Many Korean awards require working various combinations and numbers of HL/HM stations in different KDN's.
This list was provided by HL1KIS on 1-27-01


(KDN) Korea District Number

* deleted list


Seoul city

A11 Jongro gu

A12 Joong gu

A13 Seongdong gu

A14 Dongdaemoon gu

A15 Seongbook gu

A16 Seodaemoon gu

A17 Mapo gu

A18 Yongsan gu

A19 Youngdungpo gu

A20 Kwanak gu

A21 Dobong gu

A22 Kangnam gu

A23 Kangseo gu

A24 Eunpyoun gu

A25 Dongjack gu

A26 Kooro gu

A27 Kangdong gu

A28 Joongrang gu

A29 Nowon gu

A30 Seocho gu

A31 Yangcheon gu

A32 Song gu

A33 Kumcheon gu

A34 Kwangjin gu

A35 Kangbook gu

Pusan metropolitan city

B11 Dong gu

B12 Joong gu

B13 Seo gu

B14 Youngdo gu

B15 Pusanjin gu

B16 Dongrae gu

B17 Nam gu

B18 Book gu

B19 Haewoondae gu

B20 Saha gu

B21 Kumjung gu

B22 Kangseo gu

B23 Yonje gu

B24 Sueyoung gu

B25 Sasang gu

B26 Kijang gun

Kyonggido province

C01 Suewon city

C010 Koori city

C011 Pyoungtaek city

C012 Ahnsan city

C013 Kwacheon city

C014 Osan city

C015 Hanam city

C016 Koonpo city

C017 Uiwang city

C018 Shiheung city

C019 * Meekum city

C020 Koyang city

C021 Namyangjoo city

C022 Yonginn city

C023 Yicheon city

C024 Pajoo city

C03 Uijungboo city

C04 Seongnam city

C05 Boocheon city

C06 Ahnyang city

C07 Kwangmyoun city

C08 Dongdoocheon city

C09 Songtahn city

C12 * Shiheung gun

C13 Hwaseong gun

C14 * Pyoungtaek gun

C15 Ahnseong gun

C16 * Yonginn gun

C17 * Yicheon gun

C18 Yeojoo gun

C19 Kwangjoo gun

C20 Yangpyoun gun

C21 Kapyoun gun

C22 Pocheon gun

C23 Yoncheon gun

C24 Yangjoo gun

C25 * Pajoo gun

C27 Kimpo gun

C28 * Kanghwa gun

C29 * Ongjin gun

C30 * Namyangjoo gun

Kangwondo province

D01 Chooncheon city

D02 Wonjoo city

D03 Kanglung city

D04 Sokcho city

D05 Donghae city

D06 Taebaek city

D07 Samchuck city

D11 * Chooncheon gun

D12 Hongcheon gun

D13 Hoengseong gun

D14 * Wonjoo gun

D15 Pyoungchang gun

D16 Jungsun gun

D17 Youngwol gun

D18 * Samchuck gun

D19 * Myoungjoo gun

D20 Yangyang gun

D21 Innje gun

D22 Koseong gun

D23 Yanggoo gun

D24 Hwacheon gun

D25 Cheolwon gun

Choongbook Province

E01 Cheongjoo city

E02 Choongjoo city

E03 Jecheon city

E11 Cheongwon gun

E12 Boeun gun

E13 Okcheon gun

E14 Youngdong gun

E15 Koesan gun

E16 Jincheon gun

E17 Umseong gun

E18 * Joongwon gun

E19 * Jecheon gun

E20 Danyang gun

Choongnam Province

F02 Cheonahn city

F03 Kongjoo city

F04 * Onyang city

F05 * Daecheon city

F06 Seosan city

F07 Ahsan city

F08 Boryoun city

F09 Nonsan city

F11 * Nonsan gun

F12 * Kongjoo gun

F13 * Daedeok gun

F14 Yonki gun

F15 Cheonahn gun

F16 * Ahsan gun

F17 Tangjin gun

F18 * Seosan gun

F19 Yehsan gun

F20 Hongseong gun

F21 Cheongyang gun

F22 * Boryoun gun

F23 Seocheon gun

F24 Booyeo gun

F25 Kumsan gun

F26 Taean gun

Jeonbuk province

G01 Jeonjoo city

G02 Koonsan city

G03 * Yiri city

