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(Updated 8/2016) 

The Rag Chewers Club Award

The ARRL discontinued their sponsorship of this venerable award in early 2004.  We are pleased to report that the RCC has been adopted by the Society for the Preservation of Amateur Radio (SPAR).

The rules are simple and follow in the spirit of the original RCC award: present evidence of having "rag chewed" on the air with another station for at least 30 minutes on or after 1 September 2004.  This must be an actual QSO, not a net or round table.  This award may be endorsed by mode: CW, Phone or Digital.  Phone includes FM and the QSO may be on any legal amateur frequency.  There is NO COST for the award.  Certificates are distributed as Adobe PDF files.  For our Spanish speaking friends, the certificate is available in Spanish (Club de Radioaficionados Charlatanes).  To apply for the award, go to the website URL shown below, navigate to the SPAR RCC Application and fill in the online form with contact information including call sign of station contacted, date, time and length of QSO and the frequency and mode. .  Your award will be e-mailed back to you shortly, and at no cost.  


(Chg 5/2010)

RED STICK AWARD          (rewrite 11/2012)

The Red Stick Award is issued to amateurs who have worked at least ten members of the Baton Rouge Amateur Radio club. Award is a certificate suitable for framing.

Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 4004
Baton Rogue, LA

Redwood Empire Award

Work at least one amateur in each of the 5 California North Coast counties of: Marin, Sonoma, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte. SWL OK. Any band or mode. Contacts after 1 Jan 1981. Endorsements upon request. GCR list and $2US or 7 IRC's to: Redwood Empire DX Association, P.O. Box 750531,      Petaluma, CA 94975.

(Chg 7/08)


The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is the largest amateur radio astronomy organization in the US .  It has very deep roots in the Ham Radio community, with over 100  SARA members being licensed amateur operators. 


You may earn the SARA ON THE AIR (SOTA) Award by working 10 SARA-Ham members using any mode and any amateur frequency.  Make sure to get their SARA membership number.  For SWLs, this consists of receiving/logging 10 SARA-Ham members. Waterhole frequencies of +/- 15 KHz from the well published QRP frequencies will serve to collect SARA Hams into a general area to help those chasing this award.  Many SARA Ham members are also QRP operators, so this could assist you in earning QRP awards at the same time.  

Submit the required information via e-mail to the address below and your personalized certificate is prepared and sent to you by return e-mail ASAP.  There is no cost for the award, certificate, or its preparation.  


Full details concerning the award along with the rules and procedures can be reviewed at K5DZEs web site shown below. 




Tks K5DZE 3/2004


  -- SCARA Series --- (South Counties Amateur Radio Association, NJ)

General Requirements: GCR accepted. Apply to: Award Manager, Louis A. Dvorsky, 2508 Leeds Avenue, Northfield, NJ. 08225.

(TKS YB0WR)(91)


Contact members of the South Counties Amateur Radio Association of NJ. Continental USA needs 5 point, all others need 3. Each SCARA member = 1 point, club station K2BR = 2, Special Activity station for Miss America Pageant = 2. Award is FREE.

South Jersey Counties Award (SJC)

Contact stations in the counties that comprise Southern New Jersey: Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May,

Cumberland, Gloucester, Ocean and Salem. US stations need 3 in each county; DX outside USA need 2. The same station may be contacted on different bands for credit. Contacts after 1 January 1976. Award is available for endorsements for all CW, SSB or Mixed modes. Fee is $US1 or 5 IRC's.

 SOC Award (Second Class Operators Club)

A nice parody on the FOC (First Class Operators Club) which offers a certificate of membership in the group for "the mediocre operator who is rest of us".  Check out their website and join in the fun.  No cost for membership.  Their certificate is available upon request as long as you include a SASE with 55 cents postage.  You may want to be generous and provide a $US1 to pay for costs of printing - any excess funds received will be given to the Handi-Ham group.  Apply to: James Bates W8ERV, 1470 Harper Road 38, Mason, MI. 48854.


Worked All South Carolina Award

Available to all amateurs who provide proof of 2 way contact with all 46 counties in South Carolina. All bands and modes may be used, but all QSOs must be made on the same mode. No use of repeaters or cross mode. GCR is accepted, and sponsor requires special application which is available for SASE. USA-CA All County holders may waive all other requirements by stating their USA-CA All County number and award date. The WASC manager reserves the right to spot check any cards for validity by contacting any of the stations for claimed QSOs. Fee for the award is $US5. Apply to: Dave Hyatt KU4YM, 116 Old Course Road, Summerville, SC. 29485_6208.


(Chg 4/2010) 

Worked All South Dakota Counties Award

Issued to any licensed amateur radio operator who submits a WASDC application form listing confirmed, two-way QSOs made on or after 31 December 2008, with each of South Dakotas 66 counties. The WASDC application form must be signed by the applicant and include suitable QSL verification. All bands and modes, except that repeater QSOs and VoIP modes are not allowed. All contacts must be made from the same county, parish, district, or location. Contact with portable and mobile stations OK. Stations on county lines can count for both counties, provided the confirmation from the worked station confirms the county line operation. No more than 10 counties can be counted from a single station. The award may be endorsed for single band or mode (except phone modes). 

