Calendar Year / Short Term Awards for QSOs in 2016

Contacts for awards on this page must be made generally during the calendar year 2016.  
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but in general, all or most of the activity to make your contacts includes some part or all of the year 2016.    Some of the awards are carried over from last year, since the award  began in 2015, but expires in 2016.

For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Blue background indicates the newest awards added to this list.

2016 Annual Term Awards

Date Added:
ALGERIA Algerian Lighthouse Award 9A1AA X February 28, 2016
AZERBAIJAN 90th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Azerbaijan 4K4K X February 3, 2016
BELGIUM ON80OSA Award PA3CUZ   June 7, 2015
BELGIUM UBA 14-18 Award ON4CAS X Carried over from 2014
BULGARIA All Saint's Award X January 15, 2015
CROATIA 9A70 Award - 70th Anniversary of Technical Culture in Croatia 9A1AA X November 28, 2016
CZECH REPUBLIC Barium 70 Award OK1ZHV X Carried over from 2014
CZECH REPUBLIC 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Saint Don Bosco     OL200SDB ON4CAS X August 14. 2015
ENGLAND Airfields on the Air Activations 2016  SP9JPA   March 7, 2016
ENGLAND British Scientists Ham Radio Award Phoenix A.R.C. X January 3, 2016
ENGLAND Kernow Award DH1PAL and 4X4-2238 X December 16, 2015
GERMANY   -- BRAVE Radio Friends Series 2016 -- DE3EAR X January 15, 2016
GERMANY "Hürther Twin Cities Diploma" (HPD) DOK G50 DH1PAL   December 31, 2014
GERMANY Brave Radio Friends: BRF 90 IARU Award 2016 DE3EAR X April 3, 2105
GERMANY 200th Anniversary of Rheinhessen DH1PAL   February 13, 2016
GERMANY Worked WRTC Qualification Regions (WWQR) Award DH1PAL   October 26, 2015
ISRAEL Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA) 4Z1DX,  4Z1RZ X December 4, 2016
JAPAN JARL 90th Anniversary Award VK3ANL   November 8, 2015
LIECHTENSTEIN 30th Anniversary of AFVI   January 3, 2016
LITHUANIA Pennant "SIAULIAI-780" LY2QT   September 1, 2016
NETHERLANDS 35th Anniversary of VERON Section 54 (PI35ETL) DH1PAL X June 17, 2016
POLAND 100 Years of the City Dabrowa Gornicza X March 7, 2016
POLAND 35th Anniversary of RTTY in Poland DH1PAL X January 17, 2016
POLAND 170th Anniversary of Birth of Henryk Sienkiewicz X February 29, 2016
PORTUGAL 90th Anniversary of the Rede dos Emissores Portugueses (REP) CT1END X April 13, 2016
RUSSIA Cossack Village Gundorovskaya 335th Anniversary X December 28, 2015
RUSSIA The Irbit Fair Diploma X February 7, 2016
RUSSIA Lievens Radio Club 60 Years X January 25, 2016
RUSSIA Livny - 530th Anniversary Diploma X September 4, 2016
RUSSIA 450th Anniversary of the Founding of the City of OREL     R1566O X March 14, 2016
RUSSIA Space - 55   March 23, 2016
RUSSIA Diploma "Troitsk Radio Club - 45th Anniversary" (R945A) X July 22, 2016
RUSSIA Tyumen 430th Anniversary   July 6, 2016
UKRAINE 90th Anniversary of Lviv Shortwave Club X July 6, 2016
USA National Parks On The Air K1BV Research ? December 31, 2015


Date Added:
IRELAND The Wild Atlantic Way Award X May 9, 2016

Calendar Year 2016

ALGERIA            Algerian Lighthouse Award

The Algerian Amateur Radio Union (ARU) is sponsoring awards during calendar year 2016 for making contacts with any or all 5 different lighthouse activations on the Algerian coast.
The certificate will be a digital image which you can print on your home computer.  For those making contacts with at least 4 of the 5 lighthouses , the award is a FREE plaque.

1. The competition is open to all OMs worldwide.
2. To obtain the free electronic certificate you must confirm minimum one QSO for each of the following call signs : 7Y9LI, 7Y9GH, 7Y9TH, 7Y9OU, 7Y9SE during the current year.
3. To obtain the free plaque trophy you must confirm minimum of four QSOs made on different bands with each of the stations: 7Y9LI 7Y9GH 7YI9TH 7Y9OU and 7Y9SE..

To apply for either award, please send through e-mail your logs extract with the exact contact information (call, full name, and email address) to SM4VPZ our QSL manager.

Schedule of operations:                                                                                                  Locator
7Y9LI 28 April to 2 May 2016                Cap Ivi Lighthouse ALG-013                         JM06CC
7Y9GH 19 May to 23 May 2016             Cap Tenes Lighthouse ALG-018                    JM06QN
7YI9TH 14 July to 18 July 2016               Ras Afia Lighthouse ALG-029                      JM26UT
7Y9OU 18 August to 22 August. 2016     Cap Fer Marsa Lighthouse ALG-016             JM37NC
7Y9SE 15 Sept. to 19 Sept 2016             Cap Sigil Lighthouse ALG-016                       JM26JV


Tks 9A1AA from info "DX News" 2/28/16

Calendar Year 2016

AZERBAIJAN                               90 Years of Amateur Radio in Azerbaijan

The Radio Club of the Russian Community in Azerbaijan is marking the 90th anniversary of the first amateur radio station, which used the call sign "RA-29" in 1926. The club station was opened in a school in the German colony Helenendorf (presently Goygol) of the Ganja District in Azerbaijan. Three Awards will be issued to commemorate this anniversary: "Azerbaijan HAM RADIO-90" , "HELENENDORF-1926", and "RA-29" .

We also announce a radio marathon for the participants who will compete to establish the highest possible number of QSO’s with the amateur radio stations of Azerbaijan (4J and 4K prefixes) from 01.01. to 31.12.2016. Any band/mode QSO combination with the same station will count separately. Winners will be identified separately for continents, European and Asian parts of the Russian Federation, and Germany. Special Awards and souvenirs will be granted to the winners in those radio marathon categories.

"Azerbaijan HAM RADIO-90"

Collect at least 90 points during 2016. A QSO with a regular 4J or 4K station counts for 5 pts. A QSO with a special event station, using the prefix 4J90, 4K90, 4J1926, 4K1926, or the 4J/RA29, 4JRA29, 4K/RA29, 4KRA29 stations counts for 10 pts. Points are doubled for the stations located in Africa, South and North America, Oceania, and the Asian part of the Russian Federation. Any band/mode QSO combination with the same station will count separately. This Award will also be granted with a VHF band endorsement for one QSO made in the 2 m or 70 cm band. Similar conditions apply to SWL’s. Awards will be issued in electronic or paper versions. To obtain the Award in an electronic format, please send your application to: .


The Award commemorates the first radio amateurs of Azerbaijan. Make at least two QSO’s with special events stations: 4JRA29 (4J/RA29) and 4KRA29 (4K/RA29). Repeat contacts do not count. Special "RA-29 STAR" Award will be granted for making 4 QSO’s with those stations. These Awards are issued only in the A-4 paper version.


The Award commemorates the first radio amateurs of Azerbaijan: the German colonists of Helenendorf, who arrived as migrants from Wirtemberg (1819-1940). The radio amateurs from Europe and Asia should make at least 5 QSO’s and those from North and South America, Oceania, and the Asian part of the Russian Federation 3 QSO’s with the special-event stations:

4JRA29 (4J/RA29), 4J90DL, 4J90DORF, 4J1926DL, 4J1926DORF; 4KRA29 (4K/RA29), 4K90DL, 4K90DORF, 4K1926DL, 4K1926DORF, or any other special-event stations, using the DL or DORF suffixes.
Any band/mode QSO combination with the same station will count separately.
This Award is issued only in the A-4 paper version.
The fee for one Award in the A-4 paper version is $US10. (However, applicants from Russia and CIS countries will be charged this fee for all the three Awards.)
Send your application to:
Transfer of fee by Paypal address:

(The fees will help to support the development of our Radio Clubs (4J4K, 4J6RO, 4J0SFR). Since we do not know the names of the German migrants, we will appreciate any information from our DL friends on possible historical records on Helenendorf. This would help us to understand better the history of amateur radio in Azerbaijan.)


Tks Boris 4K4K 2/3/16

February 27, 2015 to Feb 26, 2016

BELGIUM                                            ON80OSA AWARD

This award celebrates the 80th Anniversary of the Antwerp Radio Club. Their permanent club call of ON4OSA will be replaced by ON80OSA for a year. A diploma is available for anyone who can log this anniversary call sign at least 5 times using HF in SSB or 10 times using FM via direct or repeater transmissions allowed .

Send application information by e-mail to The price for this award is 5 €uro’s for Europe or 5 dollar rest of the world.

Internet (

Tks PA3CUZ 6/6/15

1 August 2014 to 30 November 2018

BELGIUM                                                      UBA 14-18 Award

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One, the Royal Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs (UBA) issues a remembrance award. Between 1 August 2014 and 30 November 2018, applicants must collect at least 1418 points by contacting stations noted below: .

