Newly listed awards "discovered" in 2017

FILE 1 for 2018

This is a file containing new and permanent awards discovered during 2017. 

As newly discovered awards are added to the K1BV Directory, I place them in this working file.  At the end of the year, all of the awards are placed into the individual country files.  Usually all rules/conditions are OK, but this file may occasionally have incomplete data, until clarified by the sponsor. 

Entries outlined in green are the most recent entries. 



COUNTRY Name of Award Date Added Source
BELGIUM Valuereux Liegeois Diploma 2/27/17 ON5AM
FRANCE Diplome Des Iles Francaises D'Outremer         (Re-Write) 3/11/16 AD1C
GERMANY Diploma Bergisches Land 3/13/17 DH1PAL and DF3UX
INDONESIA Prefixs of Indonesia Award 3/21/17 YB3MM
ITALY International Space Station Award 2/13/17 Radio Fun Cluster
ITALY Diploma of Italian Museums 1/13/16 Radio Fun Cluster
POLAND Warszawa Award 2/27/17 Facebook
RUSSIA Crimean Flora and Fauna Award 1/4/17
RUSSIA Crimean Lighthouses Award 1/4/17
RUSSIA Work Members of the Club CRA Krasnodar Territory ( KDR-KR ) 1/3/17
RUSSIA ---- Tomsk Series --- 2/27/17
SPAIN The Diploma Municipalities of Spain 3/11/17 URE Awards

Burshtinovy Edge  (Amber) Diploma

USA Worked All Florida Counties Award 2/28/17 KK3Q


BELGIUM                                          Valuereux Liegeois Diploma

The name "Valeureux Liégeois" is based on a patriotic song created in 1790 by Abbe Ramoux, when the Ličge Revolution threatened the return of the Austrian troops re-establishing the authority of the prince-bishop Cesar Constantine Francis de Hoensbroeck. It is an important part of the heritage of life in Liege, Belgium.  The Certificate "VALEUREUX LIÉGEOIS" is awarded for QSOs made between the members of the UBA-LGE section and amateurs from all over the world

Rules and conditions:
1.  All frequencies and modes are accepted except for the QSO in portable, satellite and repeater.
2.   Only contacts made from 1st January 2017 will be taken into account.
3.    This certificate is valid for all licensed radio amateurs and SWL (Short Waves Listener).
4.    Candidates must provide proof of having contacted and confirmed five members of UBA-Liege section.
5.    The Call Sign ON5VL (Valeureux Liegeois) is equal to 2 QSOs.
6.    A QSO is valid when it is confirmed by the correspondent.
7.    QSL cards are NOT required, just send a log extract from call book.
8. To obtain "Valeureux Liegeois" you must fill out an application form:    This PDF document can be written on by the applicant. Once you complete it, attach to your e-mail cover letter and then forward it to this contact address: The certificate will be mailed back to you at no cost by e-mail.

The official list of members of the UBA-LGE section is regularly updated and has 62 members on 1st January 2017.
Membership List:
OT4Z   ONL01076 ONL02195 ONL02726
ONL03203 ONL03330 ONL11480 ONL11995
ONL12004 ONL12150 ONL12174 ONL12200
ONL12220 ONL12224


Internet (website):  
Internet (member list): 

Tks ON5AM 2/25/17

                                   (French Overseas Islands Award)

The D.I.F.O. is sponsored by the LYON DX GANG and has been created to encourage and award to Amateur Radio Stations around the world, to contact or activate French Overseas Islands. SWL OK.
The award is issued in 3 divisions: MIXED, PHONE, CW.
All contacts must be made on authorised bands between 160 and 10m.

BASIC AWARD : 10 different french OVERSEAS islands.
ENDORSEMENTS will be given by groups of an additional 5 islands.
(e.g. 15-20-25-30...). Plaque Endorsements will be by each group of an additional 10 islands.

All contacts must be made from the same country.

