Diploma Guglielmo Marconi (DGM) to Historical Pavia Award 

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Diploma Magna Grecia

"Magna Grecia" is the name given the coastal areas of Southern Italy which were extensively colonized by Greek settlers, particularly in Tarentum, Croton, and Sybaris. This early colonization started in the 8th Century BC and introduced the Greek civilizations to Italy, and influenced heavily on the culture of ancient Rome.

The award has been created to publicize the cultural peak reached by the city of Taranto as a result of Greek influence. The award requires contacting (or SWL) the cities which were a part of the Magna Graecia. A complete list of the cities which are valid for the award are noted in the WWW page listed below.

All bands and modes may be used. No use of repeaters. Contacts must be made on or after January 1, 1996.

Basic Award
Italian stations need 20 different cities and 10 QSOs with stations in the city of Taranto.
Other Europeans need 15 different cities and 5 in Taranto.
All others need 10 different cities and 2 in Taranto

Top Honor Roll HF
All applicants need 35 different cities and 15 QSO in Taranto.

Activators of at least 3 sites and/or locations may apply for the award as an DMG Enabler.

Sponsor requests you use the official application form found on their website. Send the application and fee of 10E or $US13 to: Antonio Scrimieri IK7WDS, Via Glicine 36, I-74122 Taranto, Italy. No charge for endorsements which are delivered in the form of an electronic image.

Club Internet:
Award on Internet:
Reference DMG (list)

Tks K1BV Research 5/30/12

Diploma Guglielmo Marconi (DGM)

The award commemorates the achievements of Guglielmo Marconi and to emphasize the work of the great scientist. Contacts with Countries or regions where Marconi visited in his experiments and commemorative Marconi stations according to the following list. 

You need 
a. 40 QSLs from the localities shown in the chart below or 
b. 35 QSLs from the localities plus one from a Marconi commemorative station and one from IY4FGM which operates at Villa Griffone, the Marconi Mansion, place of his first radio successes. (Total of 37 cards) 

Cards must be sent. Contacts must be after 1 Jan 1973. The award is issued in SSB, CW, RTTY or mixed modes. All bands may be used. There is no fee for the award, but you must include sufficient postage for return of your cards. Send list and cards to ARI - Section of Bologna, Box 1771, I-40100 Bologna, Italy.


(Chg 3/2008)


Country Region/City Prefix Country Region/City Prefix Country Region/City Prefix
Cape Verde D4 Italy - Rome I0 Bermuda - VP9
Portugal - Lisbon CT1 Italy - IY4FGM USA - Massachusetts W1
Madeira Islands CT3 Italy - IY1TTM USA - NY or NJ W2
Morocco CN Italy - IT9 USA - Missouri W0
Spain - Cadiz EA7 Italy - Bari I7 USA - Illinois W9
Ireland EI Italy - Sardinia IS0 India - VU
France F Japan - JA Gibraltar - ZB2
Corsica TK Argentina - Buenos Aires LU Bar (Antivari) - Montenegro YU6
England - London G Belgium - ON Libya - 5A
England - Flatholm Isl. GB Brazil - Rio de Janeiro PY  
England - Isle of Wight G Sweden - Stockholm SM  
Northern Ireland GI Sweden - Gotland Isl. SM1  
Scotland GM Russia - St. Petersburg UA1  
Switzerland HB Canada - VE1  
Vatican City HV Canada - Newfoundland VO1  
Italy - Bologna I4 Canada - Labrador VO2  
Italy - I5 Australia - Sydney VK2  
Italy - Ancona I6    

(Chg 3/2008)

The award listed below is similar to the one above, but has slightly varying requirements.  It was issued by the ARI Bologna to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the series of experiments of Marconi during 1895.  It is also a permanent award. Each year, during April, look for special commemorative call signs operating from locales used by Marconi in his experiments during MARCONI DAY.

Diploma Guglielmo Marconi (DGM) Centenary

The award commemorates and emphasizes the work of the great inventor on the Centenary of the first experiments in radio communication which occurred in the Spring and Summer of 1895.. Contacts with Countries or regions where Marconi visited in his experiments and commemorative Marconi stations according to the following list. 

You need 50 QSLs from the listed localities or 40 QSLs from the localities and one from IY4FGM which operates at Villa Griffone, the Marconi Mansion, and nine other QSLs from Marconi Memorial Stations. (Total of 50 cards). The QSL of the commemorative station must clearly indicate a particular event or locality connected with Marconi. 

Cards must be sent. Contacts must be after 1 Jan 1994. The award is issued in SSB, CW, RTTY or mixed modes. All bands may be used. There is no fee for the award, but you must include sufficient postage for return of your cards. Send list and cards to ARI - Section of Bologna, Box 1771, I-40100 Bologna, Italy.


Country Region/City Prefix

Country Region/City Prefix Country Region/City Prefix
Italy - Tuscan Islands - IA5 USA - New York W/K2 England - Helston-Poldhu G
Italy - Sardegna Isl. IS0-IM0 USA - New Jersey W/K2 England - London G
Italy - Sicily IT9 USA - Missouri W/K0 England - Wight Isl. G
Italy - Villa Griffone - IY4FGM USA - Illinois W/K9 Northern Ireland - GI
Italy - Tower Tigullio Marconi - IY1TTM India - VU Scotland - GM
Japan - JA Gibraltar - ZB2 Wales - GW
Argentina - Buenos Aires LU South Africa - ZS Wales - Flat Holm Isl. GW
Belgium - ON Serbia - Montenegro YU6 Switzerland - HB
Brazil - Rio de Janerio PY Libya - 5A Vatican City - HV
Sweden - Stockholm - SM Morocco - CN Italy - Genoa I1
Sweden - Gotland Islands SM1 Portugal - CT Italy - Imperia I1
Corsica - TK Madeira Isl. - CT3 Italy - La Spezia - I1
Eu Russia - St. Petersburg - Kronstad UA1 Cape Verde Isl. - D4 Italy - Savona I1
Canada - Nova Scotia VO1 Germany - Borkum Isl. DL Italy - Bologna I4
Canada - Newfoundland VO2 Spain - Santander EA2 Italy - Toscana Region I5
Canada - Labrador VO2 Spain - Madrid - EA4 Italy - Ancona I6
Australia - Sydney VK2 Spain - Cadiz - EA7 Italy - Bari I7
Bermuda Islands VP9 Spain - Seville - EA7 Italy - Rome I0
USA- Cape Cod W/K1 Ireland - EI  
USA - Massachusetts W/K1 France - F  

(Chg 11/2007)

(Diploma Monumenti Megalitici della Puglia)

A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones. The word "megalithic" describes structures made of such large stones, utilizing an interlocking system without the use of mortar or cement, as well as representing periods of prehistory characterised by such constructions. (Tks WIKIPEDIA)

The diploma is designed to stimulate the activity of amateur radio operations from megalithic historic sites in the vicinity of Puglia, Italy. The award can be requested free of charge from all OM and SWL who have reached the required score needed during a calendar year.

a. Italian stations: contact 10 references.
b. Other EU stations 5 references.
c. Stations outside of Europe need 3 references.

All requests must be sent by email to IK7FPX, the manager of the diploma and QSLs are not needed, just a log extract of the claimed contacts.
The award is sent as an electronic file (jpg) of about 1MB in size via email only.
The award request must be a list of references you have contacted with complete QSO data and the desired category ( ssb , ssb - , rtty , qrp , ecct ) .

A separate set of requirements applies for stations who activate these sites. See their website for details.
The website provides a link to accredited Megalithic sites and the official number they bear. This number must accompany any applications. In addition, the website provides a link to activations, past and future.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/8/14

 I4HJ Memorial Award

Make contacts only using the CW mode since 1 Nov 1995 with stations whose first letter of the prefix (or number) spells out the term: I4HJ ENOS MANDRIOLI. Enos was a highly regarded amateur and CW instructor of the Ferrara ARI Radio Club. The "J" letter will necessarily belong to a Japanese prefix. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Award Manager ARI Ferrara, PO Box 20, I-44100 Ferrara, FE, Italy.


(Chg 9/2008)

--- IK3GER Awards Series —    

General Requirements: These awards are available to OM/SWLs, and valid contacts will will be on or after 1.1.1985. Cards are not required, just a list of all the appropriate QSO data and specific data required by the award such as name of town, port, code, etc. as shown in the rules in alphabetical or numerical order. All of the awards are free, and will be sent to you via email in the format of a PDF or JPEG file. Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti at e-mail address shown below.




PO River Award


The Po river is the longest of the Italian rivers, running for 650 Kms from the west to the east of Italy, crossing the entire Pianura Padana and flowing into the Adriatic Sea. "The Po River Award" is issued to both OM/SWL who have worked/heard Italian stations whose QTH is located in the Regions described at point A) and in the Provinces described at point B).

To apply for the award you must make :
A) 1 QSO with any province of the following four Regions
Piemonte ( I1 ),
Lombardia ( I2 ),
Veneto ( I3 ),
Emilia-Romagna ( I4 );

B) 1 QSO with at least 8 of the following 13 provinces :

Province ZIP code Province ID Region
Alessandria 15xxx AL Piemonte
Cremona 26xxx CR Lombardia
Cuneo 12xxx CN Piemonte
Ferrara 44xxx FE Emilia-Romagna
Lodi 269xx LO Lombardia
Mantova 6xxxx MN Lombardia
Parma 43xxx PR Emilia-Romagna
Pavia 27xxx PV Lombardia
Piacenza 29xxx PC Emilia-Romagna
Reggio-Emilia 42xxx RE Emilia-Romagna
Rovigo 45xxx RO Veneto
Torino 10xxx TO Piemonte
Vercelli 13xxx VC Piemonte

Note:. Stations contacted for the Provinces ( point B ) must be different from those worked for the Regions. That is you can not use the same station for a specific Region and use it again for a specific province within that same Region. For example : if I1AAA is located in Piemonte you can use it only for the region Piemonte of for a province located in Piemonte. Remember : All 4 Regions must be worked, at least 8 Provinces must be worked, a total of 12 QSOs.

Worked Italian Communes Award

The "Commune" in Italy, is the smallest governmental/administrative unit. As of October 2012 there are 8,092 communes over the Italian peninsula, major and minor islands. The purpose of this award is to encourage contacts with Italian stations located in these communes.

Identifying Communes:

1. In principle, the name of the commune will be detected from the address appearing on the QSL card;
2. QSL cards showing no address or referring to portable operation ( /P ) will be accepted only if it is possible to ascertain the name of the commune from which the operation has taken place ( i.e. activity from castles, lakes, abbeys, lighthouses etc. ) otherwise they will not be accepted for this award;
3. for QSL cards without any or partial address is not recommended to look for the address on online callbooks as the address could not be updated due to change of residence over the years;
4. QSL cards without any address and showing only the manager’s address, do not use his address;
5. QSL cards referring to special callsigns used by different operators from different QTHs are not valid.

The award may be endorsed, upon request, for any specific mode, band, mixed etc. Basic award is issued for 100 confirmed communes, upgrades are possible in steps of
250 ( i.e. 250, 500, 750, 1000 etc. )
QSL cards are not needed but in case of any dispute concerning the identification
of the commune the manager reserves the right to request photocopy/scan of the QSL.

Send your application ( Excel/PDF file you have downloaded ) to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti.

Application Form:

(An XLS spreadsheet is also available. See their web site.)
The online documents list all known communes and will be very useful to keep records of communes contacted/confirmed.

