Newly listed awards "discovered" in 2015

FILE 1 for 2016

This is the first file containing new and permanent awards discovered during 2015. 

As newly discovered awards are added to the K1BV Directory, I place them in this working file.  
Usually all rules/conditions are OK, but this file may occasionally have incomplete data, until clarified by the sponsor. 

Entries outlined in green are the most recent entries. 



COUNTRY Name of Award Date Added Source

OE FLORA & FAUNA – OEFF (Worked OE Flora & Fauna)

October 19, 2015 K1BV Research

The Borisov Diploma

February 15, 2015

Thracian Rose Club Series

October 5, 2015 K1BV Research

Diploma Municipalities of Las Palmas (WFPD)

November 2015 K1BV Research

Robin Hood Award

September 5, 2015 G7HZZ

Devon Radio Club WWFF Annual Award

July 27, 2015 K1BV Research

Cathedrals of France Diploma

January 18, 2015 PA3CUZ

Diploma of Coalfields

February 2, 2015

DD-11 Diploma of the Department of Aude

February 27, 2015 REF Bulletin

DD-22 Diploma de la Bretagne

March 6, 2015 K1BV Research

DD-32 Diploma of the Department of Gers

January 18, 2015 PA3CUZ

DD-58 Diplome Du Department de la Nievre

March 6, 2015 K1BV Research

DD-82 Diploma Tarn et Garonne

March 6, 2015 K1BV Research

DD-93 Department of Seine-Saint Denis Diploma

March 6, 2015 K1BV Research

Fledermaus Diploma (Bat Diploma)

October 19, 2015 K1BV Research

Worked WSC OUI Goldschmidt Diploma

August 7, 2015 DH1PAL and N2OO


April 26, 2015 YF1AR

Chiaruccia Tower International Award

April 3, 2015 K1BV Research

European Union Counties Challenge -EUCC

November 3, 2015 DIG and IV2UVR

Additional Awards - IK3GER Series

April 17, 2015 K1BV Research

Friuli Venezia Guilia Abbeys Award (DAF)

July 27, 2015

Leonessa d'Italia Award

January 25, 2015

City of MILAN Diploma

August 14, 2015 K1BV Research

Kaliningrad Regional SSR Division Series

January 18, 2015 UF2F

UN-WPR, Goose Flight

August 3, 2015

The LARU LX Award

January 19, 2015 LX3X

Bydgoszcz Canal Locks Award

June 19, 2015

Dwarf's Rocks Award

July 17, 2015 Eyran Mills

Polish Club Station Awards (PCSA)

August 21, 2015 K1BV Research

Romanian Fortress On The Air Award (RFA)

February 18, 2015 YO6RC 

Diploma Desnogorsk - The Youngest City of Smolensk

May 5, 2015

The Formidable Diploma

March 25, 2015

The Musa Gaisinovich Gareeva Award

June 6, 2015

"Grey Ural" Diploma

November 3, 20 15

Worked KDR Members

July 7, 2015

Katav-Ivanovsk - 260 Years

February 15,2015

The Kremlin of Russia Diploma

September 22, 2015

Diploma Kutuzov

December 28, 2015

Mining Factory Areas of the Chelyabinsk Region

January 15, 2015

Diploma Alexander Nevsky

November 30, 2015

Sochi - The Dark Night

January 28, 2015

Solar Khakassia

January 7, 2015

The "Togliatti" Diploma

February 9, 2015

TOMSK Digital Award

June 6, 2015

TOMSK Region Award

June 17, 2015

The Tyumen Diploma

July 9, 2015

Ufa Diploma

February 9, 2015

Flows the Volga River

February 6, 2015

Yevpaty Kolovrat Diploma

March 6, 2015

Castles in Serbia Award (CISA)

July 25, 2015 Tks Dragan Ivanovic -facebook

Geneve Diploma

February 6, 2015 K1BV Research

Green Ukraine

March 18, 2015

Kharkiv Tractor Plant

November 3, 2015

YLRL - Grandmother Award

July 9, 2015 K1BV Research

AUSTRIA                                               OE FLORA & FAUNA – OEFF (Worked OE Flora & Fauna)

The Amateurfunkverein Heidenreichstein (AFCH) issues this ÖVSV recognized award to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners for contacts with nature parks and preserves made after January 1st 2009 under the following conditions:

All QSOs must be made from the same DXCC-entity. A change of location (/am, /p, /mm, /m) is approved, there are no restrictions in using any bands or modes.
You must establish contacts with several national parks and nature reserves in Austria according to the list found on their web-site. The OEFF-reference is equal to the WFF-reference and has to be printed on the QSL-card you have received.

The award is available in 4 classes:
Bronze for 5 OE FF areas
Silver for 10 OE FF areas
Gold for 20 OE FF areas
Platinium for 44 OE FF areas

Stations activating a national park or a nature reserve must be located within the borders of the park or preserve. It is presupposed that the activator is following the rules of the area activated.
The award can be requested online at: and will be checked by the award manager OE4VIE and sent to you via email as PDF file to print yourself.


A separate award is available for activators. Refer to rules on their website

Tks K1BV Research 10/18/15

BELARUS                                                        The Borisov Diploma

This award is sponsored by the Borisov Radio Club (BARC) and may be earned by making two-way radio contact or SWL observations with amateur radio stations of Borisov.

Requirement: Earn at least 9 points with contacts/SWL conducted after January 1, 1997. All bands and modes OK. .

Point Values:
A. Stations of CIS individual stations -
1. Individual stations - 1 point.
2. Club stations = 2 points.
3. Special Event stations = 3 points.
For stations in Europe multiply earned points by 1.5; For DX stations, multiply by 2.
For the contacts made during the period from July 1 to 3 of any year, points are doubled.
Duplicate contacts may be used if QSO is made on different bands and modes.
For contacts by VHF, points are doubled.
Deadline for application is not limited. A sample application form can be downloaded from website: .

Cost for the award for Belarus stations is 1,5 US, $US is $2, and CIS Countries of Europe and all other DX is US $ 3. Application and payment for the award should be sent to: Valery V., P / 221, 222518, Borisov, Minsk region., Belarus. Electronic application can be submitted by e-mail to .

List of stations operating from Borisov.
1. Club stations: EW2WW, EW2ZB (until 2005)
2. Special event station call signs: EW52BO (1997), EV2DP (2000, 2002), EW900B (2002), EW905B (2007), EV90MF (18.11.2007).
3. Individual stations: EU2BV, EU2CI, EU2FA, EU2TT, EW2AAU, EW2ABF, EW2AK, EW2BA, EW2BP, EW2CM, EW2DA, EW2DN, EW2DS, EW2EL, EW2EO, EW2EP, EW2KO, EW2NS, EW2SD.


Tks 2/10/15

BULGARIA                                               Thracian Rose Club

General Requirements: The Thracian Rose Club is a contest club from Bulgaria which also sponsors a contest every first weekend in October which will be a good source of contacts with their members to earn various awards.
No mode or band limitation. No cross-mode or cross-band allowed. QSOs with fixed, portable and mobile stations are OK. QSOs with /AM and /MM stations are not allowed. You should send a dated and signed copy of your log, showing for each contact the date, time, call sign, frequency, mode, and report sent/received. The fee for each award is 7 IRCs. Please send your application along with the fees to the TRC Award Manager: Aleko Iglev, ul. Hristo Botev 49, Koprinka 6137, Bulgaria.

The best way to apply with contact details is to send the list via e-mail: and make your payment (7 euro ) via PayPal to .


Country Award (CA)

Contact amateur radio stations located in different countries, including countries which have TRC members: .
General Class : 25 countries including 5 TRC countries
3rd Class : 50 countries including 10 TRC countries
2nd Class : 75 countries including 15 TRC countries
1st Class : 100 countries including 20 TRC countries

* Over 100 : stickers for 125, 150, 175 and 200 countries including 25% TRC countries
* Over 200 : stickers for every 10 new countries including 20% TRC countries
Note : TRC members do not need to include contacts with TRC countries.

Worked TRC Members (WTRCM)

Contact different TRC members.
General Class : 10 members
3rd Class : 25 members
2nd Class : 50 members
1st Class : 75 members
Extra Class : 100 members

* Stickers available for every 25 new members over 100.


Worked TRC French Regions (WTRCFR)

Contact stations located in different French regions.     (Yes, it is very unusual for a Bulgarian award to cover what normally would be a French award. )

General Class : 5 French regions
3rd Class : 10 French regions
2nd Class : 15 French regions
1st Class : 22 French regions




# Departments








24, 33, 40, 47, 64




09, 15, 43, 63



Basse Normandie

14, 50, 61




21, 58, 71, 89




22, 29, 35, 56




18, 28, 36, 37, 41, 45



Champagne Ardennes

08, 10, 51, 52




2A, 2B



Franche Comte

25, 39, 70, 90



Haute Normandie

27, 76



Langeudoc Rousillon

11, 30, 34, 48, 66




19, 23, 87




54, 55, 57, 88



Mide Pyrenees

09, 12, 31, 32, 46, 65, 81, 82



Nord Pas de Calais

59, 62



Pays de Loire

44, 49, 53, 72, 85




02, 60, 80



Poitou Charente

16, 17, 79, 86



Provence Cote D’Azur

04, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84



Ile de France

75, 77, 78, 91, 93, 94, 95



Rhone Alpes

01, 06, 26, 38, 42, 94, 95


Worked TRC French Departments (WTRCFD)

Contact amateur stations located in different French departments.
General Class : 25 French departments
3rd Class : 50 French departments
2nd Class : 75 French departments
1st Class : 85 French departments

Extra - all 95 French departments including all French overseas territories /countries / of Guadeloupe, French Guyane, Martinique, Reunion Isl..



















Pyrennes Atlantiques









Hautes Pyrenees











Pyrenees Orientales



Alpes de Haute Provence




Ille & Vilaine




Bas Rhin



Hautes Alpes








Haut Rhin



Alpes Maritimes




Indre & Loire















Haute Saone











Saone & Loire


















Loir & Cher















Haute Savoie







Haute Loire




Ville de Paris



Bouches du Rhone




Loire Atlantique




Seine Maritime











Seine & Marne


















Lot & Garonne




Deux Sevres



Charente Maritime















Maine & Loire















Tarn & Garonne



Corse du Sud











Haute Corse




Haute Marne







Cote d’OR











Cotes d/Armor




Meurthe & Moselle















Haute Vienne

































Territoire de Belfort














Eure & Loir








Hauts de Seine











Seine Saint Denis







Pas de Calais




Val de Marne



Haute Garonne




Puy de Dome




Val d’Oise


CANARY ISLANDS                          Diploma Municipalities of Las Palmas (WFPD)

The Spain EA DX Group and members of EA8RKL Orobal offer this award for contacting diploma, municipalities of Las Palmas. The rules for the award follow:
1) the award may be earned by all amateurs in possession of an official license, making contacts starting from Aprili 24, 2014 with and bands and modes with the exception of EchoLink and Repeaters.
2) Activating stations must operate from the particular municipality as portable, mobile, or fixed base stations.
3) The maximum number of municipalities activated is limited to two daily.
4) For the validity of the activity to be recognized, the operators must send a list of contacts within 15 days, portable and mobile stations should supply an image of the expedition in the municipality.
4) Applicants need to contact all 34 Municipalities (GOLD membership) in the province.
5) Activators shall be entitled to free diploma.
6) Applicants who submit false contact information will be disqualified..

