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Updated 5/2014


 -- REP Rede dos Emissores Portugueses Series --

General Requirements: SWL OK. Send GCR list including all contact data with at least 2 signatures of witnesses. Apply to:  Rede dos Emissories Portugueses, Award Manager,REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses,  Rua D. Pedro V, 7-4, 1250-092 Lisboa, Portugal.

Internet: http://www.rep.pt/ 

(Chg 8/29/12)

Diploma CTDX100

Rede dos Emissores Portugueses sponsors this award available to all amateurs and SWLs who submit proof of contact/heard from 100 different countries on the ARRL DXCC list on or after 15 Nov 1945.

Modes: Phone, CW, Mixed, RTTY, SSTV or Satellite.

Bands: All bands, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40 or 80 meters.

Single band: 6, 10, 40, 80, 160 meters and satellite.

5 Bands: for working/hearing a minimum of 100 countries on the 5 bands of 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters.

Honor Roll: Contact at least 300 different countries.

Submit log and actual cards (or photocopy of an approved ARRL DXCC award listing proving your country count.) Application forms from REP for SAE/IRC. Cost for the award is 6E or $US8 plus the necessary amount to cover the registered postal charges is cards are sent. . 

Basic award is for 100 countries. Endorsement stamps for each 25 additional countries until 300. Endorsement thereafter for each 5 additional countries. Cost for endorsements is $US4 or 3E. 

Diploma Vasco da Gama

Sponsored by the Portugese National Radio Association to honor the Portugese Discoveries during the XV Century and especially the discovery of the sea route to India by the Portugese navigator Vasco da Gama. Contact different countries along the route of the explorer since 15 Nov 1945. SWL OK. Earn at least 25 points which must include one contact with Portugal (CT) and India (VU). Point values shown below. Available SSB, CW or mixed. 

5 different classes as follows:
Class I - 75 points - Golden Sextant
Class II - 100 points - Golden Compass
Class III - 125 points - Golden Anchor
Class IV - 150 points - Golden Astrolabe
Class V - 200 points - Golden Helm Wheel

Also available is and "Honor Roll" for those earning 250 or more points. Contacts may be submitted by Xerox copies of cards or GCR list. Diploma free of charge to members of REP, and will cost 1000 portuguese escudos for non-members residing in Portugal. Award cost is 6E or $US8 and cost for endorsements is SASE plus 3E or $US4. 

Endorsement stamps are free of charge, requiring a GCR list and SASE or SAE and 2 IRCs. Cost for "Honor Roll" level is 35 or $US30 for Europeans and 48 or $US40 for all others.

Prefix, Name of Country and Point Values:

CT Portugal 3       9Q Zaire 8 J5 Guinea-Bissau 6    
CU Azores 4       A4 Oman 5  S0 West Sahara 8    
3C Equatorial Guinea 8   AP Pakistan 5        S9 S. Tome & Principe 6
3C0  Annobon 10 C5 The Gambia 5 T5 Somalia 8
3X Guinea 5         C9 Mozambique 6 TJ Cameroon 5
5H Tanzania 5 CN Morocco 4        TN Congo 8
5N  Nigeria  4       CT3 Madeira 4 TR Gabon 5
5R Madagascar 8 D2 Angola 6 TU Ivory Coast 5        
5T Mauritania 5     D4 Cape Verde 6  TY    Benin 5
5V   Togo  5          D6 Comoros 8 V5 Namibia 5
5Z Kenya 5 EA8 Canary Isl. 4     VU India 5
6W Senegal 5     EL Liberia 4      VU7 Laccadive 10 
7O Yemen 10 EP Iran 8 ZD7 St. Helena 5
9G Ghana 5       FH Mayotte 5 ZD8 Ascension 5
9L Sierra Leone 5      FR/J Juan de Nova, Europa 10 ZS South Africa 4


Total Available Points: 265


Bartolomeu Dias Award

Sponsored by REP and the SARL to honor Dias's arrival at the Cape of Good Hope in 1488 for contacts as follows after 1 January 1988: Portuguese need 20 CT and 5 ZS, South Africans need 20 ZS and 5 CT, All others need 5 each of CT and ZS. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 6E or $US8 and endorsements available for $US4 or 3E. 