G04 * Jungjoo city

G06 Namwon city

G07 Kimje city

G08 Jungup city

G09 Icksan city

G11 Wanjoo gun

G12 * Icksan gun

G13 * Ok gu gun

G14 * Kimje gun

G15 Booahn gun

G16 Kochang gun

G17 * Jungup gun

G18 Soonchang gun

G19 Yimshil gun

G20 * Namwon gun

G21 Jangsue gun

G22 Jinan gun

G23 Moojoo gun

Jeonnam province

H02 Mockpo city

H03 Yeosue city

H04 Sooncheon city

H05 Najoo city

H06 Yeocheon city

H08 * Dongkwang

H09 Kwangyang city

H12 Jangseong gun

H13 Dahmyang gun

H14 Gokseong gun

H15 Koorye gun

H16 * Kwangyang gun

H17 * Seungjoo gun

H18 Yeocheon gun

H19 Koeung gun

H20 Boseong gun

H21 Hwasoon gun

H22 * Najoo gun

H23 Hampyoun gun

H24 Younggwang gun

H25 Mooahn gun

H26 Youngarm gun

H27 Kangjin gun

H28 Jangheung gun

H29 Haenam gun

H30 Wando gun

H31 Jindo gun

H32 Shinahn gun

Kyungbuk province

K010 * Jeomchon city

K011 Kyoungsan city

K012 Moonkyoun city

K02 Kimcheon city

K03 Kyoungjoo city

K04 Ahndong city

K05 Poang city

K06 Koomee city

K07 Youngjoo city

K08 Youngcheon city

K09 Sangjoo city

K11 * Dalseong gun

K12 Koryoung gun

K13 Seongjoo gun

K14 * Kumlung gun

K15 Chilgok gun

K16 Koonwe gun

K17 * Sunsan gun

K18 * Sangjoo gun

K19 * Moonkyoun gun

K20 Yehcheon gun

K21 * Youngpoong gun

K22 Bonghwa gun

K23 Youngyang gun

K24 * Ahndong gun

K25 Uiseong gun

K26 * Youngcheon gun

K27 * Kyoungsan gun

K28 Cheongdo gun

K29 * Kyoungjoo gun

K30 * Youngill gun

K31 Cheongsong gun

K32 Youngdeok gun

K33 Wooljin gun

K34 Woollung gun

Kyungnam province

L01 Masan city

L010 * Jangseung

L011 Tongyoung city

L012 Keoje city

L013 Sacheon city

L014 Yangsan city

L02 Jinjoo city

L03 * Choongmoo city

L04 Jinhae city

L05 * Samcheon

L06 * Woolsan city

L07 Changwon city

L08 Kimhae city

L09 Milyang city

L12 * Yangsan gun

L13 * Kimhae gun

L14 Hamahn gun

L15 Changwon gun

L16 * Keoje gun

L17 * Tongyoung gun

L18 Namhae gun

L19 Koseong gun

L20 * Sacheon gun

L21 Hadong gun

L22 * Jinyang gun

L23 Sancheon gun

L24 Hamyang gun

L25 Keochang gun

L26 Hapcheon gun

L27 Uiryoun gun

L28 Changnyong gun

L29 * Milyang gun

L30 * Woolsan gun

Jejoodo (Chejudo) Province

M01 Jejoo city

M02 Seokwipo city

M11 Bookjejoo gun

M12 Namjejoo gun

Incheon metropolitan city

N01 Joong gu

N02 Dong gu

N03 Nam gu

N04 * Book gu

N05 Namdong gu

N06 Seo gu

N07 Boopyoun gu

N08 Kyeyang gu

N09 Yonsue gu

N10 Kanghwa gun

N10 Kimpo gun

N11 Ongjin gun

Taegu metropolitan city

P01 Joong gu

P02 Dong gu

P03 Seo gu

P04 Nam gu

P05 Book gu

P06 Sueseong gu

P07 Dalseo gu

P08 Dalseong gun

Kwangjoo metropolitan city

Q01 Dong gu

Q02 Seo gu

Q03 Book gu

Q04 Kwangsan gu

Q05 Nam gu

Taejeon metropolitan city

R01 Daedeok gu

R02 Dong gu

R03 Seo gu

R04 Joong gu

R05 Youseong gu

Woolsan metropolitan city

S01 Joong gu

S02 Nam gu

S03 Dong gu

S04 Book gu

S05 Wooljoo gun

End of list.