The QSL's must be in the applicant`s possession. Each request must be documented in your application by a photocopy of each QSL card. Originals may be requested at the option of the award custodian.
Activators can count the islands as same as the chasers.
Applications for the award and endorsements should be sent to: Award Manager, F5JJW, Joel SUC, La Grange, F-69440 Taluyers, FRANCE.

Award Fees:
1. NEW AWARD: The service charge for the BASIC AWARD is € 12 or $USA12. (add € 2 or $USA2 for return postage)
2. ENDORSEMENTS: € 4 or $USA 4 each. (add € 1 or $USA1 for return postage)
3. PLAQUE : The top honor roll level is awarded by a free plaque for qso's with at least 50 islands. BUT, you MUST have previously requested the following endorsements : 15-20-25-30-35-40-45.

The reference will depend of its DX country location, in a way to put the prefix at the beginning of each reference, followed by a serial number. (e.g. FO-001 CLIPPERTON island)
We consider valid any island surrounded by salt water and outside Europe which belong to France.

The award manager is the only person authorized to give new reference numbers and requests must be made directly by the DX'peditioner.

To be valid an island must have :
1. An official name.
2. A french territory prefix where the island is located.
3. QSLs must clearly show the island name. If it does not do so, the island will be valid for the main island of the archipelago.

The decision of the award manager is final. Award rules may be modified in the future so as to improve the DIFO program.



Revised 3/6/17 Tks AD1C

GERMANY                                              Diploma Bergisches Land

The OV G73 has established this award which may be earned by contacting licensed radio amateurs and SWL’s located in cities and towns in the DOK’s listed below. (These DOK’s have a common history based on Bergisches Land. The award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs which are listed below beginning on 1 April 2017. All bands and modes OK, but no contacts via echo link or repeaters will count.

Following OV (as of April 2017) are as follows:

Gummersbach G07
Leverkusen G11
Rösrath G17
Bergisch Gladbach G19
Berg Mark G28
Bergisch Neukirchen G34
Wahnbachtal G43
Eitorf G54
Heiligenhaus R03
Hilden R04
Neandertal R09
Ratingen R12
Remscheid R13
Solingen R14
Velbert R15
Wuppertal R16
Wermelskirchen R19
Haan R24
Langenfeld/Leichlingen R25
Wülfrath R29

The diploma Bergisches Land is issued in 3 classes: (See list of OV/DOK’s in above table.)

DL 30 points from at least 4 OV
DX 15 points from at least 2 OV

DL 40 points from at least 8 OV
DX 20 points from at least 4 OV

DL 50 points from at least 12 OV
DX 25 points from at least 6 OV

QSOs with the call sign of DD7D/DD8D the Contest call Bergischer radio amateurs = 2 points, and may be used one time as a Joker (wild card) for one missing OV.

1. Award application is carried out with GCR list. The diploma Manager reserves the right to request any QSL Cards.
2. The diploma will be sent as .pdf document by E-Mail for a fee of 3 euros. Apply to
3. On request it can be sent by mail for a fee of 5€.
4. Diploma is Manager DD5MA, Frank marble, Tersteegenstr. 11, D-51545 Waldbröl, Germany


TKS DH1PAL and DF3UX 3/10/17

INDONESIA                                                  Prefixes of Indonesia Award


The Prefixes of Indonesia Award (PX - INDONESIA) is issued to Radio Amateurs/SWL worldwide that can prove to have made 2-way radio contacts / heard in Amateur HF bands with stations of Radio Amateurs situated on the Indonesian territory on or after August 17, 1945 (Indonesian Independence Day).


1. To identify a prefix, the same rules as used for the WPX award apply.
For example, YB1, YB2, YC1, YC2, YD1, YD2, YE1, YE2, YF1, YF2, YG1, YG2 etc. are all different prefixes.
2. Special event call signs such as YB200T, YB71RI, 8A3B, 7A0K are also valid.
3. Domestic and foreign operators operating portable such as YB8RW/3 or YB8/DL3KZA are also valid.
4. Applicants must have made the QSOs /HRDs from same DXCC Entity.
5. Contacts in Free Band or other non-amateur band are not valid.