Point values:
1. QSO with special event station OP0PPY = 500 points.
2. Special event stations with prefix OP14, OP15, OP16, OP17, OP18 each contribute 250 points; ( Belgian stations need to work at least three of these stations, other European stations two and stations outside of Europe one).
3. During the month of November of the years 2014-2018 all other Belgian stations will count 30 points.

All bands and modes are permitted, but contacts via terrestrial repeaters, Echolink etc. are not accepted. Every station may be accounted for only once in the AWARD application. There is a special "Endorsement" available if you collect the 1418 points in one calendar year. Five of these "endorsements" are available (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

The award is free of charge, and only available in digital form.  

send your log extract in TXT format and claimed score to ON4CAS at: Email:


Tks ON4CAS 9/5/14

Calendar Year 2016

BULGARIA                                       All Saints Award 2016

This is an annual award by the Bulgarian radio club "Evangelist", which features 12 different Saints or Holy Men of the Orthodox church in Bulgaria. The 12 different special event stations that are activated each year form the basis for a very beautiful certificate featuring elaborate religious art.

Requirements: Contact the required number of special event stations.
1. European stations need 10 QSO/SWL contacts of the 2016 call signs.
2. All other stations need 5 QSO/SWL contacts of the 2016 call signs. .

On the first day of each month, a new call sign honoring one of these saints is activated and will generally remain active all of that month.

The schedule for 2016 is as follows:
1. January LZ1012SGM
2. February LZ389SGB
3. March LZ300MSP
4. April LZ1700SIP
5. May LZ1867SEI
6. June LZ425STA
7. July LZ1886PGS
8. August LZ1043PMU
9. September LZ304MED
10. October LZ935MWC
11. November LZ960SPA
12. December LZ463PP

Fee for a digital award, delivered to you as an image file and printed by your equipment is free. A printed and mailed award will cost 5E. Applications should be sent to: Payment for the paper diploma is 5E via PAYPAL to Your QSL is not necessary, only a log extract is needed. The award design is different for each year, and only contacts for the current year are used for the award. Prefix hunters are practically guaranteed 12 new prefixes for their collection each and every year!.


Tks 425 DX News #1287 1/1/2016

1 March to 31 December 2016

CROATIA                                              9A70 Award - 70th Anniversary of Technical Culture in Croatia

In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of organized tecnical culture activities in Croatia, the Radio club „Belisce" 9A1KDE/9A3B and web site will issue a special award. To earn this award it is necessary to establish two way qso's with Croatian stations using special 9A701-9A709 prefixes. Also valid are contacts with 9A70TK and 9A70HRS. All 

QSOs must be made during the period within March 1st till December 31st 2016 on any amateur radio band respecting IARU band plan.

1. European stations (9A included) must work a minimum of five (5) different 9A70 stations.
2. Stations outside of Europe must work a minimum of three (3) different 9A70 stations.
3. The application form is available at Award will be issued in pdf format only.
4. Application form must be sent not later than March 31st 2017.
5. Send application to

( The link for the application will ask you for name and call sign, and makes provision for you to enter an ADIF file showing contact data. You can use your contesting program or ADIF software to prepare the list.)


73, Ivo 9A1AA 11/23/16


March 1, 2014 to December 31, 2019

Czech Republic                        Barium 70 Award

This award commemorates the 70th anniversary of the landing and operation of the Barium paragroup in occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. In their honor, Radio club OK1OHK issues a special amateur radio award named „Barium 70".  The award period will recognize valid QSO`s made from 1st March 2014 to 31th December 2019. The rules are the same for amateur radio operators and SWL’s around the world.

Requirements: All applicants must earn at least 70 points. For applicants under 18 years it is sufficient to reach 35 points

Point values for applicants from OK :
a. QSOs with a station operating in the districts of : FHB , FHK , FJI , FNA , FPA , FRK , FSE , FSV, FTR , FOU = 1 point
b. QSO with stations OK1TAM, OK1SCJ, OK2PBL = 1 point.
c. QSO with a station in the UK (including GD, GI, GM, GU, GW) = 2 points
d. QSO with station OK7OBA = 3 points.
e. QSO with station OK7BAR = 3 points.
f. QSO with station OK6BAR = 3 points
g. QSO with station OK2BAR = 3 points.

Point values for applicants outside OK:
a. QSO with a station in the UK (incl. GD, GI, GM, GU, GW) = 2 points
b. QSO with a station in the OK (incl. OK, OL) = 2 points.
c. QSO with station OK7OBA = 3 points.
d. QSO with station OK7BAR = 3 points.
e. QSO with station OK6BAR = 3 points.
f. QSO with station OK2BAR  + 3 points.

For CW QSO the points are multiplied by two.

In one day it is possible to make 1 QSO with the same station on one band and one operating mode. The same station may be worked on different bands or different modes on the same band.  Contest QSO are OK. All bans and modes ok, except QSO`s made via repeaters are not valid

Request for an award must contain an excerpt from the log and an affidavit of compliance with award rules and permitting conditions of the applicant country.
Price for printed award in OK or OM is 200 CZK, other countries the fee is 10€ or $US10.
Electronic award is issued free of charge.

Mailing address: Vojtech Horak, DDM, Rautenkrancova 1241, 500 03, Hradec Kralove , Czech Republic.

E-mail: ok1zhv(at)


Tks OK1ZHV 2/8/14
(Change 2/13/14)

1 January 2015 to 16 August 2016 (Award term)
8 - 22 August 2015 (Dates of operation of the special event station.)

Czech Republic                                    "1815 - Saint Don Bosco - 2015"
                                                                                               200th Anniversary of Birth of Saint Don Bosco OL200SDB

Special station OL200SDB will be active from 8 - 22 August 2015, commemorating the- 200th anniversary since the birth of Saint Don Bosco. Radioklub Kunovice is issuing on the anniversary of 200 years since the birth of the founder of the Salesians - Don Bosco, a short time diploma titled "1815 – SAINT DON BOSCO – 2015" 

QSO are valid from January 1, 2015 until August 16, 2016. QSO made through the repeater cannot be counted. QSOs made in contests can be counted. OL200SDB will be active from August 8 to August 22, 2015.

The award will be issued for contacts on all bands and modes. SWL OK.
No awards will be issued for particular band or particular types of operations.
The same station may be worked on different bands or modes for award credit.



1. EU stations on HF: need 2 QSO with OL200SDB and 200 QSOs with stations from the list of countries where, where members of the Salesian order works. A maximum of 10 QSOs may be made from any one country for award crediit.

2. DX stations on HF: must make one 1 QSO with OL200SDB and 200 QSOs with stations from the list of countries where members of the Salesian order works. A maximum of 10 QSOs may be made from any one country for awad credit.

QSO are counted with stations from the following participating countries: Albania, Angola, Antilles, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azebaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroun, Canada, Cape Verde, Centroafrica, Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, Corea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Great Britain, Guatemala, Guinea Conakry, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, Chad, Chile, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Netherland, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Rumania, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, San Marino, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Slovakia, Slovenia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sud Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

An application for award to be submitted electronically via
The fee for the printed award is € 10 or $ 12. Electronic award will be issued free of charge. If applying by e-mail, make sure you give your call sign.
Payment can be made by bank transfer 2500228561/2010, IBAN CZ0420100000002500228561, BIC code/SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX or via PayPal

QSL: OQRS on http/ 

Tks ON4CAS 8/14/15

Calendar Year 2016

ENGLAND                                              ROYAL AIR FORCE AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY
                                                                 "AIRFIELDS ON THE AIR" ACTIVATIONS"

This is an ongoing RAFARS event, with operator certification based upon contacting Airfields on the Air (AOTA) activations running annually 1st January to 31st December. In addition to informal activations, the anniversary weekend of RAFARS formation (the first weekend of April each year), will feature a specific RAFARS AOTA weekend. During 2016 the activity will be from Saturday 26th March untill Sunday 10th April, covering three week ends / two full weeks.

To 'Activate' in a radio sense, current or former RAF (Ministry of Defence or its predecessors) stations, airfields, radio/radar sites, landing strips, including landing waters; located in Great Britain & Northern Ireland, dating from 1914 to current times.

All current licensed bands may be used with the "Centre of Activity" to be around the RAFARS calling frequencies with Voice and Morse modes only.
Operators should call CQ AOTA and it would be good if a little information about the Air Station could be included in the QSO's.
The the following probable Airfield 'Activations' for 'RAFARS AOTA', have been notified to the AOTA team.AIRFIELD ACTIVATIONS.

Award certificates will be available for working 'AOTA' stations, with certificates as follows:
Bronze AOTA Certificate. 5 activated stations/airfields worked.
Gold AOTA Certificate. 50 activated stations/airfields worked.

The RAFARS AOTA management team will issue a special RAFARS ‘Pathfinder Award’, to the RAFARS member who they believe has contributed most to the RAFARS AOTA events by 'Activating Air Bases' during the previous twelve-month period, by the uniqueness of those activations, locations and or distances travelled.

