County Awards of the United States
(Last change 6/9/13)

This file contains all the awards available for contacting counties in the individual United States.  This is a great way to bench-mark your progress towards the day you complete USA-CA.

Arizona (1 and 2) Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois
Indiana Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Mississippi Missouri
Montana New England New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio Pennsylvania Oklahoma
Oregon South Carolina South Dakota Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming

The following states DO NOT currently have a Worked All County Award.  At least, none that I'm aware of. Great project for a club. 

Alabama Alaska Delaware Hawaii
Idaho Iowa Kansas Minnesota Nebraska
New Mexico Nevada North Dakota Rhode Island Tennessee


ALABAMA                 Not being issued as of 10/13

Worked All Alabama Counties

Sponsored by the South Baldwin ARC . Work and confirm each of the 67 counties in Alabama on or after 1 September 2008. (Direct contacts only, no repeater, IRLP, etc.) All contacts must have been made from the same country, or for Alabama stations, the same county. All bands and modes OK. Complete the required application form and GCR list of confirmed contacts found on the club website, plus fee of $US5 ($US7 for DX). Apply to WAAC Award Manager, South Baldwin Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 491, Robertsdale, AL. 36567.


Tks W5VK 7/2008
verified 3/26/10 

ARIZONA     (1)

DO_AZ Award

Contact Arizona counties in any of 4 categories:

1. Work all AZ counties with Full Time Arizona residents.

2. Work each AZ county two times on one or more HF bands.

3. Work 25 or more holders of this award while they are in AZ.

4. Work all AZ counties with one DO_AZ holder of record.

Contacts must be with a 2X2 or better report exchange. Endorsements for band/mode/etc upon request. Use special application available from sponsor. Apply with fee of $US1 to: The B&B Shop, 12312 N. 37th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85029. 

(TKS W0OWY)(97)
verified 3/26/10 

ARIZONA    (2)

Worked All Counties Award

Contact each of the 15 counties of the state of Arizona. All bands and modes of CW, SSB, FM, RTTY or Satellite. No endorsements available at this time. Contacts made via Cross Mode, Cross Band, (except satellite QSOs), Repeaters, Echo Link, CQ100 and IRLP do NOT count.) Fixed or mobile OK. Send e-mail to address shown below for special application. Subject line of your message should read: AZ-WAC APPLICATION.

GCR list is accepted. There is NO CHARGE for the award when you accept an electronic image of the award which you may print in your shack. If you wish pre-printed award mailed to you, the fee is $US5. In that case, mail application and fee to: Yavapai Amateur Radio Club, Attn:AZ-WAC, PO Box 11994, Prescott, AZ. 86304-1994.

Special Centennial Award will be issued if all contacts are made in 2012.


Tks W7YRC 9/2009
verified  3/26/10 


Worked All Arkansas

Sponsored by the Amateur Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest (ARKAN) for contacting each of the 75 counties of Arkansas. Mixed band and mode OK. Write to sponsor for special application/worksheet. SWL OK. GCR list only.  Award is FREE in the form of a PDF document that you print yourself. Use the application form found on their website. Apply to ARKAN, PO Box 9701, Fayetteville, AR. 72702.


(Chg 6/17/2013) 


Worked All California Counties Certificate

Sponsored by the Northern  California Contest Club.  Contact each of the 58 different counties after 1 October 1987. All bands and modes ok, but no repeater or digipeater QSO's allowed. E-QSL's not valid for the award. County must be printed or written on the card by person issuing the QSL. Portable and mobiles OK. Contacts must be made from the same country. Endorsements available by band or mode. Application available on their web site in downloadable version.   Send the 58 cards and $US3 or 10 IRC's to: NCCC WACC Award, c/o Fred Jensen, K6DGW,  670 Old Airport Road, Auburn, CA 95603

verified 3/26/10 

(Chg 08)


    Colorado QRP Club Series
Requirements: No use of repeaters. Contacts must be made using QRP, under 5W. GCR list and fee of $US3 to Colorado QRP Club Inc., PO Box 371883, Denver, CO. 80237_1883.


Colorado QRP Counties Award

Contact Colorado counties using only QRP (<5W output) on or after 1 Jan 1995. All bands and modes. Basic certificate is awarded for 5 counties and a series of special seals for completing 5 groups of additional countries. (List on request to award sponsor). No repeaters. County lines OK for not more than 2 counties. Endorsements for single mode and 100% QRP to QRP.

Indicate level applying for when you write. Endorsement seals are $1US. GCR list and fee of $1US to Marie Dambrosky WB0HUC, 2146 So. Washington St., Denver, CO. 80210.

(Chg 12/09)
verified 3/26/10 


Connecticut Counties Award

Sponsored by the Candlewood ARA for contacting each of the 8 counties of Connecticut: Litchfield, Fairfield, New Haven, Hartford, Middlesex, Tolland, New London and Windham. All modes and bands, no date restrictions. GCR list and 2 first class stamps for USA applicants or 3 IRC's for all others. Apply to: CARA, PO Box 3441, Danbury, CT. 06813. 

