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(Updated 1/7/2016) 

Diploma dei Castelli della Provincia di Pistoia

Section A.R.I. of Montecatini Terme (Pistoia) sponsors this award for contacts with castles in the Province of Pistoia after 1 January 2001. SWL OK.

There are 3 classes:
Award Level 	Italians 	All Others
Bronze: 	12 		5
Silver: 	25 		20	
Gold: 		40 		30

All bands and in the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV or digital. Contacts via repeater, transponder, crossband or crossmode and echo-link are not valid. There is a special endorsement for contact at least one castle operated by IQ5MT. The Honor Roll is awarded for contacting all references located in the province of Pistoia. Official list of all valid Pistoia castles is found on the website shown below. Award cost for Italy 10€, Europe 12€ and all others 15€ or US$ 18. Also for the special endorsement. Fee for the Honor Roll is: Italians 30€, Europeans 50€ and all others 50€ or $US70. GCR list and fee to: Award Manager della Sezione ARI di Montecatini Terme, P.O. Box 137, I-51016 Montecatini Terme (PT), Italy.



Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08


Contact amateurs who are members belonging to the "GRA - Amateur Alpine Group ", and meet the point requirements as shown below:


Mixed Modes














Outside Europe





After the basic award has been earned, higher points will allow you to obtain the "Targa Plaque":


Mixed Modes














Outside Europe





All HF bands may be used. Contacts on or after 1 Feb 2012. Club members may be contacted for award credit one time each day, regardless of band and mode. Members which are contacted from special symbolic locations will be worth added credit for the award. Look for members who will be calling CQ GRA........ The member will send you their membership number which should be listed in your award application. Stations with special call signs may be authorized to transmit on the occasion of events of major importance for the Alpine. In the days of '"Alpine National Gathering", the connection made with the "Station with special call for the event" will have higher value as noted below.

The scores of the contacts are as follows:

a) QSO of the member to the "G.R.A." from their QTH

CW - 3

SSB - 2

DIGI - 1

b) QSOs made by the member to "G.R.A." places "symbol" (memorials, mausoleums, museums, etc ...)

CW - 7

SSB - 5

DIGI - 3

c) QSO Brigades Alpine (Taurinense and Julia)

CW - 7

SSB - 6

DIGI - 4

d) QSO Station "Call issued for Special

CW - 8

SSB - 7

DIGI - 5

e) QSO Station "name with Special "Gathering at the National Alpine.

CW - 12

CW - 12

SSB - 10

DIGI - 6

The Diploma may be endorsed if all contacts are "CW" - "SSB" - "Digital" or Mixed Mode.

To obtain the diploma participants must send request via mail, attaching an extract of your Log in electronic form, or by filling out the form provided in the Site Log. The retrieved log must be sent by e-mail to:  The log data must contain, in addition to the usual contact data, the registration number "xxx" operator "GRA". (Example: 599 GRA xxx.) Alternatively can be used in paper form by accessing a copy of the application on the website, which must be completed in its entirety, duly dated, signed and mailed to the following address: "G.R.A. - Amateur Alpine Group "- Section A.R.I. Cuneo Via Rota, 15 - 12100 Cuneo (CN) - ITALY.

The award fee for the year 2012 for either the "Diploma" or "plaque", will be respectively: 10€ or $US15 for the "Diploma" and 30€ or $US45 plus postage for the "plaque". Payment must be made by PostePay (b. 4023 6006 0518 7519), and made payable to: Bruno Giraudo.  All stations that give out contacts identifying themselves as "GRA", must allow checks of the extracts from the Logs sent by award applicants and must submit within 15 days after the end of the quarter just ended (15 April - 15 July to 15 October and 15 January ) the "Log" on the connections made during the quarter. The stations that will broadcast the spots, should send the logs that occurred 15 days after the transmissions from the same places.

E-mail to: 

Tks OH3GZ 3/8/12

River Po Award

Contact Italian provinces adjacent to the River Po since 1 Jan 1993. The provinces are: Cuneo, Torino, Alessandria, Vercelli, Pavia, Lodi, Piacenza, Cremona, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Mantova, Rovigo and Ferrara. Each province may be contacted only one time. Each province contact = 1 point and contacts with members of the Castelmassa Radio club = 3. Italians need 13 points, other EU 8, rest of world 5. Endorsements for single mode or band. GCR list and fee of $US10 or 8€ to: A.R.I. Sezione di Castelmassa, PO Box 105, I-45035 Castelmassa (Rovigo), Italy.

(Chg 9/2008)

Polar Ship Award         

The Formia Section of the ARI and the "Gaeta Gulf" ARMI Section sponsors this award for contacts made with amateur stations aboard at least two Polar Ships, Oceanographic Ships, Coast Guard or Icebreakers operating in the Antarctic Seas.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes OK.  No date restrictions.  Endorsements will be available for each additional two such ship contacts.  Their website contains an official application and list of ships which will qualify for the award.  Send application, photocopies of the QSLs and fee of 10€ or $US15 for the basic award and 5€ or $US5 for the endorsement stickers.  Apply to: A.R.I. Sezione di Formia, PO Box 33, I-04023 Formia (LT), Italy.


(Chg 7/2009)

Diplomi Dei Castelli Della Puglia

Section Sezione di Taranto sponsors this award for contacting stations operated from castles in the region Puglia. SWL OK.

Requirements: work castles in the Puglia Region
1. HF - Italian stations need 20 in at least 3 Provinces. On VHF 5 castles in at least 2 Provinces.
2. HF - Others need 10 in at least 2 Provinces on HF and VHF.

The provinces of Puglia are: BA - Bari, TA - Taranto, FG - Foggia, LE - Lecce, BR – Brindisi.
All bands and in the modes SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, SSTV. GCR list with the reference of the castles and some copy of the QSL's plus fee of 5€ to: Massimo Ligonzo, IZ7FMQ, Corso Italia 304, I-74100 Taranto, Italy.

Info and list valid castles 

Tks PA3CUZ 4/14/08 

Diploma dei Castelelli della Provincia di Salerno

Sezione A.R.I. Battipaglia sponsors this award for contacting castles in the region of Salerno after 1 January 2001. SWL OK. 
The official list of Italian castles is found at .

