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 --- Nigerian Amateur Radio Society Series

General Requirements: GCR list is acceptable if signed by official of applicants national society. All contacts after 1 Oct 1980. Fee for each is 10 IRCs or $4US. Apply to: Award Manager, PO Box 2873, Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigerian October Award (NOA)

Work 5 different Nigerian stations during the month of October. The prefix of every Nigerian station during that month will be 5N plus the anniversary year. Example: 5N5OBA becomes 5N27OBA. SWL OK.

Worked All Nigerian States Award (WNS)

Work one station from each of the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. There are 19 states and 1 Federal Territory. States within call areas are as follows:

Call Area              State/s

5N0 Lagos and Federal Territory Abuja
5N1 Ogun and Oyo
5N2 Kward and Niger
5N3 Ondo and Bendel
5N4 Anambra and Rivers
5N5 Imo and Cross River
5N6 Benue and Plateau
5N7 Bauchi and Gongola
5N8 Bornu and Kano
5N9 Kaduna and Sokoto

Worked All Nigerian Zones Award (WNZ)

Work one station from each of the 10 call areas in Nigeria.

Outstanding Nigeria DX Award (5NDX)

Work Nigerian stations to qualify for different levels of this award. 5N0AAJ counts as 5 stations. X/YL's count as 2 stations and club stations count as 2. First Class = work 100 Nigerians, Second Class = 50, Third Class = 20.


 Northern Ireland Amateur Award

Work stations in each of the 6 counties of Antrim, Londonderry, Tyrone, Armagh, Down and Fermanagh after 1 Jan 1979. Europeans need 4 each from Antrim and Down, 2 of all the others for 16 contacts. All others need two each from Antrim and Down, and one of all the others for 8 contacts. No mobile contacts. Endorsements for single mode, HF or VHF. GCR list and fee of UK Pounds 3.5/10 IRC for Europeans or UK Pounds 4 or 12 IRCs. Apply to: GI4BBV, 11 Drumawhey Road, Newtownards, Co. Down, Northern Ireland BT23 3RS, UK.

(TKS G1WMJ)(92)


Six Counties Award

Earn 12 points by contacting GI stations. Club station GB4SPD = 3 and all other GI's = 1. You need at least one contact from each of the six counties of: ARMAGH ANTRIM DOWN FERMANAGH LONDONDERRY and TYRONE. All bands and modes. SWL OK. No time limitation. No repeater contacts. GCR list and fee of UK 2 pounds or 8 IRCs to: Ivor McKinney, "Wyn Vor", 175 Staffordstown Road, Randalstown, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, U.K. BT41 3LT. (USA and VE may apply to Joe Duffin W2ORA, 4 W. Central Avenue, Moorestown, NJ 08057)