Calendar Year / Short Term Awards for QSOs in 2017

Contacts for awards on this page must be made generally during the calendar year 2017.  
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but in general, all or most of the activity to make your contacts includes a major part or all of the year 2017.    Some of the awards are carried over from last year, since the award  began in 2016, but which will expire in 2017.

For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Blue background indicates the newest awards added to this list.

2017 Annual Term Awards

Date Added:
BELGIUM The OP17HC Diploma (WWI 100th Anniversary Station) DH5MM X March 22, 2017
BELGIUM UBA 14-18 Award ON4CAS X Carried over from 2014
BULGARIA All Saints Award 2017 425 DX News X January 4, 2017
CANADA Canadian Sesquicentennial Award X January 2, 2017
CANADA Canada's 150th Birthday Award   February 5, 2017
CZECH REPUBLIC Barium 70 Award OK1ZHV X Carried over from 2014-2016
DENMARK 90th Anniversary  of the Danish National Amateur Radio Organization DXFUN Cluster X December 4, 2016
ENGLAND The Essex Towns & Villages Award Google - images   March 9, 2017
FINLAND Finland's 100th Anniversary as an Independent State OH3OJ   April 4, 2017
FRANCE Diplome Marie Curie DH1PAL X February 27, 2017
GERMANY 70th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Hilden Diploma DH1PAL X 3/13/17
GERMANY Diploma 40th Anniversary of DOK (club) R24 DL7ET X December 12, 2016
GERMANY Worked WRTC Qualification Regions (WWQR) Award DH1PAL   Carried over from 2016
GERMANY YL Season 2017 - Diploma DH1PAL   February 27, 2017
IRELAND Wild Atlantic Way Award EI6AL X Re-posted on January 27, 2017
ISRAEL Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA) 4Z1DX,  4Z1RZ X Carried over from 2016
ITALY ARI 90th Anniversary X March 3, 2017
ITALY 10th Anniversary Insubria Radio Club IZ2ELV X (pdf) February 25, 2017
POLAND 100th Anniversary of the Marian Apparitions in Fatima ( HF100F ) X June 3, 2j017
ROMANIA Diploma YOFF 2017 X March 9, 2017
RUSSIA Golden Echelon Award OH3GZ and SP9JPA Blog X February 25, 2017
RUSSIA Year of the Fire Rooster Diploma X January 3, 2017
RUSSIA Rostov Veliky 1155th Anniversary X June 6, 2017
RUSSIA Radio Marathon " MOSCOW " 870" Award Program OH3GZ X January 12, 2017
RUSSIA 90th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Tatarstan X March 29, 2017
SWEDEN 75th Anniversary of the Gotland Club ( SK1BL ) X May 10, 2017
SWITZERLAND 600th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicolas of Flue HB9CAT   April 4, 2017
UKRAINE 90th Anniversary of the Birth Date of Oleska Tykhyi ( EN90IWA ) OH3GZ X January 30, 2017
UKRAINE Sumy 332 Diploma X April 4, 2017
USA 2017 KB7QPS Air, Space, and Technology Operating Event SP9JPA Blog   February 14, 2017
USA Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration Special Event - 2017 X May 9, 2017

Calendar Year 2017

BELGIUM                                            The OP17HC Diploma (WWI 100th Anniversary Station)

The radio Radiocub ONZ Knokke (ON6HC) will be operating with the special call sign OP17HC during calendar year 2017, which is one of the many 100th Anniversary stations commemorating the First World War.

A special award will be available for working OP17HC. The requirement is quite simple, simply make just one contact or SWL with OP17HC. There are no band or mode restrictions.

Once you have made a contact, go to . This page will have a form which asks for QSO data, and your name and e-mail address. The award is also available for SWL stations. The award is free of charge, and only available in digital form.

Internet URL for rules: 
Internet URL for application:

Tks DH5MM 3/16/17

1 August 2014 to 30 November 2018

BELGIUM                                                      UBA 14-18 Award

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War One, the Royal Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs (UBA) issues a remembrance award. Between 1 August 2014 and 30 November 2018, applicants must collect at least 1418 points by contacting stations noted below: .

Point values:
1. QSO with special event station OP0PPY = 500 points.
2. Special event stations with prefix OP14, OP15, OP16, OP17, OP18 each contribute 250 points; ( Belgian stations need to work at least three of these stations, other European stations two and stations outside of Europe one).
3. During the month of November of the years 2014-2018 all other Belgian stations will count 30 points.

All bands and modes are permitted, but contacts via terrestrial repeaters, Echolink etc. are not accepted. Every station may be accounted for only once in the AWARD application. There is a special "Endorsement" available if you collect the 1418 points in one calendar year. Five of these "endorsements" are available (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

The award is free of charge, and only available in digital form.  

send your log extract in TXT format and claimed score to ON4CAS at: Email:


Tks ON4CAS 9/5/14

Calendar Year 2017

BULGARIA                                         All Saints Award 2017

This is an annual award by the Bulgarian radio club "Evangelist", which features 12 different Saints or Holy Men of the Orthodox church in Bulgaria. The 12 different special event stations that are activated each year form the basis for a very beautiful certificate featuring elaborate religious art.

Requirements: Contact the required number of special event stations.
     1. European stations need 10 QSO/SWL contacts of the 2017 call signs.
     2. All other stations need 5 QSO/SWL contacts of the 2017 call signs. .

On the first day of each month, a new call sign honoring one of these saints is activated and will generally remain active all of that month.

The schedule for 2017 is as follows:
1. LZ552SGO (January),
2. LZ235SIR (February),
3. LZ303MA (March),
4. LZ303SA (April),
5. LZ395SG (May),
6. LZ121SBS (June),
7. LZ284SKD (July),
8. LZ55UPB (August),
9. LZ100SK (September),
10. LZ251MKP (October),
11. LZ307MU (November)
12. LZ710SG (December).

A digital award that is delivered to you as an image file and printed by your equipment is free. A printed and mailed award will cost 5E. Applications should be sent to: Payment for the paper diploma is 5E via PAYPAL to Your QSL is not necessary, only a log extract is needed. The award design is different for each year, and only contacts for the current year are used for the award. Prefix hunters are practically guaranteed 12 new prefixes for their collection each and every year!

You may obtain their QSLs via the bureau or direct to P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria. Details on the "All Saints 2017"


Tks 425 DX News #1339 1/1/2017

Calendar Year (Several periods of activity in 2017)

CANADA                                         Canadian Sesquicentennial Award

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada's confederation and the Calgary Amateur Radio Association is celebrating. At various times during the year we will be operating as a Special Event station using the call sign CG6AO
We are offering you a chance to earn a Canada 150 Special Event certificate.  Earn the certificate by logging 5 unique contacts with CG6AO during the year. A unique contact is a contact on a new band or new mode on the same band. The web page will be updated during the year listing the top call signs we have logged in the event.

Certificate Instructions: Send an e-mail to detailing your 5 unique contacts. If confirmed in our log we will e-mail back a personalized Canada 150 Special Event certificate PDF file. If you would like a printed certificate via the postal mail the cost is $4US.

QSL Card Instructions
Direct via mail:
Send us your card and...
US Stations : Please include a self addressed envelope and $1 USD.
DX Stations : Please include a self addressed envelope and $2 USD.
Canadian Stations : Please include a self addressed and stamped envelope.  
Any cards received with insufficient return postage funds will be sent in the next bureau shipment.
Bureau QSL: All cards received via the bureau with a return QSL request will be returned via the burea
Digital QSL : All contacts uploaded to LOTW.


