Worked New Hampshire Award to QRP Operating Series

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Updated 10/3/2012

Work All New Hampshire Counties

Work and Confirm a QSO with each of the 10 Counties of New Hampshire using all bands and modes. The award is available to All Amateur Radio Operators. Mobile and Portable QSOs are allowed. No use of Repeater, Digipeater or any relay contacts.
A QSO from NM1JY which I believe to be a Land based Submarine Museum, I will count as a Contact from Rockingham County.
Cards are not needed as long as you have the QSL's in your possession. Please Have 2 General Class or Higher Amateurs not related to the applicant, sign the Application verifying they have seen your QSL Cards. If you are unable to find two witnesses you may send your QSL Cards and they will be returned with your award. Endorsements available for CW, Digital or Single Band. No extra Cost for Endorsements.
Send the GCR list and fee of $1 USD For North American Amateurs (US, Canada, Mexico); $4 USD or 4 IRC's for DX to Stephen Hans, KC2VUE 25 Delamater Way Troy, NY 12180.

If cards are to be returned, the sponsor will use the address on to send the Award and QSL Cards back, unless you specify otherwise. 

Tks KC2VUE 7/10 


Worked All New Jersey Counties

Contact each of the 21 counties of New Jersey. All contacts must have been made within a radius of 45Km of your home. No repeaters or other use of relays allowed. GCR list in county alphabetical order is required. Sponsor request you use application form found on website, or a copy of this form. Endorsements for band or mode upon request.  Fee for the award is $US2 for USA stations, and FREE to DX.  Apply to Award Manager, Morris Radio Club Inc., PO Box 88, Whippany, NJ 07981-0088.

(Chg 12/09)

NJ Counties: Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren.


Worked All New York Counties Award

The RZS Solutions, Inc. Amateur Radio Club (W2RZS) sponsors the Worked All New York Counties award for confirming two way amateur radio communication with all 62 New York counties. An excellent way to accomplish this is to participate in the New York QSO Party, which is sponsored by the Rochester, NY DX Association on the third Saturday in October.

There are 62 counties in the State of New York. New York City encompasses five counties: New York County (Manhattan), Kings County (Brooklyn), Bronx County (The Bronx), Richmond County (Staten Island), and Queens County (Queens). The first twelve counties in New York were created immediately after the British annexation of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, although two of these counties have since been abolished. The most recent county formation in New York was in 1912, when Bronx County was created from the portions of New York City that had been annexed from Westchester County. New York's counties are named for a variety of Native American words, British provinces, cities, and royalty, early American statesmen and generals, and state politicians.

Worked All New York Counties Award Rules:
1. Two way contacts, consisting of at least an exchange of call signs and a signal report, may be made on any amateur radio band using any mode.
2. Repeater, Digipeater, IRLP, and Echolink contacts are not considered for this award.
3. For stations within the United States, all contacts must be made from the same county. For DX stations, all contacts must be made from the same country.
4. QSOs with portable and mobile stations are acceptable. Stations on county lines can count for multiple counties.
5. A confirmation must be submitted for each of the 62 counties worked. The following information must be provided for each contact: Call sign of the station worked, date, frequency/band, mode, and county. See their web site for a county summary sheet.
6. Confirmations may be any combination of the following:
     * Physical QSL card, with the NY county name printed or written on each card. If original QSLs are sent with your application, please include sufficient return postage for their return. .
     * Scans or copies of QSL cards are acceptable.
     * An export from your logging program, listing only QSOs with the 62 New York counties, in ADIF format or in an Excel spreadsheet.
     * A listing of all 62 QSOs with the required data, signed by the operator.
* A copy of your USA-CA Worked all 3077 counties certificate

7. Complete the Worked All New York Counties Award Application, and mail with $5.00 (cash or USPS money order) or 5 current IRCs to: Robert S. Schaps, WB2NVR, RZS Amateur Radio Club, 40 Saw Mill River Road,  Suite LL3, Hawthorne, NY 10532-1552, U. S. A.


Chg 5/13/12 


The NJDXA Award

Work 15 New Jersey DX Association (NJDXA) members on any bands or modes within a period of one year. Submit copy of log entry via e-mail to: .


(Chg 12/05)

Worked All North Carolina Counties Award (WANC)

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, W4NC, in Winston Salem, North Carolina sponsors an award for any stations who submit proof of 2 way contact with stations in all 100 North Carolina Counties. Endorsement for any mode, any single band or 5 bands. WARC bands are OK, but will not count for the 5 band endorsement. All contacts must be made using the same mode. No use of repeater or cross mode contacts. Use special application sheet available from the sponsor for SASE or as a .PDF file found on his website.  Cards are not required. GCR signed list by two non_family amateur licensees, General Class or higher. USA-CA holders applying for the "ALL CW"  may receive the certificate by sending an e-mail to KU4BP, submitting their USA-CA ALL CW number and award date. Stations who have earned USA-CA  for "PHONE" or "Mixed Mode awards should apply in the normal method.   Award is FREE.  Sponsor reserves the right to spot check any contacts. Send completed application and county record sheets to: Ed Swiderski KU4BP, 108 Tori Lane, Lexington, NC 27295.  


