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(Updated 4/2010)

Hanshin Club Award

Contact 10 stations in at least 4 of the 7 cities of the Hanshin Area. Endorsements for single band or mode. The cities are: Amagasaki (JCC 2703), Itami (2708), Kawanishi (2718), Takarazuka (2715), Nishinomiya (2705), Ashiya (2707), Kobe (2701). GCR list and fee of 6 IRCs to Shigeo Yamada JA3TCQ, 1-5-21 Komatsu-kita, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8126, Japan.

(Chg 10/2001) 

Worked High School Award

Contact amateur radio club-stations of high schools in Japan. Note - you must contact the club station, not personal stations of high school students. SWL OK. Available in 6 levels for working these club stations as follows: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 300. GCR list must include call and the name of the High School. Fee is 10 IRCs. Apply to: Makoto Iseki, C/O SeiToku Fukaya High School RC (JN1ZOE), 559 Syukune, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, 366-0014 Japan.

(Chg 10/2001) 

Hitadon Award II

Sponsored by the Tenryo Hita Award Hunters Group (THAG).  Spell the term "HITADON AWARD II using one of the letters of of a call sign prefix of any DX station.  Contacts after 1 January 1990.  GCR list and fee of 8 IRC to: Syouji Hanada,  2-12-1 Furumae, Wakamatsu district, Kitakyuushuu city 808-0062 Japan. 

Internet: http://www.jarl.com/thag/ 
E-mail: jr6qjr@jarl.com 

Tks DK6AP 11/2005

Mayor of Hobara Cho Award

Issued by Hobara Town Hall ARC for confirming contact with 18 stations and spelling out the word "ABUKUMAKYUKOHOBARA" using the last letter of their suffix using a single band. Endorsement for single mode. GCR list and fee of 500 to: Yoshimitsu Akai, c/o Hobara-machiyakuba Musen Club, 100 Miyashita Hobara-machi, Date-gun, 960-0655 Japan.

(Tks HL1KIS)(01)

Worked All Squares Hokkaido Island Award

Sponsored by Northern Fox Ham Club. Work 15 different Grid Squares from Hokkaido Island. Valid squares are as follows: PN91 PN92 QN01 QN02 QN03 QN04 QN05 QN11 QN12 QN13 QN14 QN15 QN22 QN23 QN24. GCR list and fee of 800 or 5 IRCs for JA stations or $US8 for DX applicants to: Mrs. Eiko Kikuchi, 5-11-12 Sumikawa 4 jyou, Minami-ku, Sapporo City, 005-0004 Japan.

(Chg 10/2001) 

Hot Spa Series

General Requirements: GCR accepted. Fee for each award is 10 IRCs. List of Japanese Hot Spas/Springs for SAE and 3 IRCs. Apply to: Tsutomu Seki JL1DWR, 1350 Kamisawatari, Nakanojo, Agatsuma, Gunma 377-0541, Japan.

Hot Spa AJD

Contact stations located in any 10 Hot spa towns of Japan, 1-0 districts plus 1 club member. One YL member can be substituted for a missing place.

Hot Spa WAJA

Contact 47 Hot Spa places in all 47 prefectures, 3 club members may be used to substitute for missing places.

(Chg 12/2001)

Hyogo Alphabet Award

Issued by the Watanabe Family Club for confirmed contact with 26 Hyogo prefecture stations, spelling out the complete alphabet using the first letter or last letter of their suffix in following classes:

Class A (L) - use only the JA3 prefix.
Class E (L) - use only the JE3 prefix.
Class F (L) - use only the JF3 prefix.
Class G (L) - use only the JG3 prefix.
Class MX (L) - use any of the above prefixes.
Class YL (L) - use only YL stations.

(The "L" will be shown on the award if contacts are made with Last letter.)

Endorsement for band or mode. GCR list and fee of 400 to: T. Watanabe, 1-1-14 Tatsuyama, Takasago-city, 676-0811 Japan.

(Tks HL1KIS)(01)

Hyogo Award

Contact 26 Japanese station, 5 must be from Hyogo Prefecture, and with the last letter of the call signs, form the alphabet A to Z. All bands and modes, no time limit. GCR list and fee of 7 IRCs to: Toshihiro Nishikawa JF3MXU, 4-5-7 Motoyama-kita-cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Pref 658-0003, Japan. 