Tks 1/1/17

CANADA                                          Canada's 150th Birthday

Pierre, CF2PIJ will be offering a Canada 150 Special Event Certificate. The certificate can be earned by logging CF2PIJ during the year 2017. Attached to the award are be special endorsement stickers earned by working Canadian stations logging each of the provinces and territories.

QSO's for 2017 only. Send your log when you have contacted a total of 10 provinces + 3 territories. Alternately, you may send your log in January 2018 with a listing of all of the provinces and territories that you worked during 2017. There is a maximun of 13 QSOs possible in your log. QSO's for 2017 only. The log submitted should contain standard QSO data including: Call Sign, Date, Band, Mode, RS/T. Send all the data to: 

Canada’s Provinces are:
VE1 VA1 CY9 CY0 Nova Scotia;
VE2 VA2 Quebec;
VE3 VA3 Ontario;
VE4 VA4 Manitoba;
VE5 VA5 Saskatchewan;
VE6 VA6 Alberta;
VE7 VA7 British Columbia;
VE9 New Brunswick;
VY2 Prince Edward Island;
(VO1 Newfoundland; VO2 Labrador: count for 1);
VE8 Northwest Territories;
VY1 Yukon Territory;
VY0 Nunavut Territory

During the 100th anniversary, stations currently using the "standard" prefixes have permission to use special prefixes as follows:
VE can use CG, other special prefix for other event : CK, VG, XM, VC
VA can use CF, other special prefix for other event: CJ, VG, XL, VB
VO can use CH, other special prefix for other event: CY, XJ, XN, VD
VY can use CI, other special prefix for other event: CZ, XK, XO, VF

E-mail: Email:

March 1, 2014 to December 31, 2019

Czech Republic                        Barium 70 Award

This award commemorates the 70th anniversary of the landing and operation of the Barium paragroup in occupied Czechoslovakia during World War II. In their honor, Radio club OK1OHK issues a special amateur radio award named „Barium 70".  The award period will recognize valid QSO`s made from 1st March 2014 to 31th December 2019. The rules are the same for amateur radio operators and SWL’s around the world.

Requirements: All applicants must earn at least 70 points. For applicants under 18 years it is sufficient to reach 35 points

Point values for applicants from OK :
a. QSOs with a station operating in the districts of : FHB , FHK , FJI , FNA , FPA , FRK , FSE , FSV, FTR , FOU = 1 point
b. QSO with stations OK1TAM, OK1SCJ, OK2PBL = 1 point.
c. QSO with a station in the UK (including GD, GI, GM, GU, GW) = 2 points
d. QSO with station OK7OBA = 3 points.
e. QSO with station OK7BAR = 3 points.
f. QSO with station OK6BAR = 3 points
g. QSO with station OK2BAR = 3 points.

Point values for applicants outside OK:
a. QSO with a station in the UK (incl. GD, GI, GM, GU, GW) = 2 points
b. QSO with a station in the OK (incl. OK, OL) = 2 points.
c. QSO with station OK7OBA = 3 points.
d. QSO with station OK7BAR = 3 points.
e. QSO with station OK6BAR = 3 points.
f. QSO with station OK2BAR  + 3 points.

For CW QSO the points are multiplied by two.

In one day it is possible to make 1 QSO with the same station on one band and one operating mode. The same station may be worked on different bands or different modes on the same band.  Contest QSO are OK. All bans and modes ok, except QSO`s made via repeaters are not valid

Request for an award must contain an excerpt from the log and an affidavit of compliance with award rules and permitting conditions of the applicant country.
Price for printed award in OK or OM is 200 CZK, other countries the fee is 10€ or $US10.
Electronic award is issued free of charge.

Mailing address: Vojtech Horak, DDM, Rautenkrancova 1241, 500 03, Hradec Kralove , Czech Republic.

E-mail: ok1zhv(at)


Tks OK1ZHV 2/8/14
(Change 2/13/14)

11 February - 15 May 2017
15 August - 15 November 2017

DENMARK                                       90th Anniversary of the Danish National Amateur Radio Organization

The Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører (EDR for short) was founded 15th August 1927.  On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of EDR, Danish radio amateurs will be active from Greenland and southern Denmark with the special event calls signs, OZ9ØEDR, OX9ØEDR and 5P9ØEDR in periods from 11th February until 15th May, and 15th August until 15th November 2017.

There may be activity in other periods of 2017 so keep an eye on the activity calendar already from 1th January. All bands, including WARC-bands, and all modes may be used. Exceptions are cross-mode, cross-band contacts and contacts via repeater and echo-link.  On JT modes the callsign OZ7D will be used. ONLY QSOs with OZ7D in JT modes are valid for the award.

Each of these call signs can be used to earn the award: OV90EDR, Z9ØEDR, OX90EDR, 5P90EDR, OZ7D:

1. DX Stations
GOLD AWARD - QSO on 4 different bands regardless the mode
SILVER AWARD - QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode
BRONZE AWARD - QSO on 2 different bands regardless the mode

2. European Stations
QSO on 7 different bands regardless the mode
QSO on 5 different bands regardless the mode
QSO on 3 different bands regardless the mode

3. Danish Stations
QSO on 14 different bands regardless the mode
QSO on 10 different bands regardless the mode
QSO on 6 different bands regardless the mode

If you have made the needed contacts or received them (SWL) and you want the award, then you have two choices:
1. Print the award yourself
2. Send a request to Award Manager by going to their WWW site. They willl check your QSOs in their master logs and you will, free of charge, get an e-mail reply with the requested award attached.

E-award: There is a form found on which can be used to request an award.

2. Paper Award: Send a letter to event manager OZ0J to get the paper-award, and specify which award you want. Their mailing address is: Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører, Klokkestoebervej 11, 5230 Odense M, Denmark. All awards to the same address cost USD 10 or 3 valid IRC to cover our costs for printing the award, for envelope and return postage. You may also use PayPal on their homepage .

If you have any questions about the award, please contact us at
Deadline for award application is 30th June 2018.


Tks 1/4/17

ENGLAND                                          The Essex Towns & Villages Award

Objectives: To encourage contacts between Radio Amateurs living both in side and out of, the County of Essex. To support the Essex Air Ambulance by making charitable donations to Essex Air Ambulance from the surplus of the administration costs of the award

Award Criteria
The award is titled WORKED ESSEX TOWNS & VILLAGES and the purpose of this award is to encourage contacts between Radio Amateurs living both inside and out of, the County of Essex

.Amateurs living within the County of Essex cannot claim for a QSO within 15 miles of their own town or village. All QSOs shall be ONLY from the HOME QTH, as listed in the RSGB CALLBOOK, or on The number of stations required for each class is detailed in the Award Classes section . All towns or villages shall be within the County of Essex boundaries as of October 2011 and appear on the U.K. Ordnance Survey maps If the town or stations registered QTH is not listed in either of these references then the QSO cannot be claimed.

Start Date and Time Limit
All contacts from 1st January 2016 are valid. The award shall run until the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society Annual General Meeting in October 2017

.Award Classes There are two classes of the award:

Silver Five amateur radio stations worked, each located in different Essex towns or villages
Ten amateur radio stations worked, each located in different Essex towns or villages

A wild card is a contact with the club call (GX0MWT) of the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society ;it is worth two towns. This wild card is not available to members of CARS , either past or present.

Modes The award can be claimed for any simplex contact in any mode and any band .
All contacts claimed shall be for operating from the home QTH transmitting antenna to a receiving QTH antenna.