HF: Italian stations need 20 castles in de province of Salerno with one castle for each district.
All others need 10 castles in the province of Salerno with one castle for each district
VHF: Italian stations need 10 castles in the province of Salerno with one castle for each district (50 MHz and higher).

The four districts are: 173 Battipaglia, 195 Salerno, 222 Vallo della Lucania, 223 Sala Consilina.

All bands and modes. Crossband or crossmode contacts are not valid. Award cost for Europe 10€ or $US13, all others 12€ or $US15.. Send GCR list with the reference of the castles plus fee to: Manager Alfonso Castelli Salernitana, IZ8DDP, Sezione di Battipaglia POBox 330, 84091 Battipaglia (SA), Italy.

List of Castles in Italy (Salerno)

Tks PA3CUZ 3/2009

Diploma "Celebrazione Di Salerno Capitale"

At the end of the 2nd World War, the city of Salerno was made the temporary capital of Italy. This status began 27 April 1945 and ended on 31 August 1945.  This award may be earned every year during the period starting on 06.00 UTC on 27 April till 31 August. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Contact members of the ARI di Salerno.

HF: Italian stations need 50 members and all others 25.
VHF/UHF/SHF: Italian stations need 25 members and all other 20.
6 meters: Italian stations need 25 and all others 15.

Same station may be worked multiple times per day but only on different bands and modes. Send a log and fee of 10€ before 30 October every year to: Lenza Autilia, IZ8FFQ, Via J.F. Kennedy 69, I-84015- Nocera Superiore (SA), Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/09

Salerno Islands Plaque

Sponsored by the Strange Radio Team, this award is a permanent plaque for activators and hunters of the Salerno Islands. This plaque  is available to Italian and foreign OM and SWL. Requirements: confirm or activate at least 3 of the islands/rocks comprising the Salerno Islands beginning from 1 January 1995. For the Honor Roll it is necessary to have confirmed or activated the all 5 islands/rocks. 

Islands/Rocks  (IIA = Italian Islands Award designation).
I.I.A. SA-001 Licosa Isl. 
I.I.A. SA-002 Sirene or Camerota Isl. or the Viole's Tower 
I.I.A. SA-003 Scialandro Rock 
I.I.A. SA-004 Coniglio or Marina Rock 
I.I.A. SA-005 Mingardo Rock 

The cost of the basic plaque is 50€.  Send fee and GCR list to: Award Manager: Oreste D' Anzilio IZ8EDJ, via Mazzini 52/d, 84091, Battipaglia (SA), Italy.     


(Chg 4/2010)

Serenissima Award            

Available to amateurs who show confirmation of two-way contact with different stations in Venice and its islands or who belong to the local section of ARI Venice, as shown on their QSL cards.  Italians need 7, Europeans 5 all others 3.  Stations may be contacted one time only.  No use of repeater contacts.  GCR list and fee of 11€ or $US10 to: A.R.I. Venice Awards Manager, PO Box 227, I-30100 Venice, Italy.

(Rewrite per PA3CUZ 10/02) 

— Radio Amateurs of Sicily in the World (RASM) Series ---

General Requirements: Send log extract and fee of 10€ or $US15 which may be sent via Postepay N 4023 6006 0487 7680 Gambino, Carmel, or (at sender's risk) can be sent in an envelope together with the request. Send application and fee to: Carmel Gambino, Via Galileo Galilei, 163, 90145 PALERMO, Sicily, ITALY.

The fee may be sent via Postepay N ° 4023 6006 0487 7680 Gambino, Carmel, or (at sender's risk) can be sent in an envelope with the request.


(New 6/12)

The "6 Continents" Award

This diploma is issued to all stations HAM and SWL who have contacted / heard at least 2 DXCC entities for each of the 6 continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania. The award may be earned in any of the categories: SSB - CW - DIGITAL - MIXED.



Contact stations operating from islands that have Prefix of ID9 on or after 1-1-1985. Italians need 6, all others need 4. All bands and modes. SWL OK. The island contacts must be on the Italian Islands Award list, plus any "new ones" which are added.

List of the ID9 Islands:

ME-001 Lipari
ME-002 Alicudi
ME-003 Filicudi
ME-004 La Canna
ME-005 Sc. Montenassari
ME-006 Panarea
ME-007 Basiluzzo
ME-008 Bottaro
ME-009 Dattilo
ME-010 Formiche di Lipari

ME-011 Lisca Bianca
ME-012 Lisca Nera
ME-013 I Panarelli
ME-014 Sc. Spinazzola
ME-015 Salina
ME-016 Stromboli
ME-017 Strombolicchio
ME-018 Vulcano
ME-019 Faraglione/Pollara
ME-020 Sc. Galera

ME-021 Sc. Imerata/Carabin.
ME-022 La Nave di Panarea
ME-023 Pietra del Bagno
ME-024 Pietra Lunga
ME-025 Pietra Menalda
ME-026 Sc. Quaedri/Quagliet.
ME-027 Sc. Palomba
ME-037 Sc. Giafante
ME-034 Sc. Bastimento
ME-035 Sc. delle Sirene
ME-036 Formiche di Panarea
ME-028 Sc. Jalera

IF9 ISLANDS AWARD (DIPLOMA of the Egadi Islands)

Contact stations operating from islands that have Prefix of IF9 on or after 1-1-1985. Italians need 3, all others need 2. All bands and modes. SWL OK. The island contacts must be on the Italian Islands Award list, plus any "new ones" which are added.

List of the IF9 islands:

TP-004 Formica
TP-005 Galeotta
TP-006 Maraone
TP-007 Isolotto Preveto
TP-008 Sc. Porcelli
TP-009 Levanzo

TP-010 Marettimo
TP-011 Favignana
TP-012 Sc. Cammello
TP-013 Il Faraglione
TP-014 Galera
TP-015 Sc. Correnti


Issued by the MSAR GROUP - Amateur Radio Sicilians in the World. This diploma is awarded to all stations OM and SWL who have contacted / heard at least one station from each of the 9 Sicilian provinces:    Salermo - Catania - Messina - Trapani - Agrigento - Caltanissetta - Dubrovnik - Syracuse - Enna.

