Addressing the Energy Performance Diagnosis Dilemma for Small Housing Units

An Overview of the Energy Performance Diagnosis Issue In France, there has been an increasing concern regarding the energy performance diagnosis (EPD) and its potential impact on small housing units under 30 or 50 square meters. As part of the Climate Law of 2021, the French government aims to prohibit rentals labeled as G – […]

Rethinking Energy Performance Diagnosis: The Impact on Small Spaces and the Need for Accuracy

Energy performance diagnosis (DPE) has become an essential component of property evaluation, helping buyers get an insight into the efficiency of buildings. However, there are concerns over the accuracy and fairness of DPE for small spaces. Joole, a company revolutionizing the way property diagnostics are conducted, highlights these issues and aims to create a more […]

Navigating the Challenging Landscape of Property Insurance Amid Climate Crisis

Surge in Natural Disasters and Insurers’ Reluctance The frequency and severity of natural disasters are on the rise, with many attributing this increase to the effects of climate change. As a result, property owners face mounting challenges when securing insurance coverage for their assets. For example, the mayor of L’Aiguillon-la-Presqu’├«le, Laurent Huger, has experienced difficulty […]

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal’s Action Plan for the Coming Seasons

In a detailed roadmap announced recently, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal addressed key points of his general policy declaration and outlined his plans for the upcoming seasons. The announcement followed a gathering with his entire government at Matignon and covered various aspects, including economic growth and reforms, social progress, labor market changes, and unemployment insurance. A […]

Paris Balconies: A Concern for Spectators and Authorities during the 2024 Olympic Games

Balcony Rentals a Threat to Old Buildings? As the inauguration of the Olympic Games in Paris, set for July 26th, 2024, approaches, authorities and residents are starting to worry about the potential impact that spectators on Haussmann-style apartment balconies may have on the already aged structures. With nearly 32,000 homes and 41,300 residents living along […]

France Revisits Energy Sovereignty Law for Sustainable Transition

Minister of Industry and Energy Roland Lescure Announces Reopening of Debate In a recent announcement, France’s Minister of Industry and Energy, Roland Lescure, revealed that the debate regarding energy sovereignty is set to be reopened. This development aims at defining the nation’s plan for transitioning away from the use of fossil fuels while determining the […]

The Body Shop Faces Uncertain Future in the UK

British Cosmetics Retailer on the Verge of Administration The British cosmetics brand, The Body Shop, may be entering administration in the UK, which could put jobs and retail outlets at risk, according to Sky News. It is reported that The Body Shop is preparing to appoint a restructuring specialist to manage its insolvency procedure for […]

Guillaume Kasbarian: A Controversial Choice for Minister of Housing in France

A Wave of Indignation and Concern Surrounding the Appointment In France, the appointment of Guillaume Kasbarian as Minister of Housing has sparked indignation on the left side of politics and concern among social housing associations. Kasbarian, having no prior experience in the field, is tasked with dealing with a historical crisis involving low production, increasing […]

French Government Adjusts Energy Classification for Small Homes to Enhance Accuracy

Introduction In a bid to improve the accuracy of energy consumption ratings for small homes, the French government recently made changes to the classification system. This comes as part of France’s ongoing efforts to curb energy waste and achieve its climate objectives. New Amendments to Benefit Over 140,000 Small Homes The Minister of Ecological Transition […]

Addressing Food Inflation and Price Disparities: A Call for Transparency and Fair Practices

Distributor CEO Criticizes Unequal Pricing in the Agri-Food Industry In a recent interview with La Tribune Dimanche, the CEO of a leading distributor highlighted the growing concern over food inflation and price disparities among multinational agri-food companies in Europe. As negotiations between distributors and major industrialists have come to an end, there is a pressing […]