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 Worked All Jersey Island Award

Contact a station in each of the 12 parishes of Jersey Island, plus club station GJ3DVC. The parishes are: 

St. Helier        St. Peter
St. Saviour      St. Martin 
St. John          St. Lawrence 
St. Brelade     St. Ouen 
St. Clement    St. Mary Trinity Grouville

No contacts with visiting stations. Only one mobile or portable qso allowed. SWL OK. GCR list and 10 IRCs (SWL's 6 IRCs) to Jersey ARS, PO Box 338, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK.


Kalingrad Radio Amateurs Association Series -

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Kaliningrad Radio Amateurs Association and by the UA2 Contest Club. All bands and modes may be used. SWL OK. The application and appropriate fee should go to: Victor Loginov UA2FM, P.O. Box 1122, 
Kaliningrad 236019, Russia

   For payment, Victor accepts PAYPAL to his e-mail address. of   

Special station of the research vessel "Vityaz" is R2MWO and the UA2 Contest Club station is RW2F.


Chg 7/3/16

    Kaliningrad - Konigsberg 750 Award

This award commemorates the 750th anniversary of the founding of Kaliningrad City (known as Konigsberg before 1956). Earn 750 points by working UA2 stations on all bands and modes, and on VHF or via Satellites, make contact with 2 UA2's.


- 100 points for any RK2F, UE2F stations and for RW2F and R2MWO. 
-  50 points for any other UA2 stations.

Same station may be worked on different bands for credit.

Earned points may be doubled if:
- you were born or lived in Konigsberg or in East Prussia before 1945.
- you were born or lived in Kaliningrad or the Kalingrad region after 1945 and moved away later.
- you ever had a UA2 license and moved away later.

Special rule for old timers: if you had at least one QSO with Konigsberg station before 1945 (prefixes were D3 or D4), you only have to work one UA2 to earn the award. Send a copy of this card with your application. Log extract and fee of 30 Rubles for Russia/CIS or 3 IRCs for all others.


    Kaliningrad Districts Award

Contact 10 different UA2 districts . Note: the award may be earned during the annual UA2 QSO Party. The UA2 Contest Club offers a special plaque for working all 23 UA2 districts. The fee for the plaque is $US30.

District List:

KA-01 Baltijskij rajon
KA-02 Leningradskij rajon
KA-03 Moskovskij rajon
KA-04 Oktyabr’skij rajon
KA-05 Tsentral’nyj rajon


KA-06 Baltijsk (incl. Primorsk)
KA-07 Pionerskij
KA-08 Svetlogorsk (incl. Yantarnyj)
KA-09 Svetlyj
KA-10 Sovetsk

Other UA2 Cities

KA-11 Bagrationovskij rajon (incl. Bagrationovsk, Ladushkin, Mamonovo)
KA-12 Gvardejskij rajon (incl. Gvardejsk)
KA-13 Gur’evskij rajon (incl. Gur’evsk)
KA-14 Gusevskij rajon (incl. Gusev)
KA-15 Zelenogradskij rajon (incl. Zelenogradsk)
KA-16 Krasnoznamenskij rajon (incl. Krasnoznamensk)
KA-17 Nemanskij rajon (incl. Neman 
KA-18 Nesterovskij rajon (incl. Nesterov)
KA-19 Ozyorskij rajon (incl. Ozyorsk)
KA-20 Polesskij rajon (incl. Polessk)
KA-21 Pravdinskij rajon (incl Pravdinsk)
KA-22 Slavskij rajon (incl. Slavsk)
KA-23 Chernyakhovskij rajon (incl. Chernyakhovsk).


This wooden plaque is sponsored by Kaliningrad Radio Amateurs Association and by UA2 Contest Club. Work all 24 UA2 districts (RDA List, see list below). HF/VHF bands, any modes. SWL OK. Send Log extract with usual QSO information. Put all QSO data along with UA2 districts names in the application. The fee of special plaque for all 24 UA2 districts is $US30.  Send your application to Yuri Trubey, UA2FAO, - Sergeeva 49A-30, 236040, Kaliningrad, Russia or to our electronic address , and your fee separately to Ulrich Mueller, DK4VW, Kreutzacker Str.13, Marburg, 35041, Germany. (We prefer this way of getting fee for guaranteeing safe delivery.)UA2 ID list (as per RDA)

KA-02 Leningradskij rajon
KA-03 Moskovskij rajon
KA-05 Tsntral'nyj rajon

KA-06 Baltijsk (incl. Primorsk)
KA-07 Pionerskij
KA-08 Svetlogorsk
KA-09 Svetlyj
KA-10 Sovetsk

