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The Kuwait Award

Contact any 10 9K2 stations on any band or mode. No date limitations. GCR list and 5 IRCs or $US3  to: Kuwait Amateur Radio Society, PO Box 5240, Safat 13053, Kuwait.

(Chg 11/7/10)


Kuwait National Day and Liberation Award

On February 25th every year, the State of Kuwait celebrates its National and Liberation Day. On that day, you can earn this award by making 2 contacts with KARS station 9K2RA-NL and one call with any other Kuwaiti ARS whose call letters carry the suffix -NL such as 9K2DR-NL. SWL OK. The eligibility period starts 0000Z on 25 February ending at 2400Z. The award may be earned annually. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 5 IRCs to: Award Manager 9K2MJ, Kuwait A.R.S., PO Box 5240 Safat, 13053, Kuwait.



The Kyrgyzstan Award

Issued to all radio amateurs and SWLs for contacting amateur stations in Kyrgyzstan and Kyrgyzstan citizens who now live in other countries, using and bands and modes since August 31, 1991.

Earn a total of 50 points.

A. Each QSO (SWL) on 160 meters or frequencies above 30 MHz, including communication through any satellite, = 3 points.
B. Contacts on 80 meters = 2.
C. From 40 meters to 10 meters = 1 point.
D. Contacts using digital modes, multiply points shown above by factor of 3.
E. QSOs with Kyrgyzstan special event or commemorative stations =5 points.
F. Repeat contacts with same station is OK if on different bands or modes.

Valid contacts include those made with stations living in Kygryzstan, those who previously lived in Kyrgyzstan, during expeditions to other countries and territories, as well as QSO, carried out by foreign radio amateurs from the territory of Kyrgyzstan. A special plaque is available for those earning 250 or more points.  Send GCR list and fee of 10 IRC to Narynbek Djunushev EX8AB,P.O. Box 1855, 720000, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

E-mail: ex8ab@mail.ru Or cdf@elcat.kg
Internet: http://www.qrzex.org/diplomas.htm

K1BV Research 1-1-11 (Rewrite)  



Contact Kyrghyz stations on all bands and modes. Valid prefixes are EX1-EX8, and former prefixes UM1-0, RM1-0. Europeans need 6 contacts, all others 4. GCR list and fee of $US10 or 13 IRCs to: Alfred Bourdon F5OJO, 21 Rue Principale, F-57320 Cateau Rouge, France.

(TKS DE1JSH)(97)



Contact specially protected natural areas, parks or nature reservations  as listed by the International WFF Program, or activate such areas on or after 31 August 1991.  

Available in 4 levels:
1. Bronze - Contact 5 different areas.
2. Silver -  Contact 10 different areas.
3. Golden - Contact 15 different areas.
4. Diamond - Contact all 19 different areas.

Applications are issued through an automated log search and cards are NOT needed.  (Logs for almost all WFF operations are kept at the following web-site:  http://ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.htm .  If you wish to make a paper application, you should send certified copies of the appropriate QSLs to EXFF award manager: Narynbek Junushev EH8AV, PO Box 1855, Bishkek, 720000, Kyrgyz Republic. [Write in advance for fees, since at this writing, they have not been confirmed.]

Internet: http://www.wff44.com/ru/news/show/900/  or www.wff44.com  

Tks  OH3GZ 1/19/10


Latvian Amateur Radio League Award

Available to any amateur or SWL. Latvian stations  need 50, Europeans must submit proof of contact with 25 YL prefixed stations, from Australia, Oceania, Antarctic, North American and Asian beyond the Arctic circle need 5. All others need 10. Endorsement for different modes and bands available. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRCs to: 
(1) Diploma "Latvija" Manager, PO Box 164, Riga LV-1010, Latvia 
(2) Herbert Anderson K7GEX, 20148 6th NE, Seattle, WA. 98155 USA.

(Chg 00)

Diploma "DOBELE"

The Diploma was established in honor of the ancient city of Dobel. Contact at least 3 radio amateurs of Dobele city and neighboring towns.

The following stations live in the city and surrounding areas and are valid for the award:  YL3GAO - Andris, YL3CZ - Alexander, YL2GSI - Olgerts, YL2QK - Andris, and the club station YL1ZO. Contacts on or after 01.01.2014 count for the award.. Duplicate QSOs allowed on different bands for award credit. SWL OK.  

Diploma in electronic format sent free of charge. Send a log extract of the contacts (no QSLs needed) by e-mail only to yl2gqk@lral.lv or yl2gqk@tvnet.lv.

Internet: http://www.qrz.ru/awards/detail/2850.html

Tks QRZ.ru 7/27/14


Latvian Castles
Diploma (COTA-YL)   Rewritten. 

Contact stations operating in the vicinity of Latvian fortification structures, such as fortresses, castles, forts.

Available in 3 classes:
Class 1: 10 points, Minimum 4 objects.
Class 2: 5 points, minimum three objects.
Class 3.: 3 points, minimum 2 objects.

