed. EME 1 point. Point value for VHF as follows: 1 point for each QSO/HRD 0-100Km, 2 pts for 101-400Km, 3 pts for over 401Km. The same station may be worked once per award request and only from the same locator.  Clubstation IQ3ME counts double. No use of repeaters.

Class C. Satellite - any mode: Rules the same as HF.

Award Manager may ask to inspect some cards. Send GCR list, specifying RST and for VHF, the locator, plus fee of 5€, 10 IRCs or the equivalent in $US to: ARI Mestre, Giancarlo Scarpa I3VAD, PO Box 3101, I-30170 Mestre (Venezia), Italy.


(Chg 4/2008) 

Diploma dei Castilli della Calabria

Sponsored by the Section A.R.I. Gino Constanzo di Cetraro for making contact with castles in the region of Calabria on or after 25 April 2001. SWL OK.

1. HF - Italian stations need 20 different castles in the region of Calabria with at least 2 in each province of Calabrese. On VHF 5 castles with at least 2 in each province of Calabrese.
2. All other stations need on HF 10 castles in Calabria with at least 1 in each province of Calabrese.

The provinces of the Calabrese Region are: CS – Cosenza, CZ – Catanzaro, KR – Crotone, RC – Reggio Calabria, VV – Vibo Valentia.

A list of valid castles is found at:  All bands and the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV. Contacts via repeater, cross band or cross mode are not valid. Send a GCR list showing the the proper reference number of the castles and the fee of €10 or $US12 to: Fransesco Fazio, IK8WEJ, C/da Madonna della Catena No 92, I-87011 Cassano Allo Ionio (CS), Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/28/08

Calabrian Provinces Award
Diploma Delle Province Calabre

HF: Contact the 5 Calabrian provinces of: Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. on each of 5 bands (10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters)  for a total of 25 QSOs.   Contacts on or after 1 Jan 1990. 
VHF/UHF/Higher: contact at least 10 of the following WWL squares:  
    RC province: JM78-JM88-JM77-JM87
    VV province: JM78-JM88
    CZ province: JM88-JM89
    KR province: JM88-JM89
    CS province: JM79-JM89-JN80.
At least one of these squares must be worked in each of the 5 provinces. 

Contacts on repeaters and using the FM mode are not valid. SWL OK.  Special station IQ8V operating from the Calabrian islands may be used for one missing QSL. GCR list and 10€ to: Carlo Tripodi IK8IRK, Via Sculltore Renda, I-89024 Polistena (RC), Italy. 


(Chg 11/2008)

Diploma dei Castelli Campani D.C.C.

Section Sezione A.R.I. di Salerno sponsored this award for contact with castles in the region Campania after 1 January 2005. SWL OK.

Requirements - work Castles in Campania Region
1. HF - Italians 20 in at least 3 Provinces. On VHF 5 castles in at least 2 Provinces.
2. HF -All others need 10 castles in at least 2 Provinces.
3. Honor Roll - Italian stations need 100 castles on HF or 30 on VHF.

The provinces are: AV – Avellino, BN – Benevento, CE – Caserta, NA – Napoli, SA – Salerno.

List of valid castles on the DCI web page shown below. All bands may be used the modes of SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV. Contacts via repeater, crossband or crossmode are not valid. Cost of the award 10€ and for the Honor Roll 20€. Send a GCR list with the reference number of the castles a copy of the QSL's plus fee to: Autilia Lenza, IZ8FFQ, Via J.F. Kennedy ,69, I-84015 Nocera Superiore (SA), Italy.

List of Valid castles:

Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

Campania Islands Award             (Diploma Isole Campane D.I.C.)

Sponsored by the ARI Pozzuoli.  Italians work or hear 25 islands/reefs, Europeans need 15, all others 5 since 1 January 1990. 50 islands/reefs earn a Honor Roll plaque with the Region Campania, islands, reefs and traditional symbols. SWL OK. No use of repeaters.   GCR and fee of 20€ or $US20 to award manager: DIC Award Manager Luca Alberti IK8TLX, Sezione ARI Pozzuoli, PO Box 1, I-80078 Pozzuoli, NA, Italy.   


(Chg 9/2008)

Diploma "Citta del Campionissimi"

Sponsored by ARI Berrino de Liguria Novi to honor the biking champions Fausto Coppi and Constante Girardengo who are pictured on the certificate. Available to all Italian and DX amateurs for contacting Liguria Novi stations on all bands and modes. No use of repeaters. Italians need 5 contacts and all others need 3. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 7€ to: Sezione ARI Liguria Novi, PO Box 1, I-15067, Novi Ligure (AL), Italy.