Chg 6/10

Northern Ohio DX Association Award

Contact members of the Northern Ohio DX Asso. after 1 Jan 1945 on any band or modes. No use of repeaters. Mainland US stations need 10. All others, including KH and KL need 5. Member list available from sponsor for SASE. Send a copy of your QSL and GCR list and fee of $US4 or 10 IRC's to NODXA Awards Manager, Dwaine Modock K8ME, 8113 Thornhurst Drive, North Royalton, OH 44133.


(Chg 5/2010)

O.B.P. Radio Club Series ---

General Requirements: Cards must be in your possession. GCR list and fee of 50 cents US (for DX, fee is 3 IRC's surface mail, 5 IRC's airmail) to Jim Glasscock, 3416 Manhattan Avenue, St. Louis, MO. 63143. Endorsement fee is 1 IRC. SWL OK.


St. Louis Award

Contact a total of 10 stations in the city of St. Louis and/or St. Louis county. (TKS KA3RVH)(89)

Zone 4 Award

Work one station in each call district of Zone 4 on the WAZ list. These are: VE3, VE4, VE5, VE6, W/K4 (Kentucky, Tennessee, or Alabama only), W/K5, W/K7 (Montana or Wyoming only), W/K8 (Ohio or Michigan only), W/K9 and W/K0 for a total of 10 cards.

(TKS KA3RVH)(89)

OHIO Bicentennial Award

March 1, 2003 marked the 200th anniversity of statehood for the state of Ohio. The KO8HIO call was be used extensively throughout Ohio's Bicentennial Year and will also be used for future events such as the Ohio QSO Party. There are a series of awards available for working KO8HIO and other Ohio stations. While the award was initially used for the bicentennial year, it is a permanent award.

All bands and modes, except that repeater QSOs will not count for the award. Participation in the Ohio QSO Party is encouraged. SWL OK. Send GCR list and fee of $US7 or 7 IRCs for USA hams and $US10 or 10 IRCs for all others. 

When applying for the county awards, county worked must be listed with each callsign. Please list alphabetically in order by county name. If using KO8HIO contacts for wild cards please note county desired. Endorsements for All QRP or single mode or band are available on request. There is no cost or SASE required for Gold Level Awards earned by US hams. 

Ohio Bicentennial Award
Basic Level - Work 100 different stations in the state of Ohio. Any band or mode, but no repeater contacts
Red Level - Work KO8HIO and 100 different stations in the state of Ohio.
White Level - Work KO8HIO and 200 different stations in the state of Ohio.
Blue Level - Work KO8HIO on at least 3 different bands and/or modes and 200 different stations in the state of Ohio
Gold Level - Work KO8HIO on at least 5 different bands and/or modes and 200 different stations in the state of Ohio

Ohio Counties Bicentennial Award 
Basic Level - Work stations in 22 Ohio counties. Any band or mode, but no repeater contacts
Red Level - Work stations in  44 Ohio counties. You may use one contact with KO8HIO as a wildcard for credit in any missing county.
White Level - Work stations in 66 Ohio counties. You may use up to two contacts with KO8HIO as two wildcards for credit in any missing county.
Blue Level - Work stations in all 88 Ohio counties. You may use up to three contacts with KO8HIO as three wildcards for credit in any missing county.
Gold Level - Work stations in all 88 88 Ohio counties and work KO8HIO at least once.

Apply to: ANTHONY A LUSCRE K8ZT, 5441 PARK VISTA CT., STOW, OH 44224-1663, USA.


Tks N8OFS 7/10

Ohio County Award

Basic award is issued for contacting 22 of the 88 counties, one of which must be Montgomery County. Endorsements for 44, 66 and all 88. All bands and modes OK, except no use of repeaters or digipeaters. Cards must be in your possession and available on request. Award is FREE, send 9"x12" SASE with GCR list to: Ohio County Award, Dayton Amateur Radio Association, PO Box 44, Dayton, Ohio. 45401-0044.

(TKS W8ICQ(Chg 2010)

Worked All Ohio State Parks Award

Contacts stations operating from the US state of OHIO State Parks on or after 1 Sept 2008. The contacts must be verified by either a traditional QSL card or EQSL. The card ard must clearly specify the Ohio State Park claimed for credit. All bands and modes OK. Repeater contacts are not eligible for this award, nor can a repeater be used to solicit contacts.