Awards editor K1BV lives in Tolland County and is within walking distance of Windham and New London counties. 

(TKS N8WXQ)(96)
verified in person 3/2010

DELAWARE            Removed, hopefully temporarily.  Custodian promised to mail, several months ago, but nothing as of 2/16/10. 

-1- Worked All Delaware Award

Available to any licensed amateur who shows proof of working all 3 counties in Delaware. No use of repeaters. Send the cards (they will be returned along with the award) and fee of $5.00 for US and $8.00 all others. SWL OK. Joseph M. Grib, Jr., KI3B, 42 Anderson Ct., Bear, DE 19701_1676. 


(Chg 9/2006)


Worked All Florida Award       (Revision of existing award 2/28/17 )

Contact all 67 counties of the State of Florida, beginning January 1, 2017, using any mode, any band, no repeater contacts.

The award may be endorsed for band and mode as follows: 
2. Bands: 10 12 15 17 20 30 40 80 160 VHF UHF

A special endorsement is available for working all 67 counties during a single FQP (Florida QSO Party). The cost of the award is for domestic stations is $5. For DX stations the cost is $6 or 5 IRCs. QSLs are not required. Send a GCR list* to: Charlie Wooten NF4A, 1709 New Hampshire Ave., Lynn Haven, FL 32444.

WAF CERTIFICATE: You may download the Worked All Florida application at the Internet address shown below. You may then receive an e-award using (PDF): WORKED ALL FLORIDA APPLICATION

Note the special conditions as follows:
(1) SWL stations are not eligible for the WAF award.
(2) FM/Repeater contacts not permitted for the WAF award.

Internet: (rules)
Internet: (application) : pp.pdf

Tks KK3Q 2/28/17


Worked All Georgia Award

Sponsored by the Atlanta Radio Club for working Georgia counties. Basic certificate issued for 50 counties, endorsements for 100 and all 159. The award complements the annual Georgia QSO Party, which is a good way to work many of the lightly populated counties. All bands except WARC. All modes accepted, though all contacts must use the same mode; endorsements for CW, Phone, Digital, Satellite, single band and all 5 HF bands. No repeater or cross-mode contacts. Award is free of charge.

Applicants must use sponsorís official application form available for SASE or downloaded from their web site. GCR list is accepted. E_QSLís accepted as well. Award manager reserves the right to request any cards for validity. Those who have completed USA_CA All Counties may receive the award with a simple request including their award number. Apply to: Edward A. "Skip" Kazmarek (K4EAK), 1190 Byrnwyck Road, Atlanta, GA 30319

Verified 3/29/10 

(Chg 10) 


Worked All Illinois Counties Award

Sponsored by the Fox River Radio League for contacting at least 62 or more Illinois counties on any band or mode. Endorsements for 82 counties and a grand certificate for all 102 counties. Endorsements for specific bands or modes are available at each level. No use of cross modes, repeaters or digipeaters for this award. Satellite contacts OK. Portable and mobile contacts OK, but confirmation must indicate the county. Applicant must possess the confirmations, such as physical QSL card or LOTW for each county that details the station worked, date, time, frequency, mode and county. Send a completed application (found on their website), record sheet and fee of $US5 for each certificate. Fee for endorsements is $US1. Apply to: Fox River Radio League, Lawrence O. Shaw W9OKI, 147 N. Buckingham Drive, Sugar Grove, IL. 60554.


Verified 3/29/10 

Tks W9OKI 9/09


Worked All Indiana Award

Contact each of the 92 counties of Indiana.  All bands and modes.  No date restrictions.  Initial award is issued for contacting 60 counties with endorsements at 75, 85 and all 92 counties.  No endorsements available for band and mode.  No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed.  Electronic confirmations not allowed.  Applicants must use the Hoosier DX and Contest Club application form and GCR list which are available on the club website listed below.  Submit the completed application, GCR lis, fee of $US5 t and a 9 X 12" SASE for certificate. Endorsement stickers cost $US2. The award manager reserves the right to request any cards to verify validity.  Apply to: Worked All Indiana Award Manager, Mark E. Musick WB9CIF, PO Box 575, Plainfield, IN. 46168.  


Verified  3/26/2010 
Corrected 11/11/11 

New 3/2006


Worked All Kentucky Award 

Sponsored by Quarter Century Wireless Association Bluegrass Chapter 214. Contact and confirm each of the 120 counties of Kentucky using any band or mode. There are no date restrictions. SWL OK. No endorsements available. Applicants must use The Bluegrass Chapter 214 application form and county list both of which may be downloaded from their official website at or by sending an SASE to the award manager.

Complete the county list and application and submit with fee of $US7.00. The award manager reserves the right to request any of the cards to check for validity. Mail to the Worked All Kentucky Award manager, Dave Vest, K8DV, 2934 Rontina Drive, Goshen, Ohio 45122, USA.


Verified 3/26/10 OK. 