Tks Radio Rivista 9/2003

Canova Certificate

Work stations in Treviso city. Italians need 5, EU 2 and DX 1. Endorsements for one mode or band. Contacts must be made from 0000UTC 1 May to 31 May of each year. Multiple QSOs OK if made with different station operators. No repeater or satellite QSO's. GCR list and fee of 5€, 10 IRC's, or equivalent in $US to ARI Section Treviso, PO Box 32, 31100 Treviso, ITALY.


 (Chg 9/2011)

Worked All Caribbean Sea Plaque

Work or hear (SWL) at least 33 of the following countries of the Caribbean on HF bands (WARC included) on CW, SSB, RTTY or Mixed mode. The award is a specially designed porcelain plate. GCR list and fee of 20€ for Italians, all others 30€. . Apply to: Gaetano Giorgino IK7NXU, Via M. d/Azeglio, 116, I-76123 Andria (BT), Italy.

1) 6Y Jamaica                     24) KP5 Desecheo Is. 
2) 8P Barbados                  25) P4 Aruba Is. 
3) 9Y Trinidad and Tobago 26) TG Guatemala 
4) C6 Bahamas Is.             27) TI Costarica 
5) CO Cuba                     28) TI9 Cocos Is. 
6) FG Guadaloupe             29) V2 Antigua and Barbuda 
7) FM Martinica                 30) V3 Belize
8) FS Saint Martin             31) V4 Saint Kitts-Nevis Is. 
9) HH Haiti                     32) VP2E Anguilla Is. 
10) HI Dominican Rep.     33) VP2M Montserrat Is. 
11) HK Colombia             34) VP2V British Virgin Is. 
12) HK0 Malpelo Is.         35) VP5 Turks and Caicos Is. 
13) HK0 San Andreas and Prov. Is.     36) XE Mexico 
14) HP Panama                 37) XF4 Revilla Gigedo Is. 
15) HR Hounduras             38) YN Nicaragua 
16) J3 Grenada                 39) YV Venezuela 
17) J6 Saint Lucia             40) YV0 Aves Is. 
18) J7 Dominica Is.         41) ZF2 Cayman Is. 
19) J8 St. Vincent and Gren.     42) PJ2 Curacao Is. 
20) KG4 Guantanamo Bay 43) PJ4 Bonaire Is.
21) KP1 Navassa Is.         44) PJ6 Saint Eustatius & Saba Is. 
22) KP2 Virgin Is.             45) PJ7 Sint Maarten Is. 
23) KP4 Puerto Rico         46) FJ Saint Barthelemy Is.


(Chg 4/2015)

Caserta's Province Award 

The "Caserta's Province Award" may be earned by any OM who contacts stations located in the Province of Caserta as per Award Rule. SWL OK.  The award may be earned by all HF contacts (1.8-28 MHz) or VHF/SHF (50-1200 MHz). Endorsements available for all FM, SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV and Satellite. The same station can be worked/heard multiple times, but the contacts must have been on different bands or modes.




Residents of the Province of Caserta:



Other Italians:






All Others



Italians and Europeans must work/heard at least 3 members of A.R.I. Branch of Caserta. Send log extract and fee of 12E or $US15 to: Sezione A.R.I. di Caserta, PO Box 44, I-81100 Caserta, Italy.


(Chg 9/2008)

Cassino Peace Town Award (CDXA)

Sponsored by Radio Club of Cassino to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the WW2 destruction of the town and the famed Monte Cassino Abbey.  SWL OK. 

Troops of 30 nations were involved in this famous battle - for the award, you must contact stations from 20 of these plus one member of Cassino RC since 1 Jan 1993 on HF. The countries are: I, F, ON, PY, TA, 6W, 4X, 4S, W, SP, VK, VU, 7X, EL, JA, S2, G, DL, ZL, UA, CN, TU, 9N, VE, OE, ZS, EI, SU, 5N, SV. VHF and higher award: confirm 20 stations from Cassino, Anzio Nettuno, Caserta, Isernia and Latina where the German, English, Polish, American, Italian and French war cemeteries are located. All bands and modes except repeater contacts. May be endorsed for single band. (Honor Roll: contact all 30 plus Cassino RC). GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US10 to: Umberto Picano I0NZK, Via Montello 22, I-03043 Cassino (FR), Italy.