NO contacts may be claimed for ANY of: Repeater operation, cross band working, mobile, portable or internet based operations.

The award certificate will be issued by CHELMSFORD AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY, on receipt of a checked and certified extract of the applicant’s station log and the award fee. The certified log extract shall contain date, time, band, mode, and the town or village QTH of the worked station for each QSO. The statement contained within Appendix 1 shall also be on the application form.

QSL cards are not required. In the event of dispute , the CARS Award Committee may request a viewing of the relevant log pages. The award manager is G3PEM to whom claims shall be sent ; the address can be found in the call book or on

The award costs £6 ($10 or 10€) payable to C.A.R.S. After deduction of all printing and postal expenses, the remaining balance of money at the end of the award period will be donated to the Essex Air Ambulance.

Each claim shall have the following statement attached:

I declare that all the contacts were made by me personally from my QTH and in accordance with the terms of my radio transmitting licence. I further accept that the decision of the Award Committee shall be final in all cases of dispute. Applicant

Signed: Date: ____________________________


Checker Signed: __________________

Date ____________________________


Tks Google Images 3/5/17

Calendar Year 2017

FINLAND                                                 Finland’s 100th Anniversary as an Independent State

In 2017, a special jubilee call sign OF100FI/x was been activated with amateur radio clubs from all around Finland. The " x" is the number of the call area ( 0 through 9 ). The year 2017 will mark Finland’s 100th anniversary as an independent state. It will be an important year for Finland, full of events created through joint efforts. The anniversary year will generate actions, experiences and an extensive program of events. It will be seen and heard across the country throughout 2017. Through these actions, we will reflect on the past 100 years of Finland’s independence, assess its present and explore its future.  A special award is offered for those stations who work a minimum of 100 points during calendar year 2017.

Point Values:
1. Each of the stations OF100FI/0 … OF100FI/9 give 3 points only for one QSO, so a maximum of 30 points is available.
2. Each "OF"prefix and/or "OH" call is worth one point each one time; so you can work the same station with both as OF and OH to earn 2 points.

Other Rules:
1. QSL / confirmations are not needed, but award manager reserves the right to cross check the contacts in case it is found needed.
2. Send an application list of QSOs showing the call sign, date, contact points, and points total to in alphabetical order.
3. The award is designed for Mixed mode contacts, but special endorsements can be requested for additional credit such "All CW" etc.

Application: Send a list of contacts, the points that apply to each station, fee of €5, and your e-mail address. . The awards will be published in electronic version and fee is € 5:-. 
Applications can be sent to .

Tks Jukka, OH3OJ 4/3/17

22 February to 31 December 2017

FRANCE                                                                        Diplome Marie Curie

On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Marie Curie, born Maria Sklodowska, the YLs of the "Association of the YL de France" honor the outstanding scientist and two-time Nobel laureate with the Diploma Marie Curie. The diploma can be obtained for contacts made with the YLs of the "Association of YL de France" which are listed below.

Point Values:
Each call counts once per band and / or operating mode (SSB, CW and DIGI).
100 points must be earned to receive the award.
It includes contacts made from 22 February 2017 to 31 December 2017.
The log extract with date, UTC, call, band, mode, first name of the YL should be sent to Claudine, F5JER@ ref-union .

The award is free of charge and is delivered in the form of a digital image. An excel spreadsheet is provided for you to complete the QSO data and attaching to your e-mail application.

The (incomplete) list of participants in Marie Curie activity and point distribution:
QSOs with Maria F6BAT = 20 points.
All other QSOs with call signs below count for 10 points per qso.
Nicole F4HFX
Alexandra F1UBA
Evelyne F5RPB
Joana DJ5YL
Marie-Jeanne F5MYL
Christine F4GDI
Mado F1EOY
Aline F4GPA
Danielle F4GLR
Claudine F5JER
Tina DL5YL
Lydie F5MSS
Maryse F4HBC

Internet: (Rules)
hier (Spreadsheet application)

Tks DH1PAL 2/24/17


February 1 to December 31, 2017

GERMANY                                   70th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Hilden Diploma

Due to its 70th anniversary in 2017, the Deutsche amateur-radio-Club e.V - Hilden is sponsoring this short time award beginning on 1 February 2017 to all licensed radio amateurs and SWL. All confirmed contacts beginning 1 February 2017 to 31 December 2017 with amateur radio stations of the local Association of Hilden, DOK R04 who count for this diploma.

The diploma is issued in three classes:
DL stations EU stations DX stations
Class 3 35 points 25 points 15 points
Class 2 50 points 35 points 25 points
Class 1 70 points 50 points 35 points

The diploma is 4-color in the landscape format DIN A4 design and will be sent as a PDF file by e-mail. On request it can be sent as a printed document printed on 250 g / m square glossy cardboard by regular mail.

1. All modes and bands, including satellites are allowed. Any contact with a station of the local Association of Hilden counts as 2 points per band.
2. A contact with the Club station DL0CK (Special DOK 70R04) is mandatory and is worth 4 points.
3. A contact with a mobile or portable station from the OV Hilden (also DL0CK/P) is worth one bonus point.4. The corresponding number of points will be doubled for contacts in modes of CW, PSK31, JT65, or ATV.

Diploma requests:
Applications may be submitted
1. Via the DARC community logbook (DCL), or
2. With GCR list (certified list from the existing QSL Cards) to the Manager.
3. Confirmations for eQSL or LoTW are accepted.
4. Unsolicited sent QSL Cards willare not or sent back except at the expense of the applicant.

Diploma fee:
-Online shipping: award is free of charge.
-Mail: within Germany EUR 5.00 and abroad: EUR 7.00.

Bank Transfers:
1. The fee to transfer show your own call sign on the following account:
2. Account holder:... Deutscher amateur-radio Club (DARC) e.V.
3. IBAN: DE29 5001 0060 0990 1676 08 BIC: PBNKDEFFXXX Postbank

Diploma Manager: Roland Lehmann, DL1EAL, Karschhauser str. 4, D-40699 Erkrath, Germany


Tks DH1PAL 3/10/17

Calendar Year 2017

GERMANY                      Diploma 40th Anniversary of DOK (club) R24

The OV Haan R24 is celebrating the 40th Anniversary of it’s founding during the year of 2017. The 40R24 diploma is offered for contacts with stations from the OV Haan in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2017.

Requirements for 4 levels of the Award:
1. Bronze 24 points (1 contact with 1 club station is obligatory)
2. Silver 40 points (3 contacts with at least 2 clubs are obligatory)
3. Gold 240 points (5 contacts with at least 3 club stations are obligatory)
4. Platinum 400 points (10 contacts with all 4 club stations are obligatory)

The diploma can also be endorsed for single band or mono-mode. Make sure you mention this when submitting your award request.
The club stations DK0HAN, DL0CPM and DN0UKW will represent the SDOK 40R24.
The club station DR9P will be active from 1 June to 5 June 2017 using the SDOK ARDF17, and the SDOK ARDFR for the rest of the year.

Point Values:
a. One QSO with a club station = 5 points per band and mode.
b. One QSO with a station in the DOK R24 = 1 point per band and mode.
c. The following stations are assigned DOK R24: DF1ER, DF5FD, DG1KDD, DG6SA, DJ6JD, DJ9EY, DK8EZ, DL1ABT, DL1JR, DL7ET, DL8EAP, DN1ET, DN6SA, DN8PL, DO3EA, DO7KK, DO7ML, DO8FOX, DO9PL (as of Dec.2016)

a. Each station may be contacted once per band and mode (CW / Phone / Digi) one time every calendar month.
b. The station with the most points receives a self-building tube receiver kit.
c. For SWLs, the same conditions apply. QSOs that are in the DX cluster are not counted!
d. The award, issued as a digital file are free to download.
e. For paper diplomas, a fee of 5€ will be charged.
f. Send your application with a log extract to .