Other UA2 areas
KA-11 Bagrationovskij rajon (incl. Bagrationovsk)
KA-12 Gvardejskij rajon (incl. Gvardejsk)
KA-13 Gur'evskij rajon (incl. Gur'evsk)
KA-14 Gusevskij rajon (incl. Gusev)
KA-15 Zelenogradskij rajon (incl Zelenogradsk)
KA-16 Krasnoznamenskij rajon (incl Krasnoznamensk)
KA-17 Nemanskij rajon (incl. Neman)
KA-18 Nsterovskij rajon (incl. Nesterov)
KA-19 Ozyorskij rajon (incl. Ozyorsk)
KA-20 Polesskij rajon (incl. Polessk)
KA-21 Pravdinskij rajon (incl Pravdinsk)
KA-22 Slavskij rajon (incl. Slavsk)
KA-23 Chernyakhovskij rajon (incl. Chernyakhovsk)
KA-24 Ladushkin
KA-25 Mamonovo
KA-26 Yantarny

Tks 5/1/11

East Prussian Offensive Award

The award is issued by Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division to all HAM and SWL stations for QSOs with Kaliningrad HAMs.

Background.  The East Prussian Offensive was a strategic offensive by the Red Army against the German Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front (World War II). It lasted from 13 January to 25 April 1945. The Battle of Königsberg was a major part of the offensive, which ended in victory for the Red Army. More than 200 soldiers and officers of the Red Army were awarded with highest Soviet title – Hero of Soviet Union for their action in the battle.  [Each of the five links above will take you to WIKIPEDIA topics about the specific confict/s.]

Requirement: Applicants should earn at least 45 points.

Point values:

Kaliningrad station


40 – 10 m

160 – 80 m, VHF

Memorial Stations (UE2, RP…)

9 points

12 points


3 points

6 points

QSOs are valid for the award starting in 2015 during the period of January 13 to April 25 every year.

This period of time marked the East Prussian Offensive and during "Victory" Memorial. QSOs with memorial expeditions to all territories of the former East Prussia (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of Poland and Klaip da County of Lithuania) also are good for the award. QSOs with the same station are valid on different bands and by different modes for earning points required by the award.

Send a LOG extract (GCR) to . The award is a Digital award (in PDF format) and is free. If the applicant wishes a printed paper award, the cost is 5 Euro. The award does not honor a specific anniversary date, and may be earned during the time noted above each year after 2015.

Tks UF2F 12/29/14

Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division Series

General Requirements: The awards are available to all amateur and SWL stations for contacts made since 5 July 1946. Cross-band and repeater QSOs are not valid for the award.
Send a LOG extract (GCR)  to        The Digital award (in PDF format) is free, if applicant wants a printed paper certificate, the fee is 5 Euros.

Kaliningrad Oblast Award

The award is issued by Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division to all HAM and SWL stations for QSOs with Kaliningrad HAMs.

The Award has 3 classes and each class uses a different design:
3rd class = 39 points,
2nd class = 78 points,
1st class = 117 points.

Table for determining point values:

Kaliningrad station

Applicants from Europe

DX applicants

40 – 10 m

160 – 80 m, VHF

40 – 10 m

160 – 80 m, VHF


1 point

2 points

2 points

3 points

Club, memorial, special event

2 points

3 points

4 points

5 points

Before 1984, club stations usedthe prefix UA2K… before 1984, UZ2F… and UW2F before 1994, and now use RK2F…, RW2F, UA2F, UC2K.

QSOs with expeditions also are good for the award (counted as individual stations). QSOs with the same station are valid for award point if QSOs are made on different bands and different modes (exclude cross-band and repeater QSOs).

Kaliningrad Maidenhead Squares Award

The award is issued by Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division to all HAM and SWL stations for QSOs with Kaliningrad HAMs situated in different big Maidenhead squares of the region.

Applicant should make QSOs as follows:
a. European applicants need stations in all 5 squares,
b. European applicants making QSOs only on 160 – 40 meters, and on VHF bands, only 3 squares are needed.
c. for DX applicants – contact stations in 3 squares.

The Kaliningrad region is situated in 5 big Maidenhead squares: JO94, KO04, KO05, KO14, KO15.


Tks UF2F Award Manager 1/18/15

 Ivan Chernyakhovsky Diploma    (addition to series 2/6/15)
Read automated issuance of this award. 1/24/17


This award commemorates the famous General of the Army, Ivan Chernyakhovsky (1944), a two-time Hero of the Soviet Union (1943.1944). He was considered one of the most talented young commanders nominated during the Great Patriotic War, and considered the most distinguished in the post commander of the 3rd Belorussian Front. On February 18, 1945, ID Chernyakhovsky was killed near the town of Insterburg in East Prussia, and in 1946 it was renamed Chernyakhovsk in hos honor.

