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(Updated 11/2012)

Kyushu District JARL Series

General Requirements: Fee for each award is $US5 or 6 IRCs. For each award, a JA6-JS6 station must be included. Apply to: Terukazu Murakami JA6KZ, 324 Idenakama, Tamukae, Kumamoto 862-0963, Japan.

(Chg 10/03)

3 Band WAC

Contact 3 stations in each continent on any 3 amateur bands.

6 X 6 Award

Contact a station in each continent whose call area is 6 (W6AM, JA6KZ, OE6AB, etc.)

JA6 Award

Contact one station in each of 25 different DXCC countries whose call area is 6. One contact with JA6...JS6 is required.

6 X 6 X 6 Award

Work one station in each of the 6 JA6 prefectures using the 6 meter band. The prefectures are: Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa.

Letís Enjoy! Ham Life Award

Issued by the Blue Sky ARC. Confirm contacts with 100 mobile stations on or after April 1993. Endorsements for band or mode. GCR list and fee of 5 IRCs to ARC Blue Sky, c/o Watanabe, 34-1, Nishita, Nakahara cho, Nishio City, 445-0083 Japan.

(Chg 10/03)

LQVX Award

Contact Japanese stations who have "L", "Q", "V" or "X" letters in their suffix. Contact values: if first letter of suffix, = 2 points, middle letter of suffix = 1 point, last letter of suffix = 5 points. For example: JP3QDV counts for 8 points, JN1XLV counts a full 9 points.

Applicants need at least 1000 points and an additional 1000 points for each higher level. No endorsements. Contacts after 1 April 1996. GCR list and fee of 300• or 4 IRCs to: Hirofumi Yoshimi JP3QDV, 166-2 Daito, Miwa-cho, Amata-gun, Kyoto 620-1302, Japan.

(Chg 01)

Madonna Award

Issued by Ehime YL Ham Club. Contact 25 stations and spell out the word "MATSUYAMACASTLEANDMADONNA" using the last letter of their suffix.

Madonna Award - Complete AJD with YL only.
Botchang Award - Complete AJD with OM only.
YXB Award - Complete with any stations.

Endorsements for band or all CW. GCR list and fee of •500 plus •190 postage plus your QSL card to: Hisae Kono JR5JGI, 2-25 Minatoyama-cho, Matsuyama-city, 791-9085 Japan.

(Tks HL1KIS)(01)

Mahoroba Award

Contact Nara prefecture stations as follows: Class EX - complete A-Z with the first letter of each suffix, including 10 different cities or guns of Nara. Class A - as above, but 5 cities or guns needed. Class B - any 13 letters A to Z. Class C - as above but only 8 letters. GCR list and fee of 7 IRCs or $US6 to: Norio Matsutani JE3IAC, 13 Nishi-Sasahoko, Nara 630-8291, Japan.

(Chg 11/03)

MARS Award

Sponsored by the Medical Amateur Radio Society of Japan (MARS).  Spell out each of  the five distinguished medical doctor's names listed below by using the LAST LETTER of SUFFIX on QSL.

Name of Medical Doctors: 

Class A: Two MARS member cards must be included in each of the five names.  One MARS member card can be used only once to substitute for any letter in the five names.
Class B: One MARS member card must be included among the five name, in the total of 57 letters required.  You may use a MARS member card in place of any of the letters.

The same card may not be used in both classes.  Contacts after 1 May 1981.  GCR list, a copy of your QSL or SWL card and fee of 3 IRCs to:  Nobuo Aida JA1KXT, Kitaakagisan 1043-4, Akagi-mura, Seta-gun,  Gunma, 379-1111, Japan. 

Internet: http://www.jmars.jp/ 
Members list: http://www.jmars.jp/menberlist.html 

Tks QSL of JA1KXT 3/9/2006

Matto Award

Issued by the Matsuto Asagao AHG for confirmed contact with 20 Matsuto city stations, hams who were born in Matsuto City or Matsuto city related stations. Endorsement for band and mode. Contacts must be after July 1993. GCR list and fee of •400 to: Nishida JR9KHD, 1689, Murai cho,, Matsuto city, 924-0032 Japan.

(Chg 12/03)

MBEDX (Multi Band Emission DX Award)

JA1BWA announces that as of 1st/Aug/2002 MBEDX (Multi Band Emission DX) Award which has been currently issued by FEDXP(Far East DX-ploiters) as a club award, will be issued by JA1BWA (ex chairman of FEDXP) as a personal award.

