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(Updated 1/7/2016)




Sponsored by ARM (Association of radioamateurs of Moldova) in honour of traditional festival and a holiday of a meeting of spring "Martisor" and awarded for 2-way QSOs with HAMs in countries, in which this holiday is observed: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine.

During the celebration of this festival (March 1 to March 31) make QSOs with 5 of the 7 listed countries:

1. Albania - ZA          5.Moldova - ER (QSO is obligatory)
2.Bulgaria - LZ          6.Romania - YO
3.Greece - SV            7.Ukraine - Chernovitskaya oblast (Northern Bukovina) - UR1Y.
4.Macedonia - Z3

All bands and modes are permitted. SWL OK. If you contact each of the 7 countries the sponsor will send you a free Compact Disc with festival music. The diploma is free of charge, though the sponsor asks you to provide postage expenses: 3 IRC for CIS, Europe - 4 IRC, other continents - 5 IRC (or equivalent in $US). Send log extract to Award Manager, P.O.BOX 1414, MD-2043, Kishinev, Moldova, EU.

History of the " Martisor " holiday: 
The historical roots of Martisor remain a riddle, but it is understood that the holiday began in the days of the Roman empire, when the New Year was celebrated on March, 1st, the month of the god Mars. Mars was not only the god of war, but also the god of agriculture promoting revival of nature. This dual role is reflected in Martisor where white and red colors can be understood as symbols of the world and war. Archeological excavations in Romania show, that amulets, like modern Martisor, existed still nearby 8000 years ago. These were made in the form of small stones, painted in white and red. Specialist in folklore Simon Florea Marian wrote, that in Moldova and Bukovina, Martisor consisted of a gold or silver coin on a red-white string which children carried on their neck. Girls also wore Martisor symbols on their neck for the first 12 days of spring, and then intertwined it in their hair up to the time of the arrival of the storks or before flowering of the first trees. Then the red-white string was attached to a tree.


Tks RA1AE 3/6/09


Moldavian District Award (MDA)

Sponsored by the Asociatia Radioamatorului din Republica Moldova (ARM) to increase activity among radio amateurs of the Republic of Moldova and attract the interest of amateur radio in Moldova and other countries to earn the award for contacts with stations operating in different administrative districts of Moldova on or after 1 February 2003. .

The basic award is issued for a QSO or SWL with stations in 10 different administrative districts of the Republic of Moldova. For each subsequent 5 districts, the applicant may claim endorsement labels for "15", "20", "25", "30", "35" and "40" districts. A special plaque is available for contacts with ALL of the currently existing administrative districts.

Endorsements for contacts all on one band are available. In addition, the 5BMDA is awarded for those earning any level with contacts on 5 different bands, 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 or VHF in any combination of bands.  Your application should be submitted in the form of a log extract and use the form supplied by the manager on the website. You may send your application by e-mail or regular mail to the manager.

The cost of MDA award is 5 Euro, $US7 or 7 IRC. Endorsement stickers are 1 IRC or equivalent in currency. The cost of plaques 5BMDA & MDA Honour Roll are 40€ or $US55. You may send the award fee via PayPal or IRC’s via registered letter (!).  Applications sent by mail should be sent to: or by mail to: Lisii Veaceslav, C.P. 112, Chisinau, MD-2012, Moldova.

The award manager reserves right to ask to check any QSL-cards. If applying for an endorsement indicate the number and date of issue of the basic award.

Their website includes an application, a list of the administrative districts, each active Moldovan station and their district and other useful data. Look on "ER" QSLs for district information which appears in the format: MDA:CH or "raionul Cahul".