(Chg 11/2008)


At Chiaruccia Tower in the town of Santa Marinella 60 Km North of Rome, in 1933 Guglielmo Marconi, as chairman of National Research Council set up an important experimental center in which he worked till the day of his sudden death on July 20th, 1937. Here, Marconi’s researches involved studies using micro-wave antennas and radio systems (500 MHz frequency, today’s UHF band) now considered as the beginnings of modern radar technique, researches on high energy electromagnetic beams and also HF radiogoniometry applications.  This important research center was built close to an ancient tower (Chiaruccia Tower) on top of which Marconi himself used to tune and test his radiating systems. The tower was destroyed during WW2; currently the area is occupied by an Air Force base for meteo service.

Operations at this Marconian site (ww-locator: JN52WA) have been celebrated by the Radio Club A.R.I. CIVITAVECCHIA (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, club call IQ0CV) since 1989 for the annual IMD - International Marconi Day - with the special call of IY0TC, to spread the great works and fine ingenuity of Guglielmo Marconi, Father of the radio, all over the world. At present, local Authorities, national Universities, research Institutes and radio amateur community are involved in a project to open most parts of the Chiaruccia Tower site to public use and to restore the masonry tower to it’s original state, setting there a Marconi Museum.

On the occurrence of the 20th year of IY0TC, the Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA issues the CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA award to all SWL’s and licensed radioamateurs all over the world, with special attention for V/UHF bands, to commemorate the important place in History of radio and the experiments which Marconi performed here.

Requirements: SWL’s and radio amateur applicants need to submit proof of contacts made on after January 1st, 2009. Contacts on the same day with the same station are not valid, except they are carried out on different frequency or mode.

Points Required: Compulsory contacts and minimum total qso-points for the award, including compulsory qso’s are as follows:

1. Non-Italian stations must earn 15 points, and at least 1 contact should be with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.
2. Italian stations have to earn 30 points, at least 2 contacts should be with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC, or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.

Point values: two-way communications will count as follows:

a) Special Marconi Station IY0TC = 5 points ( or 10 points on VHF/UHF frequency).
b) Radio Club Station ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV = 3 points (6 points on VHF/UHF frequency). 

All bands and modes OK. Contest and satellite QSO’s are also accepted while repeater contacts are not allowed. Diploma applicants are not required to send QSL cards, just a simple log extract submission is suitable; the log must be signed also by two licensed hams as validation, and it will be verified by the Award manager.

Logs must be sent to: CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA, IY0TC manager - c/o ARI CIVITAVECCHIA, P.O. Box 51 – 00053 Civitavecchia (RM) ITALY.

The Award is free of any charge or cost. Any contribution given on voluntary basis will be entirely assigned to a special fund for Chiaruccia Tower rebuilding, according to above project. The Call-sign of all donor radioamateurs will be gratefully marked on a memorial tablet attached to the tower.

Also: ]

Tks K1BV Research 8/15

Diploma Cinque Stelle

Contact at least 260 countries, currently on the DXCC list, in a period of 30 months. All bands and modes. Contacts after 1 Jan 1946. Award is free but suggest postage. GCR list to:  Sezione Ari Cesena, PO-Box 22 - Succ 5, I-47023 Cesena (FO), Italy.


Thanks PA3CUZ 9/02

European Union Counties Challenge - EUCC

The Italian national radio club ARI announces this new award, which is a real challenge because it is based on the divisions of the second or third level of the 28 Member States of the European Union.

These subdivisions have different names in different countries, such as county, municipality, province, department, and so on in the EUCC rules which calls all of these simply, "Counties".

The Award is issued for the confirmed contacts of at least 300 counties, with additions for each additional 300 counties. Each QSO / SWL needs through QSL cards, either on paper or electronically to be confirmed. Tradiitional QSL cards as well as eQSLs are recognized.. It is important that the QTH of the destination of the QSL is apparent.

The award encompasses making contacts with the "counties" of the following European Union countries on or after a starting date of 01/01/2014:

AT - Austria   EE - Estonia       HU - Hungary     NL - Netherlands
BE - Belgium   ES - Spain         IE - Ireland     PL - Poland
BG - Bulgaria  FI - Finland       IT - Italy       PT - Portugal
CY - Cyprus    FR - France        LT - Lithuania   RO - Romania
CZ - Czech Rep GB - Great Britain LU - Luxembourg  SE - Sweden
DE - Germany   GR - Greece        LV - Latvia      SI- Slovenia
DK - Denmark   HR - Croatia       MT - Malta       SK - Slovakia

To offer a starting point for all applicants, the rules include all QSOs / SWLs that have been made on or after 1 January 2014; with all bands and modes being allowed, except for the use of terrestrial repeaters or communications from the Internet. Currently there are 2100 "counties".

