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(Updated 9/2009)


Insel Diploma

The Kurzwellenfreund Bremen (Kwfb) offers this award to amateurs, SWLs and BC Dxers. You need QSLs from stations on islands - BC, amateur, utility or mixed. Basic award for 10, endorsements for 25, 50, 100 and each added 50. Islands which are also continents like Australia are not valid, only sea islands may be used. A QSL form an island group (not with the name of the island), it may be used, but another island from that group cant be used. GCR list and fee of 5 or $US8 to: Hans Gotschlig, Kutscherweg 18, D-28865 Lilienthal, Germany.

(Chg 11/02)


Indonesian DX Club DX Diploma

Available to all SWLers, members and non members, meeting the requirements.  Three classes of the award: A-05, A-10, A-25, A-50 and A-100 representing the number of countries confirmed.  Local and international stations count in the LW, MW, SW and FM bands.  However amateur radio cards are not accepted.  A photocopy of the card must be sent with your list of claimed countries.  Only one QSL for one station, except that cards from relay stations would be accepted.  (Radio Nederland relay stations from Bonaire, Flevo, Madagascar and Tashkent would all count for countries).  Please enclose a photograph of yourself for publication.  Cost is Rp 10,000 for Indonesians or 10 IRCs or $US10 for all others.  IDXC Award Manager, Akbar Indra Gunawan, JL. Nurul Hikmah IV No. 27A, Tugu-Cimanggis-Depok 16951, Jawa Barat, Indonesia.   

Internet:  http://amateurradio.idxc.org/ 

(Chg 4/2008)


United Europe Award

A.I.R., the Association of Italian Radio Listeners sponsors the United Europe Award.  All you hve to do is to tune in to any European broadcast radio station with at least one listening confirmation (QSL) from a European country in any language and date.  Any kind of QSL referring to the type of modulation in all radio bands is accepted. Award is provided in four categories:
        1st Category - over 40 countries confirmed (plus honor roll)
        2nd Category - over 30 countries confirmed.
        3rd Category - over 20 countries confirmed.
        4th Category - over 10 countries confirmed.
One point given for each confirmation from European countries, according to the official list of the European DX Council.  Provide listing of all QSLs in your possession along with dates, times and frequencies.  Fee is 4 IRC's, 2 Euro or equivalent.  Sponsor reserves the right to ask to see any confirmations in person.   Apply to: AIR, Associazione Italiana Radioascolto, C.P. 1338, I-10100 Torino (AD), Italy.

Internet: http://services.csi.it/~air/diploma/index.html 

(Chg 9/2008)


NLC Award Series

General Requirements: No date restrictions. Fee are 5 Euro  or7 IRCs. Available only for SWLs. Seals for SASE/IRC. When requesting endorsement seals, supply original certificate number and issue date. Apply with GCR list to M.C.P. Mandos NL-199, Wezel 21, 5508 MC Veldhoven, Netherlands. 

(Chg 9/2008)


Meet one of the requirements from section A or any two other activities from the following groups:


A - Universal  E - 160 Meter
B - 80 Meters F - Satellite
C - VHF (2m)    G -UHF and higher
D - DX (on HF bands, higher than 80m)  

Section A:

A1 - provide one or more articles in a calendar year to VERON/NL post.

A2 - Make at least 25 contributions to Dxpress/VHF bulletin.

A4 - Special category according to judgment VERON/NL commission.

Section B:

H.P. Cap - QSL cards from 12 Dutch capital province cities.

H.A.P. - 2 QSLs from each of the Dutch 12 provinces.

H.5.C - QSL from 5 countries on 80 meters.

H.10.C - QSL from 10 countries on 80 meters.

H.20.C - QSL from 20 countries on 80 meters, seals each 10 more.

H.10.PX - QSL from 10 prefixes on 80 meters.

H.20.PX - QSL from 20 prefixes on 80 meters.

H.40.PX - QSL from 40 prefixes on 80 meters, seals each 20 more.

Section C:

Same as Section B, but only for QSLs on VHF. No use of repeaters, mailboxes or satellites.

Section D:

H. Asia - 10 QSL cards from 5 countries in Asia.

H. Africa - 10 QSL cards from 5 countries in Africa.

H.N.America - 10 QSL cards from 5 countries in North Am (to Panama)

H.Z. America - 10 QSL cards from 5 countries in South America.

H. Oceania - 5 QSL cards from 2 countries of Oceania (for example, VK and ZL).

H.50.C - confirm 50 countries.

H.100.C - confirm 100 countries.

H.200.C - confirm 200 countries, seals for 100 more.

H.100.Px - confirm 100 prefixes.

H.200.Px - confirm 200 prefixes.

H.400.Px - conrirm 400 prefixes, seals for each 200 more.

H.20.Z - confirm 20 CQ zones.

H.30.Z - confirm 30 CQ zones.

H.40.Z - confirm 40 CQ zones.

Section H:

H.5.C - confirm 5 countries.

H.10.C - confirm 10 countries, seals each 10 more.

H.10.Px - confirm 10 prefixes.

H.20.Px - confirm 20 prefixes, seals each 20 more.

VHF 100 Certificaat

Participate in Dutch VERON VHF contest and hear at least 100 different stations. Send copy of signed contest logs from contest manager or 2 hams.


Participate in the Dutch NLC New Year contest and hear 10 different stations. No cost for this certificate.

NLCC Award

Available to amateurs who have confirmed at least 100 SWL reports. The application should consist of a signed list with SWL-call, date, frequency, mode and the city of the SWL report which was answered. Endorsements for single band or mode on request. No charge.

