Index of Lists:


Here is a collection of lists used in working towards a number of awards.  These lists are of club members, islands, counties, prefectures, etc.  
All of the rules for these awards are found in the K1BV DX Awards Directory.  

 If your list is here, but is out of date, e-mail or otherwise send me an up to date copy so I can show the most current information.

I have several dozen of these lists which I plan to add to this page as time permits. 


Country Name of Award List
Capital Cities of the World 
Argentina 125 Partidos de la Province de Buenos Aires
Austria AMRS member list   Chg 1/2004
Austrian Cities Award
Belarus AGB Award Series
Belgium Belgian Air Force ARA (BAFARA) member list Updated 6/03
Belgian Telegraphy Club - member list
Mechelen Award - member list
Noorderkempen Award (NOK) member list.
Brazil Brazilian Islands Award - link one 
Brazilian Islands Award - link two    Each of these valid when first listed.
Brazilian Historical Fortification list
Brazilian Lighthouses Award list
Canada Canadian Islands Award list   
Chile Chile Zone 12 Counties Award list of counties.
Croatia Islands of Croatia Award - island list 
Islands of Croatia - cross reference list to IOTA
Czech Republic OK DX Foundation Member List
Denmark Danish Islands list
England IOTA Island List (short format)
Finland Worked Contest Club of Finland - member list.
France French Island Award list
French Inland Islands Award list
French Overseas Islands Award list
Islands of Morbihan Award list
Germany AFM-DL list of DL amateur radio museums. 
AGCW List (click on downloads page) 7/2004
Complete DOK Listing (useful for MANY German awards.)  7/2009 
DIG (Diploma Interest Group) member list 11/2004
DSW member list. 
EFA (German Railway Workers Radio Society)  
Flying Hams Award - member list. 
Frobel Award   
German Islands listing 
German Lighthouses listing  4/04
Worked High Speed Club Award - member list  
IGARAG Diploma member list
Holzhammer & Original Mallet - member list  
JAIG member list.        7/2009 
Padre Roberto Landell de Moura - "key" stations list.  
Marinefunker (MF) Awards series member list.     
Red Ink Award - member list  
Weisser Stock Diplom (Blind amateurs group)    
Woodchoppers - member list   
Greece Alexander the Great Award - country list  
Hungary Worked Hungarian DX Club Award - member list. Updated 1/2004
Italy Italian Islands List
Italian Lighthouse List
Lecce Towns and Coastal "Towers" List  
Salento Islands List   
Sicilian Islands List  
Japan Fukushima Golden Award - cities/towns/villages lists 
Japanese Cities Listing (JCC)     Revised 2/04
Japanese GUNS Listing     Revised 2/04
Japanese Ku Listing      New 2/04
JCC / JCG listing on EXCEL97 worksheet by 7N2UTO   
Look for on his site linked above.
Japan Islands Award Listing   
Japan Ladies Radio Society Membership List  
Medical Amateur Radio Society Member List
Korea Korean District Number (KDN) listing  
Lithuania Kaunas Radio Club award - member list.  
Luxembourg Adrad Club member list.  
Netherlands Amsterdam DX Club member list
Norway WANCA - Norwegian Communes Listing
Poland Esperanto Award member list.  
League of Nature Protection member list   
SP CW Club member list    Revised 7/06
SP DX Club member list.      Link Provided to QTC Magazine  7/06
Portugal Portuguese Castles and Fortresses listing.  
Portuguese Islands Award - island listing  
Portuguese Lighthouse Award - lighthouse listing
Russia Arktika Members Listing    (Corrected 11/04)
Russian Oblasts listing
Russian Robinson Award (island list)   
Russian SSTV Club - members list
UDX Club member listing 
Scotland Scottish Islands Listing
Slovakia Slovak Districts listing for Diploma Slovensko   
Spain Spanish Interior Islands Award list
Valencia Communities List   
Switzerland Cantons of Switzerland
HB DIG Member List    
Ukraine Ukraine Islands Listing and UDXPF list of operations 
Ukraine Districts Listing  
  Ukraine Fauna / Flora Natural Parks List
Amateur Radio Direction Finding Member List
USA ARRL DXCC Country List
Mississippi Valley Award - Counties list.
PODXS 070 Members List (PSK Group) 
US Islands Award - island list   Excellent active program.
Western Washington DX Club
Westpark (Ohio) ARC member listing
YASME list of operations for the award/plaque 
Venezuela YV Islands Listing