1. The PX - INDONESIA will be issued in 3 different classes according to the number of prefixes worked/heard:
a. Class 3 : For having worked/heard at least 20 different prefixes
b. Class 2 : For having worked/heard at least 40 different prefixes
c. Class 1 : For having worked/heard at least 60 different prefixes
2. Endorsements may be requested for mode (Mixed, CW, Phone, Digital) and bands (Mixed and any Single Band). If not requested, the Award will be issued in Mixed Modes and Mixed Bands.


PX - INDONESIA is issued as a digital image in the PDF or JPEG format. (Please contact Award Manager by email if you are requesting a pre-printed paper award).

1. The QSL cards are not required, but they must be in possession of the applicant and must be produced upon the request of the award manager for inspection. (by scanning the card and sending it via e-mail).
2. The award claim must be accompanied by a QSL card list (GCR) furnished with the call signs of stations worked, dates, times, bands, and modes. Alternatively a list of stations worked with a copy of the QSL cards can be used as well. Applicants may attach the list of QSOs and scans of the QSL cards.
3. electronic confirmation can be used : eQSL, LoTW, Clublog and other.


Depending on your location, the application should be sent via e-mail or Postal Service to award to the Managers as follows:
1. For DX: Stephan Busono W2FB, 3 Margaret Drive, Somerset, N.J 08873
E-mail: sbusono(at)
2. For DX and Indonesia: Adhi Widodo YB3MM
E-mail: yb3mm(at)
3. For applicants without computer or internet connection, please send to Award Manager through air mail Adhi Widodo YB3MM, PO Box 23, Malang 65101 Indonesia/


The PX - INDONESIA award is free, and is issued as PDF or JPEG file. (Please contact Award Manager by e-mail if you are requesting a pre-printed award, and not a digital award. ) The manager will tell you what the actual printing and postal charges will be.


Applicants are authorized to contact other publications of this information related to this Award on internet or other media
E-mail: sbusono(at)
E-mail: yb3mm(at)

Image: Indonesia-PX-Indonesia-2017.jpg

ITALY                                                        International Space Station Award 

This award was established on February 6, 2017 to honor the men and women living and working on the International Space Stateion and is available to all licensed operators and SWL’s. The basic requirement is to earn at least 15 points for the Italian stations, 10 points for European stations and 5 Points for non European stations. SWLs have the same requirements for hearing the same number of stations.

Activations are sponsored by the award manager and any stations who want to activate one of these special event stations can make a request to and agree to make contacts at least 5 days prior to advertisement of the activation by Conero Radio Team and friends. The activators for the special event station will say "CQ CQ CRT ISS" or "CQ CQ CRT INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION" All of these stations are valid and provide one point, and can be contacted once on Same day, or more times in different bands.

The following ham bands used: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. The graphics of the AWARD will be Changed at the start of every year. The award will print the particular step you have reached, and you can request a diploma at any of the following numbers of contacts:

Italian 15, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 300 EACH hundred ....
European: 10, 20, 40, 80, 100, 150, 200 and EACH hundred..
Extraeuropean: 5, 15, 30, 50 and 50 and EACH fifty.

Activators will receive an award in pdf format for EVERY 5 Activities. Rankings are not provided for Activators. For Any Information write to .


Tks EB3WH 2/12/17


ITALY                                                           Diploma of Italian Museums

The award is designed to be a permanent Diploma organized by Conero Radio Team and AIRS Section Valli di Lanzo. The Diploma IMA has established in order to publicize Italian Museums and enhance the cultural, historical and architectural values that come from museums. Each Museum has a collection, public or private, of objects relative to one or more fields of culture, science and technology.  The Italian law, Article 101 of Legislative Decree 22 January 2004 n. 42, regarding the "Code of cultural heritage and landscape", defines a museum as "a permanent structure that acquires, catalogs, preserves, order and exposes cultural heritage for educational purposes and study".

The types of museums vary from those of larger size, often located in large cities, to those of smaller size.