Lisbon City Award

Contact 10 stations in Lisbon after 1 June 1988. SWL OK. Only 7 are needed if CT1REP, the IARU representative is contacted. Can be earned for HF or VHF. GCR list and fee of 6 or $US8 and endorsements require a SASE and $US4 or 3 E. 

Pedro Alvares Cabral Award

Sponsored by REP to honor the Portuguese discoveries during the XV century and especially the discovery of Brazil in 1500, by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral.  Contact at least 5 different districts of Portugal and 5 different states of Brazil after 15 November 1945.  SWL OK.  Each Portuguese district including Azores (CU) and Madeira (CT3), and each Brazilian state including the islands of St Peter & Paul, Trinidade and Fernando de Noronha, count for one point.  For the Basic award, earn 10 points including the 5 different districts of Portugal and 5 different states of Brazil on the four different modes SSB, CW, Mixed or RTTY HF.  There are 5 different classes and endorsements as follows:

Class Points Name of endorsement
I 20 Golden Sextant
II 30 Golden Compass
III 35 Golden Anchor
IV 40 Golden Astrolabe
V 45 Golden Caravel

There is also an Honor Roll level for earning 50 points or more. Cost of award is 3 for REP members, 10, $US8 or 12 IRCs for Europeans and 12, $US10 or 15 IRCs for all others.  Endorsements are free of charge, but SASE or SAE and 2 IRCs are needed along with the GCR list.  Cost for the "Honor Roll" level is 35 or $US30 for Europeans and 48 or $US40 for all others.  

List of the Districts of Portugal: 

01 Aveiro 12  Portalegre
02  Beja 13  Porto
03 Braga 14 Santarem
04 Braganca 15 Setubal
05 Castelo Branco 16 Viana do Castelo
06 Coimbra 17 Vila Real
07 Evora 18 Viseu
08 Faro 19 Angra do Heroismo
09 Guarda 20 Horta
10 Leiria 21 Ponta Delgada
11 Lisboa 22 Funchal

List of the States of Brazil:

Number Abbreviation State Name Capital City Call Sign
1   Fernando de Noronha   PY0T
2   Trinidade   PY0T
3   St Peter and Paul   PY0S
4 AC Acre Rio Branco PT8
5 AL Alagoas Maceio PP7
6 AM Amazonas Manaus PP8
7 AP Amapa   PQ8
8 BA Baia Salvador PY6
9 CE Ceara Fortaleza PT7
10 ES Espirito Santo Vitoria PP1
11 GO Goias Goiania PP2
12 MG Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte PY4
13 MA Maranhao Sao Luis PR8
14 MS Mato Grosso do Sul   PT9
15 MT  Mato Grosso Cuiaba PY9
16 PA Para Belem PY8
17 PB Paraiba Joao Pessoa PR7
18 PE Pernambuco Recife PY7
19 PI Piaui Teresina PS8
20 PR Parana Curitiba PY5
21 RJ Rio de Janerio Niteroi PY1
22 RN Rio Grande do Norte Natal PS7
23 RO Rondonia   PW8
24 RR Roraima   PV8
25 RS Rio Grande do Sul Porto Alegre PY3
26 SC Santa Catarina Florianopolis PP5
27 SE Sergipe Aracaju PP6
28 SP Sao Paolo Sao Paulo PY2
29 TO Tocantins   PQ2

(Tks PA3CUZ)(8/2003)

      Algarve S.T.A.R. DX Team Series

General requirements: SWL OK. All HF Bands, 50 MHz and 144 MHz are valid. Contacts by CW, PHONE and digital OK, however QSOs made through any type of repeaters are not valid. Cards are not needed as long as the activation has been previously validated and logs sent to the S.T.A.R. DX Team club. Sponsor reserves the right to ask for any cards. Application may be made by e-mail to info@algarvedx.com. The PAYPAL system may be used for award fee payment. Cost of each award is 5 , endorsements are free, but sponsor requests you provide SASE and postage.  Island or Lighthouse activators should refer to club website for special requirements including a free award for making minimum number of contacts from each location.  Official lists of valid islands and lighthouses are provided on the sponsors website.