(Chg 12/2001)

Ibaraki Prefecture Award

Contact 10 (Japanese need 100) different Ibaraki prefecture stations. Band/mode endorsements available on request. Endorsements for each additional 10. GCR list in alphabetical order by prefix with fee of 2 IRCs to: Teruo Kamiyama, 1-12-9 Wakaba-cho, Hitachi-City 317-0063, Japan.

(Chg 12/2001)

 --- International Award Chasers Club Series ---

General Requirements: This series is sponsored by Japan's BIG award hunter interest groups. Requirements vary as different members handle each award. A member list is available from: Tatsutgoro Ohyama JG1OJB, 252-2 Funako, Miura-mura, Inashiki-Gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 300-04, Japan. Cost for member list = 10 IRCs. 

(CHG 98)

ACC Members Award

Work and obtain QSLs from 10 members; stickers for each additional 10. A special plaque is available for 300 members. SWL OK. Application must include the ACC membership number of the member contacted. GCR list and fee of $US6 or 9 IRCs for basic award and $US2 or 3 IRCs for endorsement stickers. Apply to: Masanori Iwasa JF1JLW, 28-2 Komenoi, Toride City 302, Japan. 

(TKS ONL-4003)(95)

ACC Point Award

Work different ACC members, obtain their cards plus from own collection of awards, make the total of points as specified:

1. Junior ACC - 10,000 points or more.
2. Senior ACC - 40,000 points or more.
3. Excellent ACC - 90,000 points or more.
4. Honor Roll ACC - 140,000 points or more.

Point formula: Total = (QSL points x QSL Regions) + (Awards Points x Award Regions)

QSL points - each different ACC member = 1 point.
QSL regions - regions operated by members (city, gun, ku)
Award points - each award by a national society = 10 points. - others available to all amateurs = 3 points.
Award regions - DXCC countries, JA prefecture, USA states, etc.

GCR not required, but applicant must make affadavit application he/she is holding all QSLs/Awards as specified. Send application and $1US or 2 IRCs to Yoshimi Miwa JG1SNB, 1-8-702 Satsukicyo, Ebina City, Kanagawa 243-0421, Japan. 

(Chg 2/02)

All Chasers Award (ACA)

Work different ACA areas and earn at least 200 points in one calendar year using several bands. QSO with one area on one band counts as 1 point each. ACA areas are city, gun and ku in Japan. A station may be worked only once in a year, even if portable. Award may be earned every year. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRCs by the following June of the year earned. Special application form for SASE. Apply to Hidetoshi Toyama JL2HRX,  2460 Toki-cho, Mizumami City, Gifu,  509-6101,Japan.

(CHG 2/02)

ACC Million Award

Work ACC members and total their ACC member numbers to the exact number below:

Class EX = 1,000,000 points.
Class A = 100,000 points.
Class B = 10,000 points.

For each class, the totals must be not more than "plus 10" such as 1,000,010, 100,010 or 10,010 at the maximum. The same station may be worked for credit on different bands/modes. QSO's with members outside of Japan count for 10 times their member number. Contacts after 1 November1979. GCR list and fee of 500, $US5 or 7 IRCs to: Kiyokazu Kotani, 6-1-25 Habikino, Habikino City 583-0872, Osaka, Japan.

 (Chg 9-25-10))

ACC Prefix Award

Spell "ACC" 3 times using the first letter of 9 different prefixes. GCR and $5US or 10 IRCs to: Yukiharu Tachibana JI1TTY, 2-16-3 Kyuden, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 157-0064 Japan. 

(Chg 2/02)

IACC Locator Series

General Requirements: Satellite QSO's are acceptable, but not repeaters. Endorsements for single band or mode. Contacts after 1 January 1985. GCR not required, but applicant must make affidavit he/she holds cards as listed. Award fee for each of these is $US5 or 10 IRCs. Sticker endorsements are $1US or 2 IRCs. Apply to: Takayuki Yamaguchi JI1TXI, 53-17 Ainashinden, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 350-1173, Japan.

