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(Update 1/7/2016) 


Sponsored by the Namibian Amateur Radio League. The award will be issued to any radio amateur who can submit proof of having made two-way radio contact on or after 21st March, 1990 on any amateur frequency using any mode with a minimum of 5 licensed radio amateurs permanently based in Namibia with a call sign with the prefix V51 or V5O. The award may be endorsed for all contacts on one band or mode.

1. Stations outside Namibia should send proof of the 5 confirmed QSOs via e-mail scanned QSL cards or certified copies by mail. 
Fee: US$: 10.00
2. Namibian Stations should present proof of 10 confirmed QSOs (certified copies or personal presentation of QSL cards).
Fee: N$: 10.00 NARL members
Fee: N$: 50.00 non NARL members

Apply to: Awards Committee, Namibian Amateur Radio League, P.O. Box 1100, Windhoek, Namibia and must be accompanied by
1. Originals (which will not be returned) or photo-copies of both sides of the relevant QSL cards confirming the contacts.
2. Cash or banker's draft for US$10.
3. The full names and postal address of the applicant.

Allow a 4 to 8 week delay in processing and mailing the certificate.


K1BV Research 11/20/11



Many Dutch awards require QSO's from a combination of provinces and regions. Here's a cross reference as kindly provided by PA3EQU:

Province Regio
Friesland 14
Zeeland 29 33 44 47
Limburg 22 31
N. Brabant 7 13 25 35 39
Groningen 19
N. Holland 1 2 4 15 23 29 45 46
Utrecht 8 30
Flevoland 41
Drenthe 11 26 27
Overijssel 10 32 34 40 49
Gelderland 3 5 6 21 24 35 43 48
Z. Holland 9 12 16 17 18 20 28 36 37 42 

(CHG 2/24/12)

--- VRZA Series ---

General Requirements: For all awards, GCR is accepted. For the VHF-50 and LOC, the QTH and QRA-locator are needed. Repeater contacts not valid for VHF/UHF certificates. Satellite contacts valid only if all claimed contacts for the award are made by satellite. SWL OK. All contacts must have been made from within a radius of 25 miles. Fee for each certificate is $6US or 6 IRCs or 5€. Seals are 1 IRC or $US1 and SAE. Apply to: Award Manager V.R.Z.A., Ben Horsthuis PA0HOR, Frans Halsstraat 95, 3781 EV Voorthuizen, Netherlands. 

(Chg 12/7)


(CHG 2/2014)

VRZA Divisional Award

Contact different VRZA club stations after 23 November 1986. 
HF: EU stations need 8 club stations, DX need 4 stations.
VHF: EU stations need 4, all others 2. 


A Clubstations: PA6VRZ/A  PI4ADH   PI4AML    PI4AVG   PI4ARL  PI4CQP/A
PI4FLD       PI4GN     PI4HVB    PI4JUT    PI4KEI   PI4KGL

Locator Award, VHF/UHF contacts with 10 stations in different European QRA-locator main fields JO33, JO34, JN21, etc. Seals for 20. 30. 40, 50 up to 200 main fields.

 (CHG 98)

VHF-50 Certificate

VHF contact with 25 stations at least 40 Km (25 miles) and 25 stations at least 400 Km (250 miles) distance.

Worked All Continents

Contact each of the 6 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania.

Worked All Provinces

Contact each of the 12 Netherlands provinces:

Groningen GR   Gelderland GD   Utrecht UT   Friesland FR   Flevoland FL   Noord-Holland NH   
Drenthe DR Noord-Braband  NB Zuid-Holland  ZH Overijssel   OV Limburg LB   Zeeland ZD

The club station PI4VRZ/A and PI4CQP/A  may be used to substitute for any missing province.

Worked Prefixes VHF

VHF contacts with different prefixes. The basic certificate is for 30; seals for 50, 75, 100 and 150 prefixes.


     Worked All Netherlands.

General Requirements: Contacts after 1 January 2006.  SWL OK. Valid are all the sub WW locators from the mainland and the islands of the Netherlands, (for example JO33AA, JO33AB, JO33AC) worked and/or activated. QSO’s via repeaters are not valid. QSL cards not necessary. SWL’s can not activate locators.