E-mail: info@algarvedx.com
Internet: http://algarvedx.com

                        Diploma das Ilhas do Algarve
                        Algarve Islands Award

Contact at least 5 stations which are located on different islands in the Algarve province in the south of Portugal and are on the official islands list as published by the group. Contacts must be made on or after 1 January 2009. Endorsements for each 5 islands after basic award is issued.   The number and name of Island must appear on the QSL. Send us your log extract with complete QSO information.

                         Diploma dos Faris e Farolins do Algarve
                         Algarve Lighthouse Award

Contact at least 5 stations operating at different lighthouses in the Algarve province in the south of Portugal and are on the official lighthouse list as published by the group. Contacts must be made on or after 1 March 2009 are valid and must appear on QSL card with the lighthouse number and reference. Endorsements for each 5 lighthouses after basic award is issued. Send a log extract with complete QSO information.

Activators note: For the activation be considered as valid, it should be made inside a 20 meter rea of the Lighthouse, except in situations which this is not possible. In those cases the location must be reported to the award sponsor, since they have information regarding which lighthouses allow or not this 20m proximity. The same station can activate the max. of 2 Lighthouses per day but the first qso of each reference must be at least 2 hours apart and the 100 qso's rule must be applied

Tks OH3GZ 3/2009


Work 10 different CT stations and the ARSUL club station CT1ARS on CWafter 2 March 1985. Send list of contacts, photocopies of the cards and 6 IRCs to: ARSUL, PO Box 50, Portimao 8501, Portugal.

      ---   CT1BWW Series --- 


General Requirements:  Some of the awards are paper and others are decorative plaques.  For each award, send detailed Log with the Callsign, Date, Mode and certified by 2 (two) hams or any radioclub : The fee for plaques is 25 or US 40,00. See rules for the fee for the paper awards.  Apply to: CT1BWW Manuel Alberto C. Marques CT1BWW, P.O. .Box:41 , 2780-901 OEIRAS  - PORTUGAL.

E-Mail: ct1bww@cwhamradio.com
Internet: http://www.qsl.net/ct1bww/AWARDS.htm

        Portuguese Navigators Plaque

It's available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world for the QSOs (SWL ) any mode CW,SSB or Mixed with amateurs stations  with stations from  Portugal, Madeira, Azores and ex -Colonies of Portugal listed: 4W, CT, CT3, CU, D4, J5, D2, C9, PY, PY0F, PY0T, PY0S, S9, VU, XX9.
(Tks PA3CUZ)(8/09)

          PLAQUE 2

It's available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world for the QSOs (SWL ) any mode CW, SSB or Mixed with amateurs stations  with LAST  Letter any Callsign , you must have 5 Continents example  ea2aP , f2eL , ct1fjA, n2aN,  ja5acE, i8anT , 9a2aA, zf2eR , py5aeI, lu2fO, tz5eC, vq9bA, g3umL , oh2abO, zs1aU, yb1uuS,  vu2aT, sm6tE, ok2auG, yt2aU, s51L, vk2eB , cu3eE, ti2aN, ok2aK, sp1auI , k6aA , vp9uN .
(Tks PA3CUZ)(8/09)

          PLAQUE 3

It's available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs everywhere in the world for the QSOs (SWL ) any mode CW, SSB or Mixed with amateurs stations  with LAST  Letter any Callsign "" you must have 5 Continents and at least 1 CT or CU or CT3 station.

2 Stations with M at callsign end example: G3AUM and SM2AMM
2 Stations with U at callsign end example: UA1AU and JA9AUU
2 Stations with A at callsign end example: PA1AA and OK1MEA
2 Stations with E at callsign end example: CT1ABE and PY2AEE
1 Station with S at callsign end example: PA1HS 
1 Station with D at callsign end example: UA9AD
1 Station with H at callsign end example: HA1AH 
1 Station with I at callsign end example: N2MI 
1 Station with N at callsign end example: HA1AN 
1 Station with R at callsign end example:_CU2BR 

(Tks PA3CUZ)(8/09)

          DXCC 5 Band BWW Trophy


Applicant must submit evidence of two-way contact with 5 stations who have BWW as their call sign suffix on 5 different amateur bands. 