(CHG 2/02)

Award Field 6 (F-6)

Under the International Locator System, work 6 different stations in the 6 fields (PL, PM, PN, QL, QM, QN) where Japan is situated. No mobile, MM or aircraft contacts. The boundaries of these fields are as follows:

PL bounded by 120-140E and 20-30N
QL bounded by 140-160E and 20-30N
PM bounded by 120-140E and 30-40N
QM bounded by 140-160E and 30-40N
PN bounded by 120-140E and 40-50N
QN bounded by 140-160E and 40-50N

QSLs must be marked with the operators Locator or the Field must be able to be identified from the stated QTH. Contacts must be made from the same place.

Award Square 75

Under the International Locator System, work different stations in Squares where Japan is located. Class HF - work 30 squares or more. Endorsement stickers  at 40, 50, 60, 70 or 71 up. Class VHF/UHF - work 10 or more squares. Endorsement stickers each additional 10. QSLs must be marked so as to verify the square. Contacts must be made from the same place.

Award Subsquare 100

Under the International Locator System, work stations in the different SUBSQUARES where Japan is located and obtain 100 QSLs from 100 subsquares. Endorsements for each additional 100. QSL must be marked so as to verify the square. Contacts may be made from any location.

ISAWA Club Series

General Requirements: GCR accepted. Fee for each award is 3 IRCs. Apply to: Seirou Ito JA7AMK, 116-1 Hagiyashiki, Koyama, Isawa, Iwate
023-0402, Japan.


Contact YL stations in each of the 10 districts of Japan.


Class B - contact 15 YL stations in the following prefectures: JA1: 8 prefectures, JA7: 6 prefectures, JA8: 1 prefecture. Class W - as above but 15 in JA2 (4), JA3 (6), JA9 (3), and JA0 (2 prefectures). Class H - as above but in 17 in JA4 (5), JA5 (4), JA6 (7) and Okinawa.


Contact YL stations in each of 47 JA prefectures. 

(Chg 10/2001) 

ISOC Award

Confirm contacts with 12 stations on SSB mode and spell out the term "ISOC SSB JA TOP" using the last letter of their suffix. GCR list and fee of 500 or $US5 to: Asahi Miyata JH8DEH, Minami 4-28-5, Nishi 23 Jo, Obihiro city, Hokkaido 080-2473 Japan

 (Chg 10/2001) 

Iwate City/Town/Village Award

Issued by the JARL Iwate Branch.

Class A - confirm contacts with all cities/chos/sons in Iwate prefecture.
Class B - confirm contacts with 45 cities/towns/villages.
Class C - confirm contacts with 30 cities/towns/villages.

GCR list and fee of 1000 or 10 IRCs  to: Hiromi Hatazawa JA7FWR, 3-4-27 Chuuoudoori, Morioka, Iwate 020-0021, Japan.

(Chg 2/2005) 

Izu Shimoda Daffodil Award

Issued by the Izu Shimoda Club for confirmed contact with 16 stations that spell out the word "IZUSHIMODASUISEN" using the middle letter of their suffix.

Class A1 - complete AJD including 3 Shimoda stations or 3 Daffodil QSLs.
Class A2 - Collect 10 QSLs issued by the club.

Endorsement for band or mode. GCR list and fee of 500 to: Atsuhiro Shimada JH2RQG, 6-10-12 Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 415-0001 Japan.

(Chg 10/2001) 

All JA Prefix Award

Issued by the Watanabe Family club for confirmed contacts with 30 different JA prefixes. (Note: JR1DTN/JD1 counts as JR1). GCR list and fee of 600 to: T. Watanabe, 1-1-14 Tatsuyama, Takasago-city, 676-0811 Japan. 

(Tks HL1KIS)(01)

JA5 Award

Issued for confirmed contacts with stations located in the JA5 call district. Available in 3 classes: Class A = 555 contacts, Class B = 55 contacts, Class C = 5 contacts. The prefectures of this district are Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi and Tokushima. GCR list and fee of 8 IRCs to: Akira Inage JA5MG, 571-1 Okadashimo, Ayauta, Kagawa Prefecture, 761-2402 Japan.

(Chg 10/2001) 

  --- JA0 DX GANG Series ---

General requirements: Fee for each of the awards is 10 IRCs or 1000 to the custodian listed below. SWL OK. All bands and modes. 