The certificate must be requested by e-mail.  or traditional mail to: EA8RKL, Apartado Correos No. 111, 35400 - Arucas, Gran Canaria.


WIKIPEDIA List of the Municipalities may be found at: : 

Tks K1BV Research 11/25/15

ENGLAND                                                  ROBIN HOOD AWARD

The Robin Hood Award is a fun award for Radio Amateurs who make contact with other stations operating fixed or portable radio stations at locations associated with the legendary Robin Hood. It is also available to the activators who operate these radio stations. Places named after Robin Hood, WIll Scarlett, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and Little John, are scattered around north Nottinghamshire, south Yorkshire and east Derbyshire and places farther away - even in other countries - that claim a connection to this mythical English Folk Hero.

Anyone can participate in the Robin Hood 'Fun' Award: it is available to stations who operate at a location associated with Robin Hood, and anyone who makes contact with them (including Short Wave Listeners). Note: there are other rules/requirements for ACTIVATORS on their website.
While rules may change in the future, the award may be earned by contacting just ONE station who has activated one of the many locations associated with the legendary Robin Hood.

At any point, even if just one contact, you may go to the website, submit your contact data and download a do-it-yourself Certificate.

The Robin Hood Award is totally self-regulated. That means that 'Activators' and 'Chasers' only need to follow some simple guidelines, and may download a d-i-y Award Certificate at any point. There are no points or scores to count and logs do not need to be submitted for validation. For more information go to the Award Downloads page.

If the Robin Hood Award proves to be popular, conventional 'Achievement Awards' will be introduced, whereby Activators and Chasers gain points towards a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award.

What & Where Qualifies for the Award?
It is only necessary to meet one of the following criteria for an 'activation' to qualify:

1. 'Robin Hood Country
A radio station in any part of: Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire south of the River Rother, and
Derbyshire east of the River Derwent
2. 'Robin Hood Place-names'

A radio station in close proximity (usually less than 0.5km) to any locations associated with Robin Hood and His Merrie Band, King John and Richard Lionheart, and which have a well known and commonly used place-name such as Robin Hood's Cave, or Friar Tuck's Well (see the Robin Hood Locations page). Places outside Robin Hood Country may also have a Robin Hood place-name: these may be in any county or country, not just Nottinghamshire or even England, so these too are valid locations for an award activation.

Suggestions for Activators and Chasers
Keep a simple log of Robin Hood Award activities, including dates, times, locations and bands (these do not need to include details of individual stations contacted). This isn't needed for validating the award, but may be used for publicity purposes and will need to be added to the appropriate Award Certificate. It is suggested that the website be checked for planned activations. Another way to see if there is any Robin Hood activity might be to visit the website of your favorite internet spotting network. This will provide very current information on activations which might be going on in real time.

Internet: (Home Page) 
Internet: (Locations list) 

Tks G7HZZ 9/6/15

ENGLAND                                             Devon Radio Club WWFF Annual Award

The Devpm Radio Club offers an annual award for the person who works the highest number of WWFF (World Fauna Flora Award) during any 12 month period. There is NO charge for the award, which is a handsome trophy. The trophy is yours to keep, and a paper certificate is also provided to the winning station. The trophy is a 6 ½ inch high gold embossed plastic decorative cup.

Additional Rules:
1. The time period is from 1 May 2015 to 1 May 2016. (Future awards time will be incremented by one year.)
2. Send a list of all the WFF stations you have worked during the period. You must also send the date and time of the QSO for each contact providing also the band and mode.
3. Contacts will be checked by the sponsor using WFF online records.


Tks K1BV Research 7/24/15

FRANCE                                                Cathedrals of France diploma

Cathedrals are a part of the heritage of France, which was among the first countries to construct these edifices centuries ago. Effective on 1 January 2015, contact stations who are no further than 2.5km distant from the structure. The official list contains 98 existing cathedrals and two special activities which, for award purposes, act as "Joker" or wild card contacts which will bring the total possible under the award to 100.
The 2.5 mile maximum distance from the cathedral recognizes that cathedrals are often located in heavily populated urban areas, where it is not always easy to operate portable stations.

The Cathedrals references were established in alphabetical order by the name of the city or town.
For awards purposes, operations to activate a Cathedral will allow only two other REF award references. For example, the DCF + a DFCF and DMF.
Activators should report their operations to the DCF Manager in order to to distribute information. After each activity, a log should be transmitted within a month to record the event.
All French stations , domiciled within the 2.5km may obtain resident status after making 100 QSOs.

The award is offered in 4 levels or degrees:
- Basic Diploma for 10 Cathedrals.
- Excellence 30 Cathedrals.
- Honor for 50 Cathedrals.
- Trophy for 100 Cathedrals.

Diplomas will be emailed free. If a paper copy is required, the fee is 10E.    The price of the Trophy will be made public in the future.

Note: A Cathedral is the seat of the bishop of the diocese. However, there are now cathedrals without a bishop, because the name cathedral is retained even when the episcopal office is relocated or deleted. The list of these Cathedrals with no bishop will be added to the list at a future date. .

DCF Manager: Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA, 8 Rue De Verdun, F-77270 Villeparisis, France.


DCF Number - City - Department Number - Cathedral Name

DCF-001 Agen 47 Saint-Caprais
DCF-002 Aix-en-Provence 13 Saint-Sauveur
DCF-003 Ajaccio 2B Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption
DCF-004 Albi 81 Sainte-Cécile
DCF-005 Amiens 80 Notre-Dame
DCF-006 Angers 49 Saint-Maurice
DCF-007 Angoulême 16 Saint-Pierre
DCF-008 Annecy 74 Saint-Pierre
DCF-009 Arras 62 Notre-Dame et Saint-Vaast
DCF-010 Auch 32 Sainte-Marie d’Auch
DCF-011 Autun 71 Saint-Lazare
DCF-012 Auxerre 89 Saint Etienne
DCF-013 Avignon 84 Notre-Dame des Doms
DCF-014 Bayeux 14 Notre-Dame
DCF-015 Bayonne 64 Notre Dame
DCF-016 Beauvais 80 Saint Pierre
DCF-017 Belfort 90 Saint Christophe
DCF-018 Belleys-Ars 01 Saint Jean Batist
DCF-019 Besançon 25 Saint-Jean l'évangeliste
DCF-020 Blois 41 Saint Louis
DCF-021 Bordeaux 33 Saint-André
DCF-022 Bourges 18 Saint-Etienne
DCF-023 Cahors 46 Saint-Etienne
DCF-024 Cambrai 59 Notre Dame de Grâce et St Sépulcre
DCF-025 Carcassonne 11 Saint Michel
DCF-026 Chambéry 73 Saint François de Sales
DCF-027 Chartres 28 Notre Dame
DCF-028 Clermont-Ferrand 63 Notre Dame
DCF-029 Coutances 50 Notre Dame
DCF-030 Créteil 94 Notre Dame
DCF-031 Dax 40 Saint-Jean-Baptiste
DCF-032 Digne 04 Saint Jérome
DCF-033 Dijon 21 Saint Benigne

DCF-034 Evreux 27 Notre Dame
DCF-035 Evry 91 de la Résurrection et Saint Corbinien
DCF-036 Frejus 83 Sainte Marie Majeure
DCF-037 Gap 5 Notre Dame et Saint Arnoux
DCF-038 Grenoble 38 Notre Dame
DCF-039 La Rochelle 17 Saint Louis
DCF-040 Langres 52 Saint Mammés
DCF-041 Laval 53 de la Trinité
DCF-042 Le Havre 76 Notre Dame
DCF-043 Le Mans 72 Saint Julien
DCF-044 Le Puy en Velay 43 Notre Dame du Puy
DCF-045 Lille 59 Notre Dame de la Treille
DCF-046 Limoges 87 Saint Etienne
DCF-047 Luçon 85 Notre Dame
DCF-048 Lyon 69 Primatiale Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-049 Marseille 13 Sainte Marie Majeure
DCF-050 Meaux 77 Saint Etienne
DCF-051 Mende 48 Notre Dame et Saint Privat
DCF-052 Metz 57 Saint Etienne
DCF-053 Montauban 82 Notre Dame de l'Assomption
DCF-054 Montpellier 34 Saint Pierre Saint Paul
DCF-055 Moulins 03 Notre Dame
DCF-056 Nancy 54 de l'Annonciation de la Vierge
DCF-057 Nanterre 92 Sainte Geneviève et Saint Maurice
DCF-058 Nantes 44 Saint Pierre
DCF-059 Nevers 58 Saint Cyr et Sainte Juliette
DCF-060 Nice 06 Sainte Marie et Sainte Réparate
DCF-061 Nîmes 30 Notre Dame et Saint Castor
DCF-062 Orléans 45 Sainte Croix
DCF-063 Pamiers 09 Saint Antonin
DCF-064 Paris 75 Notre Dame
DCF-065 Paris 75 Saint Vladimir le Grand
DCF-066 Paris 75 Saint Alexandre-Nevsky

DCF-067 Paris 75 Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-068 Paris 75 Saint Louis des Invalides
DCF-069 Périgueux 24 Saint Front
DCF-070 Perpignan 66 Saint Jean Baptiste
DCF-071 Poitiers 86 Saint Pierre
DCF-072 Pontigny 89 Notre Dame de l'Assomption
DCF-073 Pontoise 95 Saint Maclou
DCF-074 Quimper 29 Saint Corentin
DCF-075 Reims 51 Notre Dame
DCF-076 Rennes 35 Saint Pierre
DCF-077 Rodez 12 Notre Dame
DCF-078 Rouen 76 Notre Dame
DCF-079 Saint Brieuc 22 Saint Etienne
DCF-080 Saint Claude 39 Saint Pierre
DCF-081 Saint Denis 93 Royal Saint Denis
DCF-082 Saint Dié 88 Saint Dié
DCF-083 Saint Etienne 42 Saint Charles Borromé
DCF-084 Saint Flour 15 Saint Pierre et Saint Flour
DCF-085 Sées 61 Notre Dame
DCF-086 Sens 89 Saint Etienne
DCF-087 Soissons 02 Saint Gervais et Saint Protais
DCF-088 Strasbourg 67 Notre Dame
DCF-089 Tarbes 65 Notre Dame de la Sède
DCF-090 Toulouse 31 Saint Etienne
DCF-091 Tours 37 Saint Gratien
DCF-092 Troyes 10 Saint Pierre et Saint Paul
DCF-093 Tulle 19 Notre Dame et Saint Martin
DCF-094 Valence 26 Saint Apollinaire
DCF-095 Vannes 56 Saint Pierre
DCF-096 Verdun 55 Notre Dame
DCF-097 Versailles 78 Saint Louis
DCF-098 Viviers 07 Saint Vincent
DCF-099 TM850N 75 Joker 2013
DCF-100 TM850CS 89 Joker 2014


Tks PA3CUZ 1/2015

FRANCE                                            Diploma of Coalfields

This award publicizes the cultural heritage of French coal-mining areas and their importance in the industrialization of France, in particular, those located in the region of Nord Pas de Calais by contacting required numbers of stations operating within the prescribed distances from towns, historic monuments associated with coal mining, "dumps" (the piles of mining debris often found at or on mining properties, all made on or after January 1, 2015. Available to amateurs and SWLs alike.

For the Nord Pas de Calais, all references are assigned in the basin of the application dossier for UNESCO and can be found on the website of the URC (see appendices). 

