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(Updated 1/6/2016)


4S7 DX Award

Available to amateurs and SWL's outside of WAZ Zone 22 for providing proof of having worked (heard) 6 members of the 4S7 DX Association and 4 other 4S7's after 1 November 1987, for a total of 10. A special endorsement is available for all one band or mode. GCR list and fee of 6 IRCs to: Awards Manager, 4S7 DX Association, PO Box 80, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (or RSSL, PO Box 907, Colombo, Sri Lanka.)

Members are: 4S7JA WP GV EA EK KG WN ZH DX SX CP GW VJ MD and JA8DOK/4S7



              ---Swedish Radio Society Series (SSA) ---     

General Requirements: Contacts must be made from the same country.  Contacts with repeaters not valid.  SWL OK.  Endorsements for band, mode, or any combination at your request. GCR accepted. 

NOTE: Comprehensive record books providing complete lists of LAAN's (WASA, HASA), Locators (SLA) and Fields (Field Award) with maps and room to record all necessary data are available from SM6DEC at a very reasonable cost. These are highly recommended tools for these awards. 


Basic Award 40 SEK, 6 IRC, 4€ or $US4
Endorsement Sticker 5 SEK, 5 IRC, 1€ or $US1
Plaquette (Field Award) 40 SEK, 6 IRC, 4€ or $US4
Plaque 150 SEK, 25 IFC, 15€ or $US15

Apply to: Diplom Manager Sveriges Sandareamatorer, Box 45, SE-191 21, Sollentuna, Sweden or to Bengt Hogkvist SM6DEC, Ostbygatan 24C, SE-531 37 Lidkoping, Sweden. 



(Chg 3/2010)

The Field Award

Contact different fields as defined by the Maidenhead locator system all over the earth, after 1 Jan 1985. 
Six classes: 

Award Level Fields Required
Bronze (Basic) 100
Silver (Rosette) 150
Gold (Rosette) 200
Platinum (Rosette) 250
Plaque 300
Gold Seal Plaquette 324


All modes and bands. No endorsements. Surface stations only. QTH must be on the QSL with enough accuracy so that the field may be determined. SSA reserves the option to request a sample of your cards. GCR list with name of city/town contacted or in the case of Maritime Mobiles, the Latitude and Longitude.  

Mobilen Award

Only Swedish mobile stations who have activated squares are eligible. In order for a square to have been activated, at least 10 other stations must have been contacted from that square within a period of 24 hours. Basic diploma requires 25 activated squares. After that, endorsement stickers for each added 5 are awarded, up to 60, then a sticker for each new one. Diploma and stickers are free of charge. Application shall be made by verified extract from the operators log book. (88)

Worked All Sweden Award (WASA)

Contact Swedish counties (Lan) and call sign districts as follows:

Class Europeans need All others need
3 All Lans on 2 bands All call sign districts
2 All Lans on 3 bands  All Lans
1 All Lans on 4 bands All Lans on 2 bands
Plaque All Lans on 5 bands All Lans on 5 bands

Each individual contact shall be made on the same band and mode.  The same station may be contacted on several different bands.  All contacts shall be made with land-basic stations. 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 and 28 MHz are counted as separate bands.  Stickers available for all CW, all Phone, all SSB or all RTTY. 

Swedish Läns:

A, B Stockholm City     
C Uppsala   D Södermanlands
E Östergötlands  F Jönköpings
G Kronobergs   H Kalmar
I Gotlands   K Blekinge
L Skane  
N Hallands  O Vastra Gotalands
S Värmlands   T Örebro
U Västmanlands  W Dalarna
X Gävleborgs  Y Västernorrlands
Z Jämtlands  AC Västerbottens
BD Norrbottens    
OPR Norrbottens


Heard All Sweden Award (HASA)

Available under the same conditions as WASA, but for SWL's only. No shields will be awarded. (88)

Swedish Locator Award (SLA)

Issued for verified contacts with various locator squares in Sweden as defined by the Maidenhead system. SWL OK. Basic diploma requires 25 squares. Endorsements at 35, 45, 55, 60, 61, 62, 63, and 64 squares. 