Administrative Districts of Moldova
(AN) Anenii-Noi
(BL) municipiu Balti
(BR) raionul Briceni
(BS) raionul Basarabeasca
(C) municipiu Chisinau
(CA) raionul Camenca
(CH) raionul Cahul
(CM) raionul Cimislia
(CL) raionul Calarasi
(CO) municipiu Comrat

(CR) raionul Criuleni
(CS) raionul Causeni
(CT) raionul Cantemir
(DB) raionul Dubasari
(DN)raionul Donduseni
(DR) raionul Drochia
(ED) raionul Edinet
(FL) raionul Falesti
(FR) raionul Floresti
(GE) Gagauz Eri

(GL) raionul Glodeni
(GR) raionul Grigoriopol
(HN) raionul Hincesti
(IL) raionul Ialoveni
(LV) raionul Leova
(NS) raionul Nisporeni
(OC) raionul Ocnita
(OR) raionul Orhei
(RB) raionul Ribnita
(RS) raionul Riscani

(RZ) raionul Rezina
(SD) raionul Soldanesti
(SG) raionul Singerei
(SL) raionul Slobozia
(SR) raionul Soroca
(ST) raionul Straseni  
(TG) municipiu Tigina
(TL) raionul Telenesti
(TR) raionul Taraclia
(TS) municipiu Tiraspol
(UN) raionul Ungheni

Change 3/18/15 


Moldova ER Pennant

This award is given for QSOs with station in Moldova in all ER areas 1 to 0. QSOs with area 6 to 0 count for two QSOs. Contacts must be on or after 27 Aug 1993. All modes. All contacts must be different. SWL OK. The award is a cloth pennant, so a higher award is charged.

Europeans need 15 QSOs on any HF band including WARC bands.
All others need 8 QSOs.
On VHF (50MHz or higher), only 7 QSOs are needed.

GCR list and fee of $US15 or 30 IRCs by registered mail to:  ALEXEI BORETS, MD-2043, KISHINEV, P.O.BOX 1441, Moldova.


(Chg tks to ER1DA 2/16/2010)


Moldovian Flora Fauna Award

Established by the Rybnitsky Radio Club "Dnestr" and is issued for contacts (SWL OK) with stations operating from Moldovan Natural Parks and Nature Reserves. 

Class 3: 2 preserves/parks.
Class 2: 4 preserves/parks.
Class 1: 7 preserves/parks.
Honor Roll: 10 preserves/parks.

Every year, during the period from June 10 to July 10, will be a month of special activity of Moldavian reserves.
During the year the air will be active for special call - ER3WFF and ER44WFF.

Repeat contacts are permitted if the same operator is contacted from two or more parks. Separate awards for activators - see the web site listed below. Every year during the period from 15 June to 15 July a special period of activity is planned from different Moldovan reserves. Look for special call - ER3WFF.  The award is free, but sponsor asks you to pay the postage: Moldova = 1 IRC or $US1, CIS countries and Europe $US3, all others $US4.    Award Honour Roll - a souvenir of glass on a glass pedestal, engraved with the logo and MFF callsign award-winning, cost awards HR with the shipment - 35€. SWL OK. 

1. Send log extract and payment as noted above to: Valery Nesterets, ER3ZZ Р.О. Вох 12 Kishinev, MD-2000 Moldova.
2. Plaque: Apply to Alexandr Comarov (ER1RR), PO Box 26, MD-2012, Kishinev, Moldovia, Europe.

Parks and Reserves References :
1. ERFF-001 Codrii
2. ERFF-002 Padurea Domneasca
3. ERFF-003 Plaiul Fagului
4. ERFF-004 Prutul de Jos
5. ERFF-005 Iagorlac
6. ERFF-006 Tsaulsky park
7. ERFF-007 Kolohur
8. ERFF-008 Dobrusa
9. ERFF-009 Saharna
10. ERFF-010 Tapova
11. ERFF-011 Bugornea
12. ERFF-012 Hancesti  Padurea din Hancesti 
13. ERFF-013 Molesti-Razeni
14. ERFF-014 Cabaiesti-Parjolteni
15. ERFF-015 Tiganesti
16. ERFF-016 Codrii Tigheci
17. ERFF-017 Trebujeni  


(Chg 7/2013)


ORTHODOX Monasteries of MOLDOVA Diploma

There are 52 active monasteries and hermitages of the Orthodox faith located on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Many are located in picturesque areas, many of them near ponds and rivers.
Thks award was established by the Association of Amateur Radio Moldova (ARM). 