JA1BWA hopes this Award will encourage these DX'ers who have completed, such as 5Band DXCC and 5Band WAZ, to expand their activities onto low bands as well as WARC bands using various emissions and modes.

Rules of the Award is almost same as before, but slightly revised as follows:


1. MBEDX certificate is available for earning 1000 points.
2. Each contact on different bands and modes with the Entities included in the DXCC entities list count as one point. (Deleted entities are valid)
3. Contacts after August 27, 1952.
4. All contacts on MF, HF bands including WARC and 6 meters are valid for the award and it is essential to include contacts on 80/75m,40m,20m,15m, and 10m.
5. All contacts made using CW, SSB(include AM), FM and RTTY mode are valid for the Award. It is essential to include contacts made using CW, and SSB.
6. You must make more than 50 contacts on the bands: 80/75m,40m,20m,15m,10m.
7. Endorsement stickers to be affixed to certificate will be given every additional 250 points.
8. MBEDX_3000 plaque is available for confirmation of 3000 points.
9. Special Award with a trophy is available for confirmation of 3000 points on condition that contacts made on all 10 bands between 160m to 6m band (include WARC bands) and each band should be more than 100 points.


Band 80M 40M 20M 15M 10M TOTAL
Points 25 25 100 80 200 150 200 90 90 40  
Total 50 180 350 290 130 1000

Application form available on request for SASE. GCR OK. The application cost is as MBEDX_1000 certificate: 10 IRC or US$ 10. MBEDX_3000 plaque: 40 IRC or US$ 40. Special Award with trophy: 50 IRC or US$ 50. Endorsement Sticker: 2 IRC or US$ 2.  Apply to: Toshio Takahashi, JA1BWA, P.O. Box 11, Funabashi_Higashi, Chiba, 274-8791 Japan.

Tks JA1BWA 8/10/2002

MG5 Award

Contact different stations where the last two letters of the suffix are the same as the last two letters of your own suffix (not necessarily in the same order). No time, band or mode limitations. Class A for 10 stations; Class B for 5 stations. GCR list and 8 IRCs to Akira Inage JA5MG, 571-1 Okadashimo, Ayauta, Kagawa prefecture 761-2402, Japan.

(Chg 11/03)

Worked All Mie Award

Sponsored by Boys of Kameyama Local Club for contacting cities and guns of Mie Prefecture. (See JARL section for cities and guns list). Class A = all 13 cities and 14 guns (27 cards), Class B = 18 cities and guns, Class C = 9 cities and guns. SWL OK. Endorsements for one band or mode upon request. GCR list and fee of Yen 500 or 10 IRCs to: Sumusu Kobayashi JA2PVN, 712-5 Nomura-cho, Kameyama-city, Mie Prefecture 519-0165, Japan.

(Chg 11/03)


The award was created to publicize the " city of hardware" throughout the world. Award is available only to stations outside of Japan. No time limitations. Only one card from each station may be used. QSL from any JARL Miki ARC club member may be used to substitute for any one missing card. Note the member club number on your application. Application form on their website.

Class EX-DX (Extra DX) - complete both requirements.

1. Using 3 different HF bands, contact JA stations in 3 different JA call areas, one per band.
2. Using 3 different HF bands, contact JA3 stations, one per band. (Valid prefectures in the 3rd call area are Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama and Shiga.)

Class J-DX (Junior DX) - achieve only condition 1 above.

If you have already earned the Class J-DX, then you should indicate the serial number on your application and complete requirement 1.  GCR list and fee of $US6 or 8 IRCs to: Yukio Miyahara (JK3TJN), 3-15-20, Midorigaoka-higashi, MIKI, HYOGO 673-0533, JAPAN.

E-mail: jk3tjn@yahoo.co.jp     jk3egi@jarl.com
Internet: http://www2.117.ne.jp/~jm3txq/maa/

QSL card of JA3KNN 3/205

Mirage Prize

Issued for confirmed contacts with stations in Toyama prefecture. Four classes available: Class A = contact with all cities and districts plus a Uozu Station; Class B = All districts and a Uozu station; Class C = All Cities and a Uozu station; Class D = Ten Toyama prefecture stations plus a Uozu station. (outside of Japan, contact nine JA9 amateurs). Multicolor award 21x30 cm. GCR list in alphabetical order by prefix and fee of 10 IRCs or 500 Yen to: Yukikazu Tanihara, 474 Yoshino, Uozu City, 937 Japan.