Thus there are to date:
a. 327 339 dumps or references to the annexes. Each reference includes a history, a location or on the town with GPS position.
b. Over 72 Historic Monuments (head frames, castles, pits, cities, churches, monuments, City Hall ...) 39 churches, 179 mining towns of the mining area .

There are separate requirements pertaining to activators, which should be read by those who activate these sites. Refer to the principal web site for detailed references.
Activators will send Reference numbers which will look like this for a Pas de Calais site: BMF62001. Plans to include other countries in Europe and other areas are being developed.
QSL will necessarily include the logo of the URC, the official logo of the mining area (below the logo North Pas de Calais mining basin) and the assigned reference number.

QSL are not mandatory, activators are committed to providing QSL to all who request it. Observations can be sent by email or other electronic means. Paper QSL will include the bar code of the QSL bureau EURAO for processing.

Submission: (For the Hunter): For the hunter award, send the log in ADIF format named DBM _Indicatif.ADI. The ADIF file will be created by your computer traffic log. When entering your contacts, please note the full reference activation contacted on a line that will be exported in the standard field <Comment>. You can check the contents of the ADIF file with a standard text editor.

All files must be sent within a ZIP file. For any difficulty, contact us at secretariat (at) 

Award Requirements for Hunters:
Bronze: 5 references
Silver: 10 references
Gold: 20 references
Excellence: 50 references
Honor: 100 references

References and web links


E-mail: secretariat (at) 

Tks 2/1/15

FRANCE                                    DD-11 Diploma of the Department of Aude

This diploma was established by REF-11 (Aude) to develop and encourage Amateur Radio traffic with the department.

Requirements: contact or SWL radio amateurs residing in Aude. On HF and VHF, 5 are needed, and on SHF, 2 contacts.
All bands and modes OK. Special endorsements available on request if all contacts are made on HF, VHF, SSTV etc.
The exchange of the RST and QTH is mandatory.
QSOs which use any form of relay are excluded. (Repeater or internet based.)

Send a log extract (no cards needed) for those contacts in the Department with a starting date of January 1, 1983. The award fee is 10E, and should be sent to the club treasurer, Jose F5NTT.


Tks REF Bulletin 2/27/15

FRANCE                                  DD-22 Diplôme de la Bretagne

Contact stations located in the Department of Bretagne.

A. Stations in departments 22, 29, 35, 44, 56 need 5 QSOs. All bands and modes, no use of repeaters.
B. Stations in countries of the European Union need 3 QSOs. All bands and all modes allowed
C. All Other countries need 2 QSOs in department Breton. All bands and all modes allowed

Send log extract and fee of 7€ or $US10 to award custodian Claude Le Coaster F6IAP, La Pommerais, No. 22, F-22490 PLOUER Sur Rance, France.


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

FRANCE                                DD-32 DIPLOMA OF THE DEPARTMENT OF GERS

This diploma is established by radio amateurs Gers (32) , sponsored by the ARAG: Amateur Radio Association of Biscay whose purpose is to encourage contacts with this department.

The award is available to all licensed amateurs. SWL OK.

Requirements: All contacts valid regardless of band or mode.

Stations from:

Number of HF


Number of VHF/UHF QSOs

Number of SHF QSOs





Other Europeans




Rest of the world




No use of relay or repeater QSOs.
Exchange QTH, RST and QRA locator are mandatory for a valid QSO.
Contacts with portable or mobile stations operating within the department are valid.
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Send requests to Diploma manager with a copy of the logbook countersigned by a licensed OM (to the address on the Radio Club website F5KHP)
SWLs should send a copy of QSLs received from the amateur station. .
Award fee is € 10 payable to the ARAG to receive the printed diploma or € 5 to receive the award as a graphics file to print it yourself..

Award Manager: RUI THIERRY F1IXI, 91 Chemin du Barrail, 32000 AUCH, France.

(Note, website a bit confusing, though you should be able to use e-mail addresses OK.)


Tks PA3CUZ 1/17/15

FRANCE                               DD-58 Diplome Du Departement de la Nievre

Contact stations located in Department 58. SWL OK. On HF, 3 QSOs are needed, on VHF/UHF/SHF, 2 stations.  
Send log extract and fee of 8€ or 8 IRC to: Award Manager: Cathy Loubignac (F1HWL), 16, rue des Acacias, F-58150 - Marzy, France.


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

FRANCE                               DD-82 Diploma Tarn et Garonne.

Sponsored by the Association of Amateur Radio of Tarn et Garonne (Dept. 82) to promote contacts between stations from all continents with our department.

1 - All contacts must be made on the air.
2 - contacts via relay or repeater will not be considered.
3. Requirements:
A. For countries outside France, 3 stations of the Tarn et Garonne should be contacted or heard (SWL). The club radio station, and contacts through public demonstrations by the ARAETG will count for 2 contacts.
C. For French stations, 5 stations of the Tarn and Garonne should be contacted or heard (SWL).

The club radio station, and contacts through public demonstrations by the ARAETG account will account for 2 contacts.

Application: Send an e-mailto the award custodian which includes a list of QSOs (copy of the logbook) only certified, no cards needed. The applicant must also provide complete name, area code and the station address requesting the certificate.

Application fee: 5€ (check or money order payable to the ARAETG) or 7 IRC. The funds should be sent to: Diploma Manager, Boris Timistchenko F5MDF, 13 rue de Palhoulet, F-82400 Espalais, France. .


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

FRANCE                                  DD-93            Department of Seine-Saint Denis Diploma

The diploma of the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, is available for contacting the required number of stations within the Department. The stations contacted in the department 93 (or portable operating in DD-93) must be resident in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Contacts by repeaters or via Echolink do not count for the award. . All transmissions are allowed using the modes of SSB, CW, FM and DIGITAL. The contacts with our department will preferably take place from your fixed station. Mobile activations / or / laptop will be accepted, provided that they are clearly specified in the application. Contacts made during contests are valid. QSOs must be made on or after 1 January 1951 for all amateur bands allowed in Region 1, and 1 January 1982 for those made in the WARC bands.

This diploma is open to any French or foreign stations having an officially licensed operator of the amateur radio service and any listening station (SWL) under the same conditions.

Requirements: Establish contact with at least 10 amateur radio operators of Seine-Saint-Denis, or 8 radio amateurs in department 93 plus one radio club station of the Department.

Five classes are available:
1) REF93 HF (1.8 to 30 MHz), Telephony.
2) REF93 HF (1.8 to 30 MHz) Telegraphy.
3) REF93 VHF (from 144 MHz) phones.
4) REF93 VHF (from 144 MHz) Telegraphy.
5) Special endorsement for REF93 if made by one specific band or mode).

Use the form provided on their website. It should be dated and signed certifying compliance with the Regulations with a detailed list of QSOs listing: Name, Code, Date, Band, Report, QTR and mode, to the Manager Diploma REF93.

QSL cards are not necessary. The completed form with the contacts listed is sufficient. It should be marked as "certified" and dated and signed by two radio amateurs around you.

The award fee should be made payable to the Ed-REF93 exclusively. The fee is 10 euros which includes shipping, and sent to the Diploma Manager REF93 at the following address: (F1AGW) Jean-Louis SIEBERT 1 Avenue des Demoiselles - F93360 Neuilly Plaisance, France.


Tks K1BV Research 3/7/15

GERMANY                                                      Fledermaus Diploma (Bat Diploma)

The award was issued to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the the German Amateur Radio Club e. V., Ortsverband Bad Segeberg, DOK M 14. The bat diploma is provided in the form of a fabric Bat. QSOs needed on or after starting date of 1.1.2002. SWL OK under the same rules.

Requirements: Earn at least 60 points by making radio contacts as follows.

Point Values: 
A. 10 points for contact with club station of the OV M14, DF0SE.
B. 5 points for QSO with Chairman of the District M (DOK DVM)
C. 5 points with members of OV M14 (DOK M14).
D. 3 points All other club stations of amateurs located in the district M.
E. 1 point for all other stations from the DARC district of Schleswig-Holstein (DOK M ..), including VHF stations using the Z-DOK.

All bands and modes except Packet Radio can be used. Each award application call sign must be listed only once. You are required to make at least one QSO with a station with the DOK M 14. During the first weeks of August each year-end, all point values are double.
The award application should be sent in the form of a GCR-list to or to the following address: Angelika Zahari, DH1LAZ, Farnstieg 5A, D-24610 Trappenkamp, Germany.

The fee for the diploma with fabric-bat is:
A. 20.00 EURO for shipping within Germany
B. 23.00 Euro for all other countries

The traditional printed diploma is available for:
A. 5,50 Euro for Germany or
B. 7.50 EURO will be requested for all other countries.

The fee includes the diploma and the shipping cost, and is to be transferred to Account: 168 35 78, BLZ: 230 612 20, Raiffeisenbank Wahlstedt, account holder: DARC OV Bad Segeberg.
For transfers from abroad, the IBAN number and the sort code instead of the BIC number must be specified instead of the account number: IBAN: DE 32230612200001683578 BIC: GENODEF1LZN

Tks ON4CAS 10/12/15

GERMANY                                   Worked WSC OUI Goldschmidt Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club Ortsverband Steinhude (DOK H35) issues this award to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners for contacts after 1 January 2015.   This award commemorates the first radio contact between Germany (Eilvese Wireless call sign OUI) and the United States of America (Tuckerton Wireless call sign WGG (licensed later as WSC) made on 14 October 1913.

The award shows QSL cards of DL100OUI and W2WSC/100 and the two historical Goldschmidt stations as they appeared in 1913. One hundred years later, these amateur radio stations made contact in October 2013. They exchanged the identical telegrams of greeting sent at opening of Eilvese Wireless between Kaiser Wilhelm II and US President Wilson. The award displays a historical picture of radio pioneers at Eilvese Wireless in 1914. Dr. Rudolf Goldschmidt the inventor of these Goldschmidt High Frequency Telegraphy stations is pictured in the background. This award has been accredited by DARC.


Contact the following stations: 

a. Confirmed amateur radio contacts with club stations DA0OUI and W2WSC
b. Three confirmed amateur radio contacts with German amateur radio stations whose suffixes begin with either letter O, letter U or letter I - in order to complete the call sign "OUI". 
c. Three amateur radio contacts  with US amateur radio stations whose suffixes begin with either letter W, letter S or letter C - in order to complete the call sign "WSC"

Example: for DL the following three call signs        Example: for US, following three call signs
DL4OAS                                                             K1WU
DK2UI                                                               W2SUA
DG2IAU                                                             N9CIL

All modes and bands OK.

For the Diploma application, send log extract list of the required contacts.    
LOTW and eQSL are accepted exclusively if submitted electronically via email to the award custodian:
The award is free of charge, the diploma is exclusively electronically sent as a PDF document in the format 210 x 297 via e-mail.
Award manager is Ronald Reimann, DL6AM, German Amateur Radio Club - OV Steinhude, PO Box 2214, D-31515 Wunstorf / Steinhude, Germany.


Tks DH1PAL and N2OO

INDONESIA                                                                       ASIAN-AFRICAN CONFERENCE AWARD (AAC AWARD)

The first large-scale Asian–African or Afro–Asian Conference—also known as the Bandung Conference — was a meeting of Asian and African states, most of which were newly independent, which took place on April 18–24, 1955 in Bandung, Indonesia. The twenty-five countries that participated at the Bandung Conference represented nearly one-quarter of the Earth's land surface and a total population of 1.5 billion people. The conference was organised by Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), and India and was coordinated by Ruslan Abdulgani, secretary general of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.                    (Tks WIKIPEDIA)

This is a permanent award which recognizes the 60th anniversary of the first Asian-African Conference which was held in 1955. The award can be claimed by any worldwide Amateur Radio Station with a valid, active license. Participants should contact Amateur Radio Station froms from the 28 countries that participated  in the Asian-African Conference in 1955. The award will be available for contacts with at least 15 of the 28 countries, one of which must include a QSO with an Indonesian Amateur Radio Station.