The applicant should use the official WASDC application found on their web site. Suitable proof of contact can be made by any of the following: 
1. Submitting all QSL cards. Include a self-addressed stamped (with adequate postage) envelope for return of your QSL cards,
2. Photocopies of all QSL cards (front and back) showing confirmed contact with each of South Dakotas 66 counties, or
3. GCR list from 2 General, Advanced, or Extra class hams certifying the examination of your QSL cards. 

Send fee of $US5 . For DX applicants fee is $US7 or 10 IRCs. Apply to: Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 91, Sioux Falls, SD 57101.


Tks N0MAU 1/09

Southern California DX Club Certificate of Recognition

Contact at least 35 current members of SCDXC. Endorsement seals as follows: 50 = Bronze, 100 = Silver and 125 = Gold. All bands and modes. Current membership list from sponsor for SASE. GCR list and $2US or 5 IRC's to: Carl Gardenias WU6D, Awards Chairman, 1804 N. Dundee, Highland, CA. 92346. USSR applicants may apply to: Daniel J. Davitt N6CGB, 14919 Yukon Avenue, Hawthorne, CA. 90250

(CHG 90)

STAR Award

Contact a minimum of 5 special events activated by W4CA and collect their cards. One card per event (any band or mode) may be used. Cards must be submitted for the award; you should provide SASE for their return. No fee for award, but postage would be appreciated. A special STAR pin is available for fee of $US7 or IRCs of equal value. Apply to: Roanoke Valley ARC, Attn: Star Award, PO Box 2002, Roanoke, Virginia 24019.


New 4/03

Stars and Stripes Island Award Program

Work 100 different islands based on an island list compiled by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS list should be considered complete, although it is possible that a few groups maybe added in the future. No time restrictions. Any QSL card that has the name of an island found in the USGS list for this award will be given credit for that particular SSIA Island group.  Endorsements for each additional 100 islands and for islands in all 50 states.  Sticker for working at least 75% of all available island groups in a state.

The qsl cards should have the name of the island and county where the island is located clearly printed on the card. A qsl card without a county name will only be accepted if the island operator informs the award manager of his location. E-qsl cards will be accepted for the award, however only cards from the service will be accepted. All cards must be submitted to the award checkpoint. All operations must take place from the island and the antenna must be on the island. All rules and regulations regarding access to any island should be followed. The individual must provide all necessary documents to the award committee where it is warranted.

The Internet Web site for this award, including official island lists and an application are available at .

Send official application and fee of $US10 to Michael Crownover, 3617 Ave. O 1/2, Galveston, TX 77550.

Tks AB5EB 3/01


This award series is designed for your children who operate your station under your licensed supervision. The object is to work all states (third party contact or direct if you have a license). Many kids will not be able to work all fifty states. Try for as many certificates as you can. There is no time limit and no cost. If you can work:

a. All states that touch your home state you earn :"Worked my State and Surrounding States Certificate"
b. Five (5) states you earn :"Worked Five (5) States Certificate"
c. Ten (10) states you earn "Worked Ten States Certificate"
d. Twenty-five (25) states you earn "Worked Twenty-five States Certificate"
e. Forty-eight (48) Continental states you earn "Worked Continental United States Certificate"
f. Fifty (50) states you earn "Worked All Fifty States Certificate"

Send a copy of your logs via e-mail to: Jean Schipelliti, K1MOM@ARRL.NET.

Tks W3HF 1/14/02

Ten-Ten International Net

This organization is devoted to encouraging amateur activity on 10 meters. Work 10 members and submit log extract including their Member Numbers, Call, Name, Date, City and State/Country to their appropriate Call Area Manager. Local members will tell you who that is. DX should apply as follows: ZL to ZL3RK, VK to VK2PEW and others to Carol Hugentoher K8DHK, 4441 Andreas Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45211. Include first year membership fee of $US10 for USA stations and $US13 DX.

10-10 has chapters and members all over the world, many of which sponsor awards. 10-10 International sponsors awards for working different members at the 100-500 level, thence 1000, 2500 and 5000. They also have a WAS award for contacting members in 50 US states plus DX awards. The awards series are available to members only, but with just over 50,000 members, there's plenty of action for all. K1BV is member #48191.

(Chg 00)

Worked U.S. Territories Award (WUST)

Sponsored by the METRO DX Club for proof of contact of a minimum of fourteen
(14) of the current sixteen (16) IARU-recognized U.S. territories (as of 1
January, 2011) for fee of US$8.00.

The sixteen WUST territories are:
KG4 (Guantanamo Bay)              KH (Mariana Islands)
KH1 (Baker & Howland Islands)     KH2 (Guam)
KH3 (Johnston Island)             KH4 (Midway Island)
KH5 (Palmyra & Jarvis Islands)    KH5K (Kingman Reef)
KH7K (Kure Island)                KH8 (American Samoa)
KH8S (Swains Island)              KH9 (Wake Island)
KP1 (Navassa Island)              KP2 (US Virgin Islands)
KP4 (Puerto Rico)                 KP5 (Desecheo Island)

Following receipt of the original award for a minimum of fourteen
territories, endorsements for contact #15 or contact #16 available for