E-mail:  ja0umv@jarl.com 
Internet: http://www.mdb.jp/JA0-DX-GANG/ 

Ten-0 Award

Contact 10 stations which are located in the 0 (Zero) district call area from 10 different entities/countries of the ARRL DXCC list.  Contacts must be made on or after 1 January 1955. One of the contacts must have been made in the Japanese 0 (zero) call area: JA0-JS0, 7J0-7N0, 8J0-8N0. Apply to: JA0AWF, PO Box 88, Ueda-city, Nagano 386-8691, Japan. 


Submit proof of having contacting 100 or more entities (ARRL DXCC list) which have the number 0 (Zero) in their prefix, such as UA0, W0, S50.  Contacts withy both NAGANO and NIIGATA prefectures of Japan must be included in the 100 entities such as JA0.  (Valid prefixes from these prefectures include JA0-JS0, 7J0-7N0 and 8J0-8N0.)  This means that at least 101 QSL cards are needed.  No special event station with 0's can be used.  Example: 8N2OOO.  Contacts on or after 1 January 2005.  All bands, including WARC from 160 to 6 meters may be used.  
     Endorsements available for each 25 additional entities over 100.  Send GCR list, certified by two amateurs who are DXCC holders in alphanumeric order (A to Z and 1 to 0) including the date/band/mode of each QSO.  Endorsement requests must be sent in the same manner with SASE or 2 IRCs.  Award fee is 1000 or 10 IRCs. Engraved plaque available for additional fee of $100. Apply to: Tohru Kataoka JA0UMV, 15-9 Sakae-cho, Kamo-city, Niigata 959-1382, Japan.

(Chg 4/2010)

JA 35.20 Award

Contact stations in prefectures along latitude 35-20N in Japan. SWL OK. Issued in 3 classes: B = 5 prefectures, A = 10 and AA = all 13. GCR list and 7 IRCs to: Tuyoshi Ohashi, 62.Sakurai, Yoro-cho, Yoro-gun, Gifu, 503-12, Japan.

Prefectures: Aichi, Chiba, Gifu, Hyogo, Kanagawa, Kyoto, Nagano, Okayama, Shiga, Shimane, Shizuoka, Tottori and Yamanashi.

All JA 10,000 Yomiuri Award

Contact different JA stations since 1952 in 4 levels: C = 2500, B = 5000, A = 7500, AWARD = 10,000. In addition for each of the levels, you must have contacted a number of sets of JA's in each of the 47 prefectures. For example, if applying for Level C, you need 3 sets on the 7 MHz band. Further, the percentage of stations in each call area must be more than 5% but under 15% of the total. SWL OK. You must apply for Class C first. All modes, no crossband or repeater. All stations must be different. GCR list requires 2 witnesses, one of which must be an award manager of a society affiliated with IARU. A somewhat involved application procedure involving GCR, application form, call sign sheets and compulsory stations lists for this one. Cost of award is 10 IRCs for each level. You should get special application sheets and complete rules from sponsor: Yomiuri Award Office, 1-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8055 Japan

(Chg 5/2002) 

JA4 Alphabet Award

Class A - contact 26 JA4 stations, whose last letter of their call sign includes the letters of the alphabet A to Z. In addition, another 5 JA4's are needed whose last letters spell BINGO - these 5 must include one from each of these cities: Hiroshima City, Okayama City, Yamaguchi City, Matsue City and Tottori City in the Chugoku area. (31 cards).

Class B - Contact 26 JA4 stations, whose last letter of their calls include A through Z.

Endorsements for single band or mode. Contacts since 1 July 1983. GCR and $6US to: JARL Bingo Club Award, Fukuyama Post Office Box 127, 3-4 Higashi Sakuramachi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, 720-0001 Japan. 

(Chg 10/2001) 

JA8 ABC Award

Issued by the Chitose ARC for confirmed contact with any 26 Hokkaido stations, including Chidose City spelling out the full alphabet using the last letter of their suffix in classes as follows:

Class A - complete with different city stations.
Class B - complete with stations from different 14 city branches.
Class C - complete with any stations.