Send a photo-copy of each of the QSLs received and fee of € 10.00 ($US15). The award is issued as one category of MIXED which includes ssb, cw or digital contacts. 
Apply to: Gambino Carmelo, Via Galileo Galilei, 163, I-90145 PALERMO, ITALY or by e-mail to: .

The award fee may be made via Postepay N ° 4023 6006 0487 7680 Gambino headed to Carmel - Cod.Fisc. - GMBCML65L04G273M or PayPal to or (at the risk of the sender) can be sent in an envelope with the request.


Tks K1BV Research 7/24/13

Sicilian Castles and Towers Award  (Castelli e Torri della Sicilia)

Issued in cooperation with the DCI (Italian Castle Award) for working castles and towers on the island of Sicily after April 1, 2002.  Only references recognized by DCI are valid for this award.  SWL OK.  Issued in 2 classes: 

Class A: for QSOs with IT9VCE castle/tower operations ONLY in 9 provinces of Sicily. 
Class B
: for QSOs with any operator other than IT9VCE, who activates castles in 9 Sicilian provinces, 

All bands and modes. There are nine award levels. After achieving the basic award (level 1) you can apply for additional stickers. An honor roll will also be available. The following table shows requirements for basic level and all endorsements. 


Basic Award Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Honor Roll
Italians need 9 18 27 35 43 51 58 65 72 90
Other EU need 6 13 20 26 33 39 44 49 54 70
All others need 3 6 9 12 15 17 19 21 23 30

The Sicilian provinces are: AG, CL, CT, EN, ME, PA, RG, SR and TP. Only DCI references starting with these letters are valid towards the C.T.S. award! Fee: class A is free, just send $2 or 2€ for postage; class B costs $10 or 10€. Endorsement stickers are free, just send 1 IRC for postage. Send your log extract (Call - Date - UTC - Band - Mode - RST- DCI ref) + fee to: Award Manager C.T.S., P.O. BOX 100/A,  I-95036 RANDAZZO (CT), Italy.


(Chg 11/2008)

Diploma "S.I.A." Sicilian Islands Award

The Award is issued by the A.R.I. Section of Siracusa to all Italian OM/YL and SWL who make confirmed contacts/heards with at least 20 different islands, located in at least 3 groups all belonging to Sicily, Italy. Other EU need 15 different islands located in at least 2 groups. For all others, 7 different islands located in at least 2 groups.

Islands are carefully defined to make sure that only "real" islands are eligible for the award. No river or lake islands, or manmade islands count. HF operations from islands count only if 100 or more contacts are made during one operating period. Check with sponsor if you are unsure. All the contacts since January 1st 1990. Honour Roll: a personalized plaque will be issued on reaching the level of 50 islands located in 5 groups. All Sicilian Islands Trophy (ASIT): plaque will be issued on reaching 80 islands. Send official application for the award and 15 IRC, $US10 or 10 euro; Honour Roll and ASIT:  20 IRC, $US15 or 15€ to: Award Manager Salvo Costantino IT9HLR, Sezione ARI di Siracusa Via F. Accolla 7,  I-96100 Siracusa ITALY.

Link to list of valid islands. 


(Chg 11/2008) 

Worked All Sicilian Provinces    (WASP)       Rewritten 3/09 tks to PA3CUZ

Contact 8 of the 9 Sicilian provinces on HF on or after 31 Dec 1954.  

The 9 provinces are: 

Agrigento (AG) Enna (EN) Ragusa (RG)
Caltanissetta (CL) Messina (ME) Siracusa (SR)
Catania (CT) Palermo (PA) Trapani (TP. 

SWLs need 7 provinces.  On VHF/UHF and 50MHz, only 6 provinces.  The 4 award classes are: a) Mixed HF, b) Mixed V/UHF, c) Mixed WARC, d) Mixed 50 MHz.  Valid modes are: SSB, CW, RTTY.  

Contacts with smaller Sicilian Islands are valid per this chart
Each contact with one of the below group of islands may replace the contact with the province associated with it. :   

IOTA Italian Island Award Equivalents
ID9 Eolie Is. (ME) EU-017 ME-01 to ME-28
IE9 Ustica Is. (PA) EU-051 PA-01 to PA-03
IF9 Egadi Is. (TP) EU-054 TP-04 to TP-16
IG9 Pelagie Is. (AG) AF-019 AG-01 to AG-04
IH9 Pantelleria Is. (TP) AF-018 TP-01 to TP-03
IH9/P Isole Costiere minori  EU-166 (Province varies - see below)

For the WASP of Excellence Plaque, work all the nine provinces of Sicily and each of the 5 groups of smaller islands.
Fee for the award is 10€.  Fee for the Plaque of Excellence is 30€.  Send GCR list and correct fee to: ARI di Palermo, Maurizio Tramuto IT9TQH, Via Noto nr34, I-90141 Palermo, Italy.


Provinces of the group "Isole Mostiere Minori della Sicilia (IT9/P) IOTA EU-166 are:
1. Agrigento (AG): AG-05 Scoglio Pietra Patella, AG-06 Scoglio Gucciarda.
2. Catania (CT) Isola dei Ciclopi, CT-02 Lachea, CT-03 Faraglioni dei Ciclopi.
3. Messina (ME) ME-29 Isola Bella, ME-30 Pietra di Patti, ME-31 Scoglio Le Pietre Nere, ME-32 Scoglio San Biagio, ME-33 Scoglio di Brolo.
4. Palermo (PA): PA-04 Isola delle Femmine, PA-05 Scoglio Formica.
5. Ragusa (RG): RG-01 Isola dei Porri, RG-02 Scoglio Iannuzzo.
6. Siracusa (SR): SR-01 Isola delle Correnti, SR-02 Capopassero, SR-03 Vendicari, SR-04 Scoglio due Fratelli, SR-05 Grande di Marzameni, SR-06 Ortigia, SR-07 Piccola, SR-08 Scoglio Ognina.
7. Trapani (TP): TP-17 Colombaia, TP-18 Scoglio Scialandro, TP-19 Scoglio Mal Consiglio, TP-20 Santa Maria, TP-21 Isola Lunga, TP-22 La Scuola, TP-23 San Pantaleo.