For additional information, send e-mail to ct1bww@cwhamradio.com or write to PO Box 41, 2780-901 Oeiras, Portugal. 


Internet: http://br.geocities.com/bwwaward/bwwplate.htm 

(Tks F-10095)(09) 


Contact any 10 different amateur stations located at 60 or higher North latitude on or after 1 Jan 1952. You must include 5 Stations from different DXCC entities, 3 Scandinavian Stations and 1 station operating on an island. All bands and modes OK. No cross-band contacts. Applications containing multi-band and multi-mode valid contacts will be accepted but the award will be issued with no endorsement. Special endorsements are available for Single Band Multi Mode, Single Band All Phone, Single Band All CW, All Phone Multi Band, All CW Multi Band, and All RTTY Multi Band. SWL OK.  Send GCR list and fee of 5 or 6 IRC to: Manuel Alberto C. Marques CT1BWW, P.O.Box: 41 , 2780-901 OEIRAS, PORTUGAL.

List of valid DXCC Entities, Areas, islands:
1.North Sea: LA , SM
2.Baltic Sea: OH, OH (Finland Gulf, Moshchnyy and Kotlin Russia UA1)
3.Okhotsk Sea: UA
4. Bering Sea : UA
5. Kamchatka Peninsula: Russia UA
6. Alaska : KL, Alaska Gulf, Cook River Nunivak Island and Part Alaskan Continent
7. Alaska : KL Alaska Gulf , Kayak Island
8. Canada: VE Yukon/British Columbia Border, Western Territories/ British Columbia Border, Western Territories/Alberta Border , Western Territories/Saskatchewan Border, Nunavut/Manitoba Border Hudson Bay, Quebec, Terra Nova and Labrador
9. Labrador Sea: VE2 Labrador Province
10.GREENLAND : OX Greenland Island
11. Atlantic Ocean: GM Shetlands Islands, Scotland

Internet: http://www.qsl.net/ct1bww/AWARDS.htm

(Tks F-10095)(09)  

                         Better World Award

Submit verified evidence of two-way contact with other amateur stations having BWW as their call letter suffix. 


Non Europeans need two of the above stations plus two others with BWW as their suffix. GCR list and fee of $US5, 5 or 10 IRCs to: Manuel Alberto C. Marques CT1BWW, PO Box 41, 2780-901 Oeiras, Portugal. 

Internet: http://br.geocities.com/bwwaward/index.htm 

(Chg 5/2009)

                BWW PLATE (Plaque)

Applicant must submit evidence of two-way contact (QSO) with other 1 amateur station with BWW on suffix on different continents: This requires 5 contacts on the continents of Africa, Asia, Europa, America and  Oceania

(if you have a QSO with a station from Arctic or Antarctic you can use this one instead any 2 missing stations from other continents )

Certified log extracts only, Photocopies NO QSL CARDS ARE REQUIRED.  The fee: USD 40,00 or EURO 25,00 or 30 IRC's

Internet: http://br.geocities.com/bwwaward/bwwplate.htm



(Tks F-10095) 5/09           



Issued for contacting 10 different callsigns prefixes assigned to the Portuguese territory or its possessions ( including Madeira and Azores Archipelago). May be endorsed for the modes of: SSB,CW, MIXED and RTTY and for contacts made on one band. A plaque is issued for contacting 50 different callsign prefixes, and requires that you have already applied for the CTWPX Award.

Any difference in the letters and numbers in the first part of a call denotes a new prefix. For example: CT1, CT14, CT98, CT5, are all different prefixes.

Portable operation will not affect the prefix claimed. Only the prefix of the assigned call may be counted. For stations operating from Madeira (CT3) or Azores (CU) which counts as a separate DXCC country you may count either the prefix in the assigned call, or the prefix in the portable identifier. For example: CT1AAA/CT3 could be counted for either CT1, or CT3. Both prefixes may be claimed if a second contact is made on a different band or mode, or on the same band/mode but after a time period of at least 24 hours has passed.