Endorsement for band or mode. Contacts after 1 October 1970. GCR list and fee of  5 IRCs  to: Hitoshi Kuwahara JA8JCJ, 5-11-17 Sakuragi, Chidose city, Hokkaido, 066-0071 Japan. 

(Chg 3/2003)

All JA0 Award

Collect A to Z suffix letters with contacts of JA0 stations:

Class A - 26 - full A to Z of the last letter of their suffix. Must include at least 5 stations each from Niigata and Nagano Prefecture.
Class B - 20-26 letters with the same conditions as above.
Class C - 10-26 letters with the same conditions as above.

Endorsements available by mode or band, QRP (less than 6w input). GCR list and fee of $US7 or 6 IRCs to: Sumio Kondo JA0BGL, Makikoh 2569, Maki-machi, Nishi Kanbara-gun, Niigata 953-0041, Japan.

(Chg 3/2004)

JAIA Club Award

Contact at least 1000 stations which have different suffixes. There are 18,278 different combinations of one, two and three letter suffixes. Sticker endorsement each additional 500 suffixes up to 18000. The award is available to personal stations, but not club stations. Contacts after 15 July 1997.

JCA Basic Award for achieving 1000 suffixes.
JCA Bronze Award for achieving 5000 suffixes.
JCA Silver Award for achieving 10000 suffixes.
JCA Gold Award for achieving 15000 suffixes.
JCA Honor Member for achieving 18200 suffixes.
After 18,200 suffixes, endorsement for each added 10.

Certificate as JCA #1 sticker for contacting all 18,278 suffixes. JCA award manager requests sending at least 10 QSLs for random check. Contacts
valid even from Aeronautical or Maritime mobile and from foreign countries.

Example: JA9IFFs QSO and KH2/JA9IFFs QSO both count to JA9IFFs application.

Suffix definition:




Invalid callsigns:

XW1, no suffix S0RASD, 4 letters P5RS7, includes numbers

C21/MI, no evident suffixes.

Special application needed; free of charge from manager with SASE. Form on floppy send one formatted 3.5" diskette to manager with SAE/return postage of at least $US2. Award is free, but you must send postage: $US4 for Asia, NA, Middle East and Europe; $US6 for South America; Africa $US7. Apply jto: JAIA JCA Award Manger, c/o JAIA Kawabata #2 Bld., Sugamo 1-10-5, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0002, Japan.

Internet address: Http://www.jaia.or.jp

(Chg 3/2004)

 --- Japan Awards Hunter Group Series ---

General Requirements: Awards are available for amateurs and SWLs. Fee and call of sponsor shown with each award. Special applications are available for each award from the listed sponsor: Itsuro Dudo JH1IED, 41 Ohtaka-cho, Midori-ku, Chiba-shi 267-0054 Chiba, Japan. 

E-mail: jh1ied@jarl.com
Internet: http://www.jarl.com/jag/awards_eng.html 

(Chg 4/2009)


The Samurai

Confirmed contacts with the following numbers of JAG members:

Class-Super = 80% of all members at time of application.

Class-500 = 500 members. Also Class-300, Class-1 50, Class-100, Class-50, Class-25, and Class-DX-5 members (available only to non-JAs).

Application form and fee of Y400 or 10 IRCs to: JA1JKG. Note, list must include JAG numbers and be sorted by call signs.

Worked All Japan Towns/Villages Award

Confirm contacts with the following numbers of towns/villages in JA:

Class-Perfect = All the towns/villages in existence at time of application.

The basic certificate is offered for 1500, endorsements at 2000, 2200, 2400 and 2600 different towns/villages.

You must use the official JAG Towns/Village list available from sponsor for SASE/IRC.. QSLs must contain the proper name of the town or village. Use application form and fee of Y500 for certificate (Y100 for endorsement) and send to JA7FVA. Note: 2562 towns/villages exist as of 1 Jan 1998.

Japan Postal Code Award

Confirm contacts with JA stations whose postal codes total exactly 100,000. 50,000 of the 100,000 shall consist only of 3-digit postal codes (example 170). Another 50,000 shall consist of 5 digit postal codes with the last 2 digits counted as decimal points (example 760-24 = 760.24). For the new 7-digit codes, only the first 5 digits shall be used. If the fourth and fifth digit of a new 7-digit code consists of "00", the code will be counted as a 3-digit code. (Example: 154-0023 = 154. 144-0056 = 144). If the fourth and fifth digit of a new 7-digit code consists of numbers other than "00", the code will be counted as a 5-digit code. (Example: 350-1106 = 350.11, 245-8856 = 245.88.)