Mixed bands and modes OK. No date restriction. Send a GCR list certified by
two licensed amateurs showing the callsign of the station worked, date,
time, frequency/band and mode. Sponsor requests that you use application as
found on their web site. Photocopies of QSL cards are OK. LoTW OK. If you
are NUMBER ONE on the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll and your station call appears on
the list dated August 2010 (or later) you'll not be required to send any
confirmations for the WUST award. SWL OK. Send GCR list or QSL photocopies
or LoTW screenshot or DXCC printout and fee of US$8.00 to METRO DX Club,
3810 N. Chamlin Drive, Morris, IL 60450.      PayPal OK to

Award Application/Sample log extract:

Tks W9ILY 
(Chg 11/11/14)

Texas Century Club (TXCC)

Sponsored by the Northwest ARS which sponsors the annual Texas QSO party normally scheduled in late September each year.  Work and confirm at least 100 Texas counties on or after 1 January 1999. Endorsement for working all 254 counties. Endorsements available for single band or mode or all mobile. Available to licensed amateurs only. GCR list and fee of $US10 ($US2 for endorsements) to: Northwest ARS, Texas QSO Party, Committee, Norm Covey K5OS, 30603 North High Meadow Circle, Magnolia TX 77355-2167.



Tks K5OS 6/15/2003

Contact All Time Zones Award

The world is divided into 24 time zones. Each time zone is 15 degrees wide. For the sake of this award, half-hour zones and out of zone artificial time changes will be ignored. This award is based on the true 15 degrees each, world map 24 time zones.

The applying station must have a two-way contact on Amateur Radio allocated frequencies with a station in each of the world's 24 time zones. Contact with one's own nation does not count.

The operator applying for the award must have made all 24 contacts from a location in the same country. Endorsements for band or mode at your request.

You must possess the 24 cards, one f rom each of the time zones. Starting date for the award is 1 July 1996. GCR list with call, date, band, mode and time zone starting with the prime meridian (0 degrees) and moving eastward. Fee is $US5. Send to: CATZ Award, WorldRadio, 2120 28th Street, Sacramento, CA. 95818.

(Chg 99)

Tin Lizzy Award

For our foriegn subscribers, a Tin Lizzy is the affectionate name Americans gave to the first Ford automobiles. This award is sponsored by the Ford ARL for contacting stations who are FARL members at the time of QSO. 6 Classes:

General - US (except KH and KL) contact 5 members
DX - foriegn, including KH and KL contact 3 members
Novice - USA contacts contact 3 members
Satellite - contact 3 members

SWL - as above classes, but for SWL's hearing members

Sweaty Palm - US novice, first CW contact on the air contact 1 member.

All bands and modes except Satellite and Novice classes. No repeater QSO's. The award is FREE. Send GCR list and your own QSL to: Ford Amateur Radio League, PO Box 2112, Dearborn, MI. 48123.


(TKS WB2DIN)(89)

Triple H Net Series

General Requirements: Join this net on 7235 which convenes at 0700Z 365 days per year and make contacts for their extensive series of awards. All Triple H Net QSOs count for ALL awards, except the 50-50 award. Good record keeping will help allow you to earn awards in less time. [One contact may be used for many awards]. Fee for each award is $US2. Endorsements for SASE. Apply to Jim Young W7FTT, PO Box 576, Wrightwood, CA. 92397.


(Chg 10/02)

Worked All States

WAS #1 acquired by working all 50 states. Cards must be in your possession before applying. WAS #2, etc earned after #1. The WAS #1 award will have a certificate number; this is used for acquiring the 50-50 award/s. DO NOT SEND ANY CARDS.


Work and QSL 25 different YLs.


For working 25 mobile stations (auto, marine, aero). The same mobile counts as an additional one in each different state.

SCA- State Capital Award

For working 25 or all 50 state capitals. QSOs count for fixed or mobile stations. Endorsement for working all 50.


For working 50, 75 or 100 ARRL countries and getting all QSL cards. Country names must be in alphabetical order.


You must have a DX-50 award before any WPX award may be obtained. One USA, KL7 & KH6 prefix may be used (total=3), but these may have already been used in the DX-50 application. Out of Canada, you may use only one VE out of VE1-VE7, plus VE8, but other prefixes will count. As you apply for any of the WPX awards, the application must be in alpha-numerical order. QSLs = yes, for any awards if they have stateside manager; ie SASEs, other no QSLs.

WASA - Worked All South America

For working one station in each of 13 countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Peru, Paraguay, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. No island possessions for substitutes are allowed.

WACA - Worked All Central America

For working one station in ech of the 8 countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua. No island possessions for substitutes are allowed.

TCA - Trans-Can-Am

For working Canadian provinces/USA states which border each other: ME, NH, VT, NY, PA, MI, OH, WI, MN, ND, MT, ID, WA, Br. Columbia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Any maritime province may be substituted for New Brunswick; and Yukon or NWT (VE8) for a VE7.

ASC - 26 The Alphabet Soup Certificate

For working all 26 letters of the alphabet with the same 2 letters in the suffix (or single letter in a suffix of any 2 X call) in callsigns for ech letter: W0IDI or WT9I = the letter "I".

50-50 Award

For working 50 WAS certificate holders; give only reports and #s. Endorsements every 25, up to 275. A separate award for 300 level, endorsements every 50 to 450. A separate award for 500, then endorsements each 100 to 1000.

PPC - Picture Postcard Award

For working all 50 states and using postcards in lieu of standard QSL cards. Put callsign on front, the normal QSO info on the back. Use postcard of local area, city or state map cards.