Worked Italian Ports

There are many Italian coastal towns which have a port facility. To obtain the diploma you will need QSOs with a required number of these towns/ports.

List of valid towns/ports :

Alghero, Amalfi, Ancona, Anzio, Arbatax, Augusta, Bagnoli, Bari, Barletta, Brindisi, Cagliari, Capri, Carrara, Castellammare di Stabia, Catania, Chioggia,
Cirò Marina, Civitavecchia, Crotone, Fano, Fiumicino, Gaeta, Gallipoli, Gela, Genova, Gioia Tauro, Imperia, La Maddalena, La Spezia, Livorno, Marsala,
Mazzara del Vallo, Messina, Milazzo, Monfalcone, Napoli, Olbia, Oristano, Ortona, Otranto, Palermo, Pesaro, Pescara, Piombino, Portoferraio, Porto Torres, PortoCesareo, Porto Empedocle, Porto San Giorgio, Portofino, Pozzallo, Rapallo, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Salerno, San Benedetto del Tronto, Sanremo,
Savona, Siracusa, Taormina, Taranto, Termoli, Terracina, Torre del Greco, Trapani, Trieste, Venezia, Viareggio, Vieste, Villa San Giovanni.

Award Requirements:

a) European Stations

30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed endorsement
20 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY etc. endorsement

b) DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, North and South America, Oceania )

20 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed endorsement

10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY etc. endorsement.

Worked Italian Prefixes

This set of 3 different awards may be requested by Italian and foreign OM/SWL who have worked/heard the required number of prefixes used by Italian OMs. The definition of a prefix follows generally the same rules as for the WPX award. For example, I1, I2, I3, I4, IZ0, IZ1, IZ2 etc. are all different prefixes. Prefix with no number, i.e. I/DL1AA, counts as I0/DL1AA.

Prefixes used by stations operating from San Marino ( T7 ), SMOM ( 1A0 ) and the Vatican City ( HV ) are not accepted under this award.

At present there are more than 100 different prefixes used by Italian hams ( block IAAZ-IAZZ ). The award will be issued in 3 different classes according to the number of prefixes worked/heard.

Class 3 - For having worked/heard at least 30 different prefixes
Class 2 -
For having worked/heard at least 50 different prefixes
Class 1 -
For having worked/heard at least 100 different prefixes.

Endorsements may be requested for HF, VHF, SSB, CW, mixed modes, etc.

Worked Italian Seas

Work/hear Italian stations whose QTH is located in provinces of the Italian regions which are bathed by the 5 Italian seas. Valid locations are detailed below :

Adriatic Sea 1 QSO/HRD with each of the seven listed provinces :
IV3 Friuli V.G. ( ZIP code 33xxx, 34xxx )
I3 Veneto ( ZIP code 30xxx, 31xxx, 32xxx, 35xxx, 36xxx, 37xxx )
I4 Emilia-Romagna ( ZIP code 29xxx, 40xxx, 41xxx, 42xxx, 43xxx,
44xxx, 47xxx, 48xxx )
I6 Marche ( ZIP code 60xxx, 61xxx, 62xxx, 63xxx )
I6 Abruzzo ( ZIP code 64xxx, 65xxx, 66xxx, 67xxx )
I8 Molise ( ZIP code 86xxx )
I7 Puglia ( ZIP code 70xxx, 71xxx, 72xxx , 73xxx, 74xxx, 76xxx )

Ionian Sea 1 QSO/HRD with each of the four listed provinces:
IT9 Sicily
I7 Puglia ( ZIP code 70xxx, 71xxx, 72xxx , 73xxx, 74xxx, 76xxx )
I7 Basilicata ( ZIP code 75xxx, 85xxx )
I8 Calabria ( ZIP code 87xxx, 88xxx, 89xxx )

Mediterranean Sea 1 QSO with the province of Sicily:
IT9 Sicily

Tyrrhenian Sea 1 QSO with each of the six listed provinces:
I5 Toscana ( ZIP code 50xxx, 51xxx, 52xxx, 53xxx, 54xxx, 55xxx, 56xxx, 57xxx, 58xxx, 59xxx )
I0 Lazio ( ZIP code 00xxx, 01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx, 04xxx )
I8 Campania ( ZIP code 80xxx, 81xxx, 82xxx, 83xxx, 84xxx )
I8 Basilicata ( ZIP code 75xxx, 85xxx )
I8 Calabria ( ZIP code 87xxx, 88xxx, 89xxx )
IT9 Sicily

Worked Italian ZIP’s (Postal Codes)

The purpose of this award is to encourage contacts with Italian stations located in different QTHs that have different ZIP codes ( in Italian this is referred to as the CAP, Codice Avviamento Postale ). Stations located in San Marino, the Vatican City and the SMOM are not accepted for this award.

To apply for the award you need confirmation of 100 different ZIPs. Endorsements will be issued for each additional 100.

The ZIP code may be determined from the QSL card. Stations operating /P will be accepted too only if it is possible to ascertain the place from which the operation has taken place ( i.e. activity from castles, lakes, abbeys, lighthouses etc. ) otherwise it will not be accepted for this award.

Upon request, the award may be endorsed by band, mode, HF, VHF etc.

In case of any dispute concerning the identification of a ZIP code the manager reserves the right to request photocopy/scan of the QSL.

Tks OH3GZ 2/6/13


Work stations from all continents and with the first letter of their suffix form the phrase "Amateur Radio" plus your own call sign.
For Example : assume that IK3GER is applying for this certificate. He will have to
work stations with whose first letter of the suffix he could be able to build the phrase "Amateur Radio IK3GER".
For example this is one of many valid ways to earn the award: W3ABC, G0MGR, JA3AAS, VK2TER, LU1EAQ, CN8US, DL0RA + ZS6RS, UA0AAB, UA1DER, VE3IO, ON6OT + SM3IOW, OK3KAQ, 3B8FC, PY1GWE, EE5E, UN7RT.

As regards the number "3" in the call of IK3GER, he may use any DXCC country starting with the number 3 such as 3A, 3B6, 3B7, 3B8, 3B9, 3C, 3D, 3X, 3Z etc. But if he has worked no country with the figure 3 in the prefix he may turn the number 3 into letters and so becoming "three", and consequently work more stations with whose first letter in the suffix he will have to build the word "three". This last option may be useful for those hams who have, for example, number "1" in the call. In fact there are only two countries with "1" in the prefix, namely 1A0 and 1S.

Further requirements:

If there are duplicate letters in the phrase you are going to build, you must use different calls. Considering again the application of IK3GER, he has some double letters ( such as 3 "A’s" which are underlined ) "Amateur Radio IK3GER" it is mandatory that among the call signs you are going to use there must be at least one call from each of the following continents : Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America.


Worked Italian Large Cities Award (WILC)

The "W.I.L.C." certificate is available to OM/SWLs who have worked a certain number of large Italian cities. According to data coming from internet, there are about 50 cities in Italy whose resident population is 100,000 and more. Beneath you find a list of 50 large cities qualifying for the award.

List of large cities :Ancona, Andria, Arezzo, Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Cesena, Ferrara, Firenze, Foggia, Forlì, Genova, Giugliano in Campania, Latina, Lecce, Livorno, Messina, Milano, Modena, Monza, Napoli, Novara, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Prato, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Roma, Salerno, Sassari, Siracusa, Taranto, Terni, Torino, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza. The "W.I.L.C." is issued in 2 classes, depending on the number of large cities that you have worked.

WILC Class 2 .. 30 QSOs/HRDs

WILC Class 1 .. 50 QSOs/HRDs

On request you may get any endorsement for band, mode, HF, VHF, Satellites etc.
QSL cards are not needed, just send a list of QSOs/HRDs as shown in the example below.

Example of Application ( order by City )
City            C A L L      Date          UTC      MHz       2x

Milano         I2AAA      10/03/1997  10.40      14       SSB
Roma         I0BBB         21/11/2011 09.33       7        CW

Citta’ D’Arte Diploma

The award is issued to OM/SWL for contact with Italian "towns of art" and according to the following requirements :

European Stations
50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
25 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – order by town
Città           C A L L          Data        UTC      MHz      2 x

Trieste         IV3DYS       10/03/1997 10.40      14       SSB
Venezia       IK3GER       21/11/2011 09.33       7       CW

Complete list of the valid cities/towns classified as Cities of Art is found at:

Musei Italiani Diploma

The award "Musei Italiani – Italian Museums" is issued to OM/SWL for contact with Italian cities/towns with a museum.

Requirements :
European Stations

70 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )

50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – order by town
City/Town    C A L L              Date            UTC        MHz        2 x

Trieste          IV3DYS           10/03/1997     10.40         14         SSB
Venezia        IK3GER            21/11/2011    09.33         7           CW

Complete list of Italian cities with Museums found at:

Work the World (WTW)

The award "WTW – Work The World" is issued to both OM/SWL who have carried out QSO/HRD with DXCC countries in the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctica.

The diploma is issued in the following classes and for each class there is a different diploma :
Class 1
You need 4 QSOs with each of the above 7 continents except for Antarctica where you need only 1 QSO. Each QSO must be on a different band ( 25 QSO in total );
Class 2

You need 3 QSOs with each of the above 7 continents except for Antarctica where you need only 1 QSO. Each QSO must be on a different band ( 19 QSO in total );

On request you may get any endorsement for mode, HF, DIGI, Satellites etc.

Example of application for Class 1
Continent C A L L Date UTC MHz 2 x

1 Europe IV3DYS xx xx 3.5 xx
2 Europe DF5WA xx xx 7 xx
3 Europe G3ABC xx xx 10 xx
4 Europe F6AA xx xx 28 xx
1 Africa TL8JD xx xx 7 xx
..............................etc for the rest of the QSOs.
Total 25 QSO.

Amerigo Vespucci Diploma

The Italian explorer and navigator Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence on March 18, 1454. He made 4 voyages towards South & Central America touching the following countries : 
     1st voyage : 1497-1498 Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Florida
     2nd voyage : 1499-1500 Guyana, Brasil, Trinidad
     3rd voyage : 1501 Cape Verde, Argentina, Uruguay, Argentina ( Patagonia region )
     4th voyage : 1503-1504 Brasil, Island of Fernando de Norohna.

The diploma is issued to both OM/SWL provided the required number of contacts/heards is fulfilled as specified in the rules.

A) Diploma Class 1
Carry out 2 QSOs, each one on a different band, (26 QSOs needed) with all the following DXCC countries :
1. Argentina . . . . . . ( LU…any region )
2. Argentina . . . . . . ( only Patagonia region LU..V-W-X-Z )
3. Brasil . . . . . . ( PY… )
4. Cape Verde . . . . . . ( D4… )
5. Colombia . . . . . . ( HK… )
6. Cuba . . . . . . ( CO… )
7. Fernando de Norohna Is. ( PY0F… )
8. Florida . . . . . . ( W4... )
9. French Guyana . . ( FY… )
10. Guyana . . . . . . ( 8R… )
11. Uruguay . . . . . . ( CX… )
12. Trinidad & Tobago ( 9Y… )
13. Venezuela . . . . . . ( YV… )

B) Diploma Class 2

Carry out 1 QSO with all the DXCC countries listed at point A). ( 13 QSOs needed ).

Endorsement may by requested for SSB, CW DIGI etc.

