NEW ZEALAND 2 - Awards sponsored by NZART Branches.

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Chgs as of 1/2007

Aotearoa Postcode Award

Make contact with ZL stations on or after 20 Oct 1991, and obtain their QTH and postcode. Then use the suffix letters of the station claimed to complete the following phrase: AOTEAROA LAND OF THE LONG WHITE CLOUD. Each letter of a callsign may be used once unless that station is contacted in a different postcode only.

Endorsements: Postie - 100 different postcodes, Mail officer = 150, Supervisor = 200, Branch Manager = 250.

All bands and modes. Repeater contacts OK. Portable and mobile stations must give the postcode for the particular area they are in and can claim that postcode for the award. Cost: ZL's $NZ3, VK's= $US2, DX = $US3. Endorsements: ZL's send SASE plus for $NZ1 for first, SASE for next three. VK's SASE plus $NZ1 stamp for each upgrade. DX= $US1 for each upgrade. GCR list to: Awards Manager, 48 Leslie Street, Waitara 4320, New Zealand. 


(Chg 07)

Bay of Plenty Award - Series 2

Awarded for working stations in the Bay of Plenty region comprising Opotiki, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga and Whakatane counties and all cities or villages in the counties. ZL's need 10 on any bands or 5 on VHF. All others need 5 on any bands. Simplex contacts only. QSL's not required.  SWL OK. GCR list and $4.00NZ or $US5 overseas  to: Secretary Tauranga NZART, C/-Emergency Management Office, WBOP District Council, Private Bag 12-803, Tauranga Mail Centre, Tauranga 3143, New Zealand. 

 (Chg 11/2010)

The Christchurch Brasspounders Club Award Series

General Requirements: The aim of the award is to promote Morse technique in a friendly competitive manner and encourage conversational CW. All contacts must have duration of at least 15 minutes. All CW bands may be used. GCR accepted. Contacts must date from 1 Feb 1993. Signal reports may not be less than T(one) 7. Costs $NZ12 for initial award. Par Excellente cost to be published in future; inquire. Apply to: Awards Manager, PO Box 1733, Christchurch Mail Centre, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010) 


Brasspounders Initial Award

Earn 25 points accumulating points according to the following Types:

1. each CW QSO with Christchurch Branch 05 NZART member = 1.
2. CW QSO with Branch 05 "Brasspounder" member = 2.
3. CW QSO with Brasspounder member using ZL3AC club stn = 4.
( Multiple QSO credit available if time interval greater than 24 hours.)
4. Bonus point: if any of above made using STRAIGHT key = 2.
5. Bonus point: if any of above using ELECTRONIC or SEMI-AUTOMATIC (bug) = 1. (No credit for use of computer morse!)

Award Par Excellente

Earn 60 points in accordance with the schedule shown for Brasspounders. Contacts for this award must be in addition to those for the Initial award. New Zealand "Home Stations" must include at least two type "1" QSO's, and there is no limit on type "5" contacts. When same station is being claimed more than nce, there must be at least 24 hours separating the QSO's.

Overseas stations need only one type "1" QSO, and may claim 2 points for each "ZL" QSO together with one extra bonus point it the "ZL" is a Branch 05 member. At least 24 hours must separate QSO's where the same station is being claimed more than once.

(TKS ZL2QK)(97)

Christchurch Award

Contact stations located in Christchurch, NZ. Christchurch hams need 25, other ZL 15, VK 10, all others 5. Cost ZL and VK $5.00; others US$4.00 or equivalent. GCR list to: Christchurch Branch Awards Manager, Box 1733, Christchurch Mail Centre, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand

(Chg 11/2010) 

City of Dunedin Award

Sponsored by Otago Branch 30 for earning 10 points (ZL's) and 5 points for all others according to the following schedule:

ZL4AA Branch station = 3 Branch 30 President = 2
Branch Life Member = 2 Branch YL = 2
Other Branch members = 1

SWL OK. No repeater contacts. Each eligible station may be worked one time only. All bands and modes. GCR list $NZ2.50 to: Awards Manager, PO Box 5485, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand.