Contacts must be made on 3 or more bands and one set of WAJA. The list shall include JCC/G or Prefecture numbers. All stations must be different. The list must be sorted by postal codes. Postal codes must be shown on the QSL cards. PO Box number addresses do not count. No endorsements. Application form and fee of Y500 to JA1BUQ.

Prefix Collection Certificate

Confirm contacts with different prefixed of the world. Only officially issued prefixes may be used. Basic award issued for 1000 different prefixes. Endorsements available each additional 500 prefixes. Same prefix may be worked on each band. No special endorsements. No portable designation of any sort is valid. (Example 8J90XPO = 8J90, 8J1HAM = 8J1, M1B = M1, W6/JA1CKE = JA1, JA1CKE/JD1 = JA1. Satellite and EME counted as separate bands. SWL OK. Application form and fee of Y500 to JA1CKE.

Certificate of Activities

The purpose is to certify the applicant has contacted stations all over the world.

1. Confirm QSOs with over 100 stations in each Japanese Prefecture on over 3 bands and 3 modes of choice. (SSB, CW, FM, SSTV, etc.)

2. Possess over 300 different amateur awards. Among these must be included: Samurai Class - Super, Worked All Japan Towns/Villages Award Class 2000 or higher, JPA and PXCC issued by JAG, and WACA, WAGA, and VU1000 issued by JARL and WPX as issued by US CQ Magazine. List on any format and send to JA4IYE. Free of charge!

JAG 20th Anniversary Award

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of JAG in 1997, the following award is offered. Confirm QSOs with the following numbers of JAG members:

Class J = Total of 20 members on 2 BANDS of choice, consisting of 2 members from each of 10 call areas. (Call areas not needed on ea band.)
Class A = As above, but on 2 MODES of choice.
Class G = Total of 200 members on 10 bands of choice, including 2 members from each of 10 call areas. (Not necessary to include 10 call areas on each band.

GCR list and fee of Y400 to JA5MG.

JAG21 Century Award

The basic award is issued by confirmed contacts with 21 stations in each prefecture. Endorsement sticker is issued for confirmed contacts with 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450 and 500 stations in each prefecture.  Contacts on and after January 1, 2001 are valid. However, this date restriction is removed 3 years later. SWL OK. The list of confirmed contacts must be sorted by the prefectures and must include JCC or JCG numbers. The highest level requires confirmed contacts with 500 stations in each of the 47 Japanese prefectures (the total: 23500 stations). The basic award and each endorsement must include contacts on 3 or more bands and 2 or more modes. The same station may be worked on different bands. GCR list fee of Yen 500 (for the basic award), GCR + SASE (1 IRC) (for Endorsement Sticker)
Send to . Tadao Matsuoka JA3BKM, 36-17 Hagiharacho, IKOMA CITY,  NARA 630-0234 JAPAN

 Internet site: http://www.jarl.com/jag/index_eng.html

Tks JF2IGP 1/02


JAG issues the following 3 new awards on a permanent basis (not short-term) on the occasion of their 30th anniversary:  GCR list and fee of 3 IRCs for each award. Apply to the specific custodian listed with each award. 

                 JAG 30th Anniversary Award I
Confirmed contacts with 30 stations on or after January 1, 2006, and using at least one letter of their suffixes, spell the following term: (30 QSLs in total):

                JAG 30th Anniversary Award II
Confirmed contacts with 1 JAG member and 3 other stations (4 QSLs in total) on or after January 1, 2006, and spell "JAG" by using any one letter of the suffixes of the 3 stations.

                Over Three Letters of The Suffix Award
Confirmed contacts with at least 3 stations with 4 or more letters in their suffixes (ex; BT4ARDF, 8N3ARISS, etc.). A separate award will be issued for every application (This means that, for endorsement, another certificate instead of endorsement sticker will be issued ). The ranking list will be released and updated from time to time on the JAG Web site.

Tks Nao, JF2IGP 2/5/2006