Tks Veit DL7ET / AL3T 12/12/16

Calendar Years of 2015, 2016 and 2017

GERMANY                                                                   Worked WRTC Qualification Regions (WWQR) Award

The club "World Radio Team Championship 2018 e.V." is preparing for the WRTC 2018 in Germany. In conjunction with this, the club is offering a Special Certificate Series during 2015, 2016 and 2017.   From January 1st to December 31st of each of the three years, applicants for this award must show proof of having made confirmed contacts (QSOs) with stated numbers of the 29 WRTC qualification regions, using the DCL (DARC-Community-Logbook).

There are 3 classes:
Class 3: 20 Regions
Class 2: 25 RegionsClass 1: 29 Regions

Special awards
5-Band: 29 Regions on 5 bands
6-Band: 29 Regions on 6 bands

A QSO with a special WRTC-Organization Committee station counts as a joker *). It is allowed to use all amateur radio bands and transmission modes that the license of the applicant permits. It is also possible to have the certificate issued in a single mode or single band. In this case, the certificates will be issued with special serial numbers.  
The certificate can be applied for and downloaded via DCL as a PDF document. The handling fee in that case is 3 Euro. A printed paper version is also available for a handling fee of 7 Euro and will be sent by standard mail.
Certificate Manager: Hajo Weigand, DJ9MH, Altensteiner Weg 1, D 97437 Hassfurt, Germany. E-mail:
*) One Joker per Certificate may be used as one QSO with a call of the WRTC 2018 Organizing Committee for the application for the associated band and mode.

List of regions valid for the WWQR
Team ID:
AF#NW: CQ zones 33, 34, 35
AF#SW: CQ zones 36, 37, 38, 39

AS#1: CQ zone 17, UA9 in zone 16
AS#2: CQ zones 18, 19, 23 (without BY)
AS#3: CQ zone 20 (asiatic part)
AS#4: CQ zone 21
AS#5: 9M2, 9V, CQ zones 22, 23 (BY), 24, 26
AS#6: CQ zone 25 (HL, JA)

EU#1: ES, JW, JX, LA, LY, OH, OH0, OJ0, OY, OZ, SM, TF, YL
EU#2: 4U1I, C3, EI, F, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, HB9, HB0, LX, ON, PA
EU#3: ER, EU, HA, OE, OK, OM, SP, UR
EU#4: 1A, 3A, 9H, CT, CU, EA, EA6, HV, I, IS, T7, TK, ZB
EU#5: 4O, 9A, E7, LZ, S5, SV, SV5, SV9, SV/A, TA (european part), YO, YU, Z3, ZA
EU#6: R1F, UA1-6, UA2
EU#7: DL

NA#1: 4U1UN, W1, W2, W3
NA#2: W4
NA#3: W8, W9
NA#4: W5
NA#5: W0
NA#6: W6, W7
NA#7: CY0, CY9, FP, OX, VE1, 2, 3, 9, VO, VY0, VY2
NA#8: KL7, VE4, 5, 6, 7, 8, VY1
NA#9: CQ zones 6, 7, 8, VP9

OC#1: CQ zones 27, 28, 31
OC#2: CQ zones 29, 30, 32

SA#1: CQ zones 11 (PY, ZP)
SA#2N: CQ zones 9, 10
SA#2S: CQ zones 12, 13

ANTARCTICA is assigned to the appropriate CQ zone.

Their website has a listing of all those who have earned the award..


Tks DH1PAL 10/22/15

Here is copy of e-mail from DL6MHW to help you gain access to the DARC equivalent of ARRL's Logbook of the World

Hi folks,

the WWQR award series is an opportunity for every active ham to join the WRTC community. You have to work stations from WRTC qualification regions. The award is issued on a yearly basis. We have just published an article with a step by step approach for an easy electronic application using the DARC Community Logbook (DCL). After log-in (easy with an LOTW account) you might find already enough points for the basic classes of WWQR because DCL contains QSO data from WPX and other contests. Moreover, you can import QSOs from LOTW, Clublog our your own ADIF for higher class awards. Just import your CQWW SSB Log or use that from CQWW CW to obtain a 5-Band- or 6-Band-Award.

Read the step by step guide to the WWQR Award:

Go directly to the DCL Login site to apply for your WWQR Award

73 de Michael, DL6MHW

P.S: Please distribute this information to your active ham radio friends.
Michael Höding, DL6MHW
Vice-President, Fundraising, PR
Phone: +49 39201 20779

2017 Calendar Year

GERMANY                                                            YL-Season 2017 - Diploma .

The diploma can be applied for when the call DAØYL has been worked at least 33 times in 2017 (either on different days and / or in different modes (exception: echolink) and / or on different bands.

A special level of the diploma is offered if at least 88 QSOs with DAØYL are demonstrated under the same conditions within the year 2017.

The paper version is printed on colored photo paper in DIN A4. The diploma is available for 2 euros as a pdf file by e-mail or for 8 euros in printed form by postal delivery. The award manager is Christiane Rüthing, DL4CR (at), Gaußstr. 55, 63071 Offenbach, Germany.

Applications can be submitted by e-mail to or by mail with logbook extracts (please list ADIF files, but chronological lists in table form). The award manager reserves the right to check the QSO data by comparing it with the DA0YL log.


Tks DH1PAL DIG Newsletter editor 23/2/17

Calendar Year 2017

IRELAND                                            The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way (Irish Slí an Atlantaigh Fhiáin) is a tourism route on the west coast of Ireland that runs for 2,500 km (1553 miles) passing through nine Counties and three provinces. Stretching from County Donegal in the North to County Cork in the south and running through Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway. Clare, Limerick and Kerry - all on the rugged west coast of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

From 1st January to 31st December 2017 Irish Radio Amateurs will be on air with nine special calls - EI11WAW through to EI99WAW. Each call will be associated with one of the counties making up the Wild Atlantic Way. Each call will have its own distinctive QSL card depicting a highlight of the county linked to the call.

QSL requests may be made via Clublog or the Irish Bureau. Requests for a Direct QSL via Clublog or to EI6AL should enclose $2, or €2 via PayPal to:

A Certificate will be made available for download to any station that works all nine calls, using any band any mode. Apply by e-mail to QSL manager EI6AL giving name and call. A certificate can also be sent by post - send €5 ($5) to cover postage direct to EI6AL or via Paypal to

E-mail: (PayPal Payment)
Internet: EI11WAW through EI99WAW

Tks 1/27/16

This is a newly developed  program (12/2016) which has the possibility of being a long term permanent award. .
I am listing it in the annual term listing as well as the permanent award listing until we see which is the correct place.
The first segment of their operations will occur in late December 2016.

ISRAEL                                                                        Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA)

 The Israel Amateur Radio Club (I.A.R.C) is sponsoring a national award program entitled: Holyland Christianity On The Air (HOCOTA).
The activity starts during this year's Christmas period 23 to 25 December with four special event stations - 4X2XMAS, 4X3XMAS, 4X7XMAS and 4X9XMAS).