New 4/27/08


Worked All Parishes Award

Contact each of the 64 parishes of Louisiana on or after 1 Sept 1996. All bands and modes; only direct contacts, no use of repeaters. Send the cards or photocopies. If cards are sent, include sufficient postage for their return in addition to the award fee of $US2. Contacts must have been made by the same individual using call signs assigned to him/her. If contacts were made under different call signs, you must list them and declare they were assigned. Apply to: Baton Rouge ARC, PO Box 4004, Baton Rouge, LA. 70821.


Verified 3/29/10 

(Chg 11/20/12



Sponsored by the Pine State ARC and available for any amateur who works all 16 Maine counties on or after 1 January 1993.  No use of repeaters.  An official application is required and is available either on their website or directly from sponsor for SASE. Band or mode endorsements are available upon request.  GCR list and fee of $US3 should be sent to: Pine State Amateur Radio Club, WAM Awards Manager, 14 Bomarc Road, Bangor, ME 04401.


Verified OK 3/26/10 

(Chg 5/15)


Worked All Maryland

Work all 23 Maryland Counties plus Baltimore City, (24) contacts in all. No date restrictions. NO REPEATER CONTACTS allowed. Submit application with GCR list, QSL''s and 9 X 12 SASE. Endorsements will be available for band and mode. For endorsements please, submit application, and 9 X 12 SASE. (Note: Washington, DC counts for either Montgomery or Prince Georges county.   This award is being personally sponsored by N3WD.  Mail applications for this one to: Bill Dobson N3WD, P.O. Box 922, Reisterstown, MD 21136.

Internet site: 

Verified 3/29/10 


Worked All Massachusetts Counties Award

Contact stations in all 14 Massachusetts Counties.  Within the USA, all contacts must have been made from one county, from outside the USA, contacts must have been made within the same country.  No use of repeaters or digipeaters.  Satellite QSOs are OK.  All bands and modes.  No contacts made prior to December to 21, 1620 are permitted.  Refer to WWW site for application form.  Send application and fee of $US5 (stations outside the USA $US6) to: Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 900, Pepperell, MA. 01465.


Verified OK 3/26/10 

New 4/10/2005


Worked All Michigan Counties Award

Work all 83 Michigan counties on or after 1 January 1964.  All bands 160 through 2 meters, all modes OK, except no repeater or digipeater contacts and no cross-mode contacts.  Contacts may be made from multiple locations within the same state for U.S. applicants or country for foreign applicants. GCR list must list station worked, date, time, frequency, mode and county.  Electronic QSLs are acceptable as long as you possess a printed copy.  USA-CA holders may submit their award number and the call/s that were used to earn the award.  They do not have to fill out the rest of the application.  Fee is $US5 for US applicants - check or money order.  Foreign applicants $US7 - money order only.  An official application form is required and is found on their website as a PDF file.


Verified  OK 3/26/10 

Tks Mike Kelso

MINNESOTA            No reply to e-mail, club website does not list any awards offered anymore. 

Worked All Minnesota Award

Sponsored by the St. Paul Radio club for confirmed contacts with Minnesota counties in 5 levels starting at 50 with endorsements for 60, 70, 80 and all 87. Requires special application available from sponsor for SASE. Endorsements for single band and mode upon request. GCR or notarized list and fee of $US2 or 6 IRC for initial award; no charge for endorsements, but SASE requested. Apply to custodian: Paul Thompson KI0RF, 395 Sims Avenue E., St. Paul, MN 55101. (Also to St. Paul Radio Club, PO Box 9375, North St. Paul, MN 55109).

Sent e-mail to check out on 3/29/10 

Tks KI0RF 3/02


Worked All Mississippi Counties Award

Sponsored by the 599 DX Association to promote on-the-air activity among stations both inside and outside of the state of Mississippi. The basic award requires proof of contact with at least 41 of the 82 Mississippi counties. When you provide proof of having contacted all 82 Mississippi counties, you are eligible to apply for their handcrafted wooden plaque. All bands and modes OK, with the exception of repeater or VoIP. Modes will not be shown on the award.

Send a GCR list, which can be found on the club website noted below. The application is a PDF form of the type you can enter information in designated fields.

Fee for the certificate is $US10. Fee for the plaque is $US70 for USA stations and $US100 for shipping to DX addresses. Send completed application and payment using cash, check or money order to: Jason Mchail, PO Box 104, Brooklyn, MS. 39425. (For any other payment method, such as PayPal, IRCs etc., contact manager for further instructions.


Internet: (Awards)

Tks N5FG 5/30/13



Sponsored by the Central Missouri Radio Association (CMRA) to encourage HF radio activity involving Missouri counties.  Contact each of the 115 Missouri counties (including St. Louis City).  The award is offered for CW, Digital (PSK31, RTTY), Phone or Mixed modes and endorsed on any single band from 160 to 2 meters or Mixed, 5 HF bands (10, 15, 20, 40 and 80) or QRP.  The applicant may make the contacts from either a single location, all mobile or as a rover, making a QSO from each Missouri county.  USA-CA holders need only submit number of their certificate and issue date.  In addition, eQSL or a LOTW file may be used as well as the traditional GCR list by two licensed amateurs. Applicants must use the PDF application found on the club website shown below.  Apply to: Central Missouri Radio Association, c/o Dave Larsen KV0S, PO Box 283, Columbia, MO.  65205-0283.