Levels of the Award:
First Level - RED for 300 confirmed Counties.
Second Level - ORANGE at 600 confirmed Counties.
Third Level - GOLD at 900 confirmed Counties.
Fourth Level - GREEN at 1200 confirmed Counties.
Fifth Level - CYAN at 1500 and confirmed Counties
Sixth Level - PURPLE at 1800 confirmed Counties.
The Honor Roll Award (Blue and Yellow) will be awarded for 2000 Counties.

A special award, free of cost, is the one who can demonstrate ALL the time of application existing Counties. When new countries join the European Union, so that new counties are included in the list. Interested parties can download the list as an Excel file. Requests individually created must contain the information in this file.

The list does not include the province of Kyrenia (Cyprus): It is completely under the control of the so-called "TRNC" and currently can not be considered valid for this award.

The Diploma is preferably sent as an electronic PDF file. The request goes to: EUCC Manager, IK2UVR, Pier Luigi Anzini, c / o Sezione ARI Busto Arsizio, PO Box 125, I 21052 Busto Arsizio, Italy - eMail:

The already mentioned list of many counties with maps and clues is accessible via the website:

Tks DIG and IV2UVR 10/6/15

Cuneo Province Castles Award (DCPC)

The Cuneo Province Castles Award (D.C.P.C.) is free for who contacting at least 10 different Castles located in this Province.  Award fee is $US11 or 8€.  Apply to: Award Manager (IK1NPP) of the Section A.R.I. of Mondovì, P.O.Box 4, I-12084 Mondovìì (Cuneo) Italy.


(Chg 4/2008) 


The Conero Radio Team has established a DMI DIGITAL Diploma (Diploma of Italian Municipalities in digital mode) which is open to all amateurs in the world.
Contacts on or after January 2014 are valid for the certificate. The original award with similar requirements did not include digital QSOs. This award is available ONLY for digital QSOs. The diploma is permanent and amateurs Italian or foreign participants must contact amateurs scattered in the Italian towns. All towns in Italy have been assigned a DMI (Diploma Municipalities Digital) from a list published on the website of the Conero Radio Team .

Requirements: The basic award requires 25 points.

Point values:
a. Each municipality = 1 point ,
b. the stations of Ancona , home of the Conero Radio Team = 3 points ,
c. Special station IQ6KX = 5 points.
For the second award level, it will be necessary to score 50 points , for the third step 100 , the fourth 150 , 200 for the fifth and so on.

The logs should be sent to . A digital diploma (in PDF format) will be sent on request via email. If you require postal delivery of a traditional paper award, the cost is f 12 Euros including mailing.

See file Italy2.htm which is sponsored by this same organization.

The list of town codes is found at:

Tks K1BV Research 2/12/14

Dolomiti Award

Make contacts in the Dolomite Mountains region of Italy since 15 Sept 1967. These are: Trento, Belluno and Bolzano. SWL OK.  
    HF: Italians need 15 contacts with at least four in each province, Europeans need 10 (at least 3 per province) and all others 5 (at least 1 per province). 
    VHF: Italians need 7 contacts with at least 2 in each province.  Europeans need 3, each in a different province. (No repeater contacts). 

GCR list and fee of 5€, $US7 or 10 IRCs to: Sezione ARI di Feltre, PO Box 6, I-32032 Feltre, BL, Italy. 

(Chg 10/02) 

European Countries DX Award (E.C.D.A.)

The award is issued by the "Dolomiten DX Club" for confirmed contacts with EU countries. All bands and modes, no repeater contacts. Basic award for 40 countries, stickers for 50 and 60 countries, Honor Roll for 65. Endorsements for CW, Phone, Mixed, RTTY, Single band, VHF, UHF, 50 MHz etc. Do not send QSL cards, GCR rule applies, the fee of 15 Euro or $US23 to Award Manager, Tony Mastino IN3YGW, P.O.Box 159, I-39100 Bolzano, Italy

C3, CT, CU, DL, EA, EA6, EI, ER, ES, EW, F, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HA, HB, HB0, HV, I, IS, JW, JX, LA, LX, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OH0, OJ0, OK, OM, ON, OY, OZ, PA, R1F, R1M, S5, SM, SP, SV, SV5, SV9, SY, T7, T9, TA1, TF, TK, UA, UA2, UR, YL, YO, YU, YU8, Z3, ZA, ZB, 1A0, 3A, 4O, 4U (Geneva), 4U (Vienna), 9A, 9H.