(Rewrite 3/09 per info from PA3CUZ)

Spacetime in Action - 100 Years of Relativity

The A.R.I. section of Pavia sponsors this permanent award to honor the centenary of Albert Einstein, and his theoretical work explaining the Theory of the Relativity. The award is available to amateurs and SWLs who earn at least 300 points from the following table by contacting locations which were significant in the life of Einstein (1879-1955).




Ulm, Austria


Born on 14 March 1879

Monaco di Baviera,


Elementary School 1884-1888

Milan, Italy


Lived in 1895

Pavia, Italy


Lived in 1895

Casteggio, Italy


Brief stay

Aarau, Switzerland


Cantonal School

Bern, Switzerland


Lived in 1902-08

Geneva, Switzerland


1909 receives Bachelor degree

Zurigo, Switzerland


1909-1912 formulates Relativity

Salisburg, Austria


1909 presentation on black body.

Prague, Czech Republic


1911 University professorship

Berlin, Germany


1914-1920 Job transfer



Convalescence and sailing.

Pasadena, CA, USA


1931-32 CalTech

Princeton, NJ, USA


1932-1955 Institute of Advanced Studies (dies in 1955)

Le-Cog-Sur-Mer, France


1933 return to Europe.

New York, NY, USA


1933 escapes oppression in Europe.

Trenton, NJ, USA


1940 becomes American citizen.

The same city may be contacted for credit not more than 3 times with different stations.  One contact with the city of Pavia is mandatory. The award may be endorsed for CW, SSB, digital or mixed modes or for any one band. . No contacts using cross modes or cross bands.  Sponsor requires you send photocopies of the QSLs. Sponsor reserves the right to ask for any cards. Send copies of the cards and fee of 10€ or equivalent in $US to: Paul Chincarini IK2SGV


Tks RadioRivista / I1JQJ 1/2006 

Syracusae Greek Theatre Award

This colored award is printed on original Syracuse papyrus paper, the same used by the Egyptian pharoahs. Contacts since 1-1-1990. All bands and modes.

Italian stations need 10 different IT9 Siracusa (fee - 10€ or $US16)
EU need 7 different IT9 Siracusa (fee 13€ or $US20.)
DX need 5 different IT9 Siracusa (fee 15€ or $US23)

Endorsement for each island of Syracuse region. GCR list and fee mentioned above to: Award Manager Enrico Ascenzo IT9AXZ, Via Tacito no. 9, I-96010 Belvedere di Siracusa, Italy. . 

(Chg 9/2008)

Ten Meters Award          (TMA)

Contact at least 50 different DXCC countries (not including your country) on the 10 meter band using any valid modes (except satellite contacts)  since 1 April 1988. SWL OK. Endorsements each added 20 countries. At the 300 country level, you will receive the special HONOUR TEN METERS AWARD. The award is free of charge, except that postage is required. Sponsor reserves the right to check any QSLs. Send GCR list to Sezione A.R.I., PO Box 22, Succ 5, I-47023 Cesena (FO), Italy. 


(Chg 11/2008)

Terni City Award

Contact stations belonging to ARI Terni after 1 Jan 1966. SWL OK. Italian stations need 7, EU 5 (SWLs need 4) , and all others 3 (SWL 3). All bands and modes, except no use of repeaters. The award is a specially printed stainless steel sheet with a picture of the famous Marmore waterfall. GCR list, and fee of 10€ for EU, all others 11€ to: Associaziore Radioamatori Italiani, Sezione De Terni, PO Box 19, I-05100 Terni, Italy. 


(Chg 1/2007)

Tigullio Torre Marconi Award   Rewrite 4/2008 per info from PA3CUZ

Contact stations in the Gulf of Tigullio and earn 10 points.  The Jolly Station IY1TTM counts for 5 points and is Mandatory.  Station IQ1SL counts for 3 points and 1 point for ech Tigullio Gulf stations which are located in: Sestri Levante, Lavagna, Chiavari, Zoagli, Rapallo, Santo Margherita Ligure and Portofino.  Contacts after 1 June 1972.  SWL OK.  All bands and modes of CW or SSB.  Nouse of repeaters.  GCR list and fee of 10€ to: Award Manager IW1RIK, PO Box 21, I-16030 Casarza Ligure (GE), Italy. 


(Rewrite 4/2008) 

Diploma Torino

Contact or hear stations in the province of Torino since 1 Jan 1952. Italians need 15, other Europeans 10 and rest of the world 5. On 50MHz 5 QSOs are needed.  WARC band QSOs are valid. All contacts must be in the same mode and band. For the 50MHz endorsement, all contacts must date on or after 6 Mar 1990. SWL OK. GCR list and postage for mailing the award to: ARI, PO Box 250, 10100 Torino, Italy. 


(Chg 9/2008)

Diploma Castelli della Toscana (DCT)

The A.R.I. Section of Scandicci (Firenze), sponsored by the A.R.I. Regional Committee of Tuscany and in co-operation with A.R.I. Section of Mondovì (Cuneo), institutes the permanent award "Tuscan Castles Award" (DCT – Diploma dei Castelli della Toscana) for all OM and SWL, in order to promote the castles of Tuscany.