(Chg 12/2006)

Fiordland National Park Award

Contact four stations in or within one kilometer of the Fiordland National Park, plus two contacts with Branch 08 members. GCR list and fee of $NZ5  to: George McKenzie ZL4JP, Waiparu, No. 7 RD, Gore 9777, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

FISTS Down Under Award                 

The FISTS Down Under Award is earned by accumulating 50 points. For this award contacts with any FISTS Down Under (FDU) member in ZL or VK since the inauguration of FISTS Down Under on 1 June 1988 are worth one point. Contacts with FDU affiliated club stations are worth five points each. (Currently ZL6FF, VK2FDU, and VK4RC/VK4IZ.) This award is available for all FISTS Club members worldwide. A station can only be claimed once. Ė Note, the one point for working a FDU station is the same for all members, (i.e. there is no premium for working outside oneís country.)
As the number of FDU members increases, provision will be made for higher grades of the FDU Award. 

Please note the special E-Mail address for applications for this award:  or by regular mail to the call book. address of Ralph Sutton ZL2AOH.

Chg 8/2012 

Gisborne Award

Contact stations in Gisborne after 1 Jan 1969. Gisborne amateurs need 10, rest of ZL = 4, all others = 2. GCR list and fee of  ZL/VK/US$5 to Ric Coleman, 12 Grundy Street, Mangapapa, Gisborne 4010, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

Kapiti Award

Contacts since 1-1-76 with Kapiti Club (Branch 69) as follows: Earn 10 points on any band, including VHF/UHF and repeater contacts. Different stations required. One point for any NZART member residing in the district, two points for any branch member, 3 for any committee member, 4 points for ZL2KB. Net contacts OK, except Branch net. SWL OK. Packet contacts add two points for each Kapiti branch member worked direct. Double points for CW contacts excluding Field Days. GCR list and $5 per certificate to Kapiti ARC, C/- PO Box 81, Paraparaumu 5234, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

Kawerau Woodskills Festival Award

This event is activated during the first two weeks each September.  Contact with Kawerau Branch 67 stations on any valid band. SWL OK.  ZL's need 10 points, all others 5.  

Point Values:
ZL1KW = 5 points
Branch President = 3.
Vice President = 3.
Any other Branch member = 1. 

Send log extract and fee of $NZ5 no later than November 1st of each year to: Awards Manager, Branch 67 NZART, C/- Bev Osborne ZL1OS, 34 Cobham Drive, Kawerau 3127, New Zealand. 

(New 11/2010)

Manawatu Award

Available only for DX stations working five members of the Manawatu Branch 20. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 5 IRCís to: ZL2AFT, 429 Albert Street, Palmerston North 4410, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

Manawatu ARS Windmill Award

ZL stations must make a total of 7 contacts with Branch 20 members of which one must be with the Branch Club Station ZL2KO. All others need 5 and the ZL2KO QSO is optional. SWL OK. 

Stations may only be contacted once and must be financial members of Branch 20 at time of contact. Contacts on or after 1 Sept 00.

GCR list and fee of $NZ6 or $US5. Apply to: Award Custodian, Manawatu ARS, PO Box 1718, Palmerston North Central, Palmerston North 4440, New Zealand.

(Chg 11/2010)

New Zealand Women Amateur Radio Operators Series


General Requirements. Contact NZ YL's on any mode or band from the same QTH. No repeaters or contest QSO's. GCR list and sufficient return postage for return to: Lynnette McDonald ZL1LL, 25 John Street, Pukekohe 2120, New Zealand. 

(CHG 11/2010)

WARO Award

a. HF:  ZL and VK work 10 WARO members, DX 5. Contacts from 1 June 1969. Endorsement seals for ZL and VK's for each additional 10; DX applicants 5. Contacts with DX members of WARO qualify for endorsements but applications must contain at least 3 ZL contacts.

b. VHF/UHF: Ten VHF or UHF contacts with WARO members from 1 Jan 1979. Endorsements for each additional five.