(CHG 8/2003)


Swedish Commune Award

Work different Swedish communes on or after 1 January 2005. . All bands and modes

Class 1 - 50 communes (DX need 25)
Class 2 - 100 communes (DX need 50)
Class 3 - 150 communes (DX need 100)
Class 4 - 200 communes (DX need 150)
Class 5 - 250 communes (DX need 200)
Plaque - 290 communes (all)   DX need 250..

SM commune codes (mostly printed on QSLs):

SM1: I1 
: AC1-AC15, BD1-BD14 
: X1-X10, Y1-Y7, Z1-Z8 
: S1-S18, T1-T11, W1-W15 
: A1, B1-B25, C1-C7, D1-D9, E1-E13. 
: N1-N5, O1-O15, P1-P18, R1-R15 
: F1-F12, G1-G8, H1-H12, K1-K5, L1-L13, M1-M20

Record book is available for 5€ or $US5.  

(Rewrite 10/2005)  This award was developed by club SK5AJ, and as of 10-12-05, it will be administered by the SSA. 

Worked Laen AC Award (WLANAC)

Issued by the Umea R.C. for confirmed contacts with stations in Lan/AC Vasterbotten as follows: Scandanavians need 8 different Laen AC on 2 bands or 5 VHF. Other Europeans need 5 different Laen AC on 1 band or 2 VHF. All others need 3 different Laen AC on 1 band or 1 VHF. Contacts since 1 Jan 1956. All bands and modes accepted. SWL OK. GCR list and 10 IRCs to: Roy Graan SM2RI, Uppfoersbacken 3A, S-913 41 Obbola, Sweden. 

(Chg 8/02) 

The Bull Award

Contact stations in the province of Daisland after 1 Jan 1979. Scandanavian amateurs need 10 points, other Europeans need 5 and all others need 2. Each qso with an amateur in the province counts 1 point. Contacts with SK6CM are worth 2 points. All bands and modes are allowed. Only one qso with each station. GCR list and $5US or 20 Swedish Kroner to: Melleruds Radio Club, 464-00 Mellerud, Sweden.


CQ SK Award

Contact Swedish club stations (SK, SJ and SL) on any band or mode (except 2M repeater) since 1 Jan 1975. Basic award requires 20 contacts, with endorsements for each additional 20 up to 160. SWL OK. Endorsements for band or mode upon request. GCR list and 15 IRCs or SKr 25 for basic award. 5 IRC or SKr 10 for endorsements. Apply to: Lennart Frostelid SM4-5999, Fryxellgatan 1, 680 71 Bjorneborg, Sweden.

(CHG 92)

Falun Copper Coin Award

This award is a hand made engraved miniature of a Swedish 1-Daler coin replicating the 1715 original. It weighs 103 grams or 4.6 oz. These square coins were unique both in their shape and weight: the original 1-Daler coin actually weighed 757 grams or 1 pound and 10.7 ounces. The 10-Daler coin of 1644 weighed 19.7 Kg or 44 pounds!

Contact Falun Radioklub members or any SM stations in the Falun area, defined as the Falun commune, W3. (Members do not have to live in the Falun area). Stations within 50 Km of falun need 20 points, all others 10 points. Values from the table below:

Band 1.8 3.5 7 10 14 18 21 24 28
Zone 14, 15, 16, 20 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
All Other Zones 10 5 3 3 2 2 2 2 2

One contact per station - all contacts after 1 Jan 1966. All contacts must be on the same mode. Stations you claim for the award must have received your qsl card. GCR list and fee of $US20, 18 IRCs or SEK 125 (no checks or money orders) to Falu Radioklubb, Box 701, S-791 29 Falun, Sweden.