(TKS DK4SY)(89)

Mizunami Award

Issued by the Mizunami Award Committee for one confirmed contact with a Mizunami station. Endorsement for band and mode. GCR list and fee of •300 to: Toyama JL2HRX, 2640, Mizunami City, 509-6101 Japan.

(Chg 12/03)

 Mogami Award

Contact stations as follows to earn the award in the following 4 levels:

Class AA - 10 cities and guns in Yamagata prefecture which are located in the Mogami River area, and including club station JA7YIJ.
Class A - spell out the words "THE MOGAMI AWARD" with only YL stations using the middle letter of their call sign suffix.
Class B - spell out as above using Yamagata prefecture stations using the middle letter of their callsign suffix.
Class C - spell out as above with any stations using the middle letter of their callsign suffix.

Endorsement for band or mode available. GCR list and fee of 5 IRC or •650 for JARL members to: Hiroshi Igarashi JA7ITZ, Tohkamachi 416, Shinjyo City, 996-0091 Japan.

(TKS JA9IFF via Internet)(96)

10 cities list: JCC 	8 guns list: JCG
Yonezawa 0502 		Akumi 05001
Sakata 0504 		Kitamurayama 05002
Shinjyo 0505 		Nishiokitama 05003
Sagae 0506 		Nishimurayama 05005
Muramaya 0508 		Higashiokitama 05006
Nagai 0509 		Higashitagawa 05007
Tendo 0509 		Higashimurayama 05008
Higashine 0511 		Mogami 05011
Obanazawa 0512 
Nanyo 0513

(Chg 01)

Worked Multi-Band Japan Award

Sponsored by 59 Magazine to commemorate the opening of the WARC 1979 bands (10, 18 and 24 MHz.) in Japan. DX stations must contact and receive cards from each of the 47 prefectures of Japan on 6 different bands, including any or all of the WARC bands. Contacts after 1 January 1990. The same station may be contacted on different bands. Satellite contacts count as a separate band. Mixed mode only. No cross band contacts. Contacts must have been made from the same call area. QSLs must be submitted with your application. The plaque is free of charge, but enough postage must be sent for the return of your cards. Apply to: Award Manager, 59 Magazine, PO Box 8, Kamata, Tokyo, 144 Japan.

(CHG 98)


Sponsored by the Musashino Club of the JARL and available to all amateurs and SWLs for contacts beginning on 1 January 2011. All bands and modes may be used. 

DX PRIZE - using the last letter of their call signs, spell the word MUSASINO with Japanese stations. One of the stations must live within the city of Tokyo. 
CLASS A - Confirm QSOs with 3 Wards, 21 Cities, 2 towns and 3 members of the MUSASINO Club. 
CLASS B - confirm QSOs with 3 Wards, 10 cities, 2 towns and one member of the MUSASINO Club.

Send GCR list and fee of $US8 or 8 IRCs to: Akirou Inoue JA1ECU, (167-0032), 2-26-25 Amanuma Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan.


100120 Nerima
100115 Suginami
100112 Setagaya

1004 Musasino
1005 Mitaka
1003 Tachikawa
1011 Koganei
1015 Kokubunnji
1016 Kunitachi
1022 Kiyose
1024 Musashimurayama
1014 Higashimurayama
1021 Higashiyamato
1023 Higashikurume
10002/C Hinode
10002/E Mizuho


Internet: http://www.jarl.com/ja1ysw/ 

(Chg 11/2012) 

Mutsugo Award

Collect cards with a common suffix. The country and applicants call sign need not be considered.

Class A = 6 cards. 
Class B = 5 cards
Class C = 4 cards. 
Class D = 3 cards.

Example Class A: JA1AAA, JA2AAA, JA3AAA, JA7AAA, KG6AAA, WA6AAA. Contacts must be on or after 1 Jan 1978. GCR list and fee of 7 IRCs or •500. Award is free to handicapped amateurs. Apply to: Toshio Suzuki JI1CMZ, 270 1-158 Nakakanasugi, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture, 270-0007 Japan. (Chg 99)

Internet: http://www.t-u.jp.ham/mutsugo.htm 

(Chg 04)

Worked All Nagasaki Cities/Guns Award

Issued by the Nagasaki Award Hunters Club for working all Nagasaki cities and guns as follows:

Class A - contact all Nagasaki prefectures.
Class B - contact 12 cities/guns Nagasaki.
Class C - contact 7 cities/guns in Nagasaki.