Program structure:

The program will include amateur radio operations from numerous sites in the holy land that hold major significance to every Christian that includes the following sections based on biblical citation, Christian tradition, beliefs and heritage as well as documented history, archeology and other research:

Section A: Locations associated with miracles performed by Jesus Christ (30-40)
Section B: Christian Forts/fortified cities (20-30)
Section C: Unique Christian Monasteries (10-20)
Section D: Highly significant Churches (10)
Section E: Locations of major Christian battle fields (10-15)
Section F: Locations along what is known as ‘Jesus’ trail’ (5-10)
Section G: Locations of significant baptisms (5-10)
Section H: Ancient synagogues from the time of Jesus (5-10)

Program/Section awards eligibility are as follows:
1. HOCOTA Section Award - At least 10 QSOs or 70% of sites worked (according to the lesser) with a station operating from a listed section location.
2. HOCOTA General Award - Any 50 QSOs with any station under the program, on condition that a minimum of one station from each of the above sections are included. Different awards (gold/premium) may apply for any additional 50 QSO`s.

Christmas Special 2016 Operation
Initiation of the HOCOTA Program activities will commence during Christmas 2016 (23-25 December) by four to five multi operator stations. The current sub-program is called the ‘Jesus Miracles Award’ since most of the operation is within the miracle block of the HOCOTA Program:
1. 4X9XMAS - Tabagha (the 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread miracle)
2. 4X2XMAS - Yarden it (Jordan River Baptism site - section B)
3. 4X7XMAS - Kursi (the ‘Pigs Miracle’)
4. 4X3XMAS - Mount of Beatitudes (Jesus’ famous speech and gathering of the Apostles-section B)
5. 4X0XMAS - Kapernaum - several miracles (optional)

Eligibility for an award in this specific operation is for working four QSO`s with two different stations (call signs) out of the active stations.
A QSO is a valid contact per band/mode but not more than two on the same day of operation with the same station.
Requests for certificate should be sent to who will email the certificate to eligible hams.

Zurial Rienstien Dov Gavish
IARC President IARC special events Manager

The program accreditation will be built from ‘blocks’ of sub-awards derived from specific geographic locations. Activities will run throughout the year with special operations mainly during Christmas and Easter.

Tks 4Z1DX 11/28/16

Calendar Year 2017

ROMANIA                                                DIPLOMA YOFF 2017

During the calendar year 2017 (International year of sustainable tourism for development ), you may earn the special award from Romania: the "YOFF 2017 Let Save The Green Planet Earth".

Requirements: During the calendar year 2017, contact at least 5 stations from different YOFF protected areas and at least 10 stations from other Fauna and Flora (FF) areas from 5 different countries on at least 2 continents. Requests must be received before Feb 1, 2018.

Cost of the printed award is 5€ or 5 valid IRC's. Apply to Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania.
If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf or jpg document.

Apply by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)

E-mail: fenyo3jw (@)

Tks 3/8/17

1 March to 31 December 2017

ITALY                                              Award  ARI 90th Anniversary – Associazione Radioamatori Italiani

The Italian Radio Amateur Association, on the occasion of its 90th anniversary in 2017, has established a special diploma called "ARI 90 YEARS" which is open to all Radio Amateurs and SWLs of the world.

During 2017, starting from March 1 to December 31, many Italian stations will be active from different stations of the ARI Sections in all Italian regions. These stations will use call signs starting with "IQ", (such as IQ0RR), or, alternatively, the Name of the Chairman or a Member of the Chamber, and will spend a special identifier called a SASC (ASC Special) in the format composed of (1) a letter, identifying their region, (2) the characters 90ARI, and (3) a number which is used to identify regions that have either one or more stations active: such as 1 or 2, etc.

So a typical identifier/SASC will look like this: F90ARI2
This will mean F=Tuscany 90ARI = the anniversary 2 = the 2nd station in the region.
Make a note of this in your logs as it will be used in the application

A = Abruzzo                B = Basilicata         C = Campania D = Molise
E = Emilia-Romagna  F = Toscana           G = Liguria J = Puglia
K = Calabria              L = Lombardia       M = Marche N = Trentino-Alto Adige
P = Piedmont             R = Lazio                S = Sardegna T = Sicily
U = Umbria                V Friuli-VG           W = Veneto X = Valle d’Aosta

SASC, how it works
# Is a number that follows the word "ARI" and is assigned in order of arrival of requests for SASC by Sections. Example: If in Lombardy plalns to operate six stations IQ2, past the SASC will show: L90ARI1, L90ARI2, L90ARI3, L90ARI4, L90ARI5 and L90ARI6. Groups with their own name IQ prefix can participate provided that the Group name is registered to ARI and have obtained authorization from the President of the Section to which the Group is registered.

Will also be present during the year with two Special ARI Headquarters stations: II2ARI and IQ2ARI * who will use the SASC H90ARI1 and H90ARI2. On Marconi Day, April 22, 2017 there will also be 10 additional Special stations Marconiane prefixed IY which will pass the identifier Y90ARI # (in this case # is a different number, from 1 to 10, depending on the station).


A. To obtain the Diploma you will have to contact stations in all the 20 Regions. In the case where a region is missing, it can be replaced by using one of the Special Headquarter stations or from a Marconian Special station. If there are two missing regions they may be replaced by a Special Headquarter Station and a Special Marconi Station.
B. Those stations who contacted all 20 regions plus at least a Headquarter Station or a Special Marconi Station (20 + 1) will be entered in the " ARI 90 YEARS Honor Roll ".
C. Those stations who contact all 20 regions plus at least a Headquarter Special station and at least one Special Marconi Station (20 + 1 + 1) will be entered in the " ARI 90 YEARS Super Honor Roll ".
D. The Award is available only as mixed band / mode. There is no endorsement of band or mode.

For non-Italian stations it will be possible to obtain the Diploma by contacting fewer regions, as follows:
European stations: 15 Italian Regions
DX stations: 10 Italian Regions

NO COST: The Award is free and will be sent in the form of PDF files to the applicant.

APPLYING: To apply send a simple GCR (extract of your log book) showing QSO data, plus the SASC code received (this is the letter and number sent to you with the contact, such as "L90ARI2" and your information to the following email address: or IK2UVR (at) no later than 31 March, 2018.

QSL cards are not required. The ARI will verify the presence of the QSO in the logs sent from the stations and from the Regional Special stations. For SWL’s, they are obligated to indicate both the station heard Special Regional or that the corresponding station. Results will be published in RadioRivista June or July-August 2018 and on the website

SCHEDULE OF ARI ACTIVITY: Due to the large number of Italian stations that are expected to participate, the schedule shown below has been developed to limit a few regions for the time shown below:
The IQ stations will be operational from March to December 2017 in the following table:
A. March 2017: Piedmont (P) and Sicily (T)
B. April 2017: Valle d’Aosta (X) and Umbria (U)
C. May 2017: Trentino-Alto Adige (N) and Calabria (K)
D. June 2017: Veneto (W) and Basilicata (B)
E. July 2017: Lombardia (L) and Puglia (J)
F. August 2017: Liguria (G) and Molise (D)
G. September 2017: Friuli-Venezia Giulia (V) and Abruzzo (A)
H. October 2017: Tuscany (F) and Sardinia (S)
I. November 2017: Emilia-Romagna (E) and Campania (C)
J. December 2017: Brands (M) and Lazio (R)
K. From March to June 2017: II2ARI (H90ARI1)
L. From July to October 2017: IQ2ARI (H90ARI2)

Only on 22 April 2017: 10 stations Stations 10 Marconiane Commemorative Marconiane Italian IY (Y) belonging to CSMI (Coordination Stations Marconiane Italian): IY1MR, IY1SP, IY4FGM, IY5PIS, IY6GM, IY7M, IY0GA, IY0IMD, IY0ORP, IY0TC. (Y) QSO / HRD always on Wednesday, April 22 with the above IY stations, will also be valid for the achievement of special "High Stations Marconiane Italian * 90 Years ARI" . Apply the same technical and operational requirements of the IQ stations.To obtain the diploma "Marconiano" will be needed, at least 5 QSO / HRD to be made with different IY stations above, regardless of the bandwidth and / or output mode, when operated in SOLA Saturday, April 22, 2017.