Requirements: During any calendar year, earn a total of 38 points, equal to the number of years lived by ID Chernyakhovsky until the day of his death (1906-1945).

Point Values:
a. Radio stations of the Chernyakhovsky district of Kaliningrad region. (RDA KA-23) give 3 points          
b. other stations of the Kaliningrad region= 2 points
c. contacts with memorial call signs of the Kaliningrad region., Working in the period from 13 January to 25 April and the memorial "Victory" = 5 points.
Contacts on or after 18 Feb 2015. All bands and modes OK. Repeat contacts conducted on different modes and bands OK for award purposes. Repeater QSOs do not count.

Observers (SWL) OK on same conditions and terms. The award is issued in electronic form (for free). Applying: for licensed amateur stations, the award is issued automatically by the system. This system receives QSO logs from stations who are certified as providing exactly the contacts you need for the award.  All that you have to do is click on  the Icon of the English flag at the top of the page, and the Russian text will (mostly)now show English language text.  Click on the CHECK YOUR QSOs link and the system will determine if you have the proper credits.  If you qualify for the award, you will have a chance to download and print the award.   NO CHARGE and QUICK SERVICE.  

Procedure for SWL's:  certificate is issued on the same terms, but you must make an application via e-mail to: .


Hamlog e-mail address for automated issue: 

Change 1/24/17 Tks UF2F

Award Program

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Museum of the World Ocean of Kaliningrad. The awards are in the form of 3 silk pennant of 350 picturing the oceanographic ships named "VITYAZ". The last Vityaz sailed up to 1979 and is now a floating museum. Each award requires contacts with a minimum number of countries or specific areas where the ship worked or visited ports when it was active.

Contacts since 22 April 1979. All bands and modes. SWL OK. GCR list accepted, but the sponsor reserves the right to ask for any of the cards. Fee for each is $US10 or equivalent.

Administrator of the program is Vlad Petrov, RA2FO. 

Send the application to Guenther Schmidt DL1FCM, Ringstrasse 7, D-35094 Lahntal, Germany.  Note: Guenther is the QSL manager for R2MWO, the station onboard the VITYAZ. 

(Chg 8/2004)

Vityaz 1 Pennant

Honors the memory of the first Vityaz active 1862-1882. Contact at least 20 of these areas/countries:

BY KH0 CE2 (Reg Valparaiso) CE5 (Reg Biho-Biho) CE8 (Reg Magallanes) CE0 Easter Island CT3 D4 DU
KH0 FO (Tahiti) FO (Tuamotu) G3 JA1 (Pref 11 Kanagawa) JA3 (Pref 27 Hyogo) JA6 (Pref 42 Nagasaki) JA8 (Pref 01 Hokkaido) 9V
OZ P2 (New Ireland) PY SU UA1A (Obl 169SP) UA0L (Obl 107 PK) VR6/VP6 VS6 ZB2
D2 4S 5W 7O 9H        


Vityaz 2 Pennant

Honors the memory of the second Vityaz active 1886-1893. Contact at least 30 of these areas/countries:

BY (Zhoushan Arch.) BY4A-I (Shanghai) BY5A-I (Prov Zhejian) BY5R-Z (Prov. Fujian) BY7R-Z (Prov. Guandon)  CE2 (Reg. Coquimbo) CE2 (Reg. Valparaiso) CT CT3
D4  DL  DU DU1 (Luson Is.)  DU6 (Panay Is.) EA1 (Reg. Galicia) EA7 (Reg. Andalucia) F (Prov. Bretagne) F (Prov. Normandie)
FO (Marquies Is.) HL JA1 (Kanagawa Pref. 11)

JA3 (Hyogo Pref. 27)

 JA4 (Oki Arch.)  JA6 (Pref. 42 Nagasaki)    JA8 (Pref. 01 Hokkaido)    KH6  
 OZ   PY    SM    SU    SV    TA  U UA1A (Obl. 169 SP) UA0 (Komandores Is.)  UA0C (Obl. 110 HK) 
 UA0F (Obl. 153 SL) UA0L (Obl. 107 PK)   UA0Z (Obl. 128 KT) VS6    YB    ZB2  3W 4S    7O 
 7X     9H     9V             

   Vityaz 3 Pennant

Honors the memory of the last Vityaz active 1947-1979. Contact at least 60 of these areas/countries:

A3 (Tongatapu Is.)  A3 (Vavau Is.) AP  C2 C6  CT  CU  DL  DU 
  EA3 (Reg. Catalonia)   EA8  EA9 (Cueta)  ET   FH  FK FO (Tahiti) FR/T
FT5Z (Amsterdam)  FT5Z (St. Paul) G H4   I JA1 (Pref. 10 Tokio) JA2 (Pref. 18Shizuoka  JA2 (Pref. 20Aichi) JA3 (Pref. 23Shiga) 
JA3 (Pref. 25 Osaka) JA4 (Pref. 23 Yamaguchi  JA4 (Pref. 23 Yamaguchi  JA6 (Pref. 40 Fukuoka JA6 (Pref. 42 Nagasaki  JA8 (Pref. 01 Hokkaido  JA9 (Pref. 30 Ishikawa K6  KC6
KH6  KH8 OZ P2 P2 (Admiralty) P2 (New Britain)  P2 (New Ireland) P2 (Ninigo Isl.) P5
S7 8 SV T30  T31 T32    T33   UA1A (Obl. 169 SP)     UA6A (Obl. 101 KR) UA2 
(Obl.125 KA) 
   UA0F (Sakhalin)    UA0F (Kuril)    UA0F (Kuril) UA0I (Obl. 138 MG) UA0L (Obl. 107 PK)   UA0Z (Obl. 128 KT) UR5F (Obl. 070 OD) 4L4Q (Obl. 014 Adjaria)   VE1 (Nova Scotia) 
VE7 VK2 VK4 VK6 FO (Marquises) VK8 VK9L VK9N VK9X
VP9 VQ9 VU (Kerala) VU (Maharastra) VU (Tamilnadu) VU (West Bengal) YB YJ YL
ZK1 (N. Cook) ZK1 (S. Cook) ZL1 ZL2 ZL4 ZL8 3B8  3B9 3D2 (Fiji) 4S
5H 5R (Madagascar) 5R (Nossi Be) 5W 5Z 6Y 7O 7O (Socotra) 9M6, 8

 (CHG 01)

 — Almaty Amateur Radio League (ARL) Series ---

General Requirements: All versions of the award are available in an electronic format, and there is no cost for them. If you wish to receive a paper version of the award, you should apply to: Almaty Amateur 
League, Almaty, str. Isaeva 131, 050026, Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Fees for Paper Version of Award:
a. Kazakhstan Award: Kazakhstan hams 450 tenge, CIS hams 5€, All other hams 10€
b. Medeo Award: not shown.
c. Kazakhstan Award/Band and Mode: Kazakhstan hams 450 tenge CIS hams 5€ All others 10€
d. WAKZ Award: 1€ for Kazakhstan stations, equivalent 3€ or 3 IRC for CIS countries, and 5€ or 5 IRC for all others.
e. WKZ Award - only electronic delivery.
f. SINEGORE Award - only electronic delivery.

The following awards are sent Automatically by electronic means if you qualify for them in the annual UN-DX contest:
Kazakhstan Award
Kazakhstan Award Band/Mode

E-mail :

  Oleg Russkih UN7ECA<@>MAIL.RU
UN6QC Artur Zakrzhevsky UN6QC<@>YANDEX.RU
UN8CC Alexander Goncharov UN8CC<@>MAIL.RU
UN7QCC Victor Melkozerov UN7QCC<@>MAIL.RU
UN8FM Alexey Sosnitskiy UN8FM<@>MAIL.RU
UN7IB Alexander Boichenko UN7IB<@>MAIL.RU
UN8JNN Ruslan M. Nildibaev UN8JNN<@>MAIL.RU


Chgs 12/23/16



Awarded for two-way QSOs (SWL reports) with amateur stations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is the main award in the Kazakhstan series. 
QSOs must be made with all oblasts of Kazakhstan including Astana and Almaty cities. QSOs made after January 1, 2009 are valid.

To obtain the award 16 QSOs must be made: 14 QSOs with different oblasts of Kazakhstan, 1 QSO wth Almaty city and 1 QSO with the city of Astana. 
Only 1 QSO with every oblast and city will be valid. List of oblasts and capital cities.

No Name of oblast or city First letter of oblast suffix Oblast code
1    Akmolinsk 			B (E) 				AK
2 Aktyubinsk 			I 				AT
3 Almaty 				Q (V) 				AY
4 Atyrau 				O 				AR
5 East Kazakhstan 			J (D) 				SG
6 Zhambyl 				T 				ZM
7 West Kazakhstan 			M 				BY
8 Karaganda 				P ® 				KG
9 Kostanay 				L 				KT
10 Kyzylorda 			K (S) 				KO
11 Mangystau 			A 				MN
12 Pavlodar 				F 				PV
13 North Kazakhstan 		C 				SL
14 South Kazakhstan 		N 				ON
15 Astana city 			Z (B) 				AA
16 Almaty city 			G 				AL

All bands and modes. Two options of the award exist. paper and electronic award. Applications for the paper version are made on a standard form based on a log extract. 
Applications must have all the main data of the QSO, your postal address and sent to the award manager. Your receipt of payment for the award must be attached to 
the application.
The electronic version is awarded in accordance with the Regulation on Electronic KFRR awards.
SWLs must receive the call sign, the correspondent and all the QSO data. QSOs only with the existing oblasts of Kazakhstan award at the time of submission of 
applications are valid.