Point Values:
Each contact with valid castle/fortification = 1 point.
Repeated contacts are allowed on different bands and modes.

Applications may be made by GCR list or through WCA E-Log E-approved expedition data.

If a log extract is used, the information must include the official object identifier for (Castles On The Air - YL/World Castle Award). COTA-YL/WCA. QSL cards are not necessary, but the award manager is entitled to request any one of the cards you have listed.

You can check your award status in the WCA e-log. This feature is found on a separate website and provides a way for you to check how many castle operations have your call sign associated with expeditions to castles. When you claim contacts for the award, the information can be checked by the sponsor immediately. See example below.

The award in electronic form shall be free. Apply by e-mail. If a paper version of the award is required, you should write manager for the fee. Diploma manager: Arnis Armani YL3GBC, Sputnik Street 3, Kauguri, Jurmala, LV-2016, Latvia.

E-mail: arnis (at) yl11wca.org
Internet: http://www.yl11wca.org
Information from World Castle group:
Internet: WCA http://qth.cz/wcagroup/export/log_eng.php


Sample of results from WCA Search:

My Call   Date (D-M-Y)  Band  Mode Call      WCA Nr.    Castles
K1BV      19-Sep-2013   15m   CW   7T9A 7    X-00012
K1BV      11-Feb-2012   40m   CW   CS4ODX/P  CT-00280   F-104/AZ-004

Tks K1BV Research 11/19/13

LATVIAN Flora and Fauna Awards Series

This series of awards may be earned by confirming two-way QSOs (SWL OK) with stations located within the boundaries of various nature reserves, national parks and special protected areas throughout Latvia. There are 706 such areas which qualify as valid ones for the award. All are listed, many with pictures and maps on their website. The three main classes of awards for working such stations are Gold, Silver and Bronze. A separate series of awards is reserved for activators. Contacts must be made on or after January 1, 2010.

Award Levels and Requirements:
YLFF Latvia Award Gold - 10 different YLFF territories.
YLFF Latvia Award Silver - 7.
YLFF Latvia Award Bronze - 5
Separate awards are offered for those who contact additional territories (total includes in excess of 10): 15, 25, 35 and 50 Territories.

Fees: for a printed certificate mailed to you: 7E
Electronic award sent to you via e-mail as PDF file: FREE.

A separate set of rules and requirements are maintained for Activators. See their web site for details.

Contacts may be confirmed in any of three methods:
1. Automatically by WWFF Logsearch system database, or at YLFF website.
2. Written application, letter.
3. Written application with copies of received QSLs.

The applications must contain the following information:
1. YLFF number and name of the reference area.
2. Call signs of the YLFF stations. (For SWL, both YLFF and working station.)
3. Date and time
4. Mode
5. Band
6. Your call sign and date submitted.

Apply to: YLFF Latvia Awards Manager, Ingus Selevskis YL2TW, Ausekla 50-21, Valka, LV-4701, Latvia.

E-mail: awards@ylff.lv or yl2tw@inbox.lv
Internet: http://ylff.lv/

Tks OH3GZ 5/10/13


Latvians World Wide Award

Issued by the Latvian Amateur Radio Club "LVP" to any amateur or SWL. Submit proof of having contacted 21 different different YL prefixed stations or any of the following member stations residing outside of Latvia:


At least one QSO must be with a station on another than the applicants continent. Endorsements for specific band or mode if supporting information is provided. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRCs to Call Book Address of YL2AX or Herbert Anderson K7GEX, 20148 6th NE, Seattle, WA. 98155 USA.

(TKS S53EO)(94)

Prefixes Award

Sponsored by the Latvian Contest Club (YL1ZF/YL3AIW) for working different prefixes of Latvian stations using all HF bands and modes to earn a handsome wooden and metal Plaque. Confirmations by regular QSL, eQSL or LOTW are accepted. .

Point Requirements:
a. YL stations need 50 points,
b. European stations need 30 points,
c. DX stations need 15 points.

Each different YL prefix counts one point, which will be counted for each band on which contact has been made. For example: You work station YL4U on 9 bands which equals 9 points. If you then work another and different YL prefix on 2 bands, you now have 11 points towards the award. Only YL prefixes count for the award, not the previously used UQ2.

All contacts must be confirmed. Sponsor reserves the right to ask for the cards for any contact. Send GCR list and fee of: 30, $40 or 30 IRCs. Send list with all the usual contact data in an e-mail message to awards@lrsk.lv. Ask for the methods of payment which will be accepted.

E-mail: awards@lrsk.lv
Internet: http://www.lrsk.lv/awards


Worked OD Award

Sponsored by the Association of Radio Amateurs of Lebanon. Available to all amateurs providing proof of contacting 5 different OD land stations on or after 1 Jan 1990. All bands and modes. No use of repeaters. The OD station contacted must be a RAL member. Use of special application form requested. GCR list and fee of $US10 or equivalent IRC to: Awards Manager, Association des Radio Amateurs Libanais, PO Box 11-8888, Beirut, Lebanon.

Internet: http://ral.org.lb/ 

(Verified 10/10)