1-2-1 Single Letter Callsign Award

For working 50 states with 1 X 2 / 2 X 1 callsign. W8WE or WS4B are examples. Mobile/portable operation OK if from their home state.

CIA - Caribbean Island Award

Issued for working 15 different DXCC countries (all islands) in the Caribbean area; not Bermuda! Cards are required.

PIA - Pacific Island Award

Issued for working 15 different DXCC countries (all islands) in the Pacific area, including Australia. Cards are required.

MA - Monroe Award

This award is automatically earned after obtaining awards for WAS, WACA, WASA and TCA. Awards may have been earned in any order.

APA - Australian Prefix Award

For working all 10 VK prefixes, QSL obtained prior to the start date will count if you work the SAME station on the net after the award start date.

5 and 10 Award

Work 10 different stations in each state (only 5 in Me, VT, RI, HI & AK) for a total of 475 different stations. It is called "THE SENIOR-WAS-ACHIEVER AWARD". All mobiles and portables count for this award. No QSLs.


For working 73 of the 78 ARRL/CRRL sections. You MUST use the required application (for an SASE) which has all the details, rules, sections and maps.


Work 150 domestic prefixes, minimum of 10 different prefixes in each of the 10 USA call districts. You MUST use a copy of the required application.


Work ALL 7 continents: Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (Oceania), Europe, North America and South America. Asia is difficult, but has been done.


For working 100 different islands anywhere, not necessarily different countries. Hawaii, Maui, Oahu count as different, etc.


For making 1000 official net QSOs. They need not be all different, but must be an official net QSO. Endorsements for every 1000 QSOs. No QSLs or list required, but must be on an official net application available from W7FTT.

Trojan Horse Award

Contact any 6 of the cities and towns carrying the name of TROY in the USA. Contacts after 1 Jan 1987. Send cards, a 11" x 12" SASE and $US1. Your cards will be returned. Apply to: Arnie Fowler KA2TFM, 237 Belleview Road, Troy, NY. 12180.

(TKS W6TKV)(92)


--- Troy Amateur Radio Association Series [TARA]

The Troy ARA offers several awards developed specifically for the Digital Operator. The first is similar to the CQ WPX Award and another one parallels the CQ Grid Locator Award. Complete details of their programs are somewhat lengthy. The complete rules for the principal awards are found on the WWW pages: and

In addition, and based on your award level earned for the above two awards, the following separate awards are offered:
a. TARA-DDXCC (digital DXCC)
b. TARA-DWAS (digital WAS)
c. TARA-DVE (digital worked all Canada Award)
d. TARA-DVK (digital worked all Australia Award)
e. The Neptune Award (digital contacts with "Wet" Maritime Mobile squares.

The award accepts confirmations for all of their awards via QSL card, LOTW, QRZ logbook or eQSL.  Questions regarding their program may be addressed to: TARA-Grid Manager, Ernie Mills WM2U, 16007 W. Falcon Ridge Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375-6689, USA.

Internet: :

Tks K1BV Research 1/22/13

TS440 Award

Work 30 different stations who are using the Kenwood TS440 transceiver. You dont have to be using this rig, but the cards from the other station must clearly indicate that the rig they were using was the popular TS440. Send the QSLs (e-QSLs accepted) to the sponsor. Enclose a SASE with sufficient postage to return the QSLs or a fee of $1. Apply to: Mike KB1FWN, 73 Poplar Street, Feeding Hills, MA. 01030


Ulster County Award

Contact stations in Ulster County, New York. 48 USA states need 3, KL7, KH6 and DX need 2. SWL OK. No time band or mode limitations. GCR list and $US1 to: Overlook Mountain A.R.C., Warren H. Ash AK2H, RD6 Box 46A, Kingston, New York 12401 

(TKS HA0NNN)(90)

United States of America County Award (USA-CA)

There are 3077 counties in the United States and this award can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. It is so engrossing that many of those who finally work them all get right back in to work them a second or third time. Basic award is issued for proving contact with 500. Endorsements by steps of 500 up to maximum available. For literally hundreds of amateurs, this award is how they spend their on the air time. Look for the County Hunters Nets which may be found on 14056.5, 14336 and 10114 daily.  Initial application must be submitted in the USA-CA Record Book, which may be obtained from CQ Communications, 25 Newbridge Road, Hicksville, NY 11801 for a fee of $1.25 or to K1BV. As of 1-1-98, K1BV is the Custodian of this world famous and beautiful award.  

Complete rules in separate file. 

(Chg 11/2005)

Further on this award: MARAC, the county hunting group issues a series of some 41 different awards including those for non-members who work counties as well. You can get a basic package of information from MARAC for a SASE and two units of postage by writing to them at Don Magers KE5WL, 406 Cherry Park Drive, Sherman, TX 75090. (Or Bill Nash W0OWY, The B&B Shop, 13212 N 37th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. 85029) Send a SASE and 2 first class stamps. DX may apply to G4KHG with 2 IRC's. MARAC unofficially ties into the CQ USA-CA all county program and sponsors a Second Time Around award for those who have worked all the counties a Second, Third and even Fourth time around!