Stations submitting proof of contact with all 74* Ohio State Parks will receive a numbered certificate, the first 10 of these applicants will also be eligible for a plaque. Stations who submit proof of traveling to and activating all 74* Ohio State Parks will receive a numbered plaque.

All stations submitting for a certificate must forward a WAOSPA application along with a 9X13 SASE. All stations submitting for a plaque must forward a WAOSPA application along with a $7.95 money order payable to: WB8LCD – Thomas R. Sly,to pay for shipping and handling. (WB8LCD is the WAOSPA sponsor)

* There are currently 74 Ohio State Parks. This number can change as the number of Parks changes in the future. "All Ohio State Parks" will be defined as all current parks at time of application for the award.

Look for activity each year in the month of September. Check the website below.


(Official Application will be found on this website.)

(Change 10/3/13)


The Oklahoma DX Association (OKDXA) sponsors this certificate to any licensed amateur who submits proof of working all 77 Oklahoma counties. No use of repeaters, satellites, relays of any type. All bands OK. Unless otherwise indicated, the QTH printed on the cards will determine county identity. You may mail all 77 cards or mail a GCR list to the sponsor. (A single signature is accepted from any certified ARRL card checker or Section Manager). Fee for the award is $US5, no IRCs wanted, please. Apply to: Bruce Burnette - K5PX, 7 Spring Creek Lane, Broken Arrow, OK 74014.

(Tks W5RQ)(1/04)

  -- OM International Sideband Society Series ---

The OMISS group was formed with the objective of passing emergency, formal and informal traffic. In between times, members contact each other for their extensive awards program of some 28 certificates available only to members. Obtain membership by QSO'ing 2 member stations with OM numbers on net time and frequency. Lifetime membership fee is only $5US. Send list and fee to Tom Stickles WA3AUQ, 4333 Clagett Rd., University Park, MD. 20782. Additional information on the net and awards rules may be obtained for a SASE to Neal Wiggin K1LPX, 4 Feng Drive, Raymond, NH 03077. OMISS nets (plus or minus QRM) are as follows:

160 meters 1.883 0400-0900Z Friday and Saturday
80 meters 3.940 0100-0900Z DX listening 3753
40 meters 7.250 0000-0900Z DX listening 7075
20 meters 14.290 1700-2300Z Monday - Saturday
15 meters 21.360 1700-2300Z Saturday and Sunday only
10 meters 28.360 1700-2300Z Saturday and Sunday only

OMISS also runs a free QSL bureau for use by all stations, members or non-members alike for confirmation of net QSO's. For more info, write to Pete Gray KC4IF, PO Box 16220, Asheville, NC. 28806.


Worked Oregon Counties Award
"Alis Volat Propriis"

Sponsored by the Salem A.R.C for contacting Oregon counties on or after 1 January 2007.  "Alis Volat Propriis", is the Oregon state motto, meaning "She Flies With Her Own Wings", appropriate for radio communication and this award.  The basic certificate is issued for contacting 25 of Oregon’s 36 counties. Endorsements for 30, and all 36 counties.

  Endorsements must follow the band or modes used to complete the original certificate. Endorsements available for any band or mode combination. Contacts with mobile, portable or fixed stations on county lines are valid as long as the QSL or log extract clearly states the counties involved. Contacts via repeaters, digipeaters, moon-bounce, satellites, packet, pactor, RTTY, and similar systems are acceptable, from any and all locations. Contacts made while mobile or portable in the State of Oregon are valid, and that travelers in Oregon can use repeater contacts anywhere in the state to work any of the counties. SWL OK. GCR list (or original cards) and fee of $US3 to Vince Van Der Hyde, K7VV, 7521 Twin Fir Lane S., Salem, Oregon, 97309.

Tks K7VV 6/2010

Pagoda Award

Contact 10 members of the Reading Radio Club using any band or mode on or after 13 Oct 1961. No charge. No use of phone patches or repeaters. One contact with W3BN and/or W3CCH is acceptable, but not required. GCR list to: Albert J. Brailer W3UQC, 500 Kenhorst Blvd., Reading, PA. 19611.

(Tks Internet)(01)


Worked All Parishes Award

Contact each of the 64 parishes of Louisiana on or after 1 Sept 1996. All bands and modes; only direct contacts, no use of repeaters. Send the cards or photocopies. If cards are sent, include sufficient postage for their return in addition to the award fee of $US2. Contacts must have been made by the same individual using call signs assigned to him/her. If contacts were made under different call signs, you must list them and declare they were assigned. Apply to: Baton Rouge ARC, PO Box 4004, Baton Rouge, LA. 70821.