Checked OK 3/26/10 

Tks KV0S 11/2006


Worked All Montana Counties Plaque

Work and confirm all 56 Montana counties.  All bands 160 through 2 meters, all modes OK, except no repeater or cross-mode contacts.  Send a GCR list including station worked, date, time, frequency, mode and county.   USA-CA holders may submit their award number as evidence of having worked all of the Montana counties.  They do not have to fill out a formal application.  The award is a hand made and unique wooden plaque. Fee is $15 for US applicants.  Foreign applicants should write sponsor for current cost.  Apply to: Gene Copeland KC7WWY, 121 7 Avenue N, PO Box 184, Malta, MT. 59538.

Verified 3/29/10 


Worked All New England Award (WANE)

Contact 50 of the 67 counties in the 6 New England states. (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT). Contacts with mobiles or through repeaters are not valid. US contacts should be made from the same USA county; outside USA from the same country. All 6 states must be included. Endorsement stickers for 62 and all 67 counties. All bands and modes. No fee, but if cards are sent, include return postage. GCR list and one of your own QSL cards to: WANE Manager, Stella Lapanne KC1MX, 460 Sherburne Road, Portsmouth, NH 03801. (Or to: Port City ARC, PO Box 1587, Portsmouth, NH 03801)


(Verified 3/29/10)

Androscoggin Addison Barnstable Belknap Fairfield Bristol
Aroostok Bennington Berkshire Carroll Hartford Kent
Cumberland Caledonia Bristol Cheshire Litchfield Newport
Franklin Chittenden Dukes Coos Middlesex Providence
Hancock Essex Essex Grafton New Haven Washington
Kennebec Franklin Franklin Hillsboro New London  
Knox Grand Isle Hampden Merrimack Tolland  
Lincoln Lamoille Hampshire Rockingham Windham  
Oxford Orange Middlesex Stafford    
Penebscot Orleans Nantucket Sullivan    
Piscataquis Rutland Norfolk      
Sagadahoc Washington Plymouth      
Somerset Windham Suffolk      
Waldo Windsor Worcester      


Work All New Hampshire Counties

Work and Confirm a QSO with each of the 10 Counties of New Hampshire using all bands and modes. The award is available to All Amateur Radio Operators. Mobile and Portable QSOs are allowed. No use of Repeater, Digipeater or any relay contacts.
A QSO from NM1JY which I believe to be a Land based Submarine Museum, I will count as a Contact from Rockingham County.
Cards are not needed as long as you have the QSL's in your possession. Please Have 2 General Class or Higher Amateurs not related to the applicant, sign the Application verifying they have seen your QSL Cards. If you are unable to find two witnesses you may send your QSL Cards and they will be returned with your award. Endorsements available for CW, Digital or Single Band. No extra Cost for Endorsements.
Send the GCR list and fee of $1 USD For North American Amateurs (US, Canada, Mexico); $4 USD or 4 IRC's for DX to Stephen Hans, KC2VUE 25 Delamater Way Troy, NY 12180.

If cards are to be returned, the sponsor will use the address on to send the Award and QSL Cards back, unless you specify otherwise. 


Tks KC2VUE 7/10 


Worked All New Jersey Counties

Contact each of the 21 counties of New Jersey. All contacts must have been made within a radius of 45Km of your home. No repeaters or other use of relays allowed. GCR list in county alphabetical order is required. Sponsor request you use application form found on website, or a copy of this form. Endorsements for band or mode upon request.  Fee for the award is $US2 for USA stations, and FREE to DX.  Apply to Award Manager, Morris Radio Club Inc., PO Box 88, Whippany, NJ 07981-0088.

(Chg 12/09)

NJ Counties: Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren.


Checked OK 3/26/10 

NJ Counties: Atlantic Bergen Burlington Camden Cape May Cumberland Essex Gloucester Hudson Hunterdon Mercer Middlesex Monmouth Morris Ocean Passaic Salem Somerset Sussex Union Warren.


Worked All New York Counties Award

The RZS Solutions, Inc. Amateur Radio Club (W2RZS) sponsors the Worked All New York Counties award for confirming two way amateur radio communication with all 62 New York counties. An excellent way to accomplish this is to participate in the New York QSO Party, which is sponsored by the Rochester, NY DX Association on the third Saturday in October.