"MEDEO" Award


The diploma "Medeo" is sponsored by the Almaty Radio amateur League and is available to all amateurs and SWLs. Contact stations in the city of Alaty, call sign 
suffix always begins with "G". The diploma (plaquette) has three degrees and a Trophy level. Contacts may be made on all bands (including WARC) and all modes. 
Any contact with club station UN0GL and WWII veteran U7GL = 2 QSO. These may be on any bands 

For stations from Almaty and the Almaty area need: 
3rd Class: 15 QSOs.
2nd Class: 25 QSOs.
1st Class: 35 QSOs.
Trophy (plaquette): 50 QSOs

Requirement for all others: 
3rd Class: 3 QSOs. 
2nd Class: 7 QSOs.
1st Class: 15 QSOs.
Trophy (plaquette): 30 QSOs.

There is NO CHARGE for the Class 3,2 or 1 paper awards if you accept an electronic file with the image. Plaquette cost is $30.


                                                                                                            Kazakhstan Award (band & mode class)

Separate certificates are awarded for two-way QSOs (SWL reports) with amateur stations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for contacts on individual bands or if all 
contacts were made on a single mode:

a. 160m band              i. CW all band
b. 80m band               j. PHONE all band
c. 40m band               k. DIGITAL all band
d. 30m band               l. MIXED mode all band
e. 20m band
f. 15m band
g. 12m band
h. 10m band

QSOs made after December 19, 1991 are valid. To obtain the award 12 QSOs must be made: 10 QSOs with different oblasts of Kazakhstan, 1 QSO wth Almaty
City and 1 QSO with the City of Astana. Only 1 QSO with every oblast and city will be valid. QSOs made only on one band are valid.. 
Modes CW, Phone (SSB, AM), or Digital.

(Refer to the Kazakhstan Award for a complete list of oblasts and capital cities.)


WAKZ Award

The Worked All Kazakhstan award is sponsored by the Almaty radio amateur league (ARL) together with sports-technical club "Otan" of Almaty.

The diploma has three classes.
Class 1 - contact all 14 areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 3 major cities.
Class 2 - contact 11 areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 2 major cities.
Class 3 - contact 7 areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 1 major city.

You must send copies of all cards used to apply for the award. Not issued to SWLs. Contacts only since January 1, 2006 by all bands and modes including WARC. A log extract is also needed with usual QSO data.

Republic Kazakhstan areas:
Karaganda region - UN7P                North Kazakhstan region UN7C
East Kazakhstan region - UN7J, UN7D    Akmolinsky region UN7B, UN7E
Almaty region - UN7Q, UN7V             Pavlodar region UN7F
Zhanbylsky region UN7T                 West Kazakhstan region UN7M
South Kazakhstan region UN7N           Aktyubinsk region UN7I
Kyzylordinsky region UN7K              Atyrausky region UN7O
Kostanajsky region UN7L                Mangistausky region UN7A
Major cities: Astana UN7B (UN7Z) - Almaty UN7G - Baikonur UN7S

W-KZ Award

The award is issued for numbers of contacts with different Kazakhistan stations.
a. W-10-KZ for 10.     f. W-150-KZ for 150.
b. W-30-KZ for 30.     g. W-200 KZ for 200.
c. W-50-KZ for 50      h. W-300-KZ for 300
d. W-70-KZ for 70.     I. And higher as needed.
e. W-100-KZ for100

Stations working more than 100 Kazakhstan stations my choose to receive a special plaquette. All contacts must be on or after January 1, 2006 using all bands and modes.  No use of any kind of repeaters. All others must apply with a log extract including the call sign of theKazakhstan stations, date, time, mode and signal report.

Cost of a plaquette is $US30. Payment for a plaquette is sent to the address: Almaty Radio amateur League of Almaty of street Isaeva 131, 050026, Kazakhstan. Electronic demands the request to send on email .



Make at least 3 contacts with members of the Sinegore Contest Club on or after May 22, 2010 using all bands and modes during any contest activity. HF or VHF OK. The diploma is sent to the participants via e-mail address in electronic form (in format PDF or JPG). To apply, please copy your contest-log, in Cabrillo format and send by e-mail to: UN8CC@MAIL.RU , Goncharov Alexander.