Contacts with stations outside the Portugal territory, or maritime mobiles outside territorial waters do not count for this award. Confirmations are not required for this award. Send a GCR list extract showing the prefixes claimed as follows: Call, Band, Mode in alphabetical order by prefix.

All bands and modes. SWL OK. No time limitations.

Same Valid prefixes: CQ1, CQ2, CQ3, CQ4, CQ5, CQ6, CQ7, CQ8, CQ9, CQ, CQ5, CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4, CR5, CR6, CR7, CR8, CR9, CR, CR5,CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CS7, CS8, CS9, CS, CS5, CT1, CT2, CT3, CT4, CT5, CT6, CT7, CT8, CT9, CT, CT14, CT25, CT5, CT98, CU1, CU2, CU3, CU4, CU5, CU6, CU7, CU8, CU9, CU

Cost of the award 5, 10 IRCs or $US10 US. The cost of the plaque is 30 or $US70 for all applicants.  Send application, prefix list, certification statement, and payment to: Manuel Alberto C. Marques (CT1BWWW), P.O. Box 41, 2781-901 OEIRAS, PORTUGAL.

Tks OH3GZ 2/4/009    


Contact any 5 different amateur stations located in Oeiras County, PORTUGAL . Only contacts made on after 0000 UTC on 7th June 1985 are valid. Send a log extract and the fee of 5 EUR or 6 IRCs for overseas stations to CT1BWW.


Contact amateur stations operating from all 7 lighthouses on the Estoril Coast in Portugal. . Only contacts made on after 0000 UTC on 7th June 1985 are valid. Send a log extract and the fee of 5 EUR or 6 IRCs for overseas stations to CT1BWW.

          ZONE 39 Award

Establish two-way communication with any 10 different amateur stations located in Zone 39 in at least on 5 DXCC Entities Only contacts made after 0800 UTC on 1st January 1952 are valid.

Zone 39 DXCC Entities: 
D6-Comoros, FH-Mayotte, FR-Reunion, FR/G-Glorioso,FR/J Juan de Nova, FR/E-Europe Island, FR/T Tromelin, FT/W-Crozet Island, FT5/X-Kerguelen Island, FT5/Z Amsterdam & St. Paul Island, 3B7-Seychelles, VKH-Heard Is., VQ9- Chagos, 3B6-Agalega & 3B7-St.Brandon Island, 3B8-Mautitius Island, 3B9-Rodriguez Island, 5R-Madagascar and some Antarctic Zones. (The boundaries of CQ zones 12, 13, 29, 30, 32, 38 and 39 converge at the South Pole. Stations KC4AAA and KC4USN are at the South Pole, and will count for any one of the listed zones. Most Antarctic stations indicate their zone on the QSL card.)

All bands and modes. But cross-band and cross-mode contacts will not be accepted. Applications containing multi-band and multi-mode valid contacts will be accepted but the award will be issued with no endorsement. SWL OK.

QSL cards are not required as proof of valid contacts but the application must show that log extracts have been examined and verified by two other radio amateurs or the Awards Manager of the applicants IARU affiliated radio society.  Send GCR list including Call Sign, Time, Band and Mode plus and fee of 5 Euros, $US6 or 4 IRCs for overseas stations to CT1BWW.

Castles and Fortresses of Portugal Diploma

Sponsored by GPDX-DX Portugese Group, and is available to all amateurs and SWL's for proving contact (or hearing) 10 stations operating from different Portugese castles or fortresses included on the list prepared by GPDX.  See website for list of castles/fortresses.  Contacts must have been made from inside the physical limits of the premises.  Contacts since 2 March 1994. Different award for HF (SSB, CW or Mixed) and VHF (FM and Mixed) available. No use of repeaters, satellite or packet. Endorsements for each additional 10 castles. You should re-send entire list for each endorsement.  GCR list is accepted, but if you send cards, please provide sufficient postage for their return.  Award is free for GPDX members, 2.50 or 4 IRC for Portuguese applicants, or 7 IRCs or $US5 for others. Endorsement is free but requires 1 IRC/SASE.  Apply to: Grupo Portugues de DX, PO Box 1156, 2736-996 Portugal.