This award is available to licensed radio amateurs and SWLs of all countries who submit a log extract of contacts they made of stations located on or in the immediate area of these religious sites using all amateur bands from 1.8 to 146 MHz, using any modes. Contacts with same station on different modes and bands count for the award. During the expedition will work special call - ER52MOM.

Europeans need 3 Monastery QSOs and all others two QSOs. SWL OK on same basis. The cost of a diploma, depends on postal rates at the time of shipment for each country or region. Contact ER3BI by e-mail when you are ready to apply. 


Tks 5/3/12 

--- Rybnitsky Radio Club Series ---                

General Requirements:  This series of awards is sponsored by the Rybnitsky Radio Club "Dnestr" which requires contacting stations which are in or located close to natural scenic resources of Moldova. All contacts on or after May 1, 2010. 

Look for special call signs: ER3WFF and ER44WFF who will be activating valid locations of the subjects of the awards listed below. . 
Annually a special month of activity for stations operating at Rivers, Caves, Lakes, Islands and Waterfalls of Moldova will occur from June 10th to July, 10th.

Award fees. Only postage costs are requested for the paper certificate. Note special price for Honor Roll.
1. Moldova stations: 1 IRC or $1.
2. CIS countries and for Europe $US3.
3. Other countries $US4.
4. Award Honour Roll - a glass souvenir with an engraving of logo MFF and a call sign of the owner of the award, cost of award HR with transfer - 35$ USD.
The award is available in electronic form in high-quality PDF or JPG a format.


Send GCR list and fee as shown above to:
1. Valery Nesterets (ER3ZZ)Valery Nesterets (ER3ZZ), P.O. Box 12, Kishinev , MD-2000, Moldova.
2. Sergey N. Galaychuk ER3GS, P.O. Box 12, MD-2000, Kishinev, Moldova.

3. If the award is desired in electronic form send the request to ER3GS on an e-mail:

4 CIS applicants may send postal order from Russia at a rate of 100 roubles (RUS) to: Valery V. Usaty RU2FP, 236009 Kaliningrad, ul. Kolhoznaya 8-42, Russia.


Tks OH3GZ 5/26/10

Moldavian Rivers Award

Contact amateur radio stations operating from locations or cities/towns on or near Moldavian rivers. 

The diploma has 3 classes:
     3rd class: 2 rivers ERR.
     2nd class: 5 rivers ERR.
     1st class: 7 rivers ERR..
     Honour Roll: 10 rivers ERR.

Repeat QSO/SWL only with same station on different expeditions from different ERR.
Separate set of rules for applies for activators. See their website.
The list of valid Moldavian rivers as of 5/1/2010.

1. ERR-001 Dnestr - 1352 km. (Length of the river)
2. ERR-002 Prut – 953 km.
3. ERR-003 Reut – 286 km.
4. ERR-004 Kohylnyk – 200 km
5. ERR-005 Byk – 155 km
6. ERR-006 Botna – 152 km.
7. ERR-007 Yalpug – 140 km.
8. ERR-008 Chaga – 120 km.
9. ERR-009 Kuchurgan – 119 km.
10. ERR-010 Ikel – 101 km.
11. ERR-011 Chugor
12. ERR-012 Yagorlik
13. ERR-013 Kamenka
14. ERR-014 Turunchuk

Moldovian Caves Award

Contact amateur radio stations operating from locations or cities/towns near the sites of Moldavian natural caves.

The diploma has 3 classes:
     3rd class: 2 caves ERC
     2nd class: 4 caves ERC
     1st class: 7 caves ERC.
     Honour Roll: 10 caves ERC. 