The List of participating countries of Asia Africa Conference 1955:

3. CHINA    B
4. EGYPT    SU
6. GHANA    9G
7. INDIA    VU
9. IRAN    EP
10. IRAQ    YI
11. JAPAN    JA
12. JORDAN    JY
13. LAOS    XW

16. LIBYA    5A
18. NEPAL    9N
22. SRI LANKA    4S
23. SUDAN    ST
24. SYRIA    YK
26. TURKEY    TA
28. YEMEN    7O

Any participants who make QSOs with stations from more than 15 of the listed countries are eligible for a special endorsement sticker on the award.

The award Fee of USD$10 for each award should be made through PAYPAL (account on behalf ASIAN AFRICAN CONFERENCE AWARD.

Applications should be made to:
     Or PO.Box 1090 Bandung 40010 Indonesia

The log sheet must be completed with an extract from your log showing all QSO data of the participating radio amateur member, as mentioned in the valid amateur radio license.

The award may be specially endorsed to show any one band or mode was used to make all of the contacts needed for the award. Participants may claim more than one award. In this case, an individual log sheet must be submitted for each claimed category. If multiple awards are requested, each QSO may be used to claim only one category (NO DUPLICATE !)

Since some countries have more than one prefix in the call sign, all valid prefixes are applicable for claiming the AAC Award (Example: Indonesia : YB/YE, YC/YF, YD/YG, YH).
The bands used for claiming this award include 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 meters. Digital modes will be carried out using RTTY, PSK, or JT-65.
An EXCEL log sheet form is provided. Applications can also be self-made. The information should include data of the station, operator, and completed QSOs.


Tks Budi YF1AR 4/23/15

ITALY                                                  CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL AWARD

At Chiaruccia Tower in the town of Santa Marinella 60 Km North of Rome, in 1933 Guglielmo Marconi, as chairman of National Research Council set up an important experimental center in which he worked till the day of his sudden death on July 20th, 1937. Here, Marconi’s researches involved studies using micro-wave antennas and radio systems (500 MHz frequency, today’s UHF band) now considered as the beginnings of modern radar technique, researches on high energy electromagnetic beams and also HF radiogoniometry applications.  This important research center was built close to an ancient tower (Chiaruccia Tower) on top of which Marconi himself used to tune and test his radiating systems. The tower was destroyed during WW2; currently the area is occupied by an Air Force base for meteo service.

Operations at this Marconian site (ww-locator: JN52WA) have been celebrated by the Radio Club A.R.I. CIVITAVECCHIA (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani, club call IQ0CV) since 1989 for the annual IMD - International Marconi Day - with the special call of IY0TC, to spread the great works and fine ingenuity of Guglielmo Marconi, Father of the radio, all over the world. At present, local Authorities, national Universities, research Institutes and radio amateur community are involved in a project to open most parts of the Chiaruccia Tower site to public use and to restore the masonry tower to it’s original state, setting there a Marconi Museum.

On the occurrence of the 20th year of IY0TC, the Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA issues the CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA award to all SWL’s and licensed radioamateurs all over the world, with special attention for V/UHF bands, to commemorate the important place in History of radio and the experiments which Marconi performed here.

Requirements: SWL’s and radio amateur applicants need to submit proof of contacts made on after January 1st, 2009. Contacts on the same day with the same station are not valid, except they are carried out on different frequency or mode.

Points Required: Compulsory contacts and minimum total qso-points for the award, including compulsory qso’s are as follows:

1. Non-Italian stations must earn 15 points, and at least 1 contact should be with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.
2. Italian stations have to earn 30 points, at least 2 contacts should be with of the Special Marconi Station IY0TC, or with Radio Club ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV.

Point values: two-way communications will count as follows:

a) Special Marconi Station IY0TC = 5 points ( or 10 points on VHF/UHF frequency).
b) Radio Club Station ARI CIVITAVECCHIA IQ0CV = 3 points (6 points on VHF/UHF frequency). 

All bands and modes OK. Contest and satellite QSO’s are also accepted while repeater contacts are not allowed. Diploma applicants are not required to send QSL cards, just a simple log extract submission is suitable; the log must be signed also by two licensed hams as validation, and it will be verified by the Award manager.

Logs must be sent to: CHIARUCCIA TOWER INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA, IY0TC manager - c/o ARI CIVITAVECCHIA, P.O. Box 51 – 00053 Civitavecchia (RM) ITALY.

The Award is free of any charge or cost. Any contribution given on voluntary basis will be entirely assigned to a special fund for Chiaruccia Tower rebuilding, according to above project. The Call-sign of all donor radioamateurs will be gratefully marked on a memorial tablet attached to the tower.

Also: ]

Tks K1BV Research

ITALY                                European Union Counties Challenge - EUCC

The Italian national radio club ARI announces this new award, which is a real challenge because it is based on the divisions of the second or third level of the 28 Member States of the European Union.

These subdivisions have different names in different countries, such as county, municipality, province, department, and so on in the EUCC rules which calls all of these simply, "Counties".

The Award is issued for the confirmed contacts of at least 300 counties, with additions for each additional 300 counties. Each QSO / SWL needs through QSL cards, either on paper or electronically to be confirmed. Tradiitional QSL cards as well as eQSLs are recognized.. It is important that the QTH of the destination of the QSL is apparent.

The award encompasses making contacts with the "counties" of the following European Union countries on or after a starting date of 01/01/2014:

AT - Austria   EE - Estonia       HU - Hungary     NL - Netherlands
BE - Belgium   ES - Spain         IE - Ireland     PL - Poland
BG - Bulgaria  FI - Finland       IT - Italy       PT - Portugal
CY - Cyprus    FR - France        LT - Lithuania   RO - Romania
CZ - Czech Rep GB - Great Britain LU - Luxembourg  SE - Sweden
DE - Germany   GR - Greece        LV - Latvia      SI- Slovenia
DK - Denmark   HR - Croatia       MT - Malta       SK - Slovakia

To offer a starting point for all applicants, the rules include all QSOs / SWLs that have been made on or after 1 January 2014; with all bands and modes being allowed, except for the use of terrestrial repeaters or communications from the Internet. Currently there are 2100 "counties".

Levels of the Award:
First Level - RED for 300 confirmed Counties.
Second Level - ORANGE at 600 confirmed Counties.
Third Level - GOLD at 900 confirmed Counties.
Fourth Level - GREEN at 1200 confirmed Counties.
Fifth Level - CYAN at 1500 and confirmed Counties
Sixth Level - PURPLE at 1800 confirmed Counties.
The Honor Roll Award (Blue and Yellow) will be awarded for 2000 Counties.

A special award, free of cost, is the one who can demonstrate ALL the time of application existing Counties. When new countries join the European Union, so that new counties are included in the list. Interested parties can download the list as an Excel file. Requests individually created must contain the information in this file.

The list does not include the province of Kyrenia (Cyprus): It is completely under the control of the so-called "TRNC" and currently can not be considered valid for this award.

The Diploma is preferably sent as an electronic PDF file. The request goes to: EUCC Manager, IK2UVR, Pier Luigi Anzini, c / o Sezione ARI Busto Arsizio, PO Box 125, I 21052 Busto Arsizio, Italy - eMail:

The already mentioned list of many counties with maps and clues is accessible via the website:

Tks DIG and IV2UVR 10/6/15

ITALY —Additional FREE awards from IK3GER

General Requirements: Each of these awards may be earned by sending an e-mail list of the qualifying contacts (per the award requirements), indicating the level of the award which you are seeking. The sponsor has provided lists of the cities or names and the internet page where these are found is shown following the description of the award. You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc. QSO contacts on or after 1 Jan 1985. QSL cards are not necessary just send your GCR application
Each award is free and will be sent in a PDF or JPG format file.
Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti, showing QSO data as in the example for each award.



CITTA’ D’ARTE(Italian Cities of Art)

The award is issued to OM/SWL for contacting Italian "cities of art" according to the following requirements :

European Stations
50 QSO/SWL for SSB and/or mixed application
25 QSO/SWL for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

Example of application – in alphabetic order by town:

CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
Trieste      IV3DYS   10/03/1997  10.40     14    SSB
Venezia    IK3GER    21/11/2011 09.33      7     CW

List of 105 Italian cities known for art:


MUSEI ITALIANI (Italian cities with prominent museums)

The award "Musei Italiani – Italian Museums" is issued to OM/SWL for contacting Italian cities/towns with a museum.

European Stations:
70 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

Example of application in alphabetic order by city/town:
CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
Trieste      IV3DYS   10/03/1997     10.40    14      SSB
Venezia     IK3GER   21/11/2011     09.33    7       CW

List of 110 Italian cities known for their museums:


DIPLOMA ARTISTI ITALIANI (Award of Italian Artists)

The award "DIPLOMA ARTISTI ITALIANI" consists of a set of 10 awards each of which is issued for a specific Italian artist of the past. These are: BERNINI, BOTTICELLI, CANOVA, CARAVAGGIO, GIORGIONE, GIOTTO, LEONARDO,, RAFFAELLO, TIKNTORETTO and TIZIANO.

Every award may be requested individually by OM/SWL who are able to complete one of the 3 different award requirements:
1. spell the name of the artist for the award you are applying for by using the last letter of any Italian station’s call sign.
2.spell the name of the same artist chosen by using the first letter of the suffix of any Italian station’s call sign.
3. Make 5 QSO/SWL with the call area I3 ( but not IN3 and IV3 ) of which at least one station must be from Venice or province of Venice ( ZIP code: 30xxx ).

Call signs of foreign operators operating portable in Italy are not accepted for these awards and also call signs of San Marino ( T7 ), SMOM ( 1A ) and the Vatican ( HV ) are not valid for these awards.
An example of an application that uses the last letter of the Italian Station’s call sign might look like this if you are applying for BERNINI and spelling the name of the artist using the last letter of the callsign

C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
I1AAB      3/11/95           1455     28     CW
IT9UUE    4/5/05             1552     10.1  SSB
IZ3ABR    11/5/07           1233      7      CW
II8NN       12/20/07         2345     14     CW
IS0KYI      6/6/99            1800     3.5    SSB
II3PAN      8/1/01            0344     3.5    CW
IZ7OAI      12/30/04        1103     14     CW

Along the same lines, the second valid way to earn the award is by using the last letter of the suffix to provide the needed letter and the third way to qualify is to contact the 5 Italian stations from their 3rd call area (but not IN3 or IV3), making sure that at least one of them is from the city or province of Venice.


The diploma "COLOSSEUM" has been established to remember this famous amphitheatre, the largest in the world, capable of seating 50000 to 80,000 spectators. It is situated in the center of the city of Rome, and originally it was known as "Amphitheatrum Flavium". Construction began in the year 72 A.D. under the rule of emperor Vespasianus and was completed in 80 A.D. by emperor Titus.