All of the awards given will be announced or awarded at the RAFARS AGM each year.

Awards Fee: £5.00 to cover administration and postage.

Operational rules: Logs must be kept with normal details, but especially date & time and the airfield's name. An operators or group claiming an award must ensure that all their stations worked, must be those station who have been logged as an activated airstation/base as detailed on this website's 'Activations Page'.

Any other airfield or airbase worked will not count towards the RAFARS Certificate.

A signed declaration, of the following wording is required:  "I (John Smith G9xyz) do hereby declare that the rules of the RAFARS AOTA have been observed and complied with in contacting the (21) 'Activated' stations and I now request I be granted the relevant RAFARS AOTA Certificate. signed: (JSmith G9xyz)" This self declared statement that full compliance with all of the RAFARS AOTA event rules were complied with; and is required by all claimant operators / groups. (There will be no exceptions to this operational ruling).

To receive any RAFARS QSL cards you have arranged in a QSO, a Stamped Self Adressed Envelope must be forwarded or to claim an AOTA award send a copy of your relevant logs, the awards fee, a Cheque / Postal order made out to RAFARS and your signed declaration of operational conformity, To: M3NDZ. QTHr Call Book, QRV or (RAFARS QSL & Awards Manager).


Tks SP9JPA Blog 3/4/16

Calendar Year 2016

ENGLAND                                                         Kernow Award

From 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016, radio amateurs with a main address in the County of Cornwall or the Isles of Scilly may apply to add the letter ‘K’ as a Regional Secondary Locator (RSL). E.g G3UCQ becomes GK3UCQ.

The "K" is Celtic for Cornwall.

In April, 2014 The U.K. Government announced that the proud history, unique culture, and distinctive language of Cornwall would be fully recognised under European rules for the protection of national minorities. The decision to recognise the unique identity of the Cornish, now affords the County the same status under the European Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities as the UK’s other Celtic people, the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.

OfCom have agreed to allow the use of the special prefix for a period of one year to allow radio amateurs, with a main address in Cornwall, to add the letter K to their call signs and to celebrate the unique status of the County.

Point Values: The Kernow Award is being offered by the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club to stations who make the required number of points. The award offers three levels of achievement for both HF & VHF classes.
A. One point is given per QSO made with a station using the ‘K’ in the call sign, any bands and modes may be used. A station may be worked on the same band with different modes.
B. The Special station GB2016K may be active during 2016 and, if so, will count 5 points for each QSO.

No repeater or internet QSOs are allowed.
QSOs must be made between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016.


CLASS ONE – Amateur Bands 1.8 to 30MHz
Gold – 30 points.
Silver – 20 points.
Bronze – 10 points.

CLASS TWO – Amateur Bands 50 MHz and above
Gold – 15 points.
Silver – 10 points.
Bronze – 5 points.

QSOs may be made using any mode and band the operator is legally entitled to use.
QSOs between 00:01 UTC 01/01/2016 and 23:59 31/12/2016 only will count.
The Kernow Award certificate will be a free download .pdf file.
All QSOs must be made using the same call sign, but /M /MM or /P is acceptable.
Please email your log in adif format to:- .The Award Manager is John Farrar, G3UCQ . (This is a work in progress so the conditions for the Award may change before 1/1/2016)

Tks Werner DH1PAL and Eyran 4X4-2238


Calendar Year 2016

ENGLAND                                            British Scientists Ham Radio Award


During 2016 the Phoenix ARC will be on air at various times to commemorate the work of British Scientists, and Bronze, Silver and Gold awards will be available for contacts. These events will be of short duration, usually on a date connected with each person (which may be a single day or a week) and possibly from an appropriate location. We aim to operate on many of the HF bands, but this will depend on the prevailing propagation conditions.

20 Commemoration in 2016
There will be around 20 commemorations throughout the year at almost two-week intervals, so it should be possible for a keen follower to obtain an award. There will be three classes of award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Duplicate contacts on different bands will count towards the awards. Information about each event will be given here, but QSL cards or EeZee QSL Certificates will not be available for each activity, just the award certificates. These only be available, free of charge, as high resolution digital images.

Free Award Certificates
To obtain an award, applications must be emailed to PARC and should give a list of the event stations that have been contacted and the bands used: no other information is needed. PARC will check the applications and the Award Certificates will be produced as quickly as possible: however, during the summer, this may take several days to complete. Fuller details will follow.

As each commemoration approaches PARC will publish information here and on the M0PHX and YHARG Twitter pages.

Award Structure
Bronze Award - 5 confirmed contacts with British Scientist Event Stations
Silver Award - 10 confirmed contacts with British Scientist Event Stations
Gold Award - 15 confirmed contacts with British Scientist Event Stations
* Closing date for all awards - 1 February 2017 (to be confirmed) *

Why is PARC doing this?

Amateur Radio owes a great deal to the scientists on our list, but they rarely get a mention when so much 'communication' is limited to "5 and 9, 73, QRZ". There has to be more to say with a £1000 worth of radio equipment! We hope to stimulate ideas and discussions about science and to have a bit of enjoyable chit-chat at the same time.

Many of the events will be done under the MX0YHA or MX0PHX callsigns, or both. Some may also be commemorated with a Special Event Callsign.

Provisional list of British Scientists' Commemorations:
Stephen Hawking - 8 January (1942)
Francis Bacon - 22 January (1561)
Robert Boyle - 25 January (1627)
Charles Darwin - 12 February (1809)
Joseph Priestley - 24 March (1733)
Robert Alexander Watson-Watt - 13 April 1(892)
Thomas Huxley - 4 May (1825)
Edward Jenner - 17 May (1749)
Alan Turing - 23 June (1912)
Robert Hooke - 28 July(1635)
Alexander Fleming - 6 August (1881)
Charles Hutton - 14 August (1737)
Edward Appleton - 6 September (1892)
John Dalton - 6 September (1766)
Michael Faraday - 22 September (1791)
Barnes Wallis - 26 September (1887)
Richard Towneley - 10 October (1629)
Edmund Halley - 8 November (1656)
Arthur Charles Clarke - 16 December (1917)
Humphry Davy - 17 December (1778)
Sir Isaac Newton - 25 December (1642)

On-air events will take place on, or close to, the dates given, and some activities will coincide with other PARC on-air events. There may also be some changes to the list as events unfold.


image on 2015

Calendar Year 2016

GERMANY                                         -- Brave Radio Friends Series  --

General Requirements: The following group of awards are sponsored by the group: Brave Radio Friends. They are small versions of a number of well known and popular awards and give the awards hunter an introduction to these awards and may encourage participation in them at a later date.  There is NO charge for any of the awards. 

All of these award are provided electronically as a PDF file. Be sure to specify the level, or the year applying for since they are offered each year. (Refer to the rules.) There is no award fee, and your application is an extract from your log as you complete any of them. Send an e-mail with the contact data to


BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS: Annual Islands Award 2016

To support the IOTA award program, this version is offered to all interested island hunters (OP or SWL). During the calendar year 2016, work or hear amateur radio stations operating from as many different IOTA groups as possible. Each group only counts once in the year (no band or mode restrictions).

Award Classes:
Basic: 10 IOTA groups
Bronze: 25 IOTA groups
Silver: 50 IOTA groups
Gold: 75 IOTA groups
Diamond: 100 IOTA groups

BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS Castle Hunter Award 2016

The international DX Club Brave Radio Friends sponsors this award which can be obtained each year anew by amateur radio operators or SWLs for contacts with/heard of stations from at least 20 different castles worldwide in a calendar year. There is a different award design for each year. The first calendar year for which you can apply for the award is 2005.

Just send in a list of QSOs with stations from twenty castles worked/heard in the respective year. There is only one award class. All the years from 2005 until 2014 are available.

To obtain the Castle Hunter Award 2015, you must work or hear stations from 20 different castles in 2015.

1 January 2015 to 31 April 2016

GERMANY                               "Hürther Twin Cities diploma" (HPD) DOK G50

This short-term diploma commemorates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the local branch of Hürth G50 (in May 1990). The award may earned by all licensed radio amateurs and Short Wave Listeners. The award may be earned by contacts from 1 January 20-15 to 31 April 2016

1. Make at least one wireless contact with radio amateurs from the local chapter Hürth DOK = G50 or with a station using the the special DOK identifier of 25G50 and out of the city and Hürth
2. Contact radio amateurs from at least three of the six twin towns of the city Hürth These are:
Argelès-sur-Mer (France)
Burhaniye (Turkey)
Kabernet (Kenya)
Skawina (Poland)
Spijkenisse (Netherlands)
Thetford (England)

3. One contact to Hürth is mandatory.
4. If you only contact 1 of the "Twin Towns" partner locations, this requirement can be satisfied by making at least one contact with a club station in the DOK of G50. There are 2 club stations which qualify, and these are: DK0AR and DL0YM.