The following parishes in the Falun Commune W3 count for the award:

Aspeboda W3-01 Hosjoe W3-04 Sundborn W3-07 Vika W3-10 Bjursaas W3-02 Kristine W3-05 Svartnaes W3-08 Enviken W3-03 Stora Kopparberg W3-06 Svaerdsjoe W3-09

(Revised Rules TKS SM4GL)(CHG 98)

The Freebooters Statuette

This award is in the form of a miniature statuette similar to the one outside an old homestead museum of Hassleholm. Work 5 club members (SM's need 10) plus club station SK7BK. On VHF, work 3 (SM=5) plus SK7BK. Two of the required contacts may be with honorary club members--these include any stations that have already earned the statuette. Contacts after 1 Jan 1969. All bands and modes (except repeater) are acceptable. SWL OK. GCR list and fee of 100 Sw. Kroner (or equivalent) to: RadioKlubben Snapphanen (SK7BK), PO Box 150, S-281 01 Hassleholm, Sweden.


Historical Note: Skane is a southerly province of Sweden which belonged to Denmark until 1658. During the 17th century, armed Danish partisans, or "freebooters" fought against the Swedes and the time of the freebooters was warlike and bloody. Quarter was neither given nor received. The freebooters lived in caves deep in the large forests in the Northern part of Skane, called Goinge. Tourists now enjoy the region and find the freebooters province a holiday paradise with deep forests, gentle ridges, rolling plains and glittering lakes.

Worked Gotland Award (WGA21)

Contact stations operating from the island of Gotland after 15 Nov 1945. Contacts must be two-way, none crossband. The same SM1 may be worked once per band and day. WGA may not be issued to stations who are operating from Gotland. SWL OK.

Earn 21 points. Each QSO gives the following point value:

Band Scandanavian Other EU DX Stations
160-80 1 2 5
40-30 2 2 4
20-18 3 2 3
15-12 4 2 3
10 5 2 3
2 2 5 6
<0.7 5 6 10
Satellite 10 10 10

No use of repeaters. GCR list and fee of $US10, SEK60 or 15 IRCs to: Award Manager, Radio Amateur Society of Gotland, Gyle Ala, SE-620 23 Romakloster, Sweden.

(Chg 8/2003)

Klippan Award

Work members of the Aaby Radio Society in Klippan (SM7). SWL OK. One contact with club station SK7OL is required. Other members may be contacted one time on each band as long as 24 hours has elapsed between such contacts. Contacts after 11 June 1987. Earn 15 points on the following scale:

80 1 2 4
40 1 2 3
20 1 2 3
15 2 2 3
10 3 3 4

Award and statuette cost is SEK 75, DEM 25 or $US15. GCR list to: Aaby RadioKlub, c/o Jan Emanuelsson, Betsigen 9, S-26400 Klippan, Sweden.

(TKS SM6DEC)(92)

Leyar Yachting and Radio Club (LYRC series)

General Requirements: Land stations or /MM are valid.  The name of the island contacted must be on the QSL card.  Contacts after 1 Jan 1980.  GCR list and fee of 6 IRCs or $US6 to: Lars-Eric Andersson SM7CXI, Klockarevagen 18, S-370 24 Nattraby, Sweden.


    Archipelago of Karlskrona Award I
One contact with each of the following islands forming the Archipelago of Karlskrona in Southern Sweden (SM7): Sturkoe Island, Tjurkoe Island, Aspoe Island, Hassloe Island, Utklippan Reef.  Classes are HF, mixed, VHF or UHF.

    Archipelago of Karlskrona Award II
Contact 10 islands or reefs in the Archipelago of Karlskrona in Southern Sweden plus club station SK7RA.  Stickers for 20, 30, 40, or 50 more.  May be endorsed for all bands, mixed, all modes. 

(Tks PA3CUZ 8/2003)

Magnus Stenbock Award (WMSA)

Contact members of Nordvaestra Skanes Radioamatorer (NSRA) after 1 May 1987. SWL OK. One contact with club station SK7DD is required. Each member may be contacted only once. SM's need 60 points, EU need 20, DX need 15. Each contact on CW = 3 points, on phone 1, other modes 2. Cross mode QSO's allowed and points count for which mode the NSRA member uses. GCR list and fee of SEK 35 or 10 IRCs to NSRA Awards Manager, Roenbecksgatan 3, S-252 37 Helsingborg, Sweden.