Award Rules
Art.1: The list of the "Castles of Tuscany" is taken from the list of "Italian Castles Award", downloadable on , The award is limited to the territory of Tuscany and is divided in 10 sections, one for each of its 10 Provinces.
Art.2: The "Tuscan Castles Award D.C.T." will be awarded to each station/SWL who presents proof of contacts to the award manager of the A.R.I. Section of Scandicci, P.O. Box 30 , I-50018 Scandicci - FI, ITALY. Send: :
     a) GCR listing of required castle contacts.
     b) the list of the QSO references, containing: reference of the Castle, Callsign of the station, Date and Hour UTC, Band; applicalnts are strongly advised to send an electronic file of the list, formatted in sections / fields separated by "semicolon" (file type "CSV"), each record made of following sections:
          a. reference of the Castle: text format PP-NNN where P=province and N=progressive number of the Castle;
          b. station callsign: format free text;
          c. date UTC: format "DD/MM/YYYY";
          d. hour UTC: format "HH:MM";
          e. band: format text must indicate the band in meters (es: for the activations in 40 meters band the field must contain "40m" and not real frequency or other, for the activations in VHF it will have to indicate "6m" or "2m" and not "50MHz" or "vhf");
          f. the last record must have empty sections;
     c) correct amount of fees depending on requests according to award rules;
     d) phone number or e-mail address, to be reached by the Award Manager; QSL can be requested by the Award Manager; the valid list of references are those assigned by the Technical Award Manager of the Italian Castles Award (D.C.I.).
Art.3: The D.C.T. Award is printed on one A4 format paper sheet; the Honor Roll Plate will have various graphical patterns, as decided by the Award Manager.
Art.4: The award and the plaque are available in both versions of Band (HF and VHF) and Category (OM, SWL and Castles Activator). Every acknowledgment, diploma or plate it will be numbered in progression. Contacts since 1 January 2001. QSOs via repeater or both crossband or crossmode are excluded.
Art.5: In order to get the Award, the applicant will have to prove he have contacted and confirmed with QSLs the following minimum number of Castles:
     a) Italian stations: 25 Castles of Tuscany in at least 5 Provinces;
     b) Foreign stations: 15 Castles of Tuscany in at least 3 Provinces;
     c) VHF stations: 10 Castles of Tuscany in at least 3 Provinces.
Endorsements are provided for:
     a) every Province with at least 5 confirmed Castles;
     b) additional castle contacts of:
          a. Italian stations: 50 and 75 further confirmed Castles;
          b. Foreign stations: 30 and 45 further confirmed Castles;
          c. VHF stations: 15 and 20 further confirmed Castles.
The Honor Roll Plaque is provided for:
     a) Italian stations: 100 Castles;
     b) Foreign stations: 50 Castles;
     c) VHF stations: 30 Castles;
with at least 3 Castles for every Province.
Art.6: Special rules and awards apply to Castle Activators. Refer to their WWW site.
Art.7: The award fees are:
     a) for every award 6,00 Euro or 7,00 US$ (outside Europe 7,00 Euro or 8,00 US$);
     b) for every Plaque Honor Roll 18,00 Euro or 20,00 US$ (outside Europe 20,00 Euro or 22,00 US$);
     c) Endorsements are free, but pre-addressed and stamped envelopes are mandatory (SASE or else 1IRC).
Applications and questions may be addressed to: A.R.I. Section of Scandicci, P.O. Box 30, I-50018 Scandicci - FI, Italy


Tks PA3CUZ 8/11

The Trabocchi Coastline.Diploma

The award was created by the Lanciano ARI branch of the Province of Chieti to show the world the beauty of the Trabocchi coastline All amateurs and SWL’s welcome to earn this diploma and this requires contacts/SWL’s of at least 5 stations (3 for foreign stations) operating on the Trabocchi coastline starting April 13 2008.  The Lanciano ARI branch operators will activate locations along the coastline on dates which will be publicized on their website: .  
The ham radio bands of 10/15/20/40/80 meters using SSB/CW mode count.

Send a log extract containing the QSO information along with a fee of 10.00 Euros/10 IRC /$US10 the award in print form. The award is also available FREE of charge if requested in electronic mode sent to your e-mail. The mailing address is: ARI – SEZIONE DI LANCIANO AWARD MANAGER – IW6NOB, Casella Postale 99, 66034 LANCIANO (Chieti), ITALIA.


Tks K1BV Research 4/7/14

Citta del Tricolore Diploma

A.R.I. Reggio Emilia offers this award for working/hearing stations in Reggio Emilia and its districts since 1 Jan 1974. Italians need 6 points, EU need 4, all others 3. Each contact with such stations counts for one point and may be worked on different bands for credit. All bands and modes. No repeaters. One SWL cards confirming your QSO is valid if you respond to the SWL. GCR list and fee of 5€, $US5 or 10 IRCs to: ARI Department, PO Box 178, I-42100 Reggio Emilia, Italy.


(Chg 4/2008)

Tridentum Award

Contact stations in the city and province of Trento since 1 Jan 1968. SWL OK. Postal codes for the Province start with 38XXX. City of Trento = 38100. No repeaters, e-link and transponder contacts. Stations of Trentino/Alto Adige need 25 different stations which at least 5 stations of Trento city. Italians need 15 with 4 from Trento, other Europeans 10 with 3 in Trento City and all others 5, 2 must be in Trento City. The same station can be counted only one time. GCR list and € 10 or equivalently $ or IRCs to: ARI Sezione di Trento, Casella Postale 286, 38100 Trento, Italy.


Verified 10/10 

Trieste City Award

The A.R.I. Section of Trieste sponsors this permanent award for contacting Trieste, Italy after 1 January 2002. . SWL OK. . The contacts may be made on all bands and modes, except contacts via repeaters are not allowed. All Trieste province stations are valid. You must contact 25 Trieste stations and make at least 3 contacts with active Special station IQ3V or other special stations (IO3TTY) of section of Trieste. The same station may be contacted only one time. Send GCR list and fee of 7€ to  A.R.I. Section of Trieste Post Office Box 29, I-34100 Trieste, Italy.


(Chg 4/2008)


The Diploma is sponsored by the Tuscan ARI Livorno to OM and SWLs around the world who have made connections / listening with islands belonging to this archipelago on or after 1 January 1982.

A. Italian stations need 4 islands and special station IQ5LI.
B. Europeans need 3 islands and IQ5LI.
C. All others need 2 islands and IQ5LI.

The Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago are: ELBA - CAPRAIA - LILY - GORGONA - MELORIA - PIANOSA-MONTECRISTO and MINOR ISLANDS, one of which may replace one of the more prominent islands mentioned above. All bands OK using the modes of SSB - CW- RTTY - PSK31. No use of repeaters or earth transponders. -

A special "DIPLOMA d 'EXCELLENCE' is available. To earn this level you must make QSOs / SWL with 8 of the islands plus IQ5LI Islands

To apply for the Diploma will be necessary to send the extract of the LOG with links / listen signed by the President or Manager your radio club. The cost of the Diploma is € 10.00.