(CHG 97)

US Amateur TV Society ---

General Requirements: GCR list, except as specified and $1US for each award. Apply to SPEC-COM Journal, c/o Membership Services Dept., PO Box H, Lowden, IA. 52255. (89)

Fast Scan TV "Test Pattern" Award

Available to any member who completes a "FIRST SUCCESSFUL TWO-WAY, UHF ATV CONTACT". QSL required. Endorsement stickers for COLOR and "BEST LONG DISTANCE DX DISTANCE WORKED" accomplishment over 100 miles (in 25 mile increments). Award also presented to members or groups who successfully place "on-air" a working UHF ATV Repeater project.



Complete successful two-way Slow-Scan TV contacts on the HF/VHF/UHF bands in increments of 100, 200, 300 etc logged visual QSO's with special endorsements for over 1000 contacts, and HI/RES or COLOR SSTV enhancements. (89)


Awarded to all entrants of organization sponsored annual contests on FSTV, SSTV, FAX or RTTY. Also awarded for recognition of that "First" successful two-way, HF Amateur Shortwave band Facsimile (FAX) contact (verified QSO required) reception or transmission of an international FAX or SSTV signal thru an OSCAR satellite, Worked All 50 States or DXCC on SSTV. (89)

Amateur TV Hall of Fame Award

Awarded to Fast and Slow Scan TV operators who have been operating in this mode in increments of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 years respectively. Apply by written letter to Mike Donovan KA0JAW, PO Box 1002, Dubuque, IA 52004. The letter should describe station set-up, years of on-the-air operations, etc. Photos are appreciated and may be used in an issue of Spec-Com if permission is given. 
(TKS K1RM)(91)

Ham TV Test Pattern Award

This award depicts the Indian Head Test Pattern with gray scale resolution pattern. Awarded to any ATV'er (FSTV) who successfully makes that first UHF "simplex" contact! Space is available to draw in callsign and frequency monitored. There is a limit of 3 per request. Apply to WA0JAW at address given above.

(TKS K1RM)(91)

U.S. Islands Award Series

General Requirements: Contact US islands, including inland fresh water river and lake islands, and salt water islands, within the 50 US states. All HF bands and modes are accepted. Look for island activity on the suggested frequencies of: 7250, 14250_14260, 21350,and 28450 SSB. No cross band or satellite. Award Manager: Jay Chamberlain - AE4MK, 27 Fox Run Lane, Fredericksburg, VA 22405


USI website: 

Basic Award _ Work 100 US islands (DX stations only work 50).
Intermediate and Advanced
_ Work 300, 500, 750, 1000 US islands.  
Worked All States Islands Award _ Work one island in each state.                 
Island Initiator Award _ Activate ten "new" US islands.             
Island Activator Award
_ Activate 100 different US islands (old or new).    

Certificates (currently free), or plaques are available.

(Chg W8TTS)(8/2006)

  --  Worked Utah Awards Series  --

General Requirements: All bands may be used, including WARC, VHF, and satellite. Contacts may be made with fixed, portable or mobile stations as long as the Utah stations are within boundaries of the counties, cities or county seats.

SWL OK. Endorsements for single band or mode are available. Contacts may be verified in one of three ways: Send the QSL cards for verification along with sufficient postage to return them, make photocopies of each card and submit with the application, or use GCR rule with verification by two licensed amateurs of General Class or higher or by the officer of a local radio club or society. Submit application and fee of $US4 or 4 IRCs to Ray A. Friess WA7ITZ, 1801 Jennifer Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.


(Chg 6/2007)

     Worked Utah Counties Award

Work 15, 20, 25 or all of Utah's 29 counties. A new certificate will be issued for each subsequent level you earn.

     Worked Utah's 15 Largest Cities Award

Work and confirm 8 or all 15 of the 15 largest cities in the state. Seven of them are within the boundaries of Salt Lake County, so be sure that the confirmations specifically name the city. The cities within Salt Lake County border on each other, and some stations may use a general QTH of Salt Lake City when they are in one of the other cities because Salt Lake City is generally recognized around the world.

The cities are:

1. Salt Lake City    6. Ogden      11. Logan
2. West Valley City    7. West Jordan      12. Bountiful
3. Provo             8. Layton 13. Murray
4. Sandy     9. Taylorsville 14. Roy
5. Orem      10. St. George   15. South Jordan

      Worked Utah's County Seats Award

There are 29 counties in Utah, and each has a county seat which contains county administration and law facilities. The award is available in the same categories as the Worked Utah Counties Award - 15, 20, 25, and all 29. QSL's should specifically identify the actual town.

The county seats are: (First name is county, second name is county seat).

Beaver (Beaver)    Box Elder (Brigham City)  Cache (Logan)    
Carbon (Price)  Daggett (Manila)   Davis (Farmington)
Duchesne (Duchesne)  Emery (Castle Dale)  Garfield (Panguitch)
Grand (Moab)  Iron (Parowan)   Juab (Nephi)
 Kane (Kanab) Millard (Fillmore)  Morgan ( Morgan)
Piute ( Junction) Rich (Randolph)  Salt Lake (Salt Lake City)
San Juan (Monticello) Sanpete (Manti)   Sevier ( Richfield)
Summit (Coalville)  Tooele (Tooele)  Uinta (Vernal)
Utah (Provo)  Wasatch (Heber) Washington (St. George)
Weber (Ogden) Wayne (Loa)  

   The Worked Utah Century Club Award.