(Revised Rules TKS SM6DEC)(92)

Worked All Nordic CW Award

For basic award, you need 50 contacts with Nordic countries: LA, OH, OZ, SM and TF. Endorsements for 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 contacts. You may contact the same station multiple times for credit, but only one contact each day. GCR list and fee of $US10. Endorsement fee is $US2, fee for 5000 contact Golden seal is $US5. Apply to: Leif Lindh SM3DBU, Malagatan 5, SE-825 31 Iggesund, Sweden. 


(Chg 9/2006)

Worked All Oernskoeldsvik (WAO)

Work stations in Oernskoeldsvik (SM3, commune Y7) after 1 Jan 1982. SWL OK. SM's need 15 points, EU 10 and DX 5. Each station in Oernskoeldsvik counts for 1 point on each band and mode; the club station SK3LH = 3. GCR list and fee of 8 IRCs to WAO Manager, Box 4039, S-891 04, Oernskoeldsvik, Sweden. 

(TKS SM6DEC)(92)

Pronto Award

The award is issued for contact with 40 different SM6 stations. All four Laen's in SM6: Alvsborg (P), Skaraborg (R), Goteborg & Bohusian (O) and Halland (N) must have at least 3 contacts in each laan. Stations outside EU need 20 contacts including one of each Laan.  Contacts after 1 Jan 1950. The award is may be endorsed for any mode/band combinations you earn. It is necessary that the applicant have sent their own card. Amateurs in countries where IRCs cannot be obtained may send unused stamps from their country of an equivalent value. GCR list and $US7, 10 IRCs or SEK 50 to: SK6AW Award Manager, PO Box 53055, SE-400 14 Goteborg, Sweden. 

(Chg 8/2003)

Salt Water Award

Work different islands, islets, rocks and reefs along the Swedish west coast (SM6) after 1 June 1976. A special record book is needed and is available from the award manager. All bands and modes.  Endorsements for band or mode upon request. Basic award issued for contacting (or activating) 10 different islands, stickers for each additional 25.  A new award available for every 100 new islands verified/activated.  Send GCR list and fee of SEK 50, 5€ or $US8.   Apply to: Award Manager, Sten Wahlskog SM6DER, Kungsladugardsgatan 29, SE-414 69, Gothenburg, Sweden.  


(Rewrite 10-/2007)

Work Scandanavian RTTY Award

Sponsored by the Scandanavian Amateur Radio Teleprinter Group for 2-way RTTY contacts with Scandanavian stations.

Stations in: General Class Bronze Silver Gold
Scandanavia 25 50 75 100
Europe 16 35 50 75
Others 8 15 25 50

The general class must be obtained first before Bronze, Silver or Gold stickers.  One list, containing the calls, date and time for the contacts will be sufficient for the General class, Bronze and Silver ribbons.  All bands may be used. GCR list is permissable. SWL OK. For the Gold class, it is necessary to have contact with the following prefixes: LA, SM, OH, TF, OX, OY and OZ. Only one photocopy from one QSL card from each Scandanavian country is needed. 

Fees Scandanavia Europe All Others
General Class $US4 or 30 kronor $US5 $US6
Bronze Ribbon $US3 or 20 kronor $US4 $US5
Silver Ribbon $US3 or 20 kronor $US4 $US5
Gold Rosette $US4 or 30 kronor $US5 $US6

 GCR list to: Charlie Carllson SM4RGD, Fjugestav. 32, S-692 73 Kumla, Sweden.

(Chg 11/2005)

SI9AM Award



Club: King Chulalongkorn Memorial Amateur Radio Society.  

Contacts with SI9AM on different bands and modes on or after 19 July 2000.   SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 10€ or equivalent in $US to: Award Manager SI9AM, Sven Andersson SM3TIR, Bergtorpsvagen 8, SE-832 96 Froson,  Sweden.

Visit  and read all about this exotic station in Sweden.

Class of Award HF Bands 
EU stations 
Others need:
Mixed 2 5 (at least 2 on CW and 2 SSB) 3 (at least 1 CW and 1 SSB
CW 2 5 3
SSB 2 5 3
Digital 2 5 3
VHF/UHF/SHF - 3 contacts using CW, SSB, Digital and FM.  (Repeaters OK).