There are 62 counties in the State of New York. New York City encompasses five counties: New York County (Manhattan), Kings County (Brooklyn), Bronx County (The Bronx), Richmond County (Staten Island), and Queens County (Queens). The first twelve counties in New York were created immediately after the British annexation of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, although two of these counties have since been abolished. The most recent county formation in New York was in 1912, when Bronx County was created from the portions of New York City that had been annexed from Westchester County. New York's counties are named for a variety of Native American words, British provinces, cities, and royalty, early American statesmen and generals, and state politicians.

Worked All New York Counties Award Rules:
1. Two way contacts, consisting of at least an exchange of call signs and a signal report, may be made on any amateur radio band using any mode.
2. Repeater, Digipeater, IRLP, and Echolink contacts are not considered for this award.
3. For stations within the United States, all contacts must be made from the same county. For DX stations, all contacts must be made from the same country.
4. QSOs with portable and mobile stations are acceptable. Stations on county lines can count for multiple counties.
5. A confirmation must be submitted for each of the 62 counties worked. The following information must be provided for each contact: Call sign of the station worked, date, frequency/band, mode, and county. See their web site for a county summary sheet.
6. Confirmations may be any combination of the following:
     * Physical QSL card, with the NY county name printed or written on each card. If original QSLs are sent with your application, please include sufficient return postage for their return. .
     * Scans or copies of QSL cards are acceptable.
     * An export from your logging program, listing only QSOs with the 62 New York counties, in ADIF format or in an Excel spreadsheet.
     * A listing of all 62 QSOs with the required data, signed by the operator.
* A copy of your USA-CA Worked all 3077 counties certificate

7. Complete the Worked All New York Counties Award Application, and mail with $5.00 (cash or USPS money order) or 5 current IRCs to: Robert S. Schaps, WB2NVR, RZS Amateur Radio Club, 40 Saw Mill River Road, Suite LL3, Hawthorne, NY 10532-1552, U. S. A.


Chg 5/2012



Worked All North Carolina Counties Award (WANC)

The Forsyth Amateur Radio Club, W4NC, in Winston Salem, North Carolina sponsors an award for any stations who submit proof of 2 way contact with stations in all 100 North Carolina Counties. Endorsement for any mode, any single band or 5 bands. WARC bands are OK, but will not count for the 5 band endorsement. All contacts must be made using the same mode. No use of repeater or cross mode contacts. Use special application sheet available from the sponsor for SASE or as a .PDF file found on his website.  Cards are not required. GCR signed list by two non_family amateur licensees, General Class or higher. USA-CA holders applying for the "ALL CW"  may receive the certificate by sending an e-mail to KU4BP, submitting their USA-CA ALL CW number and award date. Stations who have earned USA-CA  for "PHONE" or "Mixed Mode awards should apply in the normal method.   Award is FREE.  Sponsor reserves the right to spot check any contacts. Send completed application and county record sheets to: Ed Swiderski KU4BP, 2105 D Fiddlers Court, Winston Salem, North Carolina  27107. 


Chg 3/2010

NORTH DAKOTA               Removed 4/24/10, no reply to e-mail and letter. 

Worked All North Dakota Counties Award

Sponsored by the Theodore Roosevelt ARC for working all of the ND counties. SWL OK. QSL's must be in your possession. NO repeater, satellite or moon bounce QSO's. Official application form requested and available from sponsor. Award fee is $US3 and SASE to: Steve Allar N0ELA, 1701 6th Avenue NE, Beulah, ND 58523.

No WWW site or e-mail.  Wrote to verify on 3/29/10 



Ohio County Award

Basic award is issued for contacting 22 of the 88 counties, one of which must be Montgomery County. Endorsements for 44, 66 and all 88. All bands and modes OK, except no use of repeaters or digipeaters. Cards must be in your possession and available on request. Award is FREE, send 9"x12" SASE with GCR list to: Ohio County Award, Dayton Amateur Radio Association, PO Box 44, Dayton, Ohio. 45401-0044.

(Tks W8ICQ)(Chg 6/10)



The Oklahoma DX Association (OKDXA) sponsors this certificate to any licensed amateur who submits proof of working all 77 Oklahoma counties. No use of repeaters, satellites, relays of any type. All bands OK. Unless otherwise indicated, the QTH printed on the cards will determine county identity. You may mail all 77 cards or mail a GCR list to the sponsor. (A single signature is accepted from any certified ARRL card checker or Section Manager). Fee for the award is $US5, no IRCs wanted, please. Apply to: Bruce Burnette - K5PX, 7 Spring Creek Lane, Broken Arrow, OK 74014.


Verified 3/29/10 

(Chg 3/2010)


Worked Oregon Counties Award
"Alis Volat Propriis"

Sponsored by the Salem A.R.C for contacting Oregon counties on or after 1 January 2007.  "Alis Volat Propriis", is the Oregon state motto, meaning "She Flies With Her Own Wings", appropriate for radio communication and this award.  The basic certificate is issued for contacting 25 of Oregonís 36 counties. Endorsements for 30, and all 36 counties.