A maximum of two jokers (wild card substitutions) may be used.
The following will count as a contact with the city Hürth:
a. Radio contacts with YL's and OM's, which are members of the G50 OV,
b. Radio contact with the special DOK 25G50,
c. Radio contacts with YL's and OM's, who live in the urban area Hürth and are not members of the G50 are OV,
d. Radio contacts with G50 members who do not reside in the urban area Hürth.

As a substitute for connections to Argeles-sur-Mer, France you may use any station residing in département 66 (Pyrénées Orientales).

Other Conditions and Requirements:
All bands and modes.
The proof is done by a log extract.
SWLs must list both sides of the contact they use. (Enter in the remarks column.)
Send log extract and fee of Self Addressed Letter plus 5€ (Please send 5 € the graduate application attached as Form) will be requested from the award manager. 

The award manager is: Christian Boehringer, DG5KCB, Gücherweg 67, D-50169 Kerpen, Germany.


Tks DH1PAL 12/31/14 (Corrected 3/27/15)

Calendar Year 2015

GERMANY                                         Brave Radio Friends: BRF 90 IARU Award 2015

This award is sponsored by the BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS group and can be applied for by any amateur radio station or short wave listener. In the calendar year 2015 there are many special event stations on the air carrying the special suffix of 90IARU at the end of their call sign. They are recognizing the 90th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union.

Requirement: Applicants must work stations xx90IARU from at least 5 different DXCC entities in 2015. No band or mode restrictions. All entities only count once, regardless of band or mode.

Apply by sending an e-mail containing all of the usual QSO data from the xx90IARU stations. Send this data by e-mail to: The award is free of charge and will be sent to you in the form of a PDF document to be printed on your computer equipment.


Tks DE3EAR 4/2/15

Calendar Year 2016

GERMANY                           200th Anniversary of Rheinhessen

2016 is a special year for Rheinhessen since it will mark the establishment of Rheinhessen to 200th years. The German Amateur Radio Club e.V. Ortsverband Mainz (K07) on this occasion offers a special diploma available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs in three classes.  All Bands and modes OK.  Each station can be only counted 1x per band.  At least one contact with the special DOK "2ØØRHH" is necessary.

Point Values:
1. amateurs with Rheinhessischen DOKs K07, K11, K15, K21, K33, K46, K53, K56, K57,Z77 are each worth 5 points.
2. club stations DLØTRZ, DLØOJ, DLØMZ, DFØNO, DMØW, DAØAZ, DQ2ØØRHH, DAØAZ2ØØRH using the special DOK "2ØØRHH" during 2016 and are worth 10 points.

Class 3 "Weck" = 25 points,
Class 2 "Worscht" = 50 points.
Class 1 "Woi" = 75 points.

Award Fees:
DL stations: paper version: 5,00 EUR or PDF version via email: 2,50 EUR
Non-DL stations: paper version: 7,50 EUR or PDF version via email: 2,50 EUR

Application: Send log extract to the award manager Wolfgang Hallmann, DF7PN, Freiherr von Wallenbrunn-Straße 42, D-55288 Partenheim, Germany.
A GCR list may be submitted under available otherwise.
Payment may preferably be made in cash or via Paypal.
Optionally, bank details are required (df7pn @

The diploma is 297x210 mm in size, in four-color printing on 180 gram carton individually created. Acquiring a PDF version for self-printing is also possible.

Tks DH1PAL Werner 2/13/16


Calendar Years of 2015, 2016 and 2017

GERMANY                                                                   Worked WRTC Qualification Regions (WWQR) Award

The club "World Radio Team Championship 2018 e.V." is preparing for the WRTC 2018 in Germany. In conjunction with this, the club is offering a Special Certificate Series during 2015, 2016 and 2017.   From January 1st to December 31st of each of the three years, applicants for this award must show proof of having made confirmed contacts (QSOs) with stated numbers of the 29 WRTC qualification regions, using the DCL (DARC-Community-Logbook).

There are 3 classes:
Class 3: 20 Regions
Class 2: 25 RegionsClass 1: 29 Regions

Special awards
5-Band: 29 Regions on 5 bands
6-Band: 29 Regions on 6 bands

A QSO with a special WRTC-Organization Committee station counts as a joker *). It is allowed to use all amateur radio bands and transmission modes that the license of the applicant permits. It is also possible to have the certificate issued in a single mode or single band. In this case, the certificates will be issued with special serial numbers.  
The certificate can be applied for and downloaded via DCL as a PDF document. The handling fee in that case is 3 Euro. A printed paper version is also available for a handling fee of 7 Euro and will be sent by standard mail.
Certificate Manager: Hajo Weigand, DJ9MH, Altensteiner Weg 1, D 97437 Hassfurt, Germany. E-mail:
*) One Joker per Certificate may be used as one QSO with a call of the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee for the application for the associated band and mode.

List of regions valid for the WWQR
Team ID:
AF#NW: CQ zones 33, 34, 35
AF#SW: CQ zones 36, 37, 38, 39

AS#1: CQ zone 17, UA9 in zone 16
AS#2: CQ zones 18, 19, 23 (without BY)
AS#3: CQ zone 20 (asiatic part)
AS#4: CQ zone 21
AS#5: 9M2, 9V, CQ zones 22, 23 (BY), 24, 26
AS#6: CQ zone 25 (HL, JA)

EU#1: ES, JW, JX, LA, LY, OH, OH0, OJ0, OY, OZ, SM, TF, YL
EU#2: 4U1I, C3, EI, F, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HB9, HB0, LX, ON, PA
EU#3: ER, EU, HA, OE, OK, OM, SP, UR
EU#4: 1A, 3A, 9H, CT, CU, EA, EA6, HV, I, IS, T7, TK, ZB
EU#5: 4O, 9A, E7, LZ, S5, SV, SV5, SV9, SV/A, TA (european part), YO, YU, Z3, ZA
EU#6: R1F, UA1-6, UA2
EU#7: DL

NA#1: 4U1UN, W1, W2, W3
NA#2: W4
NA#3: W8, W9
NA#4: W5
NA#5: W0
NA#6: W6, W7
NA#7: CY0, CY9, FP, OX, VE1, 2, 3, 9, VO, VY0, VY2
NA#8: KL7, VE4, 5, 6, 7, 8, VY1
NA#9: CQ zones 6, 7, 8, VP9

OC#1: CQ zones 27, 28, 31
OC#2: CQ zones 29, 30, 32

SA#1: CQ zones 11 (PY, ZP)
SA#2N: CQ zones 9, 10
SA#2S: CQ zones 12, 13

ANTARCTICA is assigned to the appropriate CQ zone.

Their website has a listing of all those who have earned the award..


Tks DH1PAL 10/22/15

Here is copy of e-mail from DL6MHW to help you gain access to the DARC equivalent of ARRL's Logbook of the World

Hi folks,

the WWQR award series is an opportunity for every active ham to join the WRTC community. You have to work stations from WRTC qualification regions. The award is issued on a yearly basis. We have just published an article with a step by step approach for an easy electronic application using the DARC Community Logbook (DCL). After log-in (easy with an LOTW account) you might find already enough points for the basic classes of WWQR because DCL contains QSO data from WPX and other contests. Moreover, you can import QSOs from LOTW, Clublog our your own ADIF for higher class awards. Just import your CQWW SSB Log or use that from CQWW CW to obtain a 5-Band- or 6-Band-Award.

Read the step by step guide to the WWQR Award:

Go directly to the DCL Login site to apply for your WWQR Award

73 de Michael, DL6MHW

P.S: Please distribute this information to your active ham radio friends.
Michael Höding, DL6MHW
Vice-President, Fundraising, PR
Phone: +49 39201 20779

This is a newly developed  program (12/2016) which has the possibility of being a long term permanent award. .
I am listing it in the annual term listing as well as the permanent award listing until we see which is the correct place.
The first segment of their operations will occur in late December 2016.

ISRAEL                                                                        Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA)

 The Israel Amateur Radio Club (I.A.R.C) is sponsoring a national award program entitled: Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA).
The activity starts during this year's Christmas period 23 to 25 December with four special event stations - 4X2XMAS, 4X3XMAS, 4X7XMAS and 4X9XMAS).

Program structure:

The program will include amateur radio operations from numerous sites in the holy land that hold major significance to every Christian that includes the following sections based on biblical citation, Christian tradition, beliefs and heritage as well as documented history, archeology and other research:

Section A: Locations associated with miracles performed by Jesus Christ (30-40)
Section B: Christian Forts/fortified cities (20-30)
Section C: Unique Christian Monasteries (10-20)
Section D: Highly significant Churches (10)
Section E: Locations of major Christian battle fields (10-15)
Section F: Locations along what is known as ‘Jesus’ trail’ (5-10)
Section G: Locations of significant baptisms (5-10)
Section H: Ancient synagogues from the time of Jesus (5-10)

Program/Section awards eligibility are as follows:
1. HOCOTA Section Award - At least 10 QSOs or 70% of sites worked (according to the lesser) with a station operating from a listed section location.
2. HOCOTA General Award - Any 50 QSOs with any station under the program, on condition that a minimum of one station from each of the above sections are included. Different awards (gold/premium) may apply for any additional 50 QSO`s.