Internet: http://ct1end.netpower.pt/diplomas/dcfp_uk.htm 

(Rewrite 7/2005)

  -- Clube de Radioamadores De Cascais Series --

General Requirements: Contacts may be on any mode or band, but must be made after 13 Feb 1984. SWL OK. Fee for each is 12 IRCs or $5US. Apply to: CRC, PO Box 209, 2752 Cascais, Portugal.

100 CT Award

Make 2-way contact with 100 CT stations of which 3 must be CT2/CU and 3 are CT3's.

Cascais County Award

Contact amateurs in the six administrative divisions of Cascais County: Alcabideche, Carcavelos, Cascais, Estoril, Parede and S. Domingos de Rana.


Diploma "Mountains of Portugal"

(Summits on the Air)

The objective of this law is to work as mountains of continental Portugal and on and Islands of Portugal. The Diploma Mountains of Portugal is sponsored by the National Department of Radioescutismo FNA (Brotherhood Nuno Alvares).

The Diploma is available in 4 levels of difficulty and the program is available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs. Contacts OK on all bands and bands. No use of repeaters.

Award Levels               Number of different mountains contacted
Level 1:                        Confirmation of 10 contacts with 10 different mountains.
Level 2:                        Confirmation of 25 contacts with 25 different mountains.
Level 3:                        Confirmation of 50 contacts with 50 different mountains.
Level 4:                        Confirmations of all listed mountains.

Send the award manager a detailed log extract showing the following data:
1. Call used by the applicant.
2. Call sign of the station contacted.
3. Date and time (UTC) of each contact
4. Frequency
5. Mode
6. RST Received
7. Reference name number of the mountain as shown on official list.

Activators should give advance notice to the manager, as well as sending a complete log of operations.

It is not necessary to send QSL cards, but they should be held by the signatory. Cards may be requested at discretion of the sponsor. If cards are requested, they will be returned either directly or through the Bureau, with the costs borne by the applicant. The Award Manager reserves the right to ask for QSL cards for a conference.

The cost of the diploma is 5.00 euros for Portugal and Europe, and $US7 or 10 IRC's for all others.

PLAQUE - Each applicant who ascend to the Top Honor Roll, is eligible to purchase a special plaque, your cost is EUR. 30.00 or USD 50.00.

Note: Each amateur radio that activates a Sierra, may require the Basic Diploma with a mention of Operator, the same as attribute Sierra Sierra will be crafted for you.

Award Manager : Fraternidade de Nuno lvares, Departamento Nacional de Radioescutismo, Tv. De Angola, 16, Ordem, 2430-160 Marinha Grande - Portugal

E-mail: cr6fna@gmail.com
Internet: http://fna-departamento-radioescutismo.blogspot.com/p/diploma-serras-de-portugal.html 

Tks K1BV Research 4/14

Natural Parks, Natural Reserves and Protected Landscapes Award (DPRN )

The DPRN is a permanent award and is available to all amateur radio stations and SWLs who provide proof of having made contact with at least 10 amateur radio stations, operating in different territories of National Parks, Nature Parks, Nature Reserves or Protected Landscapes of Portugal as recognized by the ICN Portuguese Institute for Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity and all Parks, Reserves and Protected Landscapes as approved by regional government of Azores and Madeira Islands.

This national award follows the guidelines of the international award "WFF World Flora Fauna" http://www.wff44.com and has the support of the WFF organization. Award Promoter is am official WFF representative for Portugal.  All Portuguese references in the WFF program are supported by DPRN and are the same references for Portuguese Award.


1. All HF Bands, 50 MHz and 144 MHz are valid.
2. Modes: CW, PHONE and DIG (RTTY, PSK31,). However the QSO made through any type of repeaters will not be considered.
3. All contacts made from 01 July 2008 and later are valid and must appear on QSL card with the number and name of Park, Reserve or Landscape. The numbers are the responsibility of the award promoter.
Cards are not required as long as the activation has been previously validated and activators have sent us logs from activity. Hunters may use as proof of their contacts, by sending QSL cards or making use of the online facility used for all WFF awards: www.ew4dx.org/WFFsearch.html . However any HAM must be actually possess these QSLs in case any of them can be checked by the Award manager".

The basic award is available for proving contact with a minimum of 10 confirmed references.