(Chg 12/2015)

Worked Sjuharadsbygden Award      

Special Notice 3/2008, sponsor says they are having problems delivering the award at this time.  When you get ready to apply, please contact to see if the problem still exists.  Tks E-mail from sponsor. 

The "Boras Radioamatorer" in Sweden sponsors this award, which can be requested by licensed radio amateurs and SWLs since 1 January 1996. Scandinavian stations require 5 contacts, others 3. All stations in the following communes are valid for the award: Boras P3, Mark P8, Herrljunga P5, Svenjunga P11, Tranemo P12, Ulricehamn P14, Bollebygd P19. Swedish stations usually have their district (Laen and commune) printed on their cards. The award is a small bronze Statue. Log extract and fee of 220 Swedish crowns, or $US25 US to: Boras Radioamatorer, c/o Lind, Ekesund 224, SE-520 11 Vegby, Sweden


(Chg 3/2008)

Worked SM3 Award (W-SM3-A)

The Swedish 3rd call area consists of Laen: Gavleborg (X), Vasternorrland (Y) and Jamtland (Z). Scandanavians must work 30 SM3's, Europeans need 20 and rest of world needs 10. All 3 Laens must be represented. Contacts since 1 January 1980. GCR list and fee of 50SKr,  $7US, 5€  to: Award Manager, Sten Backlund SM3AF, Sundsvalls Radioamatorer, PO Box 173, S-85103 Sundsvall, Sweden. 

E-mail:  or 


(Verified 11/2015)


Work 5 Swedish maritime mobile stations in their Merchant Navy. All bands and modes. No time restrictions. GCR list and fee of 5 IRCs to: SMMRC, Awards Manager, Box 4505, S-102 65 Stockholm, Sweden.

(TKS SM6DEC)(92)

SVJF Award

Work 5 Swedish Railwaymen. Club station SK7FC counts for this award. SWL OK. No band, mode or time restrictions. GCR list and 5 SKr or 3 IRCs to S.J. Fritidsforbund Radio Club, Box 250, 101 23 Stockholm, Sweden. (88)

Swedish Emigrant Award

Sponsored by the club "Vastra Blekinge Sandaramatorer" (VBSA) to honor the memory of the great Swedish emigration to America. Contact 3 VBSA members plus club station SK7JC after 1 Jan 1980. No repeaters. Endorsement for single band available. GCR list and 20 SKr or 10 IRCs to: Inge Ekenberg SM7HSP, Adalsvagen:28, S-290 71 Morrum, Sweden.


Swedish Fauna and Flora Award (SM-FF)

There are more than 3500 national parks / nature reserves / natural areas listed in Sweden, plus 4 Antarctic bases. All of these count for contacts in this award. About 75% of the area consists of nature reserves in the mountains Heaths, birch forests and pine forests which dominate these reserve areas. The total area of nature reserves represents 9% of Swedish land area and national parks 1.6% of land area.

The award is sponsored by SK6AW, the Hisingens Radio Club. The diploma is issued to amateurs who contact the number of QSOs with Swedish national parks, nature reserves or natural areas that are listed.  There are two types of awards, offered simultaneously. The first diploma, called BASIC DIPLOMA, is permanent. The second called the ÅRSDIPLOM, will be replaced each year.

The award may be downloaded and printed on your personal printer, free of charge. The diploma is then signed with an electronic Signature. If you wish a printed version, signed by the certificate-manager and sent to your home address, you must submit an application, e-mail or letter, and make contributions to SK6AW as shown below.

Rules for the Diploma:
Make two-way contacts with national parks, nature reserves or natural areas in Sweden (known SMFF range), at least one of the stations must be located in a SMFF area. For SWLs their confirmation must reference a QSO between two stations including at least one of these must be in a SMFF area.

For SMFF årsdiplom: contacts are required in at least 20 SMFF areas. For diploma 2011 QSOs count from 8.april 2011, the date the diploma is released in Sweden.