Country                         C A L L                    Date          UTC        MHz       2 x
1 Argentina                     LU1AA                       xx               xx            xx            xx
2 Argentina ( Patagonia ) LU7ZI                         xx               xx            xx            xx
3 Cuba                           CO1AA                      xx               xx             xx            xx

Tks OH3GZ 6/28/13


CITTA’ D’ARTE(Italian Cities of Art)

The award is issued to OM/SWL for contacting Italian "cities of art" according to the following requirements :

European Stations
50 QSO/SWL for SSB and/or mixed application
25 QSO/SWL for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

Example of application – in alphabetic order by town:

CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
Trieste      IV3DYS   10/03/1997  10.40     14    SSB
Venezia    IK3GER    21/11/2011 09.33      7     CW

List of 105 Italian cities known for art:


MUSEI ITALIANI (Italian cities with prominent museums)

The award "Musei Italiani – Italian Museums" is issued to OM/SWL for contacting Italian cities/towns with a museum.

European Stations:
70 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

Example of application in alphabetic order by city/town:
CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
Trieste      IV3DYS   10/03/1997     10.40    14      SSB
Venezia     IK3GER   21/11/2011     09.33    7       CW

List of 110 Italian cities known for their museums:


DIPLOMA ARTISTI ITALIANI (Award of Italian Artists)

The award "DIPLOMA ARTISTI ITALIANI" consists of a set of 10 awards each of which is issued for a specific Italian artist of the past. These are: BERNINI, BOTTICELLI, CANOVA, CARAVAGGIO, GIORGIONE, GIOTTO, LEONARDO,, RAFFAELLO, TIKNTORETTO and TIZIANO.

Every award may be requested individually by OM/SWL who are able to complete one of the 3 different award requirements:
1. spell the name of the artist for the award you are applying for by using the last letter of any Italian station’s call sign.
2.spell the name of the same artist chosen by using the first letter of the suffix of any Italian station’s call sign.
3. Make 5 QSO/SWL with the call area I3 ( but not IN3 and IV3 ) of which at least one station must be from Venice or province of Venice ( ZIP code: 30xxx ).

Call signs of foreign operators operating portable in Italy are not accepted for these awards and also call signs of San Marino ( T7 ), SMOM ( 1A ) and the Vatican ( HV ) are not valid for these awards.
An example of an application that uses the last letter of the Italian Station’s call sign might look like this if you are applying for BERNINI and spelling the name of the artist using the last letter of the callsign

C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
I1AAB      3/11/95           1455     28     CW
IT9UUE    4/5/05             1552     10.1  SSB
IZ3ABR    11/5/07           1233      7      CW
II8NN       12/20/07         2345     14     CW
IS0KYI      6/6/99            1800     3.5    SSB
II3PAN      8/1/01            0344     3.5    CW
IZ7OAI      12/30/04        1103     14     CW

Along the same lines, the second valid way to earn the award is by using the last letter of the suffix to provide the needed letter and the third way to qualify is to contact the 5 Italian stations from their 3rd call area (but not IN3 or IV3), making sure that at least one of them is from the city or province of Venice.


The diploma "COLOSSEUM" has been established to remember this famous amphitheatre, the largest in the world, capable of seating 50000 to 80,000 spectators. It is situated in the center of the city of Rome, and originally it was known as "Amphitheatrum Flavium". Construction began in the year 72 A.D. under the rule of emperor Vespasianus and was completed in 80 A.D. by emperor Titus.

The award is issued to OM/SWL who abide by the following conditions :


1. Spell the words "AMPHITHEATRUM FLAVIUM" using the last letter of any Italian callsign. Foreign stations working portable in Italy are not accepted and stations from San Marino, the Vatican and the SMOM are also not accepted for this award;
2. Make 1 QSO/SWL with each of the following five provinces of Lazio, the Region of Rome ( Call area I0 )
Frosinone ( FR ) initial ZIP code 03xxx
Latina ( LT ) initial ZIP code 04xxx
Rieti ( RI ) initial ZIP code 02xxx
Roma initial ZIP code 00xxx
Viterbo ( VT ) initial ZIP code 01xxx


1. Spell the words "AMPHITHEATRUM FLAVIUM" using the last letter of any Italian call sign. Foreign stations working portable in Italy are not accepted and stations from San Marino, the Vatican and the SMOM are also not accepted for this award.

Example of application
CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
I0AA A    etc...............

Diploma Imperium Romanum

The Roman Empire at the height of its power was enormous and included areas acquired during the leadership of Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius. In all of the territories of the Empire, the Romans built towns, roads, bridges, aqueducts, fortifications, exporting everywhere a pattern of civilization and the power to assimilate populations and civilizations so thoroughly, that even centuries after the end of the Empire, those peoples continued to call themselves Roman.

This award may be earned by making contacts with all of the regions and countries which now exist which, in the past were part of the Roman Empire. Contacts for the award count if made on or after 1-1-1990. SWL OK. All bands and modes OK. Send a log extract to with all QSO information and the signed statement that contacts have been made in full compliance with the amateur radio rules. The manager reserves the right if in doubt to ask for the appropriate cards. The award fee is 15€. For more information about the award and instructions for electronic payment, write to: Manager Gianfranco, IK0IKE


List of countries in the territory of the Roman Empire:

1.ZA Albania 		23 DL Germany 		45 4O Montenegro
2 7X Algeria 		24 ZB2 Gibraltar 	46 PA Netherlands
3 C3 Andorra 		25 JY Jordan 		47 E4 Palestine
4 EK Armenia 		26 Great Britain 	48 SP Poland
5 OE Austria 		27 SV Greece 		49 CT Portugal
6 4K Azerbaijan 	28 OJ Guernsey 		50 YO Romania
7 EA6 Balearic Is 	29 EP Iran 		51 1A0 S.M.O.M.
8 ON Belgium 		30 YI Iraq 		52 T77 S. Marine Rep
9 T9 Bosnia-Herzegovina 31 4Z Israel 		53 IS0 Sardinia Isl
10 LZ Bulgaria 		32 ITALY 		54 GM Scotland
11 OK Czech Rep. 	33 GJ Jersey 		55 OM Slovak Rep
12 EA9 Ceuta & Melilla 	34 OD Lebanon 		56 IT9 Sicily Isl
13 5B Cyprus Isl 	35 5A Libya 		57 YK Syria
14 ZC4 Cyprus UK Base 	36 HB0 Liechtenstein 	58 S5 Slovenia
15 HV Vatican City 	37 LX Luxembourg 	59 EA Spain
16 TK Corsica Isl 	38 Z3 Macedonia 	60 HB Switzerland
17 SV9 Crete Isl 	39 9H Malta Isl 	61 3V Tunisia
18 9A Croatia 		40 GD Man Isl 		62 TA Turkey
19 SV5 Dodecanese Isl 	41 CN Morocco 		63 HA Hungary
20 SU Egypt 		42 3A Monaco 	 	64 YU Yugoslavia Serbia
21 F France 		43 ER Moldova 		65 GW Wales
22 4L Georgia 		44 SV1A Mount Athos 	66 I0- IK-IZ IW QSO with Rome

RadioRivista 3/2009

Regio Insubrica Permanent Award

Issued by Insubria Radio Club with the purpose of publicizing the landscapes, historical and artistic heritage and the rural culture of Euro region "Regio Insubrica", which includes Ticino (Switzerland) and the Italian provinces of Como, Lecco, Novara, Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and Varese. All contacts are valid since January 1st, 2009 with the stations HB9IRC (QSL Mng: HB9OCR) and/or IQ2IR(QSL Mng: IZ2ELV), operated by the Insubria Radio Team, during their portable activities. Look also for the several categories of stations operating in the Regio Insubrica which are also valid for the award:

A. Castles, towers, and defensive works, valid for the following awards
     D.C.I. – Italian Castles Award (A.R.I. local branch of Mondovì),
     D.C.S.-S.S.D Castles Award of Swizerland, 
     d D.C.I.N. Award or Regio Insubrica and 
     D.C.T.I. Castles Award of Canton Ticino (GSRC-SSFG Ham Radio Group of Castles of Switzerland).
B. Churches, Abbeys, Monastaries, valid for D.A.I. – Italian Abbeys Award (A.R.I. local branch of Busto Arsizio).
C. Lakes, valid for APL-D.L.I. Italian lakes Award (Section A.R.I. of Ivrea) and APL-WASL Worked All Swiss Lakes (HB9OAB).
D. Mountain summits, valid for the SOTA ITALIA (IK2NBU).

Contact 3 of the above special activities operated by members of the Insubria Radio Club, to earn the "Regio Insubrica Award". Send the abstract of log with the Date, UTC, Station Callsign, Band, Mode and D.R.I. reference number to Award Manager Luciano HB9FBI to his e-mail address . The cost for the award is 10€ or $US 20, which will be entirely contributed to charity. The award fee must must be paid by one of the following methods:
a. PayPal - send funds to ( ).
b. Banking Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Busto Garolfo e Buguggiate - Ghiringhelli Fulvio and Paolicelli Mario IBAN: IT 65 I 08404 50700 000000041901
Endorsements for each additional 5 contacts are available. They reproduce the ancient coin Dramma Insubre in the colours of bronze, silver and gold. The fee for each of the endorsements is 5€ or $US 10.

Honor Roll status is available for those earning the basic award and all 3 endorsements . Fee is 10€ or $US 20. The Honor Roll may also be endorsed for each additional 5 contacts for bronze, silver and gold levels. Fee for subsequent endorsements for the Honor Roll are 5€ or $US 10.

For any station who earns the basic award (all endorsements), Honor Roll (all endorsements), a final Top Honor Roll award is available. This requires a total of 40 contacts with the Insubria Radio Team and is FREE of charge. To obtain Top Honour Roll you must apply to the Award manager, including all details concerning the previous Awards, endorsements and 40 contacts.

The list of activations will be published every year by Feb. 15th on the club’s website .

Tks IZ2ELV 10/09 

International Pharmacists Ham Group Award 

Contact or hear  I.P.H.G. members (see the list at the end of the page). There are 3 Classes of this Award, as follows:

First Class: to get this Award, 6 contacts / heard with 6 I.P.H.G. members are required: one each Continent (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania).

Second Class: 5 contacts / heard with 5 members in 5 different Continents.

Third Class: 4 contacts / heard with 4 members in 4 different Continents OR 8 contacts / heard with 8 different I.P.H.G. members regardless of Continents.

QSL cards are not required to claim the Award: applicants should fill the proper form and send it on_line to the Award Manager IK2UVR. The Manager will verify the existence of the contacts from the mentioned I.P.H.G. members, then, if all is OK, the Award will be sent to the applicants as PDF file, ready to be printed by themselves with a common inkjet printer.

NO FEE: applicants will get their awards, free of cost, in a few days, just the time to verify their contacts. For SWLs: always indicate the other station in QSO with the I.P.H.G. member.

No time restrictions. All bands and modes may be used. 

Contacts can be made with all different call signs owned by the applicants during their activity as Radio Amateurs, please indicate in the Application Form the Call sign used, if different from your present Call sign.



 I.P.H.G. Members meet every 18th day of the month on their monitor QRGs: 28.318, 21.318, 14.318, 7.098 and 3.618 MHz. 


Tks IK2UVR 4/2003

 Italian Abbeys Award.     (D.A.I.: Diploma delle Abbazie Italiane )

Monasteries had a primary function to preserve the European civilization during the barbarian invasions and through the Dark Centuries of the Middle Age. In order to promote the knowledge and the cataloguing of the medieval buildings consecrated the Christian cult, the ARI Section of Busto Arsizio proposes to all OM/YL and SWL over the world the D.A.I.: Diploma delle Abbazie Italiane (Italian Abbeys Award). Valid References: An abbey is a building, made in the paleochristian or medieval ages, having character of a monastry and church which is managed by a monastic religious order and ruled by an Abbot. For this award, we consider valid references also Monasteries, Convents, Sanctuaries, Basilicas, Hermitages, Chapels, Churches and Belfries, and every building consecrated to the Christian religion, active or in disuse, going back to the Paleochristian Age (Ist to 4th Century) or to the Middle Age (5th to 15th Century), whose premises still exist, even in presence of later restructurations or reconstructions.