Radio Amateurs can only activated locators for the W.A.N locators, when they are in the Netherlands. A record book is mandatory in order to apply for the award. The book is intended to be used as a record of your W.A.N. contacts. A column is provided for this record.  You should enter call sign, date and band. The W.A.N. record book is sequentially numbered and the book number assigned to the purchaser of the book. The book cannot be transferred to any other person or club. You can use a WAN record book for HF and/or VHF. After each application or endorsement, the book will be returned with the award or endorsement.  The book costs  € 10 or US$ 13 and is available from  Martin Ouwehand, PF9A, Gruttoplantsoen 14, 1131 ME Volendam, Netherlands.   The cost of the award is 5€ or $US6. Apply with the record book to: Ben Horsthuis, PA0HOR, Frans Halsstraat 95, 3781 EV Voorthuizen Netherlands.

E-mail : 


Award Level Netherlands Europe DX Underlying awards needed:
Basic 250 200 100 None
Bronze 500 400 200 Basic Award
Silver 750 600 300 Bronze Award
Gold 1000 800 400 Silver Award
Trophy (free) 1200 (must have 6 VRZA awards or certificates) 900 (must have the VRZA WAP and Divisional Awards) 500 (must have the VRZA WAP and Divisional Awards Gold Award


Award Level Netherlands Europe DX
Basic 200 100 50
Bronze 400 175 90
Silver 600 250 120
Trophy (free) 900 350 150

Trophy level requires earning all lower levels of the awards as the HF-LF-MIXED rules.

Tks PA3CUZ 10/2005

Afdeling Amersfoort Award

Contact stations from the VERON region Amersfoort after 1 January 2005. SWL OK. 
Points needed on HF: Region 03: 15 points, Netherlands 10 and the rest 3 points. 
                               VHF (incl 50 Mhz): Region 03: 25 points, Netherlands 15 and the rest 5 points. 
                               UHF: Region 03: 15 points, Netherlands 10 and the rest 3 points. 
A contact with club station PI4AMF = 3 points, PI4AA = 2 and any station located within Region 03 = 1 point. Modes: FM, SSB, CW, Digi and Mixed. No use of repeater and satellite QSO’s, except when all the contacts are made by satellite. GCR list and fee of 5€ to: Gerard Overbosch (PD5GO), Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 67, 3862, SG Nijkerk, Netherlands.

Cities in Region 03: Achterveld, Amersfoort, Baarn, Barneveld, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, De Glind, Den Dolder, Doorn, Eemdijk, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hierden, Hoevelaken, Hoogland, Hooglanderveen, Huis ter Heide (Utr.), Lage Vuursche, Langbroek, Leersum, Leusden, Maarn, Maarsbergen, Nijkerk (Gld.), Nijkerkerveen, Putten, Soest, Soesterberg, Stoutenburg, Terschuur, Voorthuizen, Woudenberg, Zeewolde en Zwartebroek.

Tks PA3CUZ 5/2005


The VERON department of Amersfoort offers an award for contacting club members on or after January 1, 2005. Modes permitted are: FM, SSB, CW, Digi and Mixed.
No repeater and satellite contacts, unless all connections are made via satellite.

Point values:
a. Club station PI4AMF= 3 amd PI4AA = 2 points. One of these is required.
b. All other stations from SECTION 03: 1 point.

For HF, Stations in Netherlands Region 03 = 15 points, other stations in Netherlands = 10 and for all other stations 3 points.

Section 03 consists among others: Achterveld, Amersfoort, Baarn, Barneveld, Bunschoten-Spakenburg, De Glind, Den Dolder, Doorn, Eemdijk, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hierden, Hoevelaken, Hoogland, Hooglanderveen, Huis ter Heide (Utr.), Lage Vuursche, Langbroek, Leersum, Leusden, Maarn, Maarsbergen, Nijkerk (Gld.), Nijkerkerveen, Putten, Soest, Soesterberg, Stoutenburg, Terschuur, Voorthuizen, Woudenberg, Zeewolde en Zwartebroek

The award can be requested by sending a log excerpt with: Date, time, call, frequency and mode to the award manager. Costs Award: 5 Euro. The log extract should be signed by at least 1 other amateur or SWL. Electronic payment is available for Dutch stations; contact sponsor for more details. Apply to: Gerard Overbosch (PD5GO), Van Oldenbarneveltstraat 67, 3862 SG Nijkerk.