For SMFF Basic Diploma: At least 100 SMFF areas. QSO since 1 July 2008 count for the diploma.

Higher levels:

SMFF 250- Diploma: A minimum of 250 unique SMFF listed sites.
SMFF 500-Master: At least 500 unique SMFF listed sites.
SMFF 1000 Diploma: A minimum of 1000 listed unique SMFF areas.

When you have satisfied requirements for the award and want a certificate that you print, you can download the diploma via their web site. See: "Find Certificate".
If you want to have a certificate signed and numbered, so you should submit a single application to SK6AW and deposit fee of the club's postal account, 89 55 91 - 6, or directly via the "Donate" button (PayPal). Specify what award you are requesting and your identity. The application sends confirms your e-mail or letter as described below.

SWLs should send the application by e-mail or letter. If you then want to receive the diploma for their own printing so this must be clearly stated in the application.

The application form may be downloaded from SK6AW, via the link on the left, "Documents".

Sweden, the fee is 75 SEK / 8€
For all others: 100 SEK / 12€

Mail: SMFF Diplom-manager, SM6MGZ Lasse Dahlund, Persgerde 38, SE - 437 33 Lindome, Sweden.


Tks K1BV Research 8/11

Swedish Highlanders Award (SHA)

Contact Swedish Highlanders (members of EKSJO and NASSJO radio clubs) after 1 Jan 1964. SM's need 5; all others 3. Highlanders are located in Jonkoping Lan (F-LAEN). No band or mode restrictions. GCR list and 30 SKr., $5US or 10 IRCs to: Award Manager, Box 87, S-575 OO Eksjo, Sweden. (88)

Swedish High Speed Club Series

General Requirements: Awards are free, but suggest sending 2-3 IRCs for postage. Apply to: Rolf Genne SM6NFF, Turkosvagen 3, S-451 62 Uddevalla, Sweden.

High Speed CW Award and Endorsed Members

Work 3 members of the Swedish High Speed Club in QSO that lasts at least 30 minutes and at a speed of 30+ WPM.

Life Member Diploma

First earn the basic award above. Then work one life member holder in at least a 30 minute QSO at 35+ WPM.

Swedish Lighthouse Award (Svenska Fyrdiplomet)

Sponsored by the radio club Norrkoeping SK5BN/7S5LH to promote radio activities in connection with the International Lighthouse Weekend (ILLW) and other lighthouse activations. SWL OK. All contacts must have been made from the same country. All bands and modes. Contacts since 1 Jan 2001.

Each contact with a Swedish lighthouse or a light ship = 1 point. QSL cards with a lighthouse picture counts one point extra and can be used as a Joker.  The name of the lighthouse or the light ship and/or its lighthouse number must be shown on the card.

Point requirements:

SM stations need 10 points with a maximum of 2 Joker stations. 
DX stations (outside of Europe) need 6 points with a maximum of 2 Joker stations.
Europeans need 8 points with a maximum of 2 Joker stations.

Stations who activate a Swedish lighthouse or light ships must make their contacts within a radius of 500 meters from the lighthouse/light ship. Activators may earn the award if they make at least 500 contacts from the operation. GCR list and a fee of 5E or $US5 to: Swedish Lighthouse Award SLHA, c/o Norrkoepings Radioklubb, Nelinsgatan 24 kv., SE-603 55 Norrkoeping, SWEDEN



Chg 11/2015

Swedish Waterfront Award (SWA)

Contact one Stockholm station and as many of the 80 communes (areas) along the Swedish coast as possible:

1st class - SWA-All = Stockholm and 80 communes.
2nd class - SWA-50 = Stockholm and 50 communes.
3rd class - SWA-25 = Stockholm and 25 communes.

Contacts after 1 Jan 1982. SWL OK. A special record book listing proper areas and containing an official application must be used when applying - cost is $US5 or 6 IRCs.  Award and book available from: Vastra Blekinge Sandaramatorer SK7JC, Adelsvagen 28, S-375 33 Morrum, Sweden.