Members of "SINEGORE" Contest Club:
UN1EW – Club station, UN1EAE – Victor, UN1EAG – Alexander, UN1EAJ – Alexander, UN1EAK – Sergey, UN1EAQ – Aleksey, UN1EAU – Jury, UN1EAW – Vadim, UN2E – Anatoly, UN7EDG – Alexander, UN7EAK – Jury, UN7ED – Arcady, UN7EN – Vladimir, UN7EX – Vladimir, UN7EV – Victor, UN7EY/7 Batyr, UN7EAN – Valery, UN7EAS – Stepan, UN7EAX – Victor, UN7ECA – Oleg, UN7ECN – Vladimir, UN7ECK – Jury, UN7ECY – Vladimir, UN7EGH – Igor, UN7EGN – Oleg, UN0EM – Alexander, UN7ECE – Victor.

Tks 12/19/10

Kazakhstan Grid Square Award (KZ-GS)

This series of awards is sponsored by the Almaty Amateur League in conjunction with STK "Otan" and consists of 7 levels of proficiency. Applications for the awards may be submitted by any amateur or SWL provided the the evidence of the contacts is in the form of an ADIF extract from the log QSO (SWL) stations in Kazakhstan, using any modes and bands, including WARC. Repeat QSOs are not counted. Within the ADIF file should be clearly marked the Grid Square (QTH locator) of each of the Kazakh radio stations.

Award Level

Different QTH locator squares in Kazakhstan Needed: (Such as MN82 or MN83).















QSL-cards are not required.. The Diplomas are issued free of charge in PDF format and sent to applicants by e-mail.


Tks 6/2012


Diploma "AERONAUT"

Issued for contacting "Aeronauts", that is radio amateur balloonists, dedicated balloonists or licensed for hot-air ballooning and who has made at least one flight in a balloon of any type.
The certificate requires amateur contacts with three-aeronaut flights. 

Additional Rules: 
A. Repeat radio contacts with the same person does not count.
B. SWL diploma issued on similar terms.
C. QSO/SWL on or after January 2012.
D. Club stations in a balloon or special call sign / AM radio is counted as a separate contact for the award.

The award is issued in electronic and paper form. A list of contacts must be sent to the manager in an application which provides standard list of data, call, date, band, mode, signal reports etc.

Application should be in standard WORD, EXCEL or ADIF format. . The heading of the letter must specify the details: Your Radio call sign, name, email address. You may use the application found on their website.  The Electronic diploma is issued in the form of high-quality PDF file. After processing the application manager will send the applicants a link to download the image file at a convenient time from the server center managers the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To obtain a printed paper certificate, contact the awards manager who will tell you the form and amount of payment for postage.

Manager diploma: Arthur Zakrzevsky

Shortwave radio amateurs and special radio stations which are certified Aeronaut.
(This list will be updated as new Aeronauts are added.)

UN8GC Michael Chirkov
UN6QC Arthur Zakrzewski
? 6 GAO UN Sergei Po schupkin
UN8GU Andrew Kvoc(ka
UN7GIT Victor Milyakov
Special Radio Station: UN7GWC/AM
UT5EL Yuri Highlander
UR5UGC Sergei Skalko
UR5EAW Alexander Shevchenko
UT7NW Vitaly Hoopoe
UT8NT Vyacheslav Martsenuk
Special radio station:

RA3FB Alexander Zamotaev
RA0BM Victoria Koryukina
RV3ACA Elena Boichenko
UA1QE Pavel Zhilin


Tks K1BV Research 3/2013

Diploma "ASTANA"

The award was established to recognize the new capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan which was founded in 1994. Earn at least 100 points by contacting stations in the city of Astana and Akmolinskeye Region of Kazakhstan, including the former Kokchetav region. All contacts must be with different stations. Contacts are valid from starting date of 1 March 2004. All bands and modes may be used.

Point values:
1. individual stations = 3 points
2. club stations = 5 points
3. SWLs will need confirmations from at least 30 stations.

The award is free, though the sponsor requests at least 3 IRC for costs of mailing. GCR list to: Drobyshev Vladimir Petrovich, PO Box 88, Astana 473000, Republic of Kazakhstan . 


The following stations are valid for the award: UN7EX UN7EV UN7EP UN7EAN UN7ECK UN7EAK UN7EAC UN7EAS UN7ECX UN7ECY UN7ECA as well as all stations using the prefix UNxB, where x stands from 0 to 9. 

