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I've used some of the Net Search Engines to find other pages on the Web with ham awards information. You might want to try some of these links to other pages with a DX Awards orientation.  Thanks also to N5FPW for many hints on URL's.

DXers and Award Hunters - here's a good link to Postage Requirements Worldwide 
(Tks KW0U 8/2005)


Hunting European Castles and Fortresses is one of the latest popular activities.  Here are some sites which provide award rules and extensive lists of valid structures and localities which count for the respective awards: 
(Tks IN3NJB. Added 1/03)

1. DFCF French castles and fortress award:     (Corrected 2/2006)

2. DCI Italian castles award:

3. DCE Spanish castles award and others:

4. BCA Belgian castles award:

Andorra - Diplome Andorra 5 Bandes   (Chg 10/2009)

Argentina - the official Radio Club Argentino site with an extensive awards series.

Argentina - Argentine and South American Lighthouse Awards, incl complete list of Argentine LH.

Argentina - CW Group of Argentina (Five Argentine Islands Award and "LU6DJX" Award. 

Aruba - The Aruba Award   

Australia - Southern Cross Award           (Chg 10/2009)

Australia - Tasmanian Devil Award     Chgd 8/2006

Australia - VK1 Award    

Australia - Zone 29 Award   (Chg 10/2009)

Australia - Wireless Institute of Australia Series          (WIA DXCC, WAVKCA, HAVKCA, WAS(VHF), Australian VHF CC, WIA Antarctic Award, WIA Grid Square Award, Royal Flying Doctor Service Award.)       (Chg 10/2009)

Australia - Young Endeavour Award     (Revised 2/2004)

Belarus - AGB Award Program.  Large and interesting collection.  l(Chg 2/2011)

Belgium - Bokkerijders Award.

Belgium - Public Transport Club Award (ON4PTA Award) 

Belgium - UBA National Awards program page.  Some large and lovely images of their certificates. (Chg 10/2009)

Bermuda - Award Program of the Radio Society of Bermuda.

Brazil - CWSP Club Awards rules.

Brazilian Awards - a lot of them! At least they give me credit for "borrowing" the info. (Revised 3/2004)

Brazil - Brazilian Island, Lighthouses, Historical Fortifications Awards  (Revised 2/2013)

Bulgaria - the BFRA series on LZ4BU's page.  

Canada - Bruce ARC Award

Canada - Calgary Stampede Award - Wild, Wild West, Canadian style.(Chg 10/2009)

Canada - Islands Award program.  VE3XN and WD8MGG have researched a LOT of Canadian islands for this one.

Canada - Ontario Award.  A Canadian county based award.

Canada - Radio Amateurs of Canada website.  The "More Canadian Awards" link has rules for about 29 awards!)(Chg 10/2009)

Canada - Worked All VE Award.(Chg 10/2009)

Chile - Diplomas y concursos de Federachi series of 4 awards   for the main page but this site is now built like a blog so for the Awards info, you have to go to "Comision Concursos y Diplomas" and there you will get the rules for each award, on separate pages and in Spanish only.(Chg 10/2009)

Chile - Radio Club of Chile Series - 6 interesting awards featured. (New 3/2005)

China - CRSA award page.  Mixed Chinese and English text.  But understandable.(Chg 10/2009)

Costa Rica - Radio Club of Costa Rica awards page. 

Cuba - Federacion de Radioaficionados de Cuba awards page. Nice series.

Cuba - FRC IOTA page.

Czech Republic - CRC awards page. (Rev 3/2004)

Czech Republic - Worked DIG-OK Members Award   (Corrected URL 3/2005)

Czech Republic - Telegraphy Friends Club    (Corrected 10/2005)

Czech Republic - OK-DX Club (Added 10/2005)

Czech Republic - OK DX Foundation Award      (Corrected URL 3/2005)

Denmark - Danish Island Award and Danish Lightship Award XXI 

Denmark - EDR Danish awards page.  A nice big collection.(Chg 10/2009)

Ecuador - HC8/HD8 DX Award and Republic of Ecuador Awards - by Dr. Rick Dorsch NE8Z/HC1MD (Chg 10/2009)

England - RSGB Society  Go to their award page.  Large awards series.  

England - RSGB IOTA awards page.

England - Worked All Britain Series. A major English awards program.

England - British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BART).  Digital Modes featured.  

England - Royal Signals ARS Awards Series  

England - Castles and Statley Houses Award.  Operations from castles and mansions in England. 1/2006  (Tks IN3NJB)

England - Summits on the Air.  (SOTA) Lightweight portable ham radio operating on mountain tops. 1/2006 (Tks IN3NJB)

England - UK Six Meter Group Awards Program  (Chg 10/2009)

Estonia - Estonia Society (EST) awards page.(Chg 10/2009)

Finland - Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) awards page.  (Revised 1/05)

France - REF Award listing

France - DDFM (French Departments) and DPF (French Provinces) F5GSD is custodian for REF.  Rules in French and English. Added 3/2004

France - European World Wide Award, Council of Europe and CERAC Award Chg 5/09 

France - Regional National Park Awards 

France - World Lighthouse Award (Text in English and French) 

France - Worked Zones SWL, TV-FV Award, French Prefix Award (DPXF) by Pierre F-10095.  