Apply to call book addresses of IZ5CMI, Alexander or IK5YZV, Alberto.


Tks K1BV Research 4/6/12

Varese - Province of Seven Lakes Award          REWRITE 9/2008 

Contact member stations of Varese A.R.I. chapter.  Italian stations needed 30 members of the ARI Varesa, Europeans need 20 and all others 5.  SWL OK. Award is issued for CW,SSB, PSK31 and RTTY contacts.  The same station may be contacted on different bands, modes and dates.  Contacts after 1 January 1985.  GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: A.R.I. Varesa, PO Box I-21100 Varese, Italy. 

(Chg 9/2008) 

Ville Venete Della Riviera del Brenta

The Sezione A.R.I. di MESTRE (VE) has issued this award which is available to all licenced radio amateurs and SWLs contacts/heard with stations belonging to the ARI Mestre Branch and others located in Venice's province (VE). Submit list of contacts which must include date, UTC, RS(T), mode, grid locator (for VHF and above) QSOs, and stations heard for SWL. Contacts on or after January 1, 1995. Fee is 5,00 €. Cards are not needed, but the sponsor reserves the right to request any QSL card. .Send your request and fee of 5E, signed by two licenced radio amateurs to: A.R.I. Mestre, Award Manager, P. O. Box 3101, I-30171, MESTRE C. VE, Italy.

The award is issued in 3 classes:
Class A) HF: 1.8, to 28 MHz.
Class B) VHF and above.
Class C) SATELLITE: any mode.

Class A
Italian Stations..........30 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 20 QSO/HRD)
European Stations.....20 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 15 QSO/HRD)
OTHERS...................15 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 7 QSO/HRD)

B. The Branch station IQ3ME = 3 QSO/HRD
C. Same station may be worked/heard only once per award request.

Class B. 
30 points on VHF
10 points on 432, 1296, 2300 MHz
5 points on 5.7 - 10 GHz and up.
1 point for EME contact

1 point per QSO up to 100 km
2 points from 101 to 400 km
3 points beyond 400 km

Same station may be worked/heard only once per award request and only from the same locator.
The Branch station IQ3ME counts double points.
QSOs via repeater and radio-link are not allowed for the award.

Class C) - requirements are the same as for Class A.


Tks IK3GER 2/7/13

Venice Islands for UNICEF Award

Contact or hear at least two stations operating from different islands in the lagoon of Venice. Unique endorsements are glass multicolored pearl like devices to attach to the award.

Basic award - 2 to 10 islands requires a log extract, proof of having made any amount of a contribution to UNICEF (letter, cancelled check, receipt) and fee of 10€ or $US10.  Endorsements available for at least 5 contacts.  Endorsements 1€ or $US1. 

Contacts must be made with members of the Venice Islander Team starting from 1-1-97. No use of repeaters. Apply to Venice Islands for UNICEF,
Award Manager IK3TTY, Sezione ARI Venezia, PO Box 227, I-30100 Venezia, Italy.

Eligible islands: Buel Del Lovo, Burano, Campalto, Campana, Carbonera, Crevan, Ex Batteria Poveglia, Fisolo, La Certosa, La Cura, La Giudecca, La Grazia, La Salina, Lazzaretto Nuovo, Lazzaretto Vecchio, Le Vigole Lido, Madonna Del Monte, Mazzorbo, Murano, Ottagono AlberoniOttagono Ca’roman, Ottagono S. Pietro, Ottagono Abbandonato, Pellestrina Poveglia, Tessers, Torcello, Trezze, Sacca Sessola, Spignon, S. Angelo, S. Ariano, S. Clemente, S. Cristina, S. Erasmo, S. Francesco, S. Giacomo, S. Giorgio In Alga, S. Giorgio Maggiore, S. Giuliano, S. Lazzaro, S. Secondo, S. Servolo, S. Spirito, Venezia.



(Chg 4/2008)

Comuni del Veneto Award

Sponsored by the Sezione A.R.I. di MESTRE (VE) for contacts/SWL with stations located in different Comuni (the commune is the smallest administrative entity in the province) of Venice. Contacts on or after Jan 1, 2000.  

The Regione of Veneto ( North East Italy ) is made up of 7 provinces ( a province groups more Comuni ). They are Belluno (ZIP 32xxx), Padova (ZIP 35xxx), Rovigo (ZIP 45xxx), Treviso (ZIP 31xxx), Venezia (ZIP 30xxx), Verona (ZIP 37xxx), Vicenza (ZIP 36xxx). In total there are 563 Comuni.

Each log entry must include date, utc, RS(T), mode, locator for VHF and above QSO, and station heard for SWL.  Award fee is 5€. Send GCR list to: A.R.I. Mestre, Award Manager, P. O. Box 3101, I-30171, MESTRE C. VE, Italy.
Do not send your cards but the award manager reserves the right to request any QSL card.


Class 1 - work 80 comuni (60 if on CW only) from stations located in all 7 Veneto provinces.
Class 2 - work 40 comuni (30 if on CW only) from stations located in at least 6 Veneto provinces.
Class 3 - work 15 comuni (10 if on CW only) from stations located in at least 3 Veneto provinces. 

Contact 30 confirmations from Comuni located in at least 3 different Veneto provinces. 
Upgrades are granted for every 10 new Comuni confirmed on both HF and VHF+

The diploma may be issued with  endorsements for all “CW”, “SSB”, “Mixed”, “RTTY”.  QSL cards are not required but they must have been received by the applicant. In case of any doubt the award manager may request any QSL for verification. You can download a facsimile of the application – GCR - or you can make your own but it should follow the original with all needed details. The award is FREE of charge and is ONLY issued in electronic format so you can print in your shack.  The application should be emailed to the award manager Paolo, 


Tks Paolo IK3GER 10/2/10 

Vercelli - Saint Andrea’s Cathedral Award

The award honors Saint Andrea’s Cathedral, erected in 1219 and an important symbol of this town. It is one of the first examples of Italian Cistercian gothic architecture.