Christmas Special 2016 Operation
Initiation of the HOCOTA Program activities will commence during Christmas 2016 (23-25 December) by four to five multi operator stations. The current sub-program is called the ‘Jesus Miracles Award’ since most of the operation is within the miracle block of the HOCOTA Program:
1. 4X9XMAS - Tabagha (the 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread miracle)
2. 4X2XMAS - Yarden it (Jordan River Baptism site - section B)
3. 4X7XMAS - Kursi (the ‘Pigs Miracle’)
4. 4X3XMAS - Mount of Beatitudes (Jesus’ famous speech and gathering of the Apostles-section B)
5. 4X0XMAS - Kapernaum - several miracles (optional)

Eligibility for an award in this specific operation is for working four QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the active stations.
A QSO is a valid contact per band/mode but not more than two on the same day of operation with the same station.
Requests for certificate should be sent to who will email the certificate to eligible hams.

Zurial Rienstien Dov Gavish
IARC President IARC special events Manager

The program accreditation will be built from ‘blocks’ of sub-awards derived from specific geographic locations. Activities will run throughout the year with special operations mainly during Christmas and Easter.

Tks 4Z1DX 11/28/16

June 12 2015 to June 11, 2016

JAPAN                                        JARL 90th Anniversary Award

The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) was established in 1926, and is celebrating their 90th year. To commemorate this special occasion, the JARL is offering a special award named "JARL 90th Anniversary Award."

There are 5 different certificates available:
J - For contacts with Japanese amateur stations with 9 different Prefixes.
A - For contacts with 9 different cities or ku of Japan.
R - For contacts with 9 different Guns of Japan.
L - For contacts with 9 different prefectures of Japan.
90th - For contacts with 90 different amateur stations.

If you contact JARL Special Event Stations celebrating this 90th anniversary, you may count them as nine of its required points.
Period: Only contacts (receptions) made from June 12, 2015 through June 11, 2016 will be acceptable. The JARL will start accepting applications on June 12, 2015, and this period will extend to December 31, 2016.
Application: Send the application form (found on their website) and the fee shown below. A sample of application form is found on their WWW site noted below. (.doc). (QSLs are not required for this award.)
Fee: Please send 1,000 yen. or 8 IRCs with your application.
The award is free for junior high school students or amateur operators younger than 15 years.
Please send the documents for age verification with your application and 90thaward fee.

Endorsements: Applicants can request for maximum of 3 endorsements from the following
6 kinds that are available: 1. Single Band 2. Single Mode 3. QRP (QRPp) 4. Satellite 5. D-STAR and 6. ONE DAY
Points: If you made QSOs through repeaters or internet, we will also issue the award.

Commemorative Plaque: If you obtained all of five awards, you will be awarded an optional commemorative plaque (a fee is required). For details, refer to WWW link below.
Note: Only one contact with a particular station is valid for each award. Even if you have QSOs with JA1RL and JA1RL/2, only one QSO can be used for the application of each award.
Applications may be submitted to: Japan Amateur Radio League - Award Desk, 3-43-1 Minamiotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8073, JAPAN.


Tks Nick VK3ANL 11/8/15


Calendar Year 2015

GERMANY                                             Brave Radio Friends: BRF 90 IARU Award 2015

This award is sponsored by the BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS group and can be applied for by any amateur radio station or short wave listener. In the calendar year 2015 there are many special event stations on the air carrying the special suffix of 90IARU at the end of their call sign. They are recognizing the 90th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union.

Requirement: Applicants must work stations xx90IARU from at least 5 different DXCC entities in 2015. No band or mode restrictions. All entities only count once, regardless of band or mode.

Apply by sending an e-mail containing all of the usual QSO data from the xx90IARU stations. Send this data by e-mail to: The award is free of charge and will be sent to you in the form of a PDF document to be printed on your computer equipment.


Tks DE3EAR 4/2/15

Calendar Year 2016

Liechtenstein                                             30th Anniversary of AFVL (HB0AFVL)

In 2016 the Liechtenstein Radio Amateur association – AFVL - will celebrate its 30 year anniversary. The anniversary call sign HB0AFVL will be on air from January 1st 2016 until December 31 2016 on all HF bands from 160 to 10 meter using SSB, CW and DIGI Modes.

Work HB0AFVL on two different bands or in two different modes to earn a commemorative award. First, check QSO confirmation on Clublog, then send fee of 5 EUR by PayPal to finance (at), who will check the application and send you a high resolution Diploma by E-Mail.


Tks 1/3/16

Calendar Year 2016

LITHUANIA                                 Pennant „SIAULIAI-780"

The city of Siauliai was first mentioned in written sources as "Soule" in Livonian Order chronicles describing the Battle of Saule. Thus the city's founding date is now considered to be September 22, 1236, the same date when the battle took place, not far from Šiauliai.


This award celebrates the 780th anniversary of the founding of the city of Siauliai.

The award consists of a cloth pennant which can be earned by making contacts with members of the RK "VYTIS" club, any Lithuanian stations operating from the Siauliai region, or contacts with the special event stations LY780A or LY780QT.

Points Required: 780.

Point values for QSOs made with different LY stations from Siauliai region.
A. QSO with RK"VYTIS" members = 100 points; (See list of members below.)
B. QSO with other stations in the Siauliai region ham radio = 50 points;
C. QSO with stations using the LY780 prefix = 150 points.

Other Rules:
A. Repeated QSOs with same station on different bands and modes OK for award credit.
B. DX stations - points for QSOs are double the values shown above.
C. QSO with members of RK"VYTIS" and others in the Siauliai region stations 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016.
D. LY780A, LY780QT – will be active 01.09.2016 – 30.09.2016.
E. The official Siauliai city birthday will be celebrated during the 3 days of 09 September – 11 September and all points for QSOs made during this time are doubled.
F. Fee – 10 IRC or equivalent
G. Send application: e mail –
Valerijus Simulik, LY2QT, P.O. Box 131, LT-78008 Siauliai-10, LITHUANIA.


Tks LY2QT/LY780QT 9/1/16

Calendar Year 2016

Netherlands                                                         35th Anniversary of VERON Section 54 (PI35ETL)

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of  VERON section 54 in Etten-Leur with the special callsign PI35ETL and the publication of a short-term diploma.
PI35ETL is activated from 1-28 May 2016 with activity of the section members on short wave and FM in several modes. A second activity period is from 1 - 28 December 2016. QSL cards will automatically via bureau.

A commemorative diploma there in electronic form only. This requires contacting either PI35ETL on 2 different band / mode combinations OR PI35ETL and one other section member, the latter contact can be made throughout the year 2016. SWL can get on equal terms to the diploma.


The diploma can be applied by sending in a log extract to PD0WRL through a link on the page of PI35ETL on QRZ.COM.  Deadline for applications is  the 01.02.2017.

Source: DE0WRL - translation: DH1PAL 6/2016

18 Dec 2015 to 18 Dec 2016

POLAND                                          Dyplom Okolicznosciowy SP1PBW
                                                          35TH Anniversary of RTTY in Poland

The Award commemorates the 35th anniversary of the use of RTTY in Poland. This contact was made between stations SR1PBW and Y23NE on 19 December 1980 at 18.58 UTC in the band 3.5 MHz.

The award is sponsored by the Amateur Radio Club SP1PBW for contacts/SWLs. To obtain the Award, collect 35 points for RTTY QSO’s/SWLs, conducted between 18 December 2015 and 18 December 2016 according to the rules.

Point Values:
3Z35RTTY - 10 points.
HF35PBW - 10 points.
HF35RTTY - 10 points.
SO35RTTY - 10 points.
DM2CNE - 5 points.
for each connection RTTY station Polish 1 point
Same station may be worked on different bands for additional points credit.

QSO’s ,made during national and international competitions also count for the award.
Send log extract to: .
The electronic version of the award is free (PDF or JPG).
Fee for a traditional printed diploma and sent by mail will cost an additional fee of 10 zl or equivalent.
Manager diploma is Slawek SP1DOZ.
Diploma is also available for SWLs who carry out occasional SWL station and obtained at least 35 points according to a key set out in the regulations.