All the frequencies assigned to the Amateur Radio Service in Italy from 160 m to 70 cm and all legal modes permitted by regulation are valid.
All participants must be able to respond to QSLs to stations worked via the ARI QSL bureau. by providing the cards. 
At IQ and IY stations participating in this event will be sent a Special Certificate of Attendance.

(Rev. 01/03/2017)

E-mail: or IK2UVR (at)

Tks 3/3/17

Calendar Year 2017

ITALY                                Insubria Radio Club X Anniversary Award 

The INSUBRIA RADIO CLUB was founded on October 14th, 2007, thenceforward its member operated several times with the callsign IQ2IR or IQ2IR/P.  IR2XIR is the special event callsigns issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of foundation of Insubria Radio Club and will be operated by members of the club in different dates during the 2017 and by now are planned the following activities:
          a.from Febraury 20th until 26th, 2017 in the 14th Antarctic Activity Week;
          b. on April 2nd, 2017 in the 1st Dismissed Italian Railways Day.
          c. on October 14th 2017, in the Sprint Insubria Radio Club Special Event
          d. New dates will be scheduled later. Check on the websites:  and 

The Insubria Radio Team invites all YL/OM/SWL to participate in the X Anniversary Award will be issued in electronic form ( PDF – file), is free of charge and can be earned with 10 QSO/HRD with IR2XIR and/or IQ2IR, IQ2IR/P, HB9/IQ2IR (only one daily QSO) starting from 01/01/2017 to 31/12/2017.

Honor Roll X Anniversary Award (PDF - free) can be requested adding 10 QSO/HRD to the previous request with IQ2IR and IQ2IR and IQ2IR/P, HB9/IQ2IR (only one daily QSO) starting from 01/01/2008 to 01/12/2016.

Apply to  not later than 31/1/2018, sending mail which shows usual QSO information (your callsign, date, UTC, band, mode).

73' Emanuela IZ2ELV

13 May to 13 October, 2017

POLAND 100th Anniversary of the Marian Apparitions in Fatima ( HF100F )

This award is sponsored by the Ham Radio Club SP5PPA to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Marian apparitions in Fatima, which occurred on the 13th of every month from May to October 1917.

A. European stations which make at least one contact with special event station HF100F using any mode for 6 consecutive months will be awarded the special event diploma.
B. Any non-European station may obtain the diploma by making at least 3 QSOs in any month from May to October by any mode.
C. Stations that make QSOs on the 13th of a month by any mode will be credited for 2 months. QSOs made on the 13th of every month should be treated as ‘jokers’, which give added credits..
* – different band or mode (SSB, CW, DIGI).

Apply by sending a list of your contacts to the manager, SP5M whose e-mail address is . No charge made for this E-award.

Log on line:

Tks 6/3/17

RUSSIA                                                                           Diploma of the Golden Echelon

2017 is the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Blockade of Leningrad and the dispatch of the Coal Trains from Vorkuta.  All food and fuel was strictly rationed and death by starvation took a terrible toll on the civilian population for the 900 days of the siege. Certain amounts of coal, mostly to industrial plants producing war goods was transported in to the city as shown in the award image.

To earn the award, you must have at least 872 points for contacts (HRD’s) with stations from the following Regions:
1. City of St. Petersburg (R1A; RDA: SP), (RDA = Russian District award number.)
2. Leningrad Region (R1C; RDA: LO),
3. Arkhangelsk Region (R1O; RDA: AR),
4. Vologodsk Region (R1Q; RDA: VO),
5. Komi Republic (R9X; RDA KO), and members of the "Arctica" Club.

The Arctic Club members and participants of the above areas may earn the award by making at least 900 QSOs for stations earning the award.
Communications are counted for contacts made on all HF and VHF bands and with the following types of emission: CW, SSB, PSK (once regardless of speed), RTTY, and JT65.
Repeated radio contacts or observations/SWL are allowed for award purposes when made on different bands and different modes in those bands.

Point Values:
For amateur radio and amateur radio-blockade in Vorkuta - 75 points.
For the participants from St. Petersburg (RDA SP) - 10 points.
For all other participants in cities or regions shown above - 5 points.
The award is issued in electronic format through . All hams making contacts in support of this award will be registered on and will upload their logs in the ADIF format through their personal computers.
Any band, any mode may be used.
All applications must be submitted no later than 26 January 2019.
Check to see which stations are active at:
The award rules and your current score are reported on . You may also apply for the FREE digital award at this web site once you have completed the requirements.

OH3GZ and SP9JPA Blog 2/25/17

Calendar Year 2017

RUSSIA                                                       Radio Marathon "MOSCOW - 870" Award Program

In order to celebrate the 870th Anniversary of the Founding of the City of Moscow, the Board of the Moscow Branch of the SRR (Soyuz radiolyubitelei Rossil) has developed a major awards event described below.

General Rules:
1. The program will begin on January 1st and end on December 31st, 2017.
2. The due date for all applications for all awards will be October 31, 2018.
3. All licensed amateur stations are invited to participate in the Marathon.
4. The achievements of participants are supported by the HAM Radio Portal HAMLOG.
(This is a computer system which will receive data from Russian stations and determines validity of applications for awards. It will send electronic awards to you when requirements are met.)
5. Registering with the HAMLOG is not necessary in order to receiving the electronic awards or to gain access for statistics.
6. Two way contacts for the program count only after being confirmed on the HAMLOG portal.
7. Two way contacts with Moscow amateur stations who have call signs issued in specific location count for this location despite real station QTH. (DL/R3AAA or R3AAA/0 will count for Moscow.)
8. Two way contacts with amateur radio stations located within the regions of the Russian Federation will count for their region despite their home QTH. (For example, RA/DL0XX operating from Moscow City counts for Moscow city.)
9. The territorial location of the special stations counting for the Radio Marathon is determined automatically by the HAMLOG portal against specific participants after the log upload.
10. The organizers of the award program are not responsible for actions or inactions of participants if two-way contacts with them were NOT confirmed on the HAMLOG portal.
11. A requirement for any of the awards established in the Radio Marathon is that at least one two-way contact with the special call sign stations be made: R870M, R870O, R870C, R870K or R870A.
12. Additional requirements for contacts will be outlined for each specific award within its rules.
13. The Radio Marathon is not a contest. There are no separate numbers attached to any of the awards for any specific modes.

The program of awards, plaques, and even a ceramic dish is built around the recognition of specific years in the 870 year old history of the City of Moscow, Russia. There are a total of 12 months in the period of celebration. And, there are 24 separate paper awards. Each of the 24 awards may be earned over the term of the program. You might think that there would be equal numbers of awards for each months, but there won’t be two awards per month for 12 months. The historical events happened in a random fashion, driven because of the event, not the calendar. For example, the month of June has NO listed requirements. And the very next month of July has 6 sets of requirements.

You can join the program at the beginning, the middle, or right at the end. As it says above, this is not a contest, but a history lesson.