The award is issued to OM/SWL who abide by the following conditions :


1. Spell the words "AMPHITHEATRUM FLAVIUM" using the last letter of any Italian callsign. Foreign stations working portable in Italy are not accepted and stations from San Marino, the Vatican and the SMOM are also not accepted for this award;
2. Make 1 QSO/SWL with each of the following five provinces of Lazio, the Region of Rome ( Call area I0 )
Frosinone ( FR ) initial ZIP code 03xxx
Latina ( LT ) initial ZIP code 04xxx
Rieti ( RI ) initial ZIP code 02xxx
Roma initial ZIP code 00xxx
Viterbo ( VT ) initial ZIP code 01xxx


1. Spell the words "AMPHITHEATRUM FLAVIUM" using the last letter of any Italian call sign. Foreign stations working portable in Italy are not accepted and stations from San Marino, the Vatican and the SMOM are also not accepted for this award.

Example of application
CITY       C A L L    Date              UTC    MHz    2 x
I0AA A    etc...............

ITALY                                          Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award D.A.F.

[An abbey is a Catholic or Anglican monastery or convent. Abbeys are typically under the authority of an Abbot or an Abbess, serving as the spiritual father or mother of the community. The term can also refer to an establishment which has long ceased to function as an abbey, in some cases for centuries (for example, Westminster Abbey).]

1. The A.R.I. Section of San Daniele del Friuli, in collaboration with the D.A.I. staff and the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio, are sponsoring the Friuli Venezia Giulia Abbeys Award (D.A.F.) which will be issued to OM and SWL. in order to raise awareness of the religious monuments (Abbeys) existing in the region, emphasizing their historical and architectural heritage. Contacts for the award will start on 1/7/2014: QSO made before that date will not be accepted.

To obtain the Award, the applicant must demonstrate contacts/SWL from the following number of references:
     a) Italian Stations: 5 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
     b) Foreign Stations: 3 Abbeys of Friuli Venezia Giulia.
     (The D.A.I. references in Friuli will use the prefix "FL".)
3. The QSO/HRD can be made on all ham bands, from 2 to 160 meters and in all modes. There are two versions of the Award: Hunter and Expeditioner.
4. Only the QSO/HRD that refer to activations which have been already validated, as per the list on our website and on the website (already accredited by the D.A.I. Office), will be valid.
5. Applications for the award should be sent to Manager IV3RVN, sending the completed application downloadable from the website, along with the files generated by the program BBLogger with which the applicant certifies that its country regulations have been complied and provides a detailed list of the links in order of reference containing the following informations: name of the Abbey, Callsign, date, frequency or band and mode. Sending QSL is not necessary. The diploma is free and it is sent to applicants as a PDF file. Those who wish hard copy must make a specific request to the Award Manager who will forward the details for the payment: the cost is 10 €.
6. The ranking of the Hunters, SWL and activators that have achieved the D.A.F. will be periodically updated and published on the website of A.R.I. San Daniele del Friuli
7. Activators of Abbeys should refer to a separate set of requirements.
8. The valid references are those assigned by the D.A.I. Award Technical Manager from the A.R.I. Section of Busto Arsizio (VA) and accredited for the Italian Abbeys Diploma.
9. The list of the Abbeys of Friuli is available on D.A.I. site , as well as on our web site.
10. Every hunter, activator or SWL. can send an update of its position whenever it deems necessary.

E-mail: - President: Fabrizio Lizzi IV3EPC
E-mail: - Award Manager: Pierluigi Gerussi IV3RVN

Tks 7/21/15

ITALY                                       Leonessa d’Italia Award

Brescia is known as the Lioness of Italy (Leonessa d’Italia) after ten days of popular uprising against Austrian rule during the Spring of 1849, 21 March to 1st of April. The ancient city of Brixia, has been an important regional centre since pre-Roman times. The city preserves a number of monuments and buildings of Roman, medieval and other historical periods, among which the prominent castle is dominating the city.

The Brescia A.R.I. Radioclub issues the Award "Leonessa d’Italia" to any Amateur Radio or SWL by sending in a log extract certifying QSOs made with Brescia Ham stations as follows:
Italian stations: 15 different QSO/HRD
European stations: 10 different QSO/HRD
All other stations: 5 different QSO/HRD.

One QSO with the Brescia radioclub station, IQ2CF, is counted as 3 different QSOs and may be logged only once. All modes and bands are permitted with the exception of QSO through repeaters and CW automatic decoding systems. Send a log extract to the radioclub e-mail address or by mail, to: ARI Brescia – Via Maiera, 21 – 25124 Brescia – Italy.

The log shall also specify any requested endorsement, such as: single mode SSB – CW – Digital modes, single band, QRP etc. QSLs confirming the QSOs are not required. The Award will be forwarded in PDF format at no cost.



Tks 1/21/15

ITALY                                                      City of MILAN Diploma

The 'Association of Italian Amateur Radio Section of Milan has established this diploma as a permanent award. The diploma can be obtained by all radio amateurs including SWL.  Contacts or SWL OK on all bands and modes. Contacts via repeaters, internet, terrestrial transponders or other similar non radio methods not permitted. Effective starting date of the award is for contacts on 1 March 2015 or later.

Contact stations belonging exclusively to ARI Milan. The list may be found at: .

Regulation - Different Levels offered:

1. HF: Only category Mixed (CW, SSB, DIGITAL). Make 50 contacts/SWL with OM members of ARI Milan (see list updated on ) with at least one contact with the Station of the Section IQ2MI, or other names used in special events organized by section (II2IGTO, IU2FV, II2EXPO, etc.). Any station may be contacted only one time regardless of the mode or band.

2. 50 MHz, VHF, UHF Only the category Mixed (CW, SSB, DIGITAL). It takes 25 QSOs or heards with OM ARI Milan (see listupdated on ) and at least one contact with the section IQ2MI Section, or other call signs names used in special events organized by section (II2IGTO, IU2FV, II2EXPO, etc.). All stations may be contacted only once regardless of the mode or band.

To request a diploma in electronic format only you have to send a log extract via email to the following address: Their mailing address is: Italian Amateur Radio Association - Section 20.1 of Milan - Via Natta, 11 - Milan, Italy


Tks K1BV Research 8/14/15

KALININGRAD                                              Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division Series

General Requirements: The awards are available to all amateur and SWL stations for contacts made since 5 July 1946. Cross-band and repeater QSOs are not valid for the award.
Send a LOG extract (GCR)  to        The Digital award (in PDF format) is free, if applicant wants a printed paper certificate, the fee is 5 Euros.

Kaliningrad Oblast Award


The award is issued by Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division to all HAM and SWL stations for QSOs with Kaliningrad HAMs.

The Award has 3 classes and each class uses a different design:
3rd class = 39 points,
2nd class = 78 points,
1st class = 117 points.

Table for determining point values:

Kaliningrad station

Applicants from Europe

DX applicants

40 – 10 m

160 – 80 m, VHF

40 – 10 m

160 – 80 m, VHF


1 point

2 points

2 points

3 points

Club, memorial, special event

2 points

3 points

4 points

5 points

Before 1984, club stations usedthe prefix UA2K… before 1984, UZ2F… and UW2F before 1994, and now use RK2F…, RW2F, UA2F, UC2K.

QSOs with expeditions also are good for the award (counted as individual stations). QSOs with the same station are valid for award point if QSOs are made on different bands and different modes (exclude cross-band and repeater QSOs).


Kaliningrad Maidenhead Squares Award

The award is issued by Kaliningrad Regional SRR Division to all HAM and SWL stations for QSOs with Kaliningrad HAMs situated in different big Maidenhead squares of the region.

Applicant should make QSOs as follows:
a. European applicants need stations in all 5 squares,
b. European applicants making QSOs only on 160 – 40 meters, and on VHF bands, only 3 squares are needed.
c. for DX applicants – contact stations in 3 squares.

The Kaliningrad region is situated in 5 big Maidenhead squares: JO94, KO04, KO05, KO14, KO15.


Tks UF2F Award Manager 1/18/15

 Ivan Chernyakhovsky Diploma    (addition to series 2/6/15)


This award commemorates the famous General of the Army, Ivan Chernyakhovsky (1944), a two-time Hero of the Soviet Union (1943.1944). He was considered one of the most talented young commanders nominated during the Great Patriotic War, and considered the most distinguished in the post commander of the 3rd Belorussian Front. On February 18, 1945, ID Chernyakhovsky was killed near the town of Insterburg in East Prussia, and in 1946 it was renamed Chernyakhovsk in hos honor.

Requirements: During any calendar year, earn a total of 38 points, equal to the number of years lived by ID Chernyakhovsky until the day of his death (1906-1945).

Point Values:
a. Radio stations of the Chernyakhovsky district of Kaliningrad region. (RDA KA-23) give 3 points
b. other stations of the Kaliningrad region= 2 points
c. contacts with memorial call signs of the Kaliningrad region., Working in the period from 13 January to 25 April and the memorial "Victory" = 5 points.
Contacts on or after 18 Feb 2015. All bands and modes OK. Repeat contacts conducted on different modes and bands OK for award purposes. Repeater QSOs do not count.

Observers (SWL) OK on same conditions and terms. The award is issued in electronic form (for free). An application for the diploma should be in the form of a log extract sent to:


Tks 2/5/15l

KAZKHSTAN                                             UN-WPR, Goose flight

This award has been established by the NGO of the "Federation of radio Pavlodar Region" It is available to all the amateurs of the world.

a. Russia and CIS need to make telecommunications contacts / observations with 7 radio amateurs operating in the Pavlodar region of Kazkhstan.
b. For applicants of other countries (North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Africa, Antarctica) 5 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region are needed.
c. For applicants of the Republic of Kazakhstan must make 11 QSOs with hams operating from Pavlodar region.

For all radio amateurs, a prerequisite is to work with at least two different stations living in the Pavlodar region. on or after 17 March 1993  All bands, any kind of radiation OK. Repeated contacts  are allowed and counted on different bands and different modes.  

The application should be compiled in an electronic or hard copy of the form, and sent to the address PO "FRPO" 140011, Pavlodar, ul.Kamzina 24-50, or by e-mail Award Manager: .  Application checks by the award manager will be completed within two weeks. The electronic version of the award and all the conditions for its receipt will be posted on the website of in Kazakhstan:   

The Pavlodar region is designated in the list of areas of Kazakhstan:  They can be recognized by call signs which start with the letter F and then two digits (eg F13; F02 ...).  These are  amateur radio call signs of Pavlodar region: UN (0..9) F; UO (0..9); UP (0..9) F; UQ (0-9) F; UN (0..9) FA-FZ; UO (0..9) FA-FZ; UP (0..9) FA-FZ; UQ (0-9) FA-FZ UN (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UO (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UP (0..9) FAA-FZZ; UQ (0-9) FAA-FZZ in commemorative and special callsigns digit in the prefix may be any, and consist of several digits (eg UP44FF, UN70FF, UQ70F, UP20F, UO70F ...) radio stations operating special call signs of Pavlodar region with other suffixes: UP65KI, UP65KM. are counted while operating from the territory of Pavlodar region who have special mobile, mobile call sign.


Tks 7/27/15

LUXEMBOURG                                 The LARU LX AWARD

The LARU LX AWARD is issued for celebrating the foundation of the Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union. The award is available to licensed amateur radio operators and short wave listeners. All contacts with stations operating from LX count towards the award.