The types of museums include: :

Applied arts
Botanical and Zoological Gardens
Figurative Arts


Military History
Natural history

Within these types, many museums specialize further, as for example: Modern Art Museums, Local History, History of Aviation, Agriculture and Geology. 
The objects of the collections in a museum are often recorded and cataloged allowing the visitor to know the year of dating, the origin and the author of the artifacts.


1. The rules for "activators" are not included in this list of rules for "chasers". Activators should refer to web site.
2. The rules apply all the bands allocated to the Amateur Radio Service in Italy on shortwave from 80 to 10 meters.
3. The following emission modes are valid: CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK.
4. The official list of museum references is published on the site.
5. QSL confirming the QSO are optional.
6. SWL are eligible for the award under a separate classification.
7. Two categories of diploma IMA are planned: Hunter and Expeditioner.
8. The Diplomas are free and are sent via e-mail in digital format, ready to be printed directly from the applicant with a common printer. Printed paper diplomas are not supported.
9. The award is issued in levels as follows:
a. Italian Hunter applicants must have be contacted at least 20, 50, 100, 150, 200 or higher.different museum references.
b. For European applicants, contacts with 10, 20, 50, 150, 200 and higher.
c. Applicants from all other countries need 5 10, 20, 50, 100, 150, 200 and so forth references.
10. For any dispute the decision of the 'Award Manager is final and unappealable.
11. Official listings of eligible Italian museums are found at:
12. A mailing list dedicated to this subject is available from the sponsor. Contact them at .
13. These regulations may be subject to changes and refinements.
14. The following have developed the award:

Award Manager: Giancarlo IW6ATQ
Technical Manager: Danilo IZ1HVD


Tks Radio Fun DX Cluster 1/109/17

POLAND                                                  WARSZAWA Award

The Warszawa Award is sponsored by SP5KCR Club for the Defense League Communications and is available for all licensed amateurs and SWLs who conduct a QSO/SWL with amateur stations in the City of Warsaw on or after February 24, 1921. All bands and modes OK.

DX-stations need 3 QSOs with stations from Warsaw.
European stations need 5 QSOs with stations from Warsaw
SP Stations need 10 QSO with stations from Warsaw.

A great opportunity to work multiple stations from Warsaw is to participate in the SPDX-Contest organized every year on the first full weekend of April.

Award fee is:
• for Polish stations 10 zloty.
• for all others, 5 €, $7 or 5 IRC.

You can make a deposit to the account of the WOT PZK VOLKSWAGEN BANK direct account no. 91 2130 0004 2001 0477 5524 0001 or by bank transfer to a PayPal account lin below

Application may be downloaded from:

Apply using one of the following addresses:

SQ5WWK Warsaw Branch PZK, P. O. Box 3, 00-955 Warsaw, Poland 15, Poland.
SQ5WWK Włodzimierz Karczewski, P.O. Box. 9, 02-788 Warsaw 126, POLAND.


Thanks to Facebook Page of Radio Amateur Awards

RUSSIA                          Crimean Flora and Fauna Award                 AYAN1

This award is sponsored by the AYAN DX TEAM and is devoted to the knowledge and preservation of the natural life inhabiting the Crimea.  Protected areas, whether land, water surface and the air space above them, where there are natural sites and objects which have special environmental, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational value, should be protected.

Crimea - the land where nature includes: mountains, deep gorges, waterfalls, steppes, mountain meadows, fast and noisy rivers, evergreen subtropical luxury, gentle waters of warm seas are deserving of protection. Such areas cover more than 5.4% of the area of the Crimea peninsula.

The award program aims to inform a wide audience about the uniqueness and beauty of the Crimean flora and fauna.  The program includes two types of participants: activators and hunters. Activators reach protected areas and organize radio communications on the amateur bands (activation of the protected area). The activators contact the hunters, conducting radio communication with the hunters and are also included in the award program. 