Germany - AGCW Awards Series (CW interest group)      Corrected URL 9/17/2009

Germany - D.A.R.C. Official Page (German language) 

Germany - Complete list of DOK's (club designations very important for DL awards)

Germany - Complete list of DOK's for German awards:

Germany - DL5MX's WAE Award Page (English/German)  

Germany - Diploma Interest Group (DIG) Series.  This is the BIG award hunter club in Germany.  Excellent series of awards themselves. German Language. (Corrected 9-17-09)

Germany - EFA-DL Award.  By German Railway Amateurs.

Germany - a "post it yourself" database arrangement of awards from around the world.  Give it a try.

Germany - Gifhorn Group - several dozen awards, somebody has a great imagination there. 

Germany - Geothe Award.(Chg 1/2010)

Germany - German Islands Award. 

Germany - JAIG Award  (Chg 1-2010)

Germany - Lightvessel Award. (Chg 10/2009)

Germany - Lubeck Award

Germany - Marine Operators (German Naval Group) Series 

Germany - Neanderthal Award (10-10)   

Germany - Awards of the District of Saxony-Anhalt  (Chg 1/2010)

Germany - Tunnel Award/Underground Award (Strange!)  

Gibraltar - GARS official awards page.

Greece - Radio Association of Greece (RAAG) awards page.(Chg 10/2009)

Greece - Alexander the Great (Contest Team of Northern Greece) 

Hong Kong - HK Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (HARTS).  English and Chinese pages.

Hungary - Sarret Award   Chg 1/22/12 

Iceland - Icelandic Radio Association Official Series (TF5BW)

Indonesia - ORARI Series of 6 very colorful awards.

Indonesia - All Borneo and Kinabalu Awards by 9M6ST  

Ireland - Irish Radio Transmitters Society.

Ireland - Links to all of the EI Awards as well as VHF and DIG (German) awards programs.   

Israel - Holyland Award   Chg 10/23/09

Israel - Israel Amateur Radio Club award page. Good collection of 4X awards. Chg 10/23/09

Italy - Giant list of 49 Italian awards - from the 425DX Group. This group is famous for their DX information bulletins.  Chd 10/23/09

Italy - Campania Islands Award

Italy - Italian Islands Award 

Italy - Italian Lake Islands Award   Tks Luca IK0QDB

Italy - Lecce - Terra d'Otranto  (Tks IK7JWX)  (Changed 10/09)

Italy - Salento Islands Award (including island list) 

Italy - Luis Trenker Award  

Italy - Worked all Italian Squares Award  9-22-05  

Japan - JARL awards page.  A very large collection of awards, HF and VHF.

Japan - Japan Award Hunters Group Series (6 intriguing awards) Rules in English language.

Japan - JAIA Club Award - there are 18278 2 and 3 letter suffixes, basic award starts at 1000!  

Japan - Japan Dental Health League Award   Changed 10/09)

Japan - Keymen's Century of Japan Award      (Changed 10/09)

Japan - Mutsugo Award  

Japan - Spelled Yamaguchi Award   (Changed 10/09)

JI1CMZ Award Page Toshio's awards page - links to interesting JA awards.  

Korea - Korean Amateur Radio League series.   (Click on "English" link, then to "Awards". 

Korea - Gippoon Soshik Award

Korea - Korea Ladies ARC Award  

Korea - Kumsan Award 

Latvia - Latvian Amateur Radio League award page.

Lebanon - Worked Oscar Delta Award  (Rules found on Luxembourg page, look near bottom of page).  

Lithuania - from the Lithuanian National Society. 

Luxembourg - FIRAC Award (railway hams) 

Luxembourg - Luxembourg Amateur Radio Society awards page.

Macedonia - Macedonia DX Award from Z35M's page.  

Macedonia - MDXG Award by the Macedonia DX Group  

Mexico - Federacion Mexicana de Radio Experimentadores (FMRE) awards page.  Spanish language. 

Moldova - Moldova - ER Banner Award by the Asociatia Radioamatorilor din R. Moldova

Netherlands - VERON Award Series and links to MANY other Dutch award per Peter, NL-7909 pages.    Changed 10/09 

Netherlands - VRZA Award Series   (Changed 10/09)

Netherlands - RCK Award  

Netherlands - West-Flanders Windmill Award  

Netherlands - International Police Amateur Radio Club Series - from many countries. 

New Zealand - NZART awards page.  Some unique short term listings. (Changed 10/09)

New Zealand - ZL1TM's excellent page.  NZART and others.  

