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 Slovak Association of R.A. Series

General Requirements: All bands and modes except as indicated. No repeater contacts. SWL's may earn award under same conditions as categories as shown. GCR list and fee of 5€, $US7 or 10 IRCs (endorsements are 2€, 2 IRC’s or $US2.) to: Mr. Milan Horvath OM3CDN, Lopenicka 23, 831 02 Bratislava, Slovakia. (Self addressed label is welcome).


(Verified rules 9/2009)

Diplom Slovensko

Issued by the Slovak Association of Radio Amateurs in HF and VHF categories for contacts with different regions (okres) after 1 Jan 1997. There are 79 of them.


OM, OK, HA, OE, SP and UR need 50 regions (okres)
Other Europeans need 30 okres.
DX stations need 15 okres.

VHF Category

OM stations need 20 okres.
OK2 stations need 15 okres.
OK1 stations need 10 okres.

For other stations, the criteria is distance. Stations within 500Km distance from the borders of Slovakia need 10 okres. Stations over 500Km need 5 okres.

For satellite QSO’s, 5 okres are needed.

For EME, 5 different stations are needed.

Special sticker for QSO’s with all 79 regions (okres).

Foreign stations may use contacts made during the OK/OM contest. A log excerpt must be enclosed with your application. 

(Chg 99)

Diplom Slovakia

Contacts after 1 January 1993.  All bands and modes except repeaters.  OM9HQ (OM3KAB), the HQ station of the S.A.R.A. = 2 QSOs.

HF Category:

Slovak stations need 10 different OM stations, 3 of them from Bratislava.
European stations need 5 different OM stations, 2 of them from Bratislava.
All others need 3 different OM stations, 1 of them from Bratislava.

VHF Category:

Slovak stations need 5 different OM stations, 2 of them from Bratislava.
European stations need 3 different OM stations, 1 of them from Bratislava.
All others need 1 OM station.

(Chg 9/2009)


Bratislava Award

Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic celebrated its 2000th anniversary of its founding in 1991. This permanent award is available to all amateurs and SWL's for contacting Bratislava stations since 1 Jan 1991. Slovak stations need 10 different, Europeans need 5, DX need 3; All bands, including repeaters.

(Verified 9/2009)

Dipl W-100 OM Award

Contact at least 100 different Slovak stations (OM prefix) after 1 January 1993. SWL OK. Contacts must have been made from same country. All bands and modes. No use of packet or repeaters. Separate certificates for: CW, Fone, RTTY and mixed. Separate certificates issued for each successive Century (200 up to 700). Minimum allowed reports are 33 or 339 both ways. 

(Verified 9/2009)

Slovak Republic WW Locator Award

Contact Slovak stations (SWL OK) in different geographical coordinates established by the WGS system on or after 1 Jan 1993.  Only one QSO permitted from each locator.  Endorsements available for Single Band or Mode as requested.  The locator must be noted on the QSL card by the contacted station, not by the applicant.  In the case of hand written locators, the locator has to be countersigned by the original operator, not the applicant.  The application must be accompanied by an alphabetical list of cards using this format:

LOC Call Datum Band (Mhz) Mode  QTH/okres
JN88NC OM3FR 01.01.1993 3.5 Mhz CW Bratislava BAE
JN98HS OM4TX 10.05.1995 7 Mhz SSB Prievidza PRI
JN99TB OM6PR 17.07.1994 10.1 Mhz CW Liptovsky Mikulas LMI
KN08MO OM8AQ/p 23.03.1997 3.5 Mhz CW Cana KEO
KN08OR OM8AQ 30.09.2000 3.7 Mhz SSB Kosice KEB

Europeans need 25 different  locators, all others 5 with great (large scale) locators: JN87, JN88, JN89, JN97, JN98, JN99, KN08, KN09, KN18, KN19.

(Verified 9/2009)


NATIONAL PARKS of the Slovak Republic Award

Issued by the Old Timers Club SARA for contacting stations transmitting from districts which include national parks and protected landscapes of the Slovak Republic on or after 1 November 2007. SWL OK.

The required number of contacts:

Stations in:

National Parks

in # of Districts

Protected Landscapes

in # of Districts











All Others





The application for the award must contain a statement of the log or data QSL cards authenticated by the signatures of two amateurs or one member of the OTC SARA: NP or PLA name, QTH, the district character, CALL, date, UTC, band, mode and signature.

Fees for issuing a diploma: OM 2€, OK Ł60, EU / DX IRC 5 / € 5/7 USD.