Contact Utah stations per the requirements listed below.  All modes and bands permissible.  
     Bronze: Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations in Utah  These can be Utah residents, mobiles passing through, or portable stations temporarily in Utah. 
     Silver:  Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations whose permanent QTH is Utah.  One contact required from each of the 29 Utah counties. 
     Gold: Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations whose permanent QTH is Utah.  One contact required from each Utah county seat.

Those who qualify will receive both the Century Club Award and the County Seat and All County Awards as well (or all three)  A certificate or plaque will be available. 

Worked Vermont Award

Work at least 13 of the 14 Vermont Counties.  All bands and modes, except repeaters.  No time limits.  Vermont stations may qualify if they remain in one county.  GCR list or send photocopies of the cards and fee of $US4 to Central Vermont ARC, W1BD, PO Box 101, East Barre, VT 05649.

(Tks W1NEK 8/17)

Vintage Radio DX 100 Award

This award was developed in order to encourage the restoration and operation of Vintage Amateur Radio equipment. The Award is available to any licensed amateur radio operator making two way radio contact with any other licensed amateur radio in 100 recognized countries having an active, indigenous amateur community which allows unrestricted amateur-to-amateur contact. No endorsements for higher country totals. Contacts with expeditions, portable operations maritime or aeronautical mobile do not count. Contacts must have been made from the applicants country.

Valid contacts must have been made with VINTAGE radio equipment. For the purpose of this award a VINTAGE RADIO must meet the following requirements:

(1) The manufacturer of the radio used must NO LONGER MANUFACTURE amateur radio equipment.
(2) The radio equipment must have been produced prior to January 1, 1975. (The sole exceptions shall be the Drake "C" line and Collins KWM2).
(3) The Radio must use vacuum tubes. The minimum quantity tubes used shall be in the Power Amplifier stage(s).
(4) MILITARY RADIO equipment must meet the requirement set forth above with the following EXCEPTION: The limitation on the manufacturer currently producing amateur equipment is waived.
(5) HOME-BREW equipment is added to the list of eligibility under the following conditions:
     (a) The RECEIVER utilized for the purpose of obtaining this award must be either fully "Home-brew" or, if commercial meet the requirements above.
     (b) The TRANSMITTER utilized for the purpose of obtaining this award must be "Home-brew" and utilize vacuum tubes in at least the driver and output sections.

Different owned Vintage Radio System are eligible for their own DX100 award. A System can be either a transmitter and receiver combination or a transceiver. There are two power categories of awards: LOW POWER (Less than 150 Watts power output) and HIGH POWER (More than 150 Watts power output). Certificates will be available for mixed mode, CW, AM, SSB, FM (limited to 10 meter band) and digital. BANDS of operation are limited to 160 through 10 meters. WARC band contacts do not count for the award.

1. Submit a list of countries worked in alphabetical order and containing:

(a) Country NAME. 
(b) CALLSIGN worked.
(c) DATE of QSO.
(e) MODE

2. A cover letter containing the following information:

(a) Name of requesting operator
(b) Call sign of requesting operator.
(c) Mailing Address
(d) MAKE and MODEL of Vintage radio for which the certificate is requested. A serial number should be included if practical.
(e) MODE endorsement requested
(f) POWER level used
(g) A statement to the effect that all contacts were made according to Vintage Radio DX100 rules and rules by the participants licensing authority that were in effect at the time the contacts were accomplished.

Apply to: W. David Paperman, W5WP, 19266 Sims, Cleveland, TX 77328-6205.A check or money order made out to W. David Paperman, W5WP or cash in the amount of $3.00 to cover the direct costs of the certificate, mailing materials and postage. Applicants from outside the United States, Canada and Mexico should remit $5.00 or 6 IRC's


Worked All Virginia Award

Sponsored by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club of Fredericksburg, Virginia to promote radio activity in the state of Virginia and to encourage contacts with Virginia amateurs.  Available to amateurs worldwide for making contact with at least 50 Virginia counties and Independant Cities.  Contacts may be made from any QTH.

    Basic Award - contact 50 counties or Independant cities.
    Golden Endorsement - contact all 95 counties or an Independant City bordering the county claimed.  If using the independant city to claim credit for working a county, you may use that independent city credit for only ONE county (for example, if you work a station in Richmond, you can't claim credit for working Henrico County AND Chesterfield County.
    Virginia President's Endorsement - requires communication with a station in each of the 95 counties (not a bordering Independent City) AND each of the Independent cities.

All bands and modes OK.  No use of repeater, phone patch or cross-mode QSOs allowed.  Applications must be submitted on the WAV application form along with a county record sheet showing callsign and county of station worked, date, time (UTC), and mode.  Applications and county record sheets can be obtained by sending a legal size SASE, via E-Mail file attachment, or by download for their website.

Send application and fee of $US5 for the Basic Award.  SASE for the endorsement stickers.  Apply to: Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club, c/o Worked All Virginia Award, PO Box 1496, College Station, Fredericksburg, VA. 22402. 


(Chg 3/05)

Virginia Beach Certificate

Work 5 different VBARC members OR one member and club station WA4TGF when designated as a special event station. You must be located outside a 90 mile radius of Virginia Beach. GCR list and fee of 50c to: KI4LO, 297 Citation Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. 23462.