The program rules are as follows: 
1. Criteria CRFF program.  The activators operate from protected areas of Crimea listed in the award rules. These locations are referred to as "references"). The references are listed in the "List of Protected Areas" of this Program.
2. CRFF Awards program. There are four levels of the program which apply to both activators and hunters. They are Third, Second, First degree, as well as the Hall of Fame - Honor Roll Plaque. There is also an Honorary Cup, which will be awarded to activators: The "Honored activator PA Crimea". 
3. Each reference contact may be worked one time for award purposes., regardless of band and mode used. Contacts may be made using any authorized HF or VHF bands, and all modes authorized. Do not count contacts made with various bands (cross-band), repeaters, communication via satellite, or communications during which the activator and the hunter use different types of modulation.
4 Award Levels:
     3rd degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter making amateur radio contact by activators with 4 different references.
     2nd degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter making amateur radio contact by activators with 8 different references.
     1st degree: confirmed QSOs by the hunter carrying amateur radio contact by activators with 16 different references.
     Honor Roll Plaqaue: the hunter must confirm QSOs with activators with 24 different references.
    Contacts with activators are valid for contacts made on or after 1 January 2013.


4. A list of protected areas: A list of protected areas is based on a list of protected areas under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Crimea. The list published on the website of information-analytical system "Protected areas of Russia" (IAS "RF PAs") . The numbering of references is provided in accordance with the numbering of the National Diploma Program PA Russia .
5. Applications:
     a. Applications shall be made in any form. It is mandatory to specify contact information for communication with the applicant. (Provide call sign, date of contact, Band, Mode, RST and Official Protected Area number.
     b. If not possible to provide information in electronic form, you may drafting a written application, with subsequent shipment by mail.
     c. Applications are considered within two weeks. If you accept the declared results, award manager communicates with the applicant, according to the confirmation and agree on the payment method for a diploma or award. Diplomas and awards using digital methods will be sent to the e-mail address of the applicant free of charge. All other applicants, after receiving a copy of the payment receipt, diplomas in printed form will be sent to the address provided or delivered to an agreed method of delivery.  The Award Manager may be contacted by E-mail: , or by telephone 79788310602.

6. Payment The cost of obtaining diplomas and awards.
     a. electronic delivery: FREE.
     b. paper certificates:|
          for residents of Russia: 50 rubles;
         for residents of the CIS countries: 3 Euro;
         for residents of other countries: 5 Euro.
     c.. Cost of the Honour Roll Plaque:
        for residents of Russia: 1300 rubles;
        for residents of the CIS countries: 20 Euro;
        for residents of other countries: 25 Euro.
     d. The above prices for paper and plaques does not include cost of postage. Contact sponsor for the additional cost depending on your location.

Extras. information:
Internet: (sponsor):

Tks 1/1/17

RUSSIA                         Crimea Lighthouses Award (CRLA)               AYAN2

These awards are sponsored by Team AYAN DX TEAM.

1. Program Rules:   The award program includes two types of participants: activators and hunters. Activators travel to the territory of the lighthouse and organize the radio communications on the amateur bands (activation of the lighthouse). The activators operate from lighthouses and provide data for the hunters to earn awards. Hunters make contacts of the lighthouses from all over the world. Awards are provided for both activators and hunters. 