Contact (or SWL) one member of the Vercelli ARI section and the club station IQ1BD on or after 1 January 2008. All bands, and modes of FM, SSB, CW and digital are permitted. No cross mode or repeater contacts are allowed.  List of stations who are members of the Vercelli ARI is found on their website noted below. Send photocopies of the cards and a declaration that your contacts were made from your station. Award fee is 10E. Apply to: Sezione ARI Vercelli, Award Manager, P.O.Box 32, I-13100 Vercelli, Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 8/09

Diploma Vestigia Romaine 
(Diploma of the Vestiges of Rome)

Few cities in the world can boast to their credit, the amount of history, art and monuments Rome is able to offer. When we speak of the remains of this ancient city and where to find them, often becomes easier to ask where to find them, because they are actually present in many parts of Italy and Europe, to witness what was the grand Empire Romano.  The award is available for contacting stations who are operating in close proximity to the buildings, ruins, monuments, etc. which are a part of the Roman Empire as defined in their lists. The award may be earned by all OM/YL and SWL of the world.

1.Definition of ROMAN: For the purpose of obtaining the "Certificate roman ruins" (the DVR), the valid period is the founding of Rome which took place in 753 BC, to the fall of the Roman Empire took place in 476 AD.

2.REFERENZE VALID: All the artifacts of the Roman Empire (roman ruins), built during the Roman Period, In order to allow the start of the DVR provides an initial list of the main monuments of the Roman era, existing on the Italian territory, available to all activators. This list will be updated by the Award Manager, which will follow the following guidelines for referencing the new roman ruins. In the case of New References, the Award Manager will prepare a special classification given to those who propose further references. They will be validated and added to the existing list.

Every Reference listed shows this format:
a. DVR prefix of the Diploma
b. IT (two characters) country code
c. R (a character) showing the prefix of the Region
d. 001 (a three digit number) The official reference number of the State,  for example DVR-ITR001

The official list of references is located at:

Table of Country and Region Codes

Country Codes

Region Codes

Region Codes


ITN Rentino-Alto Adige
ITV Friuli-Venezia Giulia
ITG Liguria
ITE Emilia-Romagna
ITU Umbria

ITM Umbria
ITD Molise
ITJ Puglia
ITB Basilicata

ACTIVATIONS - There is a separate set of rules for activators which is found on the main web site. This information is not part of the rules shown in the K1BV DXAward Directory.

a. The Diploma of Roman Ruins will be issued by the Telematics Wave - National Leadership and Coordination HF / Award Manager IZØHLY, Renato DE STEFANIS.
b. All Diplomas and Certificates will be sent by e-mail, in PDF format, free of charge. In the event that the applicant does not have an email address or prefers to still receive the DVR award in hard copy, please send an explicit request addressed to the Award Manager IZØHLY, Renato DE STEFANIS, enclosing the sum of10€ or $US15.00 to the following address:  Renato De Stefanis IZ0HLY, Way of Cooperation 3,  05100 Terni (TR) ITALY. No other form of payment is accepted. No IRC or other currencies.

The DVR awards for the "Hunter" (not the activator) is available in two categories:
     To get the Hunter Award requires the contact of a minimum of 50 references.
     Endorsements for contacting each additional 30 different references.

A special Honor Roll level will be issued to those who have contacted and confirmed at least 7 references for each region (140 references with symbols of different regions). This award will automatically be sent in PDF format or in hard copy free of charge, to your home address..

a. All forms are downloadable from the site .
b. A list of references, acronyms, modules, logo and graphic design of the Diploma are the property of the wave Telematics - National Directorate Registered Office in Rome and can not be reproduced without permission of the National President or his delegate.

STAFF of DVR and e-mail addresses:
REFERENCE MANAGEMENT IZ6RJR Franco Cianfanelli e-mail


Tks K1BV Research 3/112/14

Diploma Val Vibrata - Valle del Neolitico

Work stations located in the 12 municipalities of the Val Vibrata after 21 April 1990: Alba Adriatica, Ancarano, Civitella del Tronto, Colonnella, Controguerra, Corropoli, Martinsicuro, Nereto, S. Egidio allo Vibrata, S. Omero, Torano Nuova and Tottoreto. Eligible stations are very active during each month of May helping to publicize an antique radio exhibition and exchange. SWL OK. All bands and modes, but no use of repeaters. The same station may be worked several times on different days. Each QSO = 1 point. On HF, Italians need 30 points, Europeans 20 and all others 10. On VHF, Italians need 10 points, Europeans 5. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Award Manager, c/o Sezione ARI Di Nereto,, PO Box 1, I-64015 Nereto (Teramo), Italy.

(Chg 6/2003)

The World Heritage Site Award (WHSA)

The aim of the W.H.S. Award is to increase the knowledge of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the world through Amateur Radio activities. Amateurs will activate the objects or the sites according with the official reference list operating from the sites or in reasonably close proximity of the sites, as permitted by the site owner. (Refer to the web site for operating protocol and respect for the sites. If the references are islands, the activators and their equipment must be on the island.  Operations from these sites must last at least 3 hours and only one site per day will be permitted. The aim of the Activators should be to put in the log the max number of contacts during activity.


a. References are based on the official list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since they are of different nature: cultural, natural and mixed, it has been necessary to adopt some criteria to identify the references. For Natural Sites, one or more references are allocated due to size and characteristics. The web site was used to create the list. For example, the Loire Valley in France consists of a huge area, so the river was divided into eight sections. The Dolomites in Italy appear with 9 locations: we gave a reference to each element present in these 9 location inscribed in the area defined by UNESCO map.

The sites are identified by a code made with the letters WH (World Heritage) followed by the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code and three numbers, e.g. for Italy: IT001, IT002, etc. For Germany DE001, DE002, etc. For Great Britain GB001, GB002, etc.


We will ask for the collaboration of the Radio Amateur Associations of the world to collaborate to this project. For requests of inclusion of new references or modification/deletion of existing ones, please write to: 
At this time,, the database contains 4487 references.  It is found at:

SPONSOR: UNESCO has been asked to be the main sponsor of the awards, and at this time this request is still pending.

RULES of the W.H.S.A.