W3USS Award

Make one contact with W3USS, the club station of the Capitol Hill ARS whose QTH is in the historic Russell Senate Office Building. GCR listing and fee of $US1 or 4 IRC's to: Certificate, US Senate, Box 73, Washington, DC 20510. 

(TKS HL4KZW)(94)

  WA3EOP Series ---

General Requirements: The first two of his awards are free of charge and are "fun" type awards.  The third award requires operating from US parks or contacting those doing this, and the only other requirement is that the parks in question have a "historic" connection which can be verified by reasonable sources on the Internet. For the last award, the data list and fee should be mailed to: Walter P Pyne WA3EOP, 204 N. Locust St. # 2 South, Hagerstown, MD 21740-4051.


Found The Elephants Award

This is a totally free award to those who qualify and apply for it. The qualification is simple. - Work station WA3EOP in six different states. It must be the call WA3EOP and not a club call I'm operating. It doesn't matter if I'm fixed, portable or mobile. The rule is you need to contact me from 6 of the 15 states that I've operated from. Any mode counts and bands may be mixed.

If you find that you have FOUND THE ELEPHANTS and want this free colorful award, e-mail me with the contact details and include your name as you want it on your certificate and your call and mailing address.


After you have the free basic award you could try upgrading to this free award. For this you need to find WA3EOP in an additional 7 states making this the Baker's Dozen of Elephants. Only a couple folks have submitted satisfactory evidence of this achievement to date and they have all been Century Club Members. Same general award qualifications as above. It too is a mixed band, mixed mode award.

U.S. Historic Parks Award

This award is sponsored by the Cheese Hollow ARS (W3HAM) and requires proof of having operated from 25 different U S Historic Parks or Confirmed qsos with stations operating from 25 different U S Historic Parks.

For this award, the term qualifying parks,do not necessarily have to be a U.S. National Park. Many parks but not all by any means, guided by the National Park Service are Historic. There are qualifing State Parks, Regional Parks and Local Parks that have a historic connection. Most parks out there do not have a historic connection.

Any park will be deemed historic if the historic connection can be verified by the internet. In my local area there are parks that qualify run by the state, by the NPS and by local or regional governments. Most military parks would qualify as are parks named after specific historical figures. The key to qualifying is simple, be able to verify the historic connection by the internet.

The fee for the award is $US5, covering postage, printing, mailing materials and such. N3WD is an official card checker for this award or you may have your cards checked by recognized ARRL card checkers or use the old General Certification Rule where 2 elected officers of your local radio club check your cards and sign a statement that they have viewed them. Send the list and fee to Walter P Pyne WA3EOP, 204 N. Locust St. # 2 South, Hagerstown, MD 21740-4051.

Tks WA3EOP 12/10

WARC 500 Award

Handsome wooden plaque with an engraved name plate is offered for proof of contact with at least 500 or more band-countries on the WARC bands (30, 17 and 12 meters). No mode endorsements. Free endorsements for every 100 additional countries. Special application and band/country checklist is required and is available from the sponsor for $US2 or 4 IRC's. Fee for the award is $US50 or 100 IRC's. Apply to James E. Mackey K3FN, PO Box 270569, West Hartford, CT. 06127-0569.

(TKS K3FN)(94)

Warren (Ohio) Amateur Association Series ---

Fee for each award is $1US (DX 3 IRC's). Trumbull County applicants must submit actual cards, others may use GCR. Special endorsements for band or mode, etc are welcome and should be filed with the initial application, and each must contain at least 25% new contacts. No net contacts or repeater QSO's. Contacts after 1 January 1959. Apply to: Don Lovett K8BXT, W.A.R.A. Awards Chairman, 3629 Northwood Dr. S.E., Warren, Ohio 44484-2639.



Work Trumbull County, Ohio stations. Trumbull stations need 20, other USA/VE 10, rest of world 5.


Work Trumbull County amateurs operating mobile in this county. Trumbull need 20, USA/VE 10, rest of world 5.


For each certificate or endorsement, USA/VE's must contact 10 Trumbull County YL or XYL's, DX need 3.


Wayne, W4MPY is a long time QSL printer who offers a FREE handsome certificate for providing proof of contacting stations in all 50 US states who have used one of his cards to confirm the contact. Send either the cards or a photocopy which shows his "A W4MPY QSL" logo. Apply to Wayne Carroll W4MPY, 682 Mt. Pleasant Road, Monetta, SC 29105.

(TKS W4MPY)(97)

Counties of Washington State Award

Sponsored by Clark County ARC. Work all 39 counties of Washington State after 1 Jan 1995 and receive a beautiful certificate. No SWL. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of $US5 for a pre-printed award to be mailed to you, otherwise, the award is FREE in the form of an Adobe .PDF file you can use to print the award in your shack.  Apply to Clark County ARC, Attn: WA-WAC , PO Box 1424, Vancouver, WA 98668. Use application form on their website. .

Washington counties are: Adams Asotin Benton Chelan Callam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Douglas Ferry Franklin Garfield Grant Grays Harbor Island Jefferson King Kitsap Kittitas Klicktat Lewis Lincoln Mason Okanogan Pacific Pen Oreille Pierce San Juan Skagit Skamania Snohomish Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakim Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman and Yakima.


(Chg 8/2011)

Worked All Washington Counties Award

In honor of our namesake county, the Washington Amateur Communications Club (WACOM) sponsors the Worked All Washington Counties Award for those amateurs who have contacted every Washington County in the United States.