What will the award requirements look like?

The first of the historical event awards is The Defense of Moscow in 1238, the siege and the occupation of the city of Moscow by mongol-tatar troops on January 20, 1238.  A separate web page, the QSO requirements, for the month of January, 2017 is found at the URL

Analysis: The page containing the requirements is broken into several logical sections:
1. The title: MOSCOW-1238.
2. Image of the paper certificate which will be awarded. (see bottom of this page). 
3. Number of points needed for the certificate: 1238
4. Dates of activity: 1 January to 31 January 2017.
5.What stations you will need to contact and their point values:
     a. The first QSO with R870x in the period 1 - 31 January 2017 = 870 points.
     b. QSO with R1238M = 100 points.
     c. QSO with any station in Moscow (RDA Districts MA-xx) =5 points for each.
        (The small "x" allows any station in the District of MA)
     d. QSO with Russian Oblasts: Moscow Area, Vladmirskaya, Ryazanskaya (RDA Districts MO-xx, VL-xx, RA-xx = 1 point each.
6. Special Rules that apply: Only the first QSO with any special event station of R870M, R870O, R870C, R870K, R870B, R870A = 870 points. All other following QSOs are worth 5 points. 
7. QSOs made  on 160 or VHF/UHF, use multiplier of 4.          All points are multiplied by 2 for stations outside Europe.
8. At the bottom of the page you will find a brief history of the event: The Defense of Moscow in 1238 - the siege and the occupation of the city of Moscow by mongol-tatar troops on January 20, 1238.

9. (COMMENT) What is the minimum number of contacts that must be made by "stations overseas" in order to qualify for the free paper certificate of this award?
     a. the number of points required (see #3 above) is 1238.
     b. work R870x and receive 870 points.
     c. Stations outside of Europe must apply point multiplier of 2.0. 
     d. 870 times 2 = 1740 points.
     e. That’s it.  Am I missing something?  

Since this article is being written in early January 2017, there are no other time periods covered for later dates during the year. You should check on the following URLs on a regular basis.

1. Overall program and General Rules:
2. The rules for the first month, January 2017.


1. Procedures and URL for the use of their automated HAMLOG.
2. Addition of URLs for additional months during 2017.

Tks OH3GZ and ON4CAS  1/10/17

Calendar Year 2017

RUSSIA                                   "Year of the Fire Rooster Diploma"

The diploma "Year of the Fire Rooster" has been established by the amateur radio club Chartered - KDR, timed to coincide with the beginning of the year of the Rooster year -2017.

To obtain it you need to work stations during the calendar year 2017, that, spell out the phrase "THE YEAR OF THE FIRE ROOSTER" by using the last letter of their suffix.

The award is issued in electronic form. Send a log extract of these stations to: .

Internet also:

Tks 1/3/17

ONE YEAR            May 1, 2017 to 2018

RUSSIA                               Rostov Veliky 1155th Anniversary

A Diploma has been established to recognize the 1155th anniversary of the city of Rostov, in the Yaroslavl region, with the participation and support of the UIA's City Center Youth and sports» Rostov.

Rostov is one of the oldest cities of Russia in the Yaroslavl region on the shores of Lake Nero. Its history spans more than 11 centuries. The first mention of the town in the Chronicles refer to the year 862. In the constellation of cities of the golden ring of Russia Rostov is the star of the first magnitude. Rostov Veliky now has the status of City-Museum and is considered the Crown Jewel of the golden ring. The main landmark of the town is a Metropolitan courtyard, known as the Rostov Kremlin.

To obtain the diploma you must earn a minimum of 1155 points for amateur radio contacts with the city of Rostov and Yaroslavl region, as well as special radio station devoted to the anniversary date. The diploma count conducted by radio for a year starting from May 1, 2017 onwards.

1. individual and club radios station operating from the territory of the city of Rostov Veliky and Rostov region = 50 points;
2. individual and club radios of the Yaroslavl region except for Rostov Veliky and Rostov region=10 points;
3. Special event radio station R1155RW anniversary =100 points;
4. Points for zero-area radio stations of Russia doubled. Repeated radio counted on different bands, as well as different kinds of radiation within the range. SWL on same rules as for licensed amateur stations.
5. Hams of the Yaroslavl region diploma may earn the award for making at least 1155 QSOs with radio amateurs world countries using no less than two different bands, based on the uploaded logs on site of from May 1, 2017 onwards.
6. The award is Free, issued electronically on the portal, Yaroslavl ONLY based on files uploaded on website logs stations participants activity.


24 March to 31 December 2017

RUSSIA                                      90th Anniversary of Amateur Radio in Tatarstan

This award is sponsored by the Radio club DOSAAF Republic of Tatarstan. Contact radio hams of the Republic of Tatarstan during the period from 24.03.2017 on 31.12.2017. The same station may be contacted multiple times as long as such contacts are made on different bands or using different modes: (CW, SSB, DIGI).

Requirement: Earn at least 90 points for contacts shown below.

Point Values:
1. QSOs with individual radio station - 3 points.
2. QSOs with club radio stations = 5 points.
3. QSO’s made with station RT4R = 10 points.
4. QSOs on VHF band multipliers: 144 MHz = 4X, 430 MHz = 8X and 1290 MHz = 20X.

Applications, in the form of a log extract should be sent to .
The diploma is issued in electronic form.

Additional information can be found on the site shown below, and questions may be sent to or by calling (843) 272-64-32.



Calendar Year 2017

SWEDEN                                            70th Anniversary of the Gotland Club ( SK1BL )

The amateur radio society of Gotland island was founded in 1947 and 2017 is its 70 anniversary. 
Work our club call SK1BL as well as our members to earn the 70th Anniversary award.

Requirements: earn 70 points.

Point values:
1. Special event call signs SK70BL and 7S1GRK = 35 points.
2. Regular club call sign SK1BL = 25 points.
3. Honorary Members SM1CIO, SM1CXE and SM1VWO = 20 points
4. Ordinary Members shown below = 15 points:

Each station may be contacted for credit once per band and mode.  
The award is free of charge and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Read Carefully: The club has made arrangements with HAMLOG.RU in Russia to process applications via their automated system. Go to and use a translation program like GOOGLE or BING to translate this page. At the top of the page, you will see this award listed among about 100 other awards, mostly Russian which will list The Society Of Amateuradio Gotland Island 70 Years. Enter your call sign in the proper area, click on this link, and their computer will check the Swedish logs for contacts with the required stations. You can then print the award from the file that is sent to you.


Tks 5/10/17

Calendar Year 2017

SWITZERLAND                                                       600th Anniversary of the Birth of Nicolas of Flüe

St. Nicholas of Flue is the patron saint of the Canton Obwalden (OW) and of Switzerland.  This award program has been established by the Board of USKA ( ). The final date for making an application for the award is 30th June 2018. Requests for the
award have to be sent to .

All licensed radio amateurs are invited to participate in this award program. The organizers of the award program are not responsible for actions or no actions of award participants if two-way contacts with them were not confirmed on the USKA award log.
This award program is not a contest. There is no separate numbering of the certificates/awards for any specific modes.

Requirements: You need 600 points to earn the award.

Award Rules:
1. Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on 1st January and 23:59 UTC on 31th December 2017.
2. The two-way contacts count for QSO when made on any HF/VHF band, any mode (CW, Phone, DIGI).
3. Duplicated QSOs count as long as a different band and / or mode is used..
4, All digital contacts (RTTY, JT65, PSK31, PSK63 etc) count for DIGI only one time per each band.

