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Updated as of 1/08


A4X Award

Contact A4X stations: 8 on ssb or 5 on cw. GCR and 10 IRCs to: Award Manager, ROARS, PO Box 981, Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman.

(Chg 00)


Sinbad Net Award

Work 5 different A4X stations on 5 different days on the Sinbad Net (14200 KHz, 1200-1400 UTC). GCR list and fee of 10 IRCs to: Awards Manager, ROARS, Box 981, Muscat, Sultinate of Oman.

(TKS G3JFF)(90)


HP2CWB Series

General Requirements: Send photocopies of the cards and a GCR list plus fee of $US5 to: Jose Ng HP2CWB, Direct Distribution Ltd., PTY-201, PO Box 02-5275, Miami, FL. 33102-5275 (TKS 599 DX Report)(98)

Panama Prefixes Award - contact and confirm at least 15 different Panamian prefixes: HP0-9, 3E0-3E9, H30-H39, H80-H89, H90-H99, HO0-HO9.

Panama Provinces Award - available for working all 9 provinces in Panama plus the Indian reservation called Comarca De San Blas. The provinces are as follows:

HP1 - Panama HP2 - Colon HP3 - Chinqui HP4 - Bocas Del Toro HP5 - Herrera
HP6 - Veraguas HP7 - Darien HP8 - Cocle HP9 - Los Santos HP0 - Comarca De San Blas


Panama International Award

Available to any licensed amateur who has received QSL cards from each of the HP call areas 1 through 9 after 1 January 1978. Up to 3 of the required call areas may be substituted for by any of the Panamanian official club stations - for example HP1LR through HP9LR. Non-members of the Panamanian ARL must submit the cards which will be returned. Provide list, cards if required, and fee of $US3 or 6 IRCs to: LPRA-HP Bureau, PO Box 175, Panama 9A, Republic of Panama.


(Chg 00)


Birds of Paradise Award

Contact Papua-New-Guinea (P29) stations after 16 Sept 1975. Oceania stations need 7 in at least 5 provinces; others must contact 5 in at least 3 provinces. The National Capital District (Port Moresby) is a separate province.  Official society station P29PNG may be substituted for any province. All bands and modes may be used.  GCR list and $AUS2 or $US2 to: Awards Committee, PO Box 204, Port Moresby, NCD, Papua-New-Guinea. 

The Provinces include:

Capital Dist. East Manus Southern Highlands    
Central Milne Bay West New Britain
Chimbu Gulf Morobe West Sepik
East New Britain New Ireland Western Highlands
Eastern Highlands North Solomons Western
Enga Northern
Madang Sepik



 --- Radio Club Paraguayo Series ---

General Requirements: Contacts after 15 May 1952. GCR is accepted. Fee for each award is 5 IRCs or $US5. Apply to: Radio Club Paraguayo, Miguel Gonzalez A., Award Manager, PO Box 512, Asuncion 1209, Paraguay.


(Chg 9/2007)

All Mediterranean Countries Award (AMCA)

Contact Mediterranean (inland) countries in 3 levels: Class A = 41 countries, Class B = 30 countries, Class C = 20 countries. ZP is mandatory in any class. A list of the eligible land-bound countries is:


All Zone 11 Prefixes (AZ 11 PX)

Given for confirmed contacts with prefixes in CQ:WAZ Zone 11 as follows: Class Gold 100 prefixes with at least 10 ZP prefixes, Class Silver: 60 prefixes with at least 5 ZP prefixes, Class A = 30, Class B = 19, Class C = 12 prefixes.

Prefix list: ZP1 to ZP9, PY0-9 PP0-9 PQ0-9 PR0-9 PS0-9 PT0-9 PU0-9 PV0-9 PW0-9 ZW0-9 ZV0-9 ZX0-9 ZZ0-9 and the special prefixes issued for the WPX contest.

Certificado Radio Club Paraguayo (CRCP)

Given for confirmed contacts with 15 different ZP stations. South Americans need to contact 50 different ZP.

Diploma Paraguay (DP)

Given for confirmed contacts with 5 different ZP stations, South American stations need 15 different ZP's.

Diploma Departamentos del Paraguay (DDP)

Given for confirmed contacts with the nations capital Asuncion and different Departments into which Paraguay is divided in 3 levels: Class A = 18 contacts, Class B = 15 contacts, Class C = 12 contacts.