 Endorsements must follow the band or modes used to complete the original certificate. Endorsements available for any band or mode combination. Contacts with mobile, portable or fixed stations on county lines are valid as long as the QSL or log extract clearly states the counties involved. Contacts via repeaters, digipeaters, moon-bounce, satellites, packet, pactor, RTTY, and similar systems are acceptable, from any and all locations. Contacts made while mobile or portable in the State of Oregon are valid, and that travelers in Oregon can use repeater contacts anywhere in the state to work any of the counties. SWL OK. GCR list (or original cards) and fee of $US3 to Vince Van Der Hyde, K7VV, 7521 Twin Fir Lane S., Salem, Oregon, 97309.

Tks K7VV 6/2010



1. Sponsored by the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club for confirmed QSOs with all 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. QSL cards must be in the applicant's possession. QSL cards will include paper or electronic. Log Book of the World Records will also be accepted. Basic award issued at 20 counties. A separate certificate will be awarded at 40 and 70 counties. An endorsement will be given when all 67 counties are worked. Endorsements are also available for single band or mode. All bands and modes.

2. Contacts made using repeating devices such as FM repeaters, Amateur satellites, moon-bounce, and keyboard-to-keyboard contacts through digipeaters/nodes are valid, because these QSOs are made in real or near-real time. Contacts using IRLP, Echolink, or D-Star are valid as long as a radio is being used by both operators. All Contacts must be made from the same county.

3. Contacts made by storing messages on BBS type stations (whether terrestrial or on board satellites) or by forwarding messages through a network of such BBSs are not valid.

4. Applicants shall submit a list of QSO's, alphabetized by county, showing the following QSO data: county, call sign of station contacted, band, mode, date, and UTC time. The name and call sign of the applicant should be printed clearly, exactly as they are to appear on the certificate. QSOs made under different call signs of the same operator are permitted. The call signs should be indicated on the application.

5. QSL cards and the application are to be presented to one of the following for checking and verification: (a) the president of a ham radio club, or (b) an official of the ARRL or DX applicant's national Amateur Radio society. If cards are mailed to the award sponsor sufficient postage or IRCs should be included to cover return shipping and postage.

6. The following statement, or equivalent language, should appear on the application. The person who checks the cards should sign this statement and also clearly print his or her name and position title. The statement: "I have examined QSL cards for all the listed contacts. The information is accurate as listed."

7. Award fee and return envelope: Applicants in the USA should enclose a check for $3.00 for each endorsement level, payable to Holmesburg ARC. DX applicants (including Canada), please send 1 IRC. All applicants should include their mailing address for an 8 ī x 11 inch (21.5 x 28 cm) certificate.

8. Mail the completed application to: Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club, 3341 Sheffield Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136.


Tks KK7X 6/18/10

RHODE ISLAND             WA5SWN applied 5-18-07, two follow-ups 4-5-08 and 4-2-10 (certified mail) No response.  Rules removed 4/7/11.  

Worked All RI Counties Award

Sponsored by the CT/RI Contest Group. Work all 5 RI Counties (Bristol, Kent, Newport, Providence, Washington) using any bands or modes. No use of repeaters. No time limits. RI applicants must make all contacts from one county. Send a GCR list (photocopies of front and back are accepted) along with fee of $US7 to CTRI Awards Manager, Matthew Atwood WE1H, 68 Griswold Road, Grand Isle, VT. 05458.


Checked OK 3/26/10 

Tks Internet reflector 3/2004.


Worked All South Carolina Award

Available to all amateurs who provide proof of 2_way contact with all 46 counties in South Carolina. All bands and modes may be used, but all QSOs must be made on the same mode. No use of repeaters or cross mode. GCR is accepted, and sponsor requires special application which is available for SASE. USA_CA All County holders may waive all other requirements by stating their USA_CA All County number and award date. The WASC manager reserves the right to spot check any cards for validity by contacting any of the stations for claimed QSOs. Fee for the award is $US5. Apply to: Dave Hyatt KU4YM, 116 Old Course Road, Summerville, SC. 29485-6208.


Checked OK 3/29/10 

(Chg 3/10) 


Worked All South Dakota Counties Award

Issued to any licensed amateur radio operator who submits a WASDC application form listing confirmed, two-way QSOís made on or after 31 December 2008, with each of South Dakotaís 66 counties. The WASDC application form must be signed by the applicant and include suitable QSL verification. All bands and modes, except that repeater QSOs and VoIP modes are not allowed. All contacts must be made from the same county, parish, district, or location. Contact with portable and mobile stations OK. Stations on county lines can count for both counties, provided the confirmation from the worked station confirms the county line operation. No more than 10 counties can be counted from a single station. The award may be endorsed for single band or mode (except phone modes). 

The applicant should use the official WASDC application found on their web site. Suitable proof of contact can be made by any of the following:
1. Submitting all QSL cards. Include a self-addressed stamped (with adequate postage) envelope for return of your QSL cards,
2. Photocopies of all QSL cards (front and back) showing confirmed contact with each of South Dakotaís 66 counties, or 
3. GCR list from 2 General, Advanced, or Extra class hams certifying the examination of your QSL cards. Send fee of $US5 . For DX applicants fee is $US7 or 10 IRCs. Apply to: Sioux Empire Amateur Radio Club, PO Box 91, Sioux Falls, SD 57101.