Tks Werner Theis 1/13/16

1 March to 31 October 2016

POLAND                                                          100 YEARS OF THE CITY DABROWA GÓRNICZA

1. The Award is issued of the occasion 100 years of City Dabrowa Górnicza .
2. To receive the Award you must have made QSO with stations of the Organizer , Ham Radio Clubs in Dabrowa Górnicza , the members of this Club and other Hams from Dabrowa Górnicza , and obtain a minimum 100 points .
3. Contacts must be made between 01 March 2016 to 31 October 2016 ,on all amateur bands and all available types of emission , QSOs made via repeaters and Echolink are OK.
4. A QSO with the same station can be repeated several times , but not in the same day, except for QSOs using different bands or modes .
5. One QSO with special station 3Z100DG is obligatory .
6. Point Valuers :
     a. QSO with special station 3Z100DG , SP100DG , SQ100DG , SO100DG , SN100GD , HF100DG = 10 points
     b. QSO with the Club station SP9PBH , 3Z9S , 3Z9DG , SP9PDG , and members of this Club = 5 points
     c. QSOs with other stations from Dabrowa Górnicza = 1 point
d. QSOs on the VHF and UHF count double ( x2 )  Multiplier : - Poland - x1 , Eu - x2 , DX - x5.
7. Application for the Award may be made in the form of text file (eg.txt , doc , Cabrillo) and should be sent no later than 30 November 2016 by e-mail to : .
The application should include your the Name , Call-sign , e-mail address and list of QSO --Call-sign , date , time (UTC) , band , emission , RS(T) S/R , points claimed.
8. The Award will be isued in electronic form for self printing and sent to the e-mail address specified in the application .
9. The Award will be issued for free , but any donations are wellcome.Any donations can be paid into bank account ofthe Association " Razem Glosniej " number : PL 95 1020 2498 0000 8602 0574 6252 . for 3Z100DG 3/4/16

Feb 1 to December 31, 2016

POLAND                                       170th Anniversary of Birth of Henryk Sienkiewicz
                                                                                     And 50th Anniversary of Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum HF2016HS

Henryk Sienkiewicz was a Nobel Prize- winning novelist, the author of novel QUO VADIS. He was born on May 5, 1846 in Wola Okrzejska, small village in Lukow district Eastern Part of Poland.

Commemorative stations will conduct an activity which takes place from different locations of district (SPPAward - LW) and the main location in the Henryk Sienkiewicz Museum in Wola Okrzejska - Community of Krzywda, (PGAward - LW04).

Each station recorded in the log HF2016HS will receive a special free award via e-mail. No application procedure is given, but it can be assumed that any station making a contact with HF2016HS may receive this digital award if you notify Award Manager SQ8JCB sending a log extract of the contact, and includes your e-mail address to help in getting the award.



Tks 2/14/16

April 1 to December 31, 2016

PORTUGAL                                   90th Anniversary of the Rede dos Emissores Portugueses (REP)

The national amateur radio association of Portugal, (the Rede dos Emissores Portugueses REP) celebrates it’s 90th anniversary in 2016. It offers an award to all amateurs showing proof of having made QSOs with at least 90 different Portuguese stations (Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira) from April 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016.

The QSOs are valid using any mode and any authorized band for the amateur service.

The award, issued in electronic format, will have to be requested by candidate's by email .

E-mail: (applications)
E-mail: (any inquires)

Tks Carlos Nora, CT1END 4/12/16

Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                                               Cossack Village Gundorovskaya 335th Anniversary

The Diploma "Cossack Village Gundorovskaya" is sponsored by the military Cossack association of radio clubs and training units "Renaissance" on December 21, 2015 in honor of 335th anniversary of the founding of the village Gundorovskaya. Today the village is administratively a part of the city of Donetsk, in the Rostov region.

Earn 335 points for QSOs made with amateur radio stations in Donetsk (Russian District Award RO-14) on any bands. Each contact = 50 points) or make just one QSO via satellites.

Thanks to RL6MR and 9A1AA, here is a list of stations located within the Russian District Award "RO-14":     RK6MI;  RK6LV;   RL6MR; RA6MC; R6NU; UA6LKW; RD6MR; RA6MF; RL6LG; RN6LKC; RD6LD; RA6LAZ; RN6LAC; R6NN; RA6LSF; RK6LWL; RN6LFK; RL6LC;  RD6MH; RN6LBP;  RN6LAB;  RN6LOU;  RA6LRP; RK6MK.  RL6MR further says he will help you get 1 QSO via satellites which automatically allows you to obtain this diploma. If you have the opportunity to work through satellites, assign the time, notify RL6MR by e-mail: and he would be happy to meet you on the air for a QSO with you.

Make contacts during the period 1 January 2016 to December 31, 2016. Repeat contacts with the same station are permitted on different bands and different modes. On the day of Jan 17, 2016 the year and during the festival (presumably the last Saturday of May) points for each QSO doubled.  Members of the club "Revival" will receive the award if their call was listed in at least 50 applications from other cities hams.

The award: "Cossack Village Gundorovskaya" will be distributed in electronic version, free of charge. Application for diploma should be made on the basis of a log extract and this information should be sent in format in doc, xls or tx to the award manager RL6MR address:


2016 Calendar Year

RUSSIA                                                 The IRBIT Fair Diploma

Sponsored by the radio amateurs of Irbit and the Irbit district and established a degree "Irbit Fair" in 2016

The Irbit Fair originated in the 1630s in the village of Irbit, on the Verkhoturye path leading from European Russia to Siberia. It was well known before the construction of the Trans-Siberian railway and played an important role in internal trade for that area. The Irbit Fiar handled goods from Siberia (furs), China (tea and silk fabrics), the Urals (metal and articles thereof) and Arkhangelsk. Since the beginning of 1890 the Irbit fair supported trade on many goods, and acted as a Mercantile Exchange function. After the October Revolution, the Fair was held annually from 1922-30. The Irbit Fir re-appeared in 2002 and it’s orientation was towards the supporting of events that attracts tourists. It is usually held annually in August.

Conditions for obtaining the diploma "Irbit Rair":
This award is open to any radio amateur, who during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016 will make on HF at least 10 contacts with hams of Irbit, Irbitsky District and the Sverdlovsk region. To obtain the award you should have been able to make at least 5 contacts with radio amateurs and of Irbit and the Irbit district. Duplicate contacts are allowed on different bands, including WARC and the various modes: SSB, CW, FM, DIGI (all digital types are counted as one). The award may be earned on 144 MHz or higher and only 3 contacts, including at least two from radio amateurs of Irbit and Irbitsky area are needed. SWL certificate is issued on the same rules.

Hams of Irbit, Irbit district of Sverdlovsk region may earn the award by making contacts and sending logs to HAMLOG.RU .adif for the following numbers of contacts of stations outside of Irbit:
1. Irbit and Irbit district - 500 connections;
2. Sverdlovsk Oblast - 250 connections;
3. If only the 144 MHz and above all at least 25 QSOs.

These stations should send logs as adif files to award sponsor.

List of radio amateurs and Irbit and the Irbit district - RA9CUU, RK9DO, RK9CYA, RK9CR, RA9CQM, UA9CNX, RA9DA, RK9DM, RX9CPT, RA9CQO, RA9CBW, RA9CJG, UB8CFR, UA9CMP.

The award is issued in electronic form - free of charge, through the HAMLOG.RU site. The award is suitable for self-quality printing. Not all radio amateurs, the Irbit Irbit district and may be registered in the HAMLOG.RU, but they might still actively work on the air to make QSOs.. For contacts made with them, send an extra extract from the log to the email address of the award manager The diploma will be sent to the email address of the applicant.


Tks 2/7/16

Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                                                                           Lievens Radio Club 60 years


The Diploma "Lievens Radio Club 60 Years, is issued by the local branch PO CPP the Orel region with the aim of celebrating this event, the promotion of amateur radio, the strengthening of friendly and sporting relations with Russia and the radio amateurs all over the world.  The Livensky Amateur radio club "Ether" with the collective radio UA3KZI Sodano was founded in 1956, by then still young enthusiasts-radio amateurs: Voskoboeva AS - UA3ES, Tarasov NA - UA3ER, Gryazev AM - UA3EP, NF Golovin - UV3ES. The actual date of fjounding of the club is traditionally celebrated on the Day of Radio - 7 May!

Diploma "Lievens Radio Club 60" is awarded for making two-way radio contacts with amateur radio stations in the Livny Livny area and Orel region (districts OR-05 and OR-18 on the list of the diploma «RDA»). For the purpose of this award, QSOs must be made from January 1, 2016. on December 31, 2016. To obtain the award you need to earn at least 60 points.

1. special memorial and the city and district stations = 20 points.
2. Club stations of the city and the area = 10 points.
3. individual stations of the city and district = 5 points
4. individual radio stations owned by radio amateurs who previously lived in the town of Livny = 5 points (R5GM, RK3E, RN2Y, RV3 DDI - note that the list is incomplete ...).

Other Rules:
1. Each radio station QSO, conducted any kind of work at all bands including WARC; may be repeated on different bands for award purposes.
2. 144 MHz or higher bands are counted sufficient to radio sum of the distances for which the QTH locator will be not less than 600 km.
3. QSO conducted via VHF repeaters, are not counted.
4. Points are doubled for contacts:
A. In a day of activity devoted to birthday 7 Maya Lievens radioclub
B. Contacts made on 160 meters.
C. . For amateur radio operators who are located in the WAZ Zones 18 and 19.
5. Repeated radio contacts are allowed on different bands and modes
6. Any DIGI communications (PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, etc.) are counted as one DIGI mode.
7. SWLs may earn the award on the same point/QSO basis.
8. Radio amateurs in the Livny district for certification necessary should make QSOs from at least 50 regions (provinces) of Russia.