Based on the UNESCO official list, a reference list of all World Heritage Sites has been obtained. Each reference in the list can be activated by Radio Amateurs in possession of a valid license and in accordance with the laws of their Countries. The code of the references is made with the letters WH (World Heritage), hyphen, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the Country followed by three numbers, e.g. WH-GB001 (Great Britain), WH-HR005 (Croatia), WH-CN023 (China) and so on. The list is published on the W.H.S.A. web site and constantly updated following the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.


1. Basic Award - award hunters must contact at least 10 (ten) 2-way contacts with the activators. The evidence of these contacts are the logs of the activators. SWL’s can get the Award with only 5 HRD’s, but they must be in possession of the confirms (either paper or electronic) for these HRD’s. A picture of each of them must be sent with the Application form and GRC list. The Award is free and will be sent to the applicants as PDF file. No one is allowed to ask money for W.H.S.A.

2. Higher level certificates are provided for each 100 references worked. (WHSA-100, WHSA-200, and so on).

ACTIVATORS: Rules for activators are found on the website of the sponsor. It is interesting to note that activators are asked to provide electronic logs to the sponsor using their "Expeditioner Page".

Look for stations on all popular operating modes who identify themselves something like this:
a. In Phone mode: "CQ World Heritage Award, calling IU0XXX from IT001, QRZ?"
b. In CW or digimodes: "CQ DE IU0XXX WH-IT001 QRZ?"

Project Manager & A.R.I. HF National Award Manager – Pier Luigi Anzini, IK2UVR – Email:
WHSA Award Manager: Cristiano Cerimedo, IW2NZX – Email:


Tks IK2UVR 1/31/14

World Wide Award of Volcanoes (WWAV)

Sponsored by A.R.I. of Pozzuoli (Naples) to simulate knowledge of volcanoes all over the earth. Available in two categories, "Hunters" and "Expeditoners". (Work or activate volcanic regions.)

Class of Award





















Top Honor



Gold Class



A valid station for the award must transmit in one of the eight quadrants (subsquare) immediately adjacent to the quadrant (subsquare) of the locator square in which the center of the volcano is located. A list of volcanos may be found at: . Portable operations must make at least 100 contacts when activating a volcano site.

All bands, 2 to 160 meters may be used. All modes OK. SWL OK. GCR list should include detailed list of QSO data plus the official WWAV reference number (see their WWW site.). Award fee is 8€ or $US11. Apply to: Mariano Biasucci IZ8FST, A.R.I. of Pozzuoli, P.O. Box 1, I-80078 POZZUOLI (Naples), Italy.


(Chg 9/2008)

Worked WARC Bands "Citta' Di Carpi" Award

For contacting stations on the WARC bands (10, 18, 24 Mhz) since 1 Jan 1986. SWL OK. Modes: mixed, CW and SSB. Minimum report: 333 on CW and 33 on SSB. Available in two versions:

> Single band - with a minimum of 75 countries worked.
> All WARC bands - with a minimum of 45 countries worked on each band.

Award manager reserves the right to ask for any QSL cards. Part of the fees collected are donated to charities. GCR list following DXCC list order and signed by your National Award Manager, plus the declaration that "all credits for this award have been obtained in accordance with the rules, regulations and license limits for radio amateurs in your country", together with fee of 10€ or  $US10 to: Sezione ARI di Carpi, Award Manager IK4JPR, PO Box 311, I-41012 Carpi (Modena), Italy.


(Chg 4/2008)



PREFIX REGION Provinces Included
IX1 Valle d/Aosta Aosta (AO)
I1 Piedmonte Torino (TO)   Vercelli (VC) Novara (NO)   Alessandria (AL)
Cuneo (CN) Asti (AT) Biella (BI) Verbania (VB)
I1 Liguria Genova (GE)  Savona (SV) Imperia (IM)  La Spezia (SP)
I2 Lombardia Milano (MI)   Bergamo (BG) Brescia (BS)   Como (CO)
Cremona (CR)   Pavia (PV) Mantova (MN)   Lecco (LC)
Lodi (LO)        Varese (VA)
I3 Veneto Venezia (VE)   Padova (PD) Verona (VR)   Vicenza (VI)
Treviso (TV)   Belluno (BL) Rovigo (RO)
IV3 Fruili Udine (UD)     Pordenone (PN)
IN3 Venezia Guilia Gorizia (GO)   Trieste (TS)
IN3 Trentino  Trento (TN)   Bolzano (BZ)
I4 Emilia Bologna (BO)   Reggio Emilia (RE)  Parma (PR)  
Piacenza (PC)   Ferrara (FE) Modena   (MO)
I4 Romagna Forli (FO)  Ravenna (RA) Rimini (RN)
I5 Toscana Firenze (FI)   Siena (SI) Lucca (LU)   Pisa (PI)   Pistoia (PT)
Massa Carrara (MS)   Livorno (LI) Arezzo (AR)   
Grosseto (GR) Prato (PO)
I0 Umbria Perugia (PG)   Terni (TR)
I6 Marche Ancona (AN)   Pesaro Urbino (PS)   Ascoli Piceno (AP)
Macerata (MC)
I6 Abruzzo Pesacara (PE)   Chieti (CH) L'Aquila (AQ)   Teramo (TE)
I0 Lazio Roma (RM)   Frosinone (FR) Viterbo (VT)   Rieti (RI)
Latina (LT)
I8 Campania Napoli (NA)   Avellino (AV) Salerno (SA)   Caserta (CE)
Benevento (BN)   Crotone (KR) Vibovalentia (VV)
I8 Calabria Catanzaro (CZ)   Cosenza (CS) Reggio di Calabria (RC)
I7-I8 Basilcata Potenza (PZ) I8,  Matera (MT) I7
I7 Puglia Bari (BA)   Taranto (TA) Foggia (FG)   Lecce (LE)
Brindisi (BR)
I8 Molise Isernia (IS)   Campobasso (CB)
IS0 Sardegna Cagliari (CA)   Sassari (SS) Nuoro (NU)   Oristano (OR)
IT9 Sicilia Palermo (PA)   Messina (ME) Enna (EN)   Ragusa (RG)
Catalnissetta (CL)   Catania (CT) Trapani (TP)   Siracusa (SR)
Agigento (AG)
-- -- Guglielmo Marconi (GM)

(Chgs 3/13/2003)