2. CRLA Awards program.  For activators and hunters there are 4 levels or kinds of rewards: diplomas of the third, second and first degree, as well as the Hall of Fame - Honour Roll Plaque.
     a. Each lighthouse may be contacted and used for any level of the program only once, regardless of the band or mode. All contacts made on legal HF or VHF bands, are valid for the award.
     Contacts made with by cross-band , using repeaters communication via satellite, as well as contacts where the activator and the hunter use different modes are not permitted.
3. Award Levels:
     a. To obtain the diploma of the third degree it is necessary to make contacts with 4 different lighthouses,
     b. To obtain the diploma of the second degree it is necessary to make contacts with 8 different lighthouses.
     c. To obtain the diploma of the first degree it is necessary to make contacts with 16 different lighthouses.
     d. To obtain the Honour Roll Plaque the hunter must confirm QSOs with activators of 20 different lighthouses.
     e. All contacts must be made on or before May 1, 2014.
4. The Official List of lighthouses is based on descriptions of the Main Department of Navigation and Oceanography "Lights and signs of the Black and Azov Seas.". 
   Their WWW site has a unique digital map of the Crimea, containing data on every lighthouse that counts for the award.  Very helpful to lighthouse hunters. 
 5. Applications:
     a. Applications shall be made in any form. It shall include a list of contacts and the Call Sign, Date, Band, Mode, and the official number of the lighthouse.
     b. Written applications, sent by mail, are acceptable if electronic versions are not possible.
     c. The application will be considered by the custodian within two weeks. If you accept the declared results, award manager will communicate with the applicant, according to the confirmation and agree on the payment method for a diploma or award. Diplomas and awards in electronic form sent to the applicant specified e-mail address free of charge. After receiving a copy of the payment receipt, diplomas in printed form will be sent to the address provided or delivered to an agreed method of delivery.
6. The Contact Manager can be contacted by E-mail: , or by telephone at 79788310602.
7. Payment The cost of obtaining diplomas and awards.
The cost of certificates delivered by electronic message is free.
     Other applicants:
          for residents of Russia: 150 rubles;
          for residents of other countries: 5 Euro.
     Cost Honour Roll Plaque:
          for residents of Russia: 1500 rubles;
          for residents of other countries: 25 Euro.
Note: The charges for diplomas and awards do not include the costs of delivery. Contact the awards custodian to determine these costs.


RUSSIA                 Work Members of the Club CRA Krasnodar Territory (KDR-KR)

This award was created in order to increase the activity of and promotion of the amateur radio club "Certified Members amateur radio operators." Contact with any amateur station who is a member of the Krasnodar Territory Radio Club (CRA), using any mode of transmission or band.

Each QSO = 1 point.

Points needed to earn the award:
Class III - 10 points;
Class II - 25 points;
Class I - 40 points;

For SWL’s, the diploma can be earned on the same basis as amateur stations.
The founder and manager of the diploma is A. Ivanec, RV6AMZ .

Special conditions: a computer check will be made to check if requirements have been met by the applicant. Contacts will be credited ONLY for those stations who register with the system. See to be familiar with the procedures as this group will issue an award (at no cost) but you have to enter contact data on their website. .

Internet (search page) Use this page to see if your contacts have been posted.

Tks 1/1/17

=====TOMSK SERIES ----------


RUSSIA                                Tomsk RDA Award

This award is sponsored by the Tomsk group of radio amateurs with the Council PO CPP in the Tomsk region. The diploma is awarded for establishing radio communications with any amateurs who are resident in the Tomsk region using any mode and HF and VHF bands.

Requirements: Contact at least ten administrative districts of the Tomsk region (using the Russian District Award list «RDA»). Each of the four administrative districts of Tomsk are required. Contacts must have been made from a starting date of 1 January 2014.

The requirement for amateur radio operators of the Tomsk region is that within one calendar year, to make at least 150 QSOs with any amateur radio stations,

SWLs may earn the certificate on the same terms. The diploma is free of charge, and will be sent to you exclusively in electronic format. The application for the award shall be made by e-mail to the sponsor with a log extract of the contacts listed by text files. Application must show the call sign, name to be used on the diploma. Send info to , the manager of the diploma is Gulyaev Alexander Nikolaevich / RA9H /.

TO-02 Leninsky

CITIES OF regional subordination TOMSK REGION
TO-07 cedar
TO-08 Strezhevoi

AREAS OF THE District of Tomsk region
TO-11 Asinovsky District / incl. g.ASINO /
TO-12 Bakcharsky District
TO-14 Zyryanskaya AREA
TO-15 Kargasok District
TO-16 Kozhevnikovsky District
TO-17 Kolpashevsky AREA / incl. g.KOLPAShEVO /
TO-18 Krivosheinsky District
TO-19 Molchanovsky District
TO-20 Parabel District
TO-21 Pervomaisky district
TO-22 Teguldetsky District
TO-23, Tomsk region
TO-24 Chainsky District
TO-25 Shegarsky District


Tks   2/27/17


RUSSIA                               Tomsk Digital Diploma

This award is sponsored by a group of radio amateurs of Tomsk together with the Council PO CPP in the Tomsk region in order to promote the use of digital amateur radio. The diploma is awarded for the contacts made by digital modes from the city of Tomsk and the Tomsk region on all HF and VHF bands.