(Chg 8/2003)

SWL Club Series

General Requirements: The awards are available to amateurs and SWLs equally. GCR list and fee of $US5 or 8 IRCs to: SWLCA Award Manager, Borje Jansson, Stjarngatan 4 E, SE-784 53 Borlange, Sweden.

(Series re-added 01)

Worked All Zone 14 Countries Award

Contacts on or after 1-1-60. Available in 3 classes.

Class A - work 27 countries in Zone 14.
Class B - work 22 countries.
Class C - work 15 countries.

Valid country prefixes: C3 CT1/4 CU DL EA EA6 EI F G GD GI GJ GM GU GW HB9 HB0 LA LX ON OY OZ PA SM ZB2 3A 4U-ITU/Geneva.

Carolus Rex Diploma

Contacts on or after 1-1-96. Work/hear station in the countries/areas where the Swedish King Karl XII and his army, campaigned between the years 1700 to 1718. All station must have been worked/heard within a period of 18 months. A total of 28 stations are needed:

2 stations in each of the following countries/areas: SM0 Stockholm City (Laen A), SM7 Laen K, L or M, EU Belarus, SP Poland, UR Ukraine, UA3, 4 or 6 European Russia, DL Germany, YO Romania, LZ Bulgaria.

1 station in each of the following countries/areas: OZ Denmark, ES Estonia, YL Latvia, LY Lithuania, ER Moldovo, TA1 European Turkey, SV2 Northern Greece, HA Hungary, OE Austria, LA Østfold fylke (Laen B).

Worked Laen W Award

Contacts on or after 1-1-60 . Laen W is part of the 4th Swedish call area. The award is issued in 4 classes:

Class A - Europe 12, DX 10 Laen W stations.
Class B - Europe 10, DX 8.
Class C - Europe 8, DX 6.
Class D - Europe 5, DX 3.

Viking Country Prefix Award

Contacts on or after 1-1-96. Work/hear Norwegian, Danish and Swedish stations with different prefixes. All legal prefixes count. The award is issued in 3 classes:

Class A - 40 different prefixes.
Class B - 30 prefixes.
Class C - 20 prefixes.

Worked ITU Zones 17/18 Award

Contacts on or after 1-1-60. Contact/hear different countries in ITU Zone 17/18: TF, JW, JX, LA, OH, OH0, OH0M/OJ0, OY, OZ, SM.

Class A - work all 10 countries.
Class B - work 7 countries (must include TF).
Class C - work any 5 countries.

Note: each class is separate award, no endorsement stickers.

TSA Award

Work SK0UX and members of the Taeby Saendareamatorerer after 31 May 1986. Each point = 1 QSO per 24 hours. SM's and other EU's on HF need SK0MT SK0UX and 10 points; All others need SK0MT SK0UX and 4 points. All bands and modes. Endorsement for mode or band on request. GCR list and fee of SEK 25, $US4 or 7 IRCs to: TSA, Award Manager, Box 1441, S-183 14 Taby, Sweden.


--- Vasteras Radio Club Series ---

General Requirements: Contacts after 31 December 2001. Repeaters may be used. All bands and modes. Endorsements for a single band or mode. GCR accepted. SWL OK. Award fees vary - refer to specific ones. Apply to: Vasteras Radioclub, Box 213, S-721 06 Vasteras, Sweden. (3/02)

Worked All Vasteras (WAV)

Contact any station in the Vasteras area (Commune U11) for 1 point. The same station may be worked on different bands for 1 point each time. Contact with clubstations SK5AA and SK5BB count for 2 points.

SM's in the Vasteras area = 40 points OH, OZ, LA or SM = 20. Other Europeans = 10. All others = 5. Endorsements available for single band or mode. Fee is 5 IRCs, 5€ or $5US. (3/02)

VRK Honorary Award

Holders of WAV may earn this attractive colored pennant by working additional Vasteras area stations. Total points needed (including those collected for the basic WAV) are as follows:

SM's in the Vasteras area = 80. OH, OZ, LA or SM = 40.

Other Europeans = 20. All others = 10.

No endorsements. Fee is 25 IRCs or $12US.