The application along with payment of a fee to be sent to the award manager: Viliam KUŠPÁL, OM3MB, Súmracná 17, 82102 Bratislava 2, Slovakia.


Number 		Name 		District
1. TatraTatranský národný park 	KEZ, LMI, POP, TVR
2. Nízke Tatry 			BBY, BRE, LMI, POP, RUZ
3. Velká Fatra 			BBY, MAR, RUZ, TTE
4. Slovenský kras 		KEO, ROZ
5. Poloniny 			SNI
6. Malá Fatra 			DKU, MAR, RUZ, ZIL
7. Muránska planina 		BRE, REV, RSO
8. Slovenský raj 		POP, ROZ, SNV
9. Pieninský národný park 	KEZ, SLU
Protected Area SR (SR PLA):
Number 		Name 		District
1. Biele Karpaty 		ILA, MYJ, NMV, PUC, SEA, SKA, TNC
2. Cerová vrchovina 		LUC, RSO
3. Horná Orava 			DKU, NAM, TVR
4. Kysuce 			BYT, CAD, DKU, PBY, PUC, ZIL
5. Latorica 			MIC, TRE
6. Malé Karpaty 		BAC, BAD, MAL, MYJ, NMV, PEZ, PIE, SEA, TRN
7. Polana 			BBY, BRE, DET, ZVO
8. Ponitrie 			BAN, LVC, NIT, PAR, PRI, TOP, ZMO
9. Strážovské vrchy 		BYT, ILA, PBY, PRI, PUC, ZIL
10. Štiavnické vrchy 		BST, KRU, LVC, ZAR, ZIH, ZVO
11. Vihorlat 			HUM, MIC, SNI, SOB
12. Záhorie 			MAL, SEA
13. Východné Karpaty 		MED, SNI, STR, SVI
14. Dunajské luhy 		BAA, BAB, BAD, BAE, DST, GAL, KOM, NZA, SAL, SEN


Old Timers Club Award

This award is issued for contacting club members and the club station OM9OT on or after 1-1-96 on all HF and VHF bands. No use of repeaters. SWL OK. Every OTC member may be counted just one time regardless of bands. Club station OM9OT may be worked 5 times, but every QSO must be from a different QTH. A QSO with OM9OT = 10 points, with a maximum of 50.  Each with an OTC member = 5 points. 




3rd Class 200 100 35 -- --
2nd Class 300 150 60 -- --
1st Class 400 200 110 120 60
Honor 500 250 160 170 110

Silver and gold endorsements are available for higher point numbers (EU 500 for Silver and 600 for Gold, DX 250 and 300 respectively.)

  Award Fees Endorsement Fees:
OM 2E 1E
OK  Ł50 Ł1
EU/DX IRC 5, 5€ or $US7 1€ or $US1

Member list published on their website noted below.  GCR list and fee of 5 IRC’s, 5€ or $US7 to: Vilo Kuspal OM3MB, Sumracna 17, 82102 Bratislava , Slovakia.


(Chg 2/2012)


Slovakia Districts Award  

This award may be earned by contacting Slovakian districts since 1 Jan 1994. SWL OK. The award is issued in 4 classes as follows:

Class 3 - 
EU - 5 districts at 2 QSO’s each plus 2 OM3 QSO’s.
DX - 5 districts at 1 QSO each plus 1 OM3 QSO.

Class 2 - 
EU - 7 districts at 3 QSO’s each plus 3 OM3 QSO’s.
DX - 5 districts at 2 QSO’s each plus 2 OM3 QSO’s.

Class 1 - 
EU - 8 districts at 3 QSO’s each plus 3 OM3 QSO’s.
DX - 6 districts at 2 QSO’s each plus 2 OM3 QSO’s.

Class Honor - 
8 districts at 3 QSO’s each plus 3 OM3 Plus OM9.
DX - 8 districts at 2 QSO’s each plus 2 OM3 QSO’s.

Slovak Districts are OM1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 0. Old prefix was OM3. Special prefix = OM9. All bands and modes. GCR list, address label and fee of 7 IRCs (endorsements 2 IRCs) to: Otokar Jelenik OM3YCZ, Za Drahon 1, 03401 Ruzomberok, Slovakia. 

(CHG 10/2002) (Previous manager SK, latest data from ON4CAS). 