(Chg 8/2008)

Worked All European Prefix (WAEPX)

The award recognizes contacts and confirmed QSOs with different radio amateur prefixes of Europe. The valid European prefixes are those used in the WAZ areas 14, 15 (including IG9 and IH9), 16, 20 and in the following WAZ countries: Iceland, Svalbard, Jan Mayen, Franz Josef Land.


The alphanumeric combination of the first two or more characters forming the first part of a radio amateur's call sign which identifies his Country is considered a prefix. Any change in the combination will be considered a new prefix. Any prefix will be considered valid if authorized by the responsible authority. SWL OK.

350 confirmed prefixes.
2. CW
300 confirmed prefixes.
3. 2xSSB
350 confirmed prefixes.
800 confirmed prefixes on the 10 meter band.
250 confirmed prefixes.
6. VHF
200 confirmation on 2 meter band (144-146 MHz).

Each award, (other than VHF), is available endorsed for 5-BANDs. A total of 1000 prefixes with a minimum of 150 for each band are needed.
Only for the 5-BAND award, a special 9x14cm silver plaque designated as Excellent is given for the confirmation of 3000 prefixes with at least 250 prefixes for each of the 5 bands.
For the MIXED award you may contact the same station or prefix on the same band, but using a different mode.
All QSOs must be made from the same country and those for the diploma VHF must not be made by means of cross-band, repeater or satellite. The award manager reserves the right to ask for any QSL. .
GCR accepted. Contacts on or after 1/1/1970. All HF bands OK except for the VHF award.

Endorsement will be given for every 50 new prefixes up to the doubling of the base number, besides 25 new prefixes.

Cost for each award is 15€ or $18.00. Cost for the The EXCELLENT award is 60€ or $80. Endorsement available for SASE. Send SASE for special application available for each award or endorsement. For the award, apply to: Award Manager WAEPX, Sezione ARI Pomigliano d'Arco, c/o Luigi Schioppi, IZ8FRY, P.O. Box 18, I-80038 Pomigliano d'Arco (NA), Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 5/2008

European Radioamateur Association Club (E.R.A.) Series — 

General rules: All the awards are available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs, and you do not have to be a member of the E.R.A. to apply. All contacts must have been made on or after 9 Sept 1995, the E.R.A. founding date. All modes (CW, Phone, Digital and Satellite) and bands OK, except that contacts made by repeaters and echolink are not valild. Copies of the cards must be submitted, either by mail or images sent by e-mail to the award custodian. E-QSL confirmations not accepted. Fee for each award is 5€ to Luca Clary IW7EEQ, Corso Italia 377, E-74121 Taranto, Italy.



European Countries Award

Work and confirm as many as possible European DXCC entities.. 69 exist , but a minimum of 20 countries is required.


Valid European entities are:

1. 1A S.M.O.M
2. 3A Monaco
3. 4O Montenegro
4. 4U ITU Geneva
5. 9A Croatia
6. 9H Malta
7. C3 Andorra
8. CT Portugal
9. CU Azores
10. DL Germany,
11. E7 Bosnia-Herzegovina
12. EA Spain
13. EA6 Balearic
14. EI Ireland

15. ER Moldava
16. ES Estonia
17. EV White Russia
18. F France
19. G England
20. GD Isle of Man
21. GI North Ireland
22. GJ Isle of Jersey
23. GM Scotland
24. GU Isle of Guernsey
25. GW Wales
26. HA Hungary
27. HB Switzerland
28. HB0 Liechtenstein

29. HV Vatican City
30. I Italy
31. IS Sardinia
32. JW Svalbard
33. JX Jan Mayen
34. LA Norway
35. LX Luxembourg
36. LY Lithuania
37. LZ Bulgaria
38. OE Austria
39. OH Finland
40. OH0 Aland
41. OJ0 Market Reef
42. OK Czech Republic

43. OM Slovak Republic
44. ON Belgium
45. OY Faroe
46. OZ Denmark
47. PA Netherlands
48. R1FJ Franz Josef Land
49. R1MV Malyj Vusotskij
50. S5 Slovenia
51. SM Sweden
52. SP Poland
53. SV Greece
54. SV1/A Athos
55. SV5 Dodecanese
56. SV9 Crete

57. T7 San Marino
58. TA Turkey (European side TA1) 
59. TF Iceland
60. TK Corsica
61. UA Russia
62. UA2 Kaliningrad
63. UR Ucraine
64. YL Latvia
65. YO Romania
66. YU Serbia
67. Z3 Macedonia
68. ZA Albania
69. ZB Gibraltar



Diploma E.R.A. Six Continents

This certificate is issued to all stations who have contacted and confirmed at least 2 DXCC entities in each of the 6 continents.