Classification: Each building or remains is identified by the abbreviation DAI followed by a regional code of 2 letters and a number (e.g.: DAI AZ-0004). The Official List is published in the Web Site  . The 2 letters before the numbers, chosen to avoid any confusion with provincial 2-letters codes or some else Award codes, identify the Region ot the Autonomous Province (A.P.) as following table shows:

AE – Valle d’Aosta/Aoste                     LZ – Latium
AZ – Abruzzo                                       MH – The Marches
BB – Bolzano/Bozen A.P. (H.Adige)     ML – Molise
BC – Basilicata                                      PL – Puglia
CP – Campania                                     PM – Piedmont
EM – Emilia Romagna                           SC – Sicily
FL – Friuli Venezia Giulia                      SD – Sardinia
KL – Calabria                                      TC – Tuscany
LB – Lombardy                                   TT – Trento A.P. (Trentine)
LG – Liguria                                        UM – Umbria
                                                            VN – Venetia

A separate set of rules apply to all stations who activate such premises. These are found on the website listed below.

The award may be earned by submitting a list of cards for at least 10 references for Europe and Mediterranean Countries, 3 references for any other Country.  Other certificates that are are available: the Certificates of Excellence Series for 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500, 2750, and 3000 references, contacted and confirmed by QSL cards. A special Honor Roll Award will be released to who can prove to have contacted and confirmed through paper QSL card at least one reference each Region and Autonomous Province (21 references with different 2-letter codes). The sending of the QSL cards is not required, but they must be in possession of the applicant and they can be requested anytime for checks. The QSL cards must contain the D.A.I. code. The Awards are free of charge and they are sent via e-mail as PDF documents, ready to be printed by the applicant with a common inkjet printer capable of color printing. If the applicant does not have a printer, it is possible to get the printing of the Award and get it via surface mail sending the form to Sez. ARI di Busto Arsizio, Casella Postale 125, 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy with a fee of 8 Euro or $US10 to cover costs (No IRC or other currencies accepted).

All of the forms required for the award may be obtained from .

(Chg 4/2008)

Italian Castles Award (DC(I)

The award is issued by the Section A.R.I. of Mondovìì (Cuneo) to publicize Castles and Italian Geography and history. . SWL OK. The applicant will have to contact and confirm Castles as follows:

1, HF: Italians need 30 Italian castles in at least 5 different Regions.  All others need 20 castles in at least 5 different regions. One castle in the Province of Cuneo is mandatory for HF. 
2. VHF: (6 meters and up) Italian stations need 10 castles in at least 2 different Regions.
3. Honor Roll: Contact and confirm 1000 different award references in at least 100 provinces.
4. Top Honor Roll: Contact and confirm 2000 different award references in all the 107 provinces and already possess the honor roll award.  This award is free. 

Endorsement stickers available for (1) proof of contact with at least 3 castles of every region and (2) for 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 confirmed castles. 

All bands, from 2 to 160 meters, and in the SSB, CW and RTTY modes are valid.  Special endorsement consisting of an adhesive color sticker showing the Italian Regions which will be granted to have worked at least 3 Castles from each Region. No endorsements for all one mode or band. Contacts are valid since January 1st. 2001.
GCR list with all QSO details plus name of castle and the actual card is needed. Apply to Award Manager (Betty Sciolla, IK1QFM) or to Technical Award Manager (IK1GPG) of the Section A.R.I. of Mondovì, P.O.Box 4, I-12084 Mondovìì (Cuneo) Italy.  

The award rules are available online at    A list of the Castles is available from the Technical Award Manager to the cost of 6€ or US$8 as contribution for the postal expenses and photocopies or may be found at the same internet site.  Separate set of rules for Castle Activators.  See website. 

Note: cards are not needed if an official checkpoint person was used. These are: IK1UGX,  IK1NEG, IW1CAB, IK2UVR, IK3ABY, IN3YGW, IV3HWY, IK4HPU, I5FLN, IK6CAC, I6DHY, I0SBA, I0SSW, IK8YFU, IK8OZV, IW8DQY, IZ8AWQ, IZ7FMQ, IK8SHL, IT9VQC, IS0JMA. Foreign checkpoints are: EA5OL F5XL DL8AAM HB9FBI, UA6HGY, SP5PB, G0FEX, ON4CAS, OH3OJ, UY5XE, S53EO, 9A2AA, VE3XN, PP5SZ, SV1XW, OM3JW, HA8ZC, 4X4JU, EA3GHZ.

The award fee is  US$11 or 8 Euro. Honor Roll 22€  or $US30.  Top Honor Roll 15€ or $US20.   Endorsement stickers 5€ or $US7.  For the application to enclose SASE or SAE+IRC.


(Chg 4/2008)

Worked All Italian  Club Stations  (WAICS) 

Sponsored by ARI Formia. This is a permanent award established for contacting at least 20 Italian club and association stations after 1 January 2003. SWL OK. Valid call signs for the award are shown on the internet at: 

Actual QSLs are required; no use of e-QSL or photocopies.

Basic award requires 20 stations, Intermediate = 40, Advanced = 80.
All bands and modes except packet and echo link contacts. 

Fees: for the certificate is 10€ and 3€ for any subsequent endorsements. Apply to: ARI Fornia, PO Box 33, I-04023 Formia (LT), Italy.


Tks OH3GZ 5/11/03

Italian Districts by Castles Award I.D.C.A.

The A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio (VA), in collaboration with A.R.I. Section of Mondovì (CN), sponsors the Italian Districts by Castles Award, involved in the D.C.I. Programme. The purpose of this Award is to contact different Italian Districts through QSOs or SWL with fixed or portable amateur stations who are operating from References of the "Diploma dei Castelli d'Italia" (D.C.I.).

Definition of District: This is an Italian geographic area with same telephone area-code. There are 231 different phone areas in Italy. Note that these Districts don't correspond to the Italian Provinces or any part of them. The Italian Districts are identified through a number from 001 to 230 sorted by area-code and are named with the Chief Town of the District.

The Basic I.D.C.A. requires contacts/SWL with 25 of the 230 Districts. You must possess the QSL as already accredited by the D.C.I. Manager. The award is free and it is sent as e-mail attachment as PDF file, printable by the applicant with a common inkjet printer. The first claimed Class must be the Basic. Each upper Class can be claimed once in possession of the previous Class.  To claim the Basic Award, applicants must send a form, automatically generated by the Official Software D.C.I written by IK6CAS. Dowload it free at: www.ik6cac.comThe Award will be sent to the applicant once the contacts have been verified by the sponsor. No cards have to be sent. Vaild contacts are since 1st January 2001.  To identify the Districts, proper databases are available. Further intermediate upgrades can be sent via e-mail to the Manager IK2UVR only after the Diamond Level. Refer to their website for rules applying to the Activators Award.

10 Classes of the Award are available: 
1. Basic: 25 Districts (pink)
2. Wood: 50 Districts (brown)
3. Bronze 75 Districts (green/grey)
4. Silver: 100 Districts (silver)
5. Gold: 125 Districts (gold)
6. Platinum: 150 Districts (lavender)
7. Sapphire: 175 Districts (blue)
8. Emerald: 200 Districts (green)
9. Diamond: 225 Districts (red)
10. Honor Roll: 230 Districts (purple)

Each Award shows the picture of a different castle. The file is sent as e-mail attachment. If the applicant does not have Internet connection, the printed form can be mailed with a S.A.S.E. and a floppy-disk to: IDCA Manager IK2UVR, c/o Sezione ARI, Casella Postale 125, I - 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy.

The I.D.C.A. is issued only to holders of the D.C.I.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

Italian Flora Fauna Award

The IFFA is sponsored by the ARI Mondovi (Cuneo) for all amateurs and SWLs to publicize the National Parks, Reserves, Oases and Natural or Protected Areas as recognized by the Italian Government of the environment and Guardianship of Italy. The award is available for contacting 10 different IFFA locations on HF or 5 references on VHF (50 MHz or higher). All modes may be used. Contacts must be made on or after 1 August 2009.

Application form is provided on website noted below. A list of valid FF references is also shown on their website. The award is FREE if you accept to receive it via e-mail in a PDF format and print in your shack. If you choose the FREE award, apply via e-mail to address shown below. If you wish a traditional printed copy, the cost is 10E or $US13 and the application should be sent to : Massimo Balsamo IK1GPG (or Betty Sciolla IK1QFM), ARI Mondovi, Casella Postale 4, I-12084 Mondovi (Cuneo), Italy.

QSLs are not needed as sponsor will verify using the I0SSH-Log-IFFA-database.

Endorsements are available for each additional 25 IFF QSOs. Fee is SAE and 2E.

An Honor Roll Plaque is available at the 100 different IFFA references level. The fee for this plaque is 25E or $US35. A Top Honor Plaque is available for QSOing 200 different references. Fee for this level is the same.


Tks OH3GZ 8/09

Italian Lakes Award          

The award may be earned annually by contacting different stations operating on or near to Italian Lakes. Italian stations need 10, other EU need 5 and all others 3 during one calendar year. . There are separate rules on their website for the award available for lake activators, and for rules involving the procedure for what constitutes a valid activation. The award is sent free of charge as a JPG file to your e-mail address - it is about 500KB in size.

Send complete data of the QSO including station contacted, date, time, band, mode and official reference number of the lake (list found at: )Indicate your desire for special band or mode endorsement. No QSLs needed, just the log.  Send the data by e-mail to: Award Manager  I1ABT  Giacometti Bruno.


(Chg 4/2008)

Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award      (Rewritten)(Changes added 5/28/15)

1) The WAIL Award (Worked All Italian Lighthouses) has been managed and issued by the ARI Genova Club since June 1st, 2013, and previously managed by the ARI Nizza Monferrato Club. The Award is established to promote the Italian lighthouse heritage and to support portable ham radio activities at lighthouses of Italy.

2) The Award will be issued:  to any Italian/foreign OM/YL/SWL ("hunter"), who contacts/SWL at least 30 Italian lighthouses from 5 different Italian Regions; or to any Italian/foreign OM/YL ("activator"), who will have activated at least 10 Italian lighthouses.
3) All bands and modes OK respecting the Band Plan. QSOs via repeaters and cross band are forbidden in any case.

4) To pursue the WAIL Award, an official lighthouse directory is available from the Award Manager Andrea Nuzzi (IZ8WNH) and the Technical Referee Roberto Pittimo (IZ1TRK) upon request, and from the WAIL website See internet address at the bottom of this listing. 
5) The lighthouse directory is based on information published by the Italian Navy, available from Any additions and deletions of references, proposed by activators will be evaluated by both the Award Manager and the Technical Referee only. Their decision is final.
6) References deleted from previous directories but confirmed/validated until May 31st 2013 will be considered as valid for pursuing the Award.