NZWARO Century Award

Contact 100 NZWARO members (DX members included). All modes and bands, but each YL claimed must be a financial member at time of contact and may be only counted once.  Fee is $NZ2.

NZWARO Mountain Buttercup Award

For contacts with licensed NZWARO members, resident, visiting, mobile, etc in the 60 towns shown in the list below. . All modes and bands, but must have been a financial member at time of contact and within a 25 Km radius of the center of the town named. Repeaters, nets and contests ok.. 15 towns/contacts needed for basic certificate. Stickers for each 5 up to 60, send SAE/postage. 

The 60 towns valid for the award:

North Island

South Island

1. Auckland 11. Kaitaia 21. Palmerston North 31. Te Kuiti 41. Alexandra 51. Invercargill
2. Dannevirke 12. Masterton 22. Papakura 32. Turangi 42. Ashburton 52. Kaikoura
3. Dargaville 13. Matamata 23. Putaruru 33. Upper Hutt 43. Balclutha 53. Motueka
4. Eketahuna 14. Morrinsville 24. Rotorua 34. Waihi 44. Blenheim 54. Nelson
5. Featherston 15. Napier 25. Taihape 35. Wairoa 45. Christchurch 55. Oamaru
6. Gisborne 16. New Plymouth 26. Taumarunui 36. Wanganui 46. Cromwell 56. Queenstown
7. Hamilton 17. Opotiki 27. Taupo 37. Wellington 47. Dunedin 57. Reefton
8. Hawera 18. Orewa 28. Tauranga 38. Wellsford 48. Gore 58. Timaru
9. Helensville 19. Otaki 29. Thames 39. Whakatane 49. Greymouth 59. Wanaka
10. Kaikohe 20. Paihia 30. Te Awamutu 40. Whangarei 50. Hokitika 60 Westport

(Chg 03)

Old Timers Award

Make 10 contacts with OTC (ZL) members, each contact worth one point, any band, phone or cw with an upgrade endorsement of 50 points. Contacts after December 8, 1995. Note that points may NOT be earned on the OTC National Net on Monday evenings. Send GCR list and fee of $NZ5 or equivalent IRCís to: OTC Award Manager, 25 Annandale Street, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand.

(Chg 11/2010)

Papakura Radio Club "21" Award

Contact club station ZL1VK (5 points) and 8 members (2 points each) of the Papakura Radio Club for a total of 21 points on or after 1 January 2011.  Send GCR list and fee of $NZ5 to Secretary, Papakura Radio Club, PO Box 72-397, Papakura, Manukau 2244, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

Reefton-Buller Award

Contact any five Branch members for Basic Award. List of mmbers available from Branch 62 Secretary. For Merit Award, ZL's must contact one Branch 62 XYL or YL plus the club station ZL3BRC; while overseas stations must contact any of the three mentioned. GCR list and $NZ5 to NZART Awards Manager.

(CHG 99)

Rhododendron Festival Award

This award is held by the combined clubs of Taranaki during November of each year to coincide with the Rhododendrom Festival. Usually runs for two weeks each year; around the end of October to the beginning of November. All bands and modes. Each station may be worked ONCE ONLY for each separate application for the award. Available on all band and modes. NZ stations require 25 points from listing below:

A. Compulsory QSO with ZL6RFA special event station = 5 points.
B. Contact with Taranaki Branch stations:
    New Plymouth Branch 27 ZL2AB 3 points.
    Hawera Branch 14 ZL2AWW 3 points.
    Rahotu Coastal Branch 21 - ZL2ANN 3 points.
    Waitara Branch 27 - ZL2TO 3 points.
    Patea Branch 54 ZL2QF 3 points
    Inglewood Branch 19 ZL2PT - 3 points
C. Each additional Taranaki station - 1 point.

DX Stations need 6 points from the above schedule. No compulsory QSO. GCR log accepted. Fee for ZL is $NZ6 for certificate and endorsement sticker NZ$2.80. For all overseas application, fee is $US5 or 5 IRC. Application to arrive before December 10th to: Award Custodian, Branch 27 NZART, CDHQ Building, 45 Robe Street, New Plymouth 4310, New Zealand.