The award is issued free of charge in electronic format only.
The award is issued to all radio amateurs from Russia and foreign countries.
The application for the award is made as a log extract showing station call, with details of the date, time, band, and mode of radiation and reports QSO / SWL..
Applications for the diploma "Lievens radio club 60 years" should be sent to 303851, Orel., Livny Street. Selishcheva d. 16-A, Apt. 44 Serzhenyuk Alexander Mikhailovich, or by e-mail to:


Tks 1/25/16

Calendar Year  2016

RUSSIA                                    Livny - 430th Anniversary Diploma

The Diploma "Livny - 430" is offered by the Lievens local branch of the CPP Orel region for the purpose of celebrating the 430th anniversary of the founding of the ancient Russian town of Livny.

Requirements: The Diploma "Livny - 430" is awarded for making two-way radio contact with amateur radio stations located in Livny, Oryol Oblast (district the OR - 05 on the list "of the diploma the RDA »). The time period is the calendar year 2016 and you must earn a total of 430 points.

Point Values: 
a. QSOs with special memorial stations of the city = 150 points.
b. QSOs with club stations located in the city = 100 points.
c. QSOs with individual stations of the city = 50 points
d. QSOs with individual radio stations owned by radio amateurs, who previously resided in the town of Livny = 50 points each. (Some of these include: R5GM's , RK3E , R3ET, RN2Y , RV3DDI and others: the list is incomplete.)

Each radio station of Livny may be worked on all bands, including WARC; and repeated QSOs on different bands are valid for the award. 
VHF stations, using frequencies of 144 MHz or higher and up may earn the award by making contacts with calling stations totaling distances for QTH locator of at least 430 km. QSO conducted through VHF repeaters, are not valid for the award.

A. Points are doubled for the applicant:
1. For contacts using the 160 meter band.
2. For applicants making all contacts from Zone 18 and 19 (WAZ).
3. For applicants making contacts with non-CIS countries.
B. Repeated radio contacts with the same station are allowed on different bands and in different modes. Any communication DIGI (PSK31, PSK63, RTTY, etc.) are counted as one DIGI this type of communication.
C. Observers may get a diploma on the same terms.
D. Livny radio amateurs may earn the award to making at least 430 QSOs with different radio stations in the period from 1 January 2016. on December 31, 2016.
E. The award is issued free of charge, in electronic form only.
Diploma is issued to all radio amateurs from Russia and foreign countries.
F. An application for the award is made on the basis of a log extract in the form of call list with details of the date, time, band, mode and signal reports QSO / SWL.
G. Applications for the diploma "Livny - 430" to send to the address: 303851, Orel, Livny Str.. Selishcheva d. 16-A, Apt. 44 Serzhenyuk Alexander Mikhailovich, or an e - mail address : .
H. List of participating stations: R430GL, R60KZI, RP71NP , RP71IL, RT3E, RW3E, R5GM , R5ER , RL3E , UA3 EEL , RZ3EQ , RK3E, R5EJ , RU3EC , UA3ECK , UA3ECV , UA3EEX , RZ3EK , R3EF , UA3EGN , UA3EGS , R3EW , RV3DDI , R3EAV , RZ3EW , RA3EAA , UA3EMJ , UA3EMX , RZ3EN , RN2Y , UA3 EOT , R3EL , UA3ETB , R3ET , RV3ECD, R5EO, R3EQ, RV3EFU, R3EAH , UB3EAP, UB3ECH, R3EAX, UB3EET.


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Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                                                450th Anniversary of the Founding of OREL (R1566O)

HISTORY OF OREL: While there are no historical records, archaeological evidence shows that a fortress settlement existed between the Oka and Orlik Rivers as early as the 12th century, when the land was a part of the Principality of Chernigov. The name of the fortress is unknown; it may not have been called Oryol at the time. In the 13th century the fortress became a part of the Zvenigorod district of the Karachev Principality. In the early 15th century, the territory was conquered by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The city was soon abandoned by its population, after being sacked either by Lithuanians or the Golden Horde. The territory became a part of the Tsardom of Russia in the 16th century.

Ivan the Terrible decreed that a new fortress be built on the spot in 1566, for the purpose of defending the southern borders of the country. The fortress was built very speedily, work starting in the summer of 1566 and ending in the spring of 1567.

In Russian the name of this city means "eagle". There is a legend about the origin of the name. According to it, it happened during the foundation of the fortress, in 1566. When builders began to chop down an oak standing on the river bank, at the confluence of the rivers Oka and Orlik, an eagle flew off from the top of the tree. "And here is the owner", - said one of the men, and Ivan the Terrible ordered to name the town in honor this bird.

During 2016 special event stations from Orel will operate amateur stations dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the city. The activity will be on all bands and all modes.  To earn the award, it will be necessary to make contacts with these stations and earn a total of 450 points. Each QSO is worth 50 points. Repeated QSOs will count for the award if they are made on different bands and different modes.  The award will be issued in electronic form. No cost.

Additional information regarding application will be provided later.

Contact these stations for the award: (you will need 9 QSOs by working some on more than one band.)
R1566O, 5 March to 5 June 2016
R450O 1 June to 31 August 2016
RO450Y August 1 to 30 September 2016


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Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                                             Space - 55

This award is an plaque made from glossy black acrylic with large letters "COSMOS". It shows an engraved portrait of Yuri Gagarin on the glass (transparent acrylic). This plaque was developed by the Lebedyansky Radio Club to honor the 55th anniversary of the first manned flight into space by Yuri Gagarin. .

To obtain the diploma you need to earn 55 points by contacting commemorative stations, clubs and individual licensed stations in the Smolensk Region.

Point Values
All commemorative station devoted to 55 anniversary of the first flight gives 10 points.
     a. QSO with special event station UE55G =gives 20 points. (From 30.04 01.04.po 2016)
     b. QSO with stations of the Smolensk region = 5 points.
     c. Radiohams from Asian Sibereia = points are doubled.
     d. QSOs made by digital modes are doubled.

Contacts during the year 2016. All modes or bands. Repeat contacts are allowed for credit as long as made on different bands and modes.

Observers/SWLs may earn the certificate under same rules as amateur stations. 

Applications sent to the address:

a. The award fee rubles 1500 including shipping to Russia.
b. The cost for neighboring countries including shipping 2000P.
c. Cost for all other stations is $42.

Your application should provide your complete name and address so that the plaque may be safely sent to you. Application in the form of an extract in a text format.


Tks 3/19/16

Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                       Diploma "Troitsk Radio Club – 45th Anniversary". (R945A)

The diploma is established by the MO SRR of the City of Troitsk of Chelyabinsk region in honor of the 45th anniversary from the date of the founding of the Troitsk Radio Club and the city club radio station DOSAAF.

To earn the diploma competitors need to earn 45 points for radio contacts with special radio stations of Troitsk (These are: R945A, UE45AWT) and the club radio station RK9AWT. Radio contacts with all radio stations of the area are obligatory. Each QSO = gives 5 points.

The contacts should on radio amateur HF bands of: 160 through 10 meters and on VHF, the 2 meter and 70cm bands.) All modes OK. Repeated radio communications are permitted for award credit if made on different bands and modes. CW, SSB, DIGITAL (all digital forms are considered as one mode, and SSB AM and FM are considered as PHone). The period of communications with special stations is July-September, 2016, and with RK9AWT – all of 2016.

To observers the diploma is issued for SWL on the same basis as licensed amateurs.

The diploma is free, and is issued in electronic form through the site HAMLOG.RU and is suitable for an independent quality printing, Also accepted are an extract from any logging program which is converted into a text file using Word format. Apply to award manager of .

Make sure that any mail or e-mail specifies on the subject line: The DIPLOMA "To Troitsk radio club – 45 years". Data needed in any form of application includes: Surname, Name and competitor's Middle name, call sign, QTH, country, date of QSO and your e-mail address.



Calendar Year 2016

RUSSIA                            Tyumen 430th Anniversary

The award is sponsored by the Children's Maritime Center "Scarlet Sails" with the support of the administration of the city of Tyumen who have established a commemorative plaque "Tyumen 430 years."

This is a plaque which was created by laser cutting, engraving and UV printing on MDF board measuring 20 by 25 cm. The image of the Tyumen Region and the city coat of arms cards of Tyumen is displayed by 3D graphics of the two layers of acrylic glass. The Plaque is issued for contacts with amateur radio operators of the city of Tyumen and areas south of the Tyumen region (R9L).

Requirements: Earn at least 430 points.

Point Values:
a. For radio stations of the club of the city of Tyumen (. RK9LWA, RM8L, etc.) and special call signs (RP71LL, RP71LF, RP71P, R70LWA etc.) = 50 points
b. radio contacts with other radio amateurs from Tyumen (RDA: TN- 01, TN-02, TN-03 and TN-30) = 20 points.
c. for radio amateurs located to the south of the Tyumen region = 15 points.
d. Repeated contacts ok for award credit as long as they are made on different bands or use different modes.
e. Contacts made during activity days (from June 15 to July 31) earn doubled points.

Tyumen amateurs and those located in the Tyumen region of the south need to make at least 430 QSO LOG and be sure to download their log on to
Diplomas will carry separate numbering for use of different modes: CW, PHONE, DIGITAL, MIXED
Applications should be sent to the award manager at (please specify in the message body data operator name, call sign and e-mail address to send parcels to plaquette).