(Chg 11/2012) 


1. Sponsored by the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club for confirmed QSOs with all 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. QSL cards must be in the applicant's possession. QSL cards will include paper or electronic. Log Book of the World Records will also be accepted. Basic award issued at 20 counties. A separate certificate will be awarded at 40 and 70 counties. An endorsement will be given when all 67 counties are worked. Endorsements are also available for single band or mode. All bands and modes.

2. Contacts made using repeating devices such as FM repeaters, Amateur satellites, moon-bounce, and keyboard-to-keyboard contacts through digipeaters/nodes are valid, because these QSOs are made in real or near-real time. Contacts using IRLP, Echolink, or D-Star are valid as long as a radio is being used by both operators. All Contacts must be made from the same county.

3. Contacts made by storing messages on BBS type stations (whether terrestrial or on board satellites) or by forwarding messages through a network of such BBSs are not valid.

4. Applicants shall submit a list of QSO's, alphabetized by county, showing the following QSO data: county, call sign of station contacted, band, mode, date, and UTC time. The name and call sign of the applicant should be printed clearly, exactly as they are to appear on the certificate. QSOs made under different call signs of the same operator are permitted. The call signs should be indicated on the application.

5. QSL cards and the application are to be presented to one of the following for checking and verification: (a) the president of a ham radio club, or (b) an official of the ARRL or DX applicant's national Amateur Radio society. If cards are mailed to the award sponsor sufficient postage or IRCs should be included to cover return shipping and postage.

6. The following statement, or equivalent language, should appear on the application. The person who checks the cards should sign this statement and also clearly print his or her name and position title. The statement: "I have examined QSL cards for all the listed contacts. The information is accurate as listed."

7. Award fee and return envelope: Applicants in the USA should enclose a check for $3.00 for each endorsement level, payable to Holmesburg ARC. DX applicants (including Canada), please send 1 IRC. All applicants should include their mailing address for an 8 ´ x 11 inch (21.5 x 28 cm) certificate.

8. Mail the completed application to: Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, 3341 Sheffield Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136.


Tks KK7X 6/18/10

Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Association Award

Contact club members, no time, band or mode restrictions. Members need 10, all others 5. No repeater QSO's. Award is FREE but SASE/IRC appreciated. GCR list to PAWA Award Mgr., Lee Redford KA1RJI, 265 South Main Street, Raynham, MA. 02767.


(TKS KA1RJI)(93)

EARS Presidential Award

Sponsored by the Eastern Amateur Radio Society (EARS) for amateurs who have worked various stations within the USA that are located in counties that have the same name as the last name of one of the US presidents.  The award has a basic level equal to the current number of the Presidents of the US, currently at 43.  George W. Bush, being the 43rd.  The basic award level will always be the number of past and current presidents as of the previous inauguration day.  Applications postmarked prior to inauguration day will not require the higher count of presidents.  Endorsements may be earned at levels of 100, 200, and the maximum currently available at 261.  Special endorsements for bands or modes available on request.  All bands and modes including repeaters OK.  No date restrictions.  E-QSLs accepted.  Special application available from the Presidential Counties Award Page at or may be obtained from sponsor for SASE.  Send application and fee of $US4 for basic award.  Endorsement fee is $US2.  Apply to: Eastern Amateur Radio Society, 144 Allen Douglas Drive, Richmond, KY  40475. 

Tks KE4YVD 12/01 

PSHAW Award (WA)

Contact islands in the Puget Sound, Washington after 1 January 1990. The basic award is a beautiful knitted scarf whose pattern includes a map of the Puget Sound area and your call sign. It. requires contacts with one of the Inner Sound islands, Vashon-Maury Island, Bainbridge Island, Whidbey or Camano or Fidalgo Island, and one of the Outer Sound islands. There are numerous endorsements up to "Admiral of the Sound" which requires 50 islands. The precise criteria of what islands count for the award, data on maps to help the award seeker and a complete description of the various endorsements may be obtained from the sponsor if you send a 9 x 12" SASE with postage sufficient for 3 ounces to Awards Manager, Ward Silver N0AX, PO Box 927, Vashon, WA. 98070.

(TKS N0AX)(91)

Pulaski County Award

Contact 5 stations in Pulaski County, Missouri. The same station may be contacted on several bands for credit. SWL OK. No date, band or mode limitations. FREE. GCR list to: Bill Morgan K0DEQ, PO Box 163, Waynesville, MO. 65583.

(CHG 99)


QCWW Certificate

Contact 20 QCWW members on or after 1 Nov 1979. These stations must be members of the organization at time of QSO. All bands may be used, but no use of cross band or repeater contacts. Net contacts do NOT count. Send the cards, or photocopies of them or of your log and fee of 50c to: Dot Young W1TGY, 7 Longwood Avenue, Augusta, ME. 04330.

(Tks WorldRadio)(99)