7) No QSLs verification is requested to OM/YL hunters, as QSOs will be proved automatically. SWLs will be asked to send a copy of their logbook in ADIF format.
Awards are automatically issued when the minimal amount of QSO for a given call sign is reached. From and it is possible to check the personal score and, eventually, download customized Awards both for Activators and Hunters.  The award is free of charge in the electronic version and it is sent by e-mail. In the paper version, a contribution of Euros 10 (US dollars 15) is requested to cover shipping costs. The deposit can be charged after receiving instructions on how to do from the Award Manager.
9) Endorsements ("Steps") and "Honor Roll" are envisaged, too. Endorsements, both for hunters and activators, consist of special awards issued stepwise every 35 confirmed references and until complete confirmation of all the references, following the schedule below:

Activator (N° confirmed references) WAIL Award Hunter (N° confirmed references)

Award Level Activator Hunter
Basic 10 30
First Step 45 85
Second Step 80 100
Third Step 115 135
Fourth Step 150 170
Honor Roll All All

Refer to website for rules affecting ACTIVATORs.

k) The 20 Italian Regions are listed below:

- Val d’Aosta (Aosta Valley)
- Piemonte (Piedmont)
- Liguria
- Lombardia (Lombardy)
- Veneto
- Trentino Alto Adige
- Friuli Venezia Giulia
- Emilia Romagna
- Toscana (Tuscany)
- Marche
- Lazio
- Umbria
- Abruzzo
- Molise
- Puglia (Apulia)
- Campania
- Basilicata
- Calabria
- Sicilia (Sicily)
- Sardegna (Sardinia)

E-mail for IZ8WNH: 
Internet: Home page: 
Internet: Rules for the award 
Internet: List of Lighthouses:  (This contains a Google map, a pdf downloadable file and datasheets for each listed reference. 

Changes per IZ8WNH 5/28/15

Italian Navy Club Award (INORC)

Sponsored by the Italian Naval "Old Rhythmers" Club in order to further the use of CW for contacting its members. No other modes, of course. Available to European OM/SWLs for  having contacted 20 INORC members all others need 10 members.   Each may be worked one time, except IY1TTM which counts for each band worked. All bands. Contacts after 1 Jan 1985. GCR list and fee of 10€ or $US13 for Europeans and 15€ or $US18 all others. No QSL's needed. Apply to Mauro Nardulli I7OEB, Via Belvedere 23, I-73057 Marina di Mancaversa LE, Italy.

(Chg 9/2008)

(I have this award which is a large colored print of the Italian Cruiser "CARLO ALBERTO", the first warship fully equipped with a radio station which Naval Officer G. Marconi conducted radio experiments.)

Member list  found at: 


Brindisi A.R.I. Section/Department sponsors the permanent award honoring the "Italian Navy Seal". The award is dedicated to the memory of the "Italian Seals" particularly to the M/bsm (Battaglione San Marco) Filippo MONTESI, who was killed during a peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.  An activity period every year will help make the award available. This will be from the third week of May to the third week of June. (During 2009, this will occur from 00.00 GMT on the 16 May 2009 to 24.00 GMT 21 June 2009.) The award is available to all amateurs and SWL around the world (QSOs among Brindisi stations is excepted). No use of repeaters.

The award is available for HF (Category A) or 50MHz and up (Category B).

Points required:
Category A
1. Stations located from the islands around Brindisi as listed in IIA = 5 Points.
2. Stations who are members of the Brindisi ARI Association = 2 Points.
3. Special Event Station of the Brindisi ARI section IQ7PU = 3 Points.
4. Jolly station =5 Points.

Category B -
1 point for each KM of QRB.

The award will be given for making 30 points for the A Category (Italian OM) or 15 points (DX stations, or a minimum 10 QSOs for the B Category (Italian OM) or 5 QSO (DX stations).  Each valid station can be contacted just once a day in per mode or band. The Diploma will be awarded to those who send, no later than 31st August of every year detailed information about QSO (date, GMT time, mode, frequency, exchanged reports and progressive number), together with the QRB calculated and completed with the Locator for the B category. Fee for the award is 10€. Apply to: Sezione ARI di Brindisi, Casella Postale nr. 4, I-72100 Brindisi, Italy or via e-mail to : .


Tks IT9MRM 5/27/09


The award is issued by the "Dolomiten DX Club" for confirmed contacts with stations operating from an Italian national park or the zone where the park is situated. SWL OK. The award is issued in following classes:

1. HF

Base 10 QSO/Hrd
Red 15 QSO/Hrd
Blue 20 QSO/Hrd

2.    50 MHz/VHF

Base 5 QSO/Hrd
Red 10 QSO/Hrd
Blue 15 QSO/Hrd
Top 20 QSO/Hrd

No date or mode limitations, each park counts once. Do not send QSL cards, GCR rule applies.  Send the fee of 15€ or $US23 to: Award Manager, Tony Mastino IN3YGW, P.O.Box 159, 39100 BOLZANO, Italy.


List of Italian National parks:

1. Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo (prov. Aquila I6, IK6, IZ6 etc);
2. Parco Nazionale dell'Archipelago Toscano (IA5, I5, IK5, IZ5 etc. prov. Livorno);
3. Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara (IS0, IM0 Asinara, Sassari, P.Torres, Sorso, Sennori, CastelSardo);
4. Parco Nazionale dell'Aspromonte (prov. Reggio Calabria I8, IK8, IZ8 etc);
5. Parco Nazionale Calabro (prov. Cosenza I8, IK8, IZ8 etc);
6. Parco Nazionale del Cilento (prov. Salerno I8, IK8, IZ8 etc);
7. Parco Nazionale del Circeo (prov. Latina I0, IK0, IZ0 etc);
8. Parco Nazionale delle Dolomiti (prov. Belluno I3, IK3, IZ3 etc, prov. Bolzano IN3);
9. Parco delle Foreste Casentinesi (prov. Arezzo I5, IK5, IZ5 etc);
10. Parco Nazionale del Gargano (prov. Foggia I7, IK7, IZ7 etc);
11. Parco Nazionale del Gennargentu (prov. Nuoro IS0);
12. Parco Nazionale Gran Paradiso (prov. Torino I1, IK1, IZ1 etc, prov. Aosta IX1)
13. Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso (prov. Aquila I6, IK6, IZ6 etc);
14. Parco Nazionale do La Maddalena (La Maddalena Archipelago, Olbia, Golfo Aranci, Arzachena, Palau, S.Teresa do Gallura, Loiri IS0, IM0);
15. Parco Nazionale della Majella (prov. Chieti, Aquila, Pescara I6, IK6, IZ6 etc);
16. Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini (prov. Macerata I6, IK6, IZ6 etc);
17. Parco Nazionale del Pollino (prov. Potenza I8, IK8, IZ8 etc);
18. Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio (prov. Sondrio I2, IK2, IZ2 etc);
19. Parco Nazionale Val Grande (prov. Verbania/Pallanza I1, IK1, IZ1 etc);
20. Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio (prov. Napoli I8, IK8, IZ8 etc);

(Chg 9/2008)

Worked All Italian Regions

Contact station in each of the Italian Regions (see exhibit at end 3rd Italian file). Basic award requires 10; stickers for 15, 20 and all 23. SWL OK. CW, SSB, RTTY, etc endorsements available. No time restriction. All bands may be used. GCR list and 10 IRC's, 5€ or $US7 (no fee for blind or paralyzed hams) to A.R.I. Seczione di Ivrea, Award Manager, PO Box 192,  I-10015 Ivrea, (TO) Italy. No charge for endorsements, just SASE with IRC.


(Chg 10/2010)

Worked All Italian Regions Satellite
(Certificato delle Regioni Italiane via Satellite) W.A.I.R.S. 

Contact Italian Regions after 1 Jan 1970 by the use of a single amateur satellite, with the option of a mode endorsement (using CW, SSB or mixed). Basic award is available for contact with 10 Italian Regions from the list below. SWL OK. No date restriction. 

Two endorsements are available for 5 additional regions each for the total of the 20. Send GCR list of contacts, photocopy of all QSLs and fee of 5€  or $US5 to: Mario Di Iorno, Via G.B. Conti 34, I-62100 Macerata MC, Italy.  (Endorsement fee is 1€ , 1 IRC or $US1 and copy of QSLs).

E-mail: (Ask for official application form)

(Chg 1/2010) Tks IK3GER

Regions: Abruzzo Basilicata Calabria Campania Valle D'Aosta Emilia Romagna Friuli Venezia Giulia Lazio Liguria Lombardia Marche Molise Piemonte Puglia Sardegna Sicilia Toscana Trentino Alto Adige Umbria Veneto. 

Worked All Italian Squares

ARI of Busto Arsizio sponsors this award for working Italian grid squares. Italy is divided into geographical squares. The size of each square is 10' or a degree on the parallel and 10' of a degree on the meridian. In each square are eight WWL little squares, two on the parallel and four on the meridian. The geographical coordinates of start and finish on this grid are: from latitude 47º10'N to latitude 35º20'N; and from longitude 6º30E to longitude 18º40'E, for a total of 5183 squares. This grid contains all Italian territory, islands included. To identify the squares, an alpha-numerical code has been used: on the direction of the parallels we give a number from 00 to 72, on the way of the meridians we gave a pair of letters coupling the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H with the letters J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R and S, obtaining AJ, AK, AL, AM, AN, AP, AQ, AR, AS, BJ, BK, BL and so on until the couple HR. So the codes of the squares come from AJ00 to HR72. Many squares are occupied by the sea, some others do not contain Italian territory, and cannot be used. There are 1488 valid squares.

Basic award requires working 100 such squares on or after 1 January 1994. SWL OK.  Endorsement for 200, 300, 500, 1000 and over 1400. You may work fixed or mobiles in the squares. Contacts via link/repeater are not valid.  All contacts must be made from the same country and with your own, and not a temporarily assigned call sign. HF diploma requires using only HF. Over 30MHz diploma requires use of VHF/UHF, etc. Endorsements for monoband, WARC, CW, RTTY, Phone, etc. GCR list and fee of $US15,10€ to: ARI di Busto Arsizio, PO Box 125, I-21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), Italy.


(Chg 3/2009)

Italian Towns Award  

This award is issued by the Pompei division of the ARI. The purpose of this award is to contact stations who are signing portable from various Italian cities after February 28th, 2004. SWL OK. No need to have the QSLs, stations participating in the award program by working portable from various cities are required to send in their log to the award manager. Only contacts with those stations who forwarded their logs to the award manager are valid for the award. 
     Separate awards are available for HF, 6m and VHF/UHF. Contacts may not be mixed. 
     On HF, Italians need 50 cities, other Europeans need 25 cities and stations outside Europe need 10 cities. 
     For both the 6m and VHF/UHF awards, Italians need 25 cities, all others 15.  
     Additional awards are available for 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 1000 different cities. 
     1500 different cities will get you on the honor roll, while the "Excellence award" will be issued for 3000 different cities.  
     An application form as well as an excel sheet which can be used as record book can be downloaded from the internet . If the basic award is applied for via e-mail, no fee is required; you will receive a file containing the award which you then may print. A printed version of the award and honor roll costs 5€. The fee for the Excellence Award is 15€.  Apply to: Gianfranco Lai IK8VRN, PO Box 6, I-80034 Marigliano (NA), Italy. 


(Chg 11/2008)

Italian Union Award

Sponsored by the Turin section of ARI to honor the Centenary of the Italian Union. Contact on HF at least 18 of the Italian Regions plus one contact with Turin or any station in its province. SWL OK. On VHF, the requirement is to contact at least 5 different Italian regions. Contacts after 27 March 1961. GCR list (no fee stated, but suggest postage) to: Award Manager of Sezione ARI di Torino, CP250, I-10100 Torino, Italy.