Norway - 100 LA Award.  Work 100 Norwegian stations. New 2/2005

Norway - Worked All Norwegian Communes Award   

Paraguay - ZP Awards Program

Philippines  - Philippines DX Foundations Series by DU1SAN    

Poland - Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) awards page including "Powiat" listing.  (Change 10/09)

Poland - Polish Islands Award 

Poland - SP5PB award page.  Excellent images.  English language. 

Portugal - Castles and Fortresses of Portugal Diploma    (New 3-04)

Portugal - Portuguese Islands Award      (Changed 10/09))

Portugal - Portuguese Islands Plaque  

Romania - Romanian Amateur Radio Federation Series plus the Timisoara Award  Revised 3/2005

Romania - Semenic Mountain Award 

Romania - YO3AC Memorial Diploma      Added 2/2007

Russia - Russian Robinson Awards.  Interesting and challenging series of 6 awards.

Russia - SKIF Contest Group Awards Program.  

Scotland - Worked all GM and Worked All Scottish Regions Award.  (New 6/2004)

Scotland - Islands of Scotland Award.  An alternate URL that may be used is here.   

Scotland - Northern Lighthouse Weekend Awards 

South Africa - South Africa Radio League Series.  Challenging and beautiful awards. 

South Africa - The Pretoria Award 

Spain - Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles (URE) (Click on Area HF, then diplomas). 

Spain - EA Islands of the Interior - Rules and big list of eligible islands.

Switzerland - Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs awards page.

Switzerland - Locarno Award   Beautiful multicolor aerial photo of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Switzerland - Zurichsee Award   

Taiwan - CTARL official awards page.

Ukraine Award.

Uruguay - 19 Departments Award.

USA - Appalachian Trail Awards.  Promoting hiking activities in the 14 states covered by the Trail. 

USA - ARRL Awards Program (RCC, WAS, VHF/UHFCC, A-1 Op, Friendship, WAC.  

USA - Worked Albany Radio Club Members (WARM)  

USA - Amsat organization awards page.  

USA - ARRL's DXCC Program. - application forms, rules, country lists, top 100 and much more.

USA - Baton Rough ARC (Parish Award and Red Stick Award)  

USA - Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Award

USA - Colorado QRP Club.  One is for members only, several open to all, including a Colorado County award.

USA - CQ Magazine Series (Worked All Zones, Worked All Prefixes, USA-CA) 

USA - Worked All Cummins (3 brothers K6MYH, AD4S and W5CE) 

USA - Frankford Radio Club (FREE)   (Corrected 12/2012)

USA - Geratol Award (75 meters award).  

USA - Worked All Grumman ARC Award   

USA - KO6LU Series Interesting series of 25 awards based on geographical and call sign themes.  

USA - Lighthouse Page by K2JXW.  USA Coordinator for National/Internatonal Lighthouse/Lightship Weeks.

USA - Low Band Monitor Award Program

USA - MARAC Page.  Mobile Amateur Radio Club, county hunting info. 

USA - Worked All Members Once  (Radio Club of El Cajon, Calif.)  

USA - MIR Achievement Award 

USA - Native American Counties Award  

USA - Worked All New Jersey Award

USA- New Jersey DX Award  

USA - Northern Ohio DX Association Award 

USA - Pagoda Award (Reading, PA Radio Club)     (Corrected 5/2005)

USA- Pennsylvania "Keystone" Award     (Added 5/2005)

USA - PA 67 Challenge     (Chg 12/12)

USA - West Park Radiops Award Program - Cleveland, Ohio group.

USA - Worked All Texas Award (The most counties [254] in the USA)  

USA - Triple H Award Series (40 meters late night net)  

USA - US Island Award Page 

USA - Purple Crystal Award.  Beware if you go to Fenton, MI.

USA - QRP ARCI series. 

USA - QRPp Award.  For the really low power enthusiast.

USA - USA-CA.  K1BV is the custodian on behalf of CQ MAGAZINE for this US Counties Award.

USA - Vintage Radio DX Award.  Using really old equipment!

USA - Worked All Virginia Counties Award    (3/2005)

USA - Washington Totem Award.  

USA - Westpark ARC (Ohio) series.

USA - World Radio Magazine Awards (CATZ and 100 Nations)  A great little magazine.

USA - YASME Award  

USA - 10-10 Awards Program 

USA - Allii Chapter 10-10 International - chapter awards page.  

USA - 48 Hour 100 Nation Award.  Challenging award for weekend contesting.

USA - 3905 Century Club Series

Venezuela - Official site of Radio Club Venezolano.

Yugoslavia - YU1AB listing of several awards.  

Yet another island hunting data source from W9DC  

K1DWU's Ham-Link Collection - GIANT collection validated on a weekly basis.

HL1KIS Collection of Award Links.  Awesome!  

International Police Amateur Radio Club  Including thumbnail pictures of all awards. 

Lighthouse Award Links  Lots of them all in one site.

K4HB's DX Postal Info Page - provides info on postal rates and whether that dollar you enclosed will be enough.