Tks PA3CUZ 10/1/13

Amsterdam DX Certificate

The Amsterdam DX Club has issued the Amsterdam DX Certificate, since 1957. It requires proof of contact with 6 members of this Club since that date.  Any contact with a station who was a club member at the time of the QSO will be valid for the award. Many PA stations will have an indication on their QSL such as: member ADXC or valid for ADXC.  They also may bear one of the publicity labels issued during various years. Also valid are contacts with ADXC members when they operate /P or /A from a second QTH in the Netherlands.  No mode, date, band restrictions. The award is also available to SWLs. Contacts you have made under any valid call sign will count.  Send GCR list and fee of $US8, 5€ or 6 IRC to: Jan Visser ( PG2AA),  Wethouder in 't Veldstraat 28, 1107 BJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Membership list is found at 

(Chg 9/2009) 

Tks PG2AA 2/21/2007
Rewritten per e-mail

Arnhem Award

Earn 25 points by contacting VERON Section Arnhem stations after 1 Jan 1990.  Point values are:
    - each station in Region 06 Arnhem = 1 point.
    - club stations PI4ANH PI5AH PI4AH PI5RYC = 2 points.
    - special event station PA6BTF = 5 points.
Stations may be worked only one time.  All bands and modes may be used.  GCR list and fee of 3€, $US3 or 3 IRCs to: Bert Jansen NL-11889, Grondelstraat 59, NL 6833  DS  Arnhem, The Netherlands.


(Chg 3/2012) 

Worked DIG PA

Work PA members of DIG (Diploma Interest Group - See Germany) after 1 January 1984. PA's need 30, other Europeans 20, rest of world 10. The award is available mixed, all cw, VHF or VHF-cw for a special endorsement. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5 to: Theo Kindts PA3HEN, DIG 5419, Monteverdi 73, 1447 NC Purmerend, Netherlands. .

(Chg 11/2014)

DIG-PA Postcode Award

Sponsored by the DIG-PA section.  Work PA stations and collect their postal codes.  SWL OK.  These codes are four digit numbers, and you will need a cumulative total of 500,000 points after 1 Jan 2000.  PA stations must work all the nine first numbers (1425, 2334, 3951, etc.) at least 3 times.  EU stations must work these first nine numbers one time.  For DX stations, multiply the postal code value by two.  All bands and modes.  A special endorsement for CW or VHF.  The postal code must be on the QSL card and each code may be worked one time only.  GCR list including the postal code and fee of  5 Euro or 5 IRCs to: Theo Kindts PA3HEN, DIG 5419, Monteverdi 73, 1447 NC Purmerend, Netherlands. .

(Chg 11/2014)

Doetinchem Award     (Relisted 12/04 per new info from PA3CUZ)

The award is a color copy of a painting by Kees Bulder from 's Heerenberg and shows an old map of the surroundings of Doetinchem with all the towns and villages within the VERON section A24 (Doetinchem). Around the map the "coat of arms" is shown of the major towns.

You must confirm QSOs with VERON members (both radio-amateurs and SWL's count), living in the region. Their QSL cards are marked with a stamp: "valid for the Doetinchem Award".

Dutch amateurs need 15 points. Other Europeans need 10 points. All others need 5 points.

Each confirmed QSO with a member of Section A24 = 1 point, unless contact was made on 144 Mhz or higher and the distance more than 200km. Such contacts are worth 2 points each. Each A24 station can only be contacted only one time. Any confirmed QSO with club station PI4DTC = 3 points. No contacts via repeater. Contacts made with members during 1986 and 1987 counts for 2 points.

Apply to Dutch QSL Bureau, Attn RQM region 24. 

E-mail: .