Cost: The cost of the plaque for Russian stations is 2200 rubles, applicants from CIS countries fee is 2800 rubles and for all foreign radio amateurs is US $55..


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Calendar Year 2016

UKRAINE                                                           90-th Anniversary Of Lviv Shortwave Club

EN90W is the Special call sign to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Lviv Shortwave Club (Lwowski Klub Krótkofalowców - pol.) - the oldest European ham radio club.
Contact Ukranian stations using the special call sign prefix of 90 during Calendar Year 2016.
QSL via UY5XE (LKK-member 1) All QSOs made with EN90W during July-December will be valid for a Jubilee award "LKK-90"
Stations UT1WA and UY5XE (one of the founders in October 1992 LB of UARL and revival in 2000 the pre-war name of the club) - will operate in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the Lviv Shortwave Club (LKK).

Requirements: To obtain the award make contacts in the period from January 1 to December 31, 2016 at least 5 QSO/SWL with stations using the special call (in the prefix "90") or 2 - from the special call and 8 - with members of the LKK.
A list of members LKK can be found at

Note: From January 1 to March 31 2016 the following stations from Poland were active with the special call: 3Z90LKK, HF90LKK, SN90LKK, SO90LKK, SP90LKK and SQ90LKK.

The award is issued in two versions:
1. "Electronic" - these are free of charge.
2. Paper (A5 format) - cost is 2 USD.

Applications are accepted till 01.03 2017
|Addresses for sending an application:


Mail: George Chliyants (UY5XE): P.O. Box 19, 79000 Lviv UKRAINE.

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Calendar Year 2016

USA                                                         National Parks on the Air Award (NPOTA)

Throughout the entire year of 2016, Amateur Radio will be helping the U.S. National Park Service celebrate their 100th anniversary. Hams from across the country will activate NPS units, promote the National Park Service. The following material is taken from the ARRL announcement of this program, which is covered in complete detail on the URL shown at the bottom of this extract.

1) Duration of National Parks on the Air - The ARRL National Parks on the Air (NPOTA) event runs in parallel with the National Park Service’s centennial. The program runs from 0000 UTC January 1, 2016 through 2359 UTC December 31, 2016.
2) Goals of National Parks on the Air -
     a) Promote the capabilities of Amateur Radio to the general public through operations at eligible NPS Administrative Units.
     b) Promote the NPS Centennial and the heritage of the National Park System through Amateur Radio.
     c) Encourage portable Amateur Radio operation from as many of the 408 officially-listed National Park Service administrative units and the 25 recognized Affiliated Areas as possible.
3) Eligibility - The ARRL National Parks on the Air program is open to all licensed radio amateurs.
4) Administration - The ARRL National Parks on the Air Program will be administered only through Logbook of The World. No paper logs or QSLs will be allowed for award credit. Register for LoTW here.
5) NPOTA Units, QSOs, Bands and Modes
     Units eligible for the National Parks on the Air event are based on the NPS published list of officially recognized "NPS Administrative Units" and recognized "Affiliated Areas," As of October 15, 2015, there are 408 NPS Administrative Units and 25 Affiliated Areas. Units not on this NPS list are ineligible for NPOTA credit.
6) QSOs made on all Amateur Radio bands are permitted, except for 60 Meters. Cross-band QSOs, QSOs made through repeaters, digipeaters, Echolink, or IRLP do not count. A specific exemption is granted for QSOs made through the recognized Amateur Radio satellites and through the International Space Station. Only one QSO per NPS Administrative Unit will be credited for NPOTA award credit. There will be no tracking of QSOs by band or mode.
7) Three awards certificates will be available:
     a) Activator Award: Awarded to any Amateur who makes a minimum of one accredited operation from an NPS Administrative Unit. The total number of qualified activations will be printed directly on the certificate. 
     b) Chaser Award: Awarded to any Amateur who confirms QSOs with a minimum of one accredited operation from an NPS Administrative Unit. The total number of NPS units worked will be printed directly on the certificate.
     c) National Parks Honor Roll: Awarded to any Amateur who confirms QSOs with 75% of the 59 National Parks that have accredited operations in 2016. Note this does not mean 75% of all 59 National Parks. It is the responsibility of the Chaser to stay informed of operations that could affect their National Park's Honor Roll status throughout the year.
     d) "Five Star Activator": Special recognition on Activator certificates for Activators who engage in exceptional outreach during activations throughout the event. Activators must perform a minimum of five items on the Five Star Activator list and provide documentation (photos, video, electronic media, etc) of those activities to ARRL HQ upon request.

Five Star Activator actions include
Media Publicity: Public Information Table:
Youth/Scouting Involvement Radio E-Message:
Digital Modes Satellite Contact:
Green Power Battery Power
Social Media Intrepid Traveler: Activate at least five different NPS units.
Stamp Collector: Participate in the NPS Passport program.
Share The Mike Moonbounce

8) For an operation from an NPS Administrative Unit to be considered valid, the following criteria must be met:
     a) The Activator and all components of the Activator’s Amateur Radio station must be physically present on the property of the claimed NPS Unit, unless specifically exempted by ARRL in advance. Activations from parking lots, visitor’s centers and other property maintained by the specific NPS unit are acceptable.
     b) The Activator must make a minimum of ten (10) QSOs during their activation.
     c) The Activator must upload their log to Logbook of The World as soon as practical.
     d) Aeronautical mobile QSOs are not valid for NPOTA program credit.
     e) Activators must exit an NPS unit for 24 hours before an operation from the same NPS unit is considered a separate activation.

9) Accreditation Criteri: ---. activating stations should refer to the ARRL web page regarding documentation of the site you have claimed for the award.
10) QSO Exchange Requirements: Valid QSOs must exchange a signal report and the alphanumeric designator for each NPS Administrative Unit.
11) Modifications to the List of NPS Administrative Units. Should NPS create or remove a unit from their official Administrative Unit list during 2016, the National Parks on the Air program will recognize the addition or deletion of that entity and adjust the number of NPS units accordingly, effective on the date of the activation or deletion by NPS. If NPS removes or de-activates an Administrative Unit during 2016, all QSOs made before the official de-activation date will count for NPOTA credit. 
12) Sensitive Areas: Several NPS Administrative Units are sensitive areas, such as the units in and around Washington, DC. Discretion and respect of the location and other visitors to these NPS units cannot be overstated.
13) Miscellaneous:
     a) All entrance fees to NPS Administrative Units are the responsibility of the Activator.
     b) All contacts for a Chaser award must be made using call signs issued to the same station licensee.
     c) All QSOs for the Chaser Award or National Parks Honor Roll must be made from the same DXCC entity.
     d) QSOs made with a club call count only for the club, not the operator.
     e) The use of remote stations is permitted for Chasers. Activators and all Amateur equipment used during an activation must be physically present within the grounds of the NPS Administrative Unit being claimed. An Activator may not leave any communications equipment at an NPS unit unattended for the purpose of establishing a remotely controlled Amateur Radio station.
     f) Exemplary conduct is expected of all Amateur Radio operators participating in the National Parks on the Air program. Evidence of intentionally disruptive operating practices or inappropriate ethical conduct in any aspect of the National Parks on the Air participation may lead to disqualification from all participation in the program by action of the ARRL Awards Committee. Be on your best behaviour while operating on an NPS location. Refer to ARRL WWW page of rules also for access to park properties, use of trails, distance from trails and considerations of safety.
     g.) ARRL and NPS assume no liability for any Amateur Radio operator participating in the National Parks on the Air event and participants agree to assume all risk and liability for damage to personal property and injury to persons that may result from such operation, and to hold NPS and ARRL harmless therefrom.


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(Award Cost was not shown in the listing for this project.  More data to follow.)


Calendar Year 2017

IRELAND                                  The Wild Atlantic Way Award

The Wild Atlantic Way (Irish Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin) is a tourism route on the west coast of Ireland that runs for 2,500 km (1553 miles) passing through nine Counties and three Provinces. Stretching from County Donegal in the North to County Cork in the south and running through seven other Counties - Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway. Clare, Limerick and Kerry - all on the rugged west coast of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

From 1st January to 31st December 2017 Irish Radio Amateurs will be on air with nine special calls - EI11WAW through to EI99WAW. Each call will be associated with one of the counties making up the Wild Atlantic Way. Each call will have its own distinctive QSL card depicting a highlight of the county linked to the call. A certificate will be available for download to any station that works all nine calls, any band and any mode.

The call EI66WAW is associated with county Clare. Clare is a county in western Ireland with terrain ranging from rolling countryside to a craggy Atlantic coastline. Atop the 213m-high Cliffs of Moher, O’Brien’s Tower offers sweeping ocean views. The Burren, a uniquely rocky wilderness area, shelters Stone Age monuments and ancient churches. Outside the gateway town of Shannon, 15th-century Bunratty Castle and its folk park reenact medieval-era banquets and 19th-century village life.

Apply by e-mail to EI6AL with a log extract of the 9 stations and make sure your full name is shown for the certificate.

E-mail: mail:

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