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Updated as of 3/2016


The Manx Award

Work Isle of Man stations, no date limitations. Class 1 requires 25 from 5 different prefixes, Class 2: 15/4, Class 3: 10/3. Valid Manx prefixes may start with GD, GB or GT. No repeater QSO's. GCR list and fee of UK 1 pound or 8 IRCs to: Mike Farrant GD4BEG, Skerrisdale, German, Isle of Man, U.K.



--- Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores A.C. Series ---

General Requirements: GCR list and fee of $US3 for each award to: FMRE, Comision de Diplomas, Apartado Postal 907, 06000 Mexico DF, Mexico. Cards must be submitted to sponsor.

America Award

Provide proof of contact with 20 XE amateur stations and at least 40 American (North and South) DXCC countries in one mode, except mobile stations. Contacts since 1 January 1957. Endorsements by band and mode are available for each 5 additional countries, or for band and mode.

Mexico Award

Contact an XE station in each of the 32 Mexican states. Revilla Gigedo counts as Colima. See Colima series below for the list of Mexican states.

Mexico DX Award

DX stations contact 15 different XE states, inlcuding the Capital District (D.F.) plus 35 additional XE's. XE stations need 20 XE states plus Capital District plus 35 additional XE's. Endorsement for each additional 5 XE states up to 30.

WAXE Award

Contact 15 XE1, 5 XE2 and 5 XE3.


(Chg 7/08) 



Border CW Mexico - USA

The Association of Radio Amateurs of South Baja California, A.C. (Mexico) sponsors this award to all amateurs and SWLs who make CW contacts with the states bordering Mexico and the United States on or after 12 October 1996. All stations must be fixed, mobiles not permitted.

13 contacts are needed in the following states:

    USA - California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas  (4)
    MEXICO - 3 in Baja California, one each in Sonant, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo, Leo'n, Tamaulipas  (9)

GCR list and fee of $US5 or 10 IRC’s to: Association of Radio hams of South Baja California, A.C. XE2JNE, Award Manager, J. Felix Nuññez Enciso, Av. Revolution 3080, E/Sonora and Sinaloa La Paz, B.C.S. 23040 MEXICO. (Alternate address: Post-office box 188, La Paz, B.C.S. 23000 MEXICO.)

(Chg 11/2005)


Radio Club of Colima Series

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Radio Club of Colima for amateurs or SWL's. Contacts after 1 January 1958. Available for CW, SSB or mixed modes. Cards may be sent or you can use GCR rule. All contacts must be with land stations, no MM and must have been made from the same country, and in the case of XE applicants, within the same Mexican state. Minimum reports are RS33 or RST333. It is not necessary that the same station be worked on each band - any combination of stations may be used. It's recommended a special application be used - available from the sponsor for SAE/IRC. Each of these awards is FREE of charge - the applicant is however, required to provide postage or IRCs only to return the award to you. Those earning the awards will be listed in the official magazine of the LMRE "Onda Corda". Apply to: Radio Club of Colima, Clavel 333, Colima, COL.28030, Mexico.

(TKS XE1JIW)(91)

Mexican States: 

Baja California Norte
Quintana Roo
Baja California Sur
Nuevo Leon
San Luis Potosi










Federal District

"10 M Z6" Award

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 10 meters.

"15 M Z6"

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 15 meters.

"20 M Z6"

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 20 meters.

"40 M Z6"

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 40 meters.

"80 M Z6"

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 80 meters.

"160 M Z6"

Work all the 31 States, Federal District and XF4 on 160 meters.

"6 Bandas Zona 6"

Those earning each of the above awards may apply for a Special Plaque.

(CHG 01)


DXXE Award

The DXXE Award is available to all amateurs that verify contacts made with DXXE Group members during expeditions and/or operations in contests since 1 December 2004 using all bands and modes. Contacts made with expeditions and operations as XF3T (NA-200), XF1K (NA-164), and XF1K (NA-165.) are valid. No use of repeaters.

The Diploma is available in three levels:
     Basic: Contact with three different stations belonging to DXXE members.
     Intermediate: Contact with six different stations belonging to DXXE members.
     Advanced: Contact with twelve different stations belonging to DXXE members including those contacts using phone, CW and digital modes.

Send basic contact data (call sign, date, UTC hour, band, mode, signal report, etc.) All the data will be electronically compared to the DXXE members’ logs. All the contacts included in one application must be made from the same DXCC entity. Send the contact list to . After the contact is validated and approved, a $11.00 USD deposit must be made to complete the process. The club will use an e-mail to confirm best way to send funds.

Member list available on club website in the "DIPLOMAS/AWARDS" section.


Chg 3/20/16 


Worked All UFO's  Diploma

You must do one of the following: 

1. Have a licensed Call ending in UFO or #ET.  (ET must be ALONE, and not accompanied by any other letter.)
2. Work and confirm XE1UFO on three different dates.  Any mode or band is O.K. 
3. Work and confirm FIVE stations whose call signs end in UFO or ET.
     (ET must be ALONE, and not accompanied by any other letter.)

Submit a list verified by three other hams and send fee of $US3.00 to Dr. Stephen Andrew Wilson XE1UFO, Project Bridge International,
Apdo. Postal #214, San Juan del Río, Querétaro CP76800, MEXICO


Tks PA3CUZ 6/03


 --- Yucutan A.C. Series ---

General Requirements: No date limitations. Apply with GCR and 10 IRCs or equivalent in US funds for each award. SWL OK. Apply to: Radioaficionados de Yucatan A.C., c/o David Perez-Lavia (XE3DPL), PO Box 4-108, 97101 Merida, Yucutan, Mexico. (88)

Worked All Mayan Area (WAMA)

Contact with 3 XE3's, 2 each of TG, YS and HR, plus one V3 (10 qso's)

100% QSL Award

Provide proof of possessing 100 QSL cards which clearly show QSL TNX, evidence that the other station has received your card. These cards may be from any number of countries, or just from your own country - it doesn't matter.



Contact 6 stations in CQ Zone 6 on or after 1 Jan 1979. Send a listing of the contacts which includes: call sign, date, time, band, mode and state.  Include your call sign, name of operator, city and state.  Endorsements available for single band or modes of SSB. CW. Mixed, FM, RTTY, SSTV and Satellite. Once you complete the award on 80, 40, 20, 10 and10 meters, the award will be endorsed 5B-6Z6.  Adding the bands of 160, 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters will get you the endorsement: 10B-6Z6.  When 2 meters and 70cm are added, it will be endorsed 12B-6Z6.   Fee for the award is $US5 or equivalent in Mexican currency to: Jose Levy XE1J, Clavel 333, Colonia J. de la Corregidora, Colima, Col., 28030, Mexico. 

(Tks XE1J 6-2-08)