Checked 3/26/10 OK. 

Tks N0MAU 1/09

TEXAS     - no longer sponsored by the Temple ARC per KE5C. 

-1- Worked All Texas Award

Contact Texas counties in 5 different levels. No time limits. All bands and modes, but no use of repeaters. Award levels and counties as follows:

I - 50 counties, II - 100, III - 150, IV - 200, V - All 254.

Sponsor requests you use special application which is available for SASE or at the Internet site at: . Holders of the USA_CA All counties level automatically qualify. They should submit USA_CA number with date award was achieved. Certificate with all endorsements will be awarded for price of certificate alone. GCR accepted, but will require THREE non_family licensed amateurs. Provide list and fee of $US5 for basic certificate. Each seal for higher endorsments is $US2. Apply to: Worked All Texas Award, c/o Temple ARC, PO Box 616, Temple, TX. 76503.

(Tks W5RYV)(00)


-2- Texas Century Club (TXCC)

Sponsored by the Northwest ARS which sponsors the annual Texas QSO party normally scheduled in late September each year. Work and confirm at least 100 Texas counties on or after 1 January 1999. Endorsement for working all 254 counties. Endorsements available for single band or mode or all mobile. Available to licensed amateurs only. GCR list and fee of $US10 ($US2 for endorsements) to: Northwest ARS, Texas QSO Party, Committee, Norm Covey K5OS, 30603 North High Meadow Circle, Magnolia TX 77355_2167.



Tks K5OS 6/15/2003
Checked 3/28/10 - OK. 


Worked Utah Awards Series

General Requirements: All bands may be used, including WARC, VHF, and satellite. Contacts may be made with fixed, portable or mobile stations as long as the Utah stations are within boundaries of the counties, cities or county seats.

SWL OK. Endorsements for single band or mode are available. Contacts may be verified in one of three ways: Send the QSL cards for verification along with sufficient postage to return them, make photocopies of each card and submit with the application, or use GCR rule with verification by two licensed amateurs of General Class or higher or by the officer of a local radio club or society. Submit application and fee of $US4 or 4 IRCs to Ray A. Friess WA7ITZ, 1801 Jennifer Way, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.


(Chg 6/2007)
Verified 3/30/10 

     Worked Utah Counties Award

Work 15, 20, 25 or all of Utah's 29 counties. A new certificate will be issued for each subsequent level you earn.

     Worked Utah's 15 Largest Cities Award

Work and confirm 8 or all 15 of the 15 largest cities in the state. Seven of them are within the boundaries of Salt Lake County, so be sure that the confirmations specifically name the city. The cities within Salt Lake County border on each other, and some stations may use a general QTH of Salt Lake City when they are in one of the other cities because Salt Lake City is generally recognized around the world.

The cities are:

1. Salt Lake City    6. Ogden      11. Logan
2. West Valley City    7. West Jordan      12. Bountiful
3. Provo             8. Layton 13. Murray
4. Sandy     9. Taylorsville 14. Roy
5. Orem      10. St. George   15. South Jordan

      Worked Utah's County Seats Award

There are 29 counties in Utah, and each has a county seat which contains county administration and law facilities. The award is available in the same categories as the Worked Utah Counties Award - 15, 20, 25, and all 29. QSL's should specifically identify the actual town.

The county seats are: (First name is county, second name is county seat).

Beaver (Beaver)    Box Elder (Brigham City)  Cache (Logan)    
Carbon (Price)  Daggett (Manila)   Davis (Farmington)
Duchesne (Duchesne)  Emery (Castle Dale)  Garfield (Panguitch)
Grand (Moab)  Iron (Parowan)   Juab (Nephi)
 Kane (Kanab) Millard (Fillmore)  Morgan ( Morgan)
Piute ( Junction) Rich (Randolph)  Salt Lake (Salt Lake City)
San Juan (Monticello) Sanpete (Manti)   Sevier ( Richfield)
Summit (Coalville)  Tooele (Tooele)  Uinta (Vernal)
Utah (Provo)  Wasatch (Heber) Washington (St. George)
Weber (Ogden) Wayne (Loa)  

  The Worked Utah Century Club Award.

Contact Utah stations per the requirements listed below.  All modes and bands permissible.  
     Bronze: Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations in Utah  These can be Utah residents, mobiles passing through, or portable stations temporarily in Utah. 
     Silver:  Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations whose permanent QTH is Utah.  One contact required from each of the 29 Utah counties. 
     Gold: Work and confirm a minimum of 100 stations whose permanent QTH is Utah.  One contact required from each Utah county seat.

Those who qualify will receive both the Century Club Award and the County Seat and All County Awards as well (or all three)  A certificate or plaque will be available. 