Regions are: Abruzzi, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Molise, Piemonte, Puglia, Sardegna, Sicilia, Toscana, Trentino-Alto, Adige, Umbria, Valle d’Aosta, Veneto.


(Chg 9/2008)

Diploma of Italian Volcanic Environment (DAV)

This award is sponsored by ARAS Italy Catania for OM and SWL in order to publicize Italian volcanism. To obtain the the basic level of the award, the applicant must demonstrate contacts with Italian volcanic locations and features from the official list as published on their website. All bands and modes. Contacts on or after 1 May 2011.

Categories of volcanic sites valid for this award:
There are only 5 active volcanoes to be found in Italy, but by counting different vents or cones, the award recognized 11 on their list. These 5 are: Etna, Vesuvius, Ischia, Campi Flegrei and Colli Albani.
In addition, their list of qualifying sites include: Extinct Volcanoes, Craters, Caves, Volcanic Lakes, Sulfur Springs, Tourist Hotels near these volcanoes, Volcano Museums, Tourist Areas, Underwater Volcanic Sites and more. Each carries a unique number and is valid for the award. Additional sites will be added as they are verified. Each of these categories are listed on their website.

BASIC AWARD: (Free of charge as PDF file)
1. HF: 10 references for Italian stations, and 5 for all others.
2. VHF: Italian and foreign station need 3 references. (50MHz and above).

The diploma DAV is issued to all OM and SWL who send a request using the site You must send an adif file listing the official reference numbers which includes the following fields:
a) <CALL>
b) <qso_date>
c) <time_on>
d) <reference>
e) <band>

The custodian will return a file with the confirmation of the QSOs actually on their records. All activators are required to send an electronic log file to the sponsor. It is not necessary to send QSL cards as long as you submit the ADIF file. If you accept the award in PDF format, it will be sent to you via e-mail. If you wish the award on printed parchment paper, the fee is 10€.

Endorsements cost 2E for postage and are always obtained by the procedure listed above. Endorsements consist of a adhesive based sticker of distinctive color and will be granted for every 25 additional references 25, 50, 75, 100 and so on).

A separate set of rules apply to "activators". Refer to their website for these.

The list of references DAV, is available on the website: Additions to the listing will be considered upon proper proof of their existence. Refer to website for procedure.

Higher levels of the award include:
a. Parchment for 50 different references. (Fee 10E)
b. Plaque for 100 references. (Fee 20€)
c. Plaque for 300 references. (Fee 30€)
d. Endorsements each additional 25 references 2€)

Sponsor’s e-mail:
Marco Mora IT9JPW (ARAS Italia) -

Tks IT9JPW 5/18/11

IYLRC (Italiano Elettra Marconi Series)

General Requirements: Each award available on all bands and modes except EUROYL Award which is available only on HF/All modes. No WARC bands. QSLs must be in your possession, but don't have to be sent unless requested by manager. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 10€, 11 IRCs or $US12.  Fee for endorsements is 2€, 3 IRCs or $US3. No endorsements available for the Gioconda Award. Apply to Gabriella Mollura IK3CXG, Via A Fogazzaro n. 10, I-36013 Piovene R. (VI), Italy. 


(Chg 8/2004) 


Work 20 YL's in different European countries since 1 Jan 1990. Endorsements for each additional 10 YL's located in other 10 different European countries.

Friendliness Award

Contact Italian or foreign YL members of the IYLRC on or after 1 Jan 1990. 10 points are needed: each SSB QSO = 1, each CW, PSK or RTTY = 2. QSO's made via repeaters or using FM are not allowed. Each member may be worked only once for each mode or band with a maximum of 4 times. Endorsements available for each additional 5 members. Special plaque offered at the 25 member level. Cost of the plaque is 16€, 20 IRCs or $US18. Note: one third of the fees collected will be donated to the Italian National Institution for Muscular Distrophy.

Gioconda Award   

Contact Italian or foreign YL members of IYLRC after 1 Jan 2001.  10 points needed.  Each member = 1 point on SSB and 2 points on CW, PSK or RTTY.  Each member may be worked only one time.  

Worked All Italian ZIP Code Award              

Section ARI Pescara sponsors this award for working different Italian ZIP (postal) codes on QSLs after 1 January 1965.  The code consists of a 5 digit number, sometimes preceded by "I-".  There are about 4900 different such codes available. In case of contacts without a confirmation, you may use the code shown in a callbook or look at the internet site:

The award versions available are:
1. MIXED - all bands and modes.
2. HF - on HF using all modes.
3. OVER 30 MHZ - for 50 MHZ, VHF, UHF and higher using all modes.
4. PHONE - all bands using Phone mode.
5. CW - all bands using CW mode.
6. RTTY - all bands using digital modes.

The Basic award is available for 250 such codes, and endorsement each additional 250.  No use of repeaters.    GCR list and fee of 6€ or $US10 to: Carlo Delle Monache IK6CAC, Via S. Eligio 22, I-66100 Chieti, Italy.  


(Chg 4/2009)

Diplome JN63

Sponsored by the Macerata ARI section for contact stations in different subsquares of JN63. SWL OK.

Award Requirements:
1) HF 50 different subsquares
2) 50 MHz 15 different subsquares
3) VHF 15 different subsquares
4) UHF 10 different subsquares
5) SHF 5 different subsquares
6) Satellite 5 different subsquares

Additional endorsement stickers available for each added 15 QSO's in HF, 10 QSO's in 50 MHz and VHF. In UHF, SHF and Satellite 5 QSO's. All contacts must be made from the same square. All modes. No-cross mode, digipeaters, satellites, or repeaters. You must possess the cards. Sponsor reserves the right to examine any or all of them. GCR list and fee pf 5€ or US$ 7 to: Award Manager "JN63", ARI Macerata, PO Box 66, I-62100 Macerata, Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

 — ARI Sezione di Lecce Series —        Rewrite 2/14

General Requirements: Awards are available for amateurs and SWLs. Fees are shown for each award. Apply to Award Manager" - ARI-PO. Box 161-73100 Lecce, Italy.


Lecce - Otranto’s Land Award (Terra d'Otranto Lecce)

This award, originally issued during the 25th anniversary of its founding, is designed to promote the territory of the Province of Lecce and its customs and history. 
Contact stations operating from the territory on or after 1-1-1999 in several categories as follows: 
     A) from each municipality in the province (see list LCL);
     B) from the Towers and Castles List DCI (Italian Castles) with reference number whose prefix LE-xxx, including the Old Walled Coastal Towers of the Ionian and Adriatic coasts of the province. All band and modes OK, no use of repeaters or crossband and cross mode contacts. 
Cards are not needed, as manager reserves right to check with local statio QSOs listed on the extract from LOG. You should send full information of Date, Time,Band, Mode, Station, Reports, Name or reference number of '"Entity Geographical Location" (as required).
There are four categories which will earn the award with their respective minimum requirements for Italians, European or DX applicants below:

Amateurs / SWL Italian:
A) 'MIXED': 15 different stations in the province without any distinction of "Entity Geographical Location";
B) 'LUPIAE' (Latin Name of Lecce): 10 stations of the Capital (Lecce, LCL01);
C) "TOWNS": 10 different stations from as many municipalities (including capital) of the Province;
D) "OLD TOWERS & CASTLES": 10 different stations operating at towers and /or Province Castles.

Amateurs / SWL Europeans
As above, except the number of QSOs / SWL Category A: 10; category. B, C, D: 7.

Amateurs / SWL outside Europe
As above, except the number of QSO /SWL A: 5; category. B, C, D: 3.

Endorsement stickers for each category are available. Send log extract and fee of 8E (£ 15,000.15 IRCs, or $US10).

Internet: Terra_d'otranto.pdf   


Contact staions located on islands belonging to the provinces of Brindisi, Lecce and Taranto, on or after 1.1.1980. Valid islands are those referenced in the official listing of the Italian Islands Award (IIA).

Award Requirements:
- Italian OM/SWL, at least 20 islands confirmed;
- European OM/SWL, at least 15 islands confirmed;
- Outside of Europe: OM/SWL, at least 10 islands you confirmed;
- Island Activators, at least 10 islands you activate.

All bands and modes, including WARC OK. No QSO/(HRD) through terrestrial repeaters.
A special plaque will be released for those who contact (listened) 50 or activated 25 islands.

Applications should include all QSO information including dates, call sign, worked or listened, band mode duly stamped and signed by the President or from the Award Manager of Section, to confirmation the QSO data. Award manager retains the right to ask for any or all cards.

Activators will have to send a list of the activations with respective date instead, accompanied from a least but enough photographic documentation for every island

Award fee is £.15.000 ($US10 or 20 IRCs). If cards are sent, include enough postage to pay for the return of the cards.

Tks PA3CUZ Rewrite 2/8/14

Leonessa d’Italia Award                Rewrite 1/2016

Brescia is known as the Lioness of Italy (Leonessa d’Italia) after ten days of popular uprising against Austrian rule during the Spring of 1849, 21 March to 1st of April. The ancient city of Brixia, has been an important regional centre since pre-Roman times. The city preserves a number of monuments and buildings of Roman, medieval and other historical periods, among which the prominent castle is dominating the city.

The Brescia A.R.I. Radioclub issues the Award "Leonessa d’Italia" to any Amateur Radio or SWL by sending in a log extract certifying QSOs made with Brescia Ham stations as follows:
Italian stations: 15 different QSO/HRD
European stations: 10 different QSO/HRD
All other stations: 5 different QSO/HRD.

One QSO with the Brescia radioclub station, IQ2CF, is counted as 3 different QSOs and may be logged only once. All modes and bands are permitted with the exception of QSO through repeaters and CW automatic decoding systems. Send a log extract to the radioclub e-mail address or by mail, to: ARI Brescia – Via Maiera, 21 – 25124 Brescia – Italy.

The log shall also specify any requested endorsement, such as: single mode SSB – CW – Digital modes, single band, QRP etc. QSLs confirming the QSOs are not required. The Award will be forwarded in PDF format at no cost.



Tks 1/21/15

Diploma Liguria               REWRITE 7/09 

Earned by amateurs and SWL's for contacts with Ligurian stations on the HF (including WARC) using the modes of CW, AM, SSB and digital.  Contacts after 1 July 1959. SWL OK.  

Available in 3 classes: 

Province Basic 2nd Class 3rd Class
Genova 8 4 3
Imperia 3 2 2
La Spezia 2 1 1
Savona 2 1 1
Total QSO's 15 23 (15+8) 30 (23+7)

The award is ONLY available in JPG format, and is FREE of charge.  (Print in your own shack). 


(Chg 9/2009)

Liri Waterfalls Award

The award was established to publicize the three waterfalls of the River Liri which passes through the town of Isola del Liri. The main waterfall is about 30 meters high and is one of the few waterfalls to occupy the center of a town.  The Diploma can be earned by showing proof of having contacted / heard a number of radio amateurs which are permanent residents in the Province of Frosinone or live in Isola del Liri. Contacts on or after 1 April 2013.

Point Values:
Normal Stations living in province of Frosinone = 1 point;
QRP stations in province of Frosinone = 3 points;
Jolly stations (special wild card stations) IQ0DC – IQ0MA – IQ0FN – or other jolly stations = 5 points;
Stations permanently resident in Isola del Liri = 4 points.
(Same values as above for SWL’s.
Same station may be contacted more than once a day if QSOs are on different bands and/or modes with at least a one-hour interval between one contact and the next.