The award is issued in the following categories:
LARU LX HF 20 AWARD for at least 20 LX contacts on HF
LARU LX HF 50 AWARD for at least 50 LX contacts on HF
LARU LX HF 100 AWARD for at least 100 LX contacts on HF

LARU LX VHF 20 AWARD for at least 20 LX contacts on VHF
LARU LX VHF 50 AWARD for at least 50 LX contacts on VHF
LARU LX VHF 100 AWARD for at least 100 LX contacts on VHF
(HF is below 30 MHz, VHF is above 30 MHz.)

Contacts via earthbound repeaters are not valid. The same station may be worked once per band and mode. All modes are valid.
The award certificates are numbered in ascending order. For short wave listeners, the award is named LARU LX (V)HF xx SWL AWARD.
Applicants should complete the application form (which can be downloaded from their website), , submitting a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, band and mode, duly certified by three licensed amateur radio operators.

The fee for each category is 10 Euro. Awards will be mailed by post to the applicants. Apply to: Luxembourg Amateur Radio Union, a.s.b.l., Post Box 85, L-9201 Diekirch, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.


Tks LX3X 1/17/15

POLAND                                                       BYDGOSZCZ CANAL LOCKS Award

The boy scout stations from Bydgoszcz have established this award which calls your attention to the Bydgoszcz Canal, i.e. an engineering structure dating back to the 18th century, which is still in operation. .10 locks of the canal will be activated at unspecified times and appears to be a long term Scouting project.  Requirements: make contact with portable/mobile stations operating from or near these specific canal locks, you can earn the Bydgoszcz Canal Locks Award.

Point Values:
1. For Polish station: all (12) canal locks
2. For European stations:a minimum of 8 canal locks
3. For DX stations: minimum 4 canal locks
4. The museum of BYDGOSZCZ CANAL LOCKS (MKB) is a JOKER and can replace any one missing lock.
5. The time to earn the award is unlimited.

The BYDGOSZCZ CANAL LOCKS Award in PDF version is free. Send your application to SP2ZCI Award/QSL Manager e-mail adress : .


Tks 6/12/15


POLAND                                             Dwarfs' Rocks Award

DWARFS' ROCKS nature preserve in Poland (SPFF-356) earned its name by its large collection of rocks which take on the look of a surrealistic playground for a fairyland environment. Some interesting pictures of these rocks are included within the award itself. The award is issued for two-way contacts with stations operating from "Dwarfs' Rocks" Nature Preserve in Gorzeszow (SPFF-356)  made on or after 1 January 2010.    One QSo with a special event station, either 3Z0RKG or SN0RKG is mandatory.  The award is available to SWLs.

SP - 4 QSOs
EU - 2 QSOs
DX - 1 QSO.

The award is offered FREE of charge in electronic format. (pdf, jpg).  Send log extract via e-mail to


Tks Eyran Mills 4X 7/17/5

POLAND                                          Polish Club Station Awards (PCSA)

The award is issued to any OM or SWL who contacts or SWLs Polish radio amateur Club Stations from 1930, the year when the Polish Amateur Radio Union was established..
Call signs of Polish club stations usually have prefixes of SP1 to SP9 and sufixes such as: PAA- PZZ, KAA – KZZ, ZAA –ZZZ and YAA – YZZ.
For special occasions, unique call signs are used by club stations on a temporary basis. The best opportunity to collect points for the PCSA award is your participation in the annual SPDX Contests every first weekend of April.

Award Categories
a. All CW Contacts
b. All SSB Contacts
c. Mixed ( SSB/CW ) contacts
d. VHF (all bands and modes) contacts
e. Digital modes ( RTTY, PSK, SSTV, etc.) contacts
f. SWL ( all HF and VHF bands and modes )

Requirements: The Basic award requires you to earn at least 50 points using values for each contact as shown below.

European Stations

DX Stations


10 points


20 points





VHF (all modes)


VHF (all modes)


Digital (any band)


Digital (any band)


Special endorsement stickers will be awarded for collecting 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 points.
PCSA Award fees: Each award costs $US10 or 10€ . Endorsement Stickers cost $US2 or 2€.
Special prize: Any station earning 400 points is eligible to receive a special plate decorated with engraved personal plaque. This prize is free of charge however shipping charge of $US15 or 15€ will be added to cover airmail registered postage. Send your application form ( extract of LOG ) via REGISTERED MAIL to :Stanislaw Sobieszczuk, P.O. box 103, 00-987 Warszawa, Poland.


Tks K1BV Research 8/16/15

ROMANIA                                              ROMANIAN FORTRESS ON THE AIR AWARD (RFA)

This award will be granted to any amateur radio station who submits proof of radio contacts with stations working portable (ex: YO0XX/P) from various fortified objects located in Romania. Fortified objects include: citadels, fortresses, fortified guard towers, bastions, fortified settlements, fortified churches and monastaries, and fortified lines.

Each object has an identification code, which contains a group of two letters and 5 figures, representing the country where located and a serial number for each object. (For example: YO-00101), which isassigned in accordance with the rules of WCA. The RFA code facilitates identification of the object according to the county where located.

For the RFA awards, the valid objects will begin with the code YO-00170 to YO-00520, and all objects begining with code YO-00601 and higher. The complete list of valid objects together with the proper code is found on their website.

The award will be issued only once for contacts in any one or different bands or mode.

The 3 levels are:
A. BRONZE - need QSO with 5 different objectives.
B. SILVER: need QSO with 10 different objectives.
C. GOLD: need QSO with 25 different objectives.

You may confirm the validity of your QSO by using the online log facility at:
Make a copy with the desired (verified) contacts and send to award manager via e-mail, as attached document, to address:
ll awards are FREE, and will be sent in electronic format via e-mail.


Tks YO6EX 2/18/15

RUSSIA                                                    Diploma Desnogorsk. The Youngest City of Smolensk

This award is established by radio amateurs g. Desnogorska and is a permanent award.  It is issued to radio amateurs / observers in Russia, CIS and non-CIS countries for making QSO / SWL with radio amateurs g. Desnogorska and Smolensk region.

Make 11 QSOs in a calendar year, of amateurs in the Smolensk Region including at least 1 QSO with radio amateurs g. who live in Desnogorska (RDA SM-04). Hams in District of Russia, Asia and other continents must make QSOs with 6 stations in the Smolensk Region including one with the RDA SM-04.   QSO/SWL may be made on any bands or modes. Duplicate contacts with the same station are allowed on different bands and different modes for award credit.
The Diploma is issued free of charge in electronic format.
You may apply for the award by sending a extract of your log via e-mail, to the address: .

Tks 5/1/15

RUSSIA                                                        The Formidable Diploma

Sponsored by the RO CPP in the Chechen Republic of Russia.

The Formidable diploma is awarded for making QSOs with radio amateurs located in the Chechen Republic.

Requirements: Contact a total of 10 stations located within the Chechen Republic. Four of them must have been with amateurs living in the city/district of Grozny and six contacts within other regions of the republic.

According to the Russian District Award, the 6 contacts outside of Grozny will come from areas listed below:



All bands and modes OK for the award, and all contacts should be made on or after 1-1-2010 .
The Diploma Terrible is sent in the form of an electronic file to your e-mail address.
The application should be in the form of a Word document attached to your e-mail.
No paper QSLs are needed.


Tks 3/23/15

RUSSIA                                                     The Musa Gaisinovich Gareeva Award

Sponsored by the PO CRR for the Republic of Bashkortostan to honor the memory of the two-time Hero of the Soviet Union Musa Gaisinovich Gareeva.
Requirements: Earn the number of points that are equal to the number of years that have passed since the birth of MG Gareeva on June 9, 1922:

Point Values:
1. 5 points for stations resident in Ufa and Volgograd amateur radio stations.
2. 10 points for amateur radio stations who are members of the club "Fifth Ocean".
3. 15 points for amateur radio stations of the Republic of Bashkortostan, using special event call signs during the May annual memorial "Victory", celebrating the end of WWII..
4. 20 points for contacts with stations operating from the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ilishevskogo district - the birthplace of MG Gareeva (RDA: BA-54).

QSOs (SWL) performed on any amateur bands and any legal mode. Repeated contacts (SWL) with the same station are counted separately on all bands and modes. Links (monitoring) must be made with no fewer than five different amateur radio stations.  Certificates are endorsed according to the modes used. Each radio amateur can earn a diploma using: the fjour modes of MIXED, CW, PHONE, DIGITAL. Endorsement also available for all QRP, QRPP when working with low power range.

The diploma is issued free and in paper and electronic form. Contact sponsor if you wish the printed version and they will advise postage cost to you. Applications should send list of stations and data in any form with the data, equally (observations) are sent to the chairman of the award committee RO CPP for the Republic of Bashkortostan Adgamova MH by e-mail: .

Contacts on or after starting date of June 9, 2014.


Tks 6/2/15

RUSSIA                                                 "Grey Ural" Diploma

The Ural Mountains are known worldwide as one of the oldest mountains on our blue planet.. They are not as high as the Andes or those of Tibet. Scientists determine the age of the Ural mountain range more than 600 million years. The Ural Mountains are very rich in deposits of copper, titanium, magnesium, coal, granite, asbestos, marble, oil, bauxite and other minerals and earth products.

The Ural Mountains have long served as a rich storerooms and pantries for Russia. The Ural region is also attractive for tourism business. Already in the area of the Ural mountain range there are a large number of nature reserves and parks. The most significant of them: Vishera Reserve, the reserve "Denezhkin stone", and the Yugyd Vai National Park. Here are settling private fishing zones, recreation and recreational hiking trails.

Award Requirements: Earn at least 100 points out of six regions of Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Bashkir republic, Orenburg, and Kurgan beginning on 1/1/2015. Each contact made with stations of these regions = 2 points. A diploma will be issued in electronic format, based on your application by e-mail to:


Tks 10/9/15

RUSSIA                                              Katav-Ivanovsk -260 years


The award commemorates the 260th anniversary of the development of significant metal ore extraction and fabrication in the Ural Mountains districts of Western Siberia. The Urals provided the rich ores and there was no shortage of wood in the vast Siberian forests to produce the charcoal for smelting the metals and water for powering machinery.

To earn the "Katav-Ivanovsk-260" diploma, you must earn at least 260 points by contacting RA9AVL, UA9AEJ and RV9AOR on different bands on or after 1 Jan 2015. Contacts made on July 7, 2015 with RA9AVL are doubled in value to 50 points. UA9AEJ and RV9AOR QSOs count for 25 points.

The Diploma is issued free of charge and is sent to you as in electronic document to be printed by you on your own equipment. The application should show all QSO data and be addressed to: , For those who do not have e-mail service, you may apply by regular mail to: Sharov Vladimir Nikolaevich, 456,110 street. Lenin 2-36, g.Katav-Ivanovo, Chelyabinsk region., Russia and enclose a postal order for 80 rubles.


Tks 2/10/15

RUSSIA                                                             The Kremlin of Russia Diploma

The Diploma "Kremlin of Russia" has been established by the Moscow city branch of the Russian Amateur Radio Union (IHO CPP) - the Federation of radio Moscow City in order to draw attention to the monuments of history and culture of the peoples of the Russian Federation and the promotion of amateur radio.

Diploma "Kremlin of Russia" is awarded for making two-way radio (or SWL) with amateur stations of following cities : Astrakhan, Vologda, Zaraysk, Kazan, Kolomna, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Pskov, Rostov (Rostov, Yaroslavl region), Ryazan, Suzdal Tobolsk, and Tula, where the Kremlin and cultural heritage of the Russian Federation - a symbol of the Russian statehood, were originated..