Valid stations and point values:
1. One QSO with HB600NVF is compulsory and is worth 400 points. Only this QSO counts for the award. The difference of 200 points can be achieved by making contacts as follows: 
A. Make at least 5 QSOs with HB9HQ (during IARU HF Championship contest of 8 - 9 July 2017, beginning 1200 UTC Saturday and ending 1200 UTC Sunday) - each QSO 10 points.
Note that all the points during IARU HF Championship contest 2017 are multiplied by two for HAM's outside Europe.
B. Make QSOs with stations in the Canton of Obwalden - each QSO = 10 points.
C. Make QSOs with SOTA-stations (Summits on the air - according the rules on website ) in the Canton of Obwalden = each QSO 20 points.

All of the QSOs of HB600NVF will be uploaded to LoTW. Paper QSL-cards on request (via HB9JOE). Only USKA members can activate the call sign. Requests for activations should be addressed to the . ll activator volunteers must upload their logs (ADIF-file), the activated canton, locator and the used equipment (trx, antenna, pwr) to a special database.


Tks Marco HB9CAT 4/3/17
USKA Traffic Manager


27 January to 31 December 2017

UKRAINE                           90th Anniversary of the Birth Date of Oleksa Tykhyi» ( EN90IWA )
                                            (27 Jan 1927 — 6 May 1984)

Oleksa Ivanovych Tykhyi, is a teacher, linguist, Ukrainian rights defender, and member-founder of the Ukrainian community group of assistance implementation of the Helsinki agreements (Ukrainian Helsinki group). From January, 27 to December, 31 of 2017 the memorial call sign EN90IWA will be active, operated by the HAM station US4IWA, Druzhkivka club of radio amateurs.


To earn the diploma it is necessary to have no less than 2 QSOs with the station EN90IWA on the actual birth date of January, 27, 2017 from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC. HAM stations outside of Europe need only to have 1 QSO.


From 27 Jan to 31 December 2017 to make no fewer than 90 points for contacts with HAMs from Donetsk area according to the list shown below:
A. Contacts for European stations = 1 point.
B. Contacts with special call signal EN90IWA = 10 points.
C. Contacts for Donetsk stations located outside of Europe = 3 points.
D. Contacts for stations located outside Europe with EN90IWA = 30 points.
E. For the QSO on 160, 2, 0.7 meter bands the point values are multiplied by 2.
F. It is necessary to have at least 1 QSO with EN90IWA.
G. The same station may be worked once per mode per band for QSO credit.
H. Permitted modes are CW, SSB, FM, DIGI, RTTY.

SWLs have to earn no less than 90 points on the terms indicated above, thus with one station assumed no more 3 SWL of EN90IWA. Any contacts during contests do not count points.
A request for the diploma should be made by e-mail. Add your call sign and attached file with QSO data and show in the subject lint, the word «90», for example: «uy7it 90».
Please use any common text editor or Cabrillo software and show the call-sign, name and electronic address that the e-mail will use to send the digital image file.
Requests in an electronic format should be sent no later than January, 31, 2018 (inclusive).



Tks OH3GZ 1/30/17

UKRAINE                                             Sumy 362 Diploma

The award is sponsored by the Sumy Cumskoy Regional Radio Club.  To obtain the diploma «Sumy-362 (362 years since the formation of the city), it is enough to hold at least 10 bilateral relationships (or observations) with various amateur radio stations in the city of Sumy. Contacts must have been made during the calendar year 2017. Repeated contacts with same station can be carried out on different band or different modes (CW, PHONE, DIGITAL).  No charge for the award. Send e-mail with log extract of your contact to UY5AX, e-mail shown below.

Application guide -

Tks 4/3/17

Calendar Year 2017

USA                                                  2017 KB7QPS Air, Space, and Technology Operating Event

The KB7QPS objective is to commemorate man’s historical milestones in air, space, and technology over the last 400 years by operating special event stations and making as many contacts as possible. The KB7QPS Air, Space, and Technology special event station will operate from the Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society club station located at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Additional operators around the country may be utilizing their home station.

Certificate: A beautiful, full color certificate is available after the conclusion of the event. The certificate, shown below, indicates the call sign of the amateur as well as which of the 12 special event stations they worked. (Note: the award is available whether you make just one contact with a special event station or you work all of them. The award will show which ones each participant has made by themselves.) . The back of the certificate will feature the names and call signs of all operators who earn a clean sweep by working all twelve of the special event stations. To defray the cost of printing the certificates, please send $5 for the certificate, except for youth as indicated below.

Youth Incentive: The Air, Space, and Technology Operating Event would like to encourage children and youth in particular to participate in the event. Special youth only operating times will be established and non-youth operators are requested to cease the frequency to those 18 and under during these time slots.

Additionally, youth 18 years and younger are eligible to receive the certificate at no charge. Simply include a note with your request and we’ll send out a certificate to you.

Charity Benefit: Keeping with the amateur radio tradition, any monies collected will be used to offset the cost of printing QSL cards and certificates. Should money receive exceed our costs, any extra will be donated to the Museum of Flight’s Inspiration Begins Here! campaign, which funds educational programs designed to inspire today’s youth into air, space, and technology subjects.

Please mail QSL card requests (SASE required) and certificate requests ($5 required, address label appreciated) to: (Name of Special Event Station), C/O L Greg Magone, 27492 254th Pl SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038,USA


Call Sign Special Event Title Event Dates
N6R 3 Generations of Mars Rovers 1/19/17 - 1/23/17
W7J  Discovery of Jupiter's Moons 2/2/17 - 2/6/17
W7C First Flight of the Concorde 3/2/17 - 3/6/17
N7S First Space Shuttle Launch 4/14/17 - 4/17/17 
N7T Hubble Space Telescope 5/18/17 - 5/22/17
W7S Discovery of Sunspots 6/8/17 - 6/12/17
N7M Man Walking On The Moon 7/20/17 - 7/24/17
K7I Birth of the IBM-PC 8/10/17 - 8/14/17
W7F First Flight of the F-22 9/7/17 - 9/11/17
K7S Sputnick Launch 9/28/17 - 10/2/17
K7E Invention of the Electron Tube 11/9/17 - 11/13/17
W7D Dreamliner First Flight 12/4/17 - 12/18/17


Calendar Year 2017

USA                             Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration Special Event - 2017

The Magnolia DX Association will help Mississippi celebrate it's bicentennial by conducting a special event during calendar year 2017. Club station K5MDX will be used for this event and a QSL card commemorating 200 years of Mississippi statehood will be available for those who work K5MDX in 2017.

A certificate will also be available for stations working K5MDX on any two bands or modes in 2017. K5MDX will be on the air during the Mississippi QSO Party, ARRL Field Day, and at various other times during the year on various bands and modes as club member time permits. Our club is also planning an increased level of activity for K5MDX in early December leading up to the 200th anniversary of Mississippi statehood on December 10, 2017.

To request a certificate for the bicentennial special event, send an email with your call in the subject line to . Send the details of your two qualifying contacts and list your name as you would like it to appear on the certificate. We will check our log and email your certificate as a .pdf file. If you prefer, we can print and mail you a certificate suitable for framing for $2 to cover paper, ink, and mailing expenses.

To receive a printed certificate by mail, send your details via email as above and send $2 via PayPal to Or, you can send your certificate request and payment by mail to Magnolia DX Association, PO Box 576, Saucier, MS 39574-0576.


Tks 5/11/17

Tks SP9JPA Blog 2/5/17