Required Points:
Stations in the province of Frosinone need 60.
Italian stations outside the province of Frosinone need 50.;
European stations need 30.
All others need 15 points.
The above scoring system is also valid for SWL stations.
The Diploma may be awarded in two ways, Free or Fee

1. A payment, printed on "parchment" and mailed to the address indicated in the request. In these modes, the applicant must make a deposit of Euro 10€ or $US13) by using electronic funds transfer making a payment to PostPay n ° 4023 6006 2876 3569 payable to Duro Daniele - C.F. DRUDNL63D14E340V.

2. Free of charge, on request can be issued, free of charge, and sent through e-mail as in image in PDF format. In this case the applicant will print it at his own expense.

Application: The request of the Diploma, goes addressed to: with attached Log, and any copy of the charging Poste Pay performed .Il diploma will be sent dall'Award Manager, in this way. Information: any information about the stations, in the province of Frosinone, participants to the course and any changes in regulations and otherwise, may also be taken on site:


Tks OH3GZ 4/3/13

City of Lodi Award        

Contact 5 members of the Lodi ARI club after 5 Oct 1973.  SWL OK.   A station may be contacted on different dates for credit.  No repeaters contacts except by satellite.  GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Sezione ARI di Lodi,  PO Box 39, I-26900 Lodi (LO), Italy. 


(Chg 9/2008) 

Diploma dei Castelli Lombardi

The A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio, in collaboration with the A.R.I. Section of Mondovì (CN), managing the D.C.I. (Italian Castles Award), sponsors the Lombard Castles Award (D.C.Lo.) to publicize the knowledge of the Castles of the Region of Lombardy. They plan to activate castles during a special one weekend per year.

Requirements: confirm the following number of references:
       Italians: 20 Castles of Lombardy in at least 4 different Lombard provinces.
All others: 10 Castles of Lombardy in at least 3 different Lombard provinces.

The two-letter-code of the 11 Provinces of Lombardy are: BG – Bergamo, BS – Brescia, CO – Como, CR – Cremona,  LC – Lecco,  LO – Lodi, MI – Milano, MN – Mantova, PV – Pavia, SO – Sondrio, VA – Varese.

Contacts may be made on all bands and modes. There are two versions of the Award: Hunter and Activator.  Valid QSL cards will be those already accredited to the applicant by the D.C.I. Office and issued as a part of approved DCI operations (see )

The applicant must either fill the proper Application Form downloadable from this web site and send it to the D.C.Lo. Award Committee, via mail to P.O.Box 125 – I-21052 Busto Arsizio (VA), ITALY, or via e-mail to: , il D.C.Lo. or must send the Form generated by the official DCI software  by IK6CAC. In any case the applicant must provide a detailed list of the QSOs in alphabetical order by the reference number, with the following data: Reference of the Castle, Callsign, Date, GMT, Frequency, Mode. The sending of the QSLs is not required. The Award is free of costs and it will be sent to the Applicant as PDF file, which can be printed in your shack. In case the Applicant won't be able to receive and/or print the Award by himself, it can be printed and sent via normal mail with a fee of 8 Euro or $US10. (IRCs are not accepted).  Valid references are those issued by the D.C.I. Technical Award Manager of the ARI Section of di Mondovì (Cuneo) and already accredited for the D.C.I.  

The list of the Castles of Lombardy is available on this Web Site:  and

The award is issued to activators who activate at least 20 Castles of Lombardy from at least two different provinces. No charge for activators. The D.C.Lo. Activator Award. The official list of the D.C.I.Activations will be the proof of the activities.

Definition of Castle. "Castle" means: castle, fortress, stronghold, tower, bastion, fortified house, towerhouse, fortified town or village, town walls, fort, town-fort, fortified gate, fortified palace, fortified noble palace, fortified religious building, fortified farm and every other fortified building linked to architecture related to defensive purposes since Middle Age up to the beginning of the Second World War (1939).


Tks PA3CUZ 3/2008

Diploma Castelli della Provincia di Lucca D.C.P.LU

Section A.R.I. Versilia sponsores this award for contacts with castles in the province di Lucca after 1 January 2001. SWL OK.

Italian stations need 15 castles in the province of di Lucca on HF and 5 on VHF.
All others need 15 castles in the province of di Lucca on HF.

All bands and in the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK 31. Contacts via repeater, crossband or crossmode are not valid. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Cesare Barsottelli I5WEA c/o A.R.I. Versilia, C.P. 200, I-55049 Viareggio ( LU ), Italy.

List castles of di Lucca

Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08

Marconi Club "Marconista"

To honor amateurs who use the CW mode with expertness, A.R.I. Loano will give a "Marconista" mark of honor as Guglielmo Marconi intended. The President of this honorary CW club is Marquise Maria Cristina, Marconi's wife (silent key as of 1994). The title will be given to those who qualify under any of the following criteria:

a. any member of HSC, VHSC, SHSC, EHSC or FOC club upon their written request.
b. any member of INORC, MF, MARAC, RNARS or TOPS who supply a letter from the president of these groups
declaring that the applicant works the CW mode.
c. any amateur who sends in 3 QSLs from Loano's ARI Department SV.
d. any amateur proposed by 3 existing members of the Marconi Club certifying the applicants proficiency on CW mode transmissions.

Member list is available from K1BV for SASE. The use of keyboards and decoders is not permitted. 10€  or $US15 or the equivalent. Apply to: Marconi Club, c/o ARI Loano, PO Box 16, I-17025 Loano (SV), Italy.


(Chg 4/2008)

Diploma dei Castelli delle Marche (DCM)

Issued in cooperation with the sponsors of the DCI (Italian Castle Award) and Sezioni ARI delle Marche for working castles in the Italian region of Marche after 1 January 2005. SWL OK. 

HF: Italian stations need 20 castles located in the Marche region with at least 2 castles from each Marchigiana province. 
On VHF 5 castles must be worked, with at least 2 from different provinces. 
All other stations need 10 castles of the region Marche with at least 1 castle from each Marchigiana province on HF. 
The four Marchigiana provinces of the Region Marche are: AN - Ancona, AP - Ascoli Piceno, MC - Macerata and PU - Pesaro -Urbino. 

Contacts may be made on all bands from 2 to 160 meters in the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31 and  SSTV. GCR list (with DCM reference numbers) and fee of 5€ or $US5 to Gianfranco Grossi, I6DHY, PO Box 11, I-60041 Sassoferrato (AN), Italy. 


Tks PA3CUZ 4/2006

City of MILAN Diploma

The 'Association of Italian Amateur Radio Section of Milan has established this diploma as a permanent award. The diploma can be obtained by all radio amateurs including SWL.  Contacts or SWL OK on all bands and modes. Contacts via repeaters, internet, terrestrial transponders or other similar non radio methods not permitted. Effective starting date of the award is for contacts on 1 March 2015 or later.

Contact stations belonging exclusively to ARI Milan. The list may be found at: .

Regulation - Different Levels offered:

1. HF: Only category Mixed (CW, SSB, DIGITAL). Make 50 contacts/SWL with OM members of ARI Milan (see list updated on ) with at least one contact with the Station of the Section IQ2MI, or other names used in special events organized by section (II2IGTO, IU2FV, II2EXPO, etc.). Any station may be contacted only one time regardless of the mode or band.

2. 50 MHz, VHF, UHF Only the category Mixed (CW, SSB, DIGITAL). It takes 25 QSOs or heards with OM ARI Milan (see listupdated on ) and at least one contact with the section IQ2MI Section, or other call signs names used in special events organized by section (II2IGTO, IU2FV, II2EXPO, etc.). All stations may be contacted only once regardless of the mode or band.

To request a diploma in electronic format only you have to send a log extract via email to the following address: Their mailing address is: Italian Amateur Radio Association - Section 20.1 of Milan - Via Natta, 11 - Milan, Italy


Tks K1BV Research 8/14/15


The word "Municipio" stands for the building which contains the mayor and city council. All Italian cities which contain such a building are valid for the award. Each such municipal building has been cataloged with a serial number such as "ROME DMI-5914."

There are two categories of Diploma DMI: Hunter and Expeditioner. The award is free and will be sent via e-mail in PDF format, ready to be printed directly from the applicant with a common printer. Award levels for the "Hunters" are bronze, silver, gold , and platinum for different steps of up to 250 references. If you do not have a printer, you may request the sponsor to mail you the appropriate award by sending the sum of 10 euros or $US14 U.S. dollars to cover expenses (no IRC or other currencies).

For the basic award, you must have contacted a minimum of 20 references for Italians, 10 references to Europeans, and just 5 references for other countries. A special diploma Honor Roll will be issued to those who have qso at least one reference for each region (20 references).

Valid operations of activation of references must be conducted in the vicinity of the building but may be no further than 500 meters from the outer perimeter of the building or at least as near as possible. Any fixed stations must produce appropriate documentation to demonstrate maximum distance of 500 meters. Refer to the website for a complete list of valid locations. .

A separate set of rules applies to those stations which activate the municipalities. They concern minimum number of contacts, number of activations each day, and how to verifiy newly activated buildings. E-mail applications to the address shown below and if applying to the sponsor, contact: Giancarlo Marescia IW6ATQ, Via V. Gioberti 24, I-60128 Ancona, AN, ITALY.


S. Francesco Di Paola Award

Contact Sezione ARI Gino Constanzo of Cetraro members after 1 May 1983.  SWL OK.  Bands 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, and 160 in the modes of SSB and CW may be used.  No use of repeaters.  Each contact = 1 point.  Italians need 20 points, other EU need 15 and all others 10.  GCR list and fee of 6€ to: Sezione ARI Gino Constanzo di Cetraro, PO Box 15, I-87022 Cetraro (CS), Italy.

Rewrite 9/2008 

Marco Polo Award  

Available to any amateur/SWL, who is a member of the IARU section of their own country who contacts various areas mentioned  or crossed in the explorers famous book ""Il Milione" (The Million). SWL OK. All modes except cross band are valid. Only one QSO for each country. If two countries are shown in the same geographical area (such as 9N and A51, only one can be used to count for that area.  Contacts since 1 Jan 1978.  A score of at least 35 geographical areas is required.  GCR list acceptable, but must be signed by members of DXCC, WAZ, DUF Excellence or another prestigious international DX award. The cards are not required, but if you cannot get signature as mentioned above, then a photocopy of front and back of the cards is accepted.  Fee 15€ or $US18. (Please provide mailing label).   Award manager reserves right to ask for cards or photocopy. Apply to: Award Manager, Louis Foggia I8FXT, Contrada Guglilmina, I-88050 Soveria Simeri CZ, Italy.   