Repeat QSO/SWL only with same station on different expeditions from different ERC..
Separate set of rules for applies for activators. See their website.
A list of valid caves/caverns is found on the sponsor's website. 

Moldavian Islands Award

Contact amateur radio stations operating from the territories of islands on the rivers and lakes of Moldova.

The award has 3 classes:
     3rd class: 2 islands ERI.
     2nd class: 4 islands ERI.
     1st class: 7 islands ERI.
     Honor Roll: 10 islands ERI

Expeditions must operate directly on the territory of the island. 
Separate set of rules for applies for activators. See their website.
Sponsor is currently working on a list of the 90 valid islands for this award.  Check website.

Moldavian Lakes Award

Contact amateur radio stations operating in the vicinity or in cities/towns adjacent to lakes or water basins located in Moldova.

The award has 3 classes:
     3rd class: 2 lakes ERL.
     2nd class: 4 lakes ERL.
     1st class: 6 lakes ERL.
     Honor Roll: 8 lakes ERL. 

Expeditions must operate on or within 100 meters of the lake. 
Separate set of rules for applies for activators. See their website.

List of valid lakes:
1. ERL-001 Lake Beleu
2. ERL-002 Lake Drachele
3. ERL-003 Lake Rotunda
4. ERL-004 Lake"Bull"
5. ERL-004 Lake "Red"
6. ERL-005 Gidgichsky Water Basin.
7. ERL-008 Kosteshitsky Water Basin. 

Moldavian Water Falls Award

Contact amateur radio stations operating in the vicinity of waterfalls located in Moldova.

The award has 3 classes:
     3rd class: 3 falls ERWF.
     2nd class: 5 falls ERWF.
     1st class: 7 falls ERWF.
     Honor Roll: 10 falls ERWF.

Expeditions must operate on or within 100 meters of the respective waterfall.  
Separate set of rules for applies for activators. See their website.
Sponsor is currently working on a list of the waterfalls which are valid  for this award.  Check website.


Principality of Monaco Award

The Association des Radio-Amateurs de Monaco offers this award FREE OF CHARGE in one class for hjaving kworked or hjeard three resident stations 3A2 of Monaco since January 1, 1980.  Contacts via repeater are not valid for the award. All bands and modes.  Endorsements for band or mode OK upon request.  Send copies or a file (in jpeg format) or a paper list of the confirmed contacts together with GCR witnessed by 2 licensed amateurs to Alain Seruzier 3A2LS, A.R.M. Award Manager, B.P. 2, MC 98001 MONACO CEDEX, EUROPE. The award will be sent by e-mail to the address you supply. 


(Chg 2/2015)


Worked All Small European Countries

The award is offered FREE OF CHARGE by the Association des radio-amateurs de Monaco for working (or hearing) small European countries.  Class I is all 8 countries, Class II is 3 of these countries plus Monaco.  The small European countries are C31, HB0, LX, 9H, 1A0, 3A, T7 and HV.  Endorsement by band OK.  No use of repeaters for this award.  Send copies of cards, of a file (jpeg format) of the QSLs or logbook (ADI format) or a paper list of the requested QSOs confirmed by a national award manager or two licensed amateurs.  The award is then sent to the e-mail address you supply.  Alternatively, the paper documents may be sent to Alain Seruzier 3A2LS A.R.M Award Manager, B.P. 2, MC98001 MONACO CEDEX (Europe). 


(Chg 2/2015) 

MONACO                      3A-CW AWARD

The 3A-CW AWARD is issued by the 3A-CW-GROUP and is available FREE of charge to all amateur radio operators and SWLs. All contacts or SWL reports must be two-way CW. Each contact or SWL report counts as one point. Joker (wild-card stations) count as two points. (Only one contact or SWL report per joker is permitted.) Contacts or SWL reports with the same station are permitted only on separate bands. All bands, including WARC bands, are permitted. Only contacts after January 1, 1981 are allowed.