(Chg 3/2012) 

The Worked Dutch Kingdom Certificate

Issued by the Dutch Stichting Kingdom A.R.S.(DKARS). On 10 October 2010, the new Dutch Kingdom Constitution became effective, and changed the status of several Dutch controlled Caribbean islands into countries counted by DXCC, countries which continued their association with The Netherlands, but in the position of independent countries. This kingdom as a whole may be small, but not many countries in the world consist out of more then one DXCC entity. For that reason the Worked Dutch Kingdom Certificate is quite unique.

Rules: Make at least one contact with each country of the Dutch Kingdom on or after 10 October 2010. 
The countries are: PA, P4, PJ2, PJ4, PJ5/PJ6 and PJ7 .

The award is available in a wide array of special endorsements recognizing your contacts with the entities by separate band or mode combinations or using mixed bands and modes. . The award will be e-mailed to you as an image download and is free of charge.


Tks PA Branch of DIG 11/15/14

Dutch Lighthouse Award

This award is issued by section Alkmaar of VERON - Holland (Netherlands National Amateur Radio Society).  Make QSO's with a
Netherlands lighthouse and/or lightship.   Contacts on or after 1 Janaury 2002.  The lighthouse must be confirmed by QSL card and clearly identified by the name of the lighthouse and/or number according to the ARLS LH-list.  SWL OK. Any profit will be donated to the Royal Netherlands Lifeboat Society (KNRM).

Available in 3 different levels: 
Award 1: for confirmed QSO's with 5 lighthouses in the Netherlands; 
Award 2: for confirmed QSO's with 10 lighthouses in the Netherlands; 
Award 3: for confirmed QSO's with 15 lighthouses in the Netherlands.

In activating a lighthouse the station must be operating from the lighthouse building itself, or from a adjacent building belonging to   
the lighthouse, or from a mobile/portable site within a maximum distance of 500 meters land based from the lighthouse.
GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US5 to:  A. de Jong - PA0XAW, Weth. Berbeelaan 54, 1761 GR, Anna Paulowna, The Netherlands.



(Chg 3/2012)

The Dutch Police Region Award

Contact Dutch members of the IPARC (International Police Association Radioclub) in different police regions as shown in the table below. Contacts after 01-01-2001 are valid. No repeater contacts may be used. SWL OK.

The award is available in 3 categories:
First obtain A. than B and finally C
A - 10 regions
B - 20 regions
C - 26 regions (Paper Award plus IPA crest with Your Call and award number)

You may use a maximum of 2 joker-stations : 2 IPARC-PA members. Award fee: Class A and B = $US6 or 5 Euro. C =$US36, or 30 Euro. (Do not send IRC`s or postage stamps) Official application is available on their website. Send it to the award manager IPARC-PA: T.Hoonakker, PA4T, Reling 12, NL-1034 NA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

No. Police Region 			Location HQ
01 Groningen 			Groningen
02 Friesland 			Leeuwarden
03 Drente 				Assen
04 Ijsselland 			Zwolle
05 Twente 				Enschede
06 Noord- en Oost-Gelderland 	Apeldoorn
07 Gelderland-Midden 		Arnhem
08 Gelderland-Zuid 			Nijmegen
09 Utrecht 				Utrecht
10 Noord-Holland 			Noord Alkmaar
11 Zaanstreek-Waterland 		Zaandijk
12 Kennemerland 			Haarlem
13 Amsterdam-Amstelland 		Amsterdam
14 Gooi- en Vechtstreek 		Hilversum
15 Haaglanden 			`s-Gravenhage
16 Holland-Midden 			Leiderdorp
17 Rotterdam-Rijnmond 		Rotterdam
18 Zuid-Holand 			Zuid Dordrecht
19 Zeeland 				Middelburg
20 Midden- en Westbrabant 	Tilburg
21 Brabant-Noord 			`s-Hertogenbosch
22 Brabant-Zuid-Oost 		Eindhoven
23 Limburg-Noord 			Venlo
24 Limburg-Zuid 			Maastricht
25 Flevoland 			Lelystad
26 Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten   Driebergen


Tks F5BPL 10/09

Friese Elf Steden Award

Contact stations in cities of the Dutch province of Friesland (QSL region 14).  QSOs on or after 1 Jan 1986. 
These cities are: Leeuwarden, Sneek, Ijlst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen, Franeker and Dokkum.