In addition to the "mixed" mode (ie counting the QSO regardless of connection mode), at the express request of the applicant for the Certificate may be issued solely for the "voice", "CW", "digital" or "satellite".

The continents are: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania.

Regolamento Diploma E.R.A. Regione Sicilia

Contact and confirmed at least 5 of the 9 provinces of Sicily. Stations located in Sicily require

three provinces excluding the one from which they are operating.

Identifying Provinces: an easy way to identify the provinces is to examine the postal code on the address. In many cases, the card will include the province "abbreviation" as well.



Postal Code Used












95121-95131 (Catania)








98121-98168 (Messina)


















Regolamento Diploma E.R.A. Regione Sardegna

This certificate is issued to all stations Ham and SWL, who contact and confirm at least 5 of the 8 provinces of Sardinia. Stations in Sardinia, must contact least three provinces excluding their own province.

Identifying Provinces: an easy way to identify the provinces is to examine the postal code on the address. In many cases, the card will include the province "abbreviation" as well.



Postal Code Used




09121-09134 (Cagliari)






Medio Campindano












Olbia Temple












K1BV Research 2/5/13

THE EURA (European Union Regions Award)

The A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio sponsors for amateurs and SWLs all over the world the EURA, "European Union Regions Award". Confirmed contacts (paper or electronic cards) stations located in the different Euro_Regions as displayed in the official table. As of 1 January 2007, there are 242 such regions and this number may increase as new members join the European Union. The validity of the contacts starts from the date of membership, as follows:

    1st January 1958 (date of starting of the Treaties of Rome) for Belgium, Fed. Rep. of Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg and Netherlands.
    1st January 1973 for Denmark, Great Britain and Ireland.
    1st January 1981 for Greece.
    1st January 1986 for Portugal and Spain.
    3rd October 1990 for ex DDR (Y2/Y9 prefixes are NOT valid)
    1st January 1995 for Austria, Finland and Sweden.
    1 May 2004 for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus.
     1 January 2007 for Romania and Bulgaria. 

All the contacts must be made from the same Country and using the same callsign. Only one version of the Award is awarded: mixed. All bands and modes are allowed, satellites included. There are 5 classes of the Award, identified by colored star shaped stickers:

1. Basic: 50% of the Euro_Regions confirmed (at the moment 121)
2. Bronze: 60% of the Euro_Regions confirmed (at the moment 145)
3. Silver: 75% of the Euro_Regions confirmed (at the moment 181)
4. Gold: 90% of the Euro_Regions confirmed (at the moment 218)
5. Honour Roll: 100% of the Euro_Regions confirmed (at the moment 242)

As new members join the European Union, the numbers above will change, according with the fixed percentages. Issued Awards won’t change, but further upgrades will have to respect the new levels. Cards are not required, but they must be in possession of the applicant and could be requested anytime for checks. Application forms must be sent to this address: EURA Manager, IK2UVR, c/o Sezione ARI Busto Arsizio, P. O. Box 125, I – 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy.  The fee is 5 Euro or $US5 for each requested Award.
Upgrades are free, but please send 1 IRC for postage. 
To receive the award by Registered Mail, please add 3€ (Europe, Algeria, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Libia, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey) or 4€ for other countries. 

Software for tracking your progress in this award may be downloaded from: 

(Chg 3/2009)

Worked All European Zones Satellite

Contact different European (WPX) zones after 1 January 1970 by amateur satellite. The zones are EU 14, 15, 16, 20 and 40. SWL OK.

Basic (Bronze) award is available working 3 European zones. Two further endorsements:

Silver - Four European zones.
Gold - All Five European zones

GCR list of contacts, photocopy of all QSLs and fee of 5€  10 IRCs or $US10 to: WAEZS Award Manager, c/o Sez. ARI Macerata, PO Box 66, I-62100 Macerata, Italy. (Endorsement fee is 1€ , 1 IRC or $US1 and copy of QSLs. 


(Chg 9/2008) 


The "fire belt award " has been created keeping in mind the several disasters involving loss of life and property over the last 10 years which are linked to the dangers of volcanic activity.