In all classes, a Nagasaki city station must be included. Endorsement for band and mode. GCR list and fee of 5 IRC  to: Nagasaki Award Hunters Club, CPO Box 26, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki 850-8626 Japan.

(Chg 12/03)

Naniwa Award

Work or confirm 26 JA3-area amateurs operating in Osaka prefecture - using the last letter of their calls to make the alphabet A to Z. No date limitations. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 7 IRCs to: Tsuguya Nakasako JA3UJR, 5-2-19-203 Nishiyamadai, Sayama, Osaka 589-0022, Japan. .

(Multicolored view of Osaka at night and ancient song of Osaka in JA script).

 (Chg 3/2004)

Nara Asukano Sato Award

Issued by the Nara Asukano Sato ARC for contact with 15 stations to spell out the word "NARAASUKANOSATO" using the last letter of their suffix PLUS 10 Takaichi gun stations. Endorsement for band or mode. GCR list and fee of •500 plus cost of return postage to: Masayoshi Uratani JF3LUH, 676 Hinokimae, Asuka-mura, Takaichi-gun, Nara 634-0135, Japan.

(Chg 3/2004)

Nemuro Mizunara Award

Contact 18 stations and spell out the words "NEMURO MIZUNARANOKI" using the last letter of each suffix.

Class A - complete AJD with YL stationsí first call letter plus JH8IMF and JH8QIO.
Class B - complete AJD with YL stations middle letter of suffix plus JH8IMF and JH8QIO.
Class C - complete AJD with last letter of your call sign plus JH8IMF and JH8QIO.

GCR list and fee of •500 to: Yumiko & Masami Miya JH7IMF/JH8QIO, 3-266, Nishihama-cho, Nemuro, Hokkaido 087-0025, Japan.

(Chg 11/2005)

Nishikigoi Award

Contact any JA stations and spell out the word "NISHI KIGOI" using the middle letter of their suffix.

Class A - complete with 0 area stations plus 2 Ojiyacity stations.
Class B - complete with 0 area stations.

GCR list and fee of •500 to: Hiroshi Yamada JH0BNF, 8-25 Asahimachi, Ojiya, Niigata 947-0005 Japan. 

(Chg 3/2004)

Ninohe City Oritume Award

Contact 27 stations spelling out the word "MITINOKUNINOHESIORITUMEDAKE" using the last letter of their suffix.

Class A - complete with YL stations in Ninohe city or Iwate prefecture.
Class B - complete with 7th call area stations.
Class C - use stations from any call area.

Endorsement for band or mode. GCR list and fee of •600 plus •190 for postage. Apply to: Hideki Sugimoto JR7KYK, 5-16 Hosokoshi Shimotomai, Ninohe-city, 028-6102 Japan.

(Tks HL1KIS)(01)

Northern Fox Award    

Issued by the Northern Fox Ham Radio Club. Although foxes live in all parts of Japan, most of its population live on the northerly island of Hokkaido. Contact 16 different stations, using the last letter of each call sign to spell the words: "NORTHERN FOX AWARD". Class A = use of any QSL cards, Class B = use of club station QSLs, Class EX, complete A or B listed above plus a QSL from JH8ZGR-club station or cards from 3 of the members. Band or mode endorsement upon request. SWL OK. No band or mode restrictions. GCR list and fee of $US5 or equal to: Eiko Kikuchi JG8PAV, 11-12 Sumikawa, 4-JO, 5-Chome, Minamiku, Sapporo 005-0004, Japan.

(CHG 4/2004)

Northern Kyushu DX Award

Contact 20 different stations which spell "NORTHERN KYUSHU DX CLUB" with the last letter of their callsigns. Any band or mode. SWL OK. Special endorsements upon request. GCR list and fee of •399 or 5 IRCs to: NKDXC Award Manager, PO Box 11, Yawata, Kita Kyushu, 805-8791 Japan.

(Chg 10/2005)

Internet: http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~m.mats/NKDXC_AWARD.htm 

Obihiro 10 Award

Issued by the Tokachi ARC for confirmed contacts with any 10 Obihiro city stations. Endorsements for 20, 30, 50, 80 and 100 QSOs. Endorsement for band or mode. GCR list and fee of 10 IRCs  to Tokachi ARC, PO Box 1, Obihiro city, Hokkaido 080-0000, Japan.