Diplom Slovenske hrady a zamky  (Castles Award)

Issued by Radioclub Stupava OM3KFY to all licensed amateurs and SWLs for contact with hams from at least 25 cities or towns where burgs, castles, forts and other fortifications exist. Each locality has reference number and the application should include this number. Locality list can be obtained from the award manager upon request, accompanied by a SAE + IRC or SAL + IRC or can be write to e-mail adress: Contacts on or after 1st Januarry 1993 on all amateur bands and modes with the exception of repeaters. QSLs are not required. SWLs OK.

Basic award is issued for 25 localities.
Endorsement stickers for 50, 75, 100, 110, up to 190 localities.
Plaque is awarded for contact with 200 localities.
Stickers on plaque for 210 to 290 localities.

Fees: Basic award 10 IRCs, 10€ or $US10.
Plaque 20 IRCs, 20€ or $US20.
Sticker 2 IRCs or 2€ or $US2.

GCR (including castle reference number), list and fee should be sent to: Award manager OM2FY, Ing.Branislav DARAS, Ruzova 16, SK-900 31 STUPAVA, SLOVAKIA.

Internet: Picture of the award:

Tks ON4CAS 10/04



Sponsored by the Slovenian section of the International Police Association Radio Club – IPARC and is open to all licensed amateurs and SWL’s. Contact members on any band or mode on or after 11 Nov 1995. Members may be worked once per band for credit.

Regular IPARC S5 member station = 1 point, IPA radio club stations : S51IPA, S52IPA, S53IPA, S59IPA and S50IPA = 2 points.

Points, necessary for award :

Country HF


Slovenia 10 5
Europe 6 3
Others worldwide 4 2

GCR list with $7.00 US or 7€ for postage and handling, send to : IPARC S5 Award Manager Milan Pivk, S58MU, Podgora 28, 4224 Gorenja vas, SLOVENIA

(Chg 10/2005)

SLOVENIA            Removed 1/26/15.  We are sad to record that Leopold Milhelic S51MG is a Silent Key. (Tks info S55O)


Sponsored by the "Radio Club Triglav" in the city of Ljubljana. The diploma is printed in five colors on the A4 format (21 by 29.7 cm). Make contact with stations located in Ljubljana (the capital city of the Republic of Slovenia) since October 24th 1992. The list of stations in Ljubljana and what the award looks like can be found on the web page noted below. 

All bands are allowed (1.8, 3.5, 7, 14, 21, 28, 50 MHz, WARC and UHF/VHF). All modes can be used. Contacts via repeaters do not count.

Requirements: HF S5 7 QSOs, EU 4 QSOs, DX 2 QSOs VHF S5 6 QSOs, others 3 QSOs Send a copy of QSOs from your log, certified by 2 ops (GCR) and fee of 5€ or $US5 to Leopold Mihelic, S51MG, Beblerjev trg 3, SI-1122 Ljubljana, Slovenia.


(Chg 8/2003)

Mobile Radio Wave Bridges Award

This award is sponsored by the AbraHAM RADIOklub for contacting Maritime Mobile stations. The diploma is dedicated to all the brave men and women devoting their lives going out to the sea. Work and confirm with QSL cards as many /MM stations you can. The number of contacts in your application will be shown the diploma. A minimum is 3 (three) Maritime Mobile QSOs is necessary to earn the award. The same station counts only one time. Contacts made by Repeater, digipiter, or Echolink contacts are not valid for this award. No time limitations. SWL OK. Send GCR list and fee of $US10, 10€ or 7 IRC to the manager: AbraHAM RADIOklub, Award Manager, Metelkova 50a, SI-2000 MARIBOR, Slovenia.

Tks Milos S53EO 4/1/12

S5 World Castles Award

The S5 WCA diploma will be issued to all radio amateurs who contact (or activate) Slovenian castles (objects) according to the rules for this award. .A list of all Slovenian castles (or objects) is found on their website.

The award for contacts is available in three levels:
S5 WCA 30 – contact at least 30 different Slovenian castles
S5 WCA 60 -contact at least 60 different Slovenian castles
S5 WCA 100 – contact least 100 different Slovenian castles

Activators may earn the award for different objects they activate:
S5 WCA Knight – activate at least 20 Slovenian castles
WCA S5 Bronze Knight - activate at least 40 Slovenian castles
WCA S5 Silver Knight - activate at least 65 Slovenian castles
WCA S5 Golden Knight - activate at least 100 Slovenian castles

To earn lthe S5WCA Knight, it is necessary to make at least 50 QSOs. Band and mode are not important. No time constraints apply so they can also activate one object several days, until the operator achieves a sufficient number of QSOs (50) for recognition of the castle in the quota to win diplomas. Operators who live closer than 1km from an activated building must make at least 1000 QSO, though there is also no time limit.