Worked Vermont Award

Work at least 13 of the 14 Vermont Counties. All bands and modes, except repeaters. No time limits. Vermont stations may qualify if they remain in one county. GCR list or send photocopies of the cards and fee of $US4 to Central Vermont ARC, W1BD, PO Box 74 South Barre, VT. 05670.

(Chg 3/2010)


Worked All Virginia Award

Sponsored by the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club of Fredericksburg, Virginia to promote radio activity in the state of Virginia and to encourage contacts with Virginia amateurs.  Available to amateurs worldwide for making contact with at least 50 Virginia counties and Independant Cities.  Contacts may be made from any QTH.

    Basic Award - contact 50 counties or Independent cities.
    Golden Endorsement - contact all 95 counties or an Independent City bordering the county claimed.  If using the independent city to claim credit for working a county, you may use that independent city credit for only ONE county (for example, if you work a station in Richmond, you can't claim credit for working Henrico County AND Chesterfield County. 
    Virginia President's Endorsement - requires communication with a station in each of the 95 counties (not a bordering Independent City) AND each of the Independent cities. 

All bands and modes OK.  No use of repeater, phone patch or cross-mode QSOs allowed.  Applications must be submitted on the WAV application form along with a county record sheet showing callsign and county of station worked, date, time (UTC), and mode.  Applications and county record sheets can be obtained by sending a legal size SASE, via E-Mail file attachment, or by download for their website.

Send application and fee of $US5 for the Basic Award.  SASE for the endorsement stickers.  Apply to: Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club, c/o Worked All Virginia Award, PO Box 1496, College Station, Fredericksburg, VA. 22402.  


(Verified 3/28/10) 


Counties of Washington State Award

Sponsored by Clark County ARC. Work all 39 counties of Washington State after 1 Jan 1995 and receive a beautiful certificate. No SWL. All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of $US5 for a pre-printed award to be mailed to you, otherwise, the award is FREE in the form of an Adobe .PDF file you can use to print the award in your shack.  Apply toClark County ARC, Attn: WA-WAC ,PO Box 1424, Vancouver, WA 98668. Use application form on their website. .

Washington counties are: Adams Asotin Benton Chelan Callam Clark Columbia Cowlitz Douglas Ferry Franklin Garfield Grant Grays Harbor Island Jefferson King Kitsap Kittitas Klicktat Lewis Lincoln Mason Okanogan Pacific Pen Oreille Pierce San Juan Skagit Skamania Snohomish Spokane Stevens Thurston Wahkiakim Walla Walla Whatcom Whitman and Yakima.


(Chg 8/2011)



This award has been sponsored by the Mountaineer Amateur Radio Association (MARA) of Fairmont, WV since July 1, 1946. It is available to any licensed amateur radio operator. Contacts made after July 1, 1946 will count toward this award.

Requirements: An attractive 14" x 17" certificate will be issued to each amateur who works all the 55 counties of West Virginia. All bands and modes. Stations working the West Virginia counties may be portable or mobile. All contacts do not have to be made from one fixed location.

Send an application listing of WV counties that includes the following information: West Virginia county name, date, time (in UTC), call sign of station worked, band and mode.

Application forms are available by sending an SASE to the address below. Excel forms are also available. Submit the completed application & check/money order for $8.00 US (made out to MARA) to: Mountaineer Amateur Radio Association, c/o Chuck Mc Clain K8UQY, 5679 Beverly Pike, Grafton, WV 26354-8343.

E-mail: Email:

Tks W8OP 8/14/13  (Re-written rules)


Worked All Wisconsin Counties Award                              Rewritten 1/2015

Confirm contact with each of Wisconsinís 72 counties on or after 12 March 1995. Special application form must be used ó available on the sponsor's website.  The WAWC application must be signed by the applicant and verified by one other licensed amateur who is not related to the applicant. The completed applicationm must show the call, city and county of each station worked, date, mode and band, arranged in alphabetical order by county.  Include "WIQP" in the last column of the form.  All contacts must have been made from the applicant's QTH.  In addition to QSL cards, as of 2014, Wisconsin QSO Party (WIQP) contacts may be claimed without a QSL card.  (Note: eQSL and LOTW contacts are not being accepted at this time. For counties worked during WIQP address information is not needed.  Endorsements for single band or mode available upon request. GCR list (no fee mentioned) to: West Allis Radio Club, PO Box 1072, Milwaukee, WI. 53201

E-mailed applications using the autofilled PDF form are preferred.  You will need to submit separately a signed application/verification sheet.  Scanned signature pages are acceptable.


(Changed 1/16/15)



Worked All Wyoming Counties

Contact each of Wyoming's 23 counties on any band/mode combination. No time limit indicated. No endorsements available. Special application available from the sponsor for SASE. No fee, but all you need supply is a 9" x 12" SASE. Apply to: Wyoming Ham Operating Awards, c/o Wayne Sutherland NQ7Q, 28 Coyote Street, Laramie, WY. 82072.

(Chg 01)
(No WWW site, need to verify 3/28/10)