(Chg 11/2010)

Rag Chewers Award

Awarded for making a non-stop half hour QSO with any station on any band, using any mode.  The certificate is the artist's impression of a "Rag Chewer" and sketched by the cartoonist Jim Hubbard.  Send pertinent facts about the QSO along with fee of $NZ5 to: Ivan Horn ZL2ATU, PO Box 7250, Wanganui 4501, New Zealand. 

(New 11/2010)

Southern Polar Plunge Award

This Award sponsored by the Otago Branch NZART Inc coincides with the longest nights/shortest days of the year and is to highlight the mid-winter activities in the southern parts of New Zealand. The Award will run in the week of 21st June and contacts with Otago Branch operators on any band or mode are eligible BUT each station may be worked ONCE only.

10 points required for ZL applications (5 points for DX stations) may be accumulated from the following allocations:

ZL4AA - Otago Branch Station - 3 points

ZL4QK - Branch President - 2 points

Any other Otago Branch member - 1 point

Award is available to any amateur operators or SWLs who accumulate the necessary points. The Award application containing a copy of log details and operator's or SWL's name and address plus $5.00 fee to Awards Manager, Otago Branch NZART Inc., PO Box 5485, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, New Zealand. 

(Application to be received no later than 31st July each year.)

(Chg 12/2006)

Tane Mahuta Award

HF: 20 contacts with Branch 28 members including at least one in each of the counties of Rodney, Otamatea, Hobson, Hokianga, Mangonui, Whangaroa, Bay of Islands, and Whangarei with the rules of NZC applying.

VHF: 20 contacts including at least one in each of the locator squares RF63, RF64, RF65 and RF74, and that part of RF73 north of 36ļ 30'; that is, with Sub-squares ending in M or X. Contacts must be made from one square to another.

Portable and mobile operation permitted. Multiple contacts permitted provided the station is located in a different county or locator square for each contact. Contacts on or after 1 Jan 1985. GCR list and fee of NZ$5 for NZ, $A5 for Australian, and $US5 for all others. Apply to: Tane Mahuta Award, Box 10-078, Te Mai, Whangarei 0143, New Zealand.

(Chg 11/2010)

Wairarapa Regional Award

Sponsored by Branches 06, 46 and 82.  Work 8 counties, 12 towns, 15 postcodes, three lakes, four hospitals, eight rivers, two aerodromes, two lighthouses and 23 Museums/Historic places.  The award may be worked in three stages: Basic, Upgrade and Final.  A check sheet for working the award is available on written request with a SASE from the Awards Manager, PO Box 860, Masterton 5840, New Zealand.
     The award may be worked on all bands and modes beginning on 1 Jan 1997.  Fee for the "Basic" award is $NZ5.  After working the Basic Award, the Upgrade and Final endorsement stickers are free upon receipt of check sheet and SASE.

(Chg 11/2010)

Waitomo Award ZL1IZ

Earn 10 points with Branch 55 contacts as follows: VHF simplex or cw = 2, VHF or UHF repeater = 1, HF phone = 1, HF cw = 2, VHF satellite = 2, Club station ZL1IZ = 2 points. Echolink or IRLP with branch members = 1 point.  SWL OK. GCR list and $5 to ZL1IZ: I.M. Howitt, 3/49 Hinewai Street, Otorohanga 3900, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)

Wanganui Award

ZL's earn  5 points  for contacts with stations in Wanganui, overseas stations need 3. 

Point Values:
Permanent residents in the Wanganui area = 1 point.
Wanganui-based mobile stations regardless of location = 1 point.
ZL2JA = 2 points.

Repeater QSO's ok. Contacts since 1 Jan 1982.  GCR list and $NZ5 or 5 IRCs to: Award Manager, 1 Caversham Road, Wanganui 4105, New Zealand. 

(Chg 11/2010)