The award fee is 4€ or $US5, and may be paid by bank transfer to bank account. Contact the sponsor for their Band Account number and payment instructions in response to a request received for granting diplomas.  Send your application for a diploma together with log ** (ADIF, Excel, CSV) and the address where the diploma should be mailed to the e-mail:

Your log must include: your call sign, date, time, reference number of the castles, frequency range and mode used and of course the call sign of the activator. Activators should include: Call sign of activators, activation date, reference activated castles, hunters call signs, band and mode.


K1BV Research 1/16/12

Radioclub Skofja Loka Award


Available to all amateur stations for contacting  members of the Skofja Loka Radio Club on or after 1-1-2013.  All bands and modes OK, and multiiple QSO`s on same day are OK if they are made on different modes or frequencies. 

Requirements: -  minimum required number of QSO /SWL reports:
    a.  stations from EU need   2.
    b.  other countries  need just   1
 number of valid QSO`s or SWL reports will be recorded on the award when it is issued. 


The award is issued each year and valid period is from 01 January 00:00Z to  31. December 23:59Z.
The award is available each year with a new layout in A4 format. The award is issued only in electronic format and will be sent via your  e-mail address at no cost. 
Send a log extract in any kind of text format such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt to email with subject of the message reading "Radio club Škofja Loka award!". 
A  list of award recipients will be published each year on S59DKR web page

Tks S58MU 5/18/13 



Diploma Slovenija

Contact Slovenian stations on or after 24 October 1992. Valid prefixes are S50-S59. Same station may be contacted on several bands for credit. No cross-mode, cross-band or repeater usage. 

Europeans: On HF, 30 contacts with at least 6 different prefixes. (VHF/UHF: countries bordering Slovenia need 25 contacts with at least 4 prefixes; others 5 contacts with 2 prefixes.)

Outside Europe: 15 contacts with at least 4 prefixes needed. By Satellite, 10 contacts using at least 2 satellites. 

SWL OK.  Endorsements for mixed modes, single mode, single mode (including WARC). GCR list and fee of 10 IRC, 7€ or $US7 or equivalent (endorsement sticker fee is $US1)  to: Milos A. Oblak S53EO, Obala 97, SI-6320 Portoroz, Slovenia.

E-mail: or 

(Chg 3/2009)


DIG S5 Series

General Requirements: Issued by the Slovenian section of DIG for contacting/hearing its members. Contacts on 24 Oct 1992 and later are valid. All bands and modes. Endorsements for single band or mode upon request. Fee for each award is $US7, 10 IRC or 5€. Apply to: Tomaz Gortner S52QM, Na kresu 13, SI-4228 Zelezniki, Slovenia.

(Chg 04)

Worked Slovenian Prefixes

Available in 3 classes: Class A requires all 10 prefixes (S50-S59), Class B 7 prefixes, Class C 4 prefixes.

On The Sunny Side of The Alps

With the last letter of the suffix of 23 different stations spell the phrase ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE ALPS. 5 Slovenian stations (S5) must be included.

S5 DIG Award

Class S - contact 5 stations with different prefixes containing the letter "S". (SM2, ZS6, SV1). One of the stations must be from Slovenia.
Class 5 - contact 5 stations with different prefixes containing the number "5" . (HA5, 5A1). One of the stations must be from Slovenia.
Class D - contact 5 stations with different prefixes containing the letter "D" as the last letter of the suffix. One station must be from Slovenia.
Class I - contact different stations with the letter "I" as the last letter of the suffix. One station must be from Slovenia.
Class G - contact 5 different stations with the letter "G" as the last letter of the suffix. One station must be from Slovenia.



Worked DIG S5 Award

Issued by the Slovenian section of DIG for contacting or hearing its members. All contacts on or after 24 Oct 1992 are valid. All band and modes. Award may be endorsed for all single band or all single mode contacts. Contacts must be confirmed. Club station S50DIG counts as 2 contacts.

S5 stations 10 5
EU stations 6 2
DX stations 2 1

GCR list and  5€, $US7 or 10 IRC to: Joze "Sam" Samec S51WO, Na Sancah 14, SI-2390 Ravne na koroskem, Slovenia.


(Chg 10/2005)