The award requires contacts with at least 15 of the 21 countries in all continents, which contain volcanos. When a country , such as the Philippines or Japan, are composed of several islands, the contact must be made with the island where the volcano is located. For example if we consider the Philippines the contact must be made with Luzon island. For Italy the contact must take place with Sicily for Etna or with Stromboli Island for the Stromboli volcano. Refer to their website for additional information.

First Level: 15 contacts with 15 different countries in all continents.
Second Level: 25 contacts =Silver colored Sticker
Third Level : 40 contacts = Gold colored Sticker
Fourth Level: 50 contacts = Honor Roll Sticker

Cards are not needed. Submit application (found on their website), GCR list and fee of 10€ or $15 to Nuccio Meoli I0YKN, Via Conte Bassavilla 1, 03030 Rocca d’Arce (Fr), Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ and I0YKN 8/09 

Formula One Award  (or Diploma Formula Uno / Diploma Worked All Grand Prix) 

Contact stations in specific area/call sign/district where Grand Prix events are held. These contacts must be made during the same calendar year. You need at least 16 of the listed areas. The rules are somewhat involved with specific localities needed. Refer to web page listed below, as instructions are somewhat long and confusing. . Send application, actual cards, and fee of $US10 or equivalent to: ARI Monza, PO Box 1, I-20052 Monza (MI), Italy.


(Chg 11/2008) 

Diploma Forti Italiani e Austriaci DFIA

Sponsored by the ARI di Thiene for working Italian and Austrian forts. SWL OK. Contacts after 1 January 2001. Repeater, satellite or FM contact are not valid. 

Italian stations need on HF 10 different forts and on VHF/UHF 5. 
EU stations need 7 and DX 3 forts. 

For the Honor Roll Italian stations need 26 on HF and 8 on VHF/UHF. 
EU stations need 10 and DX 6. 

GCR list and fee for the basic award is 10€ and fee for the honor roll 20€  to DX Team Thiene, P.O. BOX 52, I-36016 Thiene VI, Italy


Fortresses Italy: VI029 Forte Interrotto, VI030 Forte Tagliata d' Assa, VI031 Forte Lisser, VI032 Forte Campolongo, VI033 Forte Verena, VI034 Forte Cornolo', VI035 Forte Campomolon, VI036 Forte Casa Ratti, VI037 Forte Corbin, VI038 Forte Maso, VI039 Tagliata Bariola, VI040 Forte Enna, VI041 Batteria Monte Rione, VI047 Forte di Coldarco a Enego, VI048 Tagliata Tombion, VI049 Tagliata Scala di Cismon del Grappa, VI050 Tagliata Fontanelle di Cismon del Grappa

Fortresses Austria: TN111 Forte Doss delle Somme, TN112 Forte Sommo Alto, TN113 Forte Cherle, TN114 Forte Belvedere, TN115 Forte Campo Luserna, TN116 Forte Verle, TN117 Forte Spitz Vezzena, TN118 Forte Matassone, TN119 Forte Pozzacchio

Tks PA3CUZ 4/2006

Francesco Durante Award

Birthplace of the composer Francesco Durante, born in Frattamaggiore (1684-1755). Contacts after 1-1-1985. SWL OK. Earn 30 points by contacting members of the Frattamaggiore ARI club. Each contact by an Italian station is worth 1 point, Europeans get 2 points per contact, and all others get 3 points each. On VHF: 0-50Km = 1 point, 51-100 Km = 2, and over 100 Km = 3. The same stations may be worked on more than one band for credit but contacts must be on different days. No time limitations but repeaters or transponder contacts are not valid. Special station is activated 31 March of each year - one contact with this station is good for triple the usual credit. GCR list and fee of  15€ to: ARI - Sezione V. Laudiero, PO Box 15, 80027 Frattamaggiore (NA), Italy.


(Chg 3/2015)

Frederico II Award

Sponsored by ARI Section Jesi for contacts after 16 June 1991.  SWL OK. 

Europeans need: 10 stations from different Italian call areas, 10 different German prefixes, one contact with each country of the European community (27 countries)   or 2 member stations of ARI Jesi, or one with IQ6JE.  

All Others need: 5 different Italian call areas, 5 different German prefixes, one contact with each country of the European community (27 countries) and two member stations of ARI Jesi or with IQ6JE. . 

QSO's may be made 160 through 10 meters, SSB, CW, or RTTY only. GCR list and fee of 8€ or $US8 to: Award Manager, ARI Section Jesi, PO Box 340, I-60035 Jesi (AN), Italy.