(Chg 6/2004)

Ojiya Club Prize

Contact members of this club, no time, band or mode restrictions. Basic award requires 100 points, Class B = 300, Class A = 500. Each QSO with club station JA0YZA = 20, each member who marks their card with the club emblem (happy fish jumping in a circle of waves) = 20, any card by a member living in Ojiya = 10. GCR list and fee of •500 or equivalent to: Katuyuki Sakurai, 1696-1 Oaza Tamugiyama Kawaguchi-town, Kitauonuma-gun, 049-7512 Niigata-ken, Japan. 

(Chg 6/2004)

Worked All Okayama Wards Award

Contact 4 stations in Okayama City plus one Japan Awards Group (JAG) member on or after April 1, 2009. If the JAG member contact is one of the 4 in Okayama City, this fifth contact is not necessary. Please complete the application form found on their website plus fee of 2 IRC or $US2 and apply to: Ms. Kurosaki Yuriko (JR4IKP), 12-6, Handa-cho, Kita-ku Okayama City, 700-0003 JAPAN.

Internet: http://oag.rakurakuhp.net/i_541445.htm

Tks JF2IGP Nao  2/5/09 

One Day All Chugoku

Contact 5 prefectures of the JA 4th district within 24 hours. These are: Okayama, Tottori, Yamaguchi, Shimane and Hiroshima. You must possess the QSL cards. The award is a beautiful color print of a sunset scene in the Japanese Sea. Send the 5 QSLs plus 10 IRCs to: Ichinosuke Yamada JH4LHQ, 7-13-3 Koshihara, Matsue, Shimane, 690-0012 Japan.

(Chg 3/2005)

One Day WAJA

Contact all 47 prefectures of Japan within a day between the hours of 0000 and 2359 UTC. Send GCR list and fee of 4 IRC to: Tadayuki Nakoaka JE5IWA, 848-15, Sugeta kou, Sugeta-cho, Ozu-City, Ehime 795-0081, Japan.

Internet: http://www.cnw.ne.jp/~je5iwa/englishwaja.htm

K1BV Research 11/10

One Day All Japan Districts Award

Contact all 10 Japanese call areas within one 24 hour period. 5 color certificate 27 x 34 cm. SWL OK, but must submit the QSLs. No band or mode limitations. GCR list and fee of 7 IRCs to: Himeji Radio Club, PO Box 6, Himeji, Hyogo,  670-8691 Japan.

(Chg 2-2001 per JA3BAG)

One Day JA7 Award

Contact the 6 prefectures of Tohoku within a 24 hour time span. These prefectures are MIYAGI, FUKUSHIMA, IWATE, AKITA, YAMAGATA and AOMORI. Band and mode endorsements are available on request. GCR list and fee of 6 IRCs or Y1000 (Y500 to JARL members) to: Toshihiko Yamanouchi JA7AIW, Yamauchi-Building, 3-1-24 Aoba Ichiban-cho, Sendai 980-0811 Japan.

(Chg 2-2001 per JA3BAG)

One Day Kyushu Award

Work 8 prefectures of the Kyushu district within 24 hours between 1500UTC and 1459UTC. One missing prefecture may be replaced with a contact with a JAHG member. GCR list and fee of 500• or 4 IRCs. Apply to Tsutomu Kaku JG6JMQ, Sho 1138-4, Soeda-cho, Tagawa-gun, 824-0601 Japan.

(Chg 7/2004)


One Day Worked All Continents Award

Contact all 6 continents within one calendar day between the hours of 0000z to 2400z. QSOs since 1 August 1961 are valid. Not valid for SWLs.
No roundtable or net QSOs.  Endorsements are available for band, mode and QRP(<1 watt). GCR list or copies of the cards and fee for the paper award of $US4.  Fee for paper award and plaque is  $US20 or 30 IRCs.  Apply  to Hiromi Tokushima JE3SAE, 1-11 No, Habikino-city, Osaka, 583-0884 Japan. 

Tks DH1PAL 3/10/12
Also DH5MM 7/12/12 and PA0QRB

One Letter Diploma

Class 1 - contact stations with 26 different single letter suffixed calls from A to Z (KP4A, KK4B, etc).
Class 2 - given for contacts with an additional 10 different single letter suffixed stations. 20, 30, etc will be issued.
Class 3 - for contacts with 5 different stations who have the same single letter suffix.

SWL OK. Endorsements for one band or mode. GCR list and fee of $8US to Hideji Ito JJ1ASO, Lions Tower YATSUKA 1316, 77-1 Sezaki, Saka-city, Saitama, 340-0022 Japan.

(Chg 7/2004)