Endossements for each additional 5 references after basic award is issued. A special trophy for all references confirmed. Send us your log with QSOs information. An application form is available on the website. The request can be made by email to dprn@algarvedx.com . The sponsor will accept the Paypal payment system. Feel free to ask information by email.

The award cost is 5 for paper matter (10 references confirmed). Endorsement stickers are free, except that you should provide sufficient postage to your country. It is necessary to earn the paper award first.

See their web site for the rules which apply to Activators.

Apply to: Award Manager: DPRN Award, Apartado 1111 EC Z.I., 8700-240 Olho - PORTUGAL.

E-mail: dprn@algarvedx.com
Internet: http://algarvedx.com/dprn

Tks CT1GFK 1/21/12 (Rewrite of old rules)

Portuguese Group DX Award

Available to all radio amateurs or SWLs who work/hear GPDX members or their activities after 1994. All bands and modes. Contacts on VHF or UHF in FM mode or via repeaters are not valid. 20 points are needed .

Each member counts : 1 point on SSB or 2 points using CW, RTTY or digital modes.

Stations that are sponsored and activities by GPDX = 3 points. These are:

VK9RS (OC_230) - Year 1999
K5K (DXCC=KH5K) - Year 2000
3B6RF (Agalega Isl.) - Year 2001
S05X - Year 2003
ZW8M (Mexiana I.) - Year 2003
ZX8M (Maraca I.) - Year 2004
Special Station CS1GDX, CU3I = 4 points

GCR list and fee of 8 , $US10 or 12 IRCs to: Award Manager,  GPDX Grupo Portugus de DX, P.O. Box 1156, 2736-996 Agualva , Portugal

Internet: http://gpdx.netpower.pt/diplomas/gpdx/gpdx_award.htm

(Rewrite 5/2014)

Member List :


* till 06-07-2001

Other callsigns used by GPDX members: CQ - CQ1P, CQ2H, CQ7O (2001).
CT - CT5P, CT7P.
CU - CU2F, CU2H, CU2W, CU3F, CU3H, CU3W, CU7F  CU7H, CU7W, CU8F, CU8I.
Others: PT7ZXU, ZW8M, ZX7U, ZX8M.

(Chg 5/14) 

Portugese Island Award

Contact a minimum of 10 different Portuguese islands after 1 Jan 1985. SWL OK. . When applying, use the two letter prefix (Province or Region) and the two digit number. Available for SSB, CW and Mixed modes. GCR list and fee of 5 Portugal, $US10 or 14 IRC. Endorsements for 15, 20, 25, etc islands for SASE only. Apply to: Jose Alexandre CT1DIZ, Apartado 1156, 2736-996 Agualva, Portugal. 

(Chg 10/2007)

Internet:  http://www.qsl.net/ct1eeb/cs8b/cs8b.htm 
The website contains a comprehensive list of islands and their designations for the award. 

(Chg 10/09)

Portugese Islands Plaque

Issued to any amateur or SWL presenting proof of contact with a minimum of 25 Portugese Islands on HF, any band or mode since 1 Jan 1985. The Portuguese Islands are in six different groupings as follows: NT = islands North of Tejo, TJ = island of Tejo, ST = islands South of Tejo, AC = islands of the Azores, MD = islands of Madeira and XX = islands of Macau (valid only prior to 20 Dec 1999). Endorsements for each 10 added islands, and is free of charge, except for SASE/IRC. Stations operating from any valid island will receive credit without having to work the island. GCR list must include date, time, frequency, mode, call, island reference number and island name. GCR list and fee of $3.000$00 for Portugal, Azores and Madeira, 3.000 PTAs for Spain, 16 Euros/$16 for Europe, 20 Euros/$US20 for rest of world. . The plaque is made of mahogany wood with metal inserts. Apply to: Jorge Santos CT1FMX, RUA JOS CARVALHO MESQUITA, LOTE 32/33, RC , ESQ, 2560-374 TORRES VEDRAS, Portugal

Internet: http://cq0odx.clanteam.com/P.I.P.htm 

(Chg 1/2011)

Portugese Lighthouse Award

Contact lighthouses located along the coast and on the islands of Portugal since 7 Dec 1994. SWL OK. The awards may be endorsed for HF (SSB, CW or Mixed) and VHF. No repeater contacts allowed..