Tks ON4CAS 3/2004 

50 Award

Sponsored by the Radio club of Ekibastuz, Kazakh Republic. ( ) recognizing the 50th anniversary of this city (11 June 2007). Earn 50 points for QSOs with radio amateurs of Ekibastuz.

Point Values:
a. CIS countries - every QSO in 2007 on HF = 10 points, in previous years = 5 points.
b. On VHF = 1 QSO.
c. On 160 meters only = 2 QSOs.
d. For non-CIS countries on HF = 2 QSOs.

Each station may be worked for credit on different bands and modes. Contest QSOs are also available. One QSO in 2007 is obligatory.
Award fee: for CIS = 50 rubles, non-CIS = 5 US$.  Log-extract and fee for CIS countries is 50 rubles, and all others is $US5. Apply to: MIKHIN Vadim Vadimovich UN7FW, Lenin str., N47, ap.27, EKIBASTUZ, 141206, KAZAKHSTAN.


Ekibastuz stations:
UN1F (ex UN7FCO), UN3F (ex UN7FJ), UN7FS, UN7FU, UN7FW, UN7FEI, UN7FEH, UN7FET, UN7FFI, UN8FE, UN9FF, UN9FN, UN0F, UP5F (contest call of UN7FW).
Any QSO with DF7GW (ex UN7FER) is also valid.

Tks RA1AE 4/2007

Green Kazakhstan awards

Contact Natural Territories and Natural Objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Award program "Green Kazakhstan" was established by the Kazakhstan section of the Foundation (W)WFF for communication with radio stations, working with Specially Protected Territories and Natural Objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to the list of the Ministry of environmental protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan (STATE CADASTRES of NATURAL RESOURCES of the Republic of KAZAKHSTAN) and included in the list of International WWFF and WFF program.

The Green Kazakhstan awards series consists of 8 different design certificates for QSO/SWL with 5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40 different UNFF references. In addition, a plaque is available for those who contact 44, 50, 55 all the way up to 100 QSO/SWL with UNFF references. All contacts must be with different Specially Protected Parks and nature preserves of Kazakhstan which are listed on their website below. . All contacts must be made since 1 May 2009.

The application is a standard form in the form of an extract from your logbook. The application Form for the diploma should be provided in WORD or EXCEL format and provide all basic data about QSO's, including the official area number as found in the in directory UNFF.  QSL-cards in the confirmation is not required.  SWL's are required in the application to optionally specify the Call sign of the station making the contact. A database is provided on the website and all valid contacts with your station will have been recorded on this facility.

The diploma is issued in two forms:
1. Paper version
The application is made on the basis of the performed tests in the centre of the WFF, should be sent to the address of the awards Committee.
The application must include a copy of the receipt on payment of the diploma.
Kazakh radio - 500 tenge
The CIS stations - 5 Euro
Hams far abroad - 10 Euro
The price for the plaques should be confirmed in advance with the programm Manager before it is mailed.

2. The electronic version.
At the request of the applicant diplomas of all classes may be issued free of charge in electronic form in a file that is provided to the applicant in format JPEG/PDF.

The award application should be e-mailed to the coordinator of the program: Arthur UN6QC


Tks 9/29/14


100 Years of Oil in Kazakhstan

This award is issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first oil pumping in Kazakhstan. SWL OK. 100 points are needed for this award. Each station located in the Mangistauskoj area is worth 25 points. The following special event stations count 50 points each: UP100A, UP100AA, UP100AB, UP100AJ, UP100AR, UP55A, UP250A, UP0ACS, UN21A, UP0A, UP0A/MM, UQ10A, UQ10AB, UQ10AM and UQ10AW. Send log extract + fee of 8 IRCs (CIS stations 3 IRCs) to: ALEX ILINSKY, P.O.BOX 292. AKTAU 466200, KAZAKHSTAN.

Tks ON4CAS 3/2004 



Sponsored by the Group of Kazakhstan Radio Amateurs and is available in 3 classes for contacting different Districts of Kazakhstan. Available to SWLs on the same basis. Contacts may be made on or after 1-1-98 on all bands and modes. The same UN station may be worked for credit if contacts are made from different KDA’s.

KDA Class       UN Stations  CIS Stations    All Others need
Class 1              100         60              40
Class 2               60         40              25
Class 3               35         20              15

Your GCR list must show the KDA references. The award is available in either a paper or electronic version. If the electronic version is desired, the application should be sent to . Fee for the paper version is 450 Tenge for Kazakh amateurs, 5E for CIS stations and 10E for all others.  There is NO CHARGE for the electronic version! Apply to: Alexander Goncharov UN0EC, 476340 Kokshet. Obl., s. Chistopol’e, ul. Maghistral’naya 23, Kazakhstan.