The Departments of Paraguay by Call Area 
Call Area Dept Number Name of Department Capital City
ZP1 XVI Boqueron Filadelfia
  XVII Alto Paraguay Fuerte Olimpo
ZP2 XV Presidente Hayes Pozo Colorado
ZP3 I Concepcion Concepcion
  XIII Amambay Pedro Juan Caballero
ZP4 II San Pedro San Pedro del Ycumandyiu
ZP5   Capital del pais Asuncion
ZP6 III Cordillera Caacupe
  IX Paraguari Paraguari
  XI Central Aregua
ZP7 IV Guaira Villarrica
  V Caaguazu Coronel Oviedo
  VI Caazapa Caazapa
ZP8 VIII Misiones San Juan Bautista
  XII Neembucu Pilar
ZP9 VII Itapua Encarnacion
  X Alto Parana Ciudad del Este

(Chg 1/08)


Diploma Sud-America (DSA)

Given for confirmed contacts with countries located in ITU zones 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 73 as listed below. A ZP contact is obligatory for any level. Class A = 33 countries and 6 ITU zones, Class B = 25 countries and 6 ITU zones, Class C = 18 countries and 5 ITU zones. Countries by zone are as follows:

Zone 12 - FY HC HC8 HK HK0 (Malpelo) OA PZ 8R YV CP1/8/9
(CHG 1/08)

Zone 13 - PY6/7/8/ PY0 (Fern. de Noronha) PY0 (St. Peter and St. Paul).

Zone 14 - CE1/2/3/4/5 CE0X CE0Z CP2/3/4/5/6/7 ZP CX LU-A/U-Y.

Zone 15 - PY1/2/3/4/5/9 PY0 (Trinidade Is.)

Zone 16 - CE6/7/8 VP8 (Falkland) LU-V-W/X

Zone 73 - KC4USP (Palmer Station) LU-Z CE9AA/AM, VP8 (Graham Land) VP8 (So.Georgia) VP8 (So.Orkney), VP8 (So.Sandwich) VP8 (So.Shetland).

Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn Award (TCCA)

Given for confirmed contacts with countries on the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn as follows: Class A = 28 countries, Class B = 20 countries, Class C = 12 countries. A ZP contact is mandatory for any level.

Tropic of Cancer: A4 A6 BV BY C6 HZ KH6 SU S0 S2 TZ VU XE XZ 5A 5T 5U 7X.

Tropic of Capricorn: A2 CE C9 LU PY VK V5 ZP ZS 5R.

(CHG 97)

Worked All ZP (WAZP)

Given for confirmed contacts with one station in each of the 9 ZP call areas. Special or contest prefixes are not valid for this award. (CHG 97)

ZP3 Award

Given for confirmed contacts with the ZP3 call area. ZP's need 10, CE, CP, CX, LU and PY need 5, rest of the world needs 2.

ZP-100, ZP-150 and ZP-200 Awards

Given for confirmed contacts with 100, 150, 200 up to 500 different ZP stations.

Mercosur Prefixes Award

Issued for confirmed contacts with stations located in the countries which are part of the Mercado Comun del Sur MERCOSUR Trade Agreement: LU-Argentina, PY-Brazil, ZP-Paraguay and CX-Uruguay after 1 Jan 1995. At least one prefix of each country is needed. Special event and contest prefixes are acceptable for the award.

Class A = 60 prefixes, Class B = 40, Class C = 20.

(TKS K0DEQ)(97)

The ZP1 Award

Issued by Radio Club Filadelfia ZP1FF (R.C.P.'s affiliate) for confirmed contacts with different ZP stations located in the first call area (ZP1). A contact with ZP1FF is mandatory. South Americans should contact 30 stations, rest of the world need 10. 

(TKS K0DEQ)(97)

The Fortines del Chaco Award

Issued by Radio Club Filadelfia (R.C.P.'s affiliate) for confirmed contacts with stations located on the following Chaco War forts (outposts): Boqueron, Pitiantura, Toledo, Km.145, Km. 160, Km. 180, Guachalla, Lagerenza, Campo Via, Nanawa, Trebol, Isla Poi, Tte. Montania, Camacho (Mcal. Estigarribia), Tte. Enciso, Tte. Martinez, Tte. Rojas Silva. The contact with Fort Boqueron is mandatory. South American stations should contact 8 forts, rest of the world need 4 forts.