Requirement: Earn a minimum of 70 points.

Point values and rules:
1. Each digital QSO = 5 points.
2. Radio communication with the club stations of the Tomsk region = 10 points,
3. SWLs of the region = 15 points.
4. Duplicate contacts with the same station are valid when working them on other bands.
5. All contacts must have been made on 1 January 2017.
6. SWL may earn the certificate on the same terms. Diploma is free and will be sent to you exclusively in electronic form.

The application for the award shall be made in electronic form on the basis of a log extract.  Application indicating the name of the diploma should be send by e-mail to manager of the diploma is Gulyaev Alexander Nikolaevich / RA9H /.




SPAIN                                                     The Diploma Municipalities of Spain

This award is granted according amateur radio operators who contact specified numbers of municipalities located in Spain.

1. The Diploma Municipalities of Spain (DME) may be obtained for any amateur station who contacts a minimum of 300 municipalities, those reflected in the current list of the official census of the National Institute of Statistics (INE) of Spain. The complete list is available on the website of the URE ( ), in the file download area.
2. The diploma will be granted only in the mixed mode, which includes the Phone, CW and Digital formats.
3. Contacts must have been made after January 1, 1999 using any of the authorized bands, though contacts made through any type of repeater will not be valid.
4. The accreditation of a municipality shall be carried out independently of the band and mode worked, and it shall be sufficient for the QSL to clearly indicate the reference and / or name of the municipality, or any reference that identifies the municipality from which contact was made for acceptance in the diploma.
5. Any operator can accredit any municipality which is contacted, regardless of whether or not it is in your municipality.

6.1. Contacts made from and with mobile stations will not be valid, meaning that mobile stations are stations that are in motion.
6.2. For those making mobile QSO’s, note that as of May 1, 2013, only two municipalities per day may be activated for any portable and / or mobile operation for the purposes of the DME, provided that a minimum of two hours elapses between the end of the first and the beginning of the second . In operations carried out until that date, only one municipality per day of operation is valid.
7. Any municipality that is removed from the official list of INE will be removed from the DME and removed from all those who have it accredited, but the DME will automatically be endorsed from the municipality to which it is added.

7.1 A decorative pin can be awarded to anyone who can contact 800 municipalities. They may also request a plaque confirming the confirmation of at least 4,000 municipalities and a plaque for the confirmation of at least 8,000 municipalities.
7.2 The Board of Directors of this award, on 7/19/2015 authorized plaques of 2,000 and 6,000 municipalities which can be requested for those who contact the number of municipalities required.

8. APPLICATIONS: The request for both the basic DME and its further endorsements, will be made through the URE website filled in all the mandatory fields to correctly fill out the request, once completed a PDF file can be generated to be able to print it.
Request via web
The application for the request of the basic diploma or endorsements will be accompanied by the actual QSL cards for verification
. Applications certified by the presidents of the URE sections are accepted, verifying that the QSL cards with the contacts that appear in the application have been presented to him, being obliged the accreditation of the QSL cards if the Vocalía de Diplomas requires it.

8.1. Any request of basic or following endorsement that does not come in the official model together with the QSL cards will be returned to its sender without making any correction.
8.2. Electronic confirmations (eQSL), photocopies or non-original QSL will not be valid.
8.3. Any attempt to deceive by falsification, fraudulent obtaining, amendment or scraping in the QSL cards, will suppose the immediate disqualification of the applicant.
8.4. For foreign stations, lists certified by a member company of the IARU will be accepted.
8.5. Exclusive requests or endorsements are accepted from the logos of the Spanish Vertebrate Diploma (DVGE), Diploma Hermitages of Spain (DEE) and Diploma of Spanish Castles (DCE) without the need to present the QSL cards.
8.6. Automatic endorsements of the various logs received are granted to anyone who is a member of the URE, and logs can also be uploaded through the URE website for later endorsement.
8.7. Beginning May 27, 2014 you can download the diploma in PDF file at the URE website.