Amateurs outside of Europe need 3 QSOs. 
Europeans, except Germany, Belgium and Great Britain need 5 QSOs. 
Amateurs in Germany, Belgium and Great Britain need 7 QSOs. 
Amateurs in The Netherlands, except those located in the province of Friesland need 10 QSOs. 
Amateurs in the province of Friesland need 15 QSOs. 

GCR list and fee of 3.40€, $US6 or 9 IRCs to: Elfstedenaward Manager, PO Box 1180, 8900 CD Leeuwarden, Netherlands. 

(Rewrite 4/10 thanks to PA3JD)

Friese Radio Amateur Group Award

Work FRAG members as follows: Friesland stations need 15 points, other PA's need 10, Europeans need 5, all others 2. Each FRAG member counts 1 point and club station PI4FRG counts 3. Handsome award with Friesland engraved scenes with seal and ribbon. SWL OK. No date, band or mode limitations. GCR list and fee of 2.50€ or $US5 to: FRAG AWARD MANAGER, PO Box 1180, NL-8900 CD Leeuwarden, Netherlands. 

(Chg 9/2008)

Friesland Certificate

Available for amateurs and SWL's for contacting stations in Friesland province (Regio 14) after 1 Jan 1975. All bands or modes accepted.

Amateurs outside of Europe need 3 QSO's.
Inside EU except DL, ON and G need 5 QSO's.
DL, ON and G need 7 QSO's.
Amateurs in Netherlands except Friesland need 10 QSO's.
Amateurs in Friesland province need 15 QSO's.

SWL OK. GCR list and 5€ or $US7 to: J.v. Polen PE1BVZ, Manager, Friesland Certificate, Schapestraat 18, 8921 PP Leeuwarden, Netherlands. 

(Chg 4/2010)

Radio Club of Gooi Certificate

Contact stations in region R15 after 1 Jan 1945. SWL OK. Stations from R15 need 30 points, other PA stations 15 and all others 5. Each contact with a member counts 1 point. Club stations PI4RCG = 3. All bands and modes, but not repeater. Same member may be worked on different bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ to Radioclub ‘t Gooi, H. Smit PA3FYG, Egelpad 14, 3892 VT,  Zeewolde, Netherlands. 


(Chg 8/2006)

Groningen DX Certificate

Contact stations in the Province of Groningen (Regio 19) after 1 January 1965. SWL OK. PA's need 10, other Europeans 8 and all others 6. GCR list and fee of 5€ Euro, $US3, FL 3.50 or 7 IRCs to: Dirk de Wit PA4DDW, Robijnstraat 19, 9743 KN Groningen, Netherlands.  


(Chg 3/2012) 

The Hague Award

Work members of the Dept. Den Haag R18 after 1 Jan 1969. PA's in R18 need 15, other PA's 10, all others 7. Repeater and mobile contacts are not valid. GCR list and fee of 3.40 Euro, FL7.50 or 10 IRCs to: Leo Rollfs of Roelofs PA0CVE, Steenvoordelaan 377, 2284 CR Rijswijk, Netherlands. 

(Chg 10/2001) 

Helmond Certificate

Earn at least 80 points by contacting stations from Regio 13H of AFD VERON or stations who have lived in that region. Each VHF QSO = 1 point, UHF/SHF = 2, 50 MHZ = 6, HF QSO = 10
     Other modes than phone (AM, FM, SSSB) count double.  SWL may apply for the award and their cards also count for the award.  (The total score is QSO points times different cities.  You may use mixed bands.  2 HF QSOs and 2 cities: 20 X 2 = 40 points.  On CW or RTTY 40 X 2 = 80 points.)  

The following cities and towns are valid for the award:  Aarle-Rixtel (now Laarbeek), Asten (Heusden, Ommel), Bakel (Milheeze, Rips), Beek en Donk (now Laarbeek), Boekel, Deurne (Helenaveen, Liessel, Neerkant, Vlierden Zeilberg), Erp (Boerdonk), Gemert (Elsendorp, Handel, De Mortel), Helmond (Brouwhuis, Mierlohout (= 't Hout), Rijjpelberg, Stiphout), Lieshout (Mariahout) (now Laarbeek), Mierlo, Someren (Lierop, Somereneind, Somerenheide). 