(Added 4/2010)

S.L.P. Award

Participate three times in one calendar year in the Dutch S.L.P. contest. No cost for this certificate.


VERON Series ---

General Requirements: SWL confirmations on or after 1 June 1945. No use of repeaters or satellites. Fee for each award is  5 for PA's , others, 7 IRCs.  Available only for SWLs. Seals for SASE/IRC. When requesting endorsement seals, supply original certificate number and issue date. Apply with GCR list to P.T. Koning PB7CW, Rosa Manusstraat 1, NL-1991 SZ Velserbroek, The Netherlands.  

E-mail: theo@pb7cw.net 
Internet: http://www.pb7cw.net/veronawards/

(Chg 9/2009)

Heard European Countries (HEC)

Available only for SWL's who provide proof of having received amateur cards from 15 different European countries.


Provide proof of having received cards from 100 different Dutch amateurs (PA PB PD PE PI). Endorsements each additional 100 up to 900.


DX Association of Barcelona Award (ADXB)

Provide proof of having received reception reports from countries on the official list currently used by the European DX Council (EDXC). You may apply at any one of the award levels of 25, 50, 50, 75, or 100 countries. Further endorsements are available for each 10 countries after that. You may either send certified true photocopies of the verifications that show all of the data or alternatively, a GCR list stamped and signed by the official of any recognized radio club or association. (If club GCR is used, you should supply their full name and address plus postage so that the ADXB sponsor can verify the information). Separate categories for the award include:

1) Broadcast stations (official, private, pirates, clandestines).
2) Utilities and amateur stations.

Fee for Spanish stations is 500 Pesatas; for all others, it is 600 Pesatas or 10 IRCs. Apply to: ADXB (Diplomas), PO Box 335, 08080 Barcelona, Spain.

(TKS A.Schmid)(91)


General Requirements: The awards are available to all amateurs and SWLs. You will be encouraged to join the group, but this is voluntary. The fee for each award is $US5, 3 IRCs or mint current US, British, Russian, French or Italian postage stamps of a value equal to $US5. Send a list of contacts and fee to: Ullmar Qvick, SM5-1252, Trozelligatan 43, SE-603 52 Norrkping, Sweden.

E-mail: veriori2000@yahoo.se
Internet: http://www.mdxc.org/swl/art-award.php 


Radio amateurs must obtain 100 different correct SWL reports by SWL cards or E-mail for this award. More than one report from the same SWL allowed, but on different bands or mode. All reports must have been confirmed, and this will be checked through random requests to the SWLs involved in the application. GCR list must be submitted, or as an alternative photocopies or scanned copies of the QSLs or e-mails are allowed. Do not send original SWL cards.


For this award the Radio amateur must prove that he has received correct SWL reports from at least 10 countries. Also available for 25, 50 and 100 countries. GCR list, photocopies or scanned copies needed as proof and same requirements that all correct reports must be confirmed.


This award requires SWL reports received by the Radio amateur from all six continents. GCR list, photocopies or scanned copies needed as proof and same requirements that all correct reports must be confirmed.

Chg 3/2012 


Heard All Yugoslavia

Submit proof of having heard all call areas in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: YU1, YU6, YU7 and YU8. Other prefixes allocated, such as YT, YZ, 4N and 4O are valid as well. Starting date = 9 May 1992. Eurpeans need 5-YU1, 5-YU7, 1-YU6 and 1-YU8. EU need 5-YU1, 5-YU7, 1-YU6 and 1-YU8. All others need 3-YU1, 3-YU7, 1-YU6 and 1-YU8. YU0SRJ may substitute for any missing station. GCR list and fee of 10 IRCs to: SRJ Award Manager, PO Box 48, YU-11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia.

(TKS WB2AQC)(97)


A*C*E Pirate QSL Awards Program

Sponsored by the Association of Clandestine radio enthusiasts, and open to all. Three categories of awards offered are:

(1) number of different stations verified on frequencies below 2 MHz and FM in increments of 10.
(2) number of different stations verified on frequencies between 2 and 30 MHz in steps of 20.
(3) number of different countries verified with a minimum of 3.

Send copies of your Free Radio QSLs with $US1 and a first class stamp to A*C*E Awards, RD#1 Box 15A, Belfast, NY. 14711. (If you want certificate sent unfolded, enclose additional postage.

(TKS G1WMJ)(92)


SWL-100 Award

This one is awarded to licensed amateur stations to encourage SWL's by answering their reports. Provide proof of having received SWL QSLs from 25, 50, 75 or 100 different DXCC countries. No fee needed, but sponsor would appreciate some IRCs or $US to cover postage costs. GCR list to Joe Mikuckis K3CHP, 6913 Furman Pkwy., Riverdale, MD. 20737-3016. (95)



WWRB Shortwave Listener Club

Members of the WWRB SWL Club are listeners of the station all over the world. Their website provides frequencies used and programming. To join, please send them a letter with your name, address and a signal report (signal quality, strength and other things of note about the signal such as the name of the broadcast heard, and if you enjoyed the program). They will send a certificate confirming the report and your membership with the Radio Station WWRB SWL club. There is no cost for the certificate. Send reports to: Radio Station WWRB, c/o Airline Transport Communications Inc., PO Box 7, Manchester, TN. 37349 USA.

Internet: http://www.wwrb.org/club/listenerclub.html

Tks KW0U 1/2005

SWL's - please let me know of any of the other clubs which issue awards aimed at the SWL. You can help this section expand in the future.

Licensed Amateurs - Some of these awards use Amateur cards. Please respond when SWL's send you cards. You will help to encourage those who are enjoying the hobby from a different perspective.