Collect QSL cards for contacts on or after January 1, 1993 confirming contact with all 31 Washington Counties. Mail photocopies of your cards to WACOM along with a fee of $1 to cover postage. Your award will be sent to you after your QSL cards have been verified.

Apply to: WACOM, c/o Norma Plants N3YJJ, 236 Chambers Ridge Road, West Alexander, Pa 15376-2270.

States of the USA which have a county named after our first president Washington:

New York
North Carolina
Rhode Island


Tks K1BV Research 5/12 

Western Washington DX Club Series

General Requirements:  Awards cost is $US2 stations and free to others.  SWL OK.  Apply to: Awards Chairman, Western Washington DX Club Inc., PO Box 395, Mercer Island, WA. 98040.  

(Chg 7/2002) Rewritten.

Nightmare Alex Alpha Numeric Yearly (NAANY)

Said to be one of the underground classics in Ham Radio, this is a challenging award indeed. During a calendar year, QSO 250 of the possible 260 alphanumeric combinations consisting of last numbers and following first number of a stations callsign with stations outside your own continent. For example, JA1ABC counts as "1A", C21NI counts as "2I", VK9NS counts as "9N" and so forth. For North American stations, all DXCC countries classified as part of the NA continent are non-eligible; this includes IARU zones 1-8. Endorsement for all SSB or CW. 

Washington Totem Award

Submit proof of contact with 100 different Washington state stations. 20 of these must be confirmed contacts with different Western Washington DX Club members. (DX stations need only 25 Washington state and 10 WWDXC members). Contacts since 1 Jan 1973. The award may be issued with endorsements for band or mode at your request. 

The W7LVI Second Century of CW Award

December 1995 marked the 100th anniversary of radio communications. CW remains popular today due to its simplicity and elegance. Effective 1 Jan 1996, Western Washington DX Club is sponsoring this award to promote and reward the proficient use of Morse Code on the ham bands.

To earn the award, you must satisfy the following criteria of copying ability, competitiveness, long-distance capability and teaching newcomers to the hobby. W7LVI, a long time leader of the WWDXC exemplified these characteristics and we honor his memory by sponsoring this award..

1. Certified 20 Words Per Minute capability. US operators may submit a copy of their Extra Class license, others may submit a copy of a certificate attesting to at least this speed. US applicants may submit copy of their Extra Class License  granted before April 15, 2000. 

2. CW Contest Ability - Submit from one of the following contests during or after 1995 evidence of:

    a. 300 QSO's in the annual ARRL CW Sweepstakes
    b. 100 QSO's in a North American CW Sprint contest.
    c. 500 QSO's in any international CW DX Contest. (including CW QSOs from multi-mode contests, such as IARU HF Championship, ARRL 10 Meter, etc.)
    d. 250 QSO's in a North American CW QSO Party.

A copy of the signed summary sheet from your log submission is acceptable.

3. CW Dxing Ability: Submit evidence of earning one of these awards:

    a. ARRL CW DXCC or
    b. ARRL CW WAS, or
    c. QRP ARCI's 1000 Miles-per-watt award using CW. A copy of the certificate is acceptable.

  -- West Coast DX Group Series  --

General Requirements: All bands/modes OK except repeater contacts. GCR accepted, but manager reserves right to request any or all cards. For CA Lighthouse award, cards or photocopies must be sent. Fee is $US5 or 10 IRCs for certificate. Write for pricing on plaque. Applicant may bypass any lower levels and apply for any level desired. Apply to: G. Costello WC6DX, PO Box 1332, Monterey, CA. 93942-1332.

E-mail:             (Correction 4/01)
Internet:  Chg 9/09 

California Prefix Award (CAPX)

Work and confirm CA prefixes. There are 82 standard prefixes (K6, N6, W6, AA6-AK6, KA6-KZ6, NA6-NZ6, WA6-WZ6 minus KL6/KP6, NL6/NP6, WL6/WP6 which are not available for CA.) Separate award available for each level. Class D - 25 prefixes, Class C - 50, Class B - 75, Class A - all 82 standard CA prefixes.

Plaque available for all standard 82 prefixes. Plaque endorsement bar available for 100 CA prefixes; valid additional prefixes are commemorative prefixes authorized for use in CA during the 1984 Olympic Games, like WA23QDR, and the "200" number replacement during the US Constitution Bicentennial, like W200SD. Non-6 prefixes may be substituted for the equivalent 6-call. AA1AAA in California signing /6 or not) counts as AA6; WW0WWW / mobile 6 counts as WW6. In the application, just add the designator /6 (AA1AAA/6).

California Lighthouse Award (CLA)

Work and confirm stations operating from California Lighthouses. Stations operating from CA coastal lighthouses must be on the lighthouse grounds or within a two-mile radius; stations operating from a CA lighthouse on an island have no minimum distance. List of CA lighthouses available from sponsor. List of past CA lighthouse activations also available from sponsor. Separate award for each level. Class D = 5 lighthouses, Class C = 10, Class B = 15, Class A = 20.

Worked DX Callsigns (W-DX-C)

Work and confirm stations with the "DX" suffix. Class D requires 25 "DX" calls, Class C = 50, Class B = 75, Class A = 100. Plaque available at the 100 level.