Internet: (List of valid districts is on the website).

Tks RA1AE 9/09

Kazakhstan Islands

Contact at least one station located on islands of Kazakhstan in the Caspian Sea.  All bands, including WARC.  GCR list and fee of $US2 or 4 IRC for Kazakhstan amateurs, 5 IRC for CIS countries and 8 IRC for all other countries.  Apply to: Alex Ilinsky, PO Box 292, Aktau 466200, Kazakhstan. 



Mangyshlak Award

Contact radio expeditions carried out in the territory of the Mangyshlak peninsula.

On HF, contact 2 different expeditions.
On VHF, (144 MHz and above), and on 160 meters only one expedition need be contacted.  

List of calls for radio-expeditions: UP100A  UP100AA  UP100AB  UP100AJ  UP100AR  UP55A  UP250A  UP0-ACS  UN21A  UP0A  UP0A/MM  UQ10A  UQ10AB  UQ10AM  UQ10AW.

GCR list and fee of 8 IRCs to: Alex Ilinsky, PO Box 292, Aktau, 466200 Kazakystan.


(Added 3/2003)


Worked UN-Fauna Flora Award

This award has been established by the Federation of Kazakhstan for contacting reserves and national parks on the list of specially protected natural areas, with the official status of a national park or reserve, and included in the list of International WFF program. Contacts on or after May 1, 2009.

The award is available in three levels:
Class 3 - contact 5 nature reserves or national parks in Kazakhstan.
Class 2 - contact10 nature reserves or national parks in Kazakhstan.
Class 1 - contact 15 nature reserves or national parks in Kazakhstan.

Award for Activators:
Class 3 - activate 1 nature reserve or national park in Kazakhstan.
Class 2 - activate 3 nature reserves or national parks in Kazakhstan.
Class 1 - activate 5 nature reserves or national parks in Kazakhstan.

All bands including WARC. All legal modes OK. Same station may be counted as long as they are operating in different parks or reserves. The award is issued in paper or electronic versions.  Fee for the award is 450 tenge for Kazakh stations, 5€ for CIS amateurs, and 10€ for all others. At your request, the certificate may be delivered in paper or electronic format. Apply to: Oleg Russkikh UN7ECA, ul. Dorozhnaya 7, Shchuchinsk, Akmolinskaya obl., 021700 Kazakhstan.

List of all valid reserves or nature parks may be found at:

Tks OH3GZ 5/2009

, Goose flight

This award has been established by the NGO of the "Federation of radio Pavlodar Region" It is available to all the amateurs of the world.

a. Russia and CIS need to make telecommunications contacts / observations with 7 radio amateurs operating in the Pavlodar region of Kazkhstan.
b. For applicants of other countries (North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Africa, Antarctica) 5 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region are needed.
c. For applicants of the Republic of Kazakhstan must make 11 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region.

For all radio amateurs, a prerequisite is to work with at least two different stations living in the Pavlodar region. on or after 17 March 1993  All bands, any kind of radiation OK. Repeated contacts  are allowed and counted on different bands and different modes.  

The application should be compiled in an electronic or hard copy of the form, and sent to the address PO "FRPO" 140011, Pavlodar, ul.Kamzina 24-50, or by e-mail Award Manager: .  Application checks by the award manager will be completed within two weeks. The electronic version of the award and all the conditions for its receipt will be posted on the website of in Kazakhstan:   

The Pavlodar region is designated in the list of areas of Kazakhstan:  They can be recognized by call signs which start with the letter F and then two digits (eg F13; F02 ...).  These are  amateur radio call signs of Pavlodar region: UN (0..9) F; UO (0..9); UP (0..9) F; UQ (0-9) F; UN (0..9) FA-FZ; UO (0..9) FA-FZ; UP (0..9) FA-FZ; UQ (0-9) FA-FZ UN (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UO (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UP (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UQ (0-9) FAA-FZZ in commemorative and special callsigns digit in the prefix may be any, and consist of several digits (eg UP44FF, UN70FF, UQ70F, UP20F, UO70F ...) radio stations operating special call signs of Pavlodar region with other suffixes: UP65KI, UP65KM. are counted while operating from the territory of Pavlodar region who have special mobile, mobile call sign.


Tks 7/27/15


Make total of 5 confirmed QSOs 5Z4 Stations.  The Award fee is US$10.  Application to be made to, The Awards Manager, Amateur Radio Society Of Kenya, P.O. Box 45681, Nairobi - 00100,  Kenya.  (Contact sponsor IN ADVANCE for best way to send award fee.  )


(Chg 2/2013)