(Chg 9/2008)

Application form: 

List of countries, valid area prefixes and point values:

Geographical Areas Prefixes (score only one per area) Country
Italy (any province) I (IK, IZ) Italy
Venice region IV3 Italy
Greece (any province) SV Greece
Eubea island SV4 Greece
Israel 4X (4Z) Israel
Syria YK Syria
Iraq YI Iraq
Iran EP Iran
Turkey TA Turkey
Armenia EK Armenia
Azerbaijan 4J Azerbaijan
Georgia 4L Georgia
Turkmenistan (any province) UH, EZ Turkmenistan
Uzbekhistan (any province) UI, UM Uzbekistan
Samarkand province UI..I Uzbekistan
Tadjikistan (any province) UJ  EY Tadjikistan
Kirghiz (any province) UM Kirghiz
Kazakhistan (any province) UL, UN, UQ Kazakhistan
Alma Ata Province UL7G...UL7Q Kazakhistan
Mongolia JT Mongolia
R.P. China (any province) BY China
GuangDong Region BY7I..P, XX9, VR2, VS6 China
Taiwan BV  BW Taiwan
Japan JA Japan
Korea HL South Korea
Malacca 9M2, 9V1 Malaysia, Singapore
Bengala XZ  S21 Burma, Bangladesh
Siam XU  HS Kampuchea, Thailand
Tibet and Himalaya 9N  A51 Nepal, Bhutan
India (any province) VU India
Region of Gujarat* VU * India
Sri Lanka 4S7 Sri Lanka
Sumatra Island YB4, 5, 6 Indonesia
Borneo Island YB7, V8, VS5, 9M6, 9M8 Indonesia, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak
Java Island YB0, 1, 2, 3 Indonesia
Oman A4 Oman
Persian Gulf A6, A7, A9, 9K, HZ E.A.U., Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Arabia
Ethiopia ET Ethiopia
Djibouti J28 Djibouti
Somalia T5, 6O Somalia
Masai table-land 5H3  5Z4 Tanzania, Kenya
Zanzibar Island 5H1  5H3/A Tanzania
Madagascar 5R8 Madagascar

* Check your VU QSLs. Towns located in the Indian Region of Gujarat have postal code starting 33..... to 39....

# ONLY ONE PREFIX PER AREA MUST BE SCORED. (e.g. it is incorrect to add 9M2 or 9V1, etc.


Background: Born from an idea of Don Antonio Rossaro, Rovereto’s Bell of the Fallen was cast in Trento in 1924 with the bronze of the cannons of the participating nations of the First World War. Baptized with the name Maria Dolens, it was placed on the Malipiero tower of Castello di Rovereto. The Bell, recast in Verona in 1939 was returned to Rovereto exactly one year later. In 1960, following a serious and irreparable crack, , Maria Dolens was recast at the Capanni foundries in Castelnovo Né Monti (Reggio Emilia). The current bronze, blessed by Pope Paul VI, was placed on the Colle di Miravalle on November 4, 1965, from where it continues to tower over the entire city of Rovereto. The new war memorial bell is the largest moving bell in the world which sounds every evening. [Weight 22.5 tons - Diameter 3.21 meters - Height 3.36 meters.]

THE MARIA DOLENS AWARD was established on 4 November 1976 from A.R.I. Club Rovereto (Trentino) ITALY. The award is available to all hams and SWL’s.  All bands and modes OK., with the exception of relays and trasponders. Same station can be worked several times in the same day on different bands.

Valid stations for Award: all TRENTINO ALTO ADIGE OM (IN3), on or after 4 November 1976. The Award is asilk screened reproduction, on aluminum plate of the Memorial Bell.

a. Score for every QSO (HRD) with A.R.I. Rovereto OM and honorary members = 4 points
b. for every QSO (HRD) with stations living in Trentino Alto Adige OM = 1 point.

OM SWL DX need 10 points
OM SWL EUROPE need 20 points
OM - SWL ITALY need 30 points

Award Complete: with the sixty small flags, of countries that have contributed to the Bell.
OM SWL DX need 50 points
OM SWL EUROPE need 120 points
OM SWL ITALY need 190 points

JoIIy (wild card) station: in periods of special activity these special stations carry a value of 8 points. (IR3MD is one of these and a QSO is valid for 8 points).

Award Cost: 10 Euro or 15$ USA. Award request: send the Log extract only, confirmed from two OM to Award Manager: IZ2GOT

Internet (Roverto ARI):
Internet: (Visit Roverto website): 

Tks 11/2/15

Mediterranean Islands Award

The Mediterranean Islands Award (MIA) is available to either licensed amateur radio operators and SWLs. It is issued on presentation of evidence of contact with (or, for SWLs, reception of) the minimum number of stations operating from islands located in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the following rules.

1. Contacts since 1 Jan 1997, any band or mode. 

2. Award Structure:  
a. Basic Award: : A minimum of 50 different MIA reference numbers for European participants or 30 different MIA reference numbers for extra-European participants. At least one contact must be made with islands located in Africa and Asia. Additional islands from 51 to 199 all count as part of the Basic award. These additional cards do NOT have to be submitted, just submit QSO information and signatures of two witnesses. 
     b. Honor Roll 3rd Class - 200 different MIA reference numbers for all applicants. At least 5 contacts must be made with islands located in Africa and Asia. Cards must be submitted.  Sponsor will accept images if sent on a Compact Disk.
     c. Honor Roll 2nd Class - 400 different MIA reference numbers for all applicants.  At least 10 contacts must be made with islands located in Africa and Asia. Compact disk OK. 
     d. Honor Roll 1st Class - 600 different MIA reference numbers for all applicants. At least 15 contacts must be made with islands located in Africa and Asia.  Compact Disk OK. 

3. Stations who activate islands may receive a free certificate upon proof of their operating from a minimum of 15 different islands. Special plaque for 30 activations. 

4. Fee for each award is 15€.. (The award is a specially inscribed Plexiglass mounted free-standing certificate.) Endorsement cost is 5€ each. Cost for special plaque is 30E. Mediterraneo DX Club members are entitled to a 10% discount.  Sponsor requires use of their application form available at: which should be sent along with all of the QSL cards, appropriate fees and return postage to the MIA Award Manager, Pietro Fiorenza IZ8FWN, PO Box 161, I-88100 Catanzaro, Italy. (Club members are permitted to send photocopies, front and back of the cards). 

5. Local Checkpoints will be appointed to deal with applications from their country or area. Before sending your application, please visit the MIA web site ( to check if you can submit it to a local Checkpoint. The CD with the scanned QSLs will be sent only to M.I.A. (not by e-mail).

6. The website contains a list of all eligible Mediterranean islands, listing some 1881 different islands and cross-referencing them to IOTA and other country based island programs, such as Croatian Islands. 

(Chg 9/2008)

Diploma Milano

Work stations in Milano and Milan Province. Italians need 50 points, Europeans 40, Oceania 20, and rest of world 30. SSB contacts = 1 point, CW = 2 points, RTTY/DIGI = 2 points, SSTV = 3 points, club station IK2HDG, IQ2MI and special contest call IU2M = 5 points. GCR list, your QSL and 5€ or 6 IRCs to: ARI-Sezione Milano, Via G Natta 11, I-20124, Milano, Italy.


(Chg 9/2008)

Diploma Parco Dell'Alta Murgia

The ARI di Cassano delle Murge sponsors this award for contacts with stations in the Park or as listed after 5 March 2004. SWL OK. Earn 10 points per the following table:

1. Each station in the Province of Bari = 1 point.
2. Members of the Sezione di Cassano delle Murge (BA 7010) = 2 points.
3. Station residents in the park = 3 points.
4. The Club Jolly stations IQ7MU, II7JP and II7PAX = 5 points.

All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Maria Maddalena Stano, IW7BNB, Casella Postale 104, I-70020 Cassano Murge (BA), Italy.


Towns which are located in the park: Cassano delle Murge, Altamura, Andria, Bitonto, Corato, Gravina di Puglia, Grumo Appula, Minervino, Murge, Poggiorsini, Ruvo di Puglia, Santeramo in Colle, Spinazzola, Toritto.

Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08


The Associazone Italian Radio Amateur - Section Ferarra sponsors the Diploma Palio Di Ferrara will be awarded for OM and SWL around the world for proof of having contacted (SWL) amateur stations in the city of Ferrara and its province during the period of performance of the Palio of the Ancient Games that take place in the city during the period 1 - 31 May each year. The Palio of Ferrara is considered the oldest horse racing activity in the world existing since 1239.

The diploma is issued in two classes:
a) HF bands (including WARC)
b) Bands VHF 2 mtr and / or 6 mtr

Modes of CW - SSB - DIGITAL may be used. However, no QSOs through repeaters are permitted.

a) HF Bands
Contact at least 5 stations in the Ferrara Province, using at least 3 bands for the contacts section including IQ4FA.
b) VHF bands
Contact at least 3 stations Ferrara and its province, including IQ4FA at least once.

Send GCR list and fee of 5E for Italian and other European stations and $US7 for all others to ARI Section. Ferrara Via-A. Este, 7-44121 FERRARA, Italy. Include the following data: Call Sign, date, frequency and signal report.


Tks K1BV Research 11/2012

Palio dei Terzieri Diploma

Contact ARI Trevi Section members during the period of the Palio dei Terzieri festival, from 0.00 on 7 October to 24.00 UTC on 17 October each year. SWL OK. All bands incl. WARC. Only in SSB and CW mode. Each station may be worked in the same day but on different bands. Italian stations must earn 40 points and all other stations 20. Each SSB contact = 1 point, CW = 2 points. The Joker station = 3 points and counts only once a day. Apply before March of the following year. GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Roberto Casoloari IW0RSB, Via Collecchio 68, I-06039 Trevi (PG), Italy. 


(Chg 3/2009) 

Papa Giovanni XXIII Award

Pope John XXIII, was born near Bergamo, and the Radio Club of Bergamo is sponsoring a award to be known as "Pope John Award". Available to any licensed Radio Amateur and SWL who gives evidence of two-way radio contact or heard/SWL with the required number of Bergamo Amateur Stations as set out below:

Italian Stations:
Stations in Lombardy need contacts with 10 Bergamo stations.
Other Italians need 5 contacts with Bergamo stations.

All others need 2 QSOs.
All contacts on or after 00.00 GMT 1 May 1971, all bands and modes. No cross-band or cross-mode contacts will be permitted. The award has no time limit. QSO'S with the same station will be accepted, but there must be at least a 24-hour delay between contacts.

Send log extract, your own QSL-cards for the worked stations plus fee of 10 Euro to: ASSOCIAZIONE RADIOAMATORI ITALIANI, Sezione di Bergamo, P.O. Box 8 ag. 15, I-24121 Bergamo


(Chg 5/21/12) 

Diploma Parma Storia Gastronomia

The award honors the city of Parma, first established as a Roman colony almost 22 centuries ago in 183 B.C. Contact stations located in the Province of Parma on or after 15 August 2008. Italians must earn 20 points and all others need 10. Each valid contact = 1 point, and QSOs made via the D-Star mode = 2 points. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Same station may be contacted on different bands and modes for credit. Send your application via e-mail to with the usual QSO data, and the award will be issued at no charge in the form of a PDF file which you can use to print in your shack.


Tks EA3GHZ 8/2008

Historical Pavia Award

Sponsored by the ARI Pavia and features images of Medieval Pavia different every year. SWL OK. All HF bands OK on CW and SSB modes. WARC bands are excluded. Contacts must be made from 1 to 30 September yearly. 

Italian Stations need 40 points, 
European Stations 30 points, 
all others 15 points. 

Look for stations calling "CQ DPS". The same station can be contacted once a day but no more than 5 times during the month period, independently from the band and the mode. Station IQ2PV may only be worked one time. Only stations operated by Pavia OMs are valid. 

Each contact from a Pavia station: 3 points ssb, 5 points cw, 4 points digital.
Jolly station: 6 point ssb/CW/Digital.
Special call II2TPV of the Ticino River (active on 2nd Sunday each September): 10 points ssb/cw,digital. 

The Italian, European and non European Stations with the highest scores will receive a special edition award free of charge. A special qsl will be shipped by bureau or directly to all the participants. Apply to: Sezione ARI Pavia, PO Box 146, I-27100 - Pavia, Italy.  When applying, please enclose one of your personal qsl cards and a log extract reporting contact/heard data, plus fee of 10€ and your mailing name and address. Submit the request not later than 31 December of the year in which the award was earned. 

Internet: and 

(Chg 4/2008)