When a member of R 13H has not lived in the region, then he counts for the points and also for an extra city/town.  Contacts must be made on or after 9 May 1981.  Each station may be counted one time.  No mobile or repeater QSO's.  All bands and modes.  The club station PI4HMD may substitute for any one of the needed contact (points and the city/town).  Send GCR list or a copy of the QSL cards and fee of 3.5E or $US5 to Jan Vriends PA0NDS, Willenstraat 7A, NL-5707 HK Helmond, Netherlands. 


(Rewrite 4/10 per PA3CUZ) 

Hoogeveen R26 Award

Contact or hear stations in Netherlands regio A-26, any mode. Contacts after 1 Jan 1981. On HF, PA's need 5, others 3. VHF/2MTR requires 10 contacts. Other VHF/UHF needs 3. QSO's with PI4HGV and PA65HGV  count double. No repeater QSO's. GCR list and 2.5 Euro, $US5 or 8 IRCs to: S. Wittermans PE1OFJ, Atalanta 51, 7908 VJ Hoogeveen, Netherlands. 


(Chg 2/2012)

Hoorn Award

Contact stations in the Dutch community of Hoorn after 1 August 1988. SWL OK. Contacts with nearby towns of Zwaag and Blokker are valid also. PA's need 6 on VHF, 3/UHF, 3/HF. All others need 3, 2 or 2 respectively. Stations PE1LME and PE1MUS (PD0PHX) count double. Four color award on smooth cardboard. All modes permitted, but no repeater QSO's. GCR list and fee of 2.50€, $US3 or 6 IRCs to: Evert Lampe PE1LME, Fred.Hendrikstraat 31, 1623 JW Hoorn, Netherlands.  

(Chg 3/02)

Kampen-Steur Award

Contact or hear 5 different stations from Kampen. All modes and bands. No repeater QSO's. GCR list and fee of 4€ or equivalent to: S. Ten Cate PD0LTT, Kloosterplein 7, 8262 CS Kampen, Netherlands. 

(CHG 3/02)

MARAC Series

General Requirements: Sponsored by the Dutch Navy Radio Amateur Club for working its members. Each member may be worked one time for awards purposes. Member list is available from K1BV for SASE/IRC. Do not send cards.  GCR accepted. All bands and modes OK. SWL OK. Apply to: MARAC Award Manager, PO Box 54, 1760 AB Anna Paulowna, Netherlands.


Contact members of the Marine Radio Amateur Club after 30 Sept 1985. Each member = 1 point, club stations PI4MRC PI5KOM PI5DD PI64MRC = 2. All modes and bands. Each member may only be worked one time. PA's need 15 points, other Europeans need 10, all others 5. 
     Fee is 2.5€, $US3. (No IRC's, checks or postage stamps.)

MARAC Trophy

Contact members after 30 Sept 1990. PA's need 75 points, EU need 50 all others 25. Same point values as above. Fee is 16€ or $US20. , (No IRC's checks or postage stamps.)

(Chg 2/2012)

Data verified 2/23/12.

Middle Limburg Prefix Award

Work different prefixes of stations in Middle Limburg, a section of the Dutch province of Limburg, after 8 August 1988.

HF contacts, any Europeans outside of PA must contact 3 different stations, each with a different prefix. DX stations need 2 and 2 respectively.
VHF Class 1 = 7 different stations with 4 prefixes, Class 2 = 6 stations with 3 prefixes, Class 3 = 4 stations with 2 prefixes.

A different prefix may be substituted by working one of the contacts on 3 successive days. All modes and bands, except repeater or mobile stations may not be counted. GCR list and , $US5 or 9 IRCs to: Nick Cox PA2NJC, Vlodropperweg 1 A, 6061 BA Posterholt, Netherlands. 

(CHG 98)


(CHG 2/2012)
Verified  by PA2NJC 2/23/12.