The cities of Kazan, Moscow, Novgorod and Suzdal Kremlin are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Requirements: To obtain the diploma is make contacts/SWL with stations of not less than 7 of the listed cities. All bands and modes OK. Contacts must be dated on or after 1 January 2014.

Application for Certificate may be made by e-mail with the contacts sent as a log extract in an attached file using text format in Word (preferably). Award Manager at the ICO CPP In the subject line indicate: Kremlin of Russia.

The application for diploma must specify: first and last name of the applicant, call sign, QTH, country of residence, date of sending the application, e-mail, comments, suggestions, proposals.

After checking the application, the manager will send an electronic version of a diploma, a digital image file of sufficient resolution for high-quality printing on printers, to the applicants specified email address. The diploma will be sent free of charge.


Tks 9/14/15

RUSSIA                                                 Diploma Kutuzov.

Dedicated to the memory of the greatest Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov. A plaque, based on the requirements the Order of Mikihail Kutuzov is available for having made QSOs with the list of territories and countries which were involved in the War of 1812).

Countries and territories:

1.Moskovskaya oblast                7.Poland
2.Kaliningradskaya region            8.Austria
3.Italy                                          9.Germany
4.Spain                                       10.England
5.Turkey                                     11.Sweden

Radio hams of Europe need QSOs with at least 9 of the territories/countries.
Radio hams of Asia need QSOs with at least 7 of the territories/countries.

Contacts must have been made since 2000, using any kind of band and mode.
SWL: diploma issued on similar terms.
Applications for the diploma sent to the address:
Russian Stations: cost of the diploma is 2200 rubles which includes shipping to Russia.
Former Soviet Republics cost cost of the diploma including shipping is 2800r.
The cost of the CIS nations is $US55 .

When ordering the plaque, contact the sponsor and ask the address specified in the message.

QSO data should be submitted in a common text format.


Tks 12/22/15

RUSSIA                                              Worked KDR Members

Contact members of KDR (Amateur Radio Club Chartered). (A complete list of members, over 1000, may be found on their website.) The diploma is issued by the Club in conjunction with the Chartered radio amateurs public fund to promote amateur radio "Inter-Radio". The award is printed in the color printing on thick A4 paper featuring the image of a bat, which is the emblem of the club.

Contacts may be made on or after 1 January 1998, and the following numbers of members are required:

1. Hams from European Russia = 15.
2. Hams from the Asian part of Russia and Europe = 10.
3. Radio amateurs in all other countries = 5.

Look for greater activity from club members during days of activity: Annually on May 1 - a week of activity related to the celebration of the anniversary of the club , also on December 12 and CRA roundtables (on Sundays at 07.30 UTC on the frequency 14,177 MHz +/- QRM).  SWL/Observers diploma issued on similar terms.

Send log extract and cost of the diploma as follows:
1. Russian stations $US2 (in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date) or 4 IRC
2. Amateur radio CIS $US3 (in rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date), or 6 IRC.
3. For radio amateurs in all other countries the fee is 8 IRC.

Application may be sent in the form of a log extract and the payment of the diploma should be sent to the manager (RU1AB): Andrey Platonov, P / 141, 191123, St. Petersburg, Russia.


Tks K1BV Research 7/4/15

RUSSIA                                        Mining Factory Areas of the Chelyabinsk Region

Contact cities and areas important in mining operations of the Chelyabinsk Region of Siberia on or after 1 January 2015.

There are 3 levels to the award:
Class III- 3 District RDA,
Class II- 5 districts RDA,
Class I- 7 RDA districts.

The required areas (using the Russian District Award (RDA) include:
1. Ashinsky Area - CB-34
2. Katav-Ivanovsky Area - CB-41
3. Ust-Katav City - CB -26
4. Trekhgorny City - CB -30
5. Satkinsky Area - CB -49
6. Zlatoust City - CB -14
7. Kusinsky Area - CB - 45
8. Miass City - CB - 22

Send a log extract containing QSO information to the E-mail: The award fee is 80 rubles, and payment may be sent by standard mail to: Vladimir Nikolaevich Sharov RA9AVL, 456110, Katav-Ivanovsk, ul. Lenina, 2-36, Russia.


Tks 1/14/15

RUSSIA                                         Diploma Alexander Nevsky

Nevsky is commonly regarded as a key figure of medieval Rus', Alexander rose to legendary status on account of his military victories over German and Swedish invaders while agreeing to pay tribute to the powerful Golden Horde. He was canonized as a saint of the Russian Orthodox Church by Metropolite Macarius in 1547. Popular polls rank Alexander Nevsky as the greatest Russian hero in history. Tks WIKIPEDIA

Sponsored by the RO CPP for Nizhny Novgorod region for contacting stations in the city of Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod Region on or after 26 Nov 2014. The diploma is issued for conducting two-way radio (observations) using any mode on the HF and VHF bands with hams in Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Requirements: Score at least 1263 points.

Point values:
1. Each QSO (SWL) = 50 points (on HF) and 300 points (on VHF).
2. During special periods of activity, this score is doubled.
3. Multiple contacts with the same station are permitted if made on different bands or different types of radiation.
4. Work station R751 (Alexander Nevsky) for 200 points for the award "Alexander Nevsky".

Diplomas are issued in electronic form. The electronic certificates are issued free of charge.
Send list of contacts with all QSO data to: Award Manager - Alexander V. Kulakov RA3TL at: ra3tl {cobaka} The manager has the right to carry out spot checks on the log.










RUSSIA                                                      "Sochi - The Dark Night"

Diploma "Sochi - the dark night" is offered by the Federation of Radio Sochi. The award is available in three levels for making contacts with stations located in the city of Scohi: 50, 75 and 100 QSOs/SWL’s. All contacts must be made within any one year period starting on 1 January 2015. The contacts may be made on all bands using all modes. Duplicate contacts are not counted. Contacts made by VHF repeaters cannot be used. SWL ok on the same basis as licensed stations. The awards are issued free of charge in electronic format only. At the request of the applicant, your own photograph (format .jpg) may be attached to the application, and it will be included in the diploma. Applications should be sent (with the contacts listed preferably in an ADIF format) as e-mail massages to or

Internet: .
Tks -

RUSSIA                                                       Solar Khakassia

The Republic of Khakassia is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). Its capital city is Abakan, which is also the largest city in the republic. As of the 2010 Census, the republic's population was 532,403. (Thanks WIKIPEDIA)

Sponsored by the Federation of radio Republic of Khakassia for making at least 5 stations of the Republic of Khakassia on HF - bands or 1 QSO on VHF. Award fee is 40 rubles (or equivalent) plus postage. Applications should be sent to: Yazovskomu Valery Mikhailovich R0WR, Post Box 391, Republic of Khakassia, Abakan, HA 655004, Russia.


Tks 1/6/15

RUSSIA                                                    The "Togliatti"Diploma

The Diploma "TOGLIATTI" was created in 2015 by a group of amateur radio operators in the city of Togliatti. The city was originally founded on the banks of the Volga River in 1737 and was named Stavropol. On August 28, 1964 the city of Stavropol was renamed to the city of Togliatti.

The name Togliatti was given to the city in honor of Palmiro Togliatti, an Italian politician and the leader of the Italian Communist Party who was instrumental in establishing the AutoVAZ (Lada) automobile manufacturing plant in collaboration with Fiat.    Contacts for this award are effective on or after 28 August 1964.

1. HF
a. 10 QSOs with radio amateurs from City of Togliatti and the Stavropol region of Samara region. b. War veterans and children under the age of 14 years, working from club stations need only one QSO.
2. VHF
a. One QSO.
3. Stations located in Togliatti and the Stavropol region of Samara region may earn the award by making 64 contacts on HF bands or one VHF QSO, outside of the city of Togliatti and Samara region.

Other rules:
a. Repeated contacts are permitted for award credit if the station is contacted on different bands or different modes.
b. contacts by repeater do not count.
c. SWL on the same terms.

Diploma "Togliatti" is available only in electronic form, sent free of charge to your E-mail address. Application for diploma is made in the form of a log extract showing all the basic data about the contact and sent to the email address of the manager diploma:

Stations from the city of Togliatti and Stavropol region of Samara region should send their data in ADIF or TXT format. Address any questions to award manager Maksimov IV UA4HRT.


Tks 2/9/15

RUSSIA                                                       Tomsk Digital

This award has been established by a group of amateur radio operators from Tomsk together with the Council PO CPP in the Tomsk region in order to promote digital amateur radio. The diploma is awarded for the establishment of telecommunications by digital modulation types with hams living in the city of Tomsk and Tomsk region on all HF and VHF bands.

Earn a total of 70 points.

Point Values:
1. Each digital QSO with Tomsk = 5 points.
2. QSOs with radio stations in the Tomsk region = 10 points.

Duplicate contacts are valid for award credit if contacted on other bands. All contacts valid on or after starting date of 1 January 2014. SWLs OK on similar basis. The Diploma is free of charge and will be sent exclusively in electronic form as an image by e-mail. . The application for the certificate should be sent as a log extract using. Your application should reference the name of the diploma and be directed to e-mail address: . The diploma manager is Gulyaev Alexander Nikolaevich / R9HBD /.


Tks 6/2/15

RUSSIA                                                Tomsk District Award

Sponsored by the Tomsk group of radio amateurs with the Council PO CPP in the Tomsk region.

The diploma is awarded for contacting radio amateurs of the Tomsk region using all HF and VHF bands and establishing radio communications with at least ten administrative districts of the Tomsk region. (Based on the current list in the Russian District Award (RDA) The four administrative districts of Tomsk are necessary. Contacts since 1 Jan 2014. Radio hams living in the Tomsk region may earn the award by making at least 150 different stations in a calendar year. SWL OK on the same basis as licensed stations. The Diploma is free of charge and will be sent exclusively in electronic form. The application for the certificate may be in an e-mail based on an extract from your log. Do not send lists using cbr, txt, Word, Excel, adif files. The application should indicate your call sign, full name and the name of the diploma being applied for. Send an e-mail to manager to apply.

Tomskaya oblast (TO) UA9H





Tks 6/17/15 Starting date amended 6/25/15.

RUSSIA                                               The Tyumen Diploma

The diploma is issued by the PO CPP of the Tyumen Region in the development of radio, increasing the activity of radio amateurs of Tyumen and the Tyumen region, and increasing interest in the city and to the region. It is issued for conducting two-way radio contacts or SWL with amateur stations of Tyumen and the Tyumen region to all radio amateurs. The award may be earned each year, starting in 2015 by earning points representing the number of years anniversary of Tyumen, and increasing by one each year after that. For example,applicants are required to earn 429 points in 2015, then 430 points in 2006, etc.

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meters and VHF (2m, 70cm).
Modes: Phone, CW, and DIGITAL may be used.

QSOs made on amateur HF bands (160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m), or VHF (2m 70cm) using any kind of radiation (PHone, CW, DIGItal). Same station may be worked on different bands or one band , and using different modes CW, SSB, DIGITAL (all digital types are counted as one species, SSB AM FM counted as PHone). SWLs may earn the award on same basis as licensed amateurs.

On special days of activity, (festival city, c July 13 to July 26), points are doubled.

Points required:
1. radio club stations (eg RK9LWA) located in Tyumen need 75 points
2. radio stations operating from schools need 50 points
3. QSOs with individual stations of Tyumen need 20 points for communication.
4. VHF stations of the Tyumen region need 15 points.
5. QSO with a club or educational radio station is needed for all applicants. .

