Danish Island List

Revised based on e-mail 8-22-00.

The Danish Island Award DIA

Denmark consist of Jylland and a lot of big and small islands. They can be divided into 6 groups. The 6 groups are:

EU-029 Sjaelland Archipilage
EU-030 Islands in the Baltic Sea
EU-088 Islands in the northern part of Kattegat
EU-125 Islands in the Nort Sea
EU-171 Nordjylland and the islands in Limfjorden
EU-172 Jylland North group

The intention with this list is to register all Danish islands of a certain size after a fixed pattern. Two letters have been chosen, indicating what part of the country, the island belongs to. Three digits gives the island a number inside the part of the country.

The two letters are used in this way:

SJ The islands around Sjælland   
FY The islands around Fyn
JY The islands along the east coast of Jylland
BO The islands around Bornholm
NK The islands in the northern part of Kattegat
NS The islands in the Northsea
NJ Nordjylland and the islands in Limfjorden

The list ist not complete. An example is Ertholmene EU-030. This island group consist of at least four small islands: Christiansø, Frederiksø, Græsholm and Tat. But in the way the list is made, new islands can easily be added.


References: TIMES Atlas of the World 1994 page 53 Latitude and longitude is around the center of the islands.


Island Group and ID IOTA Number Name of Island Latitude/Longitude
SJ-001 EU-029 Sj'lland 11.45E  55.37N
SJ-002 EU-029 Amager 12.36E  55.37N
SJ-003 EU-029 Saltholm 12.45E  55.37N
SJ-004 EU-029 Hessel > 11.42E  55.11N
SJ-005 EU-029 Eskils > 12.41E  55.44N
SJ-006 EU-029 Sejer > 11.88E  55.53N
SJ-007 EU-029 Neksel > 11.17E  55.46N
SJ-008 EU-029 Or > 11.48E  55.46N
SJ-009 EU-029 Sprog > 10.58E  55.19N
SJ-010 EU-029 Om > 11.09E  55.09N
SJ-011 EU-029 Agers > 11.11E  55.12N
SJ-012 EU-029 Orm > 11.17E  55.12N
SJ-013 EU-029 Gl'n > 11.26E  55.11N
SJ-014 EU-029 Musholm 11.41E  55.28N
SJ-015 EU-029 Lolland 11.22E  55.43N
SJ-016 EU-029 Falster 11.56E  54.50N
SJ-017 EU-029 M>n 12.17E  54.58N
SJ-018 EU-029 Vejr > 11.21E  55.02N
SJ-019 EU-029 Fem > 11.32E  54.58N
SJ-020 EU-029 Fej > 11.24E  54.56N
SJ-021 EU-029 Rtg > 11.18E  54.58N
SJ-022 EU-029 Ask > 11.32E  54.45N
SJ-023 EU-029 Bog > 12.03E  54.55N
SJ-024 EU-029 T'r 12.03E  54.57N
SJ-025 EU-029 Eneh > je 11.01E  54.50N
SJ-026 EU-029 Nyord 12.12E  55.2N
SJ-027 EU-029 Gavn > 11.42E  55.11N
SJ-028 EU-029 En > 11.39E  55.10N
SJ-029 EU-029 Dybs > 11.43E  55.8N
SJ-030 EU-029 Lang > 11.61E  55.48N
SJ-031 EU-029 Far > 11.59E  54.57N
SJ-032 EU-029 Elleore 12.04E  55.41N
SJ-033 EU-029 Masnø 11.53Ø  54.59N
SJ-034 EU-029 Vigsø 11.38Ø  54.54N


BO-001 EU-030 Bornholm 14.53E  55.70N
BO-002 EU-031 Ertholmene 15.11E  55.19N


FY-001 EU-172 Fyn 10.28E  55.14N
FY-002 EU-172 Brands > 9.42E  55.21N
FY-003 EU-172 Btg > 9.48E  55.18N
FY-004 EU-172 Illum 10.06E  55.08N
FY-005 EU-172 F'n > 9.41E  55.29N
FY-006 EU-172 'bel > 10.10E  55.38N
FY-007 EU-172 Tor > 9.58E  55.15N
FY-008 EU-172 Roms > 10.47E  55.30N
FY-009 EU-172 Ly > 10.09E  55.02N
FY-010 EU-172 Avernak > 10.15E  55.02N
FY-011 EU-172 Drej > 10.24E  54.58N
FY-012 EU-172 Skar > 10.28E  55.00N
FY-013 EU-172 Hjort > 10.29E  54.57N
FY-014 EU-172 'r > 10.23E  54.52N
FY-015 EU-172 Ttsinge 10.35E  55.00N
FY-016 EU-172 Thur > 10.41E  55.2N
FY-017 EU-172 Stryn > 10.36E  54.54N
FY-018 EU-172 Birkholm 10.30E  54.55N
FY-019 EU-172 Langeland 10.46E  54.56N
FY-020 EU-172 Bj > orn > 10.15E  55.3N
FY-021 EU-172 Si > 10.41E  54.57N
FY-022 EU-172 Vigels > 10.27E  55.28N


JY-001 Not an IOTA Als 9.55E  54.58N
JY-002 EU-172 Bars > 9.33E  55.7N
JY-003 EU-172 Or > 9.44E  55.15N
JY-004 EU-172 Store Okse > 9.30E  54.51N
JY-005 Not an IOTA Lille Okse > 9.30E  54.51N
JY-006 EU-172 Endelave 10.18E  55.45N
JY-007 EU-172 Hjarn > 10.05E  55.49N
JY-008 EU-172 Sams > 10.36E  55.51N
JY-009 EU-172 Tun > 10.25E  55.57N
JY-010 Not an IOTA Alr > 10.03E  55.51N
JY-011 EU-172 Hjelm 10.48E  56.08N
JY-012 EU-172 Vejr > 10.45E  55.56N

Nordlige Kattegat

NK-001 EU-088 Anholt 11.34E  56.42N
NK-002 Moved to Nordjylland NJ-171 group. Hirsholmene 10.36E  57.29N
NK-003 EU-088 Laesø 11.01E  57.16N
NK-004 EU-088 Nordre Rønner 10.55E  57.21N
NK-005 EU-088 Hornfiskøen 11.01E  57.12N


NJ-001 EU-171 Nordjylland 9.56E  57.15N
NJ-002 EU-171 Mors 8.44E  56.48N
NJ-003 EU-171 Fur 9.01E  56.49N
NJ-004 EU-171 Egholm 9.50E  57.40N
NJ-005 Not an IOTA Ven > 8.37E  56.33N
NJ-006 EU-171 Jegind > 8.37E  55.51N
NJ-007 EU-171 Liv > 9.05E  56.53N
NJ-008 EU-171 Lindholm 8.32E  56.42N
NJ-009 EU-171 Hirsholm 10.36E  57.29N

Nord S>en

NS-001 EU-125 R>m> 8.30E  55.8N
NS-002 EU-125 Fan > 8.25E  55.24N
NS-003 EU-125 Mand > 8.33E  55.16N
NS-004 Not an IOTA Langli 8.18E  55.30N
NS-005 EU-125 Jordsand 8.32E  55.01N