9. Any other question that is not contemplated in the present bases will be interpreted and resolved by the Vocalía de Diplomas de URE.
10. The first 20 radio amateurs with the highest number of accredited municipalities will be included in the Honor Roll of the Municipalities of Spain Diploma, which will be published in the official body of the society for this purpose.
11. The list of municipalities will be revised annually according to the latest edition of the National Institute of Statistics, in order to update the list of municipalities valid for this diploma, and no new reference can be introduced between the publication of the different listings by Part of the INE. The only DME official list is provided by the URE Diploma Vocalie.
12.- On October 1, 2006, the "DME Expeditionary of the Year" trophy was created. This trophy will be presented annually during the celebration of the Congress of URE to reward, in the opinion of the manager of the DME and the Vocalía de Diplomas of HF of URE, the constancy and the good work of the expeditions to the different references of the DME.
The period evaluated will be the season between October and September of the following year.

13. All applications for a basic diploma or endorsement, together with QSL cards, must be addressed to: URE, Av. Monte Igueldo 102, 28053 Madrid, or Apartado Postal, 55055 - 28053 Madrid, Spain.
14. Any complaint or request for information should be sent by e-mail to or by post to URE, Diploma Department , Monte Igueldo Avenue 102, 28053 Madrid, or Apartado Postal, 55055 - 28053 Madrid, Spain.


Tks K1BV Research 3/6/17

UKRAINE                                          Burshtinovy Edge (Amber region)

Amber is fossilized tree resin, valued for its color and natural beauty. As a gemstone, amber is made into decorative objects of all kinds, as an ingredient in perfumes and as a healing agent, and of course, as jewelry. One source of amber is found in the alluvial deposits in the Rivne region of Ukraine and adjacent areas of western Poland.

This award is sponsored by the Rivne regional branch of the League of Ukrainian radio amateurs.

Requirements: Make a minimum of 10 2-way QSOs (or SWL observations) with different amateur radio stations located in the Rivne region. Repeated contacts ok for the award as long as they are carried out on different bands and different modes. (CW, PHONE, DIGITAL).

Contacts for the award must be from January 1, 2015 or later. The diploma is now issued in digital format and distributed for free. If you wish a paper version of the diploma is 9 hryvnia for Ukranian stations which pays the postal costs.

The application for the award (in the form of a log extract) can be supplied in any computer text format. Be sure to include the name and surname of the applicant, call sign, and e-mail or postal address. The application should be sent to the manager diploma Tkachuk Vladimir UT5KW or by regular mail to the address: Tkachuk VV , Mira st, house 40, city Zdolbuniv, Rivne region, Ukraine, 35701, UKRAINE


Change made per DH1PAL and UT5KTT.

KK3Q asked me to hold up on the effective date for this award.  Please do not apply until I give the word.   Thanks!!

Ted K1BV   March 3, 2017.

March 4, 2017, the award sponsors have decided to count all Florida QSOs made on or after January 1, 2000.  

USA                                       Worked All Florida Award      (Revision of existing award 2/28/17 )

Contact all 67 counties of the State of Florida, on or after January 1, 2000, using any mode, any band, no repeater contacts.

The award may be endorsed for band and mode as follows: 
2. Bands: 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 VHF UHF

A special endorsement is available for working all 67 counties during a single FQP (Florida QSO Party). The cost of the award is for domestic stations is $5. For DX stations the cost is $6 or 5 IRCs. QSLs are not required. Send a GCR list* to: Charlie Wooten NF4A, 1709 New Hampshire Ave., Lynn Haven, FL 32444.

WAF CERTIFICATE: You may download the Worked All Florida application at the Internet address shown below. You may then receive an e-award using (PDF): WORKED ALL FLORIDA APPLICATION

Note the special conditions as follows:
(1) SWL stations are not eligible for the WAF award.
(2) FM/Repeater contacts not permitted for the WAF award.

Internet: (rules)
Internet: (application) :   (corrected)

Tks KK3Q 2/28/17