Award Class

Europeans need:

All others need:


4 points

2 points

First Class

8 points

4 points


12 points

6 points

Jokers are 3A0CW, 3A2ARM, 3A40ARM, 3A7A, 3A7G, 3A8A, 3A9A, 3A7JO, 3A100GM, 3A2200SM, 3A50 calls on CW, 3A50R, 3A2CWG and all other special calls issued by 3A2CWG. No fee required.

The certificate is sent ONLY via your e-mail afdress (full digital certificate). Submit either a copy of QSLs or logbook entries on files using the .jpeg or .adi format. Please no paper submission nor the original QSLs). entry of 3A2CWG.
Tks K1BV research. 8/2011


MONACO                                     3ADigitalGroup Award

The 3ADigitalGroup was founded to boost contacts with Hams worldwide using digital modes dated on or after May 1st. 2011. The award is FREE of charge and will be available to all amateurs and SWLs.
The 3ADigitalgroup will activate the special call sign of 3A5DG on all bands, including WARC,

Members of the group include:
3A2LS (manager) 3A5DG
3A2LF 3ADG#2\
3A2MW 3ADG#3
3A2NC 3ADG#4
3A2MT 3ADG#5
3A2NH 3ADG#6

Europeans: contact 2 3ADigital Group members on two bands and on two different digital modes.
All Others: Only one contact using any digital mode with the club call or any member.

No QSL is required. Apply by sending a log extract showing the required QSO/S to 3A2LS.
Ensure that your e-mail contains your full name as well as call sign.


Internet: site is being developed.

Tks DH1PAL 10/15/13

MONGOLIA - Per tip from OE1-0140, use of Registered Mail is strongly suggested when sending to Mongolia.  3/2003


Mongolian Radio Sport Fed. Series

General Requirements: Fee for all awards is $US6 or 10 IRCs. Send money by Registered Mail. Contacts must have been since 1 Jan 1958. All bands and modes. SWL OK. Apply to: MRSF, P.O. Box 573, Ulaanbaatar 16092, Mongolia.

(Chg 5/11/10)

Chinggis Khagan Award

This award is dedicated to the 750th anniversary of the ancient masterpiece "The Secret History of  Mongols". Submit proof of contact with one Mongolian station and with 13 other stations from 
different DXCC countries, any letter of their suffix being used to spell the words: CHINGGIS KHAGAN. (For example: JA7CAQ = C WB3DFH = H  DL5EIS = I, etc...). 

(Rewrite 6/10/10 by Bat, JT1CS, also correction 6/13/10)

Mongolia Award

Work or hear different Mongolian prefixes (JT1, JT9, JU1, etc.) Available in 3 classes: Class 1 = 10 prefixes, Class 2 = 6, Class 3 = 3.

Ulan Bator Award

Asian stations need 8 different JT contacts; all others need 5. Available to all licensed amateurs. Contacts after 1 Jan 1980. (88)

CQ ZONE 23 Award

Confirm QSO's with 5 different stations of the CQ Zone #23, any modes, any bands. The fee is $US4 or 7 IRCs.

Zone 23 is the Central Zone of Asia and the following countries/areas
 count for this zone:
a. JT (Mongolia) 
b. UA0Y
c. BY3G-L (NeiMenggu), 
d. BY9G-L (GanSu), 
e. BY9M-R (NingXia), 
f. BY9S-Z (QingHai) 
g. BY0.

Send application and fee by Registered Mail to: MRSF. P.O. Box 573, Ulaanbaatar 16092 Mongolia.

Tks Bat. JT1CS 6/10/10


 A.R.R.A.M. Diploma

Sponsored by the Royal Association des Radio-Amateurs du Marocco (ARRAM), the award may be earned by contacting any 10 CN2/8 stations plus an obligatory qso with CN8MC. GCR list and fee of 15 IRCs to: ARRAM, 12 Rue Ahmed Arabi, Agdal-Rabat, Morocco, Africa. (CHG 96)