Diploma is free, and may be endorsed for 5 conditions: (MIXED, SSB, CW, DIGI, VHF), It is issued in electronic form, and the application for the Diploma may be made by e-mail based on a log extract and sent in WORD format to: Oleg Bolotov (r 8 lah @ mail. ru). In the subject line indicate: DIPLOMA "Tyumen".

The application must specify the following: name, surname and patronymic of the applicant, call sign, QTH, country of residence, and date of application. After checking the award manager, the electronic version of the diploma will be sent to the specified e-mail address of the applicant.


Tks 6/8/15

RUSSIA                                                      Ufa Diploma

This award is sponsored by the RO CPP in the Republic of Bashkortostan and may be earned for making contacts within a calendar (or SWL) with amateur radio stations of each of the seven districts of the city of Ufa in accordance with the official list of the RDA (Russian Districts Award:


Communication (observation) amateur radio stations Ufa area (RDA: BA-74) may be used to substitute for any one missing RDA of the actual city of Ufa.

All bands and modes OK. The award is issued according to the mode used: : MIXED, All CW, All PHONE, All DIGITAL. QRP stations can also ask for a QRP or QRPP endorsement. All contacts must have been made on or after 1 January 2015.

The diploma is issued free of charge and in electronic form.

Applications should be a log extract in any form which shows all the QSO data and should be sent to the chairman of awards committee RO CPP in the Republic of Bashkortostan Adgamova MH e-mail address: .


Tks 2/9/15

RUSSIA                                                     Flows The Volga River

The Volga River is the largest river in Europe. This is the biggest river not flowing into the sea. The Volga basin is home to 2/3 of the population of Russia. It is the source of the Valdai Hills at a height of 256 meters above sea level. The famous writer Alexandre Dumas: wrote "Each country has its own national river. Russia has the Volga - the largest in Europe, the queen of our rivers - and I hastened to bow to Her Majesty the Volga River!

Award Requirements: (HF)
Make at least 1 QSO with each region listed below through which the Volga flows.

The republics and regions of Russia:
a. Tver region (R3I),
b. Moscow Region (R3D),
c. Yaroslavl region (R3M),
d. Kostroma region (R3N),
e. Ivanovo Region (R3U),
f. Nizhny Novgorod region (R3T),
g. Chuvashia (R4Y),
h. Mari El ( R4S),
i. Tatarstan (R4P),
j. Ulyanovsk region (R4L),
k. Samara region (R4H),
l. Saratov Oblast (R4C),
m. Volgograd region (R4A),
n. Astrakhan region (R6U),
o. Kalmykia (R6I)

A total of 15 QSOs with these areas are needed. . Contacts valid for the award are counted beginning from 12 June 1991, using any band or mode on any HF bands. War veterans and children under the age of 14 years, working from a club station enough to hold one QSO. Repeated contacts with same station are allowed if made on different bands and modes.

No use of repeaters. SWL’s OK on same basis. Application for diploma is made by sending in a log extract showing all the basic data about the contact and sent to the email address of the manager diploma: UA4HRT@YANDEX.RU The Diploma "Flows the Volga River" is distributed only in electronic form and is free of charge to delivered to your E-mail address. The award manager: I.V.Maksimov UA4HRT.


Tks 2/5/15

RUSSIA                                             Yevpaty Kolovrat Diploma

The diploma is issued to honor the memory of the hero of folk tales Ryazan - Evpatii Kolovrat (1200-11 January 1238) and requires QSOs with amateur radio stations Ryazan region. The diploma may be claimed by any licensed amateur, club or SWL / DMS observer.

Requirement: Make 38 QSOs with stations located in the Ryazan region (R3S). This is a permanent award. There is one required contact: QSO with at least one radio radio amateur living in the Shilovsky Municipal District of the Ryazan region (#RDA: RA-32).

Repeated contacts are permitted on different bands and modes for purposes of earning the award. During the special activity period of Ryazan radio amateurs (from October 01 to 07 October every year) each QSO counts as three (3) QSOs. Contacts made from club or special station count for both the club and the operator. The individual operator or club can use any legal call sign. All stations must be operated in accordance with their license. Contacts may be made from any QTH within a country on the DXCC list. Confirmations from the SWL / DMS observers are accepted as confirmed QSO.

The award is issued in electronic form FREE high-quality JPG - format and sent to the applicant by e-mail. To obtain a diploma in electronic form, send a request to the Award Manager at the address:


Tks 3/6/15

SERBIA                                                    Castles In Serbia Award (CISA)

The "Castles in Serbia" Award (CISA) is given to any licensed radio-amateur for QSOs / SWL with radio stations operating from fortresses and castles of Serbia made using any modes on any amateur bands since the 1st of January 2014. All contacts must be made with different locations.

A list of fortresses and castles qualifying for the Award may be downloaded from The World Castles Award (WCA) website you may request such a list from Dragan YT2KID by e-mail: .

Available in 3 classes:
Class 3: for QSO with 10 various objects;
Class 2: for QSO with 20 various objects;
Class 1: for QSO with 30 various objects.

Your application for the Award, besides QSO data, should contain object identification number of the correspondent according to CISA list (for example: YU-00005). This designation is found in the official list mentioned above.
Awards are issued in electronic form in JPG or PDF-format (free of charge). .The application for the Award should send by e-mail to award manager Dragan YT2KID:


Tks Dragan Ivanovic -facebook

SWITZERLAND                                        Diplôme de Genève

Work 6 stations located in the canton of Geneva (GE), any band & date. DX applicants need only 4 stations. Special prefixes do not count separately : HE1G = HB9G, 4U8ITU = 4U1ITU.
Send a log extract and fee of 10€ for European stations or $USD 10 to "USKA Section Genève - HB9G, 1200 Genève, SWITZERLAND".


Tks K1BV Research 2/5/15

UKRAINE                                                   Green Ukraine


Based on the Ukrainian National Program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna" (UFF), the Green Ukraine program is a "Public Committee for the Protection of the environment, ecology and use of natural resources. The radio club "Delta" will administer this program.

Diploma Green Ukraine has two types: primary and professional. The initial type consists of I, II and III classes.

Grade 3 - 5 QSOs with environmental radio expeditions, according to the list in the program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna" UFF from Ukraine.
Class 2 - 10 QSO with environmental radio expeditions, according to the list in the program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna" UFF from Ukraine.
Grade 1 - 15 QSOs with environmental radio expeditions, according to the list in the program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna" UFF from Ukraine.

Starting on November 21, 2014 a new level of awards is introduced: Professional

To get the award of this type, it is necessary to carry out radio communication with 30, 50 or 100 expeditions for the diploma program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna" UFF. Padiosvyazi with a beginning date of 9 April 2006. (Date of Ukrainian National Program "Ukrainian Flora Fauna UFF"). Diplomas Green Ukraine issued in electronic form for FREE. For electronic diploma Green Ukraine report-request-form with data on conducted radio "bundles sent to the email address:

If a sufficient number of QSO for the diploma is in Online LOG, send an extract from the log and is not required.
Do not forget to mention your name and call sign.


Tks 3/15/15

UKRAINE                                     Diploma "Kharkiv Tractor Plant"

85 years ago, on January 28, 1930 saw the start of construction of one of the giants of heavy class "Kharkiv Tractor Plant". Commemorating this event, the radio amateurs in Ordzhonikidze district, Kharkov, have established the Diploma "Kharkiv Tractor Plant"  A special diploma is being issued for making a two-way radio communication (SWL OK) on HF and VHF bands with hams in Ordzhonikidze district HA-07 of Kharkov and region . Contacts for the award may be made on or after October 28, 2015.

Points Required: Candidates for graduation must earn 85 points

Point Values for contacts:
a. call signs UX2LL and US4LG = 20 points
b. hams in Ordzhonikidze district HA-07 Kharkov = 10 points These are: UT3LQ. UR5LNJ. UR5LBB. UR6LER . UT0LO . UR5LGJ . UT7LA . UT0LZ . UR5LG. UX7LI. UR4LH . UX4 LX UT1LG. UR5LOW.
c. radio amateurs of Kharkov and region = 5 points.
d. value of contacts made by VHF/UHF range are doubled.
e. Repeated radio contacts with same station on different bands and with different kinds of radiation are permitted. Communications through repeaters do not qualify. Term of performance of the diploma is not limited.

To receive the diploma "Kharkiv Tractor Plant" hams of Kharkov and region must make at least 5 QSOs with hams in Ordzhonikidze district HA-07 Kharkov on HF bands or 2 links on the UHF band.

The Diploma "Kharkiv tractor plant" is issued free of charge in electronic form. Applications may be made by log extract, and must contain your name and a return address. Swl diploma is issued on similar terms. Applications will be accepted in any text editor.

Address for sending application manager diploma: .
Rules are found on their website:

Tks 10/30/15

USA                                                YLRL GRANDMOTHER and GREAT-GRANDMOTHER AWARD

This award was started by Mary Meyer W9RUKJ (SK) in 1958 as a way to get more YLs involved in having fun on the air, . By just chatting with other YLs you could enjoy the hobby more, and at the same time work towards a nice certificate to hang on the wall in your shack. The award was placed under the jurisdiction of the YLRL group who could offer greater stability over the years. There are actually two awards offered. One each for contacting Grandmothers and one for Great-Grandmothers. One minor point, the awards are issued in sequence with the rules requiring you to earn the Grandmother first, then the Great-Grandmother. There is no list of grandmothers or great-grandmothers for you to contact. You have to find them by simply making contacts on the radio and chatting. Look for anyone who is a grandmother and log their information as listed in the rules below.


1. Available to all licensed amateur radio operators (YLs and OMs).
2. Make QSOs with 15 grandmothers and collect the following information for each --Date of QSO, Time, band, call-sign, name and number of grandchildren.
3. Great-grandchildren DO NOT count for this award (you will understand why later).
4. "Grandchildren" refer to children of your children. Your children and grandchildren can be related biologically, adopted, foster and step children and/or grandchildren. They cannot be the neighbor's children who call you grandma and are not related in any way.
5. Send your log to the YLRL Certificate Manager (see bottom of text) either by e-mail, or snail mail to receive your certificate. The certificate will be returned by the same method used to send the log, unless you specify a different method.
6. After receiving your Grandmother Award Certificate, you can continue to the next award.
7. If you mail your log in or want a certificate mailed to you, please enclose at least 4 first class US postage stamps. If you live in a DX country and cannot get US stamps, the stamps are not necessary.


1. Before you can work on this award you must first complete the GRANDMOTHER AWARD above.
2. Available to all licensed amateur radio operators (YLs and OMs).
3. Make QSOs with 15 great-grandmothers and collect the following information for each--Date of QSO, Time, band, call-sign, name and number of great-grandchildren.
4. "Great-Grandchildren" refer to the children of your children's children. Your children, grandchildren and/or great-grandchildren can be related biologically, adopted, foster and step at any level.
5. Send your log to the YLRL Certificate manager either by e-mail or snail mail to receive your certificate. the certificate will be returned by the same method used to send the log, unless you specify a different method.
6. If you mail your log in or want a certificate mailed to you, please enclose at least 4 first class US postage stamps. If you live in a DX country and cannot get US stamps, the stamps are not necessary.

See YLRL Certificates for the BASIC RULES for all Certificates.

Contact the YLRL Certificate Manager:
Carolyn Donner N8ST
PO BOX 158 HAMERSVILLE OH 45130-0158


Tks K1BV research 7/8/15