(Chg 3/2009) 

Diploma dei Castelli del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Section A.R.I. of Trieste sponsors this award for contacting stations operating from castles in the region of del Friuli Venezia Giulia after 1 January 2001. SWL OK.

Requirements: different castles in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
1. Italian stations need on HF 20 castles with at least 2 castles in every Province. On VHF 5 castles in the region.
2. All others need on HF 10 castles with at least 1 castle in every Province.

The del Friuli Venezia Giulia provinces are: TS - Trieste, UD - Udine, PN - Pordenone and GO – Gorizia. All bands and in the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV, Digital. CrossBand contacts are not valid. Castle data including official reference numbers and application form is found on the website listed below. Diplome/plaque cost for Europeans is 25€ or US$ 32 and for all others is 28€ or $US36. Send GCR list and fee to Award Manager Luigi Popovic, IV3KAS, Sezione di Trieste, P.O. Box 29, I-34100 Trieste (TS) Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award D.A.F.

[An abbey is a Catholic or Anglican monastery or convent. Abbeys are typically under the authority of an Abbot or an Abbess, serving as the spiritual father or mother of the community. The term can also refer to an establishment which has long ceased to function as an abbey, in some cases for centuries (for example, Westminster Abbey).]

1. The A.R.I. Section of San Daniele del Friuli, in collaboration with the D.A.I. staff and the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio, are sponsoring the Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award (D.A.F.) which will be issued to OM and SWL. in order to raise awareness of the religious monuments (Abbeys) existing in the region, emphasizing their historical and architectural heritage. Contacts for the award will start on 1/7/2014: QSO made before that date will not be accepted.

To obtain the Award, the applicant must demonstrate contacts/SWL from the following number of references:
     a) Italian Stations: 5 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
     b) Foreign Stations: 3 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
     (The D.A.I. references in Friuli will use the prefix "FL".)
3. The QSO/HRD can be made on all ham bands, from 2 to 160 meters and in all modes. There are two versions of the Award: Hunter and Expeditioner.
4. Only the QSO/HRD that refer to activations which have been already validated, as per the list on our website and on the website (already accredited by the D.A.I. Office), will be valid.
5. Applications for the award should be sent to Manager IV3RVN, sending the completed application downloadable from the website, along with the files generated by the program BBLogger with which the applicant certifies that its country regulations have been complied and provides a detailed list of the links in order of reference containing the following informations: name of the Abbey, Callsign, date, frequency or band and mode. Sending QSL is not necessary. The diploma is free and it is sent to applicants as a PDF file. Those who wish hard copy must make a specific request to the Award Manager who will forward the details for the payment: the cost is 10 €.
6. The ranking of the Hunters, SWL and activators that have achieved the D.A.F. will be periodically updated and published on the website of A.R.I. San Daniele del Friuli
7. Activators of Abbeys should refer to a separate set of requirements.
8. The valid references are those assigned by the D.A.I. Award Technical Manager from the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio (VA) and accredited for the Italian Abbeys Diploma.
9. The list of the Abbeys of Friuli is available on D.A.I. site
, as well as on our web site.
10. Every hunter, activator or SWL. can send an update of its position whenever it deems necessary.

E-mail: - President: Fabrizio Lizzi IV3EPC
E-mail: - Award Manager: Pierluigi Gerussi IV3RVN

Tks 7/21/15

Diploma GIRF

The G.I.R.F. Gruppo Italiano Radioamatori Ferrovieri (GIRF) [amateurs who work in the railroad industry] offers an annual award which will may be earned each year between March 1st at 00:00 UTC until March 15th at 24:00. Paid up members of the group are eligible to make contacts valid for the award, including time, report, name, QTH and a progressive number of the contact. They will be active on 160 through 40 meters, using SSB, CW and RTTY.

Points Required:
Italian Stations: O.M. and S.W.L = 40 POINTS
Foreign Stations: = 20 POINTS
G.I.R.F .member stations must make 100 contacts.

The same GIRF station may be contacted once per day but only on different bands and modes.  Each such QSO = 1 point. Special wild card or "JOLLY" stations will be active and will be worth 3 points only for non-GIRF stations.  Every year, the award design will be different, generally showing interesting railroad subjects. Send log extract and fee of 10€ for GIRF stations and $15 for others no later than April 30th of the year. Apply to: MARIUTTI GIANFRANCO – Via Postioma 112 – I-31020 VILLORBA (TV), Italy.


Tks K1BV Research 10/09 (Rewrite)