Some tips on applying for the award



In the beginning (at least early 1960's), there was just one way to apply; you had to use the "Official CQ Booklet" for USA-CA. All the entries were entered by hand, as computers were not available for general use until the early 1980's.  There are four principal ways to apply for the award, and each involves (1) sending a list of the counties you have confirmed, (2) your certification that you have made the contacts and, in most cases, (3) a witness certification form.  You may use any one of these methods to apply for the award or endorsements to the award.


1 - All of your County QSOs submitted are on E-QSL.

This is the simplest method and newest method and you donít even have to submit a list.

A. is an internet based membership group which has teamed up with CQ Magazine to use their records of your QSOs to apply for CQ awards. All members of E-QSL who are "BRONZE" level members, (requiring only a small annual contribution), may apply for CQ Awards, including USA-CA.
B. No witness certification is needed. CQ agrees that their security measures ensure that data reported to E-QSL is accurate and valid.
C. When ready to apply, you must notify the USA-CA Custodian of this fact.
D. The Custodian has access to your QSO data and the list of counties that you will use for your award/endorsement.
E. When the information is checked, the Custodian will verify the list of data, and let you know what charge applies for the award or endorsement. (They are the same for all methods of applying). Payment by PAYPAL or personal check.
F. No lists needed, no official application form needed and fast turnaround may be expected.


2 - All County QSOs are from QSLs or MRCís and are listed in the "Official" CQ County Record booklet.

This was the traditional method of applying requiring hand written list of the counties.

A. The booklet contains room for all the information that is needed.
B. You will have to complete the line of data for each county contact, and make a copy for your records since the booklet becomes the application we retain.
C. You will also have to complete the application section where you state what level you are applying for, provide your name and address and certify that you possess the cards.
D. Finally, there is room for your two witnesses to certify that they have checked the cards.
E. The booklet is mailed to the Custodian along with the necessary fee.
F. The custodian will check the information and issue the certificate or endorsement by mail.


3 - County QSOs are a combination of paper and E-QSL confirmations and you use the "Official" CQ County Record booklet.

This is a variation of #2 above in which you will use both paper and electronic confirmations when applying for the award.

A. Complete the booklet as in #2 above but add an "E" or an asterisk "*" in the extreme right hand side of the page for each county claimed which was confirmed through E-QSL.
This will allow the Custodian to check the data on the E-QSL web-site for each such county.
B. The application and witness certification procedures are the same as above.


4 - County QSOs are listed on your computer prepared list.

A. You may use any computer prepared list that I can open and read sent in either paper or electronic form. (The simpler the better.)
B. Requirements for the list:
     1. Use any ASCII, .TXT, .XLS, etc format. If you have any doubts, send me a sample in advance.
     2. The list must be in alphabetic order by state, by county and MUST include the following data fields:



Call Sign





   3. For mobile QSOs, enter "M" or "Mobile" in the City/Town field.
   4. Any E-QSL confirmations should be identified by writing the letter "E" in the extreme right hand column.
C. You will also need to provide an application form and witness form to complete the application. (See my website for samples of such forms: , then click on county hunting link.) See 2.C and D above.

Endorsements: The USA-CA award was designed as a one-time achievement award and we do not maintain records of single band or mode achievement. But we will certainly recognize such an achievement when a new application shows one band or mode was used by noting the information on the bottom of the certificate.