SIMPLE = 5 different QSO's with CT, CT3 and CU lighthouses.
HARD = 10 different. 
HONOUR ROLL = 25 different.
TOP HONOUR ROLL = 50 different.

Each member of an expedition that activates a lighthouse qualifies immediately for the Basic Award. Copy of the official lighthouse listing is available from the sponsor or K1BV for a SASE. Apply with GCR list and the cards themselves to they may be checked by the awards manager. Provide sufficient postage for the return of your QSLs. Cost for each award is $US5 or 10 IRCs, each 10 lighthouse endorsement costs $US2 or 4 IRC. , TOP HONOUR ROLL PLAQUE costs 30 or $US50. Apply to CS1CRA, PO Box 41, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal. (or Marques Alberto Manuel  CT1BWW, R.S. Martinho, LT 270, P-2740-203 Porto Salvo, Oeiras, Portugal)

Internet: http://www.qsl.net/ct1bww/Lighthouse.htm

(Chg 3/2008)

Almirante Gabriel Prior Award

The Ncleo de Radioamadores da Armada (NRA) sponsors this award in memory of the Portuguese Admiral Gabriel Prior, a radio amateur himself, and a pioneer in the development and use of the short wave radio in the Portuguese Navy. Contact each of the countries which were originally contacted by Gabriel Prior between 27 of September of 1927 and 19 of February of 1928 using the call sign "X-Ray Echo Papa One Mike Alpha XEP1MA" the radio station which was installed on board the Portuguese Cruiser Adamastor plus one contact with each of 8 Portuguese speaking Countries and one QSO with  CS5NRA. All HF bands are OK and modes of CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. Contacts on or after 27 July 2002.

To get the award you need to make test of contact with:
Countries actually contacted
Portuguese speaking countries
: CU CT3 D2 C9 D4 J5 XX9 S9 4W plus the Club station NRA CS5NRA

Send a copy of your QSL and GCR list plus fee of 12, $US15 or 18 IRCs to: Ncleo de Radioamadores da Armada,  ETNA - Base Naval de Lisboa, 2810-001 Alfeite, PORTUGAL.

Internet: http://www.nra.pt

(Chg 1/2011)

Technical Diploma of A.R.A.S.

Earn 30 points by working Amadora stations since 1 Jan 1989. SWL OK. Point values are: CS1AAS = 10 (mandatory contact), CT1BIQ BIX CKP CLT CMZ MU MV CT4HV = 4, ARAS members = 2. GCR list and fee of $US3 or 4 IRCs for DX stations (200$00 for EA or CT) to: Associacao de Radioamadores da Amadora-Sintra, PO Box 155, Rua Primeiro de Dezembro, 54-3, 2702 Amadora Codex, Portugal.

(TKS DK4SY)(92)


Contact Portugal, Espana, All Continents, Equator (WPEACE) as follows:

a. 5 stations from CT and 3 different countries with P in their prefix.
b. 5 stations from EA and 3 different countries with E in their prefix.
c. One station from each Continent (EU, Africa, Asia, NA, SA, Oceania)
d. 3 stations from different countries crossed by the Equator.

Stations outside Europe need contact only 2 CT and 2 EA. CT and EA amateurs need 10 each from Portugal and Spain. SWL OK. Contacts must be on SSB and made since Jan 1974. GCR list and $US5 or 12 IRCs to: Award Manager, Antonio Nunes CT1CIR, R Lourais LT3, P-2410 Barreira, Colmeias, Portugal. (Buckmaster adr 6/03) 

(CHG 6/03)


Puerto Rico Islands Award

Contact 5 of the 6 islands of Puerto Rico after 1 Jan 1990. You must possess the cards. The islands are: Desecheo (KP5), Mona, Caja de Muertos, Vieques, Culebras and Culebrita. One contact with Desecheo is required. GCR list and fee of $US5 to: Erasto Ortiz WP4E, PO Box 532, Guayama, Puerto Rico 00655.

 (TKS VP2ML)(93)